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Will Jean-Claude Juncker win first prize in Theresa May's spot the ball competition?
Britain needs a 'miracle' to meet deadline for Brexit deal, says Jean-Claude Juncker
'We don't want that!' German MEP attacks Jean-Claude Juncker plans for EU SUPERSTATE.
Other EU states have constantly relied on Britain to block unpopular EU proposals for them. Not any more.
.says that if Jean-Claude Juncker had shown the same honesty ahead of the EU referendum then Brexit would ha…
Jean-Claude Juncker has sent a positive message from the European Commission to Catalan secessionists
Jean-Claude Juncker: I would respect Catalonia 'yes' vote
| Jean-Claude EU will respect the result of the Catalan referendum . https:…
I'm sure would still sign you up at 60 you seem to like a non elected officials!
Jean-Claude Juncker's plans are all the proof needed that Britain could never remain in the EU via
Jean-Claude Juncker’s dream shows us was inevitable. Leave campaign was right about moe EU integration
More tensions between Hammond & spending ministers as they feel he's put them in a politically impossible position
'No 10 have to be mindful of not putting Boris in an impossible position' warns Tory ahead of May's Florence speech https:/…
Jean-Claude Juncker’s dream shows us Brexit was inevitable
Jean-Claude Juncker to set out his vision of Europe -
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will give his annual State of the European Union address at the..…
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Tony Blair joins Jean-Claude Juncker, Angela Merkel & Darth Vader in seeking to crush the rebellion against the Empire.
Jean-Claude Juncker has reportedly 'expressed his concern about the stability' of David Davis. What about his own sta…
Find a man who looks at you the way Jean-Claude Juncker looks at Eurofanatic Tony Blair
Tony Blair accused of 'betraying Britain' by meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker, claim angry Tories
Jean-Claude Juncker says none of David Davis Brexit papers are satisfactory. Tories failing to answer timetabled quest…
Arch-Remainer Tony Blair is meeting Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels next week as the negotiations are going on
Jean-Claude Juncker, upbeat and ready for a fight
: Juncker: Europe cannot rely on US for its defense . Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European…
Jean-Claude Juncker says the EU can't continue to rely on the US for its defense
.on "Brussels vs MS": Neither dictate from above nor undermine from below. There are many ways inbetween!
When we leave the EU, we should put up across the country statues of Ted Heath, Jacques Delors, Jean-Claude Juncker, Konrad Ad…
Jean-Claude Juncker:The new home of European Medicines Agency (EMA) should be located in Bucharest/Romania
EU27 in good shape. better organised than US admin (not2difficult). Work on positive agenda continues htt…
."was an appeal to close ranks in the And unity at has since prevailed" htt…
Joint statement by Presidents Donald Tusk and Jean-Claude Juncker on the passing away of Liu Xiaobo
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Most probably the strawberries were from a Luxembourg farmer goes by the name of Jean-Claude Juncker.
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker has called for a revival in EU-Turkey ties with closer cooperation...
Jean-Claude Juncker, but we repeat ourselves possibly.
Eurosceptics retort that no voter ever cast a ballot for Jean-Claude Juncker. That is not quite true
Are you watching the Eurovision Song Contest Jean-Claude Juncker? English is loosing its voice in Europe, in your dream…
Jean-Claude Juncker completely lost his temper in the European Parliament and says he is to blame
"You are ridiculous," Jean-Claude Juncker tells the European Parliament
'You are ridiculous': Jean-Claude Juncker in extraordinary rant at EU Parliament - You won't want to now!
We PAY for you! Even Juncker complains about MEPs failing to turn up to EU parliament
Juncker vows to never attend "meetings such as these" again at 'ridiculous' European Parliament... Looks a ***
dailymail: 'Jean Claude Juncker tears into the European Parliament'
Jean-Claude Juncker tells near-empty parliament: 'You are ridiculous', show some respect!
'The Parliament is ridiculous' and 'not serious' says after only 30 MEPs show up for debate.
Jean-Claude juncker has a hissy fit and embarrasses himself " nothing unusual there then,,
“Many people looking at the EU would conclude Europe was a failure”
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Furious JUnke lashes out at 'ridiculous' European Parliament via
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous" via
'I'm NEVER coming back' FURIOUS row erupts between EU chiefs in front of aghast parliament
President, Jean-Claude Juncker, calls its Parliament and MEPs 'ridiculous':.
Only a handful of MEPs showed up to the 751-seat assembly to hear a report on Malta's just-completed EU presidency.
Assessing Malta’s 6 month EU presidency chair - why was this in main chamber instead of committee
in Albania the benefits system pays out £780 for the whole year the UK average 26k.Thank f we will be out hopefully
Why might some EU citizens think it's a good idea to leave? Here's why? via
Already get their expenses, so no need to turn up !! Jean-Claude Juncker criticises 'ridiculous' European Parliament
The headline picture for this article is a GIF and it's amazing.
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker takes aim at MEPs on Tuesday, after just 30 turn up for debate
Top EU official Jean-Claude Juncker launches bitter attack on members of the European Parliament for not showing up
Jean-Claude Juncker calls the European Parliament "ridiculous" and vows never to return
What's Soros got to do with the EU leadership?
^CityAM: Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous"
Jean-Claude Juncker has attacked “totally ridiculous” MEPs for failing to turn up to an important morning debate
EU to replace Britain with ALBANIA? Juncker launches big push for full membership
Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, branded the European Parliament "ridiculous" in a parliamentary session…
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous" ^City AM
Juncker derides empty European Parliament as "ridiculous"
Albania set to join the EU- another poor crime ridden country & 60% muslims. Europe is finished
Jean-Claude Juncker: UE should re-invest the 2.4B Google's fine in digital startups. - Sign the Petit... via
Jean-Claude Juncker drunk slaps leaders. I'd love to see him try that with Putin.
— not to make a threat,” European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker
European Commission Published on Jun 1, 2017 Participation of Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European...
I bet Jean-Claude Juncker is splitting his sides laughing!
Theresa May has taken a swipe at European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker over his claim the English language is losing importance…
They could now always invite Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Michel Barnier to join the panel
My cartoon - Jean-Claude Juncker describes Theresa May as 'deluded' after disastrous Brexit talks.
Revealed: How Jean-Claude Juncker's 'monster' is plotting to punish Britain for Brexit
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Jean-Claude Juncker is plotting to 'punish' Britain for Brexit - Patrick Blower - political cartoon gallery
Theresa May must stand strong,the UK owes the EU nothing,we can win this.
So the EU don't want a trade deal? I'm sure all the companies who export to the UK will be really happy.
If Jean-Claude Juncker thinks bullying the British people will make them change their mind,then he doesn't know the British p…
The British public should know the truth about brexit.
What to take from this; Juncker's a drunk, Merkel runs the EU, the EU consistently messes with domestic elections.
“I leave Downing Street ten times as sceptical as I was before,” says Jean-Claude... by…
Juncker to May on Brexit: ‘I’m 10 times more sceptical than I was before’
The problem is that too many people won’t believe it even if they’re told it. We’re a nation (partly) in denial.
Theresa May's Brexit dinner with Jean-Claude Juncker was a bit of a disaster
telegraph: 'Jean-Claude Juncker profile: 'When it becomes serious, you have to lie'
The EU is right, Theresa May is deluded about Brexit – there is no way she can make a success of it
The public deserve to know the truth about from the because mob & our Press won't do it
Deluded, unrealistic, 'from another galaxy' - European reactions to PMs approach to
Just listen to the fury and bile emerging from EU leaders like Jean-Claude Juncker this weekend. May is obviously doin…
Seven things we learned from Theresa May's tense Downing Street meeting with Jean-Claude Juncker' | via
The EU is right, there is no way Theresa May can make a success of Brexit
Jean-Claude Juncker has reportedly told Angela Merkel that Theresa May “in a different Galaxy” over Brexit talks.
The EU is accused of not being transparent yet it's Theresa May who's asking for talks to be kept secret.
Interesting that Juncker immediately phoned Merkel. Tacit admission that EU is run by Germany
The British public deserve to know the whole truth about Britain's position in the Brexit negotiations | Editorial
And we need an MSM brave enough to tell the truth not engage in right wing . .
Devastating talks: leaked details from May's dinner with Juncker suggest unprepared and without a plan.
Pleased to see British press picking up on this story - originally appeared in FAZ https:/…
At least now has something... This is an accurate representation of passage on EU cits from FAZ article. https:…
Theresa May sounds like the moron in White House.
Gov which claims is about controlling 1/2 UK's immigration from EU has 'no list of EU citizens in Britain'.
Theresa May had a "disastrous dinner" with Jean-Claude Juncker. Summarised by our Berlin bureau chief http…
"The entire UK coverage of is written entirely from a UK-UK point of view" - Well...
Details of 'disastrous' Brexit meeting between Theresa May and Jean-Claude Juncker revealed in leak
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Junker openly acknowledges lying for political ends. Why would this not be?
The EU is right about Brexit – Theresa May can never make it a success.
Leaked details from May's disastrous dinner with Juncker suggest Brexit could be far worse than anyone imagines
Reason Juncker is launching a scathing attack on May is he knows the UK is in the stronger position & is panicking htt…
Juncker tells May he is '10 times more sceptical than before' on Brexit
European Union chief Jean-Claude Juncker wishes Macron luck for the next polling phase.
Great Lunch with the FT - EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker on the Brexit bill and the eroticism of power via
Jean-Claude Juncker sounds like the Nuclear Physics Professor from in "Homer Goes to College".
Jean-Claude Juncker really sticking the boot in on David Cameron:
.Jean-Claude Juncker's plan to save the EU is like something from a Carry On film
Jean-Claude Juncker said he won’t run again in 2019—and cast doubts on the EU's survival
Just finished your excellent 'Kind of Blue'. Good to read that Jean-Claude Juncker is not the devil incarnate after all
Britain will, without difficulty, be able to divide the EU during Brexit talks, Jean-Claude Juncker has warned.
BREAKING: Jean-Claude Juncker admits Brexit will cause further splits in crumbling EU
BBC News - EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker 'will not seek second term'
Jean-Claude Juncker says he won’t seek second term as European Commission president
Juncker finally admits something we have known all along.
European Commission Jean Claude Juncker says no to second term
Is this the beginning of the end of the EU? Have your say here:
BREAKING: Juncker says he WON'T run again for EC President as he admits to Brexit division
When LePen and Wilders do their magic later this year it will be check mate.
Jean-Claude Juncker 'will not seek re-election' and warns Europe may not be united during Brexit ...
Giving up: EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker, elected in '14, 'will not seek second term'.
Britain IS in control - JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER. "cracks" are appearing in the European Union, a celebratory Nigel Farage declared tonight.
Jean-Claude Juncker will not seek re-election as European Commission President when his current term ends in 2019.
Britain blocked from new trade negotiations until after Brexit - Jean Claude Juncker:
Juncker doubts EU unity in Brexit talks
The cracks in the edifice are beginning to show.
Weve got EU on the RUN! Celebrates as Juncker admits BRITAIN IS in VICTORIOUS Control
This has to be a good news story but he will have had a good pension out of it.   10% Off
It took a while but they have the message the gravy train is at the end of the line.
Nigel Farage celebrates as Jean-Claude Juncker admits UK in control | UK | News |
Juncker 'doubts EU will remain united during Brexit talks'...
Jean-Claude Juncker 'doubts will remain united during Brexit talks' - will not seek 2nd term.
‘We’ve got EU on the RUN!’ Farage celebrates as Juncker admits Britain IS in control
Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Union's powerful executive Commission, said he…
Scotland has earned the right to be heard over a separate deal according to Jean-Claude Juncker. .
Tomorrow: EU Commission's Jean-Claude Juncker tells Salmond that Scotland has earned the right to be listened to over our…
The mask slips as Jean-Claude Juncker looks forward to the end of the nation state and threatens Brexit Britain. http…
Juncker in meltdown over future of European Parliament as buddie Schultz abandons him:
European president pleads for no more referendums. He runs scared from the will of the people. A fascist.
European president pleads for no more referendums via
EU boss Juncker begs national leaders not to hold in out EU referendums as everyone will vote to leave
And why do the citizens want to exit the EU? Perhaps because the EU-Commission behaves like th…
*** has name: Ultimate example of a scared old man, afraid to lose his fragile and decaying toy.
UK to BLOCK hated EU army plan in final blow to Juncker’s Brussels #
Please take a moment to sign and share!
Juncker ORDERS Europe: Don’t hold any more referendums as voters will choose to LEAVE
Juncker has a certain talent for truth:. European president pleads for no more referendums via
The EU now want to ban any referendums being held because they keep losing them all, how very dictator like
QUOTE-OF-THE-DAY:. "EU Commissioner Jean-Claude Juncker said giving the people a vote would be "unwise"...' - Euron…
Another fat pay rise for Juncker and his Eurocrat pals in Brussels. More rewards for failure.
European president pleads for no more referendums People wouldn't want to LEAVE if it was workin…
Jean-Claude Juncker has warned EU leaders that it would be 'unwise' to hold referendums on EU membership.
European Commission's President Jean-Claude Juncker considers it necessary to maintain sanctions against
It's amazing that so moral a person as Angela Merkel has as her political creature the Commission President, Jean-Claude Juncker.
Jean-Claude Juncker: ‘We will need to teach Trump what Europe is and how it works ’
Theresa May to hold talks with Jean-Claude Juncker after series of threats at her first European Council meeting
Tough words were spoken to an audience including Jean-Claude Juncker and negotiator Michel Barnier. A rocky…
President of the EU Jean-Claude Juncker spoke at the 70th anniversary of one of Churchill's most historic speeches. ht…
Jean-Claude Juncker only drinks on 2 occasions, when he is at the European Parliament and when he is not.
Live coverage as European Commission's Jean-Claude Juncker makes "State of the Union" speech https…
EU's Juncker to urge 'unity' after Brexit: European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker will ...
EU citizens: are elites capable of controlling [events] which overwhelm, disorientate & terrify? Tusk
Jean-Claude Juncker to rally support for divided, post-Brexit EU -
EU facing an existential threat in the wake of Brexit, Jean-Claude Juncker, the European Commission president warns
The European Union is split by post-Brexit disunity EU Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker will warn
JUNCKER SCANDAL: Brussels chief in ethics probe over chum's top job at Remain backing bank
STRASBOURG, Sept 14 (Reuters) - The president of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, will try to ra...
God understands more about the financial markets than many who write about them.
Jean-Claude Juncker to rally divided, post-Brexit EU, push investment: The president of the European Commissi...
Jean-Claude Juncker: EU is facing existential crisis
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker just asked Nigel Farage why he's at the European Parliament...
Theresa May hits back after Jean-Claude Juncker claims borders are 'the worst invention ever made' via . http…
Jean-Claude Juncker slams Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage for 'leaving the boat' after Brexit vote
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Angela Merkel will soon have to 'deal with' European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker, (cont)
About time. Angela Merkel 'to oust Jean-Claude Juncker' as Europe splits deepen over Brexit response
Angela Merkel is set to oust Jean-Claude Juncker amid anger over his "gloating" following the Brexit decision.
'How dare you!' Andrew Castle's stunning rant at Brussels bureaucrat Jean-Claude Juncker
EU's Juncker to meet Scotland's first minister on Wednesday: spokesman. European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker will hold talks i…
EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker clashes with Nigel Farage in Brussels over Brexit vote: Jean ...
European Parliament. Jean-Claude Juncker spots Nigel Farage. "Why are you even here?!"
"Why are you here? You voted for Brexit" Jean-Claude Juncker jibes at UKIP MEPs at European Parliament.
Same question that made 90% of leave supporters vote last week.
Jean-Claude Juncker just embarrassed Nigel Farage in front of hundreds of MEPs via
Czech foreign minister calls on Jean-Claude Juncker to resign
Thug life in the European Parliament... Jean-Claude Juncker tackle Nigel Farage on "Brexit"
"That's the last time you're applauding here," Jean-Claude Juncker says to Nigel Farage in Brussels
USA, NY. 24 years old. Love flirting, cats, be naked;) Look at my acc>> Juncker
EU president Jean-Claude Juncker asks Farage 'Why Are You Here'? after UKIP turn up to brag about
Jean-Claude Juncker asks Farage's embarrassing braying mob "Why are you here?"
Jean-Claude Juncker saying "I think we share a sense of humour. Well, you used to have a sense of humour. I think I still have mine." burn.
'Why are you still here?' - Angry Jean-Claude Juncker asks Nigel Farage at EU meeting
foreign minister calls on Jean-Claude Master Of Lies' to resign. Martin Shultz Pack up as well https…
Jean Claude Juncker "I have ORDERED members of the commission not to talk to uk" there you go guys an example of EU democracy…
Nothing makes me happier about voting Brexit than Jean-Claude Juncker
"With my last breath I will fight for a United Europe" - Jean-Claude Juncker. Some things never change.
"I know that virtually none of you have never done a proper job in your lives..or indeed ever created a job"
EU president asks British MEPs 'why are you here?'
Nigel Farage jeered and booed as he tells MEPs they are 'in denial' over Brexit | via
Hearing the EU delegates cry, whine and moan when the truth is told about them... it's better than Mozart.
Jean-Claude Juncker asks Farage: Why are you here?
This is Jean-Claude Juncker one of the EU presidents... he would be in control of an EU Army
Anyway, we're still royally pissing off Jean-Claude Juncker this morning, so that's some compensation at least to cheer y…
Jean-Claude Juncker directly contradicts the Prime Minister. There is no further renegotiation.
BRUSSELS top bureaucrat today revealed he has banned EU officials from talking to Britain...THIS MAN TAKES THE *** .
Chapeau to Jean-Claude Juncker for refusing to meet with Ms Sturgeon tomorrow.
Jean-Claude Juncker to Nigel Farage: 'Why are you here?' Finally some moment of passion at European Parliament!
Can't stand his smugness, but does he have a point, that the EU "imposed a political union," it's a failure?
Nigel Farage reacts as he meets EU Commission Pdt Jean-Claude Juncker at the EU headquarters in Brussels https…
Nigel Farage slow-claps Jean-Claude Juncker, who asks why the UKIP MEP is at European Parliament following Brexit.
Juncker as usual is totally cluless, unelected EU fool
Nothing makes me happier about voting Brexit than hearing Jean-Claude Juncker's bitter and arrogant response
Looks like Jean-Claude Juncker had his usual Remy Martin Louis XIII Cognac for breakfast.
EU President Jean-Claude Juncker's father-in-law of 35 years was Hitler propaganda chief Mathias Frising
part of my brain is determined to confuse the names of Jean-Claude Juncker & Paul Volcker just because of that seemingly superfluous C
No dog in the but EU head Jean-Claude Juncker would be a perfect James Bond movie villain. I can see him stroking a white cat.
Only now stumbled across the interview with Jean-Claude Juncker. Quite interesting: https…
Jean-Claude Juncker says he wants to begin negotiating UK's departure from EU immediately and there is no need to wait un…
European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker spoke on Britain leaving the EU today [I do not think a certain...
I suspect that Jean-Claude Juncker and others in EUs might now regret not giving Cameron the renegotiation he wanted. The…
The case for a European army, by EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker: "out is out" if British voters decide to leave EU
Really? hopes for reform just minutes after Jean-Claude Juncker says there will be no more reforms?
European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker says there would be no re-negotiation with Britain following add…
John Cleese backs Brexit and suggests 'hanging' Jean-Claude Juncker to reform EU
EU "should give up the Euro, introduce accountability and hang Jean-Claude Juncker."
I can't wait for Jean-Claude Juncker to start campaigning for Britain to remain in the EU. It'll be the final nail in
: Gordon Brown and Jean-Claude Juncker to talk Brexit Former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown will v…
Jean-Claude Juncker drunk and slaps other leaders
EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker greeted EU ministers and is seen slapping some of them across the face as well as...
the has no intention of reforming or being reformed furthermore Jean-Claude Juncker would never allow it
Why can't Jean-Claude Juncker be a cool drunk like Boris Yeltzin? If he was I'd probably vote to stay in!
The battle cry of Jean=Claude Juncker has been well heeded by the likes of David Cameron. "When it becomes serious, you have to lie."
Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the EU, looking utterly ham-sandwiched and slapping people in the face. For reals. h…
This video of EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker greeting world leaders while drunk is hilarious
In the utopia. EU books balance. Greece has no debt. There's no EU army. Jean-Claude Juncker is sober. What are you…
Jean-Claude Juncker insanely drunk in public
... and I guess Jean-Claude Juncker will be Holy Roman Emperor? Ludicrous, and funny, if there wasn't so much at stake
European Union warlord Jean-Claude Juncker warned to cease high-handed interference in English freedom referendum, or face d…
Bully Boy Jean-Claude Juncker again calls for a joint EU army – as 'chickens' pose a bigger threat
I don't recall voting for Jean-Claude Juncker, Donald Tusk or Martin Schulz.
Chief Warlord of European Union Jean-Claude Juncker vows to crush English revolution fighters by salting Earth with blood of…
So you also agree Claude Juncker (EU) wishes to become a centralised Federal State just like the USA...and for millions come into UK
2014 summit declared the EU's adherence to ever closer union whilst humiliating Cameron over Juncker vote
Go down Nigel way down in EU land, . Tell Jean Claude Juncker to let My people go
The UK has 1 vote out of 28 EU countries! UK didn't want Jean-Claude Juncker, we were out-voted by 26!
Jean-Claude Juncker is President of the European Commission, 1 of 5 unelected, unaccountable EU presidents.
lol - if debate involves suggesting Jean Claude-Juncker is a latter day Hitler that sums up Leave's issues in a nutshell
Brexit would isolate UK and threaten relationship with US, Nick Clegg warns :Auto pickup by wikyou
Jean-Claude Juncker: 'When it becomes serious, you have to lie". for accountable democracy in the UK
The Luxembourg financial centre is based on several pillars, we are ch...
has more to do w. Brexit-backing Chris Grayling than Belgium-based Jean-Claude Juncker
Presidents of Turkey and the European Commission, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Jean-Claude Juncker exchanged hars...
Juncker:“Of course there will be transfers of sovereignty" & "When it's serious you have to lie"
One from the archive, well worth another read. Sums the EU's scam up: Juncker's most outrageous political quotations
Farage offers President Juncker Champagne after he says Britain 'does not need' the EU
Jean-Claude Juncker, the unelected President of the European Commission
The President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker to : "Stop Shooting" !
EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker calls for an EU army | The Guardian (from 8 March 2015)
President Petro Poroshenko had a phone conversation with President of European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker.
Highlights include speeches by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, both on Tues...
BBC: Jean-Claude Juncker indicates that if the UK votes to leave the EU, the EU may hold a referendum to join the UK in re…
Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker hold a news conference after an EU leaders summit on migration
Brussels meeting EU quotas as an equal opportunities employer. Jean-Claude Juncker must be delighted at that.
EPP in CoR – Plenary Horizon EPP priorities for CoR Plenary Session: This video announces Jean-Claude Juncker'...
Statement by the Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the death of Hans-Dietrich Genscher: European Com...
Make no mistake, this is where the EU is headed. An EU army has been on the table for a long time.
“Cooperation between intelligence services in Europe is not satisfactory,” noted
Now David Cameron's EU deal is confirmed, how do you intend to vote in the referendum on June 23? What do you think?
Nigel Farage steps in as new EU Leader as Jean- Claude Juncker steps down in shock move he vows to take the EU to new Heights
Jean-Claude Juncker calls for EU army: Not now. Not ever.
Jean-Claude Juncker at the height of the euro crisis:“We all know what to do; we just don't know how to get re-elected aft…
Jean-Claude Juncker said of Syriza: ‘there can be no democratic choice against the European treaties.’ Liberals reject democracy
Juncker admits EU is in terminal decline > Britain has a brighter Commonwealth future > h…
Ready for New World Order? For your own safety of course! bureaucrat calls for European security forces union htt…
Yeezus H Cripes! Jean-Claude Juncker is a man that of late scares the s*** out of me every time he speaks
Random: has disappeared Libya. Police guess he been taken to fiends.
Jean-Claude Juncker about Imre Kertész: 'We owe him a great debt and are thankful that his work was published. '
The EU's first thought is always more Europe. We don't need a Security Union. We need an end to open borders. https:/…
Jean-Claude Juncker: ‘Some things could have been avoided’
VIDEO: 'The deal is a fair one' - Juncker: The European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has described...
Is the Galactic Empire really, the 'European Union', & Jean-Claude Juncker is the Emperor?
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