Claude Juncker & German Chancellor Angela Merkel

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker said they were "deeply shocked" by the attacks.
Meetings with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker
UK's David Cameron says voters did not choose Jean-Claude Juncker for top EU job: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday made his strongest public intervention yet to stop Jean-Claude Juncker becoming the next European Commission president, saying it was nonsense to suggest that European voters had chosen him. Cameron does not want Juncker to get the job as he views him as too much of an old-style federalist who will obstruct his push to reform the European Union and persuade British voters of the merits of staying within the 28-nation bloc. Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britain's ties with Brussels, ahead of holding an in/out referendum on the country's EU membership by 2017 if he wins a national election next year. While he has made his opposition to Juncker clear, repeatedly saying the job should go to someone more reform-minded, he has largely shied away from referring to him by name. On Friday the Prime Minister warned against the suggestion of some in the European Parliament that the j ...
Merkel backs Juncker as new EU chief - German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she supports Jean-Claude Juncker, the...
You know all we really wanna do is serve the glory of our homeland ( and have some fun ) ... Well, sadly, it appears that the Venerated Prime Minister, an Old Etonian and gracious colleague in public school arms, respectfully, hasn't had the chance yet to do the required reading for the course, yet, the course in inconvenient European Truths, yet. With that in our mind, We at the Editorial are forced, kicking and screaming no less -- we're no krOUTs ( K.O ), forced into pledging our support for German Chancellor Angela Merkel's choice as head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker. Unfortunately we cannot apologise for our strong personal convictions, convictions such as not believing for one second in the occult. True sceptics.
David Cameron and Angela Merkel have clashed today, in Sweden, over who should head the European Commission. After a meeting with the leaders of Sweden, UK and the Netherlands on Tuesday (10 June), German Chancellor Angela Merkel reaffirmed her support on Tuesday for Jean-Claude Juncker becoming theā€¦
Tradition has it that when leaders visit the Swedish country residence of Harpsund, the Prime Minister rows them out on to the lake. So on a sunny Monday evening Sweden's Fredrick Reinfeldt cast off with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Holland's Mark Rutte and Prime Minister David Cameron. The images of leaders in life jackets rowing round in circles lent themselves to many metaphors but the tranquil lake hardly set the scene for the discussions ahead. Mr Cameron has suggested the UK might cut adrift from Europe if Jean-Claude Juncker becomes the next president of the European Commission.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel, restates support for Jean-Claude Juncker to take over as president of the EC at a mini-summit in Sweden
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Monday (2 June) she was pressing fellow EU leaders to back Jean-Claude Juncker for the post of European Commission president, but also noted it could be pushed through without the backing of all.
Cameron warns Britain could quit EU if Juncker gets top job CNN: You must go for a rapid plebiscite! This is unacceptable! British Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that his country could leave the European Union if Luxembourg's former premier Jean-Claude Juncker became the next European Commission president, Der Spiegel reported. Quoting "sources close to the participants" of Tuesday's EU leaders summit in Brussels, the German magazine reported that Cameron had issued the warning to German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who backs Juncker for the top commission job. Cameron reportedly told Merkel that picking Juncker for the job would "destabilise his government to such a point that it would bring forward a referendum on whether to exit the EU" -- a move which is likely to result in a popular consensus to leave the bloc. "A figure from the 80s cannot resolve the problems of the next five years," Cameron reportedly said, according to extracts of the Spiegel article. Cameron is deeply wary of Juncker, an E ...
On Tuesday night at a European Council meeting in Brussels, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was not keen on the idea of Jean-Claude Juncker, former Prime Minister of Luxembourg and leading eurofanatic, becoming the next president of the European Commission
Before the beginning of the EU summit on May 27th, when the outcome of the European elections on May 22-25 was discussed, German Chancellor Angela Merkel answered the question whether she will back the EPP nomination for European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker or she would succumb to Briti ...
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