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Clarke Carlisle

Clarke James Carlisle (born 14 October 1979) is an English footballer who plays as a central defender.

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BREAKING: Preston Police say Clarke Carlisle has been found safe in Liverpool
Great news folks. Clarke Carlisle has been found safe in Liverpool. Thanks to everyone who shared our appeal. Have a goo…
Everyone please keep an eye out for lovely Clarke Carlisle. Last seen in at 6am this morning. Family are wor…
Police concerned for Clarke Carlisle after ex-footballer reported missing this is sad, pray Clarke i…
Hoping Clarke Carlisle is found soon. Such a nice guy.
BREAKING: Former Leeds United footballer Clarke Carlisle has been reported missing by his wife:
Clarke Carlisle has gone missing and believed to be in Manchester Area - If you see him today call/text 116 000 to speak to…
Hope Clarke Carlisle is found safe and well quickly
My instincts are not giving me good vibes about Clarke Carlisle. I hope he is found but I sense another Gary Speed scenario. 😢🙏🏾
Family of ex-footballer Clarke Carlise are concerned after reporting them missing
The family of Clarke Carlisle are very concerned for his safety. Last recorded whereabouts 0600 in Manchester. Any info…
Clarke Carlise missing: Pregnant wife speaks of stress as troubled footballer disappears
Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle 'missing' Hoping he can be found safe getting help he needs for his mental health
Had this account for 2 years. clarke carlisle is a murderer
Family of former footballer Clarke Carlisle concerned for his welfare .
Can't believe Clarke Carlisle tried to blow up a train.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Hope Clarke Carlisle is found safe and well 🙏🏼❤️ depression is being trapped in complete darkness, don't fight it alone 💔
Clarke Carlisle is missing. Spread the word to try and find the ex Burnley man.
Hope Clarke Carlisle is found safe and sound, had a hard battle with depression , terrible news
Clarke Carlisle is a highly intelligent guy but even the best are prone to mental health issues
Former footballer Clarke Carlisle has gone missing.
Hope Clarke Carlisle is found safe and well. I wish mental health was higher up the government's agenda & we could get peop…
Sad news about Clarke Carlisle.. really hope he gets found safe and sound
Family urge public to get in touch if they see missing former footballer Clark Carlisle
Here's hoping for some good news on Clarke Carlisle. He's a good guy beset by a dreadfully debilitating illness.
Clarke Carlisle is a man who has used his voice and his position to spread awareness of mental health issues, he is a fan…
Former QPR and Burnley footballer Clarke Carlisle reported missing
Help find missing Ex-footballer, Clarke Carlisle. His partner is pregnant & really needs him to return home. Last seen…
Former footballer, Clarke Carlisle has gone missing so let's spread the word to ensure he returns home as soon as possibl…
Our thoughts are with Clarke Carlisle. The former footballer has gone missing and his family are concerned. Any info report t…
Former player Clarke Carlisle is missing, please contact on 101 quoting 0235 of 15th September if you have a…
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We are growing increasingly concerned for former footballer Clarke Carlisle who is missing from home
Hoping Clarke Carlisle turns up safe and well.
Really hope Clarke Carlisle is found safe and well soon. Mental health issues are nothing to be scoffed at
💙 thoughts are with Clarke Carlisle and his family at this time. . Stay safe, Clarke.
Former player Clarke Carlisle has gone missing. Our thoughts are with Clarke and his family
Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle has been reported missing from Manchester. His family are concerned about his welfare.
Clarke Carlisle was last seen in Manchester early this morning - please share
Adam Virgo giving Clarke Carlisle a run for his money for the worst commentator award
Clarke Carlisle: Kevin Blackwell and Graham Westley are the only managers I did not get on with | Daily Mail Online
We are looking forward to welcoming the artist Stephen Clarke to Carlisle with his new exhibition open from 30th Ja…
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble CLARKE CARLISLE in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
Next stop Countdown! .. unscrambled our CLARKE CARLISLE Conundrum. Nice one!
According to Clarke Carlisle, "Jackson Martinez never makes the Ecuador team", good reason why he doesn't make the team, H…
Yet another mistake from ITV commentator Clarke Carlisle! You can produce a yellow card after advantage has been played!
So did sweet Clarke Carlisle and I tried to tell him.
Had pleasure of sitting next to ex-player Clarke Carlisle on train. What a gent. Good to see him looking so well
that monologue meant the interviewers weren't asking about Clarke Carlisle being send to rehab in the same week. Some job
On a scale of 0 - Emo/Goth how depressing would a night on the *** with you and Clarke Carlisle be like?
JFH gone. Great, that's a month of listening to Clarke Carlisle, Jason Roberts and Chris Powell play the race card.
- Alastair Campbell and former player Clarke Carlisle share
- Alastair Campbell and former player Clarke Carlisle share experiences…
Clarke Carlisle, Robert Enke, Leon McKenzie and most well known one recently Gary Speed
Valuable insights Clarke Carlisle re in sport share your story here
Clarke Carlisle tells forum on online abuse that digital platforms must police content and help fight abuse
'I implore everyone to support this issue,' says former Chair Clarke Carlisle of initiative to tackle sm abuse
Social media is the perfect vehicle to re-connect footballers & fans ex-player Clarke Carlisle tells but not the right to abuse
Clarke Carlisle puts into perspective how the effects of social media abuse can impact on a players life
At launch of campaign to tackle online abuse aimed at players. Clarke Carlisle: "This is not a football issue. Its a societal."
'This is a societal issue not a football one.' Clarke Carlisle on the scourge of discrimination on social media.
Ex pro Clarke Carlisle wants to make next generation as safe and inclusive as possible on social media
Bad Beat Bob. Clarke Carlisle. Tears at the final whistle.
the emotion of Clarke Carlisle at full time. Magic day.
‘I should be dead. I am delighted, blessed I can use my life’
5/24 Kville at Osky. Albia vs. Grinnell. Chariton at Carlisle. Clarke at Mount Ayr. Davis Co at Wayne. EBF vs. Washington.
Find out what had to say to UCFB students on his latest visit to UCFB Wembley! More:
Its only Monday and i already cant wait for Carlisle on Sunday 💃🏼💃🏼
London Marathon 2016: Clarke Carlisle to complete 26-mile race for Bobby Moore Fund
I liked a video BBC News Clarke Carlisle Why footballers are paid so much
another great edition of turf more Daz. Clarke Carlisle got me looking in a dictionary with some of his vocabulary!
Watching the Turf More show. How many former footballers use the word 'sagacity' like Clarke Carlisle?
Clarke Carlisle is on my train, playing FM by the look of it
And before Clarke Carlisle gets all up in my grill, it's not a racist thing. I just don't think he brings anything to the t…
A great footballer & a great man, very lucky to have met him.A true legend.
Clarke Carlisle running the London Marathon for please sponsor Clarke if you can or RT.
Please support Clarke Carlisle as he goes for the London Marathon to raise money for the
Clarke Carlisle is fundraising for The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK
WATCH: Turf More is back on Player HD with studio guests Barry Kilby and Clarke Carlisle.
TURF MORE | Our studio show returns with guests Barry Kilby & Clarke Carlisle, watch the show on
is for the 'excellent' Clarke Carlisle, who far exceeded our client's expectations. 'The audience reaction was overwhelming'
Clarke Carlisle would've been ejaculating into his brew thinking there's a new black manager.Then he checks the date
I'm running the London Marathon for The Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research on Please & RT
Remember when we all stayed up to see what Ralf Little had to say about Clarke Carlisle? . The Internet, mental
could be worse could have Clarke Carlisle or Niall Quinn
I saw Clarke Carlisle yesterday. Talk about star struck!
Clarke Carlisle happy that he used black clappy hands.
Hope on gets the Job now is off to Spain, couldnt stand someone like Clarke Carlisle getting it
seminar today watched a video of Clarke Carlisle and stan collymore talk about racisms and learn about the yid army etc.. :)
Hall Of Fame? Clarke Carlisle played 93 games from 1997-2000 scoring 7 goals. Vote or
Try the Keith Gillespie book, excellent read. And the Clarke Carlisle book
Well done First to find Clarke CARLISLE in our Burnley featured in NBC s Science of Love
Depression hides behind the mask we put on for the rest of the world. via
but has he ever nutmugged Clarke Carlisle?
neither can hold a candle to Clarke Carlisle
I love you Brian, you're a legend. Clarke, Carlisle.
In case you missed it - About Clarke Carlisle and THAT Selfie
Some lad puts RIP on a pic of Clarke Carlisle before being told he hadn't died. Beautiful save Jack.
Met up with fellow Claret and mental health campaigner Clarke Carlisle yesterday Good luck on return to broadcasting to…
Huddersfield sack Chris Powell, *** are they playing at sacking a black manager 😱 Jason Roberts and Clarke Carlisle are guna…
'Clarke Carlisle says some sports 'lagging on mental health'' via TW:
Clarke Carlisle wasn't a top footballer
Looking forward to welcoming Clarke Carlisle to in tomorrow for diversity&inclusion week event
Here's more about footballer Clarke Carlisle's experience with issues and a attempt
Retired footballer Clarke Carlisle says some sports are "failing to address the issue of mental health"
Respect for Clarke Carlisle for speaking out about his struggles his mental health and his passion to want good...
If you don't know much about depression, please watch the EXCELLENT Clarke Carlisle on todays "Victoria Derbyshire" TV show.
Well said Carlisle insightful and useful for rise in ill health and lack of support
More needs to be done to promote mental health in sport says footballer Clarke Carlisle
Clarke Carlisle is helping four top football stars with mental health issues
Well done Clarke Carlisle (of Burnley, UCFB and the School of Sport & Applied Social Sciences) on your important BBC news item
Yes, but that is only one issue that may effect them. There are plenty of others, ask Clarke Carlisle.
Oh blimey, look at the dents in Clarke Carlisle's head, so glad for his dad Merv that he's still alive
Carlisle says some sports 'lagging on mental health' Some spo...
6.30 Tonight - Tories talk immigration, we talk to & Plus, Clarke Carlisle on fighting depression
Clarke Carlisle & have been v vocal about this. we are happy to support in any way we can https:…
Some sports 'fail on mental health': Former footballer Clarke Carlisle, who has battled with depression, belie...
Today is our event at spoke to about the Mental Health Charter - htt…
Clarke Carlisle: 'We have a duty of care to footballers'
Clarke Carlisle reveals he is helping four Premier League stars with mental health issues http:/…
I personally can't see that helping if the illness is a secret then believing Clarke Carlisle is on national TV speaking about him.
Clarke Carlisle on depression. He wants to support
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VIDEO: 'We have a duty of care to players': Clarke Carlisle says "things must change" as statistics suggest me...
Clarke Carlisle speaking about a wife of a football player who's long term injured with signs of depression.
Great to spend some time at Wembley with this brave ambassador for sport and mental health Clarke Carlisle
Sometimes suicide attempts are impulsive but many / most are preventable - Clarke Carlisle
Clarke Carlisle: stigma questions from media don’t get to the real issue
Clarke Carlisle talks about the media bating stigma instead of using its power to reduce it!
Not sure what is more impressive; Matt Le Tissier's skills at Countdown or Rachel Riley's sharp wit. Clarke Carlisle eat your heart out. 👏🏼
'CleverBall' sounds like it should air weekly on BBC Four, with studio pundits including Victoria Coren, Stephen Fry and Clarke Carlisle
Intellectual philosophers always welcome on t' Turf (and you, of course). Clarke Carlisle, Brian Laws...
My dad keeps getting Robert Carlisle and Clarke Carlisle confused. It's making this conversation really hard work
worse than Clarke Carlisle. Brutal. Andy Wanker brings more to party
What an amazing interview on Radio BBC WM with Clarke Carlisle and Michael Mansfield produced by Paul Franks. If...
I wish Andy Townsend would take a leaf out of Clarke Carlisle's book and throw himself in front of a truck
John Virgo - the Clarke Carlisle of snooker commentary
LIVE on Live with a preview from v Jon Champion and Clarke Carlisle
Great to see Clarke Carlisle look so well at loftus rd
I wondered where Clarke Carlisle had got to. He's on Jordan Spieth's bag
Has anyone else saw the resemblance between Jordan Spieths caddy and Clarke Carlisle?
Clarke Carlisle: Why I went back to the place where I tried to kill myself ...
Former Premier League footballer Clarke Carlisle has pleaded guilty to a drink-driving offence
BREAKING: Clarke Carlisle pleads guilty to drink-driving offence
Is it funny to joke about Clarke Carlisle's commentary in advert given his recent problems? Or safer option Andy Townsend?
I hope when he's contract runs out Andy Townsend does a 'Clarke Carlisle'. And succeeds
Pardew says Palace has the best atmosphere in the country. Listen live on v with Jon Champion & Clarke Carlisle
Very powerful interview with Clarke Carlisle and Jon Champion:
I liked a video Clarke Carlisle talks to Jon Champion
Clarke Carlisle back in work the cheeky *** .. That poor wagon driver is probably a bag of nerves every time he has to d…
Exclusive: Clarke Carlisle talks only to The Sun about his suicide bid. Watch the video here: h…
ah it's the Clarke Carlisle debacle mate, gotta back up a bit, I'm all good though ma mannn
Clarke Carlisle has spelt it out: retiring from sport can be a traumatic loss
My post in response to Clarke Carlisle's story, on the silence around suicide and depression:
People calling Clarke Carlisle selfish for attempting suicide shows how little people understand about mental illness.
Has Clarke Carlisle come out yet saying that lorry driver was racist?
Clarke Carlisle reveals lorry crash was suicide attempt: Ex-footballer says "I had to die"
If Clarke Carlisle was serious about committing suicide he would book himself a ticket on an AirAsia flight
I have little sympathy for Clarke Carlisle simply because of the way he tried to commit suicide. Shocking to involve someone else like that.
Let's talk about mental health in sports: Clarke Carlisle: ‘I stepped in front of a lorry because I wanted to die’
Ralf Little criticised for accusing Clarke Carlisle of 'not telling full story' over suicide bid
Clark Carlisle ❤ Ex-footballer Clarke Carlisle's comments about his recent suicide attempt are # # # - JOE
Don't see why people have so much 'respect' for Clarke Carlisle. What he did to that lorry driver is criminal.
'I leapt in front of a lorry, hoping to die' - Our exclusive interview with Clarke Carlisle: ht…
Depression damages the lives or even kills so many men because they don't feel able to speak out. Thinking of Clarke Carli…
Feel sorry for Clarke Carlisle!! Obviously in a terrible place to feel he need to take his own life Just goes to show money isn't everything
Hope Clarke Carlisle manages to get well soon. And that people engage in compassion before they engage in judgment.
So bad reading the page in the sun about Clarke Carlisle
Carlisle don't know you or your troubles Clarke. But remember the darkest hour is just before dawn ... be lucky
This week I spoke at length with one of the bravest men I've ever met. Here Clarke Carlisle tells his story
This Clarke Carlisle situation 😥. Must have been fighting off some real demons. Shows you never know what a person is really going through.
I know Clarke Carlisle was in a bad place but at least spare a thought for the poor truck driver!
Clarke Carlisle sells his story to the sun. He should be done for attempted murder of the lorry driver
I hope people can take some good from Clarke Carlisle suicide attempt! It can affect anyone at anytime! Please talk!!!
Gary Glitter and Clarke Carlisle both trending. It's a sad day, but a good one for alliteration.
Watching the news and they're talking about Ralf Little and Clarke Carlisle, it's really weird.
'Please don't judge Clarke Carlisle': Heartbreaking letter sent to Ralf Little from man whose brother killed himself
You won't understand what Clarke Carlisle is going through unless you've had those thoughts yourself.
Wow all of a sudden everyone's Sigmund Freud.Re Clarke Carlisle.Wished ppl would look at the bigger view rather than being so judgemental.
Sad to hear about Clarke Carlisle's failed Suicide attempt wishing him a speedy recovery things will get better!
how much has Clarke Carlisle been paid for that interview with
I'm so sad to hear about Clarke Carlisle. I met him. He is a lovely man. Unless you get to that place in your life you will never undersyand
Dunno what to think of the whole Clarke Carlisle thing. I should really have a strong opinion either way, if only for the RTs.
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I got utmost respect for Clarke Carlisle speaking out. Suicide ain't cowardly or selfish. No chance
No judgement of Clarke Carlisle at all but have to say most of my sympathy lies with the lorry driver not sure how he's gonna get over that!
Cant wait to read how Clarke Carlisle tried killing himself a week before christmas when his kids were at home Zz, hows th…
Those calling Clarke Carlisle selfish obviously have a lack of understand how dangerous depression is, really feel for the driver as well
Oh dear. Looks like Clarke Carlisle's going to get away with it - AGAIN.
'I was looking straight at the train. I thought, 'That's not going quick enough – you're not going to die this way':
Moved by Clarke Carlisle's tale of battling demons and a suicide attempt, whatever beef
Clarke Carlisle may have depression but crashing into a lorry to kill yourself is selfish! What if he kills others on the road
Best wishes to brave Clarke Carlisle & your friends at DA are here to support you all during this journe…
People say Clarke Carlisle is selfish, never in a million years!!
I've seen far too much ill-informed *** in the wake of the Clarke Carlisle incident. There will be blocking.
Clarke Carlisle Clarke Carlisle admits he tried to kill himself by jumping in front of a lorry - Daily Mail
Clarke Carlisle's BBC documentary on depression/suicide is here Recommended, esp for those who …
I didn't like Clarke Carlisle before he got hit by a lorry and I still don't like him after he got hit
Clark Carlisle's chip on his shoulder is so big it might aswell be a potato. LOL. BANTER.
domain names
Clarke Carlisle was depressed over financial problems? What was he on minimum wage all his career
Mixed thoughts on the whole Clarke Carlisle issue
Suicide takes 16 lives in the UK a day & is biggest killer of men under 50. Clarke Carlisle is so brave for talking ab…
how in any way is Clarke Carlisle a hero?
Clarke Carlisle tried to commit suicide then. Thousands of kids at academies paying good money for the privilege. Most…
brave interview from clarke carlisle - depression NEEDS to be talked about
Clarke Carlisle story really upsets me.I'm not there now but I was 3yrs ago.Nobody deserves to feel that ill in the head! Get well soon mate
Anyone that calls Clarke Carlisle selfish for attempting suicide is a prize berk.
Ralf Little accuses Clarke Carlisle of not telling full story about his depression: The Royle Family star said...
'I leapt in front of a lorry, Clarke Carlisle: so sad this story 😢
Anyone that defends Clarke Carlisle is a 🔔🔚 the mans an absolute ***
People mocking Clarke Carlisle & calling him selfish are a disgrace. Depression is a disease, not a conscious choice.
Sad updates from Clarke Carlisle...hope the rallies round him
People who are calling Clarke Carlisle selfish don't know a thing about depression or mental illness, also Ralf Little shouldn't comment.
Actor Ralf Little sparks anger after criticism of Clarke Carlisle
Sorry to hear about Clarke Carlisle depression is a pernicious illness. Ralf Little? He was famous once- had a supporting role in a sitcom?
Clarke Carlisle hits back at Ralf Little: 'I pray depression never bites you'
'I know the full story' Actor Ralf Little sparks row with Clarke Carlisle over suicide bid
Fascinating piece on Clarke Carlisle from Ralf Little! Clearly history there!
Clarke Carlisle has depression. Clarke Carlisle is a multiple drink driver. Which was Ralf Little criticising?.
Clarke Carlisle responds to Ralf Little's rant about his suicide attempt
Clarke Carlisle v Ralf Little: Row over 'money and lies' between ex- Burnley captain and Royle Family actor: R...
Difficult subject, but make Ralf Little absolutely right about Clarke Carlisle.
Clarke Carlisle accused of not telling 'full story' by actor Ralf Little via
Ralf Little accuses Clarke Carlisle of 'not telling the full story' after Carlisle's newspaper interview describing…
Ralf Little accuses Clarke Carlisle of not telling the full story via
Football: Ex-players' union chief reveals suicide bid: Clarke Carlisle, the former head of the Professional Footballers' Association,...
I love Clarke Carlisle, me. Such a powerful force for good. Sending out much Love to him & his. X
If you've been affected by Clarke Carlisle's story today, remember Samaritans is here for you: - you…
And here's explaining why he doesn't feel sad for Clarke Carlisle
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Clarke Carlisle confesses he threw himself in front of lorry. He has depression. It's an awful illness. Thoughts with h…
Clarke Carlisle considers himself to be a medical expert, having studied countless episodes of Holby City. 'It's so realist…
Incredibly moving story from Clarke Carlisle in Sun tomorrow:
The Alan Parry/Niall Quinn commentary duo is making it worse n all. Only Sam Matterface n Clarke Carlisle worse than these
First pic of Clarke Carlisle as football star returns home after coma
NEWS: Former York City and Leeds United footballer Clarke Carlisle has left hospital six weeks after being injured in a crash …
Ex-Leeds United defender Clarke Carlisle comes home from hospital -
Ex-Professional Footballers Association chairman Clarke Carlisle is in hospital after being involved in a collision with a lorry.
5 - Turf Moor rises to applaud in support of Clarke Carlisle, who is currently in hospital.
Lovely and heartfelt round of applause in the 5th minute at Turf Moor for Clarke Carlisle. Wish him well.
Clarke Carlisle: Burnley and Liverpool fans in show of support -
England GBR Walsall ➟ 627 Clarke Carlisle: Ex-footballer has surgery but is stable Cla…
Read extra quotes from Arsene Wenger as he discusses Clarke Carlisle and transfer speculation:
Clarke Carlisle now in stable condition - Tribal Football
The Football Association: "The thoughts & prayers of all at The FA are with Clarke Carlisle & his family at this sad time."
"Clarke Carlisle superman. Top player and Top man.
Only just catching up on the news about Clarke Carlisle it's been a rough week all round hasn't it?
Carlisle's wife Gemma: "Clarke's very poorly but he's alive and stable. Best Christmas gift we as a family could wish for. Thanks again."
I think Leeds fans should chant Clarke Carlisle's name for 4 minutes from the 4th minute against Wigan at ER on Boxing Day. RT
Just heard the news about Clarke Carlisle. My thoughts are with his friends and family.
Hope Clarke Carlisle pulls through after his accident. Genuine good guy and quality footy geezer # bestwishes
Well-wishes have poured in from the football community, amid reports that Leeds, Burnley and QPR defender Clarke Carlisle was rushed to hospital early this morning after being hit by a lorry.
Here's hoping promotion legend and ambassador Clarke Carlisle is doing ok and is on the mend!
Would be nice if can arrange a minutes applause on the 30th minute (shirt number) in support for Clarke Carlisle on Fr…
Ex-footie star Clarke Carlisle is in a serious condition after being hit by a lorry:
Sending all my best to Clarke Carlisle and his family. One of football's good guys
Good wishes, speedy recovery, love to his family, a gent of a man, Clarke Carlisle.
Thoughts are with Clarke Carlisle and his family x
Sending positive thoughts to Clarke Carlisle & his family at this time...
Gutted to hear about Clarke Carlisle! Pray to God for a speedy recovery my mate. 😢🙏
Clarke Carlisle is a positive, intelligent, charismatic force in football. Get well soon mon frere, we need you fit for …
Thoughts and prayers with Clarke Carlisle and his family
Heard the news about Clarke Carlisle you will pull thru I know you will
Good news On Clarke Carlisle his recovering thank you God. Also like to add I had a few complaints I didn't mention any West Ham status over the weekend but but but Im not used to us winning so many games and Downing's goal wow I swear I used to score goals like that. Talking of Goals Joe Scored all 8-0 goals including 2 overhead kicks that would make even Pele smile only his 2nd game for his new club to take them to the top of table at Xmas.
Ex Luton, Watford and Northampton star Clarke Carlisle has surgery but is 'stable'
Clarke Carlisle is fighting for his life after being hit by a lorry. Thoughts go to him and his family. Fingers crossed he pul…
Everybody at the Club sends their best wishes to Clarke Carlisle and his family.
Clarke Carlisle has had surgery but remains stable, says the PFA
The club has been inundated with well wishes for Clarke Carlisle. Fans plan to show support with 1 minute applause in …
Everyone thinking of Clarke Carlisle and his family at this difficult time - all of is wishing you well
I feel it's only fitting we have a minute's applause for Clarke Carlisle on Boxing day, please make it happen
I'm nothing compared to the battle Clarke Carlisle is fighting now... stay strong man. Prayers go out…
The thoughts and prayers of everyone at York City go out to our former player Clarke Carlisle and his family.
Hoping that Clarke Carlisle makes a speedy recovery, hes an inspirational man who has given so much to others.
Thought go out to Clarke Carlisle and his fam at this time
All the best Clarke Carlisle, keep fighting.
TV pundit and former footballer Clarke Carlisle 'alive and stable' after collision with a lorry
Our best wishes to Clarke Carlisle who was injured in a car accident today
CLARKE CARLISLE remains in a “stable” condition after undergoing surgery for serious injuries sustained in a collision with a lorry.
Wishing Clarke Carlisle a speedy recovery,a rare breed,an intelligent Footballer and seems like a decent bloke as well
Clarke Carlisle is 'alive and stable' but 'very poorly' after being hit by a lorry in North Yorkshire on Monday morning.
CARLISLE: Clarke Carlisle seriously injured after being hit by lorry - Belfast Telegraph
Thoughts and prayers with Clarke Carlisle and Family
I hope all the Clarke Carlisle haters are looking at themselves. You're a bunch if tossers. Clarke has had a great playing career and is a great Pundit / spokesman. You can all get back to your Supermarket jobs now
In today's Hometime Headlines: An update on the health of Clarke Carlisle after his involvement in a collision with a lorry, Manchester City FC boss Manuel Pellegrini reacts to Chelsea Football Club securing top spot at Christmas. Plus, Amir Khan expects to know the name of his next opponent sooner rather than later. 02:05
Clarke Carlisle lorry accident: Recap after ex-footballer hit by truck via
Clarke Carlisle lorry accident: Ex-footballer's injuries 'not life threatening' after he was hit by truck via mi...
Thoughts go out to Clarke Carlisle, hopefully he'll pull through
Former QPR defender Clarke Carlisle fighting for life - report
Sad news about Clarke Carlisle. We Wish him a speedy recovery following the horrific accident he's been involved in. http…
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thoughts with Clarke Carlisle and his family. An absolute legend.
Pull through soon Clarke Carlisle, thoughts are with you and your family
Get well soon Clarke Carlisle, hope you pull though
Praying for my old partner Clarke Carlisle tonight. I know he's a fighter. Get well soon Big Man.
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