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Claudia Black

Claudia Lee Black (born 11 October 1972) is an Australian actress and voice actor, known for her portrayals of Aeryn Sun in the science fiction television series Farscape, Vala Mal Doran in the science fiction series Stargate SG-1, Chloe Frazer in the Uncharted series, the witch Morrigan in Dragon Age: Origins and squadmate Samantha Byrne in the game Gears of War 3.

Ben Browder Michael Shanks Tara Strong Tim Curry Amanda Tapping George Takei Dragon Con Music Festival Iain Glen Cree Summer Michael Dorn Gillian Anderson Beau Bridges Ron Glass Nathan Fillion Peter Stormare

behind the scenes vids of Laura Bailey and Claudia Black working on Uncharted Lost Legacy makes me squee ah gimm…
As many as possible. Soft spot for Ben Browder and Claudia Black. What about Beau Bridges?
No - Claudia Black is Dr. Who. Emma Caulfield can be her assistant.
IF I could pick anyone on Earth it would be Claudia Black, from Farscape and SG1 or Emma…
Don't forget about the fact that Claudia Black and Peter Stormare voice shopkeepers. Not quest givers, just shopkeepers.
Chichi Letswalo Claudia wa looks like the Black version of a Barbie doll. 😍
I like Ben Browder and Claudia Black. Even more on Stargate.
because white men can't. police their imagination. black men are dying. -Claudia Rankine
Hey Claudia, take a look at this new project that helps individuals to find excellent startup jobs
//Used to think that life. would only be black or white//. . 💥👉🏼-3!👈🏼💥
I hear Claudia Black's voice in my head with that line.
😜 10 episodes of Oitnb season 5, for you:.
because white men can't police their imagination Black men are dying. - claudia rankine
This has nothing to do with the program or them coming up with something better. It's about the hate they have for a b…
I mean a game with voice acting from Claudia Black, Kit Harrington, David Hasselhoff, David Harewood and Conor McGregor to name a few, wow
Made it to a Claudia Black episode of Stargate. Gonna go cry about Farscape for a bit.
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Don't use a black man's pic for this foolishness
Somalis are native africans yet we're told we ain't black bc yall think black people look alike
Partywithus: we are claudia and sammy and we like to make trips ,to go to the seaside check my room…
Claudia Rankine and Will Rawls: Surveillance and the Black Experience -
- black at a beach in Miami 30.04.2017 x41 / /
And Claudia Black! How could I forget my biggest scifi crush?! Clearly I need to rewatch it again
"Dear Black People... I'm sorry for our history of oppression and genocide."
Claudia Alende in Black Bikini at the beach in Miami
can't wait for summer to end my life i'm Ready for chloe frazer to have her own game and to swoon over claudia black again
Claudia Black and Michael Shanks as Vala Mal Doran and Daniel Jackson of Stargate SG-1.
A beautiful photo of Ben Browser with Claudia Black, Amanda's Tapping, Michael Shanks and Chris Judge on the last...
the Horror of Black Hypervisibility" on & .
MELBOURNE: Claudia Black touring Melbourne now until 27th March.
Lies. Black people have strong, black sperm. Everyone knows this.
Excerpted from the book Changing Course by Claudia Black, Ph.D., Senior Fellow at The Meadows.
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Powerful reflection by Victoria Newton Ford on and Rankine's Citizen.
Bro. EVERYBODY in this room is black.
On Citizen, and how trauma holds the black body hostage
Yes it does. It says I'm black first and I honor and respect my ancestors every damned day.
Hi friend. Check out my little essay on racism & captivity over at Thank you 🌻
Dear Black men... If you can't stand up, unite and get the land back, at least stand up and protect women and children
Black women on daily basis tryna get by in life like.
'Language that feels hurtful is intended to exploit all the ways that you are present.' Get Out & Hypervisibility
Powerful reflections from Victoria Newton Ford for those who have seen Get Out.
"To say it plain: free beings cannot sink. Chris, even before Get Out begins, is not free."
My sister wrote this excellent piece...
Look how he's still alive and not dead like a black kid playing with a toy
do yourself a favor and read the supreme on Get Out, Claudia Rankine, and the horror of being surveille…
"the indigestible nature of racism" on the Sunken Place, Peale, Rankine & "Get Out."
mr. Joe Brown is he black, or white?
He was n Dope, Atlanta, Get Out, and Straight out of Compton. Those are like the biggest &most popular black movies& shows in…
D.C. Is literally going through a human trafficking nightmare and crisis and no one cares because the girls are black an…
A lesson in how to protect your character by Ben Browder & Claudia Black. You might want to have little chat with "…
Jewel Staite. Eliza Dushku. I'd say Claudia Black too but she does video games
Aeryn Sun discovering she can do science things is glorious every time, thanks to Claudia Black's beautiful quiet joy and wonder.
No, we REALLY like looking at Claudia Black, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping, Richard Dean Anderson, Chris Judge, Ben Browder..
Claudia Black's Out of the Blue interview on her family, advice for young actors, and the industry.
Claudia Black and Ben Browder as Aeryn Sun and John Crichton for Farscape.
When am I going to get my Claudia Black/Eliza Dushku *** witch movie. I need it. Also Natalie Dormer has to be in. And Alexa Davalos
Loool yeah especially the black guy with moustache. Did u see Claudia say u don't have to keep looking I know im good looking lol
Black stud enjoying anal sex with me during a paid session:.
Now watching s01e01 of Containment purely for Claudia Black. So many ridiculously serious faces.
I'm yet to talk to a black person who has not noticed a black waiter being humiliated by white patrons. No outcry over th…
wait that black hair girl name isn't Claudia? I forgot her name lmao
everyone thinks it's black but it's just dark brown .. It makes my eyes look extra blue but I wanna go to blonde again :)
-Is playing the game, listens to Chloe's voice- ... Is that Claudia Black?. -Googles it.- iT IS HOHMYGOD YAAAS.
Claudia Black could totally do the voice of Rah :D
hello Claudia. I just have to tell u when I turned to your page and saw that beautiful black lab my heart started skipping beats!
I have a really basic uniform: in winter, black tights and any old dress th...
Remember waitressing &witnessing a yt man w no qualms abt cursing the cook-a black women,publicly in the vilest way
Where the 13k for these women? No response for Black discomfort, struggle is the norm for Blacks.
I love to cook, it's one of my most favorite things in the world. That's wh...
Malema: No army will defeat the power of the black nation. We'll defeat you
Malema: This is for you black man. This is for you the poor in the shacks. This is your party. History in the making. T…
Malema: This is not for me, this is for the black nation.
Karen and Claudia takes three black *** at the same time: and Claudia.
Also it's yet another awesome character voiced by Claudia Black and I crush on basically every character she's voiced, so yeah.
Franchezca Valentina has a full body with nice curves. Thats why we: Franchezca Valentina has a full b...
Claudia and Siri hot gets ripped apart by huge black *** and Siri.
Claudia and Laura lovely needs three large black wangs: and Laura.
"Maybe this is a sign from God telling me I shouldn't be with black boys" - 😂😂😂
It took me a whole episode of Containment to recognise Claudia Black. That hair...So, now, I expect her to frell that infection up!
Perk of my awesome job at Beauterre Recovery Institute is I get to listen to amazing people like Claudia Black...
I wanna watch the new show with Claudia Black, but if I couldn't sit thru contagion-type show for Billy Campbell...yeah, prolly not, sorry.
Makes me think of how Claudia Black's character hooked up with Michael Shanks' on Stargate SG-1 when Ben Browder was there.
Farscape. I'm letting this go as you're an American. Lol 😂. Ben Browder & Claudia Black
and white Popular on 500px : Claudia by madamilein
Looking very nice in that classy black dress have A great weekend CLAUDIA
2011 Portrait of Claudia Black as Vala Mal Doran in "The Ark of Truth" Stargate SG1…
I know you say I'm black and white, . So I'll paint you a clear blue sky
BTS looks dope in black and white for 'High Cut'
BTS are looking HOT in black and white
I'm so here for Containment, you have no idea!! Also CLAUDIA BLACK
Claudia Black should not have blonde hair without having a heavy lisp & a bouffant.
discovering Claudia Black was a voice in Dragon Age Inquisition made very clear some until-then-mysterious pantsfeelings
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"Anything can happen to Black people and we can reward them for being noble" Claudia Rankine
You are amazing. I'm gonna miss Laurel and Black Canary so much 😢😢 🏹🏹
Such shocking racial violence against black bodies is all too common in S.Africa - yet we must play rainbow nation
Shauna and Claudia opens up wide for a stiff black *** and Claudia.
Black trans people are Black people. Just needed to send that reminder again for you cis Black folks inclined to oppress t…
"People do to themselves that which was most often done to them." Claudia Black offers insights at
Claudia Marie is THE Big Titty Southern MILF. who loves big hot black *** In this clip f…
updates Claudia Black for rank 1828 to 1759
Claudia Black - Helping the fandoms of shows she's in work through their anguish since 1999
2016 has given me a new Black Widow comic series, more Hawkeye, a Spider-Man/Deadpool series, and now a Poe Dameron seri…
A black girl who doesn't know how beautiful her natural hair is
You are that and you deserve the best. Get your shirt now 👉 👈
"All girls rock. Black girls, we're just on another level." -
Saw comic con stuff for it and heard Claudia Black so I was sold she is just so terrific 😍
Claudia Black/Vala is in it so yes of course, I love her so much!!! Plus Chris Wood from TVD is cool 😎
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have you been hanging out with Claudia Black from SG-1?
little black bear 'Mina' 10 weeks young and very naughty 󾌵. Shared by Claudia Reiter
I liked a video from STUPID EMAILS | Black Ops 3 Multiplayer
Starring Claudia Black, Tara Strong and more, "Strange Frame: Love & Sax" has been added to the site! - TylerMirage.
"I'm very much tired of how black women are always fighting on television. We're not all like this.". -Claudia Jordan
How media mogul David Black is pushing to keep his $22-billion oil…
Was reminded of how smexy Claudia Black's voice is. She voiced Morrigan in Dragon Age, Chloe in Uncharted and Admiral Xen in Mass Effect.
looking chic, sexy & stylish in our Elavonza Claudia black lace bustier dress ♠
When you hear iyoo Solomon on Campus just know class is cancelled & a black child wants to be heard.Long live the spirit…
Live in an hour with more Adventures with Claudia Black~!
The gorgeous "Claudia" dress in this seasons fabulous Chains on Black! Pockets and Inverted…
Poet Claudia Rankine Discusses The Astounding Nature of the Invisibility of Black Women via
...and give young black lives a chance. In light of everyone in this country should read Claudia Rankine's CITIZEN, pronto
Claudia Rankine: ‘Blackness in the white imagination has nothing to do with black people’
Sitting next to Andy Garcia on the way to Georgia. Resisting Godfather quotes. Meanwhile, Claudia Black is a few...
Reasons why I get stupidly* excited: I hear Jennifer Hale's or Claudia Black's voice in any video game.
Like first we get Claudia Black as a guest and then regular, then Ben Browder, then Morena Baccarin, and then in Atlantis Jewel Staite
Felicia Day is so here are some better ones:. Lynda Carter. Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. Claudia Black. Carrie Fisher. Jen Taylor
is responsible for my epic crushes on Ben Browder, and OH SWEET LORD IN A DIXIE CUP Claudia Black.
do, or do not! And when you're done, watch all of SG1! Ben Browder and Claudia Black come on in the last few seasons
Michael Shanks! Ben Browder & Claudia Black would be excellent too.
Claudia Black and Ben Browder have amazing chemistry. Please consider him as a love interest for her on Containment.
RIP Claudia Alexander, black woman who was NASA's project manager for Galileo Jupiter mission
Claudia black and Ben Browder were in the last couple seasons.
I added a video to a playlist Black Veil Brides - Knives and Pens (OFFICIAL VIDEO)
I love the black and white Claudia, It's nice, I think you have all the luck to be choose.
The number of texts I received abt my orange is the new black snapchat is ridonkulous
After festivities of woke up this morning with the vocal timbre of Claudia Black. Is probably thanks to our 4-hour singalong.
I can read about black women being murdered but no news story on this amazing black women
Why do I wear black jeans and grey jumpers in summer?
So my comment made it to lipstick alley! LOL! Will you look at this?.
the only place i've heard it is in Claudia Black's invented Sebacean language in Farscape. it's an unreal kind of popping noise
Claudia Black + Ben Brrowder = magic, their chemistry is amazing.
Farscape was THE best. Desperately want to work with Ben Browder, Claudia Black, and one day.
Dr. Claudia Alexander was only the 17th Black American woman to ever earn a PhD in physics or astronomy. RIP
Looking for a black car in the dark is really hard to find 😂
Claudia Rankine talking to about white fear and the black body:
Wish this black woman steampunk NASA physicist had made headlines before her obituary. RIP Claudia Alexander
The Condition of Black Life by Claudia Rankine. If you haven't read it, you should: -
Rankine, Hoaglund, tennis, racism, poetry, revisited by
Orange is the New Black is more important. 💁
RIP Dr. Claudia J. Alexander . Dr. Alexander was only the 17th Black American...
Mango black tea lemonade from starbucks changed my life
I was a pretty lonely girl. I was the only black girl in pretty much an all-white school and spent a lot of...
wow Claudia your such a sexy babe and you love black *** my *** is so hard 4 u right now
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It SHOULD have said: Sexy + Virus = Claudia Black. At least in many of your fans eyes :D
Dude what was I thinking? - I was saying Claudia Black would be the perfect Asajj Ventress but consider this instead: Angelina Jolie
I'd so cast Anna Torv, Gillian Anderson, Yvonne Strahovski & Claudia Black in one show
It would be awesome to see Alice Evans and Claudia Black meet as Esther and Dahlia. They're the only witches here that makes me feel 'oh no'
Thanks for being part of to Alice Krige, Ben Browder, Claudia Black, David David
if I dont go out to eat or somthing with claudia tomorrow im going to give myself a black eye
nope my mother is black and 53 yrs old and her neck is smooth,no tree limbs protruding like Claudia
is it Vincent D'Onofrio left from you? He was awesome in full metal jacket and men in black
Are we Men In Black Agents now? Either way, did you set a time by when I had to show up to make the bet?
Andromeda had guests from including Michael Shanks. Daniel was with Vala, played by Claudia Black from
Wasn't feeling too good today until Kris sent me a video of her step dancing in a sea of big black people. I feel great…
Seniors are still divided on as shown in this Happen' Homeroom as Spirit Week wraps. White/gold black/blue? …
this is 1 Cuban lady I will definitely not touch. She has sex black dogs.
Claudia: *** I need to return this purple/black lipstick. Me: swing it. Her: it's 32$ *** nah *** ima swing it back to my bank account
claudia, keep the black hair. It looks gorgeous on your skin..
you look black compared to Mackie in the bottom left pic 😂😭
Bored? Now your blonde you have two persona, Claudia C and Jayne M, we'll get you a black wig for CC :-)
Is that Claudia Black as a vampire (whose name I would have remembered fifteen years ago)?
Claudia said she will never be able to give up the big black *** 😂😂😂
a white girl from middle school , it prolly was the black Claudia
60% done with A Thousand Pieces of You, by Claudia Gray: I'm the black sheep I think. I ju...
Claudia Jordan has done. It's unacceptable to me and a lot of other black folks. So you can push back all you +
We are black women 😆😆😆 (with skolastika, Claudia, and Desy at Wisma Keiai) [pic] —
Claudia Black from Lost in Translation stars in EuroTrip about a wonderful Radiologist named Demond
Claudia's black and blue dress was s'cute 💕
And then there's Paul Blackthorne, Carlos Alazraqui, and Claudia Black as Metallo, BANE, & Cheetah. COOL
guess it goes from comic-con cosplay to bedroom roleplay. I got a thing for Claudia Black or Tricia Helfer personally. -old-
Is it wrong I immediately recognize Claudia Black and Nathan Fillion by their voices alone.?. I’m watching...
and LP may have been only one they could afford. LP had 0 black type route winners!
Yea, like Claudia. But I'm specifically looking for Black representation.
I liked a video The Art of Voiceover with Brian Bloom and Claudia Black
Google has added a black ribbon to its French homepage to support
A black day in the history of humanity
"I love voice work because I can usually turn up without having bathed." And right here is why Claudia Black is the Queen.
Hah! Same. Or Leliana. But definitely Morrigan, but then I've always wanted to be her / Claudia Black.
in my experience black women remember Mrs Claudia? Lmao
I.e., Claudia Gordon, the first Black deaf female attorney in the U.S. via
Claudia Black is still the best part of SG1 season 10
if it was the green jacket they reduced I might be tempted, but it's only the black
Rooftop video of two men dressed black shouting "Allahu Akbar" and shooting in the street below
i loved Morrigan in the earlier games. But that could be my crush on Claudia Black talking...
preferably a pink or black one. Gotta keep it somewhat classy 💁😂
that's a Rebecca Black song, don't quote me. Sorry took a while to reply..
Trust in yourself. Your perceptions are often far more accurate than you are willing to believe. - Claudia Black
Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition, had an "OH *** moment the second I heard Claudia Black's voice.
I wasn't looking at the screen and heard Chloe and thought it was Morrigan. ahh I love Claudia Black~
Orange is the New Black in a nutshell
So I got iphone 6 in white and gold... Now I want it in black 😦
Forester Claudia Perla near Cardenas in Nicaragua doing field research on the Black-handed Spider…
like who I romanced and how I sired a demon baby with Claudia Black (Morgan)
I'm not good at wearing colors that aren't black
Those thirty hours were made possible by a 1500 mile car ride and the lovely voices of Stana Katic, Claudia Black, and Iain Glen. Thank you.
Odd that Claudia Black not only looks like Claudia Winkleman she's acts like her too.
Bill Nighy, Nathan Fillion, Peter Stormare and Claudia Black is also in And they all have like five lines? What a waste of talent
Yes it does... and Ben Browder and Claudia Black have the best on screen chemistry ever seen in television.
"Kate Mulgrew and Claudia Black voice mother and daughter witches" - I know how to sell tod up
can you tell us about any exciting guest stars The show had Iain Glen, Claudia Black and Laura Vandervoort in Season 3
Surround yourself with people who respect and treat you well. - Claudia Black
The actress who played the original Abuela Claudia in In the Heights is in Orange is the New Black and that makes me happy.
Man I miss those late highschool nights vandalizing cars and running through the woods in all black... When was growing …
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I'm watching Justice League: Doom. Claudia Black is doing voice for Cheetah. Rauwr.
Photoset: You’re gonna miss this ***   Claudia Black is my spirit animal.
I wish I had a really interesting voice like Gideon Emery or Claudia Black so I could do voice acting
This Claudia Black and Ben Browder thing is killing me.
Watching that Claudia Black and Ben Browder video now. These two together on a stage. Too much fun. I want them on my screen again. Please?
It's been a week since I started watching orange is the new black, and I've finished the first season..
Elmhurst claimed diversity, but Claudia, me and another black girl are the only colored people I've seen hehe
"I rescue black kitties and strive to eliminate animal exploitation from my life an atheist"
If I was to ever gonna have a girl. I'll make sure everything she got is red and black lol
Too bad the crib or what that small thing is spell is not red and black. It's green and I think yellow
Yes ! I am determined to make sure everything is red and black,
I hope my mom got me a red and black car seat since I bought a red and black diaper bag :D lol
Photoset: This one time, someone was nice enough to tell me I reminded them of Claudia Black from Farscape.
I do have to say that Claudia Black is Extremely Hot in Stargate SG-1
Hey black *** I heard you support Germans don't beat as hard as you like awful monkey. Die, ***
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Claudia Black has the most beautiful voice.
Luciana, Claudia Adams in 1280x720 movie Interracial *** action today as the lithe limbed Luciana grapple
True Life: black interior in a Florida summer is a death wish. 🔥
Tune in, listen to favorites like Claudia Melton - Just A Man on Black Sheep Soul Radio
make it a pt to meet the prev. people discussed, like Claudia Black and Stephanie Brown, they are in your neck of the woods.
LMAO :))) It's possible I guess, does reunite him with Claudia Black :)))
Jessie, bc she was Black, Claudia bc she hated school like me, and Stacey bc she was from New York.
would be perfect starring Claudia Black. So sexy. So much with the *** kicking.
jenna and I looked so bomb in that picture and we freaked out cause we're so black but we came out looking perf
Claudia Black and Ben Browder are also on Stargate SG-1 for seasons 9-10. There are references to Farscape in some episodes
Trying to rewatch the Claudia Black episodes, but. . I don't like any of these characters. Except Claudia's, Jordan & Nova Scotia.
Dressing in black bc it matches the color of your soul.
If Orange is the New Black, when will Ugly be the New Cute?
Morrigan from DAO, although I confess my judgment is always clouded by Claudia Black's voice.
My sister saw a black guy so she was like claudia look a black *** and then my dad heard and he was like What and my sister told him
No, I haven’t watched it. I’ve heard good things about Claudia Black though.
So, I kinda just got an audiobook just because Claudia Black reads it...what does that say about me?
You must read John Bradshaw's books and Claudia Black, I owe my recovery from childhood abuse to these two people. Pam Hemphill
A short mix from Claudia Black's and Michael Shanks's old interviews about first impression of one another.
How Awesome Waking Up and Having Michael Shanks and Claudia Black , Amanda Tapping, Ben Browder, Chris Judge and Beau Bridges on your TV.
My ever great producer's rep Jeff Blaxland sent out a query/offer letter to Claudia Black's management to play the lead female role in I am really excited about this because I love Claudia as an actress and this could be a real get for the picture. Fingers and toes are crossed! If you are unfamiliar with Claudia's work here's some background on her. Claudia Black was born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia in a Jewish family. She was educated at the Anglican Kambala School, in Sydney, New South Wales. Black has lived, for extensive periods, in Australia, New Zealand, England, Canada and the United States. Her parents are Australian Medical Academics Doctors Jules and Judy Black. Claudia has acted in Australian and New Zealand in television and movies. She portrayed a hermaphrodite named Jill Mayhew in the Australian television series "Good Guys Bad Guys." She also had a leading role in the New Zealand soap opera City Life playing the role of Greek lawyer Angela Kostapas. Black gained intern ...
Anyways, I'm probably a bit biased here. Just keep in mind Michelle, Gillian Anderson is my your Claudia Black. =)
These are my top five actresses who I would like to play the lead female role of Amrys Iscovan in Claudia Black ("Farscape" and "Stargate SG-1"), Amanda Tapping ("Stargate SG-1"), Michelle Forbes ("Battlestar Galactica" and "True Blood"), Lucy Lawless ("Xena: Warrior Princess" and "Battlestar Galactica") and Alaina Huffman ("Stargate Universe" and "Supernatural"). Hopefully one of them will be interested in taking on the role.
SHELLEY DOTY @ Grrl Flicks Tonight! Grrl Flicks is showing STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93mins) this Friday at 7:00pm at OutReach. Most Importantly... This Friday we are lucky enough to have one of the Filmmakers, Shelley Doty, doing a Q & A session after the film via the web. Shelley Doty, as some of you may already know, is an amazing artist who has performed at many festivals including Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Her music and writing are inspiring. Come chat with her LIVE! tomorrow night at Grrl Flicks about her film that was out in Theaters last year. We are doing a free screening of her wonderful film STRANGE FRAME(2012, 93 mins). It's unlike anything you've ever seen before and has been described as an Animated Sci-Fi Futuristic Musical Journey with love, politics, class, and so much more! An all star cast of voices including Claudia Black, Tara Strong, Ron Glass, George Takei, Michael Dorn, Tim Curry, & Cree Summer. Winner of the Award for Best Feature Film at Dragon Con last year(2013), this film is ...
Claudia Black and Tara Strong star in an animated sci-fi *** rock musical that also features Tim Curry.
Claudia Gordon, first deaf Black woman attorney, now with US Dept of Labor.
Claudia Black haven't seen much of her or heard anything that she might be doing. She's probally doing the family thing now. she does have 2 sons to take care of. But I would love to see more of her. In a Farscape movie.
Justin probably had blown out the candles on his birthday and wished, 'Please let me become black' every year
"I wish I was black. This is so unfair."
Why must i be cursed with such thick black eyebrows😭😭
Indianapolis for the black and gold pageant.. Claudia in it
DF is sweet, very different to the books but I liked it. Also guest star Claudia Black
I think Claudia Winkleman is slowly becoming my style icon right now. Raccoon eyes and wearing all black? Yes please.
Michael Clifford imagine for Claudia- Black Friday - janoskians-5sos-imagines: "Michael!" you exclaim, as...
Know if I did own A billion dollar company I sure would get Farscape up in running again but I'm related to the founder of Fortune Magzine. My birth Name is Robert Charles Fortune Jr.
I own a multi-billion dollar company so I think I could do it with help and support from the fans
"You make all of the struggle buses for the entire nation." -Mr. Black. . Mr. Black understands me. 😂
I think Claudia Black and Ben Browder should come back for another Farscape series that I would personally fund myself. Have the new series called Farscape: Beyond Hope.
Thanks to Boyce Davies we have a beautiful record of a Black woman and Marxist. Claudia Jones
Black is always make woman elegant. Galanti Fashion Week
Hey! It’s Claudia Black playing some kind of Kull warrior version of Samus. SWEET.
// All these years and I still love Claudia Black.
Your dazzle in the dark even though you our beautiful black :) xox
Blood once Mexicans moms get mad it's a wrap run hide grab cover do you first communion prayers and you don't black out
"You can't remake the past, so look ahead... or risk being left behind." - Claudia Black (
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Orange is the new black is amazing... I love Rebecca
Thanks for the orders. CDs are on the way. Order yours today. Happy Black History Month!…
Launching off Black History Month on Lette’s Chat, Opera Star and Entrepreneur Claudia…
cheers for sortin me out with that trainin gear today mate! Appreciate it! Never got any of them black boots …
You can't go wrong with monochrome...
One of hardest tracks...'Moment of Clarity'. Listen to it on
Sexy backless dress, love it or not? . dress=>heels=>http:/…
I don't think anyone can man up. It'd be like making Sigourney Weaver or Claudia Black feminine.
I wish i was black, you can go from a fro, to straight hair, to curly hair. to bald in just ons day. lmao
“Morgan freeman interviewed about black history month This is why Morgan Freeman is God.
Claudia better get hip with it. She the only white girl hanging with black friends. She dont have a convo at lunch they gone jump her ***
Yep. Half way through first season give or take. I want Claudia Black’s voice.
It's a never ending chain of how me and tag each other in vines of black people dancing
So your just hanging out with Claudia freaking Black right now? ;)
After a couple of days of moving stuff, today I have mainly watched SG-1 episodes with Claudia Black. Well, not *with*, exactly...
All white or all black . Nothing in between
Coffee time with tersayang , mama (with Claudia at Black Canyon Coffee E-Walk) —
didn't Claudia do ur ombré ? From what I seen she's pretty good no? Oh but fuuuck you just dyed it black huh?
If I forget to bring claudia black nail polish tomorrow, I'm going to be so mad :(
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