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Classic Country

Classic country is a music radio format that specializes in playing mainstream country hits from past decades.

Classic Rock Blake Shelton Waylon Jennings Willie Nelson Merle Haggard Tanya Tucker Vince Gill Johnny Cash Street Station Ray Price Buck Owens Loretta Lynn Radio Trent Carrie Underwood Don Williams Jim Reeves

Both the boys and girls basketball teams lost to Georgetown this past Friday. Boys lost 48-52 and girls lost 51-56 Both are back in action tonight against Manor. Boys will be hosting the 'Stangs and the Girls will be visiting the Lady Mustangs. Girls game can be heard on Hutto FM at 7pm. Soccer is underway. The boys will be scrimmaging Liberty Hill tonight. Have a great day and listen to 'Classic Country' on
What a great day to stay inside listening to the RADIO---and so-- Join me tonight on the Cat from 6 until 8 for Franks Kind of Country Classic Country of course--but also lots of my favourite Christmas Songs--From Jim Reeves and George Strait, from Alabama and Charley Pride, from Reba and Merle--and my favorite Vince Gill tune too...Christmas Lights and Classic Country..a perfect Sunday night--
I put the radio on this morning, a 'Country' station, and they had some kind of Pop playing. I would guess it was 'Modern Country.' It certainly wasn't any music I would associate with Country/Country & Western. But I suppose the industry is in the business of making money and the masses buy what the industry tells them is 'in' I.E. poor songwriting, standardized tune and youngsters dressed like Hobo's recording it -'Corporate Country.' Meanwhile, I shall listen to CD's of Tex Ritter, Faron Young, etc. And live in hope of a return to Classic Country - but I will not hold my breath.
FAMILY FRIENDLY… Every Saturday night at 7:30, at the Reid Family Farm (1833 HWY 44 West, I-65 Exit 117 [3 miles West Off Interstate] in Shepherdsville), see the Shepherdsville Country Music Show, filled with your favorite Classic Country, Oldies Rock & Roll, Southern Gospel Music and Comedy.  For reservations, call Dani Reynolds at 502/807-9604. JUST FOR GROWNUPS... Deck The Falls of the Ohio holiday CD release party will be at the Knights of Columbus at 809 East Main Street in New Albany from 2 til 6.  Southern Indiana and regional musical artists are being featured on the first Holiday CD presented by the Arts Council of Southern Indiana (ACSI).  A sneak preview of the documentary, “New Albany: City by the River,” by Philip Collins and Daniel Frank will be shown.  Hosted by Leigh Ann Yost and live music by Bonnie Lea, Christiana Lawrence & Tyler Youngs, Dave Scopelliti (with Lonnie Bryant & Terry Griffey), Hugh Bir Jr. & the Concrete Canyon Cowboys, Jeff Guernsey & Tammy Burke, Leigh Ann ...
Back roads crown royal Donnie west and classic country should take the sting off of that horrible loss today
There is nothing better than classic country.
If you like 50/60s, R&B, classic country and more Listen here
Nothing makes me happier than listening to my classic country vinyls
I know you're into classic country. maybe you'll like this album.
A little classic country before bed should do the trick.
I'm not the biggest or knowledgeable fan of County, like rock, I prefer Classic. Country sounds like fake twang Pop now..
seriously classic country on Sunday night's on 101.1 is perfection
I love when my mom and I cook dinner together and jam out to classic country the whole time. 👌
I can just sit outside all night and listen to old classic country music!
I love when south 107 plays classic country
Josh Hedley takes the stage in less than an hour- playing all your classic country favorites NO COVER!
Tom Cochrane put on a great show last night at the Classic Country Auction
Great Sunday! Classic country tunes...oh Elizabeth, Elvira, and love to lay you down.
You have to appreciate bluegrass, folk, and classic country to be a fan of country music. That's part of it
Drivin by yourself listening to classic country>>>
Just a classic country duet sesh with on the way home 🎤🚙😊
Sunday nights are the best on ain't nothin like classic country
You know what the music industry needs? More classic country.
yeah, I have those days too! Some of the new country is ok, but not as good as classic country!
What's the best music for a long road trip and why? Classic Country music becaus... Answer on
Classic country music is just SO good! 😊💕
I think the radio's confused it just said "your home for classic country" and then ET by Katy Perry came on!
Classic country is the best music to study to handsdown
My wedding will play nothing but classic country 👌
The amount of blues and classic country that's on in this house when and I are home alone is outstanding.
time with Classic Country. We play all the evergreens for you. Listen here:
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Everybody talks about cruising in the summer time but in my opinion, there is nothing a fall drive listening to classic country music
Listening to classic country music gives a certain chill that can't be explained.
Listening to some classic country, 50/60s, blues, down home gospel and more...
# The original 'Honky Tonk Man!'. # The first-ever CD by a true legend of Texas beerhall music, and the writer of...
Currently jamming to classic country music while I write my paper
Hanging some pictures and clothes racks in the new house and jamming to classic country! Love my house
Listing to some 50/60s, classic country, down home gospel and more
I love the poetics of classic country.
In recognition of the date, the 22nd AND the fact that Fall begins at 4:44 this afternoon I'm playing artists with the same initials... Mel McDaniel, Tanya Tucker, Carlene Carter and more. Every Sunday, Classic Country is on 99.5 WYCD from 7-10AM
One of the preset stations in the new iTunes Radio is Classic Country with the Bakersfield Sound as a genre
SO...SO...MANY TO SAY "TY" 2. Undertaking the design,& construction of my new home.The last 8 months. Was a project I have never done before. The reconstruction. Modeling, & design concepts incorporated into my 1972 model trailer park home. Are rarely seen. The theme is "Classic Country". With a hint of the old days of the railroad.( my pa,& I where huge steam / rail fans ). The finished home has become the talk of the area. My park neighbors have been so warm with welcomes. Well wishes, & warm meals. The local farmers all give a "Howdy" wave as they chug by on their tractors. My deepest thanks to Christian J. Bender. ( contractor ). As well as the park o/o CarolAnn R. Bender, & hubby John. "TY" Tim Atton.Steve Steve Guy & the many sub-contractors who performed a wonderful job. To my many friends. Riley Harrison. Marcel Isaac. "Bud", & Vicky. Ann Flanagan, & hubby Dave. As well as many others."TY" so much. "TY" to John, & Veronica. ( my former landlords ). & their family. For the 5+ great years I was your ...
Listening to Classic Country on tv... Garth Brook is singing "Friends in Low Places".. this made me think of Nicki Howell-Metts and I when we went to see him in Pittsburgh... that was a great show!! one of many great memories
Classic Country morning on 580 WACQ and FM 101.1 today ... Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Jim Reeves, Patsy Cline, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette, and many more ... spinning the classics with Scott Adcock and Fred Randall Hughey.
What a nice weekend it has been---Now to the perfect ending--Tonight from 6 until 8 it's time again for Franks Kind of Country--Join me for 2 hours of Classic Country from George Jones--Faron Young-Tanya Tucker-the Statler Brothers--and more--PLUS last weekend Patty Loveless celebrated her 25 years on the Grand Ol Opry--so tonight I have Opry Dan on the show to talk a bit about that night and this great singer--I will play some of her songs and yes--Vince Gill was there so we will play some of his songs with Patty
Hey!! Come to the (re-scheduled) street dance, Friday, June 21, from 7PM- 11. We're closing down Haynie Street in Llano to play Western Swing and Classic Country dancehall music to benefit the Llano County Library System. We might sneak in some Jimi Hendrix tunes. George Gershwin. Duke Ellington. Who knows? Paul Finley on guitar, Mark Scott vocals & guitar, Joe Long pedal steel, Tom Nail, upright bass, Jay Henderson guitar and vocals, Sammy Geistweidt playing the fiddle, and Ken Fowler on the drums. Advance tickets are $10, and are available at Fuel coffee house , The Juan Burrito or post a comment here to reserve an advance ticket. Tickets are $15 at the gate. Proceeds will benefit the Library. Please spread the word!!
Sunday Morning, 6-9am, I'm playing Classic Country songs about dad on 1077 GNA. What's your favorite song to honor dad?
I listen to Rock music, whether it is Classic, Alternative, Heavy Metal. Make no mistake about it Music doesn't have any influence on what I believe spiritually. I also listen to Christian Rock. I don't listen to country it affects my moods in a bad way brings back horrible memories. Some of the greatest love songs ever written are Classic Rock now while some depressing songs are now Classic Country. I listen to my music because of choice not because of belief or influence.
Life is precious, every day a gift. However, I am glad this past week is over. It hurts to see so many young people that I know hurting so badly with the loss of their close friend Jamison Stephens. I continue to pray for peace and comfort for his parents and all his many friends. Also, this past week was a juggling act at times in scheduling coverage for on-site broadcasts and studio board ops for the Russell County Jaycees Fair on Laker Country, 104.9 fm, WJRS and the Casey County Fair on Classic Country, 98.7 fm, WKDO. I'm certainly not complaining.I'm thankful for every moment and obstacle. KUDOS and THANKS to the Russell County Jaycees, the Casey County Fair Board and everyone involved in making both county fairs very successful and tons of fun for everyone to enjoy!! KUDOS and THANKS to the Laker Country & Classic Country crews for their long hours, hard work and dedication in making the fair broadcasts happen and ensuring they were both informative and entertaining when folks couldn't be there in . ...
Thanks to everyone for supporting our SOLD OUT Gene Watson concert!! Classic Country thrives in the Ottawa Valley!! It's going to be quite the night at the Wing this Friday!!
1918...Classic Country singer Eddy Arnold is born in Henderson, Tennessee. He had his own style...back when that mattered in country music.
FYI - Jimmie's Jam tickets now available at WUCL 97.9 Classic Country (Hwy. 39 North) as well as Jimmie Rodgers...
he was a classic country singer back in the 90s. Amazing! Now I'm pretty sure he sings bluegrass ☺☺
I hate white dudes, country white dudes, there's only 3-4 white dudes I'm actually cool with
Beautiful Country Classic Comforter,fits a large cot. Perfect for the up and coming chilly nights, out and about...
"a small price i paid for putting foot to *** for my country" original triple X movie with vin diesel will always be a classic
Country boy can survive is a classic
I can't help but think of summer and get excited every time I hear Springsteen, or maybe it's just every country song 😎☀
its not "bugg'n" nor "go" but I don't mind it, mind u I'm surrounded by country& Classic Rock atm..
Stunning Classic Romantic blush and white wedding at Big Canyon Country Club with Stefani Welsh, Marc Lehman,...
Drove out of Nashville blasting classic country. No other way to do it.
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Sharon Glassman and Grant McIntosh - upbeat classic country, live in the KGNU Kabaret tonight at 7
Classic case of just not getting it... when you've been voted one of the four worst companies in the country, two...
When you hit up iTunes, go to the British flag icon in the bottom right and click U.S, country western has the top 10 choke hold!
If you dont like Classic Country... well this relationship wont work!
Watching this old classic "Country Man" and the Ital reminds me of the Yes Rasta good Ital
Have pretty much given up on finding a regular radio station and am just listening to classic country.
Yes he is I forgot about him... We have a classic country channel around here. FYI Gary Stewart Pandora is good.
I enjoy rap as much as the next suburban white kid, but if it's sunny and ur not jammin Classic Rock, country or reggae, ur doing it wrong.
Truth! We will have to listen to classic country b/c mod is just a hick rock genre now. Easton Corbin has potential but $ talks
John Denver - Country Roads. Best song ever don't even argue about it like nothing can beat it
"In the 1970s Britain was the 3rd happiest country in the world". Classic Ken Livingstone.
'self interest' is holding the UK to ransom throughout the 1970s to feather their own nests. 'Third happiest country' classic
Summer just isn't summer without some classic country tunes.
Rockin Country Saturday Nights @ Screamin' Willies This night will be filled with classic & brand new Rockin'...
The classic country station is starting to play songs that I grew up on. Does that make me old?
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Chrishon has the Classic Cafe for you @ noon. Supersets, Rock News Of The Day and more. Brought to you by Country Corner Market
playing some classic house music …missing my cousin the GREAT KERRI CHANDLER (always out the country..our sessions be crazy)
Driving through the country in my pickup truck with the windows down and Classic Rock blasting. Does life get any better?
Back to Classic Rock I go. What happened to country music? Some of this stuff is horrible.
When it's warm, I only wanna listen to Classic Rock and country music.
At the last night ACM awards I needed to listen to classic country so I'm listening to George Jones
I may not be a huge country music fan, but I can get down to some classic Garth Brooks.
I've been listening to classic country on Sirius all day.
Check out music from Harry and the *** Handles! Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Originals
What pre-1990 classic country song do you think Craig should play at the Country Classics show on April 25?
I love all music :) From country to rap to dub step to Classic Rock to instrumentals. Love it!
Anyone watch the last night? Love how Eric Church accepted his award for album of the year in classic aviators!
My music is either classic country or hardcore rap. No in between.
Had a lovely country walk, SO good to see just like old times xx
Great to see the 2 best teams in the country serve up such a classic so far...
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Just a reminder, the 2013 CIR Swap Meet and Car Corral is this Saturday from 8 until 3 at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL.
Found a Classic Rock station out of paducah...finally a radio station that doesn't play country
If you are driving down the road today and your radio is playing something other than Classic Rock or country, you are doing something wrong
Great to see GAC still spinning classic country videos in their Time Capsule block!
Watch pro golfers at PGA Tour's WNB Golf Classic is this Thurs–Sunday at Midland Country Club.
Can not find my earbuds! I need to hear decent music before a day of Country or the same 20 Classic Rock songs on constant shuffle begins!
I love song "Frame of Mind" is has such a classic country feel to it 🎸🎶
ARE YOU READY? Kiss Country is a proud sponsor of The California Classic Weekend (run and bike) event on May...
All the winners last night were born after 1975. I miss the oldtimers. We need classic Country back.
Beautiful day for the 19th annual Ronald McDonald House Classic! @ Cherokee Town and Country Club-…
Old Man and His Horn - Gene Watson - Classic Country: via Love this song and video.Oldie but it has a twist
Wednesday's Venue: March 13, 2013 Blu Moon Bistro, Ludington, Wine-Down Wednesday $3.00 Glass of Wine. Dinner specials, but no music tonight due to St. Paddy's day. See Venue on Saturday and see Road Less Traveled at the Moon then. Thursday's Venue: March 14, 2013 James's Street Station, Ludington, Open Mic Night with Acoustic Junction 9-12??? Come on down and bring your instruments for some great music and fun! (Hosted by Kevin Curran and Cathy Dalton) See you all there! Hey that's me! This can be a preparation party of the weekend to come! PM Steamers, Ludington has the $3.00 Wine and Appetizer for Thursday Special and John Merchant will be playing there from 6:00-9:00 PM! Cowboy Reggae will be at Ruby Creek at 8:00 tonight. They play Classic Country with Classic Rock. Friday 's Venue: March 15, 2013 The Mitten Bar: A Michigan Ideology in Ludington, Michigan, Kung Fu Rodeo DEBUTS at The Mitten Bar in Ludington! Friday, March 15th at 9pm Able to change musical styles as quickly as the weather changes i . ...
"Offbeat Magazine and Liveset have teamed up for a special collaboration to bring you one of New Orleans most loved folk bands, Hurray for the Riff Raff. Lead by Alynda Lee, a Puerto Rican raised in the Bronx, their sound is influenced by the sounds of Classic Country, 1960's Rock 'n' Roll, and master songwriters like Townes Van Zandt and Neil Young. Phil Alexander, the Editor-in-Chief of Mojo Magazine, raved that they "have immense potential and seductive power" and named them one of the best bands at SXSW."
Down in Louisiana, where the black trees grow.! Classic Country kickin!
Funny, I must be getting old, my Mom "listens" to the music channel "Classic Country" at her house, so I have it on for my birds (and ME) and I am talking Conway, Waylon, Willie, Loretta, Freddy Fender, John Conlee, Kenny Rogers, Johnny Cash, Tanya Tucker, I mean I really LOVE IT!!! Takes me back bigtime!!
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Nuck! Just really enjoying Classic Country on QX104! Singing to EVERY song, my rep as a rocker is in serious jeopardy! :p jk
Blacktop Outlaw new bio: Blacktop Outlaw, a band that was derived from classic country artists such as Lynyrd Skynyrd and Willie Nelson began as merely an idea. This class of Outlaw country music is what sprung the band down the path of Red Dirt Texas Country. Lead singer Danny Dillon was out with family and friends in College Station when the spark of starting up a band of his own came to be. With a few beers and listening to a few local artist play he began rattling off ideas of names for the band, Dirt road Outlaws, Back road Outlaw and the list went on. Suddenly it hit him living in the South East area if you weren’t on a dirt road then you lived on a blacktop road with that one stop sign at the end. Thus Blacktop Outlaw emerged with the grunge of Outlaw country music, the picking of Cajun music, the twang of Classic Country, and Rocking of Red Dirt Texas Country. The band began playing in the South East area of Texas in a small town called Brookeland Texas. Dillon’s family owned a local bar call ...
I'm listening to Tanya Tucker on Classic Country. For as chilly as it was outside this music makes for a plesant day.
On Gone Country this evening... Have I mentioned C2C at the O2 in March - I might just let you in on that secret ... First plays on Gone Country for several tracks currently in the Billboard Hot Country Tracks, including songs from The Band Perry, Carrie Underwood, Blake Shelton, Gary Allen, Jason Aldean, Florida Georgia Line, Tim McGraw and the current No1 from Hunter Hayes - all these and few ol' favourites and our Classic Country & Western section . all this and more. Gone Country Today 1700 - 1900 GMT
Maybe those Blake Shelton statements really helped the Classic Country music. I have heard more about Ray Price, Merle Haggard, George Jones and the Grand Ole Opry since BLAKE made those statements, more than I had heard in years and I'm loving it. It's hitting the national news. There are thousands and yes, probably millions more real country music fan's in this world than we ever realized. I have even heard people talk about what BLAKE said that don't even know what Classic Country music is. I hope they keep it going because it sure isn't hurting us and I love being an old fart and a ***
~My sweet friend & Southern sister Robin Gibson Rogerson was sharing some awesome " Classic Country" tonight & I couldn't help but think about this one... My Daddy used to sing it to me when I was a little girl & to this day it is still my ringtone when Daddy( Steve Franks) calls me... Isn't it amazing how a Daddy can always make his little girl feel like she really is " The Most Beautiful Girl In The World"?? Even if only in his eyes... Thank you Daddy for always making me feel special... I love you so very much!!! You are truly one in a million!!! ~
Laurel Creek Trail is an acoustic band. The band performs Old Time, traditional music as well as Bluegrass and Classic Country songs. The band officially formed in 2010 as a three piece band and expanded to a four piece band in January, 2012. Band members include Mike Taylor, Buddy Morefield, Dan Isaacs, and Chris McElraft. Guitarist and singer Mike Taylor from Mountain City, Tennessee takes turns singing lead on upbeat tunes such as “Rabbit in a Log” and the Tom T. Hall classic “I Washed My Face in the Morning Dew”. Hailing from Butler, Tennessee Buddy Morefield shares vocals with Mike and plays mandolin on spirited instrumentals like “Tombstone Junction”. Buddy has also written a few original songs that are upbeat as well as heartfelt. In January of 2012, Laurel Creek Trail enlisted a man of many talents from the mountains of North Carolina. Dan Isaacs plays banjo, fiddle, and if you stick around long enough he will probably pull out his harmonica. Chris McElraft provides the bottom end of . ...
With all the recent fuss over the bad news about Blake Shelton's comments about Traditional Country Music fans, I figure it's only fair to balance it with some good news. Two of Alberta's honest-to-goodness Country radio legends are still going strong, and holding their own as recording artists and performers. Bev Munro was with CRCW for 50 years when he retired from broadcasting, and Pete Hicks still does a Classic Country show on the same station on Sunday mornings. Both of these guys frequently perform in concert with Joyce Smith's Alberta Legends shows. Don't miss 'em!
Kudo's to Willie Nelson. Keep it going and let Blake Shelton really realize how he insulted the entire Classic Country community.
Well...Blake Shelton gave a pretty negative and bitter view on "Classic Country" music in a recent episode of GAC's Backstory that even had Ray Price, a legend in the field, all worked up and upset. We here at Classic Country 98 want to know what you appreciate the most about Classic Country. What sets it apart from the music of today?
Nothing makes you feel old like hearing songs you grew up with on the Classic Country station.
Randomly on a Classic Country and Bluegrass listening kick and loving it ! Bill Monroe Bob Wills Johnny Horton Waylon Jennings and as always Johnny Cash
Didn't know my n Hillbilly Bone came from a jack a& only old farts go to Some Beach ! Classic Country music --- love it !!
Sunday has become our busiest streaming day. George Carpenter's Classic Country show has the phones ringing, and at 8 pm, Bill Hughes plays new country music on Rising Stars. Judging from our email, folks from all over are logging in for the shows. Don't be a stranger. This Sunday, listen for yo...
Hey Everybody! We're casting singers for the upcoming season- check it out! - Lonely Street Productions, one of the nation's premier providers of nostalgia-based concert entertainment, is casting performers for their 2013-14 Season. Performances tour throughout the southwest US- upcoming productions include a Salute to Girl Groups of the 50's and 60's; the Music of James Taylor and Carly Simon; a 50's Rock and Roll Revue featuring the Music of Buddy Holly, a Classic Country show, and many more. Seeking: Male and female vocalists age 18-40 with professional music or theatre experience. Top-notch vocals and excellent stage presence are a must; the ability to move well and/or play an instrument will also be strongly considered. Auditions will be held by appointment only on Thursday, January 31 at the office of Lonely Street Productions in downtown Tucson. To schedule an appointment, please email a headshot or recent photo with a resume or a brief description of musical experience to trishthayerlsp Please pre ...
I think its a Classic Country music kinda night! Reminds me of the good ole days ;))
I had to say something. Blake...we here at KPGG 103.9 in Texarkana are a Classic Country station...however, we play your hits 'Ol Red', 'The Baby' and several others of yours. You are a fine writer and a fantastic coach/judge on 'The Voice.'. However, I am very, very disappointed in your comments about we so-called old farts'. I'm 56 years young...I purchase new/red dirt/alt-Texas Country, as well as uphold our classics. If it hadn't been for we 'old farts' and classic country wouldn't have had a background and a basis to indulge and grow your talent. I almost feel sorry for you and your short-sightedness.
This weekend, Billy visits with the folks from Oklahoma Joe's Barbecue and the 2013 Shrine Circus, as well as new country artist Kristen Hemphill. Join us for Billy Parker's Country Junction, Saturday 8-10am or Sunday 8-10pm on Tulsa's only Classic Country station, Big Country 99.5.
Great crowd again yesterday ! Special thanks to Classic Country for playing Thurs and Sat. Hope to see you all Thurs for Highway 72 Fri Hannie's Crossing or Sat for Sundown. Great place to hear grate music dance or just socialize. It's fun for the whole family. Come on down and boggie or 2 step on the largest dance floor around !
Doors open at 7:30 so come early and grab a bite to eat then stay and listen to the BEST Blues, R & B, Classic Country, Classic Rock and Red Dirt in the River Valley. Sugar Creek Blues takes the stage at 8:30.
Ive been listening to a lot of "Classic Country" music lately.most of the songs are better than anything on the radio today.
I'm a Classic Country girl, I listen to a heck of a lot more Hank Jr, John Anderson, The Judds & Dolly than I do modern country. But right now Every Storm by Gary Allan & Two Black Cadillacs by Carrie Underwood are my favorite songs. What's your favorite song? -DixieMama
Today's Classic is by Kevin Sharp. Check it out at Robynn's Corner
I play drums and sing to classic country. I've been doing this a long time . need to be at the right place at the right time.
Feast your eyes: W. Eugene Smith's groundbreaking photo essay, 'Country Doctor', published here in its entirety |
If you don't like either country music or Classic Rock we can't be friends
Leth returns to the country where he made his classic "66 Scenes from America" in 1982 to see what’s changed post 9/11
I now believe that classic country music can cure anxiety attacks!!! Slows/calms the world down!!! lol
Let's roll some Texas Country & Classic Country on Texas Pride Radio. I'll be spinning them from 11am to 2pm central.
The Under Armour All-America Classic is set for July 5-7 at Towson. The Sr. game, featuring the country's top 44 players, is on the 6th.
Looking for that perfect combination of French Country and contemporary elegance? We've got you covered with this Classic 3-Drawer Chest.
A classic style that can save you money
Finally got my PA friends hooked on classic Texas country. It only took like a million years but better late than never 👍
Classic! "This one's for the girls, who've ever had a broken heart.
If you love Classic Rock as much as you love country music, follow our friends
Here's a great uplifting country/pop classic by country legend Bob Luman--this version sung by his daughter Melissa:
My history from last night at 11pm. A mix of 90s karaoke, 80s Classic Rock and modern country apparently
Be sure and tune in to Eagle 102.3 today from 11 AM - 1 PM EST to hear the Eagle Country Classic Cafe playing all the hits from 1955-2005.
Classic in the Country Game Preview - Toledo Rogers vs. Cincinnati Winton Woods
Only the best classic and Independent Country music play on Roberts Country roadhouse show at
I love waking up to classic country blaring every morning .
Fresh update on another country decor classic!
It's so hard to get out of the car and go into work when a classic country song is playing.
Ain't nothin better than a little classic country in the mornin
Our "Classic Country Video Of The Day" It was on this day In 1951…Brenda Gayle Webb, Loretta Lynn's youngest...
Country Living Armoire: Inspired by the best of classic American designs, the Portsmouth Manor Armoire is a comp...
country music at its very best Wake up to the Country Music you grew up on only at...
Love Etta James covering the country classic Almost Persuaded.
Country music has yoo much whiskey so on Classic Rock lol
Is rather listen to country and classic rap
Live bout 80 miles north of Memphis. All the country and Classic Rock you want. Heavy Metal RockNRolla? Not so much!
Get set for some Classic Country at Hastings Hotels in 2013 - Hugo Duncan and Nathan Carter and
Classic country bumpkins getting held up by sheep being moved fields!
Cross country skiers can burn powder the classic or skate skiing way at Ironwood’s Wolverine Nordic Ski Trails.
Big Green Tractor is the song that got me hooked on country, it never gets old. 😍👌🚜
I uploaded a video Country Oak Classic Kitchen Cabinets by Kitchen Cabinet Kings
Nothing beats classic country music. George straight and Garth brooks never gets old.
I like classic, country, rock, sufi, bollywood etc. I am a true bollywood lover :-) How about you?
2Chainz verse on "Country *** *** is still a classic, I don't care what nobody say.
Country music and Classic Rock kinda night.
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I love classic country. Much better than the new stuff.
I'm just a poor country boy who just tries to find his way in this world, and hopefully find his way to that special girl.
Im listening to classic country station. I love it.
With my diverse group of friends, I have respect for all kinds of music! Rap, RnB, country, pop, classic, etc. Just listen to the lyrics!
exactly. I was raised on Classic Rock and I have no clue about any kind of country music but Toby Keith and I don't like him
Classic country yes. New country go in the earth.
When joey says he is moving to Vermont, because he moves out of the country
Nothing brings out my emotions better than 92.1 Classic Rock driving down a dark country road alone and fragile
Well I met an old friend tonight. She came all the way to Grand Forks with me through the fog & snow. I first met this friend when I went up to Whitehorse and then again when I went to Rupert. I only hear from her at night, but she is good company when I need company. I'm talking about Classic Country a.m. 1060 out of Alberta. An awesome radio station!
good night to catch a "Classic Country" CD infomercial and argue over whether Minnie Pearl is dead or not...
Shania Twain: A Megastar Who Won’t Give Up! KXRB-AM By Jerry Dahmen, News Director - KXRB-AM, Classic Country 1000 January 4, 2013 My son Jeff, who was 12 years old, had a major crush on a young aspiring singer from Canada. As the chief interviewer of the internationally syndicated Grand Ole Opry Minute in Nashville, I was always receiving the latest information on the hundreds of aspiring singers who made their way to Nashville with used guitars strapped over their backs and stars in their eyes. Quite often, the record companies sent me pictures of their recently signed artists. While at my office, Jeff saw a glossy photo of a beautiful young woman whose God given name was Eilleen Regina Edwards. “Dad, do you think I could meet her,” Jeff begged me. Well, the next day, I called her record company and asked if Eilleen would drop by WSM Radio for an interview. “No problem,” the media relation’s director told me. “In fact, she can do the interview today. I’ll just call her at home and ask he ...
Video of the Day: John Prine | When You Awake - Indie Folk, Classic Country and Roots Music Blog
Classic Country by TIM ROGERS. is on Radio Trent for Listen at
Every Sunday, 4 to 6 pm, Both Kinds Radio brings you the best in Classic Country and Western music from the 1920's through the 1970's. I am your host, Big Fat Sac, and I know nothing puts a bow on a weekend, like sweet, true Country music. So, if the good lord willin', and the creek don't rise, we...
Been a great morning @ the Crow house. We've had KBEC Classic Country 1390 AM out of Waxahachie on live stream cranked through the house. 1st radio station I ever played on.
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Tonight on Max's Country Round-Up is a Classic Country. We will be playing only song by the great Buck Owens. Hope y'all listen in. ~ Max
It's official!!! Make plans to attend the 3rd Annual AST & Jammin' 94.7 New Year's Eve Celebration happening Monday, December 31st, at the Hilton Garden Inn in Odessa!! The celebration starts at 8:00pm and finishes at 2:00am New Year's Day!!! Come and dance to all your favorite hits from the 70's, 80's, Disco, Funk, Classic Country, and Tejano!! This year, we welcome Live Country music by the Jacob Garcia Band! Tickets will be on sale soon, and this will be a LIMITED ticket event! Visit: for more information! More information coming soon!
Let us know here at Classic Country 98 what your favorite Christmas song that brings you memories or you enjoy hearing whether its Bluegrass or Classic Country.
Boy, is it foggy this morning. Let's stay in until the fog burns off and listen the best Classic Country. Who's your favorite classic country artist? Also want to thank our newest Gold Rush sponsor: Remedy Intelligent Staffing. ~ John
Big Red will be taking this Sunday morning off from the Country Hall of Fame, so I will have the honors of filling in for him. Join me for 6 hours of "Classic Country" from Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Pasty Cline, George Jones, Waylon Jennings and more. Country Hall of Fame spotlight we'll feature music from Earl Thomas Conley...hard to believe Earl is 71 years old. The 80's were great for Earl..he scored 17 hits from 1981-1988! I'll play 4 of those hits...taking request now! E-mail me at hurricanefor request from the 50's through the 80's!!!
Hello all you Classic Country music fans! The Country Review Band will be appearing at McDonalds, Route 30 and Western Avenue, Olympia Fields, IL this Saturday, December 8 from 5-7pm. Please join us for an evening of fun!
Watch the music video for Touch Me When We're Dancing by Alabama and more new Country and Classic Country videos on VEVO.
Classic Country station went from Michael Martin Murphy to Crystal Gayle. For better or worse, they don't make 'em like that anymore.
Tomorrow night, Saturday 11/17/12, 8 PM, Darin Epperson's "A Side Of Country" will be the at the American Legion Post at Shelbina Missouri. Open to the public, Classic Country dance music. We also celebrate Lori's B-Day!!!
I LOVE this old classic country song. :)
Love the country but sad to see a classic muscle car go to waste
I'm proud of my dad for liking Classic Rock, it would suck to have a dad that likes country
I like every genre of music except Country, Heavy Metal, and Classic
Carrie Underwood joins Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for a couple of classic "c'rap" songs.
Just love Sunday nights with Classic Country on the radio.Vince Gill, Lee Greenwood,Dolly Parton, ET,George Jones
I grew up listening to country Classic Rock and southern rock
*** just put hella music on my iPhone, classic R&B songs we used to JAM, some country, and Kendrick's good kid M.a.a.D city!
more self teaching nonsense ... Country Roads-John Denver
So we all travel 3000 miles across the country to add time in everything
Classic, country music for the road.
Yep!!! & if 4 no other reason, Bcuz he's The Bomb, classic example of why immigration helped make this country GR8!
lmao lmao lmao lmao classic times. I still occasionally sing the song speeding in my country voice
Classic Rock still number 1 . My library just has about 30 country songs . Wow that's a lot. You listen to what? Boy bands?
Just saw My new priorities: classic foreign sports car (German for me), GQ'd out suit, bad *** sunglasses, country estate.
same with modern country, classic country, and 50s collection (US)! 😏
"You don't have to call me darlin'..darlin'. You never even called me by my name." I swear my pandora stays on Classic Country Radio.
Just saw that Don Williams came out with a new album a while back, *** ya. Grew up listening to him sing classic country jams.
If you like classic country come over and check out WCPR Classic Country 93...
I am a Classic Rock and IPA guy. But sometimes you just need Country music and Lowenbrau!!
I've had Garth Brooks' Much Too Young song stuck in my head everyday all day for weeks!! 😣
I have a thing for Elvis Presley & REALLY old country music. I love the classic stuff.
Watching The Notebook like every girl in the country right now.
“I want you to love me like my dog. -Billy Currington” classic country lyrics
Take me back to Friday night. Sitting in his truck listening to Classic Rock and just talking. I missed him.
There is little appreciation for the old school female country artists like Sarah Evans, Martina McBride, Reba, Etc.
All ways look forward to Sunday night classic country on WIVK.
I like everything but country and polka and folk music. I like Classic Rock, rock, R&B, Jazz, blues, Rap etc.
Its that lucky streak without no warning Its the memory of cartoons on Saturday morning Its that classic culture that connects the country
I lovee when my dad plays classic country while he makes dinner.
The April Sound Country Club 2012 Sneaks and Cleats Classic was a huge success! Thanks to all our members and...
Poets who listen to classic country with "no/peasant/traditions to give them/character."
The only good kind of country music is classic country
My inner country is classic Dolly with a little Patsy topped off with some Tanya.
I'm gonna go snuggle in my room with classic country, my cat, a jar of glitter and an order of orange chicken.
We here at Classic Rock Social Club would like to say Thank You to all who have served our glorious country. Happy Veteran's Day!!
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Today's country music doesn't even hold a candle to classic country, and anyone who thinks differently doesn't know good music.
I know you're not a fan, but I think this would be a good time for you to listen to some country, classic pref. Be well.
Something about listening to classic Bob Dylan while driving down a country road just soothes the soul
Classic country 92.3 is a great way to drive home after a long weekend at the fire grounds
--Ahh ha, now I see, music is such a beautiful thing and for me it is my therapy. A wonderful expression of self.
I want a job touring the country side.
would like to thank all of those who have served and are still serving our country. Happy Veteran's Day!
maybe it was Memphis maybe it was southern summer night maybe it was you maybe it was me but it sure felt right
Checkin out the straight down classic at SLO country club. Relaxing day
Listening to country music and Classic I'm such a nerd :D
I haters say it but I'm mostly country and 80's Classic Rock. But I do like Korn.
Like you, finally taking the time to perhaps this winter learn to play the guitar!!! Thank you for the 'add'.
listening to some classic t-swift songs. before she tried to become the country version of Kesha.
TIM ROGERS - Classic Country is on Radio Trent for Listen at
Classic Country fans TODAY is the day! Bill Anderson at Saratoga Music Hall on Broadway, 3 and 7pm.
Stream Jhonny Cash- boy named sue by Johnny Cash on Classic Country: Crazy Country Hits for free on Grooveshark.
Great photos of Great Big Sea at the Country Classic Auction from
debate is a classic e.g. of I bet 99% of ppl in this country have neither heard of em nor care 2 hoots!
I think we will have a broad mix, because we are performing a classic, and using some of the finest young talent in the country.
Since when do I choose to listen to Classic Rock over country?
No one likes my classic country at work.
DGS News: Check out all the great deals available from the State of Maryland on GovDeals by logging onto...
The City of Lawrence is selling surplus items on GovDeals through Nov. 11.
Saw this on tv last nite: "Illegal strikes also liberated this country" That's a classic.
The number one indicator of a classic "Wethersfield country kid" is wearing a polo shirt with work boots. You're not fooling anyone.
It's a 103.9 day at work today. Classic country
Getting set to roll into Monday from 11am to 2pm Central with Texas Country & Classic Country Favorites.
Just the morning for a lost classic.
30 days of thanks: today I'm thankful for my Oma and Opa. My grandparents are wonderful and open their hearts to anyone. My grandma has a knack for giving a great head rub and my grandpa is a great radio host. Oma will do anything for her kids or grand kids and has a beautiful soul. My Opa can out cook anybody I know and gets a kick out of interviewing classic country stars. I am extremely lucky that God blessed me with these two and don't know what I'd do without them.
Planning a Christmas function but still need a musical act?I'm your gal! Classic Rock,rhythm and blues,pop,country,and lots of humour!
Classic Country Songs: Northwest Dance and Music Clubs of the 1950's and...
Three main industries that have grown in this country - sex toys, gambling and alcoholic sales
Hidden Creek Country Club comes out victorious against National Golf Club in the 1st annual Pumpkin Classic! Congratulations Team!
Its November 5th and the first day of Veterans Homecoming Week in Branson, Missouri. Its Roy Rogers Day. The "King of the Cowboys" was born Leonard Sly in Cincinnati on this date in 1912. He died in 1998. In 1935 Parker Brothers introduced the board game Monopoly. In 1960 Singer Johnny Horton was killed in an auto accident in Milano, Texas, at the age of 33. His biggest hit was "The Battle of New Orleans." The number one country song on this date in 1977 was “I'm Just A Country Boy” by Don Williams. Tune in weekday mornings for Classic Country with me on KSOP AM 1370. Have a great day everyone.
How sad is it that I have a Roy Clark song stuck in my head...all because my son is addicted to classic country? (for those of you younger than 40.look it up!)
Time to Change the CHANNEL!! Jason better not fk up a Garth Brookes Classic!
Is jamming classic country if u not loving than u not living..Wee Haw..
Also for country: Patty Loveless, Shania, even Tammy Wynette are high for me. Ever see the TV special "Women of Country"?! Classic, hot!
“He's the devil in disguise, a snake with blue eyes, and he only comes out at night. -Carrie Underwood” classic karaoke Tues
Sometimes you gotta stay up all night sewing and listening to classic country music.
I feel sorry for anyone who isn't me tonight.
you have to appreciate the wide variety of music I listen to. Country, rap, pop, rock, alternative, acoustic, Classic Rock, piano
Today I went to two estate sales in the country. Found a classic broadway cd at one and a broadway vocal book at the other.
found country grammar the other day. Classic hits
Classic country is the best kind of country
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Listening to classic country music Sunday nights on KIX 104 is a very relaxing way to end the weekend.
Broadening my music horizons. Classic Rock. Country. Jazz.
you gotta get use to my Classic Country music
Saying Taylor Swift is a country artist is about as accurate as saying Tupac sang Classic Rock. (Btw TSwift fans, he didn't.)
Sweetwater VFW Nov. 10, 8 to midnight. Classic Country dance music, fiddle, steel, great singing, no smoking ball room, yeah! ! Come over and have a good time. $10.00 door...
Lost 2 followers tonight. I mean, who doesn't like those classic country hits?
If that ain't country ill kiss your ***
I gotta shotgun rifle and a four wheel drive and a country boy can survive.
Love classic real country not this pop country stuff on the radio. I mean I love both, I love country in general,
J. Brooks on David Goldblatt and Nadine Gordimer’s classic book, On the Mines. Its new release and relevance today|
Earl, country music, eminem, and Classic Rock music all in the last 5 minutes
I'm in a classic country mood tonight
I don't drink tequila, but this is one of my favorite classic country songs!
I just wanna go to a rager where there is no country music and a playlist of straight up Classic Rock.
Classic country song night. BBQ stain on my white t-shirt
Great time listening to the The Wagon Wheelers classic country band tonight at Manannah Hilltop Tavern!
My style is preppy, boho, edgy, hipster, classic, traditional, princess-y, urban, country and everything in between.
Country Grammar is still a classic, tho.
Great win tonight vs UC Clermont finished BB&T classic 2-0 ranked in the country. Have to keep competing against our best. 1. LET'S GO!!
Country grammar playing on the iPad
there really needs to be a classic country radio station. The same songs played multiple times a day are starting to get old. Change it up at least
SKEETERFEET at C&G"s in Lillington NC, Saturday November 10th...The best in Classic Country, Southern Rock and Beach!!! Come on out and support us and C&G's Tommy Alexander, Vinson Groves, Randy Gabbert, and special guest and sound man extraordinaire. Jack Hayes, doing his own set with the Space Cowboys REMNANTS!!!
Classic Country... If you've got leaving on your mind...
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