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Clay Buchholz

Clay Daniel Buchholz (born August 14, 1984) is an American professional baseball pitcher with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Hey Jamie Collins, Clay Buchholz is getting Von Miller money just in case you wanted to know.
Me: "I can't wait until Clay Buchholz is off my team.". Inner me: "Buchholz could win 20 games this year."
A caller just (very seriously) offered Clay Buchholz for Chris Sale on air. Hey Sox fans, who's in?
The Red Sox to pick up Clay Buchholz’s $13.5 million option
Daylight savings. Clay Buchholz. Both converge to make this a miserable month. (didn't even mention the election!)
I find it shocking & offensive that Clay Buchholz makes only $1M less than Andrew McCutchen.
Clay Buchholz's option ($13.5 mil) was picked up by Red Sox, bringing him back for the team, .
Red Sox should trade Clay Buchholz and Henry Owens for Vincent Velasquez from Philly
Red Sox picked up the $13.5M option for Clay Buchholz. Steal.
Much like a Clay Buchholz start, this race has a long ways to go
I added a video to a playlist Clay buchholz 2016 Season review. he sucked, i think he did?
you're trapped in a burning building and only Clay Buchholz or Curt Schilling can save you; you bar the door, right?
As slimy as he is, I think have to pick up Clay Buchholz's $13.5M option. Ivan Nova may get a 5 year deal. Market is nuts.
Red Sox Rumors: Boston to acquire Wade Davis from the Kansas City Royals for Clay Buchholz? - Sportsrageous
I don't think it's totally insane for a back-end starter. Clay Buchholz had a $13M option for last season & it was picked up.
Nick Cafardo seems to suggest the Red Sox could get Wade Davis for Clay Buchholz which seems ridiculous to me.
.exercise 2017 option on RHP Clay Buchholz; decline 2017 option on catcher Ryan Hanigan, who becomes a free age…
Election Day will be like Clay Buchholz start. Could be a great day, could be horrific. Hope for 5 good IP & Mich., Nevada, etc in relief.
In case you were wondering why picking up Clay Buchholz's $13 million-plus option was a no-brainer.
Wade Davis for Clay Buchholz? In today's game a late innings arm is more valuable than a so-so starter. I'd do it.
Why picking up Clay Buchholz's option was so important to the Red Sox' offseason strategy via htt…
I want Jason Hammel on the Red Sox just because he's a better value than Clay Buchholz
Adds perspective -- Hammel is 2 years older than Clay Buchholz, but had a much better 2016 and his option was $12m…
How is it teams can win more than 90 games during the season and then trot out Colby Lewis and Clay Buchholz for playoff game 3s.
What's more sad, starting Colby Lewis in a must-win game or Clay Buchholz?
In his last 7 starts of the regular season, Clay Buchholz was 4-0 with a 2.63 ERA. The Sox have won each of his last 3 postse…
Rick Porcello didn't make it out of the 5th. David Price didn't get out of the 4th. So, 3rd for Clay Buchholz then?
Paul Clemens just walked Clay Buchholz on 4 pitches.
John Farrell says that Clay Buchholz is the new set up guy for Kimbrel.
Two nights in a row Clay Buchholz has came in for relief and has given up the lead. Why is he still pitching..
Happy birthdays are in store for athletes Tim Tebow, Clay Buchholz, Shea Weber, and Mike Vrabel.
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Steven Wright to DL. Clay Buchholz to start Thursday. Elias optioned. Ramirez to bereavement list for three days. Corres…
The Red Sox will place RHP Steven Wright on the disabled list (retroactive to Monday), which puts Clay Buchholz... https:/…
Clay Buchholz is throwing a no-hitter through three. I suspect it's because Tuffy Gosewisch isn't in the lineup.
you're right, Clay Buchholz or Ubaldo Jimenez do
Clay Buchholz wishes he was blowing an 8-0 lead right now so bad
Who is more likely to go: Clay Buchholz or Aaron Dobson?
.to perform in Boston for Clay Buchholz charity event:
So John Farrell is STILL the manager, Carl Willis is STILL the pitching coach and Clay Buchholz is STILL on the roster…
Poor first inning dooms Clay Buchholz in Boston Red Sox's 7-2 loss ...
Melky Cabrera grounds out, first baseman Travis Shaw to pitcher Clay Buchholz.
Dave Dombrowski issues a bit of a challenge to Clay Buchholz on the eve of his return to the rotation:
COLUMN: Clay Buchholz, Dave Dombrowski both realize they have come to crossroads
Dave Dombrowski on Clay Buchholz pitching well: “It’s got to start [Tuesday].”
John Farrell just said Clay Buchholz will be re-inserted back into the rotation and will start Wednesday
is it me or does Clay Buchholz look like fire marshal Bill from "In Living Color"
If you'd told me before this game that the pitching pace cars would be Vance Worley & Clay Buchholz, I'd have snort-laughed in your face.
It seems Joe Kelly is doing his best Clay Buchholz impersonation, giving up the early lead.
[Providence Journal] Experienced with adversity, Clay Buchholz hoping to overcome latest setback
"Pirates decide to trade for Clay Buchholz, Ray Searage works his voodoo magic on him too"
Clay Buchholz has moved to the bullpen, manager John Farrell told reporters. Eduardo Rodriguez will take his spot in the rotation.
Who picked CC Sabathia to be better than Matt Harvey, Dallas Keuchel, David Price, Clay Buchholz, Michael Pineda, Adam Wainwright?
Tim Britton: Eduardo Rodriguez will start for the Red Sox on Tuesday in Baltimore, Clay Buchholz will go to the bu…
AUDIO: Tim Neverett talks with John Farrell on Clay Buchholz move to the bullpen
The demote Clay Buchholz to the bullpen and plan to activate lefty Eduardo Rodriguez on Tuesday,
Tim Britton: Rodriguez will start Tuesday. Clay Buchholz to the bullpen, Farrell told reporters in Toronto
Red Sox manager John Farrell said there's no decision on whether Clay Buchholz will make his next start.
just sayin last time Clay Buchholz got sent down to Pawtucket for the season the Red Sox won the World Series.
I think the problem with Clay Buchholz is the double hh in his name. Should change to Bucholz. Might pitch better.
Can we get this *** out of the game? I'm sick and tired of having to watch Clay Buchholz and his ugly *** face/game!
With every passing day the parallels between Josh Beckett and Clay Buchholz least Beckett dominated his way to a World Series win.
Glad to see Clay Buchholz went to the Jon Lester School of Pickoff Throws.
Klay Thompson gets rid of the ball a tad quicker than Clay Buchholz
Watch the Michael Bowden interview tonight on SLN then come back tomorrow for Clay Buchholz. Clay speaks frankly about his situation.
Sonny Gray > Clay Buchholz. Straight up swap right now, include Allen Craig in the deal
Listen...if Allen Craig can be put out to pasture in Pawtucket then so can Clay Buchholz.
Clay Buchholz has a mini ponytail. . Dioner Navarro has a mini pig named Sassy.
Now the bullpen should be fresh, really, Steven Wright and Clay Buchholz should go 8 innings against the Braves tonigh…
Someone pay for a one way ticket to Pawtucket for Clay Buchholz, Joe Kelly, and Steven Wright. Don't belong on a MLB roster.
I'm convinced this Sox team will never be right until cleansed of Clay Buchholz.
Who gave up the HR when passed... on HR list?. Mays (661): Chris Tillman. Griffey (631): Clay Buchholz. Thome (613): Brett Cecil
I'm taking Arodys Vizcaino & Clay Buchholz, back to I think, unless he is done!
Lumberton native Clay Buchholz tosses his first live BP
I'm sorry I want to root for Clay Buchholz but you get to the point that you just can't anymore.
A look at who's the best starter on the Sox...after David Price of course.
Inside Pitch by Is Clay Buchholz really the Red Sox' No. 2 starter?.
All purpose parts banner
Clay Buchholz has NEVER thrown 115 innings in back to back seasons.
Clay Buchholz in line to start second game of season via
My post on Over the Monster discussing Clay Buchholz. . via
Clay Buchholz honored to be identified as No. 2 starter
they're both studs but any team with Clay Buchholz as your number 2 starter just doesn't seem that good to me
Clay Buchholz / Buchholz will probably start the second game of the season,
Recommendation by :Clay Of the 133 starters who threw ...
John Farrell says Clay Buchholz is likely to occupy the No. 2 spot in the Red Sox rotation.
John Farrell on show: Clay Buchholz will "probably" by No. 2 starter.
Of course P Clay Buchholz should begin the season as Boston's starter and should remain in that role...
So Clay Buchholz is going to be the no. 2 starter. via
Mike Felger just said Clay Buchholz looks like a drug addict, season is already lit.
Buchholz: 'Last it was Opening Day, this year I’m throwing behind David Price. It’s just about the same thing to me'
Clay Buchholz gets thrown out of a chicken coop for eating all the eggs.
Clay Buchholz honored to be identified as Red Sox’ No. 2 starter
Clay Buchholz getting wordlessly escorted by military police from Arlington National Cemetery after going muddin'.
Clay Buchholz trying to cook meth by pouring a bunch of refrigerator magnet H's and N's into a microwave-safe bowl.
11-1, how Clay Buchholz started the 2013 season.
Clay Buchholz's comparables in the 2016 BP Annual are hilarious. Warren Spahn, Bob Gibson and. Kevin Millwood?
Clay Buchholz's top two comps are Warren Spahn and Bob Gibson. No. 3 is Kevin Millwood
many teams have inquired about the availability of Wade Miley, Joe Kelly and even Clay Buchholz
are getting feelers on Wade Miley, Joe Kelly, even Clay Buchholz. They'll listen to trade pitches in Nashville.
Clay Buchholz, Koji Uehara, Anthony Varvaro, Brandon Workman and Christian Vazquez reinstated off of the 60-day DL.
BOS [SB Nation: Over the Monster] - Red Sox exercise 2016 option on Clay Buchholz
Boston_CP : Red Sox Pick Up 2016 Option On Clay Buchholz: Get ready for another year of Clay Buchholz on the Bo…
Clay Buchholz is the best pitcher in baseball
I hope Clay Buchholz sees all the awesome pitcher hair in this game and feels really bad about himself.
Horrendous pitching by Zack Clay Buchholz Greinke. You have to recognize that Murphy is locked in. No fastballs for him no matter the count.
same goes for Carl Crawford, Scandrick, Clay Buchholz, Jay Cutler… all athletes are w/ reality tv stars, but who CHOSE to stay away from it.
Remember watching the Red Sox play the Blue Jays months ago. Clay Buchholz was pitching.
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Clay Buchholz likely to return to Red Sox
Clay Buchholz likely to return to Red Sox via
The need to put Clay Buchholz on the Bartolo Colon diet.
Clay Buchholz uses some concoction of sunscreen and sweat for some tackiness. I'm sure others do as well.
Clay Buchholz has been deemed healthy, but Dave Dombrowski didn't confirm anything regarding his club option.
Going crazy after Clay Buchholz's no-hitter at Fenway on Sept 1, 2007!
The Red Sox did that with Clay Buchholz a few years ago. The announcers were losing it thinking he was actually gonna pitch!
Clay Buchholz might have something to say about that
Zack Greinke is just a shinier Clay Buchholz.
Just occurred to me that Clay would fit nicely with the group of regular season aces, please trade now
"You can always count on Clay Buchholz in August."
and Hamels has some of the Clay Buchholz/Colby Rasmus greasetrash hair going too.
Fun fact. Colby Rasmus and Clay Buchholz are brothers who have the same barber
Ryan Mallet is the Clay Buchholz of the NFL. .
My visceral aversion to the mere sight of Colby Rasmus is approaching Clay Buchholz levels. And the postseason's only just begun.
It's amazing that anyone has worse hair than Clay Buchholz, but I think Rasmus has him beat
David Price getting ripped because he can't win in October? Clay Buchholz can't even make to August.
Clients of Relativity include Larry Fitzgerald, Dez Bryant, Madison Bumgarner, Clay Buchholz. They don't seem to have a hockey dept.
Davies makes Mark Buerhke look like Clay Buchholz in regards to pace
Andrew Bailey, back in the majors, getting congrats from Clay Buchholz and Koji Uehara.
On 6/25/2010 Clay Buchholz singled off of Madison Bumgarner and stood at 1B with Aubrey Huff.
What is Clay Buchholz's future with the
Clay Buchholz headed for second opinion with Dr. James Andrews - WEEI blog Rob Bradford
.place RHP Clay Buchholz on 15-day DL; recall LHP Brian Johnson from Triple-A Pawtucket.
True to form Clay Buchholz is down with an injury just before the All Star Break
Recommendation by :Clay Buchholz left Friday's game wi...
Recommendation by :Clay Buchholz left the game Friday ...
[Bleacher Report]He also could have chosen Koji Uehara or Clay Buchholz from the Boston Red Sox.…
Astros lose to Red Sox and Clay Buchholz, who threw a complete game, 6-1 on Independence Day. Astros win streak snapped at 5.
A rotation that depends on Rick Porcello and Justin Masterson and Clay Buchholz. *retch*
The Underground downtown last night featured Clay Buchholz, Mike Napoli, and Tyler Seguin! Crazy.
Just had some beers last night with Clay Buchholz and Mike Napoli
Also, remember when I bought Clay Buchholz for David Phelps in a dynasty league like 6 weeks ago? That was pretty cool.
Clay Buchholz has cut his hair. Where is he hiding the pine tar now?
RECAP: top Orioles behind blast, strong Clay Buchholz outing.
[Rock Hill Herald]Clay Buchholz (4-6) threw seven strong innings for the Red Sox, giving up two …
drop Strop, Fiers or Bolsinger for Taijun Walker, Trevor May, Clay Buchholz or Vincent Velasquez. H2H categories. Thanks.
RECAP: Mike Pelfrey goes 7 solid innings in road loss to Red Sox:
Clay Buchholz looks like the cousin that brought a solo cup with a napkin in it to spit into during your wedding.
Recommendation by :Clay Clay Buchholz seemed to turn t...
Clay Buchholz starts today at 1:35 ET vs Athletics on and
Red Sox's Clay Buchholz chased in fifth inning of no-decision
Buchholz surrenders four runs in no-decision - Clay Buchholz (S) Boston Red Sox
Yo Clay Buchholz if you're gonna be that ugly you can't pitch that poorly
Why is Clay Buchholz still with the team?
Shout out to the fantasy buns today: Mike Fiers, Clay Buchholz and most of all Luke Gregerson. They'll cost my team.
If anyone figures out the Rubik's Cube code on when to start Clay Buchholz, please forward me that info prior to his next start.
Need more video Clay Buchholz in dugout explaining ball grips to Edouardo Rodriguez, make the lad a better pitcher like himself. Uh, huh
Clay Buchholz took the day off and let his twin brother Theon Greyjoy pitch for him today.
Clay Buchholz didn't retire the seventh, eighth of ninth hitters in the A's lineup: 6-for-6, 3 2B, 2 BB, 2 R, 3 RBI.
who wins in an ugly contest, Clay Buchholz or Randy Johnson?
Clay Buchholz's day is done after 4 2/3 innings and 102 pitches.
Well done Clay Buchholz managed to keep his ERA below 4 for one whole start...
At 23 years, 18 days only Joe Wood and Dave Morehead threw no-hitters for at a younger age than Clay Buchholz.
Going back to his May 10th start (41.2 innings), the offense has scored 10 runs when Clay Buchholz is on the mound. 6 were in one game.
go in order in the 4th. Clay Buchholz returns to the mound looking for a quick inning.
Oh Clay Buchholz, what are we going to do with you?
I think its time to have an honest discussion about what the Sox can get for Clay Buchholz.
Clay Buchholz needed 87 pitches to get 12 outs. An ace, my ace.
Clay Buchholz takes the mound as the go for the sweep against the A’s. Play ball!
Mann the God's of baseball just saved Clay Buchholz from a bases loaded with no outs.
Clay Buchholz is the definition of inconsistency
Three years ago today Clay Buchholz tossed a shutout. Today is not that day.
"Clay Buchholz cut his hair and now he's better". 4-0 down, bases loaded with no outs in the 4th. Yep, he's better alright.
There is exactly 117 days left in Clay Buchholz's career.
Clay Buchholz has allowed more runs in this inning (3) than he has in his previous 20 1/3 innings (2).
A walk from Eric Sogard and an infield hit to short from Billy Burns and have bases loaded with none out vs. Clay Buchholz in 4th
As soon as I have any faith in Clay Buchholz he reminds me why he's Clay Buchholz.
Time to bench Clay Buchholz. The guy isn't a very good pitcher anymore.
There's the Clay Buchholz we all know and love...
I can't tell what I hate more, Clay Buchholz's pitching or his grease bucket hair
Clay Buchholz is beyond 70 pitches with nobody out in the fourth inning. Steven Wright is warming in the bullpen.
With little else working for him, Clay Buchholz tries his splitter, and it misses wide like a wiffle ball on a gusty day at the beach.
Clay Buchholz will pitch his *** off and not pick up a win but you can bet your life he'll get the loss when he pitches bad.
Mike Pelfrey says have to give Clay Buchholz, Red ...
Does that apply to Joe Kelly, Clay Buchholz, Wade Miley, Justin Masterson and Rick Porcello as well?
Rick Porcello and Clay Buchholz are head and shoulders above the rest of the Red Sox rotation, as the only starters with ERAs under 6.00.
If John Farrel punched Clay Buchholz in the face, I wouldn’t even be surprised.
With that 4th K P Clay Buchholz just passed Earl Wilson for 19th all time in history in strikeouts with 715.
After rough outings, Clay Buchholz, Wade Miley look to bounce back in their next starts for –
clay buchholz is at the concert nick and I are there's that.
I always think Clay Buchholz needs a good steam-cleaning until I see Jayson Werth.
And she's, like got eyes and a brain and everything. And doesn't think Clay Buchholz is frighteningly hideous.
Learned last week that the only Red Sox fan I talk to--a woman, no less--doesn't think Clay Buchholz is the ugliest man in baseball.
That said, I'd name my next dog after Wade Miley before I said anything positive about Clay Buchholz.
We wouldn't advise getting that close to Clay Buchholz's head.
I wonder whatever happened to Clay Buchholz's tee-shirt deriding the idea that the needed an ace. He's right. They need two.
& no one is Clay buchholz. he's in a category all his own, that mental case lol
Is Wade Miley or Clay Buchholz pitching? I can't tell.
Wade Miley looking like a regular Clay Buchholz and Justin Masterson out there today.
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lol funny that Clay Buchholz is giving pitching advice to the newbies. lol...come on man.
How do you like Wade Miley, Clay Buchholz, and Justin Masterson now?
The Red Sox have an ace in the making in the rotation but it's not Clay Buchholz
One of Clay Buchholz's bullpen session balls
. joins us next. Steve Lyons wants to know: Why didn't Schilling mentor Clay Buchholz?
[Yardbarker]It was just his second start for the Red Sox, and we dreamed of the great addi…
Through 2 starts, Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz have matching 7.84 ERAs.
Red Sox arent playing so how is Clay Buchholz pitching
Josh Beckett thinks Clay Buchholz needs to hurry the *** up
More impressive was winning a game in which Clay Buchholz started.
Monday's roster alert: Clay Buchholz has been dropped by every team, in every league.
Wanna win your fantasy baseball pitching matchups? Pickup whoever's pitching against the Yankees. If his name isnt Clay Buchholz, you'll win
Good news, Clay Buchholz, someone has had an inning almost as bad as yours.
This would be the worst inning of the season so far if you know Clay Buchholz didn't happen on Sunday.
Ugggh Justin, giving up a bunch of runs is so Clay Buchholz..and trust me you don't want to sit at that table.
unless your name is Clay Buchholz and you let up 7 runs in the first inning against the Yankees and lose the game for us
4-year-old throws ceremonial first pitch about 20 feet sideways. O/H: "Still better than Clay Buchholz."
In his 2 starts this season Clay Buchholz has the 4th best GameScore in 2015 and the worst. Clay Buchholz: huh? Later this week
Which players are off to hot starts and who is ice cold?.
Will Clay Buchholz ever be consistent? Find out on on ..
Clay Buchholz featured video and audio brought to ...
Here's why Clay Buchholz drives his team crazy and why he's not a real ace.
Clay Buchholz rocked by Yankees, prompting old questions
Clay Buchholz on the mound for Sunday Night Baseball at 8:05 ET vs. Yankees on
Clay Buchholz – Last Chance?: Clay Buchholz of the Boston Red Sox pitches in the…
pitched like ace today. Was this bad Phillies or will this be a trend for Clay?
Clay Buchholz gets first career Opening Day start for Boston Red Sox
On the theme of not overrating early performances: is Clay Buchholz worth owning in standard leagues?
John Farrell manager joins the show right now to talk about his team and how Clay Buchholz performed Monday.
Clay Buchholz makes a statement on Opening Day
Red Sox game notes for tonight list Saturday's starter as TBA. Clay Buchholz on for Sunday, sets up Rick Porcello for Monday's home opener.
did y'all forget the clay Buchholz advice on Opening Day? That was clutch
He's the ace: Clay Buchholz makes a statement on Opening Day
I am a huge Big Papi fan, but after Monday's outing I could be swayed to Clay Buchholz's camp!!
We knew the would hit, but story of the day is pitching. Great job by Clay Buchholz. 7 fantastic innings.
the same clay buchholz that got a win Opening Day by not allowing a run? Don't make ignorant statements ***
Still a better pitcher then Clay Buchholz
been singing Clay Buchholz's praise since 2007. Probably his biggest fan through it all.
Curt Schilling: "Clay Buchholz is as gifted an athlete as I have ever played with".
Clay Buchholz became 6th pitcher with 150 starts with & whole career with the team. (per
April 8, 2012: The Red Sox + Tigers stage an epic battle on Easter Sunday. Detroit takes an early 5 - 0 lead off Clay Buchholz, but Boston..
[Boston]Other than perhaps wishing for a knock or two for Pablo Sandoval (0 for 5) in his Red…
Ryan Howard breaks up Clay Buchholz's no-hitter with a two-out double to left-center field in hte 4th.
Clay Buchholz is ace material in my eyes
Waiver Wire: Clay Buchholz and Stephen Vogt make good first ...
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Clay Buchholz was on his game in yesterday's win:
Shortly after I told people not to pick up Clay Buchholz, I went and picked up Clay Buchholz.
For Hanley Ramirez, Clay Buchholz and Rest of the Red Sox, It Was a Near-Perfect Way to Start:
Closing Time: Everything goes as planned in opener for Clay Buchholz, Red Sox: The pitcher who served as sprin...
PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Maybe the Boston had their ace all along. Clay Buchholz threw three-hit ball over
[VAVEL]The combination of Clay Buchholz, Junichi Tazawa, and Tommy Layne was enough to hold t…
Now would be a good time for John Farrell to take Clay Buchholz out and wrap him in bubble wrap to preserve him for his next start.
The are making Cole Hammels look like Clay Buchholz today
ICYMI: Watch John Farrell and Clay Buchholz speak about It's almost here
Watch live as John Farrell and Clay Buchholz address the media before
Expecting a good season from Clay Buchholz, but he sounded like the Barney Fife of big league pitchers today. Nervously speaking confidently
Wade Miley's throwing a sim game at Citizens Bank Park. One of the hitters he's facing is Clay Buchholz.
Former Red Sox teammates Pedro Martinez and Curt Schilling disagree about Clay Buchholz ... via
Curt Schilling might not believe in Clay Buchholz, but Pedro Martinez does.
My OF will be J. Bautista, A. Jones, L. Martin/A. Gose, and I can start David Price, Sonny Gray, Collin McHugh, or Clay Buchholz
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Clay does not look very good ..I don't trust this guy..even is looking better..any thoughts?
I feel you but i think its enough to make the playoffs, hopefully clay buchholz has a better season tho
Clay Buchholz so far this spring: 2-0, 6 IP, 0.00 ERA, 6 K, 2 BB, 4 H. Pretty *** good start to 2015 if you ask me.
Clay Buchholz, Justin Masterson, Rick Porcello, and Wade Milley have yet to give up an earned run in their 17 combined innings this spring.
Red Sox beat the Pirates 5-1: On Thursday afternoon Clay Buchholz lead the Boston Red Sox to...
I dream of seeing a box score from a Buchholz start that doesn't feature the line "E: Buchholz (pickoff)". Just don't, Clay. Don't throw.
Jung *** Kang waits on an offspeed pitch from Clay Buchholz and laces a single to left. Pedro Alvarez up with 2 on, 2 out.
I believe in Clay Buchholz. Just like I believed in Santa Claus until I was 14.
Jung *** Kang (that's the official spelling -- and it's pronounced like gong) hit by a Clay Buchholz pitch 1st time up
Kang with a foul-ball HR, and hit by Clay Buchholz pitch later in the at bat. Pedro Alvarez is back in the lineup and batting with two on
Clay Buchholz tosses his first pitch against Sean Rodriguez to begin the B1.
Clay Buchholz ready to go to mount. First pitch vs. coming up.
Borges: Clay Buchholz's season could fit to a ‘T’: Some mornings all five of them sit in a row along one side of…
Clay Buchholz is staking his claim to be the next ace:
Clay, thank you for your generosity today with fans. Always heard what a great guy you were, today confirmed it.
Clay Buchholz is the last rookie to throw a no-hitter (2007).
Revis thinks Clay Buchholz is an ace
Clay Buchholz and Shane Victorino look ready for 2015!! Sox
unless its baseball, when Clay Buchholz pitched that no hitter some tears were shed!
Clay Buchholz a leader!? He's proving it and broke down how. It's more than the T-shirts fans
RECAP: Clay Buchholz hurls 3 hitless innings in win over the Twins.
If Clay Buchholz is the Opening Day starter, I will be furious.
Manager John Farrell announced that Clay Buchholz will get the start against NorthEastern, and Wade Miley will face Boston College
Clay Buchholz worked with Roger Clemens and John Lackey this winter
I'm seeing Joe Kelly referenced in trade rumors when it should be Clay Buchholz. smh
The additions of Wade Miley and Rick Porcello the past two days being added to Joe Kelly and Clay Buchholz has created the foundation of a pitching staff although not big names they provide a solid start ... the Sox still have the flexibility and prospects to go after both Cole Hamels and James Shields and either could move into the role of ace of the staff .
Clay Buchholz to have right knee surgery on Tuesday and injury updates on David… RSNews
'13 doesn't die:Clay Buchholz and Jonny Gomes flying to SF to see Jake Peavy Sunday then to SF for John Lackey Tuesday
Clay Buchholz takes the mound as the face the Blue Jays at 7:10 ET on and Preview:
Clay Buchholz is sharp in return to Red Sox - Clay Buchholz (10-0) gave up three hits and struck...
Clay Buchholz, Red Sox fail to hold leads again
only Clay Buchholz could make Steven Drew look like a major league hitter...
Gavin loved bowling last night at I told him that we'd take him and he said "oh with Clay Buchholz?"
My take on the state of the Red Sox: 1. I hate losing Lester. But if the Red Sox had determined that they were probably not going to be able to re-sign him, I'm glad they got something for him. And Cespedes was more than I expected. I had figured they would shoot for prospects. Cespedes is an established right-handed power hitter. Those are in short supply. And he's only 28. 2. I still want them to make an effort to re-sign Lester at the end of the season. Just try. Please. Maybe, just maybe, Lester won't be one of those guys who have to take the biggest deal on the table. The fact that he is not represented by Scott Boras gives me some hope. 3. I thought Allen Craig and Joe Kelly were a decent return for 35 yr. old John Lackey, especially when you consider that both players will be under team control for the next few years. 4. So the Sox rotation for the rest of the year is Clay Buchholz, Joe Kelly and some combination of Allen Webster, Rubby de la Rosa, Brandon Workman and Anthony Ranaudo. ...
Gammons reporting Clay Buchholz traded to the Omaha team from NES' Bases Loaded in return for six plums and a framed photo of a cloud.
We were wined and dined at FENWAY PARK last night by Christopher's Haven! O.k.maybe not wined.but we had special passes to be down on the field for batting practice and Cade got to meet Clay Buchholz (a starting pitcher for the Red Sox) and his wife. He was able to get a baseball signed by him! The Red Sox were playing the Toronto Blue Jays. We got to sing "Take me out to the Ball game" and "Sweet Caroline," with 37,000 fans (full house) - a fun tradition! What a night!
Pitchers to stream for this weekend: Clay Buchholz, Wade Miley, John Danks
John Farrell says Clay Buchholz has shown 'steady improvement' since returning to the Sox rotation
Wrote a bit about Clay Buchholz's stellar start and Brock Holt's big day yesterday. Check it out here, if ya want:
Buchholz Brilliant In Red Sox 11-0 Win Over Astros: In the last game before the All-Star break, Clay Buchholz ...
Red Sox: Sox shutout: Is Buchholz back?: Clay Buchholz might be ready to help fantasy squad again.
Boston GlobeRed Sox shut out Astros in HoustonBoston GlobeHOUSTON — Clay Buchholz grew up about 9
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