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Blaze's fur cuffs Sonic fanfic about The Sonic was the Armadillo robbed the Master Emerald got sucked into Classic Sonic
Okay now that I've done a meme I've actually gotten back into making classic sonic art so here's a quick OVA style…
I redid the classic duff sonic temple image a little bit. Whatcha think?
To me, they were the weakest part by default. I honestly preferred Modern over Classic,…
People who unironically hate the Sonic Forces Classic Green Hill music are the worse literally worse than hitler, w…
Xbox One for most games, hands down. Fightsticks are great for fighting games and some 2D games (classic…
the classic sonic fan service era needs to end, it's high time we got some ADVENTURE FAN SERVICE BABY
What about Sonic's big fat adventure? It's a classic.👌
This would be the best design if they make another 2D game. It could hint that classic sonic is aging into modern sonic
I only like the classic Sonic figures from Tomy
Well at least you said a company that understands the franchise instead of the typical "Nintendo shou…
Sonic, Classic Sonic, Raiden and you challenge the combined forces of Infinite and Senator Armstrong!
Hey while looking at Sonic plushes online, I found two images for the Laughing Classic Sonic Plush and t…
A new Sonic game, but you don't play as Classic Sonic or Modern Sonic, you just play as the Avatar you make in the…
Would you say you regret playing Forces then? Personally I only really disliked Classic Sonic's gameplay.
Then Sega (for some reason) made a very weird decision to shift the series' tone EXTREMELY far in the classic's dir…
Classic Sonic games were about abstracts and geometric shapes, too, but they maintained a tactility that Sonic Advance 3…
I liked a video Modern & Classic Sonic Meet Bubsy in Sonic Forces
Can sammy classic sonic fan please marry me
Ah, back when Sonic 2D art was the norm. In my opinion, this looks a lot more expressive than the…
i still CANNOT BELIEVE that sammy classic sonic fan is a republican who voted for trump like i am in shock, TBH
Yeah, that could have been more clear. Classic Sonic is absolutely at its worst in its bottlenecks, and…
Will other characters be playable? It would be cool if Classic was there and the graphics became 16-bit.
It would not, do you have a link? I thought it missed a lot of the point of classic Sonic in terms of t…
Hi hello here is a little Classic Sonic doobl to grace your TL
THIS is the style of late-Saturn-era Classic Sonic that I would like to see utilized moving forward. No more Classic desi…
My statue figure collection with two classic mickey mouse and classic my alter ego Sonic and classic snoopy
Part 2: The flows,diverse cadences, Sonic Quality,melodies,visuals,time and space(current and future) ,social media relevance…
i Thought The Classic Sonic Used in the 2 Pack and Forces Pack was Bad But now Because I took this pic . I actu…
I told my roommate that Bubsy was good and better than classic Sonic and I don't think I've ever seen them look so upset.
I have this personal head-canon that once Classic Sonic returns home in Generations, he's learned from his Modern s…
If you mirror the box art of Sonic Forces from the left half onto the right half, Classic Sonic is no longer seen. Even…
Ryan Drummond had a battle with Eggman over Classic Sonic in Sonic Forces
Sonic CD Classic Sonic fanart Espio Ryan Drummond raced in Sonic wasn't too happy about Amy does
I got a new pair of headphones and the Classic Sonic music from Sonic Forces actually HURTS to lesson with them Jes…
*Takes 9 minutes to complete Planet Wisp with Classic Sonic in Generations*. *Still gets an S rank*. Well.
I never had problems with Classic Sonic in Generations, tbh.
Oh so according to Classic Sonic actually is worse than in Generations.oh.
Studioplolis Zone is one of my favorite Classic Sonic stage ever. I'm just a fan of big city levels that are over the top and such.
Metal Knuckles Jason Griffith saved the entire thing Sonic went fishing with Classic Sonic was freaking out about Sonic Forces
Jason Griffith saved the Enchilada had a bad future without Classic Sonic fans rapped over the worst game is about rings
Sonic and nobody Classic Sonic and lost a lost a weapon to the Sniper and nobody Shadow the Spagonia clock tower Super Tails
I'll try to something with the red cape. Idk if I should draw Tails or Classic Sonic along with him. hmm
if Classic Sonic gets a voice actor, can it be David Spade, the guy who played Kuzco?
After playing both versions of Generations more, I'm really starting to love Classic Sonic's stages more than I did before
Sonic Generations isn't that great of a game. The rehashed levels get really tiring and repetitive after a bit, and Classic Sonic ***
I'm sick of ALL the fanboys who want Classic Sonic back! Come on, he was in Generations, and we have Mania and Proj…
Two classic Sonic, your main unsuspended, all SNES games since ours aren't those are organised ridiculousness
Today's Retro game of the day. Is the Sonic Classic Collection on the DS.
It's far from perfect, but the Sonic Classic Collection on the nintendo DS is probably my…
With my lt I just imagined like.. Sammy classic sonic fan saying that and I'm dying why do I do this to myself
Sonic Boom went up on Hulu so I'm finally getting to watch some. Here's a little Classic-style Sticks.
2. Sonic Mega Collection because it was my first experience with every classic sonic game besides sonic 2
I mean, I was hoping for different playable characters, but classic sonic kind of burned that dream.
Sonic CD is like, the most confusing Classic 2D game ever to be made by SEGA.
// random me thought i was dissing u but it was classic. classic: Wait you were DISSING ME
Another fine in which to immerse myself this weekend: instant classic & still mindblowing soni…
Got my NES classic today and also got that Lego Sonic...I'm truly a 90's kid =P
I remember all the way back in your goodbye classic sonic vid you said "It'll be a long time until that lp". And here we are.
I think the controls are the worst thing. Classic Sonic carries way too much weight and his acceleration is *** poor.
I am REALLY not enjoying Classic Sonic's stages in Generations 3DS.
it's my favourite classic Sonic tho
Re-watching the Game Grumps play through of Sonic 06 for a third time, a timeless classic of let's playing!
I really hope Sonic Gens 2 has Classic and Modern Knuckles so it's literally Sonic and Knuckles and Knuckles.
I liked a video from Classic Sonic 3D Adventure part 1 Beach Area
I remember you wondering about the source of this Sonic model way back when. Here you go:
With the release of the a Genesis classic (AKA Sonic the Hedgehog machine) sounds nice too.
Metal *dodges and go's after future classic sonic*
Man I like the Sonic Advance Series. It brings back that classic old-school 2-D Sonic gameplay.
2001-Shadow in SA2, 2006- Silver in 06, and 2011- they got Classic Sonic back in Generations. So i wonder who will be in 2016-17
Imagine if Roger Craig Smith voiced Classic Sonic... and permanently his new voice actor.
Looks like Sonic Dash is finally gonna be relevant again with that Classic Sonic and green hill zone add. Much love.
No 3D Classic Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on sale makes me a sad kitsune but maybe it will go on sale this holiday or sooner
And the Classic Sonic in gens grew up to be the Sonic in Lost World. In that timeline everything is fresh!
It's a sonic Fan Film directed, written and voices of Classic Sonic & Knuckles our team artist Doryan on
I liked a video Sonic Generations - Classic Sonic in Tropical Resort Act 1
Jay was sneaking into eggman's ship, but got captured cause of a lazy team member. Jay escaped in 3 hours, just before the ship exploded. She barely made it and passed out in some green land north of Mobius.   Her clothes were riped... She layed there helplessly... just unable to move from the pain. she didn't wake until 2 days later...     luckily, Classic Sonic was walking by...       Classic Sonic: Hey... *pokes her* hey, are u alright? Jay: *wakes up* ugh *looks around* my glasses. where are they... Classic Sonic: *picks them up* uhhh, sorry to say this but... they're broken... Jay: aw snap :( Classic Sonic: Jay, what are u doing out here?  Jay: eggman. ship. exploded. *in pain* Classic Sonic: Whoa, don't move if it hurts! I'll take u home. *picks up Jay and runs to her house* Jay: Thank you, classic... Classic Sonic: *sets her on her bed* Let me get a doctor *runs out* Bolt: *walks in* oh my... *comes over to jay* sweetie, what happened? Jay: eggman was born that's what happened... arghhh... B ...
MONOPOLY: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG EDITION Sonic Generations: Board Game Edition Releasing back in October 2012, "MONOPOLY: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG EDITION" features some the zones from the game "Sonic Generations", and made new zones from past games exclusive to this board game like for example "Frog Forest" and "Mystic Mansion" from "Sonic Heroes" is featured in this board game. So does this board game truly be called a board game version of "Sonic Generations?" Read on. All right first I'll be discussing the box art. There are all of the main tokens characters, Sonic, Tails, Amy, Chao, Shadow, and Knuckles and also Dr. Robotnik who is not a token so the box art is kinda misleading. There is also the HD version of the iconic "Green Hill Zone" in the background and, by the looks of it, it's the Classic Sonic version of the zone. On the sides of the box it says "MONOPOLY", "Sonic The Hedgehog", "Collector's Edition" and 2-6 players Ages 8+ can play. The top and bottom sides are the same as the sides except it shows ...
Classic Sonic should've been given a voice in Generations. I mean, it's not like Classic Tails said anything before, and he's voiced. :/
Time to finally work on my Wii U Review :) Plus cool Got a thing from Nintendo in my email. "You were randomly selected from a group of members to take a bonus survey about Nintendo products. The survey is quick and easy. Plus, you'll receive 10 Coins when you're done. Thank you for your support!" Yay. Now how about Nintendo you bring Earthbound to NA's Wii U VC? In the words of Classic Sonic in Jaleel White impersonation. "I'm Waiting".
People accuse Sega for being lazy when they worked on Sonic Generations cause they didn't allow Dimps to make it. It's way better without Dimps. They made Classic Sonic almost like Modern Sonic. It's not even fun that way.
Finally got internet up at Grandma's having a good time, rewatched Emprie Strikes Back and Rturn of the Jedi. I also got a working Magnavox Odyssey 2 right now, hope to get more games for it soon. Also happy that i may see Brandon this saturday before I go back home. I also got a pre-Christmas present from Grandma; a Classic Sonic the Hedgehog toy, and a copy of the complete Lord of the Rings novel! Up to Chapter 8 and I'm loving it a lot! Anyway, see ya soon folks, night!
"Sonic Generations - Episode 13: Rival Battles" Hey Guys! Today we are announcing that we will be Let's Playing Sonic Generations on the Xbox 360! Chris will be playing all the Classic Sonic levels (Act1), while Christian will be playing all ...
Sonic Generations Colors Porting - Tropical Resort Act 3 (Progress 1) There, after a level of Classic Sonic, I work on Modern Sonic stage again, this time it will be act 3 which is the longest act of Tropical Resort. Here is the current progress ...
Jaleel White was going to provide the voice of Classic Sonic in Generations.
I wish they'd got Steve Urkel to voice Classic Sonic in Generations. That would have been hilariously dated and 90's.
EDIT: Looking for more? The sequel comes. Soon! Vegeta and Trunks guaranteed to appear! Silver and/or Classic Sonic may join! The battle continues! A dedi...
SUBSCRIBE!! This should happen when Modern Sonic met Classic Sonic for the first time! ENJOY!! Sonic by Sonic Team SEGA
Playing the demo of Sonic Generations, my fastest time on Green Hill Act 1 as Classic Sonic is now 1.19
This is Classic Sonic from 1991 For the 20th Anniversary of the first Sonic the Hedgehog video game, comes a line of figures that celebrates Sonic's history. These figures will feature Sonic and friends in their 1991 forms, and on throughout the game series.
This is my Let's Play of Sonic Generations for the Sony PS3! Sonic Generations is an anniversary game celebrating 20 years of Sonic and we can play as both Modern and Classic Sonic! This is part 3 of my walkthrough and we do some extra missions to get the boss gate key to against the first boss in
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Completed all of the Classic Sonic challenges in Generations yesterday. Ive got 34 to do with Modern Sonic.
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