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Claudia Winkleman

Claudia Anne I. Winkleman (born 15 January 1972, Westminster, London) is an English television presenter, film critic, radio personality and journalist.

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I think that it was his comments about claudia winkleman that caused his downfall not factually in…
Hope you enjoyed that! Have a lovely Christmas, and we will be back on Friday the 29th December with another brand…
We read your anti-skiing ST article & cried. How about a free ski holiday to prove you've got it al…
Erm , new show hosted by Mel, Sue and Claudia Winkleman, make it happen! Show could even be about watching paint dry it doesn't matter.
Strictly was fab u lous this year darlings! I thought the dresses and costumes were better than ever…
Had a moment of quiet reflection this morning, watching the amber-ribboned dawn light stretch to the infinite heave…
Party outfit inspiration from the lovely Claudia Winkleman. Steal her style with my picks from the high street…
Strictly's Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman dazzle on final -
I used to like Claudia Winkleman but nowadays she looks like she could do with a really good wash. Taylor Swift looks a lot cleaner
2017 Final: 'Uncomfortable' moment Claudia 'grabbed' live on air
Strictly's Claudia Winkleman mocks her wacky wardrobe choices - after dressing like a tin of beans…
Whether it's Ant and Dec, Claudia Winkleman or David Attenborough - Vote for your favourite TV presenter of 2017 in…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman celebrate another successful series of Strictly Come Dancing.
Claudia winkleman always looks like she needs a good wash 😕
Stuff your fancy skiing holidays, says this onesie is approp for all occasions:…
2017 Final: Tess Daly red-faced as she's caught in awkward blunder
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Claudia winkleman is one of the most annoying people in telly
Because Gary Lineker wants a new mansion and so he needs more Millions from the good old…
Winkleman at attempt Dirty Dancing lift with Tess Daley on Strictly Come Dancingна
They’re greasing the axels on the tumbril for a post dawn run ! Candidates for said run include Gary Linneker,Nicol…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman put their best sartorial foot forward for the dancing…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman dazzle in chic outfits
Claudia Winkleman has 'hips grabbed' by Strictly dancer in seriously awks moment - Daily Star via
Claudia winkleman fall flat on her face while trying to dirty dancing liftnews 24h: via
- Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman have described new head judge Shirley Ballas as “brilliant”.
Junior winner made these delicious rose, pistachio and raspberry almond cakes for and…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman's best outfits from
I added a video to a playlist Claudia Winkleman falls flat on her face while attempting Dirty Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing: Zoe Ball jokes that Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman have been replaced as 'Queen Bs' by judg…
Zoe Ball would be a much better presenter on she can give Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman a few tips!
Mollie King and AJ Pritchard's rumoured romance got the Claudia Winkleman treatment on last night…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman reveal which couples have made it through to the grand final of tonigh…
Mollie King and AJ Pritchard's rumoured romance becomes subject of Claudia Winkleman skit
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman joke about Mollie King and AJ Pritchard romance and the ‘elephant in the room’ on Strict…
test Strictly Come Dancing ... Claudia Winkleman present from the world-famous Blackpool Tower Ballroom as the eight remaining ...
Claudia Winkleman & Tess Daly are both doing the Hormone Salad Diet. Claudia bought a pre-made salad with oestrogen. Tess tossed her own
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman from Strictly pop to mind
Claudia Winkleman shimmered in a Topshop number on Strictly Come Dancing
Strictly Come Dancing fans blast "rude" Shirley Ballas as she tells Claudia Winkleman she slouches and forces her …
is Claudia Winkleman paid more than the lead presenter Tess Daly? She replaced Bruce but doesn't have his skills.
Strictly Come Dancing presenter Claudia Winkleman has paid tribute to her predecessor, Sir Bruce Forsyth
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman share emotional tributes for Sir Bruce Forsyth https…
Sir Bruce Forsyth was 'King of TV', says Strictly host Claudia Winkleman
Unless you're a giraffe, never wear an ankle strap. Rules, schmules, says with these from
Fringes are definitely in, ask Claudia Winkleman
When I grow up I want to be Claudia Winkleman
All purpose parts banner
Also Maisie thought that a picture of Lily Allen was Claudia Winkleman fml
The highest paid man at the BBC earns more than four times more than the highest paid woman
I'm all for Claudia Winkleman, but why does she feel the need to be the colour of a raffle ticket?
BBC announce new cooking competition with Mary Berry and Claudia Winkleman
I've come out of the London Underground looking like Claudia Winkleman that one time at the GQ awards 🐼
I don't think there is a word strong enough for how much I love Claudia Winkleman
The dress that makes picnics bearable, according to
As gender pay gap row intensifies at the BBC, Gary Lineker and Claudia Winkleman show solidarity by parking together http…
Claudia Winkleman on the perils of picnics
As a footballer never rated him. As a film critic, move over Claudia Winkleman.
Can I say high to Zoe Ball, Claudia Winkleman, Michael Ball and Fern Cotton?
What is your point? Chris Evans is worth more than Claudia Winkleman. He gets paid…
what is Claudia Winkleman hiding under her fringe?
he's starting to look more and more like Claudia winkleman
Claudia Winkleman is the new host of SCD. Shame another show I will now be not watching.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Chris Evans, Gary Lineker and Claudia Winkleman together cost 30,000 licence fees. Not one of them would be mi…
Why does claudia winkleman always look like she put her make up on in 1995.
Have recently gotten on board with Claudia Winkleman in a big way
Worst thing about is Anna Richardson. Almost as annoying as Claudia Winkleman.
The thing I find most shocking about the saga is how much Claudia Winkleman looks like Joey Ramone.
Claudia Winkleman. As irritating as a persistent rash.
Sacked Irish Independent journalist apologises for his anti-Semitic article (also misogynistic) - but lands...
Britain's Best Cook: Mary Berry to judge new BBC cooking contest. Britain's Best Cook will be presented by Claudia Winkleman and be broadc
Daring lipsticks, a £2 beauty tip, and how she gets her hair so shiny- on what's in her washbag https:/…
.and Tony Blair among neighbours of revamped Bayswater townhouse for sale for £7.5m
In an interesting turn of events, I've recently gone off Caitlin Moran's Weekend Times column, and become a real fan of Claudia Winkleman's.
I don't think he'd run rings round Claudia Winkleman in a political debate. Also…
Revamped Connaught Square townhouse with and the Blairs as neighbours - for sale for £7.5m
Watch make-up free Claudia Winkleman stepping out in casual attire. She's known for her statement for ...…
Could I BE any more excited about the Mary Berry/Claudia Winkleman show? NO I COULD NOT BE!!! This is going to be delightful!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Claudia Winkleman is even a Sunday Times columnist. Perhaps they decided this piece of antisemitism was simply too importan…
Claudia Winkleman 'earns' more than Nicky Campbell because erm 'sexism'
Would anyone care if either Nicky Campbell or Claudia Winkleman were poached by ITV?
Claudia Winkleman gets paid more than Nicky Campbell and Andrew Marr. We must live in a matriarchy then.
I think Nicky Campbell, Andrew Marr, Steven Nolan & Alan Shearer should all be raging Claudia Winkleman gets paid more than…
Can someone tell me who Claudia Winkleman is? Is she in ?
Claudia Winkleman, with no discernible skill beyond pretending to be a pre-pubescent girl, is on 3x a PM's salary. Let tha…
Hurrah! The PM knows where her priorities lie in the importance of Government. She's worried about Claudia Winkleman's wages.
At least you know you are damned good at your ( difficult) job! Claudia winkleman?!?!? Ridiculous sa…
Oh wow, I would definitely want to watch Claudia Winkleman at least 5x as much as I'd wanna see Chris Evans, ***
Is it right that one Gary Lineker or one Claudia Winkleman is worth more than ten thousand Piers Morgans? (Yes). https:…
BREAKING BBC's highest paid female star is Claudia Winkleman on £500k. Fiona Bruce and Vanessa Feltz on £400k. But boys do…
Chris Evans is the BBC top male earner on £2m and Claudia Winkleman is the female highest on £500k.
Sue Barker who is one of the best broadcasters paid less than a match of the day pundit.
My take on BBC mega bucks and the appalling pay gap between Lineker/Badling etc etc
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The problem is people are not comparing like for like. You would think Tess Daly & Claudia Winkleman wo…
Sexism and discrimination alive and kicking at the BBC.
Then you have Claudia Winkleman who does arguably less work than Fiana Bruce but…
Claudia winkleman gets 500k per yr from the thats Claudia winkleman gets 500k per yr from the . let that sink in 😯.
Claudia Winkleman, there is more personality in an Haemorrhoid . stinks !!!.
Claudia Winkleman on 450k a year & her hair still looks like her kids did it
‘How do you justify that?’ Jeremy Vine just publicly asked BBC radio chief why he gets paid so much
Claudia Winkleman, is a BBC tv presenter, who earns far less than a former footballer, who reads an autocue for a l…
. The BBC has revealed the salaries of its highest paid stars, and one thing is clear—it pays to be a…
Not so much a gender gap as an assertion that companies believe that Chris Evans is a bigger…
It's shameful that on the same day the BBC published mega-salaries, its lowest paid workers begged for a living wage https…
I actively avoid watching Chris Evans & Claudia Winkleman. Pl remind me what talents they have that others are dying to poach them
New story from " The BBC’s top male star is paid four times as much as its top female star" Url:
JOIN and earn considerably less than Gary Lineker or Claudia Winkleman...
This is how much every top BBC star is paid
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Well for me it'd be Vic & Bob cos comedy heroes, Claudia Winkleman cos nutter and Bill Bailey cos a…
Claudian Chicanery - Claudia Winkleman on Would I Lie to You?: via
I had a dream last night that Claudia Winkleman died live on Strictly Come Dancing due to a mishap with a prop and I'm still traumatised!!!
Claudia Winkleman braless in a see through top. -.
Claudia Winkleman gets real about her experiences with Botox
If you missed our chat with Head & Shoulders ambassador you can read it here:
Look, if Claudia Winkleman can have an opinion on films am havin one anaw. Am sorry, it disney work. Neither does yer ***
I liked a video Claudia Winkleman and Yoshi the tortoise - Would I Lie to You? [HD]
Had a most splendid evening with a friend and her new puppy. Wine, supper then a relax on the couch stroking Claudia Wi…
In this week's column, on why we need to talk about January. Sigh.
Listening to Claudia Winkleman on Radio 2 Wow she looks and sounds great
Strictly Come Dancing star Claudia Winkleman on beauty and ageing - Daily Star
Strictly Come Dancing's Claudia Winkleman: My fringe is basically in charge - Daily Star
The six life lessons Claudia Winkleman learned from her mum
In this week's column, on dressing for January: the month of 'meh' .
So glad it's not just me. January and its waterfall of mucus immaculately summed up by
Claudia Winkleman: I look like I sleep in a skip -
Claudia Winkleman is actually such a spice
The hair stylist gave me a Claudia Winkleman style fringe, sorry it had to go 👋😂
So you aren't rocking the Claudia Winkleman look anymore?
as Claudia Winkleman said on Scd, I've got no more words.😍😍😍
Now we must trump the MKDonalds this afternoon. Bostwick, Tafazoli must build a wall and chairman Claudia Winkleman will pay for it!
If the UK ever win again (or more likely Australia win and they need a host) Mel and Claudia Winkleman should host it.
Whoever is getting paid for giving Claudia Winkleman work is taking the *** out of all of us.
My inaugural Claudia Winkleman welcome to the club it's a pleasure to have you.
There are umpteen reasons to love Claudia Winkleman.
How does Claudia Winkleman manage to get so much TV work? She is truly woeful 😖 Mind you Gemma Cairney comes close 😱
Claudia Winkleman is to music programmes what Claudia Winkelman is to film programmes.
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman host the Strictly Come Dancing live semi-final
Claudia Winkleman looks like an old fashioned loo roll cover & Tess Daley has the personality of a twig
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Claudia Winkleman gives Ed Balls a telling off live on Strictly
Film 2016: Paul Merton and Zoe Ball replace Claudia Winkleman as host
Film 2016 presenting line-up REVEALED. Paul Merton and Zoe Ball replace Claudia Winkleman:
Strictly’s Tess Daly stuns in a form-fitting white frock, while Claudia Winkleman opts for black and orange
Head over to for ALL NEW Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman present:
KATCHING MY I: & Claudia Winkleman in first Strictly Come Dancing publicity stills
Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly glam up ahead of Strictly Come Dancing's new series
Ready for the ballroom! Glam Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman dress to impress in first Strictl...
Is it unreasonable for a life goal of mine to be "be more Claudia Winkleman" "Joyce you can take this TABLE" 😅
Claudia Winkleman is a national treasure
isn't it just! Have you watched all first series etc! Last weeks with Tess Daly and Claudia winkleman as crack den *** !!
I'd rather have Claudia Winkleman than any of those
Get your mitts off . He's marrying me (but doesn't know it yet). Or did you mean Esme or Claudia Winkleman?
can we have Mary Berry making cakes while Claudia Winkleman sews?
Dear Claudia Winkleman, I love you. Someone start a petition to make be on every week, forever.
My mum explaining why she loves Claudia Winkleman to me. "even though she wears thick eyeliner its part of who she is" . lol 🙈
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman in the crack den may be the best thing Murder In Successville has ever done. This show needs to be on BBC2.
I reckon Claudia winkleman is terrifying up close
Claudia Winkleman leaves the BAFTA with Strictly Come Dancing pal Tess Daly -
Claudia Winkleman: can we talk about ... the beach 😂😱 spot on as usual
If I had my way, Claudia Winkleman and Mel and Sue would present all programmes.
Just when i thought i couldnt live her more... Claudia Winkleman. via
Here's what has to say about the beach...
Claudia Winkleman on the one reason she refuses to have sex with her husband .
. Oh yeah!! Claudia Winkleman 😂😂. I'll have to dig out that story again.
I also have one on Claudia Winkleman
murder in successville is brilliant! Whoever played Claudia Winkleman tonight was a great parody! Should still be on main tv still.
charlie is the love child of Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daley
Pure ghost activity in rodney street tonight and harrison though claudia winkleman was indian
I have just learnt that Claudia Winkleman isn't Asian
The Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman on are particularly good.
You gotta love Claudia Winkleman! This show would not be the same without her.
Want to know what Claudia Winkleman wears in Bed. Watch this interview
CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN at Summer Party at The Victoria and Albert Museum in London 06/22/2016
– Save money and keep the government happy by merging Claudia Winkleman, Davina McCall and Emma Freud.
We need Claudia Winkleman to play a sport.Let her play tennis against Watson lol
I see it's now compulsory to have either Claudia Winkleman, Fearne Cotton, Tess Daly or Davina McCall on all tv programmes.
Claudia Winkleman "replaced" Rachel Riley on 8 Out of 10 Cats Does this week. Dreadful.
I seem to only have two looks these days: a drunk Claudia Winkleman or Uncle Fester.
Tess Daly & Claudia Winkleman look like they would drink in Broadview and The Commodore 🤔
Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly grip each other with smudged make-up after Strictly party
Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly enjoy the Strictly after party in Blackpool
claudia winkleman. Bit mental, but I'd love a go.
so max. About the new opening for a Film 2016 presenter. Claudia winkleman says she's cannot compete with this
"I don't really believe in taking my make-up off" said to me. Yes, I was shocked. More here:
'I’m hideous' Strictly's Claudia Winkleman 'doesn't give a monkey's' about what she wears
Claudia Winkleman admits she never takes her eye make-up off
Just in case you missed Claudia Winkleman doing the Cupid Stunt move 😉😍
Patti Smith being great. [With Claudia Winkleman which might be a deal breaker for some people...]
the black one which Claudia Winkleman wore a couple of weeks ago on strictly?
I love this. is brilliant and hilarious! | The Pool meets Claudia Winkleman
Love this from on the brilliance of Tess and Claudia on Strictly
I seriously adore She makes me laugh & is true to herself and her own style..
Claudia Winkleman on her new beauty range, the perfect fringe and eye-liner disasters
Genius -but has also made me really hungry for chicken
Here's what had to say about beauty tips & her new range for
Claudia Winkleman misses third weekend of Strictly Come Dancing for her injured daughter.
Thank you to for letting me wang on...
So, might be the funniest person we know. Watch her interview:
If you missed this, catch up with on The Pool. Brilliant:
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Me: oh hi Claudia Winkleman. CW: This is mascara speaking. Claudia is dead. We are now in control
hmm show looks tired . Unlike Claudia winkleman on the other side who just gets better and better
Claudia Winkleman has teamed up with M&S to create her own product line: Claudia Winkleman is one of the most recognisable faces on T...
Oh my god. It's bake off, but with sewing, and Claudia Winkleman. Also, dapper man from Saville Row plus lady from WI.
Didn't win either of 2 awards but met Claudia Winkleman (ace), and was 4 feet from Sir David Attenborough (legend).
Monday night? Oh yeah, just at the BBC Production Awards with Sir David Attenborough, Sir David Jason, Graham Norton, Claudia Winkleman...
Ola Jordan will be the highlight of the dancers (as ever) and it goes without saying that Claudia Winkleman will steal the show.
Pan’ flies high in panoramic performance at| ☰ Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman wow in…
Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman wow in black dresses at BAFTA Television ☱ ☰ 98
Kate Garraway is not funny, tell her to return Claudia Winkleman's act!
Hmm 15k for Claudia Winkleman to attend an event, anyone fancy a whip-round?
Why dont ask why BBC run TV ads starring people without TV's ?
Watch the hilarious moment Claudia Winkleman and Tess Daly are ushered off the red ... -
You reckon?? Could be i suppose.i think claudia winkleman has that look about Her
Claudia Winkleman opens up about her daughter's injury: 'It was life ...
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Thinking Claudia winkleman would be a good bet good tyop geast @ chrisevans
Well done if you knew the mystery celebrity on Initial Success with Paul Clark this afternoon was Claudia Winkleman of Strictly/ Sewing Bee.
Wish it had happened to me Claudia Winkleman on moment daughter s ∞ * 29
Avril Lavigne has more black eyeliner/mascara than Claudia Winkleman
Claudia Winkleman delivers first aid lesson for Warwickshire pupils after her daughter’s Halloween cost...
22:00 The Radio 2 Arts Show with Claudia Winkleman: Anneka Rice sits in for Claudia and takes a look at the Museum o…
Disgusted to hear my own mother dissing renowned film critic and possessor of the "Most on Fleek Bangs of 2015" Claudia Winkleman.
Claudia Winkleman is a total babe. Definition of a keeper. I'd like to stroke her hair while she talked to me about cinema.
Don't get me wrong, I do fancy Claudia Winkleman but sometimes I get her mixed up with Noel Fielding.
HUGE thanks to for alerting me to this new level of Claudz LOVE...
Claudia Winkleman streams life-saving lesson to Solihull schoolchildren -
Claudia Winkleman delivers first aid lesson for pupils after her…
remember when Claudia Winkleman took over and was assigned a special ManHelper
It's Friday night. You get out a bottle of wine and dress it up like Claudia Winkleman in brogues holding a lollypop sign
Strictly presenter Claudia Winkleman 'drops into' Cleethorpes school! -
TV stars: keep the BBC strong: Presenters Claudia Winkleman and Gareth Malone have also backed the BBC, while ...
+ Claudia Winkleman relives Halloween fire that injured daughter on
Claudia Winkleman | This lady gives Alexa Chung a serious run for her money. Have been in love with
Claudia Winkleman helps charity to build a generation of life savers
BREAKING: Claudia Winkleman to scrap cocaine funeral atrocity.
As if I just served claudia winkleman LOL
How Claudia Winkleman turned up in a Cleethorpes classroom!.
Just remembered, had a nice dream last night involving Claudia Winkleman. 'Nuff said.:)
We love to dress up and own a lot of highly flammable costumes
Claudia Winkleman describes the terrifying moment her daughter caught on fire
Claudia Winkleman is chic in a low-key striped shirt and skinny jeans as she presents food awards The TV presenter…
Best of the Brits! Claudia Winkleman cuts a trendy figure in red, white and blue stripes to present Fortnum & Mason Food and Drink awards …
Made in China > Fire that engulfed my girl changed our lives, says Strictly's Claudia. via
We're backing Claudia Winkleman’s plea to improve the safety of kids fancy dress costumes.
Did anyone comment on how looked like Claudia Winkleman? Yes? Ok I won't bother.
Why was Claudia Winkleman singing the Portuguese entry?
Claudia Winkleman has had another load of plastic surgery
Why is Claudia winkleman dressed as dearth vader singing for Portugal
Oh my, - when did Claudia Winkleman defect to Portugal?
why can't you just name the "major supermarket" which sold the Halloween costume to Claudia Winkleman? 😬 It's disgusting!!
this woman could show Claudia Winkleman a thing or two about eye make up
What's Claudia winkleman doing singing for Portugal this year?
Claudia Winkleman doing a great performance for Portugal!
The only thing that annoys me about the portugal singer is she reminds me of Claudia Winkleman and i dislike her lots!
The Portuguese entry looks like a cross between Claudia Winkleman and Shakira.
Claudia Winkleman will quite literally set fire to her children to get on TV!
Portugal's entered Claudia Winkleman's angry little sister for and she's singing complete gibberish. That's not even a language.
.even more like Claudia Winkleman than Loreen in 2012
Claudia Winkleman what are you doing here and when did you learn Portuguese?
She looks like a younger version of Claudia winkleman
She has a look of Claudia Winkleman crossed with Sporty spice! X
I see what Claudia winkleman get up to when Strictly isn't on
(kinda like a younger Claudia Winkleman?)
Didn't realise Claudia Winkleman was signing for Portugal this year!
Shifty. She looks like Claudia Winkleman as well. Takes all sorts.
Portugal being represented by Claudia Winkleman? What's going on?
She reminds me of a younger Claudia Winkleman.
What is Claudia winkleman doing there?!
quite a dramatic career change here from Claudia Winkleman
Is that Claudia Winkleman? Seriously not a bad entry. I like that they sing in Portuguese
What is Claudia Winkleman doing singing on my TV
She looks like a young Claudia Winkleman. I'm totally digging her.
good for Claudia winkleman to spread her wings from strictly to Eurovision. it's a ten from Len!!
is it me or is Claudia Winkleman representing Portugal in
It's like if Claudia Winkleman was in The Matrix
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Claudia Winkleman has a remarkable grasp of Portuguese.
the girl related to Claudia Winkleman
Floaty sleeves from the Portuguese Claudia Winkleman though...
claudia winkleman has a good voice. Who knew.
She's like a young Claudia Winkleman crossed with Darth Vader
Claudia Winkleman there for Another cloak/wind machine winning combo.
So this is where Claudia Winkleman went this year. Long dress & wind machine. Best so far.
Entry from looks like Claudia Winkleman so I'm inclined to like her.
Portugal happy to present Film 2015 if Claudia Winkleman quits.
the mix up of Claudia Winkleman and Cheryl Cole
and Portugal have a vampiric Claudia Winkleman on stage
I didn't know Claudia Winkleman could sing
→ Claudia Winkleman Claudia Winkleman appears on Watchdog to exposes fancy…
Parents warned about serious consequences of fancy dress costumes on BBC watchdog
Claudia Winkleman to speak about daughter's Halloween outfit accident Claudia Wi➟
ICYMI: Claudia Winkleman on last night, talking about her daughter's burns
Claudia Winkleman talks about her daughter's fire accident tonight on BBC's Watchdog flagship consumer show
Sienna Miller, Claudia Winkleman & Kate Moss love Environ they recognise importance of care that delivers results & keeps skin looking great
Claudia Winkleman to speak about daughter's accident when Halloween outfit caught fire leaving her with severe burns
Claudia Winkleman to talk about daughter's Halloween accident on Watchdog. Here is our Halloween fire risk assessment
Claudia Winkleman goes for chic black and white ...
The latest BBC Watchdog series is calling for a change to rules on testing via
excuse me Claudia Winkleman (hehehehe!) comic strip vs a Spielberg film that had a lot of depths & meanings!😜
Claudia Winkleman to make TV appearance on Watchdog via
trace just said I look like Claudia winkleman
.will be joining us live for a webchat promoting Danceathon - post your Qs here
Just about to kick off webchat with talking and more
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