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Clay Travis

Richard Clay Travis (born April 6, 1979) is an American sports journalist and writer.

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Clay Travis was thrown off CNN and denounced as a sexist for saying the word "boobs".
WHY THE OFFICE? God I hate that show more than Clay Travis.
This is what women refuse to say...WOMEN LIKE BOOBS TOO Clay Travis on Boobs, CNN, & Colin Kaepernick
If I've seen the formula enough, I'm predicting Clay Travis to be the next, "Big Red Pill/Trump guy/Woke dude". If he isn't already.
I'm now a Clay Travis fan. I also like boobs.
Man I can't help but feel like is becoming ESPN's censored version of Clay Travis. Taking…
Travis Meadows is playing the Red Clay Theater in Atlanta tomorrow (Thurs 10/26)...his album release party in...
You should not buy into Clay Travis haterade. He's Alex Jones lite. Not worth my time to read his trash IMO.
Loved the Clay Travis interview, heard mentioned. u should watch 's video.
and Future Senator Clay Travis would tell you it is
Here’s my hit yesterday. Final 20 minutes of show. Lots of fun. Check it out:
Even if you don't like Clay Travis, this is a great conversation.
Thought id dislike Clay Travis less when he got on the Rubin Report, feel like he's just talking a lot but not sayi…
It’s been quite a while since we’ve played at Red Clay... Bring it on GA!. 10.26 w/ . 🎟…
this is OK because Ellen thinks it's cool but let's crucify Clay Travis for what he said 🙄
:/ Doesn't this guy regularly rag on Arkansas? Is he looking for Clay Travis Troll status? We can arrange it.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Clay Travis: Arkansas’ Bret Bielema should be at top of SEC’s hot-seat list
People who I'm now unblocked by again. Shaun King. David Aldridge. Clay Travis. Nick Wright. Bleacher Report. Darren Rovell. H…
Clay Travis showing the Hokies a little love. Think I'll wear my Outkick shirt to game day next weekend.
Clay Travis is like the Aaron Rodgers version when he doesn't eat a Snickers. Black dude look like he sitting in a…
“I believe in … the First Amendment and boobs” was not the take CNN expected from Fox Sports host Clay Travis.
In all fairness to Clay Travis, what he said on CNN was like the least offensive thing he has said. He's been disgusting…
BTW Clay Travis voted 4 Obama twice & Gary Johnson in 2016. He's just an attention-seeking shock jock, not some kin…
People who need to go away:. The Clintons. Devin Faraci. Clay Travis. People that are still TWILIGHT fans
Clay Travis encouraged his "fans" to hit on rape victims because that's when they are most vulnerable. He got promoted shortly the…
I can't decide what's the funniest, Clay Travis' comments, Brooke Baldwin's attempt to frame it as sexism, or ESPN comment…
Clay Travis just announced he's making the shirts "I ❤️ boobs" and donating all proceeds to breast cancer awareness. CNN heads…
Never forget that Clay Travis' claim to fame was eating pudding for a month. The media let him parlay that into 13+ year…
Clay Travis stuns CNN host when he says he believes in two things: the First Amendment and Boobs. . Priceless. He wins the day,…
Clay Travis you have provided proof that YOU are trash.
I asked CNN if Clay Travis was actually invited back to the network, as he claims. "No he's not,” CNN’s spox told me ht…
Update your maps at Navteq
OMG. Clay Travis of Fox Sports Radio just told "The only things that have never let me down are the 1st a…
There goes Clay Travis exposing the Lefts hypocrisy. Libs acting shocked at the word boobs but are fine with grown men in girls restrooms 🚺🤔
Clay Travis being an aspiring shockjock clown cake is hardly new news.
Clay Travis is my new hero. . "Two things that have never let me down, First Amendment and boobs."
Every time someone like Clay Travis publicly demeans a woman, another woman somewhere in America decides to run for offi…
Clay Travis is a racist, sexist clown, but why does CNN keep inviting these awful people on their network? Why give them visi…
I second Clay Travis' sentiment, except I'm going to say "most" boobs. There have been a few letdowns over the years
“I got my pu**y hat ready for the *** walk and —— omg did Clay Travis just say boobs on CNN?!?!?”
Ever wonder why *** are banned from public in a lot of places? Look no further than the leftist outrage over Clay Travis saying boobs on tv
You knew who Clay Travis was when you asked him to come on CNN.
Clay Travis seems like the kind of guy who only sends unsolicited *** pics.
I've seen that look on a woman's face before. Trying to maintain dignity in the face of a pig like Clay Travis.
Many other people have called Clay Travis out over his anti-Black racism
They left's faux outage over "Clay Travis" saying boobs during an interview is laughable. You people support women running…
watch reaction to Clay Travis saying the word "boobs" on Brooke had to spell it out, B OO…
Clay Travis is trying to get Jemele Hill fired by referencing women's breasts. Just let that mess sink in.
I'm mad I now know who Clay Travis is.
That CNN infobabe is a pretty good actress pretending to be highly offended that Clay Travis said he likes boobs. 🏆 👏 the hor…
Saying "I love boobs" is a tactic used by white extremists now 😂. Clay Travis knew exactly what he was doing & you're f…
Brooke Baldwin flips out at Clay Travis but forgot she made the same jokes
That stunt that Clay Travis pulled on CNN is a tactic commonly used by white extremists .They will troll in order to get…
Gonna be lit when President Mooch, Attorney General Clay Travis, and Senator Kid Rock are leading the free world.
Video: Here's more of that segment that flew off the rails w/mics cut after Clay Travis said he believes most…
A white dude telling a woman he likes boobs while arguing for a black woman to be fired for her words is peak Trump supporter.…
Clay Travis shows what really means. It's a return to a time when white men could offend women and minorities withou…
Which Senate seat are we going to run Clay Travis for?
Louisville blames the loss on Nike, the refs, World Wide Wes, hurricanes, Clay Travis, Lamar Jackson fumbling, and…
Clay Travis should know that CNN has the highest standards!!
Clay Travis firing haymakers at CNN. What a time
Can't believe the channel that hired Jeff Lord, Corey Lewandowski, Kayleigh MacEnany, and Scottie Nell Hughes would have Clay Travis on
She handled that perfectly, I love Keith Reed's face while *** bag Clay Travis is talking.
CNN's Brooke Baldwin calls out Clay Travis after sexist 'boobs' comment SOMEBODY HELP US! (Mueller, you out there?)
"Jemele Hill's ratings are low, that's why she called Trump a white supremacist.". -Clay Travis ,a man who had to say "b…
BTW: Clay Travis is not a new concept. Don Imus did it. Howard Stern did it. People have saying "shocking" things since the dawn of time.
He just keeps doubling down. Poor Keith Reed, he's trying to maintain. Wow. Clay Travis is the D-bag of the day.
Only thing stopping me from being a CFB>NFL guy at this point is sharing an opinion with Clay Travis.
Clay Travis is hardly Alex Jones, Travis seems like a reasonable, well spoken commentator (at least on this subject).
Clay Travis broke the news of ESPN’s bizarre decision to move a sports reporter because of his name. I spoke to him.
"If the Celtics didn't have KG Pierce and Ray allen they would've never won that title" - Clay Travis (probably)
Clay Travis got kicked off a Delta flight because his kids had lice, so he turned into a triggered little snowflake htt…
Bearded baby Clay Travis complains about airline turning away his lice-ridden kid:
"You will never have the likes of Ann Coulter or Clay Travis on your plane" would be enough to make me a faithful Delta cust…
Also: Clay Travis says "no" to Jamie Horowitz...Will money men say no to Guv Gasbag?.YES factor.
Clay Travis wants to see video footage of neighbors doing this before he'll believe it.
Rough couple of days for Clay Travis
Prof. Moore putting in that work. Of course Clay Travis and Jason Whitlock will look at this and not see a pattern.
I hope Clay Travis runs into Charles Oakley one day
Clay Travis, who isn't really a celebrity but whatever blocked me and so did Buster Olney. I have no i…
Among the outrage surrounding Big Baller Brand's $495 shoes, Clay Travis actually thinks this is brilliant.
Embrace the horrifying reality that Clay Travis and Danny Kanell might share a show debating SEC dominance and atta…
Dan Wetzel is not comfortable reporting on the sexuality of Aaron Hernandez at this point, and told Clay Travis why.
Interview w/Clay Travis about Bob Iger and sports media's move to far left
Latest on Aaron Hernandez Trial: Crazy Story from Court | Outkick the Coverage with Clay Travis | FOX Sports Radio…
In less than one week, I got to meet Dierks Bentley, Butch Jones, and Clay Travis. I love it here
Corinne, Nick may let you finish but Clay Travis is out here dropping the best quotes of all time
'I'd like to see Clay Travis sometime in a dark alley.'. Jeff Fisher wanted to fight back in Nashville: htt…
. i thought i was the only Clay Travis follower old enough to know the Bob Newhart jokes.
Me proclaiming "95% of the country is like Selena Roberts and Clay Travis!" won't exactly build bridges, huh?
Tennessee Needs to Fire Head Coach Butch Jones - Clay Travis is officially done with Butch Jones after this wee...
Nobody Wants Butch Jones as Their Head Coach - Clay Travis wonders why Butch Jones is still employed.
Tune into NOW!!! The train wreck Tony Casillas will be on Clay Travis' show!!! Is he drink this early!? We will see!!!
It would be just like the FBI to arrest Clay Travis and Martha Stewart again while Hillary burns it all down.
Sometimes I think Clay Travis is trying to pull off a whole L Ron Hubbard/Scientology thing.
FSU’s Travis Rudolph took the empty seat at the lunch table across from autistic boy . ht…
Clay Travis is the Donald Trump of sports "journalists"
Clay Travis is still a stupid POS?. Good to see some things don't change.
What is there to respond too? Clay Travis is a bigoted *** Want proof? Oh wait reading comp is not a strength
Clay Travis blocked me for mentioning a superior intelligent journalist, Bomani Jones. Run little man.
I've gotten blocked by a lot of people but Clay Travis has gotta be my favorite
this Clay Travis guy shouldn't have a job as a writer. what an ***
That answer is most definitely, no. He is a Clay Travis wannabe.
pls stop RTing, quoting and speaking of Clay Travis on my timeline, ty!
lmao, is this guy actually in love with Clay Travis or something?
The last two shows have been grand slams. Go listen here & subscribe:
I refuse to click or share the Clay Travis piece on Kaep. Know that it exists, and therefore is a horror of bigoted pro…
I don't know why you bothered in the first place. Didn't realize Clay Travis had Taylor Swift like followers watching out for him
Two nights in a row Clay Buchholz has came in for relief and has given up the lead. Why is he still pitching..
And Clay Travis is a double dipped moron..
Has anyone noticed that (in their opinion) Donald Trump and Clay Travis are never wrong? Is someone pilfering someone else's game plan?
Clay Travis didn't think how stupid the point he was trying to make was with that pic and it really backfired
you stole this joke from Clay Travis, the GOAT murdering PC BROMANIS with humor! F you Kmarko! Burn in ***
Next one UL probably throw out there is Clay Travis. Nice try, but no cigar.
Clay Travis with this racist garbage.
Clay Travis, the *** liberal, Obama-voting Muslim is a racist. Happy now, bih?
any second now Clay Travis about to pull up a colour chart like from the family guy joke.
Funny thing is that post just acknowledged that white privilege exist but Clay Travis will die before he actually says that
I hate Clay Travis but his pants are pretty sweet
You should probably never listen to Clay Travis, about anything, ever
Clay Travis running his mouth. Again. Kap CLEARLY stated he was standing up for those unable to do so for himself.
I don't even know who Clay Travis is but he seems like a ***
clay Travis guarantee !!! Scherzer over the Phillies tonight!
Our old friend always brings it, and he chimes in on with Mannix >>
AUDIO: We discussed the start of the CFB season + Colin Kaepernick with of Listen here:
Can we add Clay Travis to the list as well?
worst part of the situation is that Clay Travis and Bomani Jones are apparently the 2 go to guys for race issues in this country
Try to ignore which one? I wish more people would read Clay Travis. That ESPN article is ridiculous.
what a surprise, Clay Travis is an ignorant *** !?
We try to ignore him but if you’re inclined, has some thoughts on Clay Travis https:…
Clay Travis is a moron. Defends Ryan Lochte but crushes Kap. Makes no sense.
Absolutely essential thread by this morning. I Storify'ed it here
Very good read. Clay Travis is one of the few who speaks the truth.
List of celebs who have me blocked: Bomani Jones, Momma Dee, K. Michelle, Roddy White, Cardi B, Miko Grimes, Clay Travis, Tom Crean.
Thank god Clay Travis stands up for us white males. I probably wouldn't be around if it weren't for him 💕
I'm a huge fan of Clay Travis even though I don't always agree with him. Like in this instance. That picture is an all-timer 😂
As usual, Clay Travis is on the ball.
Clay Travis is such a fraud at times.
We had on today to talk & the hypocritical decision to pull All-Star Game from Charlotte:
And let's not even get started on Clay Travis
NEW Rico LIST of hatred updated : . 1- Nate. 2-KFC. 3- Clay Travis. 4 -Gottlieb. 5- Jeff from the Max for cheating on Kelly cc
Clay Travis says what I've said for a long time, but he says it much better.
so Clay Travis is your go to guy for insults? Cool.
Clay Travis never makes a good point. He's a racist/misogynistic moron.
Not in the biz of supporting Clay Travis but his points about the hypocrisy of the NBA are spot on. For reasons that he didn't mention too
Clay Travis used to be a smart and funny writer. Now he's nasty and inappropriate. Sad to read this on ATL. Still love you guys.
clay travis explained the "situation" perfectly but also blasted the NBA lol
Clay Travis kinda dunks on your opinion here
Clay Travis you are an *** Dooley is twice the coach Franklin is
In other news, Clay Travis is human trash. But...I've already said that.
Game. Set. Match. Travis. . Clay annihilates the with common sense.
Interview with where I talk about practicing law, Saban, Mariota, &
"I liked the idea of being a lawyer more than I liked the actuality of being a lawyer. [...] I don't miss anything." 
Do you like him or Clay Travis more? You do an excellent job on ESPN btw
these *** that Clay Travis panders to. He calls people PC Bromani's when they're being "too PC" 🙄
hold up, I'm watching the clay Travis broadcast real fast
- Can I write in Clay Travis for president?
Dylan Jennings RT'd Clay Travis so let's not be so soft with this bloke
his hair makes him legit. And he likes Clay Travis. What's not to like about this Jacob fella?
you think Travis Clay would be interested?
*Clay Travis exhales and hurriedly types* it had been 37 seconds since he last searched his name online
Clay Travis represents Taylor Swift in court against Kanye and Kim. Trial of the century 2.0
found this picture of Clay Travis and Pat Forde this morning...who knew?
It's KILLING Clay Travis that he's just another hack on FS1 while makes his ESPN First Take debut. Outkicked, indeed.
*** Just when I thought guys with two first names were ok ya go and hate on the name. Unbelievable Clay...or Travis?
Things seem to be going well for clay
Robert has balanced, even discussions/disagreements without vitriol unlike Clay Travis and Bomani.
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Wednesday, not much happening & you don't know what to do? . You should OBVIOUSLY catch up on Outkick w/
I've already convinced my boss to bring Clay Travis here for a CLE next year.
as I read your article on this I came up on hair privilege and then guess who comes on the radio? Clay Travis and his sexy hair
Worst part about major int. tournaments is that people who don't follow the sport are suddenly experts. i. e. Clay Travis and Cowherd.
I have never done this, I hate you Clay Travis. Go cats.
I've never even heard about this new First Take dude but he seems real Clay Travis-y.
First Take EXEC: Get me Clay Travis!. SMITHERS: He's unavailable, sir. EXEC: Then get me his non-union equivalent!
. The son of Skip and the cousin of Clay Travis.
I feel like this should have been written by Travis Clay
FTR, if Preston Hughes ever gets Clay Travis in a dark alley, I'll be rooting for Clay over the crazy guy.
in this weeks installment of who wrote: Ted Kaczynski or Clay Travis?
Honestly we'd probably just throw a tailgate in the parking lot I don't think they let Clay Travis out there
Boy this should get Clay Travis excited!
I've probably never agreed with Clay Travis, but he's right on that last RT.
Blake Barnett sounds off on Clay Travis for anti-Alabama column via
BPredict makes Clay Travis seem rational and worth folowing.
Clay Travis nailed the stupidity of the Mizzou protests square.
We're living in a world where Clay Travis is throwing out legit soccer takes. This is scary
I don't always agree with what Clay Travis says, but he's right here.
I don't know how to react to agreeing with Clay Travis' soccer opinion. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
there's no better way to ensure i don't click on a periscope link than to title it "clay travis discusses US soccer loss"
Better luck next time. Clay you did fine keep up the good work!
Who would have thought Clay Travis would have the most reasonable soccer take among media members.
I'm reluctant to admit this and fully acknowledge my inadequacy on the subject, but I think Clay Travis made sense.
Travis is still sore his "dynasty is over" prediction blew up in his face. Keep predicting Clay! Good for Bama!
Travis Shaw: "Thanks Clay, give up a rocket that forces me to push off on the ankle that I hurt trying to claw us back in the game".
Alexis Lalas, Skip Bayless, Clay Travis, Colin Cowherd... Y'all not sure ESPN is better?!?!
Melky Cabrera grounds out, first baseman Travis Shaw to pitcher Clay Buchholz.
what's really funny is that I thought the exact opposite. I thought those dudes were the bro comedy Clay Travis like dudes..
players ethered Clay Travis over his take on DA’s dropped charges
don't worry about the UK fan criticism.The majority of them have Matt Jones-humor which is very similar to Clay Travis-humor
My first job was Chicfila as well! I'll bet Clay Travis hasn't ever had a fastfood job in his life..That's what I was saying!
more like Clay Travis Zero. which would actually apply to both of them
So we don't like Justin Nails? i've never heard of him but if he's like Clay Travis than i'll pass
Clay Travis being a LeBron fan has me questioning everything I know
Chief here Clay Travis wouldn't know what real work would be he should try it sometimes might kill him
They still might be busy with Clay Travis today.
BREAKING: Clay Travis could be transgender. Big if true.
could it be at long last we find out clay Travis is mentally handicapped? Nevermind not fair to the handicapped
Could've done another Meltdown just with Clay Travis's tears yesterday.
We need to get Clay Travis to explain betting odds to Alexi Lalas. That would be peak Fox Sports Uno.
Clay Travis keeps talking reckless about BB8 and the Solara might have to pull up to his house
Clay Travis: with Fox Sports 1 joined the round table to talk about the trial of the Alabama foot...
I agree with Clay Travis what is happening to me
I spent the last 5 mins looking at Clay Travis page crying at how dumb Bama fans are
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Clay Travis has admitted to murder someone call the police
Skip, Clay Travis, Colin Cowherd, etc. used to be outliers as intentionally-trolling *** Now that's a career path.
The guy to the right of Clay Travis is Alabama's OJ Howard, 2017 prospect. A Tight End built like a Defensive End.
Clay Travis is becoming the right wing version of Keith Olbermann. Both should stick to sports, but they know there's $ in hot politic takes
Today's Herd Podcast presented by Clay Travis brings his A game
Clay Travis: Clay Travis of Fox Sports joined the RoundTable to discuss David Shaw's controversial comments on...
I'm white and I think Clay Travis and Mark Schlereth are both ***
he's race baiting B/c u *** fall for it. He's a poor man's Clay Travis
That's not how media works now - First Take, Clay Travis, Damian Cox all just trying to push buttons.
Clay Travis is nine and a half Budweiser tallboys and a full battery charge away from going full blown Michael Richards.
So Whitlock is in the same group as Clay Travis and Mike Florio now. Great group of turds right there.
Clay Travis (who is also an attorney) about to lay a smack down on this Nauright. Tune in to the Paul Finebaum show!
Clay Travis is example of.why white athletes like Manning get away with it
Colin Cowherd, Skip Bayless, Clay Travis, and Stephen A. Smith inhabit an island. Donald Trump is island emperor. Rest of Earth rejoices.
Outkick The Show - Petros Papadakis joins Clay Travis to discuss the current state of USC Trojan Football, and...
You mean you can't choose between Darren Rovell and Clay Travis? They are both so deserving I can understand.
Clay Travis is basically the delusional SEC part of Paul Finebaum that died last January
Clay Travis: 'SEC is still king of college football' - Big Ten Network
"Nick Saban Is the Michael Jordan of the SEC" Clips Guest Commentary by Clay Travis, Outkick the Coverage
Great article on the rare coaching genius that is Saban. So what if it's written by Clay Travis.
And the tag team champions, Ravishing Rick Rude and Slanderin' Clay Travis!
unless any of your followers can photoshop Mark May, Clay Travis and Pat Forde’s face on this?
By the way, read that Clay Travis article. Nails it.
What do Mark May, Clay Travis, and Brian Reynolds have in common? The 73 person to answer correctly wins a prize!
Travis Kelce Charles Clay and Ben Watson, if you had to start 2 who would it be??
oh God I hate Clay Travis. He's a hack and needs someone to kick his ***
I would expect obvious trolling like this out of clay travis, but I thought you were better than this. SMH.
Clay Travis said Ohio State is the third best team in the B1G and Notre Dame fans aren't CFB fans, and at least Ohio State fans follow CFB.
God is there anything worse than Clay Travis and his band of cliche monsters on FS1.
Way to go, Fox. You managed to create something worse than First Take. "I Hate You, Clay Travis" is moronic and cringeworthy.
Website Builder 728x90
Matt Leinart just owned Clay Travis so bad
Clay Travis is the biggest moron in sports broadcasting
Lol @ Clay Travis & Fox debating that it's to late in the season for OSU to switch QBs & work. Guys, we switched in the postseason last year
I love the podcast. The info from the guests is interesting. I am also watching FS1, and I agree with you about Clay Travis.
I hate Clay Travis! This is the first time I've liked Matt Leinart though!
Clay Travis needs to find a suit that fits before people hate anything he says
Clay Travis I believe in everything you're saying even if everyone hates you
clay travis on ESPN is saying the hawks are the best team in the big 10. i go to school here and know we arent the best in the big 10😂😂
Clay Travis is out his rabbit as mind.
fair warning: a clay travis vanity segment is coming up when they kick back to the studio from KC. time for bed!
yea. He does remind me of clay travis
they have cowherd and clay Travis and you want high minded discourse?
My secondary enjoyment will come from knowing Clay Travis will die a little on the inside after this loss.
Does Clay Travis ever own up to his dumb predictions?
maybe I take Travis Benjamin out as a flex and put clay in then keep Thomas in as a starter?
wait there's someone else who reads Clay Travis in Buffalo? I thought it was just me.
Why anyone listens to a word that Clay Travis speaks is beyond me.
Clay Travis just said literally anyone can be a mlb manager. Good to know. Heres my resume: played baseball
due to injuries and matchup, Charles Clay or Travis Kelce?
Ignorance runs rampant in our fan base. They keep proving Clay Travis right. I threw up in my mouth typing that.
It's really sad how far Whitlock has fallen. Fox, who lets Clay Travis write for them, won't even put his stuff on their main page.
I could've gone my whole life without knowing who Clay Travis is, but you had to do me dirty, universe. Why, cosmos? Why?
i appreciate the distinction now. i will just default to Clay Travis as an example of something bad.
Cowherd, Whitlock, and Clay Travis. *** of a team you got there
I do the same thing, but with Clay Travis' book
only if it includes the Bayless Defender guy and Rovell. And Clay Travis.
sure hope the comeback and win. I bet the house based on your theory! Clay Travis School of Betting 😉
Outstanding. And btw Phil Fulmer never stopped searching for dirt. Probably Clay Travis' father truth be told.
interview w/ sports author from today. Who's at the top of rankings?
Travis Roy 11 seconds into 1st shift at Boston University. Life your life with both passion and purpose.
So has never seen Star Wars and I tried to explain why this makes him a communist. Enjoy:
This is how we know Clay Travis is getting paid to be a troll. Everyone else has Jimbo as top 5-10 coach he had him at 17 & gave no credit
I DEMAND YOU REPHRASE THIS QUESTION WITH CLAY TRAVIS. RTWho would you like to beat with a bamboo stick more: Forde or Wolken?
So much hate mail headed to Clay Travis from Lawrence LOL
Joel Klatt has resorted to just playing radio w some of his idiotic statements. He's approacuing Clay Travis levels of awful
Even though you may hate him Clay Travis posted a Drinking Game for the Debate I believe .. ha
Clay Travis is right, if you replace Belichick with a more likeable coach, like an Andy Reid or Pete Carroll, the Patriots aren't as hated.
A reminder to read this incredible article by Clay Travis:
Clay Travis on show said he has Urban Meyer ranked as the coach in CFB over Saban. Said OSU is the more successfu…
Cousins troll on Clay Travis cuz Clay Travis is a pretentious ***
Better long game troll: DeMarcus Cousins on Clay Travis or Marshall Henderson on Erin Andrews???
almost as good as Boogie calling out Clay Travis.
ah I see. I think he's channeling his inner Clay Travis & stirring the pot.
I didn't even know this happened. Clay Travis is a tool, nice long play Cousins.
wish I could’ve known it was a Clay Travis article before I clicked the link. Never knowingly give that *** web hits.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"In the wake of Britt McHenry's rant, FOX has fired Clay Travis."
No more Lou Holtz on espn. No more Tebow on SEC Network. Can something horrible happen to Clay Travis next?
at least you didn't pull a Clay Travis and predict he'd be in jail in "x" years.
Dixieland Delight : A Football Season on the Road in the SEC by Clay Travis
happy to help. There are more like us than Clay Travis would want everyone to know :)
Without travis, clay & michael tonight idk what I woulda done 💘💘
Rychlend jumps 5'3" to take 2nd in hj. Alton clay 3rd in hammer.
RECAP: jacks 2nd homer of season as even series in Boston.
Whoo hoo Travis Clay! So proud of you! Only caught the end cause I worked today but you did GREAT!
I'm assuming had his wedding in Nashville to make it easier for Clay Travis to attend.
Travis Clay prepairs for US Muay Thai Open on April 25-26th
Fox hired Clay Travis so you can't say they don't have a track record of hiring ***
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