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Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer (born 25 August 1970) is a German model and Creative Director of her clothing label..

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Just wait till I woman up, I'd make that dude look like Claudia Schiffer.
The Claudia Schiffer of Claret!? Classy, ageless style, very little make up required,…
Claudia Schiffer was on top of the world in the late 80s – early 90s
There's good news I am so excited to share with you... Discover Claudia Schiffer's secret to looking great...
Claudia Schiffer on ’80s Style and Homemade Passion Fruit Martinis
I will never understand what Claudia Schiffer saw in David Copperfield.
Not a direct interaction, but one of my teachers was very proud of the fact that Claudia Schif…
I was waiting for a changing room in a jeans store and when the door opened Claudia Schiffer came out. She seemed ok.
RuPaul with some of the most legendary Supermodels: Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss
Yes, these are the prettiest new flats we've seen all year:
As far as I remember you're not Claudia Schiffer or Nicole Kidman so your eggs are the most average thing ever
You’re a good lot Nil, but I reckon I could get Claudia Schiffer for £81k. 😂
Claudia Schiffer Had a lovely time with for their "My Week With Claudia" feature! We talked about lot...
Claudia Schiffer was one of the loveliest and humble people I met while in the acting industry
“Everything I experienced and learned has been poured into every detail of my collection. It is a limited edition...
Yep, this model colors her hair from a box.
From to Claudia Schiffer, these are our favourite model homes.
Claudia Schiffer on Her New Book, the Era, and What Went Down at Versace Spring 2018
Who are the four celebs who constantly get you off? The four that have been *** targets for the longest? Who you'd put on y…
Claudia Schiffer Makeup has landed at selected SASA Malaysia. Fyi we’re missing some items: contour, blushers, eye product…
“Every collaboration I do is an extension of what I know” says Claudia Schiffer to
Can't believe I forgot about Claudia schiffer what's she been up to since that photoshoot with JGL
can you do something iconic waiting for a 90s comeback featuring Claudia Schiffer
3. Claudia Schiffer and husband fill halls with laughter, good food, and an entire wing of Barbie dolls.--
Behind the scenes of the shoot. I'm ALWAYS channeling Claudia Schiffer, so this was a no-brainer.
This will get me Claudia Schiffer? She's got the body I always dream of.
Claudia Schiffer's Tudor is stunning and art-filled (of course):
Serpentine Summer Party 2017. Arizona Muse, Claudia Schiffer and Sam Rollinson were all outfitted by ..…
Today Claudia Schiffer is exactly as old as O. J. Simpson was the day of his White Ford Bronco chase (17,145 days).
Mate, why are you at Nando's with Claudia Schiffer?
Best memories but there isn't Claudia Schiffer!
We love historic homes! See Claudia Schiffer's Tudor home outside of London from Architectural Digest. Standing...
Through the most fashionable keyholes in the world: inside the homes of Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and more
Reveling in Claudia Schiffer's England manse - stately on the outside, funky fun within 🙌🏼 // See more:…
Uptown Girl is the best Westlife music video! . Can't stop looking at Claudia Schiffer
How to achieve Claudia Schiffer's radiant glow with minimal effort.
How gorgeous does Claudia Schiffer look in at the She always works her angles effor…
Brooklyn Beckham and Rita Ora among stars donning finest for Serpentine party
Claudia Schiffer and Guy Richie arrive at Serpentine Gallery summer party…
Rita Ora, Brooklyn Beckham and Claudia Schiffer among stars at the Serpentine summer soiree in London…
The stunning Claudia Schiffer & Edgardo Osorio at the annual Serpentine Summer Party tonight!
Youthful Claudia Schiffer, 46, commands attention in metallic pleated maxidress as she makes a ...
Dame Shirley Bassey at the Gallery Summer Party - June 28th 2017 -
Budding beauties! Anais Gallagher looks quirky in a lilac floral dress as she joins Claudia Schiffer ...
Mary Charteris flashes BARE BREASTS in sheer lace frock at Serpentine Gallery Summer Party
The statuesque veteran supermodel, 46, looked typically stunning as she sashayed into the newly designed pavilio...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Check out my video on - Claudia Schiffer meets fans at Serpentine Gallery, London
Claudia Schiffer makes an entrance at London's Serpentine -
Claudia Schiffer makes an entrance at the Serpentine via
Claudia Schiffer makes an entrance at London's Serpentine
Honestly, I don't know Heidi Klum and neither does Claudia Schiffer.
Claudia Schiffer makes an entrance at London's Serpentine: via
Who would look more typical for France: Claudia Schiffer or Monica Bellucci?
Claudia Schiffer, Princess Eugenie, Guy Ritchie and Rita Ora are among VIPs joining host at tonight’s party.
Claudia Schiffer to release a new book this year
"Symphony of Sirens" Christy Turlington, Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista and Stephanie Seymour by Steven Meisel for Vogue…
Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer at the Opening of Fashion Cafe in New Orleans, USA. || 1996
Y now it's time for the sausage pizza show starring Claudia Schiffer. Oh, Rebel Wilson.
EXCL: Where is Liam Neeson's character 13 yrs on? Still with Claudia Schiffer? I found out!
John Casablancas was saying, 'You will be the next Claudia Schiffer!...
Claudia Schiffer angers neighbour after ‘cutting down his 30ft pine trees’
Claudia Schiffer in fight after neighbour claims she chopped down his trees - .
Claudia Schiffer angers neighbour after 'cutting down his 30ft pine trees'
Claudia Schiffer is one of the most aesthetically beautiful supermodels to ever grace this Earth. Ethereal.
Claudia Schiffer at centre of dispute after ‘cutting down neighbour’s 30ft pine trees’
Claudia Schiffer at centre of dispute after 'cutting down neighbour's 30ft pine trees': . Michael Schumacher'...
Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Claudia Schiffer for GQ, Joe can do this to me anytime
Claudia Schiffer in legal battle over trees at Majorcan villa via
If you have been the victim of a nightmare neighbour, we want to hear from you!. Call 0207 5987 392, or email...
Claudia Schiffer in legal battle, cut down neighbors trees to improve her Majorcan villa view >> Entitled arrogance
Claudia Schiffer in legal row as her gardener is accused of 'chopping down neighbour's trees which were block...
Claudia Schiffer in legal battle over trees cut down by her gardener in Majorca: Model Claudia Schiffer is reportedly at the centre of a…
David Copperfield & Claudia Schiffer, but on a lower budget 😂😂😂
'I think of you both as our version of David Copperfield and Claudia Schiffer, but you know, on a lower budget.' 😄
Last night in London, Claudia Schiffer wore Balmain FW16 at the gala dinner
Your wish is my command. Claudia Schiffer with her Maclaren. This one's red and a bit slower than a P1
Sorted. Now if you can arrange for Claudia Schiffer to be there for the handover, job's a good'un.
this is true. I am going for an off duty supermodel/Claudia Schiffer doing the school run look today. So fun
also:if your hair is really dry/frizzy that pink loreal Claudia schiffer serum is amazing. use only a tiny bit though
SJP and Claudia Schiffer wear them. Which denim brand is the fashion packs' favourite?
Is this Brigitte Bardot, Claudia Schiffer or Bruce Forsyth, its our lovely Tina!
to Claudia Schiffer looking fabulous as ever rocking some serious prints.
/ Blonde bombshell - Claudia Schiffer photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. /
Yes and I will go on a date with Claudia Schiffer. If this awful Labour propaganda that's I find unattractive
Why do I look like Claudia Schiffer in the bathroom mirror but in the car I look like Christopher Walken?
I set for myself only small goals, goals that are not that far away.
Claudia Schiffer in a white shirt by a green forest
/ Italy 1989 - Claudia Schiffer photographed by Ellen von Unwerth. /
Basically just served Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn. I didn't know it was them 😂😂😂
Claudia Schiffer photographed by Arthur Elgort in Roma. Valentino, October 21st, 1994
“I love being pregnant. You can do whatever you want.”. Claudia Schiffer
Big ups to that young fan with the white tee shirt that says nothing on the front other than “Claudia Schiffer”.
"That isn't possible, not least because the advertising industry is very much taken nowadays by pop stars and actresses" - Claudia Schiffer
"In order to become a supermodel one must be on all the covers all over the world at the same time." - Claudia Schiffer
A messy bun never looked so good on Claudia Schiffer. --.
Black and White optics # Claudia Schiffer for Valentino ss16# leather net dress
"Supermodels like we once were, don't exist anymore!.." Claudia Schiffer. "Testing Her"…
Last night at the premiere of 'Eddie The Eagle', Claudia Schiffer in a Balmain Pre-Fall 2016 dress
Claudia Schiffer seen in a Balmain Pre-Fall 2016 dress at a movie premiere in London
Claudia Schiffer photographed by Gilles Bensimon for ELLE magazine France edition 1993.
Claudia Schiffer (born in 1970) was one of the biggest fashion and beauty icons in the world for over 25 years.
Claudia Schiffer wore Balmain Pre-Fall 2016 top & corset at the Gary Barlow's live showcase in London
Claudia Schiffer — Her resume holds over 500 magazine covers. Was selected by Karl to become the new face of Chanel.
Claudia Schiffer on the runway for Christian Dior haute couture, Fall/Winter 1996/1997.
I served Claudia Schiffer and Matthew Vaughn at my work today 😱 I love my job!!
Claudia Schiffer, & star in the Balmain SS16 ad campaign shot by Steven Klein
Claudia Schiffer photographed by Herb Ritts for VOGUE magazine UK edition 1990.
Prince Albert of Monaco (R) is seen with model Claudia Schiffer
Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell in the heat of the 90's
😏 Claudia Schiffer leads the celeb guests at Jonathan Ross' Halloween party - Daily Mail
Iconic Angels including Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum, Tyra Banks, Adriana Lima and Claudia Schiffer all have had the privilege of donning
Gerhard Schröder, Claudia Schiffer, Fritz Lang, John McEnroe - your boys took one h.. Ah we'll take that.
[Contact Music]I love the interior design. “Nobu has the best sushi. I order yello…
“I don’t know her. Claudia (Schiffer) doesn’t know her. She was never in Paris, we don’t know her.”. Karl Lagerfeld on H…
Mario Testino's 2008 snap of Kate Moss and Herb Ritts' picture of Claudia Schiffer from 1989 will feature in Vogue 100: A Century Of Style
Happy birthday, Vogue! Fashion magazine to celebrate 100th anniversary with exhibition
Our Apple Models team are marking their calendars with these exhibition dates! Happy birthday, Vogue! More:
I see of is dancing on She looks like Claudia Schiffer! I'll send her a Limerick l8er 8-)
"Claudia Schiffer prefers red wine to healthy smoothies" RT
Comfy and cozy, our sand dune sweater.
Claudia Schiffer answers our quickfire beauty questions:
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Claudia Schiffer rose to fame in the early 1990s and was renowned for having a similar look to Brigitte Bardot
Today, Claudia Schiffer is exactly as old as President John Kennedy was the day Marilyn Monroe sang "Happy Birthday" to him: 16,426 days
Claudia Schiffer has appeared on over 1000 magazine covers in her career
Did you miss this one... Essence Ultime Diamond Color - The One With Claudia Schiffer
Was there ever a better looking posterior, excepting Claudia Schiffer?
Claudia Schiffer and Helena Christensen for Spring Summer 1995, photographed by http…
At a movie theater in carmel Mountain Ranch, SD, CA, I served at concessions: David Copperfield, Claudia Schiffer, & his mother
We love supplying, different things. Going to make a ladies when we fit these beautiful Claudia Schiffer frames
when i was a teenager, i told all my friends that i had a crush on Claudia Schiffer... *i wanted to look like her*
My favorite holiday is St. Patrick's Day because of all the humility. My friend popov likes to paisley. Claudia Schiffer, huh?
It's the God Like Claudia Schiffer this morning boys and girls.
I like to play cow. Do you play anything? What's your favorite Claudia Schiffer movie? Mine is Raging Bull.
I am calm most of the time. Claudia Schiffer
Another German beauty, just as good looking as Claudia Schiffer
My passion is my family and the world of fashion. Claudia Schiffer
My friends often tell me how very German I still am. Claudia Schiffer
Today, Claudia Schiffer is exactly as old as Sarah Palin was the day McCain picked her as his running mate: 16,271 days.
Don't forget, we've got no money! Cameron spends taxpayers money on parties with Claudia Schiffer and toff cronies:
Austerity doesn't start at Chequers when Dodgy Dave bills taxpayers for his date with Claudia Schiffer. Somebody's bedro…
Claudia Schiffer at the world premiere of Kingsman: The Secret Service wearing a black dress by
Instead of the European Model meteorologist should just ask Claudia Schiffer she's a model
For you ! Lol ( Claudia Schiffer and our friends lol )
“My last girlfriend looked like Claudia Schiffer: only shorter and Korean.”. - Max Kauffman
Director Matthew Vaughn is married to Claudia Schiffer? Random Kingsman trivia.
It was just revealed that the European Model isn't really a weather service, but Claudia Schiffer at home counting pistachio shells.
“daily pop quiz:. name this rider Claudia Schiffer?
So Claudia schiffer we salute you, shawing
the 90's model inspiration. . Claudia Schiffer
“When she was four, told me she wanted to be Claudia Schiffer. Most girls that age want to be Little Red Riding Hood.”.
Millions $$$ I hope, I class u up their with claudia schiffer!!!
Traveling on the train ‘Laughter Spot’ – with Claudia Schiffer and that Irishman
My uncle named me Klaudia because he used to have a huge crush on the supermodel Claudia Schiffer...👀🔥
I am pretty sure this Color Ultim commercial is too hard for the Walmart crowd to understand. What were you thinking Claudia Schiffer?
Does Claudia Schiffer realize the shampoo "Schwarzkopf" translates to "Black- Head?" What's up with that?
Photoset: vuittonable: claudia schiffer in “roman holiday" by arthur elgort for vogue december 1994
The A Team. Claudia Schiffer and Valeria Mazza photographed by Peter Lindbergh in Harper's Bazaar Me
close your eyes it could be Claudia Schiffer. It works for me.
Can't believe I served Claudia Schiffer at work today 🙆💁
what right do feminists have to tell page 3 workers and Claudia Schiffer what work they can and can't do? This is the point
CLAUDIA SCHIFFER on front cover hungarian magazine 2002
"Quentin Tarantino asked me to work with him but there is ..".
Well, Claudia Schiffer is still a thing.
Claudia Schiffer in a lime PVC catsuit, burning rubber in F1. Not for the faint-hearted!
Always wanted Claudia Schiffer’s supermodel Nows your chance for VOLUMIZING!
da Claudia Schiffer a Gigi Hadid: le" guess girls"
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
A crashed? Yes, my Opel Astra everyday but I don't see to Claudia Schiffer
So Claudia Schiffer just walked past me in the hotel. Casual.
A Very Sexy Retrospective of Guess Girls Through the Years: From Anna Nicole Smith to Claudia Schiffer to Gigi Hadid.
You can just taste the Almond Joy Smurf of elevate. My favorite actor is Claudia Schiffer. I want to go to scale so I can Cher Lloyd.
Claudia Schiffer, Suki Waterhouse, and More Talk Consigning at Vestiaire: Vestiaire Collective, the online con...
Claudia Schiffer stuns in sexy catsuit at Jonathan Ross' star-studded Halloween bash (via
Jonathan Ross' annual Halloween party: Claudia Schiffer, Frank Skinner and Jimmy Carr were among the host of c...
Claudia Schiffer embraces her wild side
Claudia Schiffer in the NY Four Seasons hotel. Needless to say I went all the way... to the penthouse floor!
Models as party girls: Carla Bruni, Nadege, Christy Turlington and Claudia Schiffer. All dresses by Lancetti.
Love love love the cover of Vogue Japan with Claudia Schiffer, Nadja Auermann, Naomi Campbell, Linda…
You know you're listening to SPIN southwest when they're doing the 'guess the voice' game and a lady rings up and guesses Claudia Schiffer for voice number 3. The DJ then says "who would she be now" ? I'm sure he knows who Kim Kardashian is though so I guess that's ok.
TIP: Do you dream of becoming Claudia Schiffer or Tyra Banks? Does your heart tell you that you ought to be featured on a billboard or magazine? Do you always imagine yourself in four-inch heels and fancy clothes while walking the ramp? Are you up for long standing photo shoots and spotlights? Then maybe modelling is just the right occupation for you! However, you stop for a moment because you have no freaking idea how to get started and become one. Need some help? A female model is supposed to stand at least 5’6 tall with vital statistics of 34-24-34 inches. On the other hand, male models should be at least 5’11 to 6’3 feet tall and should have waist and chest measurements of 30–35 inches (76.20–88.90 cm) and 36–40 inches (91.44–101.60 cm), respectively.
Claudia Schiffer out in Central London. Alexander McQueen bucklestrap boots and Mulberry Alexa bag -
David Copperfield David Copperfield has just finished his magic show. He decides to ask the audience if they have any tricks they would like to share. Nobody puts their hand up except one man. David beckons him on to the stage and tells him to perform his trick. The man says "For this trick, David, I will require the assistance of the lovely Claudia Schiffer and I will also need a table." He walks Claudia Schiffer over to the table and bends her over it. He then proceeds to lift up her skirt, pull down her underwear and takes her from behind. David Copperfield is horrified and says "That's not a trick!!", to which the man replies, "I know, but it's f**king magic."
Dubai's Burj Al Arab set to offer weddings on its helipad, 693ft above the Arabian Gulf - but it'll set you back £33,000 Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab hotel is set to stage weddings on its helipad, perched 695ft above the Arabian Gulf. The sail-shaped hotel, which sits on its own island off the coast of Dubai is offering the unusual wedding package to loved-up couples who want a wedding with a view - but you'll need a spare £33,000. The hotel is a favourite of the rich and famous and has hosted stars from footballer Wayne Rooney and his wife Colleen, Formula One star Lewis Hamilton and model Claudia Schiffer. It is known for its exceptional opulence and proclaims itself 'the world's most luxurious hotel'. For couples looking to tie the knot, the hotel has a resident 'wedding architect' who will be responsible for every detail of their big day and makes a point of being available 24 hours a day. The £33,000 price tag for the helipad wedding is just the start. Costs could easily soar as guests add in extra ...
Star spot at the hotel bar in tonight: Claudia Schiffer et famille.
Christy Turlington From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Christy Turlington Christy Turlington LF.JPG Born Christy Nicole Turlington January 2, 1969 (age 45) Walnut Creek, California, USA Spouse(s) Edward Burns (m. 2003) Children Grace (b. 2003) Finn (b. 2006) Modeling information Height 5 ft 10 in (1.78 m)[1] Hair color Brown[1] Eye color Green[1] Measurements 34-23-36[1] Dress size 4 (US); 34 (EU)[1] Christy Turlington Burns[2] (born January 2, 1969)[1] is an American model best known for representing Calvin Klein from 1987 to 2007. She has worked on dozens of modeling contracts with companies including Maybelline Cosmetics and Versace. Turlington starred in her fashion documentary Catwalk and Isaac Mizrahi's Unzipped. She was added on as the fourth model investor, after Elle MacPherson, Naomi Campbell and Claudia Schiffer of the now defunct Fashion Cafes. Christy Turlington is credited for introducing the navel piercing into popular culture by showing her navel piercing at a fashion show in London in 1 ...
Claudia Schiffer is on the cover of and Marie Antoinette is revived too: xox
Claudia Schiffer is gracing the cover of the April 2014 VOGUE Germany Photographed by: Luigi and Lango Plus a complimentary vogue business supplement
Claudia Schiffer on the cover of proving to us all that beauty doesn't fade.
Claudia Schiffer and her £1m indecent proposal from an Arab prince via
Claudia Schiffer £1m indecent proposal from an Arab prince
Claudia Schiffer turned down £1million indecent proposal from an Arab prince.
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Sir Alex Ferguson, Susanna Reid, Dappy, Claudia Schiffer...
"Between a bottle of Epsom salts and one of twenty-year-old cognac, which would you choose? Would you rather spend your vacation with an eighty-year-old leper or with Demi Moore? Do you prefer being sprinkled with ferocious red ants or sharing a sleeping compartment with Claudia Schiffer? If you have answered '1' to all the above questions, then you are inventive, original, brilliant, but sexually a bit frigid. If all your answers are '2', then you're a rascal." Umberto Eco
A Drunken Night A guy wakes up in a drunken stupor, opening his eyes he sees Claudia Schiffer on the bed next to him. He thinks this is a little odd, as he doesn't remember a thing, let alone going to bed with her. He decides to get up and get himself a drink from the fridge. He gets to the fridge and opens the door and is faced with a large suitcase. He takes the suitcase out of the fridge, puts it on the table and opens it to find $1 Million. This is just a little too much for the guy who thinks he is losing his mind. He wonders if he is hallucinating, so he goes to the window and draws back the blind. Outside on his front lawn is the Klu Klux Klan and dangling from the tree is an open noose, empty. They appear to be beckoning him and shouting. Now the guy is really freaked out, he quickly draws the blind and turns around. In the corner of his kitchen is a leprechaun, obviously drunk as well. He asks the leprechaun what is going on. "Well," says the leprechaun, "I was drunk last night as well, and as I ...
Karlie Kloss to miss New York Fashion Week? Johnny Depp honoured for hair and make-up Claudia Schiffer: Fashion has lost it's 'flair'
Cara Delevingne looks effortlesly glamorous as the face of Yves Saint Laurent’s spring make-up collection, joining the likes of Claudia Schiffer, model BFF Jourdan Dunn and Hollywood’s favourite redhead...
Can't believe it's only 7 more days till we open! So exciting! Why don't you join the list of celebrities doing whole body vibration training by training at Aurora Active Hilary Swank, Morgan Freeman, Clint Eastwood, Tyra Banks, Claudia Schiffer, Madonna, Elle MacPherson, Mark Wahlberg, Kylie Minogue and Julie Andrews to name a few featured in NBC s Science of Love
You look like Claudia Schiffer. If she had a baby with Les Dawson... Happy New Year, Holly!
Someone just told me I look like Claudia Schiffer... why thanks ahah
I was a done deal long ago. Unless, of course, Claudia Schiffer stops by: you'll be out of the house in no time, ye wee motherless mongrel.
Day of our goes to the blonde beauty Claudia Schiffer!!
my parents named me after Claudia Schiffer but im not that beautiful lol
My 90's bedroom panorama... Complete with Claudia Schiffer, patterned curtains, X-Files, Nirvana and can of Lynx.
SO GOOD. But how could you forget about Claudia Schiffer on the airport?? :P
My last girlfriend looked like Claudia Schiffer: but only shorter and Korean
It's Claudia Schiffer stalking day. Whye do I not look like this
Claudia Schiffer has the most beautiful pout 💋👄
The fact that Sam's argument for going after Joanna is that there was only one person for Daniel but then Daniel finds Claudia Schiffer.
Just watching Love Actually. Although people don't mention it as often now that she isn't young and blonde, I must say, that my wife does share a resemblance with Claudia Schiffer.
Just casually standing next to Claudia Schiffer
Had to deliver freight to Claudia Schiffer today. All in a day' ;-)
Just spotted Claudia Schiffer The beautifying power of cheese and wine is astounding
Just see Claudia Schiffer and Princess Bea and her bodyguard in Harrods toy dept
Just been doing a spot of Christmas shopping in Harrods and ended up stood next to Claudia Schiffer!!!
Opel's new brand ambassador is.Claudia Schiffer
Being stalked by Claudia Schiffer. Stood next to her for 20mins in tiffanys and then she followed me to harrods and round the kids dep. maybe she's scouting me ?
Claudia Schiffer just said my little girl looked gorgeous
...This year,after working so hard with my Claudia Schiffer wrist bands, I plan on winning at every game of pull the *** at the dinner table..Roger Maliphant and family, you have been warned...
Claudia Schiffer announced as brand ambassador
Claudia Schiffer Is The New Face Of Opel: Claudia Schiffer has been recruited by Opel as its new brand ambassa...
BTW, your big words confused me, but I think the right answer is Claudia Schiffer. Claudia Schiffer is my favorite couple.
Who remembers how bad Claudia Schiffer was back in the day? Just saw an old photo… woo wee.
Claudia schiffer in my store?! Oh yes! What a plus to the day and she looked absolutely stunning!
If Claudia Schiffer married John Braines, she'd be Claudia Schiffer Braines. . Back atcha.
Aww in love actually just realised Liam Neeson is always on about wanting Claudia schiffer and she's the mum he meets I'm so slow 😂
Starbucks in belgravia with Claudia schiffer
$GM pulls off a great stunt. Claudia Schiffer is the new face of Opel. "Punchline: 'It's German.' "
Claudia Schiffer devine imaginea Opel. Oldies but goldies.
That Claudia Schiffer must be a genius because I told a friend my plan to attain world peace, and he told me I have "Schiffer Brains."
Claudia Schiffer is the new face of to star in commercials ^MR
Just a casual Thursday queuing next to Claudia Schiffer in paperchase... 😳
Mixing with celebs. Claudia Schiffer popped in to say hi today.
So Dan Gregory comes to see me at work, Claudia schiffer ( however it's spelt) walks past us. Dan freaks out but then says " I wish it was someone really famous like Molly from the Saturdays!" Lol
Just walked past Claudia Schiffer in Harrods. Very tall.
Just watched Love Actually with Jorgen. When it ended, he divulged to me that he had in fact played the role of Claudia Schiffer in a high school play...
Claudia Schiffer, Emma Thompson, Unrequited Love Boy, and Unrequited Love Baby are all blondes. I rest my case.
Art has just gone Pop! with a range of glamorous evening party bags - see if you can spot some famous faces: Gerard Butler, Daniel Craig, Kate Moss, Beyoncé, Claudia Schiffer, Michele Obama, Hugh Dancy and many more
Yesterday I laughed when my mom brought out a Claudia Schiffer VHS for Perfectly fit arms, We did it together and at the end I was no longer laughing. Today my arms are killing me and picking up my 20 lb son seems like an impossible task.
. I've got more chance of being pleasured by Claudia Schiffer then that happening.
Practicin' my before jumpin' on set for my photo tribute to Claudia Schiffer!
You dont have to look like Claudia Schiffer.. Start by thinking, "I really love the way it feels"
In Love Actually does Liam Neeson end up with Claudia Schiffer or just a woman who looks like her? This question has nagged at my very core.
only just got the Claudia Schiffer reference in love actually
Watching Love Actually with my best friend and fine wine; it makes no sense Mr Taken mentions Claudia Schiffer, meets her and she's 'Carol'.
Yep. That hit me a few years ago. Instead of Claudia Schiffer he turned to punching faces.
Watching a part of Love Actually and forgot about such a crush I had on Claudia Schiffer back in the day.
born in August 25 include Claudia Schiffer and Rupert Grint
Joanne Hunter I've got my student union enrolment form from manufacturing excellence course . It says email "a photograph" it doesn't say it has to be I'm sending one of Claudia Schiffer
Guys i'm not the real claudia schiffer
Claudia Schiffer does not smoke this!
Meet Claudia Schiffer, . mine and Anything bigger hers cats would have…
Well, considering that Claudia Schiffer is 43 proves my claim that Hyuna is aging faster than most idols. LOL.
I'm re-posting this to clarify a few things: I hate it when I make a point and then part of what I've said is taken out of context. Basically I am just fed-up with people taking a slutty photo and then trying to justify it by saying that its fitness when it clearly is not. Fitness and competing is my hobby- I work in a bank the rest of the time and its very hard to get people to distinguish between what I do and what girls do in nuts and glamour. I try to explain that it's a sport and I train very hard- the training and muscular development is what I strive for and what I want to showcase. Posting a picture in the gym I have no problem with - I do it all the time and it makes me happy to say "look, I'm here training and doing what I love - get involved" I also post recipes, workouts etc for free to help and motivate people who are starting. However, it CANNOT be argued that posting a tacky picture is fitness because its not and it drags the whole industry down. It makes girls feel like they HAVE to behave ...
I see that my favoured appointment for the job is 12-1. Which basically means I've got more chance of a night out with Claudia Schiffer.
Thanks for the compliment. Rushes home to look at Love Actually when Claudia Schiffer appears. Will be going to the local puts office soon
It’s easy to see why Crumpet is beloved by many of our style icons, including Claudia Schiffer and Millie Mackintosh:
Famous Arab Americans: In Fashion: The prestigious CFDA Menswear Designer of the Year Award for 1989 and 1990 went to Arab American Joseph Abboud of New York. He’s the only designer to win the award two years in a row. Supermodel YamilaDiaz-Rahi, who is of Lebanese and Spanish descent, landed the coveted Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover in 2002. She has also graced the covers of “Marie Claire,” “Elle,” “GQ,” and “Shape.” One of America’s most sought-after hairstylists, Frederic Fekkai,boasts clients such as Claudia Schiffer, Kim Basinger, and Renee Zellweger. Lebanese immigrant J.M. Haggar started Haggar Clothing Co. in1926. It became one of the world’s best-known brands in men’s apparel. The company is now a multi-million dollar enterprise that is headed by J.M.Haggar III, who serves as chairman and CEO. In addition, Farah Brothers manufactures men’s and women’s slacks, and Maloof Brothers manufactured Mod-O-Day women’s dresses. Norma Kamali,who designs everything fro ...
Little Giant Ladders
great offer, but unless Claudia Schiffer is giving out free blow-jobs it's not worth going to Sinfin.
Once a supermodel, always a supermodel is a phrase that definitely can be applied to the beautiful Claudia Schiffer.
Oh my god the man fixing my washing machine is nuts. So far he has told me that he flys planes and not every woman looks like Claudia Schiffer. I have no idea what those things have to do with my washing machine.
It upsets me deeply that most people i know who've watched love actually dont know who claudia schiffer is. One of the best moments.
Stole a few quiet moments just to sit and stare at them...
mine's the 'I'm Claudia Schiffer and despite the fact I've been referenced in the film, I'll pretend I'm called Carol' turtleneck.
Heidi Klum and Claudia Schiffer are the only two that look good without makeup. The rest definitely need it.
Supermodels What is the difference between a 'model' and a 'supermodel'? The term 'supermodel' refers to a well-paid high-fashion model that has worked on an international plain and who has an impressive portfolio working with the world's leading fashion designers. Supermodels tend to have multi-million dollar modeling contracts with several modeling agencies around the world. When a model starts to be known for their name or for a brand that their name represents, that's when they have moved on to a new level of modeling. Supermodels tend to be more than just pretty faces fronting magazines and dominating the catwalks. They have personalities and presence, and they are respected not just for their talent as models, but also for their ability and success in making it into the exclusive list of the top earners in the industry. The term 'supermodel' started to be used more extensively in the 1960's and 70's with models like Twiggy, who was one of the first models to be referred to as a supermodel. Soon ther ...
straightening iron, you'll look like Claudia Schiffer in no time
Why does no one comment on the fact that Carol IS Claudia Schiffer? Why is Daniel so cut up when he gets her name wrong?
Why is that ugly necklace THAT expensive? Why does nobody mention the fact that Carol looks identical to Claudia Schiffer?
Even if it's Claudia Schiffer, I still think you should wait longer than 5 weeks after your wife's funeral before dating again
Tyra Banks turns 40: supermodels then and now,. Claudia Schiffer -then
So should have Claudia Schiffer, to be fair.
I fancy a late double to win it. That said, I fancied Claudia Schiffer and that came to nowt..
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
..if my Obsession is good enough for Claudia Schiffer than it's good enough for me *flips collar
Photo: carissagold: Claudia Schiffer for Chanel - 1995 ❤ liked on Polyvore
I have seen Love Actually no less than fifty times. But never until tonight, did I realize that Carol, the woman that the widow Daniel ends up with is ACTUALLY played by Claudia Schiffer..., who Daniel has been joking about throughout the movie.
it's like discovering how Dynamo puts a phone in a bottle or finding out how David Copperfield nailed Claudia Schiffer
Hey, it's Mike Fiore . . . And I've got a quick story for you: A married couple walks into a therapist's office for their first session (let's call them Bob and Carol.) They're in their mid-50's. They've been married for 25 years. They've had a couple of kids who are in college. And it really seems like Bob hates Carol. See, as soon as they sit down on the couch Bob gets fire in his eyes and starts complaining about Carol . . . "She's gotten fat," he snarls (ignoring his own beer gut.) "She needs to get a better job and make more money," he says while stomping his cheap shoes on the carpet. And he goes on on and from there. "She needs to be nicer. She needs to put more time into her appearance. She needs to be more adventurous in bed. She needs to be better, better better!" He goes on for 15 minutes. His face gets red and puffy. He barely takes a breathe. And the whole time, Carol just sits there with her hands folded in her lap. She's still as a frightened bird. She doesn't say at thing. Finally Bob wind ...
Imagine how many of David Copperfield's tricks Claudia Schiffer knows the secret to!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY thanks for making my past 5 summers the best days of my life💙 hope you had a great day! 💙Claudia Schiffer
Somebody told me a really funny story about Claudia Schiffer being an *** and now I can't remember :(
Photo: One of our favourite press images of supermodel Claudia Schiffer in our Maitresse Bullet Bra
Claudia Schiffer won't return my phone calls!
You know Claudia Schiffer had those eyebrows? They were natural and messy yet beautiful.
Throwback Friday: Editorial Campaign plus Campaign for Valentino by Claudia Schiffer and I. Also, in the...
"Issie wasn't taken seriously.She had British & Stella Tennant yet the focus was on Karl Largerfeld & Claudia Schiffer"
tomorrow get on the train. We are adding rules. See Claudia Schiffer: down in one
all the main super models from the 90's still look good. Claudia Schiffer, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington etc
talks Claudia Schiffer and her new single in our EXCLUSIVE interview.
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