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Claudine Barretto

Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto-Santiago (born July 20, 1979), popularly known as Claudine Barretto, is a multi-awarded film and television actress, as well as, product endorser in the Philippines.

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Raymart Santiago says he's moving forward from his failed marriage with Claudine Barretto. Read more here:
Quezon City Regional Trial Court cites non-appearance of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto in court hearings as basis of case dismissal.
Court dismisses grave threats case filed by Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto against Tulfo brothers: Que...
Celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto are no longer living under one roof http:…
Up now on - Claudine Barretto thankful to Edu Manzano for spending time with her parents, calls…
Claudine Barretto considers Edu Manzano "adopted brother" for spending time with her parents | Read: via PEP.PH©
Jenny Miller says her last communication with close friend Claudine Barretto was in June of last year.
Gusto niyo ng example? The perfect when you trick-or-treat Claudine Barretto is a costume of Raymart Santiago
With Raymart Santiago still tangled in a bitter on- and off-court dispute with estranged wife Claudine Barretto, how is he holding up?
Report: Claudine Barretto's children bullied in school -
Part1: 10Strangest things about our idol Claudine Barretto: of corz,wen u sue sam1 in court;they'll defend themselves 2d max! But that's not
Claudine Barretto says she misses her nieces and nephews, the children of her sisters Gretchen and Marjorie.
If Kathryn Bernardo is molded to follow the footsteps of Judy Ann Santos, I can see a Claudine Barretto in Julia Montes.…
Report: Claudine Barretto's children bullied in school
She used to appear as the young Claudine Barretto in a teleserye back when she was still a kid :))
1. jennylyn mercado and luis manzano are the sixth couple to split up this year, after Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago.
U dunno Julia Barretto? The anak of Marjorie Barretto & the pamangkin of Gretchen and Claudine Barretto? U dunno the Barreto's?
How is "credit card" related to Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto. When you hear (cont)
How is "Best actress" related to Claudine Barretto and Gretchen Barretto? When you hear (cont)
Why is it that Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan are the ones I think of every time I hear Got To Believe? Tsk, ganon na ko kat…
I totally disagree on this one, such a one sided story ! l: Her life would put telenovelas to shame.
Her life would put telenovelas to shame.
The Buzz & Boy Abunda gave us the best conversations. Tops is the Claudine Barretto dramatic interview after Rico Yan died. It was surreal.
wow. Claudine barretto is quiet. I wonder if it's just a .
why drag Claudine Barretto's name on ur chicser issue !
Rico Yan and claudine barretto Kilig promodmmk: via
You are the embarrassment of Philippine entertainment. Worse than the Claudine Barretto issue. :))
as claudine barretto. She will never be an optimum queen.
my cousin watching Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto movie i miss thier luvteam and i miss you rico..
Claudine Barretto arriving at MarikinaRTC w kids Sabina & Santino;1st time kids will see Raymart in abt a mo
i love Claudine Barretto till the crack of the doom..
"Anak" starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto. One of the best and most dramatic movies I have ever seen. :)
Past Story: Sisters Gretchen Barretto and Claudine Barretto find peace with each other
Claudine Barretto believes that Gretchen Barretto is behind the theft complaint that her P.A. filed against her:
OMG!!! Julia Montes is the next Claudine barretto!!
NOW: Raymart Santiago vs. Claudine Barretto... the saga continues!
I think if u ask the Netizens They would rather believe Raymart Santiago than Claudine Barretto.
Claudine Barretto is seriously losing her mind. She loved him for a reason, they got married for efs sake. >:/
Claudine Barretto Accuses Raymart Santiago of violating the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children act:
Claudine Barretto Sues Raymart Santiago for Violence Against Women: reports that Claudine Barretto has ...
Claudine Barretto for Secosana Bags: photos by Raymund Isaac, styled by Luis…
:Secosana feat Claudine Barretto styled by Luis Espiritu hair by Celeste Tuviera photos…
:Claudine Barretto for Secona Bags styled by Luis Espiritu hair by Celeste Tuviera…
"Claudine Barretto optimistic about showbiz comeback despite personal troubles --- wala na kc syang pera for her gambling
Claudine B claims her life with Raymart S "was a vicious cycle of violence, abuse, battery, and exploitation."
this gif encapsulates my reaction to Claudine Barretto's press briefing yesterday.
Claudine Barretto is the Philippines' answer to Amanda Bynes.
[PHOTO] Claudine Barretto formally charges her estranged husband, Raymart Santiago, with violation of RA 9262
I'm sick with claudine barretto's news! Deymn, why can't she be cured? 😤
Jusmiyo! Lakas maka DOM!!! Claudine Barretto on Atty. Ferdinand Topacio: 'He's my best ...
"If you can't handle me at my Claudine Barretto, you don't deserve me at my Anne Curtis."
Atty Mataro rep of Claudine Barretto in RA9262 case vs Raymart Santiago: Claudine suffered physical, sexual, psychologi…
Claudine Barretto on Atty. 'He's my best friend and protector...'
If you think your life is such a mess, just think of Claudine Barretto and Janet Napoles. LOL
Claudine Barretto si the Janet Napoles of showbiz.
Claudine loses ally in fight vs Raymart. Written by : Mario Bautista . WONDER what Claudine Barretto feels...
Even God doesnt know how much I loathe Claudine Barretto and Kris Aquino.
Claudine Barretto throws RA 9262 or the the Anti-Violence against Women and their children Act of 2004 at Raymart
How can you believe whatever Claudine Barretto is saying, she was an actress afterall.
Entertainment News: Raymart Santiago not surprised by Claudine Barretto's R.A. 9262 case ...
[RAPPLER] Claudine throws RA 9262 at Raymart: . MANILA, Philippines - Claudine Barretto went to the Marikina Re...
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MANILA -- "Today, I am breaking my silence.". This was the pronouncement of actress Claudine Barretto in making...
But Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan still comes into mind when I hear 'got to believe in magiiic', not Daniel and Kathryn 😞
Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto, I'd like to see the original series. :/
Raymart Santiago on estranged wife Claudine Barretto's claims of domestic abuse: "Bahala siya! More talk, more mistakes!"
Claudine Barretto on Gretchen Barretto: "Ayoko siyang patulan": Claudine Barretto says she would rather focus ...
Claudine Barretto would rather focus on her case against Raymart Santiago than on her feud with Gretchen Barretto:
Claudine Barretto dismisses ‘Instagram bashing’ issue; says she'd rather not react to Gretchen Barretto's accusation
Judy Ann Santos really knows her worth. So why not transfer like Sharon Cuneta and Claudine Barretto?
TOMORROW on Claudine Barretto at Raymart Santiago muling nagharap sa korte!
Cesar Montano and Sunshine Cruz, Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago. What is happening to married couples nowadays?
Entertainment News: Piolo Pascual on issues about Claudine Barretto: "Lahat naman 'yan na...
Raymart Santiago says Claudine Barretto is making up stories; Barreto's lawyer says Santiago deceived his client
Claudine Barretto's mind's really troubled. Shes sick. After her incident w/ Tulfo last year, hu wud beliv her?
Raymart Santiago breaks silence; Says estranged wife Claudine Barretto is capable of making up stories
Actor Raymart Santiago denied accusations by his estranged wife, actress Claudine Barretto. Full story on Rappler:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Raymart Santiago deceived Claudine Barretto into marrying him, lawyer claims | Entertainment News – InterAksyon
"Claudine Barretto's movies are still the best.
Claudine Barretto has definitely got some loose screws.
Claudine Barretto's movies are still the best.
Raymart Santiago: "Claudine Barretto is making up stories"
Raymart Santiago says he never abused Claudine Barretto:
MARRIAGE BASED ON LIES? | Claudine Barretto's lawyer says Raymart courted her with 'untruths'
Raymart Santiago Denies Abusing Claudine Barretto: Raymart Santiago has strongly denied accusations of domesti...
Claudine Barretto will soon stage a comeback via a Star Cinema movie titled “Eternally,” with Piolo Pascual as her leading man.
Derek Ramsay says movie with Claudine Barretto might not push through; clarifies special "friendship" with Nad...
Star Cinema : And as it celabrate it's 20 years they bring to you 7 movies.Four Sisters And A Wedding Starring Bea Alonzo , Angel Locsin , Enchong Dee , Shaina Magdayao and Toni Gonzaga. On July 2013 Xian Lim and Kim Chiu will have their first movie titled Bakit Hindi Ka Crush Ng Crush Mo?. On August 2013 the come back of Claudine Barretto with Piolo Pascual and with Cristine Reyes.On September 2013 John Lloyd Cruz and Anne Curtis will have also have their first film, this will be a half of Star Cinema and Viva Films. October 2013 , Enchong Dee and Empress will lead Tuhog. And on November, Kim Chiu , Piolo Pascual and Toni Gonzaga will have a movie. Note this are not yet sure. This is just their plans for their 20 years celebration. CTO : ABS-CBN , Star Cinema.
Confirm! Another QUEEN is set to return on her Original Palace. Controversial actress Claudine Barretto will make a movie comeback this year including a film co-produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films. Claudine Barretto is Kapamilya again!
Anak of Claudine Barretto and Vilma Santos holds the record as the movie having the MOST number of people who flocked th…
Fact: Pagpag is Directed by Topel Lee and Claudine Barretto, Mark Anthony Fernandez and Heart Evangelista to star in the hor…
Hope that abs- cbn gives claudine barretto a big comeback because she is the most precious star in the industry and please if that happened don't let her jump into another station cause she is one of a kind like Judy Ann Santos.
Can anyone out there please send me a video of Claudine Barretto saying her famous line from the 2004 movie Milan? :)
Julia is the exact replica of Claudine Barretto.
Claudine Barretto's NON-inclusion on a docu about Pinoy Teleserye is bigotry in its highest form!
Watched MMK and hindi marunong umarte si Julia Barretto, sorry to say. She will never be the next Claudine Barretto, Julia Montes is the one
Hindi pang Claudine Barretto ang level ng acting ni Julia Barretto, sorry to say but she will never make it.
Julia Barretto in reminds me of Claudine Barretto in the movie "ANAK"
Julia Barretto in reminds me of Claudine Barretto at movie "ANAK"
are surely going to be the next Claudine barretto XD
looks like Claudine Barretto when she was still young. Forreals.
it's like im watching Claudine Barretto in "Anak". weird.
Honestly, mas magaling pa rin si Claudine Barretto kaysa kay Julia Barretto in terms of acting. Claudine is way better talaga.
Lauren Young admits crush on John Lloyd Cruz: Lauren is fine if Julia Montes is "the next Claudine Barretto" and... http…
Passed by Claudine Barretto along Katip. She looks so different.
Claudine Barretto is one of the Philippine entertainment icons. Her career maybe sleeping but surely not dead
Bangs Garcia wants to be called a sexy actress; says Claudine Barretto is her idol... via
I don't find Julia Barretto pretty. Kamukha lang nya si claudine and i don't even like claudine...
CLaudine Barretto,is the Teleserye Queen for all season, the Box office Queen, The Best Actress in her Generation
Claudine barretto is the Original soap opera queen !!!
“sayang ang careers of those stars who left ABS-CBN” Like Claudine Barretto and Sharon Cuneta. :(
the Barretto sisters are always fighting I love them so much Gretchen is such a drama queen and Claudine is so matapang!!
doesn't want to be compared with her aunts Gretchen and Claudine
Is it true that Claudine Barretto went back to Kapamilya?
VERSUS: Personal and family issues aside, who do you think is the better Barretto, acting-wise: Gretchen or Claudine?
Claudine has been fetching her son for 3 consecutive days now. She waits in line, like an ordinary parent ☺ Aliw. Yes, Claudine Barretto. ☺
claudine barretto is so pretty. I missed old filipino movies
We are the of the ORIGINAL and REAL QUEEN of Pinoy Teleseryes and Soap Operas---> Ms. Claudine Barretto :)
Last year, I bumped into Kim Chiu at NBS. Awhile ago, Claudine Barretto was beside me at the organizers section lol uhm okay
I chose to watch of Rico Yan & Claudine Barretto.. I need some sweet bud this time!
Mark Anthony Fernandez feels for ex-GF Claudine Barretto, whose problems have been bared for the public to see:
Julia Barretto is so pretty and nice actually and she's going to be a young claudine, a rising style star.   10% Off
I don't know the story behind the barretto sisters but I can surely say that claudine is hurt as she approached our pastor and cried. :(
Slow Clap to La Greta and Scandal Queen, Marjorie Barretto! Obviously, you're ganging on Claudine!
Saw claudine barretto at HMR Pioneer. Was gonna have a pic taken with her but i chickened out.
The missing piece of this story... Claudine Barretto...
RTSi Julia Montes ang next Claudine Barretto or Bea Alonzo, big dramatic actresses of their time."
Julia Barretto reveals traits she inherited from her Tita Gretchen & Claudine Barretto
Mine was Claudine Barretto before but now, they are Maja Salvador, Angelica Panganiban and Julia Montes
Claudine Barretto during her prime was called the Soap Opera Queen. Not Judy Ann Santos. Why? Because her acting has more depth and kick.
Will Raymart Santiago do an Edu Manzano? I just hope Claudine Barretto will do a Vilma Santos and become a greater actress after the storm.
My audacity of hope is for Claudine Barretto to reclaim her shine once more. Like the Superstar Nora Aunor, she is pure talent.
Mommy Inday Barretto confirms that Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago are no longer living together
In fairness to Claudine Barretto, her body of work remains unmatched in her generation. Not even her perennial rival, Judy Ann Santos.
The Grizzlies are getting pummelled like when Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto beat up Ramon Tulfo.
OVERHEARD: Raymart on rumors of a split w/ Claudine Barretto: ‘No marriage is perfect’, NOW 23 Kim Chiu in two-piece swimsuit
Raymart Santiago on rumors of a split with Claudine Barretto: 'No marriage is perfect'
Julia Barretto looks like Claudine when she was younger :))
Latest News on Claudine Barretto, Jessica Sanchez, Vice Ganda, Psy and more SHARE&RT
I can really see Judy Ann and Claudine in Kathryn and Julia Barretto. :)
She's the next Claudine Barretto of her generation. :)
Julia Barretto on TV Patrol interviewed for the issue of her Tita Claudine and Gretchen.
MS.claudine Barretto my one & only idol. i miss you so much. kailan kita makikita sa tv ulit. & i wish to see you in person
Pacquiao, Viloria and now Donaire. 2013 is not our year in boxing. Unless, Claudine Barretto will join the boxing scene.
She's the niece of Claudine Barretto! I think she does showbiz too. :D
I love claudine barretto.. Pls.update whats new to her...
Julia Barretto is the new Gretchen Barretto, while Julia Montes is the new Claudine Barretto. || We Love JulQuen
Derek Ramsay, Claudine Barretto and Cristine Reyes movie in the works!
: Julia Montes (will be the next Claudine Barretto of this generation! :)
good after noon to you Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto-Santiago and to you Raymond Martin (Raymart) Santiago
Rumor has it that Claudine Barretto is avoiding to come out of her house. Is she preparing physically for her...
Julia Barretto the next claudine kaya
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Agree Julia Barretto a pretier version of claudine
Lovely Julia Barretto is growing up so well! She wants to follow in d footsteps of her tita Claudine
What's happening to my favorite actress Ms. Claudine Barretto,hope to see u in person...I am ur number one fan from Missouri USA...
"This young lady Julia Barretto is kind of cute. She has that "claudine aura", deep. I wonder kung kaninong anak 'to." Marjorie's
I welcome the return of Claudine Barretto to ABS-CBN. The Vilma Santos of her generation. She has every right to come back to Channel 2.
"Stars (actors/models) should have good PR. Simply put, good PR is doing unto others what you want others to do unto you... Dapat marunong makisama." A message from Rikka Dylim, PR Manager, ABS-CBN Star Magic talents like Claudine Barretto, Piolo Pascual, Bea Alonzo, John Lloyd Cruz, Sam Milby
Hi everyone its me claudine Barretto:) my real Instagram account s claubarretto.pls unfollow dis account
Raymart Santiago & Claudine Barretto V-Day 2013: Since Claudine Barretto is one of the headliners in this showbi...
The new claudine barretto is born! A very versatile actress. Keep up the good work julia!
I love Rico Yan and claudine barretto movies very cute!!
wow! i love claudine barretto. no matter what is such a superb actress. We love you Optimum Star!
watching Claudine Barretto and Rico Yan's love story... they look perfect together :(
Thank God he landed safely though with some hassle. I can't imagine what I'll do if my luggage gets left behind. Claudine Barretto na to.
……………. The Lamentation of Edelle Marie Teshiba Tulfo Iron CLAWED IN fist BARREN heart TO Go beating people in the streets. REIgning sMARTy pants in a public conSENT TO GO walking free and high, of their victory through violence, with justice on their side. This place, where they rule Sweet faced, wicked hearts, The scene at the airport where she cried, Her, as the victim, in the act of abusing, turned around, angelic face, bruised leg and ego battered, along with her beau, likewise, the victim of the people whose supposed to served their whims. Now, all the more their hypocrisy celebrated, Their violence not only justified, but also, re-affirmed the prevalent impression, WHEN YOU ARE POOR AND POWERLESS, WOE TO YOU, servants you are nothing but slaves to the Rich and powerful, the masters to honor and adore. WHERE IS JUSTICE? ON THE SIDE OF THE PHYSICAL ABUSERS, The likes of Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago Who won their case in the court of law, after beating up my Brother, who stood for t ...
Julia Barretto looked exactly like Claudine Barretto when she was younger, omg
I just learned Julia Barretto just guested on Kris TV. Is she the next Claudine Barretto? I hope they build her up, she's pretty.
She deserves it. One of the greatest young actresses since Claudine Barretto and Judy Ann Santos.
Julia Barretto ready to make showbiz comeback The niece of Gretchen and Claudine Barretto is now ready to make a showbiz comeback after she took some time off from the spotlight. In an interview with “The Buzz” that aired on Sunday, Julia Barretto said she is hoping to be given projects soon. “Super ready na ako bumalik umarte ulit. Sana mabigyan na ako ng project very soon,” she said. Julia, who is part of Star Magic, also denied that her mom Marjorie prevented her from going back to showbiz. “It's always been okay with her na umarte ako. It's just really the timing,” she explained. Asked who she wants to work with if given the choice, Julia said: “Anyone would be okay. I'm friends with Khalil Ramos so maybe to be able to work with him would be such a fun thing.” Julia’s first taste of the limelight was via her TV roles in "Kokey" (2007), "Walang Kapalit" (2007), and "Palos" (2008). With acting and celebrity very much a part of her DNA, expect Julia's star to shine even brighter in the ...
T3 host Erwin Tulfo has asked a Quezon City court to throw out the grave threats charges filed against him by Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto over a May 7 episode in which he and his brothers allegedly threatened the showbiz couple.
Julia Barretto younger version of claudine
I want to see Manny Pacquiao vs Claudine Barretto. No fight will ever interest me until that happens.
Q.9 sinong artista ang gumanap sa katauhan ni rosario,rosinda at rosemarie? Go go go for 6,4 2 redz
Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago to sue the Tulfo brothers for grave threat:
It's not more fun in the Philippines ,Especially when u encounter these kinds of people.
AMALAYER is the best scandal of 2012.
Poor thing. She just wanted to make a point. THANK YOU CLAUDINE BARRETTO!
Amalayer, Robert Carabuena & Claudine Barretto will make a good trio in a kind of an investigative program that's also a tabloid talk show.
Just in case who will win the battle: A. Claudine Barretto B. Cristine Reyes C. Anabelle Rama D. AMALAYER?
THE GIFT [Filipino MV Collection] Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual Theme song from the movie, "MILAN" (released 2004) Courtesy of ABS-CBN Star Cinema and ...
Gusto mo pa lumuhod yung Lady Guard? She grabbed you by the arm & you have a bruise to prove that? Claudine Barretto?
vs. Claudine Barretto, I wonder how will it turn out?
ORIGINAL POST of: Gregory Paulo Llamoso RN CAUGHT ON MY CAMERA: "RUDE Passenger Humiliate a Lady Guard" I was about to leave Santolan LRT Station kanina, but...
First Acting Role of Claudine Barretto on TV5 by Untold Stories of Face To Face
High na High at Bonifacio High Street as we bumped into Claudine Barretto with Kids & Dad. Drei
the best Claudine barretto guys lets support her,she is a great actress wherever she will kapamilya,kapuso,kapatid she is 1.
Julia Barretto is fasho a better version of Claudine Barretto.
Viva Films has a movie planned w/ the very interesting combination of Claudine Barretto, Cristine Reyes, & Derek Ramsay
Read at "Viva Films has a movie planned for Claudine Barretto, Cristine Reyes and Derek Ramsay." NOT ANOTHER INFIDELITY MOVIE PLEASE!
Mangarap Ka is a 1995 movie starring Mark Anthony Fernandez and Claudine Barretto. This is Mark Anthony's breakout role in the movies which featured him as a...
Finally the Optimum Star Ms. Claudine Barretto can now be seen in a Primetime TV series. This is via the weekly horror-comedy mini-series "Spooky Nights Presents." This coming Saturday, another new story of horror and comedy unveils in this hit Kapuso weekend series. This is the fourth offering of the said show and is entitled as "Nuno Sa Feng Shui." Claudine Barretto takes the lead role. She plays the character of Mila, a woman cursed by a "nuno" since childhood. She may have a beautiful face but her hips and legs are just unusually and distractingly huge. Kapuso hunk actor TJ Trinidad will be Claudine's leading man in this episode. He portrays the character of Stephen Lee,the only son of her Chinese employers. In the story, Mila lives a plain and simple life. She is taking care of a bedridden father and believes that she will soon becomes an old man. She believes that Chinese astrology and charms will change her fate. Mila's life changes when she met Stephen. She eventually becomes attracted to him but ...
Inell Guirgis liked Showbiznest: Full Video of Mon Tulfo vs Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto Brawl in NAIA…
is watching Claudine Barretto movies. kakamis si idol.
Vote for Claudine Barretto as Most Loved Celebrity 2012 by liking her entry photo. Day 2 Ranking: No. 45 Day 1...
watching Got to Believe..young Claudine Barretto here :)))
The Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto of the 21st Century is John Lloyd Cruz and Bea Alonzo.
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Julia Montes (will be the next Bea Alonzo or Claudine BARRETTO!
Grabe i miss claudine barretto din. minus the scandals i am still her fan. walang nagbago. I grew up watching her.
Speaking of Bravery, i want a remake of "brave" that would feature our very own Claudine Barretto.
review and opinion about Claudine Barretto
ermm claudine barretto and her sister , rachel an go, christian bautista,Piolo Pascual but some ppl say piolo is bakla hehehe~ XD
Do you love be because you need me, or you need me because you love me? - Claudine Barretto, Milan
I wish to claudine barretto she will be come back to ABC-CBN kapamilya network.. Sayang ndi xa nkasali sa magic ball
Claudine Barretto no longer has a home network. GMA didn't renew her 2-year contract. Career nosedive?
Claudine Barretto is not going back to ABS-CBN, or anywhere
Claudine's options: Claudine Barretto, once the toast of showbiz and the premiere actress in both film and television, has found hers...
Claudine’s options Has Claudine Barretto been too controversial for her own good?
Rachel Weisz n Airport with special participation of Mon Tulfo, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto
Claudine Barretto is said to be moving to the Kapatid network. The controversial celebrity will be returning to perform after the NAIA fight not in GMA-7 but in TV-5.
With its cinematography, production design and soundtrack, this is technically a well-made film...
i just love them,,for all RYCB fans credits to the owner of videos and pictures...thank you very much
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This movie is under Rory Quintos' direction and produced by Star Cinema, ABS-CBN film productions...
This movie will keep you really going with a lot of surprises along the way...
Claudinians' Get Together in celebration of Ms. Claudine Barretto's 20th Showbiz Anniversary and their birthdays of Mr. Raymart Santiago July 15, 2012 @ Cent...
Thank you for the birthday greetings, friends, lovers, countrymen, foreign pals, etc. :) Happy Birthday to Diether Ocampo, Simon Atkins and Alessandra de Rossi yesterday. Today is the joint birthday of Biboy Ramirez, lead actor of IN NOMINE MATRIS (indie film with flamenco as subplot) and actor-dancer Rayver Cruz of the prolific Cruz family of entertainers. Controversial couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago also turn a year older today. Advance Happy Birthday as well to Ryan Eigenmann (July 22), Uge Domingo and Dra Joy Margate Lee (July 23), University of Manila President Dr Emily de Leon and Sammie Padua (July 24). Of course, a moment of silence for the King of Comedy, Dolphy, who was born July 25, 1928. Bayani Fernando and Sarah Geronimo share his birthday. My friend Ruel, a fantastic DI, turns a year older on the 26th; and AJ Dee and Jaymee Joaquin turn a year older on July 27. Susan Roces was born July 28, 1941 (sharing the same birthday as my sister in law Renalyn). HAPPY BIRTHDAY to us all ...
A bill of rights for plane passengers will soon be crafted. Transportation and Communication Secretary Manuel Roxas who has conducted consultations among stakeholders — passengers, domestic budget airlines, and civil aviation officials. Overbooking is one of the most common complaints of passengers. A passenger who has confirmed his or her booking is suddenly bumped off the flight. What are passengers’ rights that may be invoked? Another complaint is the offloading of luggage. Small planes have limits on the load they could carry. Offloaded luggage then have to be recovered from another flight. Recall that this incident led to the brawl between actors Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto on one hand and columnist Mon Tulfo on the other.
i kinda agree with you on that! :) “Star Magic is Claudine Barretto and Piolo Pascual!
She may have left ABS-CBN, but actress Claudine Barretto said her heart will always belong to the network's talent management arm that saw her mature both as a person and an actress. Barretto gave credit to Star Magic, which managed her when she was still with ABS-CBN.
Featuring the one and only Star for all Seasons, Ms. Vilma Santos hosted by the Optimum Star and Teleserye Queen, Ms. Claudine Barretto.
Wow! They got Claudine Barretto to do a testimonial...iba talaga ang Star Magic.
" Star Magic saw me grow up on kiddie tv as a teenybopper, a young adult in Buttercup and saw me swim as a mermaid sa Marina and saw me cry bucket of tears sa lahat ng mga teleseryes ko. Thank you so much Star Magic for all of this, I will forever be grateful . My seat might have left your door, but my heart will forever and always be with you. Believing that, there are some things in life that cannot and should not be erased. May your magic continue , Happy 20th Anniversary Star Magic . I Love You! " - Ms. Claudine Barretto
This week Philippine Television blasted off the brawl of Claudine Barretto- Raymart Santiago vs Mon Tulfo at NAIA Terminal 3.
Saw Claudine Barretto earlier while shopping at 168 Mall. Actual policemen were with her too. She is beautiful, I must say. =)
Try ko kasi sana mag-boxing to (try to) unleash my inner Claudine Barretto.
we don't need you. tseee! oh btw, i want to correct you, d right spelling of Claudine's surname is BARRETTO... gets?
Claudine Barretto is in the 20th Anniversary VTR of Star Magic. Good thing bati na sila ni Mr. M :) BALIK KAPAMILYA NA PLEASE!
Claudine tried to talk to Star Magic: MANILA, Philippines -- Is actress Claudine Barretto trying to make amends ...
Optimum Star Claudine Barretto's VTR Shoot for Star Magic's 20th Anniversary! Is this a sign of returning to her...
omg i almost forgot! guess who i saw yesterday @ East! i passed by them like a million times it was so awkward... CLAUDINE BARRETTO AND FAM!
We are witnessing a Claudine Barretto moment right now at the airport. I blame it on the Chinese people who makes singit. CHOS.
Search case of Barretto vs. Gonzales, Google gives me articles of Gretchen and Claudine Barretto and Erich Gonzales. :| SMH.
Now watching: Anak starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto sa CinemaONE. Most touch movie sa Indie films.
Claudine Margaret Castelo Barretto, was born on July 20, 1979 in Manila, Philippines. She is the daughter of Miguel Alvier Barretto and Estrella Santiago Castelo. Siblings include Miguel Jr., Michelle, Joaquin, Geraldine, Gretchen and Marjorie. She married actor Raymart Santiago on March 27, 2006 a...
She won three acting awards from this movie.
Now on the newscast: Ramon Tulfo wants to amend his complaint vs. Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto. Read:
Part 2. Isabel Oli tells close friend Claudine Barretto to "pray"; admits getting an offer from Willie Revillame...
Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto's here IM LAUGHING SO HARD can I take a video of him hehehee
"You're my true happiness"- Jao to Mikay. Yung scene nila dito parang scene sa movie nina Claudine Barretto at Piolo Pascual. Yung MILAN :))
Tulfo brothers' show suspended for 3 months due to alleged threats vs. Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto
Got To Believe! Will always be associated with Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto
Got to believe in magic. :) Kinakanta ko to dati nung nauso si Rico Yan at Claudine Barretto. ^___^
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Claudine, Raymart no show at first hearing: MANILA, Philippines – Celebrity couple Claudine Barretto and Raymart...
Ang tagal ng sticky rice ko My Thai ha. I don't want to do a Claudine Barretto but I'll be forced to when need be LOL
Journalist Ramon “Mon” Tulfo said the altercation between him and celebrity couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto at Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3 on Sunday, May 6 made him a better person.
Looks like our flight's about to be delayed further. I'm about to do a Claudine Barretto here at Mactan Airport. Eff you,
Now i know why Ms Claudine Barretto did some nasty and rude blow to the staff of some known airline...
BASED on newspaper reports, gaano katotoong pumuslit na ng bansa ang tropa ng mag-asawang Raymart Santiago at Claudine Barretto who, based on the first part of the video which is now in circulation, was the first to have physically assaulted Mr. Mon Tulfo noong May 6 at the NAIA Terminal 3?
Villareal insisted however, that “we (MTRCB) can strike out as objectionable or impose necessary sanctions if there’s anything indecent or offensive or which will induce anyone to commit violence against another.” It will be recalled that MTRCB earlier suspended “T3” for 20 days after the Tulfo brothers aired no-holds-barred statements against Raymart Santiago and wife Claudine Barretto after they figured in an airport brawl with Mon Tulfo.
Mon Tulfo changed my view on the Tulfos. Ang kulit! Very likeable! Walang drama unlike claudine barretto.
claudine barretto has no idea how this Mon Tulfo appearance on GGV is putting him in sort of good light.
My blood is "boiling" because of the ridiculous lies of Raymart Santiago & Claudine Barretto. >:[
what a gross news for Claudine Barretto... hang cheap! :D
Fact = The first movie that ever made me cry was Anak starring Vilma Santos and Claudine Barretto.
Lunch topic started by my dad: Everyone who banged Claudine Barretto. How appetizing
Interaksyon shared the following link:to three weeks after the malee between Ramon Tulfo and the group of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto, TV 5 got hold of a copy of a video purportedly showing that it was the latter who first hurt the columnist and TV5 host.
Witnessing a passenger argue with a Thai staff of Claudine Barretto's fave airline. Waiting for a scuffle to happen
Claudine apologizes to airline crew members: MANILA, Philippines - Actress Claudine Barretto has apologized to 2...
BLOGGED: New video shows Claudine Barretto' camp first hurt Mon Tulfo
Video of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto's camp allegedly "hitting" Mon Tulfo first.
With the new video, Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto can kiss their careers goodbye.
New video of Mon Tulfo vs Claudine Barretto Scandal at NAIA: A new video showing Mon Tulfo and Claudine Barretto...
Just when we thought that the thrilla in NAIA is not so thrilla anymore, another video surfaces, and is said to...
Liking the news today about the Mon Tulfo - Claudine-Raymart brawl where an eyewitness saw who started it first. And saying Barretto's camp.
New video of Mon Tulfo vs Claudine Barretto and friend at NAIA incident surfaces
Claudine Barretto and Raymart Santiago file petition for writ of amparo; friends offer “moneta... via
Tulfos ordered by QC court to stay away from Raymart & Claudine; PNP tasked to assign security detail for couple
I'm sariah, your future flight attendant. But not in Cebu Pacific, baka murahin pa ako ni Claudine Barretto eh, shokot naman me
can Claudine Barretto & Raymart Santiago just get out of the news because IT'S OVER NO ONE CARES ANYMORE
Bumped off or flight delayed? Know your passenger rights: MANILA, Philippines - Actress Claudine Barretto's bag...
The Tulfo brothers cannot approach Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto and "t…
Tulfos barred from going near Claudine, Raymart: Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto were granted a temporary...
QC RTC grants temporary protection order in favor of Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto.
Court grants Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto's application for Temporary Protection…
At last, actress Claudine Barretto has apologized to Cebu Pacific Ground Personnel, Charisse Bocboc and Kristine Ilagan for berating
Best Actress Award goes to Claudine Barretto... ...Best Actor Award goes to Renato Corona!
The talented actress admits she does not want to be dragged into NAIA issue.
Is it just me or did Claudine Barretto had a stroke or Bell's Palsy? Her left side was a little stiff during an interview. Any1? Any1?
Judy Ann Santos avoids giving judgment on incident between couple Raymart Santiago and Claudine Barretto and bro...
A clip from Saan Ka Man Naroroon. Rosario doing her recording of the song. Disclaimer: I do not own this video.
Dear NAIA, if you cannot stop Claudine Barretto, so how the *** will you gonna stop The Terrorist?
Best fan moments of my life! Makatabi sina Judy Ann Santos and Claudine Barretto in different occasions..
May similarities nga si kay Claudine Barretto, the way she act & sound before. MINUS the attitude. julia's down to earth
Carmina Villaroel almost asked a commercial shoot with Claudine Barretto to “pack up” after getting irked by the latter’s endless demands. First, Claudine requested that she be given the bigger dressing room, which Carmina readily agreed to. Then Claud asked if, instead of Mina, she could be the one to wear the white long-sleeved shirt. Again, Mina did not object. Later, Claud said she needed a nap. That was fine with Mina, too. The clincher was when Claud asked to deliver the longer line in the commercial. That was the last straw; Mina walked out. Good thing cooler heads prevailed—the shoot eventually went on as scheduled. If there’s truth in advertising, there’s also real drama in the making of an ad. Stars sell even when they don’t always gel.
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