Claude Juncker & Manuel Barroso

José Manuel Durão Barroso (born 23 March 1956) is the 11th and current President of the European Commission and a Portuguese politician. 4.0/5

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“You cannot criticise The city and also the Eu from the first day to day six and also to request for individuals to election for Europe day seven,” he stated. Mr Barroso, who had been changed recently by Jean-Claude Juncker, stated Britain’s influence had reduced since Tony Blair was at Downing Street. Obama no more calls David Cameron first for assistance with Eu issues due to Britain’s waning influence in The city, José Manuel Barroso stated today.
Remember, if you vote LibLabConGreens, you are voting for the arch federalist President Jean Claude Juncker the big plonker who looked a reporter in the eye and said "When things get serious it's time to lie!" Do we really want more subversion, infiltration, invasion and deception? 5 years under Cammers and Clegg, directed by Manuel Barroso is enough thank you! Please vote for your freedom, your independence. A future for your kids and grandkids. Please vote UKIP. Let's get Nigel into parliament and give LibLabCon another classic barrage from Farage! It's going to get very interesting in parliament next year! :)
This is a couple of years old,.but there are some babes in Christ here,..and I just want to understand that we are really leaving this earth soon! :-) Politics EUROPEAN UNION: 10 countries for a United States of Europe 20 June 2012Presseurop Die Presse Die Presse, 20 June 2012 Ten EU foreign ministers participating in a “study group for the future of Europe” aim to exert pressure to transform the EU into a federation along the lines of the US. Together they have prepared what the front-page headline in Die Presse describes as a “Plan for transformation into a European state.” On 19 June, the ten ministers* presented an initial report to the EU officials who will likely benefit the most from the initiative: Commission President José Manuel Barroso, European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, European Central Bank President Mario Draghi and Eurogroup President Jean-Claude Juncker. The “study group for the future” initiated by Germany's *** Westerwelle, which does not currently include an of . ...
The pompous Jesuit-educated Van Rompuy: "we zijn allemaal Jezuieten":   are all Jesuits"     There are plenty of reasons to keep a close eye on Herman Van Rompuy, the President of the European Council. Early September, Van Rompuy spoke to the 'Interreligious Dialogue' in Florence. The world press did not notice, but fortunately there was still the 'Katholiek Nieuwsblad' from Den Bosch, Rome's last resort in the Netherlands. The newspaper proudly quoted Van Rompuy as announcing: 'We are all Jesuits'. He was referring to those prominent European leaders with whom he is developing the architecture for the future Europe. 'It creates unbreakable ties. So there is a 'Jesuits International''   Who are those people that Van Rompuy, himself schooled by the Jesuits at Sint-Jan Berchman College in Brussels, was talking about? First of all, there is José Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission. Secondly, there is Jean-Claude Juncker, Prime minister of Luxembourg and Chairman of the Euro ...
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