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Classic Country

Classic country is a music radio format that specializes in playing mainstream country hits from past decades.

George Strait Johnny Cash Hank Williams Willie Nelson Vince Gill Patsy Cline Garth Brooks Joe Fletcher Buck Owens Loretta Lynn Country Music George Jones Merle Haggard Tammy Wynette Oak Ridge Boys Dolly Parton Randy Travis

There is nothing in this country a classic as govt institutions..ISRO Drdo scientists are nevr from pvt
follow me on YouTube I have classic, country, worship, trap, r&b sleep music just about everything lol. I'm off private
Gateways like THIS! I snapped this classic country beauty at Newton St. Loe 📷
Classic Country Music is good for the soul
Nothing more therapeutic than a long drive with classic country playing
Day 2 recap of Classic in the Country: Physical play & low scores .
She is classic progressive all talk no action, hates the Constitution. She'd sell the country out to soc…
Day 1 at Classic in the Country is a true keeper with six close games .
Classic Country is the best hands down 💕
You didn't grow up in NoDak if you can't recite the classic country songs your parents played on every road trip
Full recap of Classic in the Country coming on Tuesday on Media . Photocred -
Get a girl who sings classic country one minute and some rap the next. It makes life more interesting.
Miss singing classic country with you😕
Go back to the time when Reba McEntire put some country flare on this Beatles classic
he sings old country and classic rock. Plastic bass guitar and likes red heads lol
Live recruiting scoop from the players themselves at -
Update your maps at Navteq
Just two stepped to classic country in my living room 💘 honestly couldn't be more in love with this man.
lose in OT 63-60 to Mason HS at Classic in the Country. Top scorers: Kelley 16; Hillmon 15; Corcoran 11.
Good luck to the Shaker Heights Lady Raiders BKB teams as they play in the prestigious Classic in the Country in Berlin, OH on Monday.
Moeller Swim Team finish 4th in the Southwest Classic Swim Meet. Over 100 teams participated making it the largest In t…
Oh thank you so much Kim!! Love hearing you on the radio on my favorite Classic Country station!! Have a Happy New Year!! 😀
Still doing the Classic Country thing till 2am at dat1991dat
Ernest Tubb Lyrics page 2 | Classic Country: Ernest Tubb lyrics represents music by a legend, this man record...
Politics Break ~ Listening to this new version of a country classic "Country Roads"
"My wife loved classic rock and then she took off with a country singer... that's insulting" 😂
'Town and Country' brings a range of classic works to
This is the kinda thing that makes so unique. I'm so bluegrassy/classic country..the new🎵was almost like a new
Ever wanted to hear a punk version of a country classic? You're welcome
If you can't jam to classic country, new country, rock, old songs, hip hop, and rap all in one car ride, then we can't be friends.
Sometimes you just need to sit in your car with the door open listening to classic country enjoying the day 💖
In this installment of the Forever Country Cover Series, Josh Turner covers the Randy Travis classic, "Three Wooden Crosses.". Continu...
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Watch this soulful cover a Vince Gill hit!
Transform your vision into reality with exclusive, the Country, Classic, and Concord styles.
I heard this on my way home from work. A classic. My favourite version of this song by a country mile...
As a singer and as a fan of classic Country Music I truly hope that someday I get to meet .
In Santa's Bag lyrics chords | Ferlin Husky: In Santa's Bag lyrics and chords are intended for your personal ...
After a traditional look? Create a classic country style with our Tetro radiator
Awful. It's classic David Irving antisemitism: 'Have you wondered why Jews have been persecuted in every country' etc
.had some good individual performances at the Bradley Pink Classic but did not do well as a team.
Classic country artist Alan to play state fair
Time to plant Tulips and wallflowers a classic country cottage garden combination More:
Miranda Lambert’s stunning new duet has classic country fans swooning
I like classic country; more of the "outlaw" stuff. Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson. Not into newer, pop stuff, though.
I love Country Music, mainly classic country. Most people I know don't but *** I've never been cool so I don't care, pfft. 🤓
Classic country lyrics, bittersweet & flowing, for all of you country singers/producers out there.'Bleeding Free'…
About time! One of the greatest talents this country has produced in my lifetime. Su-Su-sudio! A modern classic.
I added a video to a playlist Classic Country Instrumental "Night Train"
Be sure to tune into 1330 WRAM Classic Country for a recap and look ahead at Fighting Scots sports
goes to this classic tune from Donkey Kong Country known as "King.K.Rool's theme"…
I can go from Rap to Classic Rock to Country real quick 😏🎶
Generation Z = synth pop, classic rock, hard rock, country rock, and new wave.
Proud to be sponsoring the Make-a-Wish Golf Classic at Providence Country Club in
What are the flight rules on Samsung Galaxy Note 7? - Each country sets its own rules for what's considered ris...
Classic country line "I ain't no good at the morning but I've always been good at tonight" . 😉
"We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism." - 🇺🇸 🇺🇸…
An absolute classic to end today! performing Country Girl LIVE in the studio!
Channel in the field this season, w/ these classic country brands.
Maimane: Everyone should join call for Zuma to go: “We call on all those who love our country to stand together and…
Imma go from classic rock, to trap, to country and then throwback R&B so you best as *** keep up
Literally the timeless classic Before He Cheats by the Beyonce of Country Music, Carrie Underwood, will make anybody a count…
I need someone who can jam to Country Music, Hannah Montana, classic rock, and rap with me
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Big wins for AND then classic country on the radio on the way home from A great day in the
Relax & enjoy a Mediterranean garden setting by dining at Wine Country Trattoria! Savor a taste of Italy with fresh ta…
- Classic Country with Tim Rogers Pt 4 - listen at
- Classic Country with Tim Rogers Pt 3 - listen at
- Classic Country with Tim Rogers Pt 2 - listen at
- Classic Country with Tim Rogers Pt 1 - listen at
Come out and see us next Saturday, April 16, at the East Ridge Goodwill Store. Radio station WUUQ, Classic Country
Songs I will always affect an accent for:. 1. 500 Miles. 2. Another Brick in the Wall. 3. Fairytale of New York. 4. Classic Country
It is appalling that insisted that minors be shipped back to their country of origin like a package mark…
Transforming orange pine into a country classic
The Kajikawa Classic will be host to more than 30 teams from across the country. IU went 1-4 in last year’s edition.
the 90's hour. Now playing: Shania Twain: Rock This Country on
NEW.MUSIC.FRIDAY. Some great music is being released today from these classic country artists!…
Note to self: Segregate country playlist to "Classic", "90's", and "Top 40 Pop with Steel Guitar and Fiddle"
No Top of the Pops featuring Gillan is going to be regarded as a classic, is it?
is your place to find the best of classic country! Listen in at 94.3FM/103.1FM or online at
Classic Country. Nothing is less restful than the spirit of Hank Williams.
I will never understand how people don't like classic country
Windows down, classic country kinda day
Another traveler went to do trading in another country & found love there, in that romantic classic movie.When he return,love died at home
Enjoy some classic rock and country hits. Rock out on the gaming floor with the Dan Dunlop Band, 8pm Friday or Saturday.
Playing more classic Welsh records as it's
Well done to for taking part in the inaugural NG Classic Cross Country. h…
I mean all these things. Don't forget Wake Up to Home Abandoned By Spouse or new classic Wow This Country Is Foreign!
When travel is all about food - Debra Bruno has a rule: If you haven't gone to a country known for its food pri...
When you do not want to drive your classic car across country, choose from one of these top quality transporters.
Bad Moon Rising lyrics chords | Vernon Oxford: Bad Moon Rising lyrics and chords are intended for your persona...
Come visit us at Toby Hall Classic Celebrity Golf Tournament at Feather Sound Country Club today 10am-6pm!...
I owe my love of classic, Country Music to local celebrity, Morris Taylor. Listened every Sunday morning on my way to work at…
Classic country...the real country.
Also just picked up a classic, THE COUNTRY OF POINTED FIRS by Sarah Orne Jewett, that is wonderful so far.
Antique phone booths for sale Ideal for Superman.;) Bid at
Classic is loaded and includes all 4 Iowa D1 schools and many others from around the country:
I’ve studied philosophy for half my life but spend 30 minutes with the dial on classic country & if you’re lucky you can get half way there.
Looking forward to enjoying a meal in our Classic City Country Club Dining Area.
It could be classic, reggae, rap, country, bluegrass...I milly rock to whatever song I want to bih
A classic place to discover. Check out our Packages:
Don't become so preoccupied with the that you forget about the https…
Our meadow kitchen is a wonderful example of a classic country kitchen.
"Country Classic Song of the Day". "Burnin' a Hole in My Heart" by Skip Ewing. Written by Skip Ewing, Mike Geiger...
How many more up and down the country get away with this.. Classic act of "groupies" in the football world.
Music Friday: Neil Diamond sings, "Gold don't rust, love don't lie" in his 1996 country classic. More here...
HILARIOUS new ad from Ted Cruz spoofs classic ‘Office Space’ scene to MOCK Hillary Clinton!!: Wow I love this ...
Getting the classic Angkor Wat during my month of around - amazing country.
on Classic Country Wolves by Garth Brooks at - Buy it
Tim Rogers is coming up from 9PM with Classic Country
Patsy Cline's biggest hit...only hit Check out "Crazy" by Rockin' Memories - Classic Country, "Vegas Style!" -
Classic Country most definitely!! It doesn't get better than George Jones, Patsy Cline, and George Strait!
on Classic Country 'til I Can Make It On My Own by Tammy Wynette at
Sonny Bono wrote this... Check out "All I Ever Need Is You" by Rockin' Memories - Classic Country, "Vegas Style!" -
Boo hoo hoo...sniff...hanky time Check out "Oh, Lonesome Me" by Rockin' Memories - Classic Country, "Vegas Style!" -
Check out my photo album and story from the unofficial HAC xc meet:
A classic reminder that some in our country are a special kind of stupid.
Country blues and soul;. folk storytelling combined. with classic covers.
well put. Kenya is a classic example on how to run down a country.
ARTURO SANDOVAL Golf Classic at Brookside Country Club - Here's here with Merit - PR for the club!
Round off the weekend with classic & contemporary
Out with Cougar Country this morning during a classic beautiful sunrise sky.
Travelin' Soldier by The Dixie Chicks is one of the best country songs ever written
Just in case I decide to travel other parts of the country while In kandy. Need a companion though!
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Classic Madonna is always on the radio in Italy. I live in the wrong country.
Congrats to cross country for both winning the College Division of KU's Rim Rock Classic today.
.Love that Jensen loves country! 😍 I listen to classic country in the car too. 😁
Classic athlete wins for the 4th year in a row! Read her story at
GOOD AFTERNOON FOLKS. This song tells of all the classic country stars, and if you are a fan of them , then you...
Jared M&G: was asked about music he sings along to. After long/hard day, and Jensen will sing along to classic country on ride home.
Dare ya to keep your feet still Check out "San Antonio Rose" by Rockin' Memories - Classic Country, "Vegas Style!" -
Happy Throw Back Thursday!. Hope you enjoy this week's Classic Country song "80's Ladies" by KT Oslin!. Thanks for...
On the next "Classic Country" stand by for the Legendary Gene Watson,John Anderson, Tammy Wynette, George...
New Jack Swing. Crunk. Drill. Trap. Classic Country. Solid Gold Oldies. Are all of my favorite music era's.
No matter if it's Southern Gospel, Classic Country or 90's Country, a steel guitar relaxes me so much.
my Desert Island band! The best oldies, contemporary, show tunes, diva pop, classic country, all wrapped up in a cute punk package
Sled Dog racing returns to the high country this weekend, with the Falls Creek Classic.
Country,classic country,and blue grass
Toyota just played a prius commercial on a classic country radio station. . . I think someone needs to be fired. Just no.
I have such a weird taste in music... like I'll go from listening to gangster rap to classic rock to country to electronic like its nothing
A decent haul in Northampton today. A real good mix in music including country, classic rock, prog…
.Classic-Fried Chicken Wings, Grilled Kickin' Chicken Sandwich, Country Cobb salad. Check out our new menu!
Enjoy a new tradition along the marsh with classic coastal fare at our Low Country Boil. Join us on Rainbow Island tonight at 5:30!
Coconut Rug - Small (66 x 122cm) . The coconut fibre is spun, then woven in this classic pattern
We're happy to announce our 23rd Annual Golf Classic on Sept. 21 @ Blue Bell Country Club! Registration now open:
All I listen to is classic rock and Country Music
I wish I had friends that liked classic country!
Classic country makes me the happiest
So much concern for a terrorist life. God save my country from these fake liberals.
From sleek contemporary to country classic, find the right kitchen cabinet design for you http:…
can't decide what song to cover. Classic rock, metal, country... something...
British Cycling, country houses, classic feel, event for all riders. A great recipe - Chenies 31st Aug.
Being out of the country for the Winter Classic is going to SUCK
& don't listen to classic music. Can't play golf. Never been sailing. Has no idea what a country club is. And hate croquet 😂
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Essential Classic Country Clothing and Field Accessories at home in the Field or in Town
Lookin for a deal on a jon boat? We've got some used ones for sale at
As I drive around with my dog listening to classic country in my truck, I'm realizing my life is, in fact, a classic country song
I wrote a few words to about classic Country Music.
Today on AM radio! We're about to play Sam Hill's country classic, 'How can I tell you I love you when you're sitting on my face?' C'mon!
Are you in the market for 40 couches? Well then BOY do I have a deal for you:
🎶Frank found a classic country station🎶
23rd annual R.F. Wood Kids Classic held at the Country Club:
This classic country wedding is all kinds of DIY cute.
If you use the modern rap playlist in song pop I most likely hate you cause all I listen to is country and classic rock lok
[Ringo] Ringo Starr 1987 Sun Country Classic Wine Coolers Commercial Starr explains why they're called Classic. Ring…
How on earth could Americana, Rock, Classic Country, California Country & R&B ever live on one Radio show? Find out! http…
Classic Country at with. Larry Gatlin & Brothers - Houston.
On air now: Classic Country with Pat O'Carroll: First broadcast in February Pat looks ahead to (or should that be back at) the
New show from 11am today..Classic Country on 104.7FM. Stand by for another 2 hours of "Classic Country" Hits and Memories. Lined up and ready to go Johnny Cash, The Wilburn Bros, Carrie Underwood and Randy Travis, Ronnie Milsap, Hank Williams, Marty Robbins and a newcomer on the Show Kerry Wallace from Wyoming to mention but 8 ...we'll also be bringing you this week's Top 5 American Country Singles, and to close Mel Tillis In Concert from 1980. "Classic Country" it's exactly what it says on the tin!
If ur music goes from like Mike Jones to Reggae to some Classic Country & maybe Native Flute Or Tejano or Indie we can c…
Join Tim Rogers for Classic Country on NOTHING BUT NASHVILLE stream from 2am. All the great memories
If you can make it to the Grapevine Palace Theater/Grapevine Opry next week and if you like Classic Country...
I want to rewind time & be this age back in the 90's solely to enjoy 90's Classic Country in 90's blue jean head to toe attire!
My (Music) Recovery ... Music has been part of my life from an early age, yeah that’s a stock phrase, but my childhood home in the Country Music Capital of Australasia, Tamworth, was filled with all genres of music (not just Classic Country) from the radio on the AM or the family’s trusted record player whirling the vinyl. From Roger Knox to KISS to Dame Vera Lynn to Black Sabbath to Sherbet to Neil Diamond... Fast forward a few decades later to the digital age and ‘music industry’ has, of course, changed. Whilst I’m in hospital recovering (see previous posts) I’ve not watched any television (reading the news via the net) and have listened to my fave records on my portable digital device. A new album that has been on ‘high rotation’ is ‘Monuments To An Elegy’ by The Smashing Pumpkins and produced by Howard Willing (thanks for friending me on fb, mate). I’ve been a fan for more than 20 years, since high school, and I’ve kept the faith in the ethos of this band. That reflects my own ...
Hey Comcast, since when is Juice Newton considered "Classic Country"?
Country Music Awards Country Music, Classic Country, Current Country, Dance Country, Boy Country, Girl Country, Pop Country, Rebel Country, Southern Fried Boogie Woogie Country, Hip Hop Country, Jazzy Country, Swing Country, Reggae Country, Backwoods Country,Etc. Etc..Etc... ---Change ...Change...Change Roll with it except it or dont. I love Music and I love Country Music of all genres and styles. I enjoyed watching the CMA's . Face it the popier the song, the bigger the hit the more money to be made No matter what style or type of music it is. There is still a lot of talent out there in Country Music believe it or not there still is. I agree sometimes it is a popularity contest and there might be some artists that I dont like or maybe some songs that I do not like agreed but you wont catch me putting them down for what they are doing. They are doing something much more professional and more financially rewarding then I can ever do. I will be stuck playing in top 40 country and classic rock bands for the ...
Hi Tim Rogers here,. Well it's almost time for another 2 hours of "Classic Country" . Lined up up ready to go this...
Good morning HYPG. Just thought I'd let you know that there is an Old Time Country and Western dance at The Hart Pioneer Centre tonight. If you have never attended a dance there, it might be worth checking out. They have live music, tonight featuring Special Delivery who specialize in Classic Country and Old Time Rock and Roll. Tickets are $10.00 at the door and include a light lunch around 10:00 P.M. Bar service is available and there is a 50/50 draw. It's a cheap and fun night out.
Going to start a new game with my Country Music loving friends... classic country trivia... 5 questions 1. According to Willie Nelson and/or Keith Whitley what is not selling this year? 2. What went berserk in a Baptist church? 3. When you look at me with those stars in your eyes what could we waltz across? 4. How far am I from no where? 5. Who did Kaw-Liga fall in love with (and where is she?)
I love classic country songs... I still believe in you, with a love that will always be, standing so strong and true, Baby I still believe in you and me...
Great to see so many players from all over the country here for the Boom Boom Cup Classic. Should be a really fun adult hockey tournament
I've mastered country concerts, time to move to classic rock
Just 8 days and and I baptize in classic country with the Oak Ridge Boys.
This is an original song of mine named "Drop That Tailgate". I will be posting an original song every Thursday. Followed up on Friday with a classic country song. Tune in tomorrow night. Thanks, hope you enjoy.
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Big Thursday on Sunday August 10th, 2014 10:00am- 3:00pm State Park, Clifton Cubbage Dr, Bowers Beach, DE Bowers Beach Maritime Museum 3357 Main St. Frederica, DE 19946 FREE ADMISSION*** Big Thursday celebrates an important event in our oyster-harvesting heritage. Why on Sunday? Because who wants to come on a business day? HA! *** Parade down Main Street-- Small-town America at its best!*** Craft & Food Vendors*** Walking Tour booklets available at Museum*** Clifford Keith, a country/folk band from the Eastern Shore, blending the styles of classic country with bluegrass and folk while giving it a modern flare, will be preforming from 1:00-3:00pm
This is a homebred pony who did big things in his 4 year old year. He was undefeated in Classic Country Pleasure Driving, HOF Classic Country Pleasure Driving, HOF Classic Halter and 2013 ASPC Classic Performance POY. Congrats to Biggie and to our farm!
TONIGHT - the VillageSports Bar - LIVE BAND!! Keenas McIntosh Jr., Jeremy Shawn Lindon, Jason Bowling, Bill Stacy & Travis Ritchie will be Rockin the stage with a variety of modern & classic country/ Rock music! SATURDAY - Keenas McIntosh & Myself will be performing at the Big Blue Smokehouse starting at 8:30pm Saturday - The Village Sports Bar Kayla Smith, Jason Bowling, Bill Stacy, & Kelly Hall will be Rockin' the stage starting at 8pm!! Come on out...see YOU at the show!!
the second round of the 2014 Meijer LPGA Classic by Kraft is underway ! Live on August 8 at Blythefield Country Club ,Grand Rapids, Michigan
Here's a country gospel classic to start your Friday.
Good Morning Ya'll! We've made it to Friday :-) Now let's make it a great one! Gotta get Jim's Classic Country...
A rapper on the Today show vs a country singer on GMA on the same morning. Another classic battle on who gets the most viewers.
Country singer T. Graham Brown will perform here NEXT FRIDAY at 8 pm as part of the Classic City BBQ Festival.
We have SURPLUS ITEMS for Bid on the GovDeals auction site. We expect to add ADDITIONAL items on Monday 08-11-2014.
We have some exciting events coming up in the next two weeks. Wildflower Country Club will host a Golf Tournament...
New Seeland Eton Stalking Smock is in stock now for next day delivery.
For 2014 Seeland have introduced the new Seeland Eton Classic Stalking Smock. This classically styled smock is...
Read about Les Durrant and his charity drive across the country in a 1974 Mach 1:
The 8th annual Extreme Auto Car Show featuring over 75 classic cars from around the country, will be held on Aug.
6 years ago today (8/8), I photographed Hippiefest at Delta Classic Chastain Park Amphitheater in Atlanta. The...
Godstone L833 16.8.1988 Classic diesel traction on the classic croos country route
Classic country is really where it's at
It's been 53 years since one of country's greatest voices ever scored a No. 1 hit with an all-time classic:
classic country and Texas country is where it's at💁🎶
wishful thinking Israeli motto keep Gaza's people starving eventually they leave to a third country classic ethnic cleansing
Join us at Country Market on Saturday 27th September for the start of the 2014 Alton Herald Classic Car Show &...
Donna Air opts for country elegance in classic tweed and skinny jeans via
The fact that people actually believe that saltwater can prevent Ebola shows how far behind we (Nigeria) are as a country.
Got the TV/Music Choice/Classic Country with Tom Hall singing "A week in A County Jail", opening the weeks mail and drink'n 1st cup coffee
Can't believe "A Little Past Little Rock" by is on a Classic Country station. One of my all-time favorite songs is that old??
I cross from the metal-classic country world..having said that..I drink alone a lot!
Come listen to some Classic Country under the stars tonight on the patio 7-10.
Middle Georgia, TODAY is the last day to SAVE $5.00 when you get your tickets to TOMMORROW's Outpost Opry Variety Show coming to The BEAUTIFUL Hawkinsville Opera House in Hawkinsville, Ga!!! Tomorow, tickets will be $20 at the door. This is a GREAT show for the entire family. The Outpost Opry will consist of great Country Music for all to enjoy, some of your classic country favorites, comedy from William H Bass (Ernest T's cousin), and then TWO great tributes to country legends, Loretta Lynn and The Judds!!! 2+ hours of great family entertianment, PLUS, opening will be local favorite and 2014 Georgia Music Awards Country Female Artist of the Year Megan Fowler. So be sure to order your tickets today and save $5.00.. by going to!!!
These 2 are a classic example of what;s wrong with this country. Alwa…
ET Lovely blog on my daughter wedding
Cross Country in a Trans Am - All my life I have wanted to take a classic car on a cross...
Lovely blog on my daughter Natasha's wedding this is wonderful to see.
Vince Gill can't be classic country right? I'm getting old I guess.
Hello all! I hope that you are all doing grand! I have started a new music endeavor, classic Country Music! If you are a fan of Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, George Strait, Buck Owens, Ernest Tubbs, Conway Twiity, and more, then you are sure to have a great time with friends and loved ones listening to wonderful songs, composed by the masters.
We found a classic country radio station. hollaaa for REAL country.
If you are out enjoying the July Jubilee, this weekend come on out to the Back Alley Pub & Grill (1225 Virginia Avenue, North Bend), and enjoy some classic Country Music, done as only we do it!
You may seem like something classic…
TIP: You can find a lot of classic music videos on YouTube! My Hubby watches OLD country videos there a lot
I genuinely enjoy rap country ska classic rock jazz heavy metal easy listening all of it
Just jumped from classic rock to country to rap to edm
Sky Phillips Here... I'm looking for a good Country/Classic Rock Band to play at Miles for Military Saturday June...
Was playin classic COD read this quote "The objective of war is not to die for your country. But to make the other *** die for his"
Travelin' Soldier is such a classic song. The Dixie Chicks were once the best act in Country Music.
The GRAND OPENING of the 2014 Sounds Of Texas Concert Season will take place Thursday night, June 5th from 7 - 9 PM at the Hockley County Courthouse Gazebo in downtown Levelland. A talented lineup of the area’s best singers and instrumentalists will be featured. Those scheduled to perform are The Hot Texas Band, Cathy Whitten, Clarence Nieman, John and Bettye Hope, Ray O’Brien, Brady Gandy, Michael Ridener, Don Foard, Cody Singleton, Riley Rose, and Dakota Keyser, The Hot Texas Band is made up of John Hartin on guitar, Lonnie Joe Howell on harmonica, and guitar, Ron Pence on bass and vocals, and Mike Huffman on drums. They will open the show, warm up the crowd, and accompany the performers during the two hour program. Hartin is probably the best known guitar player in this area. He launched the Commericial Music Program at South Plains College in the 70’s, has been inducted into the Buddy Holly Walk of Fame, the Nebraska Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and Iowa Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Lonnie J ...
Just finished recording a 30 sec radio promo with Janine Sherry for her Classic Country Jubilee show featured in NBC s Science of Love
Bring to patriotic clarion call for Julian Mitchell's play
So do we! Classic country for me at least. We're just surprised they'd even acknowledge it :)
Me too. Classic country must be hip in certain urban circles nowadays.
Who can tell me where this classic line came from.. "Finish, finish, finish, and I'm not talking about the country."
Sip Classic Dunkel-Weizen & listen to The Countrymen Band at our 2nd Annual Taste of the Hill Country
Register now for A Round to Remember Golf Classic w/ the Detroit Alumni Assoc @ Wyndgate Country Club in Roch Hills. Registration...
My cross country adventure started with a lot of parts cleaning... Part 2 on Revzilla's HUB.
Rolling Stone did good by classic country with this list: 100 greatest country songs...
This is awesome, a Summertime Playlist on Spotify! I love it. What is your favorite summertime classic?
Every Country Music fan needs to see this. George Jones
country man was on point last night. Thank you sir
Maybe it Was Memphis will forever be my favorite country classic 👌
CCR is classic rock, not country. They have more talent and self respect than that
We don't have satellite so I can't listen to my fav music channel. I've resorted to listening to the Classic Country CD Collection
LAST CALL for PART 2 of this week's column, "Classic Pop, Rock, & Country Music News." . It includes items on...   10% Off
And we're underway at the Cox Sports Friar Golf Classic! @ Warwick Country Club
Things getting rolling at today's 17th Annual Cal Gridiron Golf Classic at Blackhawk Country Club
Classic Treasury by boxerlovinglady via Art Deco crystal necklace
Find out whatever happened to Classic Country Star Jacky Ward
our classic Pinched Vase transformed by Millie with country flowers.
Tues. June 17 @ 7pm The Pine Leaf Boys $20 finest, four-time Grammy-Nominated, world-renown Pine Leaf Boys have made a name for presenting their own inimitable brand of Cajun music with youthful exuberance. Hailing from the southwest Louisiana, the Pine Leaf Boys, known for their wild shows and thoughtful arrangements, have breathed new life into Cajun music, reviving ancient songs and bringing them to the bandstand. Being described in the New York Times as, "... the link that connects the young and the old generations," and, "the best new, energetic, and fun Cajun band in a very long time," the Pine Leaf Boys play the old fashion dance hall standards while making a priority to bring many of the more obscure songs of past masters into their repertoire and play them with gusto. The Pine Leaf Boys have been invited on three occassions by the U.S. State Department to tour the world and present true music to Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Jerusalem in 2009 and again to Latvia, Denmark, and Sloven ...
This weekend TWO NIGHTS of J.P. Harris & The Tough Choices with very special guest Joe Fletcher backed by The Tough Choices. Friday night JP will be doing all originals and Saturday will be classic country covers. Music starts at 8pm both nights, get here early !!
So I "rescued" my moms old ipod (dont tell her lol) , since she refuses to use it because shes so old fashioned lol (she still calls cds "tapes") , and havent had time to put MY music on it yet, so today its old classic country... Hank, Conway, Patsy Cline, Buck Owens, u name it lol...
I feel a sense of great loss this morning. What was our second-favorite local radio station has changed format. What's really upsetting is that they changed from a very unique format (comedy) to one that is already duplicated on the dial (classic country). We will miss the smiles it brought to our faces while out and about doing our job, and last thing at night while relaxing before sleep. ANOTHER reason to hate Clear Channel!
So I really liked 103.9 FM classic country. Then they changed it to all Garth Brooks all day, and called it Garth.FM, *** right? Now they have changed it to new country and they should call it Barf.FM...
Country DJ Hall of Famer Country Joe is live 8:00 am - Noon Monday thru Friday on Classic Country 1370 AM! Tune in and enjoy your favorite classic Country Music mornings with CJ and all day long!
Seriously what is up with 103.9, they totally messed up my daily 70"s and 80"s classic country fix! I'm all about some Garth Brooks but who wants to hear one singer 24/7 well unless it's George Strait of course.
I may or may not be swaying romantically by myself in the van rocking out to "Could I Have This Dance? " Oh Miss Anne Murray, you feed my classic country soul
Listening to classic country channel on the TV.Alabama (She's Close Enough to Perfect.those old songs take you back thru the years.) some good, some not so great.but 'bama is ALL GOOD!!!
Its sad classic country with Eddy Bear is playing songs I grew up with... That makes me feel old! What do you guys think Jason Van Note and Geoffrey Lewis are we old now?
Thank god this country club out here in mesquite has cold air conditioners with fans blowing on our stage,just w 'ent outside on the golf course and it reads 112 right now...I'm having some great fun playing with this classic country band,at this 75 year young pro golfers retirement party with all these senior fun parties...the gig and party is almost over, then they are putting me up for the night at a pool side suite at the virgin river casino resort...nearby out here in the desolite desert,nearby is the historical beaver dam golf course and lodge, it is beautiful art deco 1930s building with rows of cypress and groves of lush palm trees,I have to congratulate whoever the golf course groundskeepers are for maintaining and watering that resort!!!
Nothing like sittin with my momma drinkin sweet tea and listening to classic country I love my life
Last night was my first show to see in the famed Luckenbach dancehall and happy that it was my buddy Randy Brown Show.. it was a great time and if any of you younger guys in the scene want to learn how to play to and work a crowd I suggest you go watch Randy and take notes. There wasn't one person there that didn't hear something they wanted weather it be Classic Country or even the dreaded Copperhead Road..
One of the things I love about my husband...he knows and sings almost all classic country songs... Delta Dawn... Never heard it before today. :-)
Headed back tot the ship to learn a few new tunes for my piano bar gig. Today: "Ventura Highway", "Creep", "Baby Got Back", "Dream On" and "I Still Call Australia Home". Up next I need to pick some George Jones, Hank Williams, and a few more classic country tunes. Suggestions? Remember, I play PIANO…
Thank you, my wonderful friends. I post the whole list as far as I can tell but with film and TV as well. I must still say that I feel lucky and really truly blessed to even to have met these amazing people. This is everything that I can put together. I hope some day to have the opportunity to o do this type of work again! Troy Halderson Awards and Recording Credits AWARDS Grammy Awards Arturo O'Farrill & The Afro-Latin Jazz Orchestra - Song for Chico (Best Latin Jazz Album 2008) Sonny Rollins - This is What I Do(Best Instrumental Jazz Album 2001) Grammy Nominated Recordings Chico O'Farrill - Heart of a yrLegend (Latin Grammy) Chico O'Farrill - Pure Emotion • Roy Haynes - Birds of a Feather • Vanessa Williams - Star Bright Swing Journal Best Engineering Award 1997 • Archie Shepp Quartet - True Ballads Swing Journal Gold Disk Awards • Archie Shepp Quartet - True Ballads Bud Shank - By Request: Bud Shank Meets The Rhythm Section Denny Zeitlin - As Long as There's Music Dream Session - The All-Stars ...
NASHVILLE, ASHEVILLE, WRIGHTSVILLE: Got some seriously awesome shows coming up this week people... WEDS JUNE 4TH: 5 Spot in Nashville w/ Joe Fletcher and a VERY special secret guest band (hint: he's bigger than me, has a beard and tattoos, and plays some pretty banging' outlaw country..." name is Morgan but it ain't JP...") THURS JUNE 5TH: The Grey Eagle in Asheville NC w/ Whitey Morgan and The 78's! FRI JUNE 6TH: Burning Bridge Tavern in Wrightsville PA: Night one of two: all originals! SAT JUNE 7TH: Burning Bridge Tavern: Night two: all classic country covers! Joe Fletcher opens both nights backed by the Tough Choices!!! Get a gander at the full schedule at and keep your eyes peeled for the impending release-date announcement for our second full-length release, "Home Is Where The Hurt Is"!!!
I am offering my youth, ladies or amateur show pony for consideration. She is a foundation seal classic Shetland. To show home only! I am tired of seeing her going to waste in the pasture. Double reg. Pinto and ASPC. Foaled 4-18-2004. Stands 45in. (By SCOTCH LABEL (HOF) out of Miss Behavin') Shown in 2006-2008 Pinto and Shetland. Went to congress twice and was grand champion in multiple events including open classic country pleasure driving. She is PERFECT in showmanship and was grand champion two year in a row in youth showmanship. Nearly every show I took her to we won high point, in 2008 we won the supreme performance award at the Oregon gold show. This pony really has too many accomplishments to list! Also ROM's in Pinto. Does trail, jumping, hunter, obstacle driving, country pleasure, halter and showmanship. Truly the ultimate youth show pony. Had a beautiful bay pinto filly last year out of Created in his Image. Would consider selling with show harness and show halters. Please contact me for more in ...
I'm fascinated to hear about people's musical journey. I listen to pretty much everything, as anyone who follows me regularly knows. But it wasn't always that way. When I was 8 my dad gave me a little fm radio boom box. It wasn't much but it gave me a chance to listen to music in my room. The genre that really struck me (and is still with me) was Doo *** style Classic Rock. Stuff from the late 40s through the early 60s. Oldies Rock stations used to play that kind of stuff. Around 11 I was given a cassette tape by a band I'd never heard of called Insane Clown Posse and the music, frankly, shocked me. There were songs about murder, hatred, it was loud, it was nothing like I had ever heard of before. Before long I was listening to anything newer rock, specifically Nu Metal. Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock was big for me in 1998. This led to my love of hip hop that I became almost obsessive with. When I moved back to Mississippi, I became really involved with band and things like that and really fell in lov ...
There should be a classic country station so we dont have to listen to pop stars trying to make Country Music
Sunday Funday today at 5 o'clock somewhere, Willy's Bar & Grill! Join Captain Kirk & The Mer along with our good buddy Brother Jim Mitchell for a fun little project we've been working on called Three & Tequila! Think Zac Brown, Kenny Chesney, Alabama, all lake songs & classic country sing a longs!
My wife has lost her mind !! Went from classic country to vanilla ice . Now her kids are embarrassed. But I'm kinda digging it
Nice quiet night alone in my driveway. Cold beer classic country and a nice fire.
Classic country Saturday night is on point tonight Blaine Maturin!
Finally home. Classic Country Saturday night and some cold beer. Have a great night. :):)
Listening to Dolly Parton being interviewed on Sirius XM radio right about her new album Blue Smoke. She is an amazing person and she inspires me. She said, "I know I don't I get played on radio anymore, unless its classic country, but I have always written songs that come from my heart and I will continue to do so".
Mother-n-Law doing a some exercise moves to Marie LaBow on 97.3 Classic Country Saturday Night
Good Mornin' Ya'll, On the phones already this morning, got some emailing done and answered, been listening to the new Dolly CD and loving the Wal-Mart exclusive bonus tracks and the new Hunter Hayes cd too. Both wonderful! Sitting on hold for one of my radio buds, on that third cup of coffee finally and about to start plotting my Jim's Classic Country show for WYYZ 1490AM - The Croc too. Gonna be a great Wednesday, hope yours is too! As always, I wish you Lots of Love and TONS of Great Music! :-)
Tonight for Classic Country we will be featuring the new "classic" sounds from the just-release Johnny Cash album, "Out Among the Stars," produced between 1981 and 1984, and never released until now - some great dance tunes. Hope you can join us for line dancing at 7:30 with Jim Shellhammer teaching "Chill Factor." Then we'll have great danceable music from 8:30 on. See you tonight!
I prefer Classic Country over Today's but I can't stand Patsy Cline and I don't know why sorry but my hero is Loretta Lynn.
Y'all come and join us at Clay's Clays CountryRadio. You can hear the very best in Classic Country and the best Indie Artists.
Great selection of Classic Country, Last 30 days by Amazon ...
Turn on The TWANG at 106.7fm or 1410am when you get in the car. We'll get you home with Classic Country and More from Garth Brooks, Toby Keith, Alabama, Randy Travis, Willie Nelson, Linda Rondstat and George Strait just to name a few...56 Minutes of Music This Hour!!!
Why cant Denver get a Classic Country station?
Thanks for listening!!! Please join me two weeks from today playing Classic Country & More from 2-5pm Eastern Time on WCXI 1160 AM, Fenton, Flint, Detroit & heard around the world LIVE streaming at Streema, TuneIn Radio and many more sites! Enjoy the rest of your night and as always...have yourself a Darcy Day! 🎤😃
I want your opinions. Most of us know Country Music Radio has transformed way past the traditional sounds that were it's foundations. The music is geared to young 20 somethings who have no life experiences other than going out parting in their trucks, dating or breaking up with the Home Coming Queen. If us who like Traditional Country want to hear any on the radio then we have to dial in a Classic Country least that is the way it is in my area. But what about new traditional music? If you look for it you can find some great new Traditional music on the internet, or hear few hours on public radio. Don't you think there needs to be mainstream stations out there that not only plays the Classic Country hits, but also new music traditionalist like Dale Watson, Marty Stuart, and others still put out?? I know there is a market for it! What do you all think??
Which style kitchen represents your style? Modern and Bold or Classic Country?
Yes I did just go to from Classic Country to 90s R&B on What can I say - my music taste is Awesome!
 EVERY SATURDAY NIGHT 7;30 P.M. E.S.T.Since 1977 The Shepherdsville Country Music Show is the longest running show in Bullitt County .Family owned by the" Reid" family now for more than 30 years.Our show is filled with your favorite Classic Country,Oldies
Classic Country 98.1 has Marty Stewart and Tammy Davis on the show in the morning as we get ready for the big show.Your MC our own Sherry Boyd from Classic Country .
"Sip that wine, let's have a great time, listening to the country song" Lynn Anderson 1972. Happy Times -Classic Country...No worries James Miller III -Darren Elswick is rocking & rolling in the garage. "I'm a little country he's a little bit rock n roll."♥
Tune into The Stu Pot mid day serving from 11-1pm for Classic Country at Noon, to make and hear your requests and to have your funny bone exercised by Billy Mack Smith and myself! More fun than the law allows but who cares about.the law...the law!.the law...the law?!?! (Yes, that is a movie reference, kuddos to the first one to comment and tell me which movie) Tune in today and BRING IT!!!
Ready to roll with the "Big O Morning Show" 6 to 9am brought to you by Schwartz Heating and Cooling! "Really Tough Question" at 7:05, Birthday's & Anniversaries at 7:50, the "All Request Hour" at 8am and great "Classic Country" on 94.7 WBIO!!! Today's Weather: Partly Sunny. High near 40.
Hi. Classic Country about to start. We'll play the new bill Anderson song again (because you asked for it), some tracks from the new Dolly Parton album and a whole lot of great classic Country Music. hopeyou enjoy it. DK the DJ
Spent the last week listing to Classic Country on Slacker Radio. I just logged into FB and it suggested I like Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Tracy Lawrence, Charlie Daniels and Lupe Fiasco. I'm not sure if I'm more disturbed that FB knows what station on listing to on a separate app, or that it makes a connection between Waylon Jennings and Lupe Fiasco.
Classic Country 570 KSNM-AM will be your home to Super Bowl 48. Listen Live on Super Sunday February 2nd. So who is going to win? The Denver Broncos or Seattle Seahawks?
I am listening to The Tip Of My Fingers by Bill Anderson on Classic Country. Listen for free and earn Loyalty Points redeemable for great merchandise including the new iPad.
I guess you just never get the weather figured out in Nova Scotia--Windy and Rainy-but Franks Kind of Country isn't like that--you know it's 2 hours of Classic Country for sure--Tonight you wil hear Jim Reeves-Connie Smith and Carl Smith-the mighty Oak Ridge Boys-my friends Jim and Don Haggart-Freddie Hart-Hank Williams-and best of all an Opry Memory from Opry Dan from the Grand Ol Opry about one of Nashvilles best loved Opry members, and one of their songs, gotta go and boil some potatoes...(hint) Till tonight at 6
Both the boys and girls basketball teams lost to Georgetown this past Friday. Boys lost 48-52 and girls lost 51-56 Both are back in action tonight against Manor. Boys will be hosting the 'Stangs and the Girls will be visiting the Lady Mustangs. Girls game can be heard on Hutto FM at 7pm. Soccer is underway. The boys will be scrimmaging Liberty Hill tonight. Have a great day and listen to 'Classic Country' on
What a great day to stay inside listening to the RADIO---and so-- Join me tonight on the Cat from 6 until 8 for Franks Kind of Country Classic Country of course--but also lots of my favourite Christmas Songs--From Jim Reeves and George Strait, from Alabama and Charley Pride, from Reba and Merle--and my favorite Vince Gill tune too...Christmas Lights and Classic Country..a perfect Sunday night--
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