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Clay Matthews

William Clay Matthews III (born May 14, 1986) is an American football linebacker for the Green Bay Packers of the National Football League.

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I blame that *** Clay Matthews and his *** hair. Even though he's defence LOL
You guys don't know how happy I am now that Clay Matthews is bearded greatness. That sounds *** and I'm 100% ok with that.
Agoura High grad Clay Matthews at LB for Packers and Oaks Christian grad Cassius Marsh at DE for Seahawks in NFL opener r…
Clay Matthews may look like a cave man, but I want him to be my cave man. 😍
Clay Matthews should be fined for flopping
Since the Hawks won I think it's safe for me to profess my love for Clay Matthews 😍😍😍😍
I'm just happy Clay Matthews didn't do Russ like he did Kaepernick lol
Wearing a small Clay Matthews jersey around dinky looking to jump into traffic if you are looking for me tonight
has top 3 play of the game with kickout block on Clay Matthews to spring for his 1st TD.
(during sex) I call this one The Clay Matthews *puts on helmet*
If I could look like anybody tho it would be Clay Matthews. He's a perfect specimen
Clay Matthews could play in the NBA
Clay Matthews been hangin with lebron this offseason!
Clay Matthews made a couple of big hits early but overall was terrible. But commentators love him so he does now wrong.
what about clay Matthews and peppers?
I just knew that you would think Clay Matthews is hot
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Clay Matthews might not be the guy you want to leave unblocked
Clay Matthews is NOT the best linebacker in football..stop the tomfoolery
Just turned to the throwball game to see Clay Matthews successfully flop to get a holding call. What a pansy sport
Just when you thought it would never happen, Clay Matthews brings flopping to football...
---> “Clay Matthews is playing out of his mind”
Clay Matthews used to be the best defensive player in the league but that *** is garbage now
Nick Perry and Clay Matthews are only Green Bay Packers defenders that are doing anything ✌️
Clay Matthews and Peppers have 160+ combined sacks. Which is still less than HOF Bruce Smith or Reggie White
Clay Matthews and Pepper on the Russell Wilson tackle but flag on the play gives the Seahawks the 1st down!…
My thoughts so far on the game: 1.) Aaron Rodgers is still hot. 2.) Ha Ha Clinton-Dix of the Packers has the craziest name ever. 3.) Why can't my hair be as long as Clay Matthews?
I love Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews, but I can not stand the Packers as a whole. It's tough love!!
I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place. I have Russell Wilson on my fantasy team but I want Clay Matthews to pound him into the ground.
Call Jayrone Elliott a player for the Packers: GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers started calling...
Looking to trade my elite Phil Loadholt (40k) and my Darren Sproles for a Clay Matthews and DeMarco Murray! XB1!
Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Datone Jones, AJ Hawk, Nick Perry, BJ Raji. Should be a fun day for the Seattle Offensive line in week 1👍
he blocked a fg!! Did you see they compared Smith to Clay Matthews?? He didnt look bad tonight but idk about all that
Kevin Greene: "Marcus Smith reminds me of Clay Matthews": The comparison isn't as crazy as you might...
Kevin Greene says Marcus Smith reminds him of Clay Matthews |
.current popular one is Zimmer will let Greenway "play free like Clay Matthews" unlike Frazier forcing him to stay "on the right"
I love me some Jonny Football but if he meets Terrell Suggs or Clay Matthews on a scramble he'll learn he isn't in the SEC anymore
Rodgers to Rodgers. The rookie gets a step on Clay Matthews for a catch on a deep drag. From afar, Mike Daniels yells at the defense.
Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Mike Neal among those opting out of bike program
Seven months since last season ended and Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, and Nick Perry are still too injured to play.
Mike McCarthy says he doesn't know if linebacker Clay Matthews has been cleared to practice
I can believe this *** Julius Peppers & Clay Matthews bout to.b wprking together. *** *** *** !!
Jordy Nelson is one of my fav players in the NFL along with Clay Matthews, Eddie Lacy, Randall Cobb, John Kuhn, BJ Raji, and AJ Hawk.
07/10/14 Home sweet home: The expensive contracts of Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews cut into the team's profi...
Thor, Clay Matthews, Guy from Sons Of Anarchy, and a Californian surfer are all of the things I've been told I look like today.
The NFL is hearing what we've been saying for 14 years! YOGA helps to prevent and rehab injuries.look at the facts: For the third time in four years, the Green Bay Packers ranked among the bottom three NFL teams impacted by injuries, based on Football Outsiders Adjusted Games Lost metric. In 2013, the Packers ranked 30th out of 32 teams after several key starters missed significant time due to injury, including QB Aaron Rodgers (seven games), WR Randall Cobb (10 games) and LB Clay Matthews (five games). The Packers ranked dead last in the AGL metric in 2012. They hope the injury trend does not continue, and they're taking action to see that it doesn't. One player who’s managed to avoid injury is Packers Pro Bowl CB Tramon Williams. The eight-year veteran has missed only one game in his pro career, having played in 122 of 123 games. Williams was inspired last off-season by a chance meeting with former All-Pro WR Terrell Owens. He inquired about Owens’ secret to playing 15 years in the league. The footb ...
Watched "The Blind Side." The Pats traded the Michael Oher pick for the Clay Matthews pick, then the Darius Butler and Julian Edelman picks.
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There is a teenage Clay Matthews at Chipotle
If I don't get a hair cut over this weekend I'm committing to growing out my hair like Clay Matthews
I just told my Packers fan gf that Clay Matthews is like the ILB in Tecmo Super Bowl who you use to rush the QB and is otherwise useless.
Clay Matthews of the GreenBay Packers- He plays to win!
Clay Matthews of the Eagles was in front of me at target. He bought bananas I bought an almond joy.
I would love to win this my son is 4 and does a mean clay Matthews impression
Startin today I'm rockin the Clay Matthews ponytail
I knew Madden was garbage when they gave Clay Matthews & his brother the same face like bruh... they not twins
Im geeked to see Peppers lining up opposite of Clay Matthews. If Rodgers stays healthy, I still see us a top 3 NFC team.
whys that? I can't wait to see them all season long instead of fabio clay Matthews.
Just seen the Madden 15 trailer. Since when did Kuechly have the same celebration as Clay Matthews?
lol his HGH jaw is almost as ugly as Clay Matthews forehead
There may be a point where TT has to consider releasing Clay Matthews
LB Clay Matthews was voted the 77th best player of 2013. Did they get it right?
you do have that Clay Matthews flow
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People always seem so surprised when they see my background. Yes that is Clay Matthews without a shirt. I mean, who wouldn't wanna see that?
Like when the Browns passed on Clay Matthews's kid? (Sorry, haven't got the snark out of my system yet)
I liked a video making air dry clay :)
Packers turn to rookie LB Moses with Matthews hurt - "I want Clay back as soon as he is 110 percent healthy," said...
Clay Matthews took a *** to the face with a side of broken neck 👍
Can't wait for my life size posters of Jordy Nelson & Clay Matthews.😍💚💛
Throwback Thursday With Clay Matthews III at USC practice (obviously) before the Packers - good times and great memories!! Fight On!!
Great signing with all-pro Clay Matthews! Stop in and check out brand new Clay autographed…
Heat affecting the Spurs, no pun intended. I'd rather there be an AC malfunction than any wardrobe malfunctions considering Clay Matthews doesn't play basketball.
love Clay Matthews so much I was him for Halloween. Pick me to win his autograph!!
Packers report: Clay Matthews expected to miss 1-2 games - GREEN BAY, Wis.—Aside from Aaron Rodgers, the player...
Matthews back from sore hamstring for Packers - GREEN BAY, Wis. -- It's easy to spot Clay Matthews at Packers...
as long as they get Clay Matthews flow right we are straight
Really? That's really were you took this convo, Clay Matthews? Having fun w/my beautiful wife vs Matthews avi?
It kind of looks like is channeling her inner Clay Matthews, right?
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I get bored of guys so quickly I think that's God's way of telling me to stick to Clay Matthews. mhm yea ok
LMAO. I txt Dean as I am getting off plane... "getting off plane and guess who is a couple people ahead of me. Clay Matthews"... Dean's reply:" who is that?. 2nd reply..oh.. yeah.. I know..." who knows their Football?
Julius Peppers with a new look standing next to Clay Matthews in OTA this afternoon.
Now go listen to Clay Aiken, watch sports highlights of Clay Matthews and Clay Buckholtz, and watch Clayton Forrester on MST3K
Among the observers only today, Clay Matthews, Andrew Quarless, Brandon Bostick, Nick Perry, Human Rolle.
Yes, the Chicago Bears made upgrades over the season and have an additional year under Marc Trestman's offensive scheme. However, the Packers improved as well by adding Julius Peppers (yes I feel Jared Allen is an upgrade) and drafting the best safety in the draft (Ha Ha Clinton-Dix). Don't forget, the last game of the season, Clay Matthews (one of the best linebackers in football) was in street clothes. In addition, the Lions improved; not worried about the Vikings. Chicago Bear fans biggest concern should be the interior defensive line and lack of depth on the greatly improved offensive line.
NFLs Top 100 put Tony Romo ahead of Jordy Nelson, Clay Matthews and Wes Welker. They are out of their minds.
How the heck did Tony Romo rank higher than Jordy Nelson and Clay Matthews in the NFL top 100??? Bulls**t
Me and Matt saw Clay Matthews walking into Smith's
Gotta love sharing my bday with Gronk, Clay Matthews, and Frank Gore. Plus Ray Lewis' bday is tomorrow
Jay Cutler handed his new baby to the nurse only to be intercepted by Clay Matthews. Classic Cutler family moment!
Green Bay Packers linebacker Clay Matthews has some pro tips for NFL draft picks in 'Draft Day 101,' a new web series.
Don't wanna miss on Clay Matthews because of Keith Rivers, but there is such a vast dataset...
EAGLES: Casey Matthews anticipates older brother Clay will make appearance - ...
difference between Bruce Smith and Clay Matthews.. Is Matthews has a ring! Do the math . Or go !
until he gets drilled from Julius Peppers or clay Matthews
You guys, I just realized that Clay Matthews III and Aaron Rodgers kind of matched at the Derby…
Here's a topic for you guys: Are Ryan Braun and/or Clay Matthews worth the trouble? I.E, injuries, controversies, $
Where is Clay Matthews' mom when I need some chunky soup
Mack gonna be like clay Matthews just not as good of a pass rusher
I can't tell if Travis is joking or if he's actually mad about my obsession with Clay Matthews and Chris
Clay Matthews better pro than college player
Just read that Troy Niklas is the nephew of Clay & Bruce Matthews?? No brainer then. Jake in Rd1, Troy in Rd2!!!
I can't wait to see Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews bust some heads this year.
| Onslaught Grudge Match Watch Clay Matthews go up against Jamal Charles in
47 my *** clay Matthews, good seeing you last night man got to hoop soon
A year ago I was helping cater to Aaron Rodgers and Clay Matthews at Derby.
I never knew Niklas was relatives with Bruce Matthews and the whole Jake/Clay Matthews family..
do I get a follow for being the first one to say you look like clay matthews
Played opposite of Mario at NCState, 10 sacks 20 TFL. Comparable to Clay Matthews
Packers should benefit big time from plopping Julius Peppers at OLB across from Clay Matthews. Both should benefit from 1-on-1 like KC OLBs.
3 Super Bowl appearances, Aaron Rodgers, al those receivers, Clay Matthews, but you're still limping from Pryor... Okay.
Hey just saw you in the Green Bay news with Aaron Rogers and Clay Matthews..
How many push-ups can Clay Matthews do? Just kidding, that can't even be a question. He can do all of them.
should I pick up 97 Clay Matthews? I wanna try him out and get rid of budget hali.
I'm giving away: clay matthews . Check it out -
Dave Matthews Band.Paul and REO is a concert for our parents
So now that I have woken up out of my coma - guess who waited on My Morning Jacket yesterday? Thats right. This girl. Guess who heard Clay Matthews say the words "hash tag struggle" This girl. And I laughed for like 15 mins. If nothing else - Derby in the Turf Club was definitely entertaining.
Your an offensive line coach and you're playing against the 2014 packers. Who do you double team? Clay Matthews or Julius Peppers? I know the 2013 Packers front 7 was far from scary but im just asking because every game since 2010 Matthews has been double teamed. Nick Perry hasn't panned out the way the packers were hoping yet and Matthews is double teamed time and time again. Thats why im asking.
Stephanie Theune Your awesome brother just got compared to Clay Matthews.
Me "oh my god Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers are at the Kentucky Derby." Kaycie "is that even IN Kentucky?" Ummm.
So for those Packers fans out there - Aaron Rodgers and Randall Cobb walked the red carpet, Clay Matthews did not
My dad has now pic stitched me and Clay Matthews and now me and Rocky Balboa.I'm officially offended 😒
Full disclosure. I honestly that at first Craig Sager Jr. was Clay Matthews.
Craig Sager Jr. Just thinking about it, he reminds me a Lil like Clay Matthews.
Clay Matthews "I thought Craig Sager Jr was Lou Amundson for a sec"
Craig Sager Jr. Does look just like Clay Matthews lol what
So… Craig Sager Jr looks like a toned down Thor.. or Clay Matthews. Hmm..
If Alexi Lalas and Clay Matthews had a child, it would look like Craig Sager Jr:
Craig Sager, Jr is a cutie!! And yes he looks like Clay Matthews!! Get well Craig Sager, Sr!!
Swear I thought Craig Sager Jr was Clay Matthews at first
Craig Jr. really does look like Clay Matthews. He looks like Clay Matthews on NBA Draft Day 1988
Sager Jr does look like Clay Matthews lol
I was going to say that too Sager Jr looks almost exactly like Clay Matthews
Craig Sager Jr looks like a mini Clay Matthews
Sager Jr. out there looking like Clay Matthews. Like, for real.
Clay Matthews expects to be healthy for Green Bay Packers training camp
Clay Matthews expects a very light workload at OTAs: The Green Bay Packers aren't about to risk ...
“Clay Matthews. joe's son is going to look exactly like this
I'm a little pissy, Michelle Rodriguez has a model girlfriend. And so does Jason Statham. Let Clay Matthews get a fancy girlfriend, imma go on a rampage. All i ask is for my sweethearts to wait for me!
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Lebron James vs Clay Matthews , drunk comp, who would win ?
so Joe Dirt grew up to be Clay Matthews. Interesting...
“Clay Matthews. clay matthews was the original joe dirt!!
Getting ready for the final four game: "should I put on my Clay Matthews jersey?" -Aleigha
.. should see the artwork I put on the one-of-a-kind tote bags I create+ dig @ GMOs Clay Matthews & ME
no he's a weakling. Get a real man like clay Matthews or tom hardy
QB's meet the Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers combo.
same as Mel Kiper Jr Ken Griffey Jr Dale Earnhardt Jr Cal Ripken Jr Sammy Davis Jr What about Clay Matthews he is not a Jr?
How many cans of Campbell's does it take to get Clay Matthews to show up to my house? My cart can't hold anymore and the manager looks mad..
And since everyone asked my opinion. Johnny Manziel... This is your next Tim Tebow! Does anyone honestly believe this chicken leg hot head can run around and Not get smacked down by Clay Matthews? JJ Watt? Mr Peppers? Grow a brain! He's a liability waiting to happen! Come around the Green Bay defense "mr football" Come on! You'll cry for your mamma!
All I know is this, If Johnny Manziel thinks it's a great idea to forgo his junior and senior years to enter the NFL Draft, I wonder what he's gonna think when he gets hit by Clay Matthews.
Lisa Matthews says, "It's not just about pitching to the reporter, it's about getting your pitch to the planning desk."
This guy knows how tooo many celebrities shave 😂 from Clay Matthews to Lebron James
So facial hair and now hes "MOST INTRSTNG MAN IN WORLD?"Any muscles,yet?Is he going 2 grow Clay Matthews hair,like me,now?
Oh dreaming all the time Clay Matthews 52 Green Bay Packers
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Each time I think of Clay Matthews I think of Lee! Show out these next two years boy. You are our future!
Had a shipping magnate at the hotel in Peoria take a pic with my Super Bowl ring and text his friend he met Clay Matthews. Never gets old.
ikr cant wait to go all clay Matthews on you bro :)
PLEASE MANZEL, hope you get picked with VIKINGS, NOT THE TEXANS. OR BETTER YET, since you are a HUGE Clay Matthews fan, GO TO GREEN BAY! Johnny, YOU are so over rated!
I was the Clay Matthews of soccer in junior high
Random fact of the Day: Linebacker Clay Matthews (1978-1993) is the Browns' all-time sacks leader. Officially, he is credited with 62 career sacks. He dropped more quarterbacks than that, however: Sacks were not an NFL statistic until his 5th season.
No way I would want that circus distracting my team. Wait till Clay Matthews lays him out just once. He's frail.
please make an episode about Clay Matthews
clay Matthews, Rey maualuga, Brian Cushing all played for Carroll
I could google Clay Matthews for hours 😏
Reading reddit's nfl post "Most overrated player in the NFL (non-QB)?" Someone posted Clay Matthews. lol. sure.
It hard to pick favorite, when there are so many from Bart Starr to Ray Nitchski, Reggie White, Robert Brooks, Brett Favre, Donald Driver Charles Woodson to present Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and John Kuhn and more
HE'S PLAYING IN THE GAME. HE AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT. Now Clay Matthews on the other hand should be available. :)
With who else rushing him? Clay Matthews and Raji are gonna oil
Or we could've taken Jarius Byrd over Smith. Or not. Or how about Clay Matthews over Ayers? yep.
clay Matthews. He plays on the packers
I just seriously tricked a kid into thinking Clay Matthews was a running back for the Chiefs. Lmao
I'd like to see him do that with Clay Matthews or DeMarcus Ware going after him. BOOM! Crushed ribs.
Today I learned there is a Clay Matthews look alike on campus and I'm in love.
I don't really care where manziel ends up in the NFL, I just wanna see him get sacked by JJ watt or clay Matthews
Clay Matthews & Julius Peppers is going to be scary too
Im calling myself the Clay Matthews of COD from now on.
Watching these clay matthews highlights , he is a beast
I'm down at work might stop by west Chester to see if coked up clay Matthews is visiting and throwing pineapples
"Admit it. You like someone you can't have." my mom wants to marry clay matthews
man let clay Matthews see him running he is done for
Since the Packers got Julius Peppers and the Bears got Jared Allen, does this mean the Vikings get Clay Matthews?!
Please assist ; Looking for a contact in this family to locate Susan M Perez Captain Matthews was preceded in death by his wife Rosemary and his son Hammond, and he is survived by his son and daughter-in-law, Howard and Terri Matthews, his daughter Susan Perez, his sister Jean Freeman, his brother Clay Matthews, his grandchildren, Jason Matthews, Tyler Matthews, and Jessica Hawley, and his great grandchildren, Jack W. Hawley III and Jordan Hawley.
Separate issue. Please send Clay Matthews along asap; we could fit him in during rotational packages.
Shouldn't you have given us Clay Matthews by now? This is how this 'musical pass-rushers' game should work.
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I liked a video Clay Matthews 2010 season
Peppers will face double teams less often than Jared Allen because of Clay Matthews
Dudes with long hair usually go hard... Clay Matthews, triple H and a few more...
The way everything's shaping in the NFC North I expect to see Clay Matthews repping purple n gold by 2017
“Clay Matthews Did he come out of the womb with that hair?
With daniels guion raji n peppers on our line clay matthews will be eating some "quarterback crunch" all season.
Jarred Allen to the Bears. Julius Peppers to the Packers. What next Clay Matthews to the vikings?
Mike Vandermause will have more shortly, but here are the highlights from Mike McCarthy's session with Wisconsin reporters: -- Bryan Bulaga moving back to right tackle. MM likes Bakhtiari at LT. Derek Sherrod will be swing tackle, start out on left side. -- Don't know who'll be at center. -- Julius Peppers will serve in an elephant role, playing both outside linebacker and defensive line. Will bring lots of flexibility to defense. -- Wants Micah Hyde to be every-down player, whether it's safety, slot, CB, dime. Wants him on the field more. -- B.J. Raji will play over center, tailor him more to his skill set and "cut him loose." -- Would like Johnny Jolly back but will have to clear medical hurdles first. Hasn't ruled out Ryan Pickett coming back. -- Expects bigger things from Datone Jones in Year 2. Early ankle injury was worse than we thought. -- Would like to have Matt Flynn and John Kuhn back. -- Jonathan Franklin has neck injury, didn't have surgery, doesn't have update. -- Clay Matthews' thumb injury ...
Yes! The Bears took a nemesis off the Vikings and just made him my favorite defensive player - Jared Allen. Thank you Chicago! Go DA BEARZ. now, if you could rip Clay Matthews away from GB.
Bears signing Jared Allen doesn't bother me one bit.Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews on the opposite side of the ball is a way bigger threat
Jared Allen is no Clay Matthews... Packers will still be on top!
she says shes daddy like clay Matthews
What do you think Keyontae Lalka-Morehead?? Could be worse, could be Clay Matthews! Want some Chunky Soup?
There is a festival going on downtown and this guy has Clay Matthews, Aaron Rodgers, and Jordy Nelson superbowl pictures framed.
Salt salt salt salt and pepper is here! Julius Peppers is obviously pepper and clay Matthews is salt! Get used to it!
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Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers on the same team... Jay Cutler will be crying lol.
Clay Matthews on one side Jelius Peppers on the other! How awsome!!
Peppers to the Pack?! LOVE THIS SIGNING! The guy is a beast even though he is old. Big...strong (not as fast anymore oh well)...opposite of Clay Matthews.he won't be the focal point anymore which is GREAT for him to still be productive! Capers is just going to let him do what he does best and that is RUSH THE QB. Packers need to pick up another savy vet in Jared Allen to help out the DE and play in different packages just like Peppers will do. We still have some young guys like Perry, Neal, Datone Jones, etc. who are still developing and I see all of these guys (including Peppers) being rotational players which I think will boost all of their productivity because clearly none of these guys are bonified studs yet. A good rotation of solid players can be just as good. GREAT signing Teddy! Now go get Allen and suddenly I think our pass rush will be pretty formidable this coming season!
Delusional.Peppers is Sub-Par from what he used to be Clay Matthews is God...and B.J Raji is average
Emil is trying to argue with me that floyd may weather would lose in a fight to clay Matthews please reply ur opinion
We don't need him to be Green Bays best defensive lineman.. but he will draw attention. Yall forget we have Clay Matthews? Lol
I'm salivating at the thought of Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers pass rushing from opposite ends. It's about time we got him some help.
Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers starting for the packers this year👌 Finally someone to help with the pass rush👏🙌
Green Bay signs Julius Peppers! That'll definitely be a boost to the defensive line, and also to Clay Matthews!
Peppers to play along side Clay Matthews...yes :-)
Grantsville gets 2 in the bottom of the 6th and leads Westlake 6-5. Clay Matthews in to shut the door in the 7th.
Uh oh Antonio Kirk we just signed Julius Peppers. Can't wait for kaepernick to get sacked by him or clay matthews. I know it means nothing right lol
Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers Who gon stop them ?
him and Clay Matthews rushing from the same end though 😱
Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers next year, our defense is going to be unstoppable!
bounce back year. Clay Matthews takes double team. We've got more rushers to make impact. Just nice to see Pack get anyone.
Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews going after the same QB... Watch out!!
Clay Matthews on one side Julius Peppers on the other can't wait to next season go Packers
Had a lot of people ask me about the Julius Peppers signing.I have to admit I was very surprised, I didnt see it coming, he's one of the last players I would have thought Ted Thompson would have had an interest in, But I like it..first of all its basically a one year deal so if it doesnt work out the Packers can cut bait in 2015, but besides that the Bears front 7 was decimated by injuries last year so Peppers had very little support and every pass protection scheme they faced was designed at doubling him and tripling him, he still managed seven sacks which for him is a bad year but for most defensive ends is a very good one, 34 years old is not that old (said the 34 year old lol) Peppers has always been a natural phenom as an athlete even as he slows down he's still outstanding athletically, some have told me they worry about him fitting in the 3-4 but actually Peppers loves the 3-4 defense, he's been wanting to play in the 3-4 for years, he's such a good looking cut athlete that a lot of people don't re ...
I can just see that commercial: When you don't sign your loyal player, he gets mad! When he gets mad he signs with your enemy (Green Bay Packers) When he signs with your enemy he wants revenge. Mad with revenge he sacks your Quarterback 20 times (with CLAY MATTHEWS) DON'T LET YOUR QB GET SACKED 20 Times. LOL and Go BEARS!!!
Finally Packers get Clay Matthews some help signing Julius Peppers , sweet!!
his presence aided by his reputation will help clay Matthews but that's about all he'll do
I hate the weakass Packers but Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews that's a nice pickup for GreenBay
Imagine Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews rushing you at the same time
Would I like a little Julius Peppers with my Clay Matthews?? *** to the yes!!!
Packers pass rush is now clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. I feel sorry for opposing qbs now
Excited about Peppers. Packer news before the draft?! Crazy times. Say what you want about the guy but there isn't an offensive line in the league that are going to be excited to have Clay Matthews and Peppers coming after their quarterbacks.
Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, Tramon Williams, Sam Shields on the same defense? Oh my.
Clay Matthews one side and Peppers on the other, it's a done deal
Its on now since we got Julius Peppers in greenbay lets get healthy clay matthews
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Jay Cutler is probably crying right now knowing that not only Clay Matthews will be sacking him next season, but also Julius Peppers!!
This is cool! Some help for Clay Matthews on the pass rush. Should be fun to watch him go after Cutler instead of Rodgers now. Jason Hilton David W Hughey
Clay Matthews came in the league at 240, and its not solely about weight
I hate when old people walk towards me like I won't bury a *** like clay Matthews
I haven't been keeping up with the news...didn't know that the Packers signed Julius Peppers to a 3 year deal. Signed B.J. to a 1 year deal. Clay Matthews will be ready. Hopefully the defense will be stout.
well let's see what he can do next to Clay Matthews and in a more aggressive system.
I'll go on record and say I wouldn't like the Bears signing Clay Matthews. He'd still have Packers cooties
Julius Peppers went to the packers. That's a big problem for us. Him and Clay Matthews are gonna cause chaos.
Julius Peppers to the packers! And we just resigned BJ Raji not to mention Clay Matthews and our strong secondary.greenbay defense might be something wreckless this year
Clay Matthews and now Julius Peppers! Cutler better watch his *** Steve Newell
Strangely, this might be a shrewd, low-risk move on Green Bay's part. Peppers goes back to a 3-4 that opens up Clay Matthews.
Ew clay Matthews and peppers on opposite sides. Have fun getting pounded on jay
Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews both rushing the passer 😍
Clay Matthews just was like..I don't have to do everything anymore!!!
I like how my grandma loves Clay Matthews just as much as I do 👍
Peppers signing is interesting in lots of ways. Packers need help getting to the opposing QB's for sure, and now Clay Matthews III has help. It'd be nice to conclude free agency with Jared Allen coming to town as well...Capers switchin' to 4-3?
Packers Just signed Julius Peppers to a 3 year deal. I think I am okay with how they plan to use him. If he stays healthy, could be a help to Clay Matthews. At least the Bears don't have him any if we could just get Darren Sproles!!
packers signed DE Julius Peppers from bears that should help out clay matthews
Lee Vang Shoua Vang Seng Alex Vang Leng Vang Reggie White wanted to win the Super Bowl... he saw the fire in Brett Favre and came to Green Bay (1993)... won the Super Bowl... Now, just over 20 years later (21 years to be exact)... Peppers does the same, because he knows that Aaron Rodgers when healthy is the best *** QB in the NFL!! Plus he got a crazed man in Clay Matthews who will now get his sack number back up with Peppers on the opposite side, less double teams!!!
“Ok thank you. welched me out of 97 clay Matthews.
Julius Peppers on 1 side with Clay Matthews on the other rushing the QB.. *** I really like the sound of that combo
Then after the first Super Bowl I traded Anthony Spencer for Clay Matthews... Took me back ta the top!!!
okay, well we'll see if you're still saying that when Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews double team Russell Wilson. 😏
clay Matthews is an overrated player.. Such an overrated player
The thought of Julius Peppers off the left end, BJ Raji up the middle and Clay Matthews off the right end is a scary thought
The Packers already have Clay Matthews rushing off the edge and now they have Peppers to smh it's not fair
Packers sign Julius Peppers!? Did not see that coming. Should help Clay Matthews in a big way
Im still laughing that The Packers have Clay Matthews AND Julius Peppers now 
Clay Matthews on one end, Julius Peppers on the other end. Unbelievable
Packers sign Julius Peppers to a 3 year deal. Throw him on the same line as Clay Matthews, and qbs are in for a long season.
Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers are going to destroy this year on the pass rush
Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews on opposite sides of the line is gonna be scary this season. Look out Cutler
Packers sign Julius Peppers. Clay Matthews just got a And yes, so did I.
Green Bay just signed Julius Peppers! Oh man. Lol. Both Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers. I'd hate to be the QB having to play, looking across the scrimmage line at those two fellers. Now if we could get Jared Allen. That's wishful thinking :D
Agreed...3-4 defence and playing with Clay Matthews should help him. I hope he has somehting left.
Can't wait to see Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers in action together this coming season!! Go Pack!!
if this was Four years ago it would have been a great pick up with him and Clay Matthews
I like that a lot. Good help for Clay Matthews.
The Green Bay Packers signed Julius Peppers. Peppers combined with Clay Matthews could give the Packers a great...
Julius Peppers is now a Green Bay Packer, which means that he and Clay Matthews are now on the same defense, and the Bears have to play them at least twice. This is horrifying. I'm terrified for Jay Cutler's life next season.
Green Bay's nickel set with Clay Matthews, Mike Neal, Mike Daniels, Julius Peppers rushing the QB is going to be scary.
clay Matthews on one side peppers on the other! :)
Watching Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers on both sides of the D Line for the Packers is going to be sick! 👊
Peppers seemed to coast some last year during a disappointing season. I’d be willing to bet he cranks it up a few notches in 2014, especially against the Bears. Peppers and Clay Matthews blowing off the edge has to be a scary proposition for quarterbacks. It's ok bears fans Eric Koch you got md Jennings now!! Ha ha. GO PACK GO!
The Packers will have a healthy Clay Matthews, BJ Raji, Sam Shields and Julius Peppers? The Bears will have to knock it out of the park with this upcoming draft or the Bears will only win 8 games. Mark my words.
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I'm never quick to say someone is on roids, but when you look at Clay Matthews when he got to USC and then his senior idk man
Great job bears give him to GB so now they have Aj hawk Clay Matthews and Peppers awesome
Interested to see if they try to move him to OLB, he'd be quite the threat across from Clay Matthews if that worked.
Clay Matthews and Julius Pepper on the same side is Scary
What?! Ted Thompson actually signed someone in free agency! Surely, I must be dreaming. Hopefully, the tandem of Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews can actually create some havoc in the backfield. If I have to watch one more game in which a QB has all day to throw on us, I will smash something. "That's just horrible football, Joe." "Boy, you can sure that again, Troy."
Never thought I'd say I was happy about the Packers signing a Bears player. But Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews will be …
juilus Peppers and Clay Matthews rushing it doesn't get any better then that!
Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews on the same squad?
Clay Matthews. Julius Peppers. That's enough to make any QB cry, not just Jay Cutler.
LOL!! Couldn't agree more! "I am part owner of the Packers!!" No, you just helped pay for Clay Matthews contract extension
Just think, Clay Matthews, Julius Peppers, and could I get a Jared Allen?
Julius Peppers and Clay Matthews on the Same Team? Not sure the NFL will allow this….The NFL is already setting up more rules to ensure safety….. because, it’s too Dangerous for quarterbacks.
Wow Julius Peppers is a Green Bay Packer hmmm him n Clay Matthews
Bout *** time my pack decide to make a free agent move snagging Julius Peppers to compliment clay Matthews
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Delivered to Clay Matthews house (LB Green Bay Packers). Thats one cool cat off the Football Field. 😎👍🏈 too bad im a 49er Fan.
Got a feeling Julius Peppers and clay Matthews will cause problems if healthy. Smh
Welcome to Green Bay Mr. Julius Peppers..Clay Matthews' new best friend!!
Julius Peppers will look good in green & gold, bookend with Clay Matthews for pass-rush.
Just once this season I would love to see Clay Matthews and Julius Peppers do the "left side, strong side" chant from Remember The Titans
The thing you need to know about Peppers to GB, is that he didn't have a pass rusher like Clay Matthews in Chicago. If both can stay healthy, that 1-2 punch along with Raji at DT, could be dangerous.
Packers sign Julius Peppers him and Clay Matthews working together should be a good thing on the defensive front.
Julius Peppers on one side and Clay Matthews on the other? This could be interesting...
Packers sign DE Julius Peppers to 3-year deal Mar. 15, 2014 9:12 AM Defensive end Julius Peppers signed a three-year deal with $7.5 million guaranteed Packers general manager Ted Thompson isn’t known to make big splashes in NFL free agency. But the Packers’ signing of Julius Peppers to a three-year contract this morning, which includes $7.5 million in guaranteed money, is an indication Thompson saw a gaping hole on his defense that needed addressing. Peppers played end in a 4-3 defense for the Chicago Bears, but it’s expected he will be used in some type of hybrid role as both an outside linebacker and defensive lineman. Thompson is obviously hoping Peppers can add some pass rushing pressure and take the heat off outside linebacker Clay Matthews, the only other true pass rusher on the roster. There is some question about how effective Peppers will be at age 34, but the contract he agreed to is essentially a one-year experiment, so if things don’t work out in 2014, the Packers can move on. In the p ...
Packers have Julius Peppers and clay Matthews now, gtfoh! Now were getting that safety doeee
well Julius Peppers signed with the packers now that's going to help Clay Matthews with the Packers new defensive scheme. Chicago Bears are stupid for letting him go.
Clay Matthews opposite of peppers could make a insanely good pass rush
Oh man former Chicago Bears Defensive End Julius Peppers signing a 3 year contract with the Green Bay Packers, man you can't make this stuff up and with Clay Matthews that Green Bay Defense is going to be a demolition crew.
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