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Clay Bennett

Clay Bennett (born January 20, 1958 in Clinton, South Carolina) is an American editorial cartoonist. Currently drawing for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Bennett is the winner of the 2002 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning.

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📷 wpwgcartoons: Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2017-01-20
"Clay Bennett - he's very popular around here." says staffer, draws chuckles in the Senate Hearing.
"Sir, do you have any idea what you were doing back there?" by Clay Bennett via
So much depth! Sam Presti and cheap *** Clay Bennett messed up a once in a lifetime opportunity.
That's where clay Bennett used to keep his blow up dolls, for those lonely times.
Outside the White House, Harald Fuller-Bennett of. Takoma Park, Md., holds a sign: "Einstein was a refugee."
Clay Bennett and the Thunder are still the absolute worst. They deserve every single failure and heartbreak they get.
Honest, trustworthy, caring, not in it for the money... This are not words to describe Clay Bennett.
Now all they have is Clay Bennett's lackeys. Bennett didn't care about putting a winning team on the court.
Sam Presti and Clay Bennett wasted a better core than Brooks left with
Clay Bennett, the editorial cartoonist for the Chattanooga Times Free Press, is a brilliant artist. He's also an atheist & hates America.
You mean it's a shame when Clay Bennett and David Stern stole our franchise?
The Mega Powers uniting to stop the Brothers of Destruction (Clay Bennett and David Stern).
you can read about it here: Basically, GM did to streetcars what Clay Bennett did to the SuperSonics
the most hated man in Washington, behind Darrell Bevell and Clay Bennett
Will Tye, Martellus Bennett, Charles Clay when healthy (inconsistent, but capable), D.Allen of course, maybe Walford
Clay Bennett on Trump's effect on Republican down-ballot candidates: "There are no coat-tails on a straitjacket"!
A-Rod and Clay Bennett star in a sitcom about screwing over a city with lies
Stanley Bennett Clay thank you for following! Visit to get a
Somebody finally told Clay Bennett that Durant left and he blew an oil well
I thought you would enjoy this article from The Week. . Chattanooga Times Free Press:Clay Bennett:. . .
Ok, I've seen enough of Bennett, as well. Bring me Clay Harbor.
Bennett, Blount, Dobson, Harper and Clay Harbor are Jimmy's weapons for the 3rd series
Clay Bennett bought the team under false pretenses so he could move it to OKC, so any thing's possible
Clay Bennett working the motels to get his cohorts to blame travel lodging issues on KD.
Sources: Thunder will likely hold a news conference on Thursday with Westbrook, owner Clay Bennett, GM Sam Presti and c…
Traitor? I guess that makes Clay Bennett a traitor too?
"First of all, Clay Bennett moved the Thunder from Seattle to Oklahoma City. That doesn’t seem very loyal." -Bill Simmons
Amin making fun of billionaire Clay Bennett pinching pennies again and bunking in a Holiday Inn to recruit KD got me DYING
"Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon seek a franchise through opportunity, rather than accomplishment. 'If you can't get it, steal it.'"
This is fantastic, only thing that could be better is Clay Bennett taking a drive with Aubrey McClendon
Meanwhile in GM Sam Presti and owners Clay Bennett & Aubrey McClendon make final pitch to
I think my blame scale is the following:. 1) Howard Schultz. 2) David Stern. 3/4) Olympia & Clay Bennett (tied)
Do it Clay Bennett! City of Seattle will sit back and enjoy it 😊😊😊
You aren't the Clay Bennett who stole the Sonics are you?
Clay Bennett is a scumbag. Any embankments he drives by?
Nelson's back, Clay is back to middle, TE increased, and Bennett / Gronk duo will be filthy. Pats D slept on too
This perfectly sums up the entire Obama presidency . Thanks to cartoonist Clay Bennett for use of the image
As outstanding as Cassius Clay was in many ways he does not RIP since he didn't die in Christ。His resentment…
A young Cassius Clay shocked the world by beating Sonny Liston for the world title in 1964
We're also excited to exhibit Alan and Rosemary Bennett's NEW freshwater It's such
NOW REPRESENTING Bennett Clay Fish! Stop in to see Alan and Rosemary Bennett's most recent
Thunder fn choked so get over it! You guys will always choke as long as Clay Bennett is owner.
well now that you're not a mod, I guess we can be friends. Screw Memphis BTW. Michael Heisley is my Clay Bennett
Why not? OKC is cursed due to Clay Bennett stealing the Sonics from Seattle. Karma is a beyotch
clay bennett is on the board and holds a big check book! See
No matter what happens, it's gonna be fine: Clay Bennett's OKC Thunder (our former Sonics) got BEAT before the finals. YES!
Porcelain Paper Clay Tea set by Jerry Bennett. Up for Auction on Saturday! .
The NBA Finals start tomorrow night and Clay Bennett's team is not there and thats all we care about -😂👊
Hi there! Welcome aboard. First assignment. Make me a crying Clay Bennett gif
and the Sonics could have 3 championships by now had Clay Bennett never slithered the franchise over to OKC.
All is right in sports. Clay Bennett got what he deserved and can slither off now,and the M's are still in the conversation and it's June 1!
he should, he deserves much better than OKC and the snake that is Clay Bennett.
Kevin Durant calmly walked off the floor for the Thunder before hugging several teammates, GM Sam Presti and lastly te…
Shoulda never taken the Sonics from Seattle. Clay Bennett, this is all karma.
Saw E-40, Clay Bennett & Andy Samberg are in the house tonight.
The Spurs are Constance Wu and Clay Bennett is the thieving kid
Extraordinarily important fact. John Stanton was also part of group tried to buy back from Clay Bennett.
John Stanton was part owner of the Sonics with Schultz. Voted against the sale to Clay Bennett.
Ballmer tried the straight up approach w/ Sac and got worked. It's possible he's now trying the Clay Bennett approach.
Carefully He gave reasons it doesn't lame sense but never signed a thing or said he won't. (See Clay Bennett)
"Props to the Patriots.. Gronkowski, Martellus Bennett & Clay Harbor all on 1 team.. Talk about a TE match up nightmare in the red zone"
"If I killed my wife and children, I would not be found guilty in the court of law." -Clay Bennett
"Yeah, I dropped acid...cooled down with some meth, and then topped it off with some 40s" -Clay Bennett
Nah probably Clay Bennett, someone Westbrook wont argue with lol
Clay Bennett is more worried about maintaining a team/organization image than winning basketball games.
Sam Presti and Clay Bennett are calling the Thunder rotations. There's no way Billy Donovan is this blind and dumb.
Clay Bennett, Senator Inhofe, an octogenarian usher, the fan 3 point shooting contest runner up and Dion Waiters
you actually thought Clay Harbor was a threat to Bennett lmao
Martellus Bennett is a Pro Bowl TE. He is not affected by Clay Harbor.
As crazy as it sounds Sam Presti and Clay Bennett are calling the rotations.
Looking at the Clay Harbor deal makes me think the came to the on the Bennett deal & pats couldn't pass it up
You say the piece has no context. I have 30 years of context, spending time with Buss, Clay Bennett, Ted Leonsis, many others.
📷 wpwgcartoons: Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2016-04-04
Anyone notice resemblance of B. Underwood and Clay Bennett ??
Mike who has more TD's, Clay or Bennett?
It's vulture time for the campaign per Pulitzer Prize Awardee Clay Bennett in
The Patriots have given Tom Brady an interesting mix of new weapons in Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan, Nate Washington and Clay Harbor.
Clay Bennett reported pondering moving U of Oklahoma out of Norman ...
Clay Bennett probably try to steal and relocate Villanova.
Olympus Champion of Equality Clay Bennett of the Chattanooga Times Free Press weighs in North Carolina's...
In case you needed a reason to root against Oklahoma: Clay Bennett is on the school's Board of Regents.
lots, Clay Bennett for one in Seattle. Mark has been going back and forward and Been screwed around for 10 years
They just kill things. Can we send them Clay Bennett, David Stern, Howard Schultz...?. Things no one will miss.
Clay Bennett does some great political cartoons.
we'd like one of Clay Bennett here in Seattle so we can spit on it everyday. Seriously. GP and Kemp
In that way, Braun resembles Clay Bennett in Sonics situation. Pulled support to kill movement to save team from going to OKC
Hope Bennett is ok. Reminds me of Roy and his vertigo issues.
Asked the health of his ribs, TE Martellus Bennett said: "I'm healthy. I prefer my ribs barbecued."
"For the past 18 months, the [Bears]​ have tried to trade Martellus Bennett.". -
📷 wpwgcartoons: Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2016-03-16
Martellus Bennett has been traded to New England. Gronk sends him a text: "Welcome to the team, please don't murder a…
Good Ol Boys from back home. Kevin Wyles & Clay Bennett...pic by Douglas Powe @ City of Refugio
So, it now appears Clay Bennett is the best of the former Sonic owners, kinda like how Nickleback is better than Creed and …
📷 wpwgcartoons: Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2016-03-15
POS said chris hansen does a shady deal.LOL.wanna know shady? Howard schulz and clay bennett
"I love lamp, but I hate Clay Bennett" -Brick Tamlin
I wonder what Clay Bennett brings in on Sonics merch compared to Thunder merch. He still owns the TM
Clay Bennett is sitting next to an empty chair tonight. That's of course the seat Aubrey McClendon typically occupied at ga…
clay bennett owns the "sonics" name outright now. Does hansen see a problem acquiring that name back when we get a team?
Right, but what if in a crazy turn of events Clay Bennett moved OKC back to SEA because it was failing there? Still support? Lol
clay Bennett was and as a business man, he is pretty clean. McClendon is your fraud.
Please get my dude OG Bennett famous
📷 wpwgcartoons: Clay Bennett Cartoon from 2016-02-01
you sold our city out on the key arena settlement with Clay Bennett. I hope your heart hurts forever.
Editorial cartoon by super cartoonist Clay Bennett via
Clay Bennett*. All the more infuriating he moved them from Seattle TBH
Sam Presti and Clay Bennett have to be calling the Thunders rotations. Billy Donovan can not be that dumb.
You are right. I hate Clay Bennett so much.
Clay Bennett looks like he jerks off with ICY HOT
Call me bitter, but I feel Clay Bennett and OKC deserve a lifetime of gutpunch losses like tonight for stealing the Sonics.
I don't hate many people that being said I hate Clay Bennett.
So glad that *** Thunder owner Clay Bennett got to see his team choke tonight. Always will hate him for moving the Sonics out of Sea.
Deep splash for the W right in Clay Bennett & Aubrey McClendon's faces! Thanks
Reason Number 4,354,234 Clay Bennett ruined everything: Seattle is perfect for contemplative-suicide-by-ocean
To clarify, David Stern isn't the only one who is at fault. Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz, Seattle City Council etc.
Stephen Curry hitting that 3 right through that weasel clay bennett's heart!!!
Anyone have footage of Clay Bennett watching that Curry shot?
I just want to thank Steph Curry for ruining Clay Bennett's evening. Clay and OKC fans being sad makes me happy.
Still nothing better than watching Steph ruin Clay Bennett's day yet again though
I'm so happy Curry made that shot. Take that Clay Bennett!
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There is nothing better than watching Clay Bennett & OKC experience heartache. Couldn't happen to a better person.
The sight of Clay Bennett just makes me cringe.
I hope Clay Bennett dies of gonorrhea and rots in ***
Clay Bennett better get to steppin and find him a G.M. as well as a coach
"But why not watch NBA basketball for your winter sport?". Because eff the NBA, David Stern and Clay Bennett for stealing the Seattle Sonics
Screw you clay Bennett and anyone else who had a hand in stealing the Sonics
Trivia: 2/29/2008, owner Clay Bennett moves the WNBA’s Seattle Storm to Oklahoma City. T or F? Guess now, see answer later.
You are welcome. I found it via 🍸🎋🍸, who shared the genius of Clay Bennett.
Hope You All have a Good Saturday, and enjoy the entire day. (clay bennett -chatt-times-freepress
In a nutshell, this is what Malaysia has become today... even though this 2006 cartoon by Clay Bennett is really...
Is Kevin Durant Bound for Golden State? Not If He Remains True to Himself Lmao and sticks with Clay Bennett sure
This time next week, I'll be on Splash Mountain flipping off a photo of Clay Bennett.
.Yea, it was a perfect storm (no pun intended) that lead to Seattle losing the Sonics. But Clay Bennett wanted out.
I'll be in Charlottesville next weekend for my cousins wedding if anyone wants me to talk to Tony Bennett. Thinking I prefer Gard however.
This editorial cartoon by Clay Bennett (sums up what should've been said about
A look at the Gold's Gym following severe storm damage in Prairieville, LA. Photo credit: Chase Bennett. http…
good. Clay Bennett stole our basketball team, so there'll be no tears from this guy if that city never gets an ASG.
Uh does Wisconsin even want Tony Bennett anymore?
If the Seahawks pull this off nobody is ever allowed to complain about Clay Bennett again
Clay Bennett's cartoon in the Chattanooga this morning is choice between two = evils. .
- Eerily similar to a Clay Bennett quote in his press conference right after he stole the Sonics from Seattle😑
Clay Bennett's. Is it even a question?
Yet more examples of birds hanging out with the wrong crowd. Very sad.
don't give up hope. God's waiting to give you the perfect career
And then writing a public letter to Clay Bennett telling him now he knows how Seattle feels.
American heavyweight boxer Cassius Clay in a mock victory pose over The Beatles, 1964.
Stan Kroenke=Clay Bennett. I feel for you Rams fans. It *** Will miss the rivalry.
Is that an urban legend that he literally told Clay Bennett to go F himself when offered the job there?
I'm not surprised at all, most people are too young to remember Georgia Frontier being LA Rams fans personal Clay Bennett.
that's cool for me and josh but clay you can't leave your bae behind. Gotta stay with her!
Update your maps at Navteq
If I won I would finally get to live out my dream of making Clay Bennett, David Stern, and Howard Schultz life a living ***
Clay Bennett is right up their with him
Ya, Clay Bennett is the devil so it would be OKC's fault for bedding him. Plus this: (thx
Kroenke is the Clay Bennett of the He has long intended to move that team.
David Stern and Clay Bennett think the NFL is handling its relocation process poorly
Ya'll who voted for Stan must have never heard Clay Bennett spouting his lies to Seattle!
.nailed it when he said money wins in sports just ask Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz about the
The Rams and Stan Kroenke has become the NFLs version of Clay Bennett and the Ignoring fan support and local efforts
Stan Kroenke solidifying his place in the worst owners department right next to Clay Bennett...absolutely awful
as long as they leave Clay Bennett behind in Oklahoma City.
I'd like to welcome Stan Kroenke into the Norm Green, Clay Bennett, Walter O'Malley, Howard Schultz "Hall of Shame"
I think Kroenke and Clay Bennett (Leader of the Super Sonics to OKC movement) would be
St Louis fans are going to hate Kroenke about as much as SuperSonic fans hate Clay Bennett
I fell like this everyday because of what Clay Bennett did to my PAIN!
you're absolutely right. Kroenke was as determined to leave as Clay Bennett. Very disappointing.
Update your maps at Navteq
Hasn't been this big of a lie since Clay Bennett said his intentions were to keep the Sonics in Seattle
Stan Kroenke joins Clay Bennett in earning a spot in ***
(2/2) And Stan Kroenke is garbage, an unholy hybrid of Bud Adams and Clay Bennett and I wish him nothing but misery.
"We'll explore our options for staying in San Diego." Sounds a lot like what Clay Bennett said.
yeah man. Clay Bennett was on a mission. It's still weird up here with no NBA around.
Know how Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett are viewed in Seattle? Yeah, that's probably how Stan Kroenke will be viewed in St. Louis.
If Stern had done same to Clay B, would his legacy have still been tainted? Maloofs were far worse owners $ than Bennett
If I still wrote about pro football I'd probably write about survival as a newfound teamless-fan since I'm an expert thanks to Clay Bennett
The Malcolm Butler INT and UW's 0-12 season don't even register in the same time zone as watching Clay Bennett smirk in OKC.
In Seattle we begged mayor not to settle w/ Clay Bennett. 2 more years of Sonics better than none. It's a W for SD.
during Clay Bennett's theft of the Sonics and David Stern with Adam Silver's help of blocking the move of the kings
It feels very much like situation which led to Clay Bennett taking the Sonics and moving them to OKC
Our basketball team was gone the second Clay Bennett bought them. No way around it.
Stan Kroenke and Clay Bennett together have best friend necklaces that fit together to make a heart.
What do you think about today's Clay Bennett cartoon? .
I'm serious this time. *** Clay Bennett can move a team 1,000 times and he's still better than Jimmy Haslam!!
Kyle Singler must know where Aubrey McClendon & Clay Bennett buried all the bodies. Nothing else explains him playing over Morrow
Who do you start this week Martellus Bennett or Charles Clay at tight end?
Non PPR: Reed, Tamme, Miller and Clay are available. I currently have Bennett starting. Need your help guys. Thoughts?
Dinner last night- NBA games were on. Hubby explained to 6yo why we don't have a bball team. She's crushed. Thx Clay Bennett.
I trade: Lamar, decker, get Ingram, Bennett. I have yeldon Freeman aj alshon crab and clay. Half ppr
Too bad Kevin Johnson and David Stern and Clay Bennett had to stick their noses in; or the team would be in Seattle by now.
Cute shark says "Chomp, chomp!" Great sculptures from Bennett Clay Fish at
Clay did too. And Ertz and Bennett and Rudolph
Clay bennett took the right to move the team to OKC, HE did not take the history of the
yeah I didn't understand that. Lol. You was eating. I was literally on my phone for 30 seconds showing clay that message 😂
LIVE: Selection of Leadership in 2015 w/th runoff Candidate, Clay Bennett and David May on
Local Politics with Baron Glass, Mitch Bratton, Clay ... on The Smoking Glass... will air 11/05.
martellus Bennett or Charles clay?Bennett has been a huge let down but always ranked high week in and out
mainly had to cover Ingram's bye week. Also West's playoff schedule is not too bad. Rolling with Bennett/Clay at TE.
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This is dumb. Should not warrant story in local paper. Is Clay Bennett now an editor?
he should aim bigger and curse Clay Bennett, the owner of the Thunder for putting them in that crappy city
Since I couldn't find one of Clay Bennett, Greg Nickels and Howard Schultz devoured by wolves ...
I mean, does Clay Bennett need to take the Sounders away as well? I bet we in OKC have a soccer stadium before Seattle.
Truth in cartoons, from Clay Bennett at the Chattanooga Times Free Press. Genius, too.
Clay Bennett, David Stern, & Howard Schultz make a dubious list. in list of Top 25 Sports Villains:
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mothers out there except Howard Schultz and Clay Bennett's mom. They should have swallowed.
Clay Bennett will hire Jack Sikma as the new Thunder coach, you heard it here first!
How sweet it is! Clay Bennett & Aubrey McClendon's tears are my Gatorade. We can rest for this year's playoff…
because the mariners assisted in bringing Clay Bennett to Seattle. Lincoln nuked the Sonics to get rid of competition.
Clay Bennett. He's the cheapest owner in the NBA.
Clay Bennett stinks to high heaven but Presti isn't blameless
I have a hit out on Clay Bennett. the Jans will handle him
Coveting another city's NBA franchise (Clay Bennett only).
Congratulations to Stanley Bennett Clay and his partner Reny marriage!
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Somebody should connect the elephant movers with Clay Bennett. Might help facilitate the process!
Clay Bennett comic, when fiction matches reality!
Ask cartoonist Clay Bennett anything in our live chat today - Chattanooga Times Free Press
WARNING: Anthony Bennett is still a work in progress (NSFW).
Unless Clay Bennett is willing to go way over the cap, no way
Clay Bennett is a liberal piece of garbage! Smoke another joint hippy.
does that make Clay Bennett a god? Because he stole one from Seattle.
Calabro's energy was stolen by Clay Bennett...
Clay Bennett Ripped His Heart Out? RTWho is this PBP guy? He makes Drew Carey sound excited to be host of The Price Is Right.
Clay Bennett for 3/30/2015 Cartoon hits at new law in Indiana state
I mean not just Phil vs. Presti. I'm talking Clay Bennett vs. James Dolan too. OKC's front office is and has been top notch
You also have to read Tom Toles, Jan Sorensen, Clay Bennett, Matt Bors, and Darrin Bell.
NO WAY.and I'm sure I speak for Clay Bennett, Sam Presti, and the rest of the Thunder org.
Scott Brooks, Sam Presti, and Clay Bennett: you have ruined the dream. Sell sell sell back to Seattle.
Sam Presti drafted those guys with the intent to leave all along. Clay Bennett just solidified it.
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Shoutout to OKC Blunder owners Clay Bennett and Aubrey McClendon, named the 6th worst owners in all of sports by Rolling Ston…
because David Stern is a coward and Clay Bennett is a thief.
Since I have no team due to Clay Bennett and David Stern I will henceforth be rooting for my fantasy squad
With the season starting, do yourself a favor and watch the doc. Open your eyes to Clay Bennett and NBA
I am a Seattle Supersonics fan, I could care less about where LeBron plays. My big rivals are David Stern and Clay Bennett.
Clay Bennett is in Sam Presti's Bath House, doing nothing, as usual. Almost there.
Steve Ballmer wanted the Sonics to stay in Seattle. Steve Ballmer spends 2 Billion for the Clippers. Clay Bennett spent $350 Million for the Sonics.
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Thunder can be heard from miles away, an early warning that a storm is about to arrive. So, perhaps it's only fitting that the name of Oklahoma City's NBA team didn't sneak up on anyone. Six weeks after the name first surfaced, team officials officially announced Wednesday that the team formerly known as the Seattle Supersonics would be known as the Oklahoma City Thunder. "It's hard to keep a secret," team chairman Clay Bennett said after stepping to a podium on the ground floor of the downtown office building where the team is headquartered. The announcement had long been anticipated, but everyone knew what was coming. The local ABC affiliate reported in mid-July that Thunder had been chosen as the nickname. Then the NBA Web site listed as a link to the Oklahoma City team's page. Then the Orlando Magic's site listed games against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Even the logo and colors leaked out over the weekend. Then, prior to the 5 p.m. announcement, Thunder merchandise sta ...
Our news partner, WRCB, goes to the drawing board with Pulitzer Prize-winning TFP cartoonist Clay Bennett. Check it out Thursday at 6 p.m.:
Doc Rivers yelled at Thunder owner Clay Bennett after Game 5.
The only person who steals better than Gary Payton is Clay Bennett.
So what do we have with OKC and LAC in the NBA playoffs? We have a team that was too cheap to keep James Harden. And they have a lying and conniving ownership group. In LA, we have the notoriously cheap slumlord billionaire, wife cheating, bad hair day every day bigot owner. I'm pulling for LA because Clay Bennett is no better than Donald Sterling.
C'mon, GOPers, with Sterling out of the league, that's one less Democrat in the NBA. Clay Bennett & Aubrey McClendon are smiling.
The NBA seems to be full of morally corrupt ownership and league officials - David Stern, Clay Bennett, Sterling, ...
I’d boycott the NBA because of Donald Sterling, but I’ve been boycotting since Clay Bennett and David Stern stole the in 2008.
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As good as the Seahawks have been recently, Seattle is a basketball city an they got absolutely screwed by Clay Bennett.
Oklahoma native and Thunder co-owner Aubrey McClendon said on the record that the Seattle Supersonics were not bought by Oklahoma money to be kept in Seattle. He was fined a quarter of a million dollars by NBA Commissioner David Stern after chief owner and Stern friend Clay Bennett said McClendon was not authorized to speak for the franchise. Sounds like the team's still in Seattle. It's just a longer drive to games.
Bill Simmons: "There’s only one way to hurt people from Seattle. Even the email we just ran didn’t hurt them. If you make fun of their celebs, grunge music, the weather, Paul Allen, Starbucks, Microsoft, the Mariners, pot legalization, their football team’s PED/drug suspensions … say anything, it will roll right off them. They don’t care. But if a Bronco like Manning said anything along the lines of, “On Sunday, I’m gonna steal this Super Bowl from Seattle like Clay Bennett stole the Sonics!,” or, “There are two certainties in life: The Seahawks aren’t winning the Super Bowl this Sunday, and Seattle is never getting another NBA team,” or even something more subtle like, “I look forward to winning the Super Bowl, then celebrating with Clay Bennett, Howard Schultz and Aubrey McClendon,” that might start our first American civil war in 150 years. The 206 wouldn’t stand for that. Six months from now, you’d be watching Brian Williams say on NBC Nightly News, “The casualties cont ...
Sonicsgate is the most frustrating documentary to watch... I hope Clay Bennett and David Stern run off together and fall off a cliff
Game Day 3 proved to be much tougher than anticipated! No worries--I will take that into consideration and tweak the difficulty of the remaining days to be a touch easier for everyone. Game Day 3 Recap: The relocation of the Seattle Supersonics to Oklahoma wasn't exactly a clean split. A legal settlement between the owner of the now-Thunder, Clay Bennett, and the city of Seattle forced the franchise to keep all Supersonics memorabilia in Seattle, including banners, trophies, and retired jerseys. Plus, the SuperSonics franchise name is still legally available for any future team to use. If such a team comes into being, the Thunder will "share" franchise history with this new team. Heather Locklear has been a darling of the celebrity news circuit for some time thanks to her many celebrity romances over the years, which include relationships with Scott Baio, Jack Wagner, and Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Since appearing on Dynasty, she has also starred on a number of TV shows, including Melrose Place, Spin ...
Mike Peters and Clay Bennett on Wal*Mart's Wel*Fare recipients, and a rant about Ebenezer Scrooge and iceberg tips:
Suicide bombers in the Capitol? Cartoon by Clay Bennett, Chattanooga Times-Free Press
Matt Bors isn't as consistently good as Clay Bennett, but god *** .
. How about clay bennett and his real intentions when he bought the sonics then stole them
My 1st thought is Clay Bennet is a piece of human garbage.
Furthermore, when Clay Bennett made DiGiorno the official pizza of Key Arena during his Sonics reign, I mean...pure evil.
Clay Bennett: Zen Master of the printed page. Found at
I do but believe NBA will never allow Seattle a team ever again especailly with clay Bennett in the committee
.That looks like a Clay Bennett piece. Do you know who the artist is?
I think I hate Phil Mickleson more than Clay Bennett.
because clay Bennett blows stern on a weekly basis and the deal is if clay leaves no mess he gets rewards lol sorry I had to
that's what happens when clay Bennett *** off his butt buddy David Stern.
Clay Bennett is a talented editorial cartoonist:
Steinbrueck is the pivot man for David Stern and Clay Bennett
Are you serious the NBA agrees to pay part of Kevin Durant's contract? Clay Bennett sucking that David Stern D til the very end
Peter Steinbrueck advised Howard Shultz to sell the Sonics to Clay Bennett
Pete Steinbrueck, Clay Bennett and Jerry Sandusky were separated at birth
Some day I'll understand why the rest of the owners are so intent on catering to Clay Bennett.
Pete is the product of clay Bennett's one night stand with .
his campaign is funded by clay Bennett.
Clay Bennett and the Bottom Lines: still my new band name after hearing he's getting reimbursed on KD's max deal
Clay Bennett and the Bottom Lines. My new band name
I will never forgive Clay Bennett for stealing my team.
Clay Bennett to steal Chivas USA from LA, you heard it here first.
It was 5 years ago today when Greg Nickels and the Seattle City Council let Clay Bennett walk away with our Sonics. Everytime you try to run for a public office Mr. Nickels the bitter Sonic fans will be there to make sure you are never elected into office again. How did your run for Sec. of State go for you Mr. Nickels? You never had a chance!
Justin Bieber advised Howard Schultz to sell the Supersonics to Clay Bennett and OKC
All of these great people are from Oklahoma and i hope can help with this grassroots effort. I want nothing for my part other than knowing that I have helped by starting this page. Toby Keith,Garth Brooks,JJ Cale,Jerry Cantrell,Roy Clark,Ronnie Dunn,The Flaming Lips,The Gap Band,David Gates,Vince Gill,Richard Hart ,Brett James,Mel McDaniel,Reba McEntire,The Nixons,Sandi Patty,Taylor Swift,Pillar,Joe Don Rooney,Leon Russell,Neal Schon,Blake Shelton,Ryan Tedder,B. J. Thomas,Carrie Underwood,Maci Wainwright,These are NOT musicians,but can hopefully help Clay Bennett owner of the Oklahoma City Thunder.Tom L. Ward,George Kaiser,Henry Kravis,Athletes; Troy Aikman,Brett Anderson,Sam Bradford. Just to name a few people, I have faith that they will help in their own ways. PLEASE if you know them,pass on this information so WE can make a difference in those lives that have been affected by this. Thanks
take that Clay Bennett. That is what you get fit voting against the return of the Sonics!
Wow. Just wow. I'm not even a Sonics fan, and I feel bad for you. Clay Bennett is pretty much slapping you in the face with his wang. Again. What is this now? Three? Steals the team, votes not to give you a new one, and then uses a Seattle anthem to hype his playoff run? Just wow.
Can we agree that jeering Clay Bennett or Kevin Johnson isn't nearly as much fun as jeering Karl Malone or Clyde Drexler?
Clay Bennett, Micky Arison, Herb Simon, Glen Taylor and Peter Holt, who voted against relo, r also on the finance committee.
If you go to Starbucks and say your name is "Howard Schultz selling the Sonics to Clay Bennett was a mistake" they HAVE to say it.
What a shock Clay Bennett voted against the relocation of the Kings to Seattle
Hold on for the ride! Chris Hansen is about to go Clay Bennett on Sacramento with the
City of Seattle failed to come w/ an arena the first time...lack of true effort by Clay Bennett still distasteful
shocking that Clay Bennett was the Relocation Chair that lead the vote against allowing the team to move to SEA
5 yrs after Clay Bennett moved the Sonics to OKC, he voted against the move from SAC to SEA. Now he's more hated than Courtney Love in SEA.
Clay Bennett, Ruining kids lives with a smile.
Clay Bennett has no integrity - he lied when he took the Sonics to OKC, and now he screwed Seattle again!
what's the benefit. Stern didn't have the same words when clay Bennett left for okc
My mother always says every pig gets its Saturday. So I'm not too worried about Clay Bennett. He'll get his.
Clay Bennett was on the relocation committee. I guess it's only ok to move teams if you lie to the city first about your intentions.
You're right. Good reminder. Clay Bennett did something in a despicable way.
Clay Bennett, there is a special place in *** for people like you.
Clay Bennett, you were already the most hated man in Seattle. Why are you STILL trying??
Why I expected a different decision from an committee headed by Clay Bennett is the really confusing part.
Thank You David Stern and Clay Bennett, chairman of the relocation committee. Just expressing frustration.
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