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Clark Kent

Clark Kent is a fictional character created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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Just looked it up that Wayne Enterprises even owns the Daily Planet so that makes Bruce the boss of Clark Kent. 1/1 .
Why does Clark Kent always drive on the right? via /r/Jokes
That is who I am! I was Clark Kent before I was Superman.
Girls want guys like super man but don't realize they walk past Clark Kent everyday.
Shocked!! Barry Manilow is *** In other news, it turns out Clark Kent is actually Superman!
I'm like Clark Kent, except when I rip off my shirt it reveals not a spandex suit underneath, but my Sonic the Hedgehog Christmas sweater
"My OC is the brother of Clark Kent and the daughter of Bruce Wayne.". .okay.
"Will you be the Louis Lane to my Clark Kent
I've gotten Clark Kent like all my life 😳
I thought I was Clark Kent in this picture 🙄👓
How to get the press to stop asking about your contract:. 1) Mention the bigger star is closer to leaving than you. http…
Clark Kent must have magic glasses. Once he take them off, no one recognize him. "Who the *** are you?". "I'm No, Clark!"
How can someone NOT tell that Clark Kent & is the same person?. That boggles my mind forever!. Hello!. They have the same face!
Clark kent, stop writing to trump about God, read your Bible, God is a God of Peac…
As you *** can tell, I'm dressed up as Clark Kent. It was Halloween of 2013 and it was my first day at this place called Studio 1201
Hey, I've got the same middle name as Clark Kent!
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Clark Kent thinks sadly of the misery and injustice in the world. From the 1939 Superman Sunday comic teaser stri……
It's like how Clark Kent and Superman are different people
This is Clark Kent from Smallville aka the man who made me forget that boys have cooties
O yes. Kushner may be playing Superman, but even Clark Kent is our friend in this asylum.
A hidden identity as effective as Clark Kent's glasses.
No more Clark Kent. Time to put on the cape
ME, THE NEW EDITOR OF THE Daily Planet: ok right off the bat i gotta fire that bumbling mild mannered sloppy as *** looking…
>>You got me. I had a one night stand with Clark Kent. A little wine and there you go.
Tbf, I view "move from country to city" as more of a male thing due to Clark Kent lol
Leaked image of Superman from the upcoming backstory of Clark Kent
The resemblance of to Clark Kent is uncanny
I now get how Clark Kent's disguise works bc when I tried on glasses at the eye dr & sent a selfie to my fiancée, she r…
if I have a son in the future, I'm gonna name him Arnold, or Bradley or Jeremy or Clark Kent lol
I really hope Earth 1 has a Clark Kent & Bruce Wayne. I hope you're allowed to showcase the formation of the League.
It's almost unfair to compare any actor to Christopher Reeve. - he was the perfect Superman/Clark Kent.
I think women tend to make better journalists than men. Lois Lane definitely is a better reporter than Clark Kent.
I think I'm the female version of Clark Kent and a carbon copy of Lois Lane, basically a clumsy dork who can't spell😄
I noticed that takes off his glasses before he performs. It's like a Clark Kent / Superman situation.
The sight gag in the first Christopher Reeve Superman movie where Clark Kent briefly pondered a phone kiosk that wa…
Dr. Manhattan in a Clark Kent suit...look at how Jon flames
Clark Kent is an immigrant and a newspaper reporter. . Be suspicious of any super villain who wants you to hate those things.
Mr Oz is Magog from The Kingdom / Hypertime and the prisoner is Jonathan Kent from the Kingdom too. Clark Kent is a clon
Before the Justice League is formed, Bruce Wayne buys up the Daily Planet and hires Diana Prince as a reporter to spy on Clark Kent.
I used to think you were Clark Kent. Now I see a male version of Megyn Kelley. Same lame pundits everyday. Where's the balance?
"Have you ever thought that Bruce Wayne is Superman and that Clark Kent is Batman?"
"Bruce Wayne is Batman. Clark Kent is Superman. Its obvious, people."
Kind of missing bearded Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne
So let me get this straight, Marlon Brando's exposition to late teen Clark Kent took 12 years in Earth time, what a trip.
Clark Kent, Peter Parker. Real heroes work in newsrooms.
"paging Clark Kent and Peter Parker.". Thank you the trolls means you are right, and effective. 👍🇺🇸💯
Clark Kent and Peter Parker a newsmen. You don't fight or protect the 'American Way' when Superman isn't allowed in the White House
I liked a video from I Got the Boy - Smallville Clana to Clois (Lana Lang, Clark Kent, Lois
will other characters like Bruce Wayne, Bruce banner get pops like peter, Tony, and Clark Kent who received the treatment?
Clark Kent was writing about himself for the Planet long before Peter Parker took photographs of himself for the...
You've probably heard of path to Now hear from Clark Kent himself on
Super Hero Craft stick bookmarks. - Super Heroes...what's beneath the surface of Clark Kent or Peter
Clark Kent character origins discovered in South Africa
'Clark Kent is Superman's critique of the whole human race'-Strong comic book takes from Bill over here
There's a gas station by my apartment, and every time I go in one of the ladies that works there always yells "Hey Look it's Clark Kent"
THE ORIGINALS! Feb 9 at Cielo.D-Nice, Rich Medina, Clark Kent, Stretch Armstrong and Tony Touch providing the...
For absolutely no reason. Hilariously bad rotating Clark Kent from Superman 64 on your timeline.
I'm sorry but that's Clark Kent from Smallville
When Superman returns in do you think he will go back to having a secret identity as Clark Kent for the Daily Planet?
Ah, just referenced Otto's Clark Kent job. Yes, he knows physics
not sure. I've heard people use that phrase before. It might be either Clark Kent, or Clark Griswold.
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"He won't seem like the type to care. He's like Clark Kent with the extra dork in him" She walked with her down the street.
OH SHOOT. First pic is legit my old head from 53rd Street. This feels like the Clark Kent to Superman transformation
Dude so many people are onboard with Ben being a real life Bruce Wayne that we sleep on Henry actually being Clark Kent ht…
see this is why some including I thought Matt is like Gabriel :) though its also like Clark Kent :)
Rao of Krypton bless Chris Reeve. Everything is in his Clark Kent performances. Always know what to do with Clark, even…
for me too. It was the Clark Kent episode. Then serial and bill Simmons and Dan Patrick .
actually, called Clark Kent at one point in my life. Mild mannered community champion by day
Those wanting Obamacare repealed but hope to keep ACA coverage are like Lois Lane friendzoning Clark Kent while having t…
Wally: What about that whole secret identity thing?. Bruce: You're Wally West, he's Clark Kent, I'm *pulls off mask* Bruce Wayne. Wally: 😦
Clark Kent must balance fatherhood and super heroics in SUPERMAN VOL 1: SON OF SUPERMAN, out this week!
I think I'm johnny cage without the shades, Clark Kent without the cape!.
I was reminded of "Lois & Clarke" though. Grant even looked like the actor who played Clark Kent in it. It had foreshadowing too.
Oliver you know my cousin Clark Kent aka superman I am like him in girl version he'll be safe
I think he was the Clark Kent to Peter's Jimmy Olsen. I know they worked together at the Daily Bugle.
Yooa Shout to nick for da himes and Clark Kent g
Wesley is the Clark Kent to my Lana Lang . Becky is the Chloe Sullivan to my Lana Lang . Mel is the Lois Lane to my Lana Lang . End of story
How do people not know who Clark Kent is.
I am a fan of Smallville for its theme song, Chloe Sullivan, Clark Kent's parents, and Clark Kents jaw line.
Apparently white supremacists are like Clark Kent: Just don a pair of Warby Parkers and reporters will think they're someone…
some of the world's greatest heroes have been nerds. Albert Einstein, Jonas Salk, Clark Kent, the list goes on
"Why push a bus out of a ditch if Clark Kent is sitting on it?" - Dr. Tony Evans
November 7 is traditionally recognized as the birthday of Martha Kent, Clark Kent's adoptive mother.
I'm Clark Kent: It's a little guy stuff; she was the vicious cycle.
we'll see. Superman... Clark is always Clark. Suit or not, he is Clark Kent of Smallville, USA. Optimistic good guy. Symbol
Clark Kent dad died on season 5 of smallville and he done had this blue shirt and red jacket on for like 14 episodes poor guy
He's always been Clark Kent, son of Jonathan and Martha Kent. Being human isn't a disguise--it's who he is.
have friends, except for Pete Ross. Both Clark Kent parents as Jonathan & Martha Kent discovered he had superpowers.
Not as bad as you might think. He ended up resigning and Clark Kent's old friend Pete Ross (who was Luthor's VP) took over
Here is list of ppl that Felicity should date that is not DTH: Clark Kent...Bc, is Henry Cavil
On this day in 1979, Findlay college is host to Kool DJ Herc and the Herculords, Clark Kent,…
Clark Kent, a working class man, voted for
I'm watching smallville for the first time (thx (?) and FYI Clark Kent is Jonathan Joestar
Protect Steve at all costs. Steve Trevor & Clark Kent.
I really don't think people give Henry Cavill enough credit for his multilayered portrayal of Clark Kent. Phenomenal perf…
Peter Morgan celebrates Claire Foy and tells me how Elizabeth is like Clark Kent -
i was finna say, I ain't no Peter Parker it be Clark Kent
The baptism of the spirit will do for you, what a phone booth did for Clark Kent, it will change you into a different being. Rod Parsley
Just another day in the life of Clark Kent..👓 if you don't follow me on my other social media's…
Boris Epshteyn is not Edward R. Murrow - or Clark Kent.
completely out of context missy! To clarify it's because he looks like Clark Kent!
Yes people ! Amy Adams' Lois tracked down Clark Kent in MOS and discovered the truth about him. This Lois is a t…
Present day Steven (15) is older then Smallville season one Clark Kent (14) .
I'm Bruce Wayne and I have DirecTV and I'm Clark Kent and I have cable 😂😂
"Even Superman at times is 'just' Clark Kent... Gigi, you're always our superhero"
93 Jordan was superman and winning chips. 03 he was Clark Kent on the Wiz. I'm a Wiz fan... even with Jordan we didn't make it past round 2
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What Hal Jordan is to you, Clark Kent is to me. I'll watch anything with him in, no matter how bad
Juventus fans with brilliant banner to Buffon yesterday:. "Even Superman is 'just' Clark Kent sometimes. Gigi, you're o…
Jack is an old friend of Clark Kent's when they both lived at (Jack is still there!) He's playful & ener…
Also once I asked a girl who was wearing Superman tee if she know who is Clark Kent. She didn't know.
Sunday night poll: Should I dress up as a corny dad or Clark Kent for Halloween?
I wonder why superman goes by Clark Kent instead of Kel El
A semi-reliable source on Gallifrey Base called the superhero "GMAN" so Grant is likely his "Clark Kent" name.
I'd let Lex Luthor and Clark Kent double team me
Is Grant the superhero name or is it the real name like Peter Parker or Clark Kent?
I feel more like Clark Kent rather than Superman.
These season two pics offer a first look at Clark Kent:
Challenge for the Week: When making decisions - is this a Clark Kent choice, or a Superman choice?"
…Then there was the time I successfully Superman/Clark Kent-ed (A real pleasure to meet you, Patr…
The Doctor Who Christmas special is based on Steven Moffat's Clark Kent obsession
Zhang Yixing ・ Superman/Clark Kent. champion of justice. master of self-discipline. pain should be embraced
Apparently her 'stupidity' is linked to wether she's wearing her glasses or not... Seems I've got some kinda Clark Kent girlfriend here
My Grampie told Isaac he looks like Clark Kent to which my whole family agreed so it's safe to say Isaac has been real cocky lately
. Fahrenthold is actually Superman appearing in the guise of mild mannered reporter Clark Kent. Still, easy mistake.
"Hm. I assume you're going as Peter Parker. Since you're going with Marvel. . . I'll go with DC and be Clark Kent."
Clark Kent should be in presidential running this year
ma-at-thought: cuttydarke: fernacular: Y’know, I really enjoy the concept of Clark Kent. Like, minus the...
On the latest I talked about how treats the hoodie like Clark Kent's glasses: a plain-sight d…
typing notes for this month's Supergirl Power Hour and just typed this: Lex Luthor, better role model than Clark Kent.
In a show full of mysteries the only one I care about is the mystery of Lex Luthor and Clark Kent's friendship.
At Tom and Jerry's and dad told the lady the name on the order is "Clark Kent" and then made Jake go get the order 😂
"If you're just joining us...Clark Kent has been shot."
without glasses?!. like when Clark Kent disappears but a guy with his hair parted on the other side of his…
Clark Kent phone booth, superman what I'm go do.
George Reeves and Dean Cain played Clark Kent as a regular and confident guy. The awkward trait is actually rare.
Without public telephones in Manhattan, I'm afraid Clark Kent has to change into Superman at those cell phone charging s…
.is fantastic as both Clark Kent and Superman. Best versions of both in years. The writers nail the nuance…
So in this week we had Red Robin dead and Teen Titans Disbanded and then having a new Clark Kent and All villains Hunting Batman!
Owen you *** You don't look like Clark Kent you know. You look like Nick Robinson.
Some people said they don't recognize me with my hair up and glasses on so the whole Clark Kent disguise totally works apparently
I've disliked Rex Reed since his "cameo" in Superman: The Movie where he was a *** to Clark Kent. One a *** ..
you mean a badass without time for Clark Kent's shenanigans?
I bet Clark Kent lied during his job interview when asked what was his greatest weakness.
Justin Trudeau looks like a 5th member of One Direction, sometimes he looks like Clark Kent lol
Thanks to Nathan, we know that Clark Kent is LIVE
"Dad and the dads is like our Clark Kent" . Oh Rob. Lol
I wanted to make a superman/Clark Kent sharing pants comment but nothing worked so... Yeah. You look good
Plot twist: Seth Rogen and Joe Rogan are brothers separated at birth. The letter swap in the last name is the Clark Kent theory.
That was a great T.V. show was Lois and Clark and actor Dean Cain played both Superman/Clark Kent back then.
Nathan Adrian looks like Clark Kent. why is no one taking advantage of this?
Girls want Superman, but walk past Clark Kent everyday.
That's so cute but wouldn't a better book be How to be like Dean Cain instead or Clark Kent.
Lex Luthor has a dinner party and invites a Metropolis sports reporter (Clark Kent) and a billionaire (Batman) but treats…
Tyler Hoechlin as Clark Kent is close to being the twin brother of Ryan Eggold as Tom Keen.
Chris calling his glasses his Clark Kent glasses. How adorable I can't
Ben Affleck's Batman voice was hilarious and...look you cannot sell me on Clark Kent if he's just superman with glasses and less hair gel
From more geek POV I found it interesting that Hemsworth character was called Clark Kent instead of Steve Rogers they were in New York +
Mike Pence is a good-looking man in the Clark Kent vein.
Jake Arrieta needs to take his Clark Kent glasses off on game day like he used to.
I added a video to a playlist Batman v Superman - Clark Kent in Gotham Full scenes [Ultimate edition]
you're pretty much like Clark Kent and Superman. Same person but one is only super when he needs to be
my boy Jake is Clark Kent in the flesh though. Hope you get better soon!!! You the real MVP
the superhero story notion of "secret identity" is perplexing to me. it is used to refer to Clark Kent, Bruce Wayne, Diana Prince, etc...
When I think of ppl thinking they've found the "one" n ur not together.. I think of Clark Kent and Lana Lang..
But really, it's the John Williams score and Christopher Reeve's brilliant double turn as both Superman AND Clark Kent.
I end up going to the front desk of my destination and they call they taxi company. Tim (Clark Kent) brings me my bag.
Tracy Jordan: Superman does good. You're doing well. Clark Kent, nervously adjusting his glasses: Er, yes. I'm doing well. S'what I meant.
Clark Kent is hype, but so is Bruce Wayne
Oh, Agreed. But spending half his time as Clark Kent would dilute that, not enhance it. Blake adds nothing, as he's not-
Wore a Superman shirt today so I feel like Clark Kent in the office
'Supergirl' Casts Tyler Hoechlin as Superman: . The 'Teen Wolf' actor is tapped in the role of Clark Kent who will visit Melissa Benoi...
Hoechlin will guest in the first two episodes as Kara’s (Melissa Benoist) cousin Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman.
CHARLES suits the Clark Kent type, but doesn't mind showing its superpowers every now and then - ANNE ET VALENTIN
Clark Kent actually has multiple identities (Vine by
Dude if Im Hook, you're Charles Brando, and Clark Kent. I am Prince Eric.
tv shows are better at character development than movies are . Tom was Clark Kent for 10 years and micheal was Lex for 7 .
It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Superman... on the CW! Clark Kent will appear in
Confirmed, Clark Kent and Superman, ACTUAL Clark Kent and Superman will be in the first 2 episodes of Supergirl 2.
Minutes in the costume he could just appear as Clark Kent for most of the time . Only time will tell 2/2
'Supergirl' season 2 will actually cast Clark Kent / Superman
I'm going to go watch until I get over the fact that Tom Welling will most likely not be playing Clark Kent on
Superman/Clark Kent will be appearing in the first two episode of Supergirl Season 2!!
Superman is coming to Clark Kent will be visiting his cousin Kara at the beginning of season two.
Who could forget the way Muhammad Ali KO'ed Superman after Clark Kent called him a draft dodger, right
British Sean Penn plays magical Clark Kent . Never thought I'd see the day.
.Kim Kardashian breaking internet with sad Kanye and Clark Kent
wow saw the Originals(Clark Kent, Tony Touch,D-Nice) kill it about two weeks ago at Santos
Ex-Superman Dean Cain coming to Manila: The actor who played Clark Kent and Superman in the 1990s TV series “...
Besides Bruce Timm, Frank Quitely. Definitely Frank. I love how he draws the distinction between Clark Kent and Supes.
Bruce Wayne's running mate would be Clark Kent and Tony Stark's running mate would be Peter Parker
Henry is the live person of Clark Kent (credits: )
Bruce Wayne & Clark Kent both have a first name for their last name, as does Jason Todd 🤔. Arguably Peter Parker does too. James Kirk also
Like if you told me Superman concealed his identity under Merrick Garland and not Clark Kent, I would just be like "Okay, yeah."
Super Friends MINIS for 2016 Comic-Con. Contains Thomas as Clark Kent and Diesel as Bruce Wayne which "transform".
Tom Welling and Erica Durance will never be beaten in their portrayal of Clark Kent and Lois Lane
Like honestly that at of too good for this world billy batson who's asleep getting carried by too good for this world Clark Kent
In the DC comic world, Bruce Wayne (Batman) owns the building that Clark Kent (Superman) lives in and the Daily Planet w…
Does Lois Lane have trouble recognising other people when they take off / put on glasses, or just Clark Kent?
"Now" finds Clark Kent, Lois Lane animated with Allison Crowe and Band debut
Phone booths inside Communist Party HQ in Hanoi. These would have made Clark Kent blush:
Open spot, its time, Free Sasha Kaun! Looking like Clark Kent with suit & glasses. He will be Superman!!
Random thought: I miss Smallville. Tom Welling was awesome as Clark Kent, and Erica Durance was a kick *** Lois Lane.
Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Tony Stark, Natasha Romanoff, Sam Wilson, T'Challa, Vision, and more are open at
ok sweet. If my buddy and I can take our boys, it will be Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne or Jayne Cobb and Mal Reynolds. LOL
yes. Clark Kent eulogy for Jonathan Kent in All Star Superman
Hello Sir, I'm Clark Kent. a reporter with the Daily Planet. your must be Alfred Pennyworth nice to meet you. *I say to him*
Kent Clark Hi I invite you to this specific adult cam free sign up.
The Fonz wearing glasses reminds me of Clark Kent (Chris reeves verison)
Okay but continuing the HS DC AU, just imagine geeky wannabe journalist Clark Kent, slowly falling for the quiet rich kid, Bruce Wayne.
I think me and just watched the stupidest but most entertaining movie on Netflix 💀
Right now Bernie has a 1000 vote lead, which is of course more than offset by the 1 vote of Superdelegate Clark Kent ht…
the entire film we build up to the confrontation with "Clark Kent taking on the batman" only to see it vanish out of nowhere
Oh. And go to church and watch the drummer. Then listen to Pete Rock and Clark Kent backspin some breakbeats on the radio.
When Clark Kent dresses better than you do in real life, something has gone wrong.
Where does Clark Kent change into now that there are no more public telephone booths? Just wondering.
Brenden is really convinced that Gotham's name is Clark Kent and idk why 🙄🙄🙄
BRUH looks like Clark Kent or summm
Girls looking for superman, but walking past Clark Kent everyday
clark kent to superman: Man of Steel and also other movies you can download here -
Clark Kent...warming up for the White Sox.
I bet Clark Kent never had to deal with dirty glasses. 🤓
But even Clark Kent looked like he spent some time in the Gym.
They rebooting Superman. This time he is playing both Lois Lane and Clark Kent as he struggles with his sexual identity…
In the above picture you have: Bill Clinton, Clark Kent, and me.…
Clark Kent is a beautiful person honestly just let me die.
Was hoping 3 days of running at 7,000 ft in Laramie would make me feel like Superman on my normal sea-level morning run. Still Clark Kent.
My sister just asked if Clark Kent was Spider-Man smh what did my parents raise🙄
Finally watched Man From UNCLE movie & umm how does Clark Kent not have anywhere near the life that Napoleon Solo does? Obv it's not Cavill.
Chris Terrio has to either write his way out of a guy who died and had a funeral (w/ body!) or just Clark Kent isn’t a thing anymore.
Clark Kent 💕 Lana Lang 💖 The first love ❤ is the most beautiful and unforgettable...😍💜 💝
Time for a..."pop" quiz!. Is this a figurine of Peter Parker, Clark Kent, of John Oliver?
Can't believe it took Clark Kent 4 Seasons just to tell Lana Lang " I Love You" 🙈😩
Still rmb how my sister n I have a crush on Clark Kent n hate Lana Lang so much lol it was a fun drama
Just got Clark Kent mixed up with Clark Griswold 😅 🌲
Why is Barkley calling Dwight Howard "superman"? If I was Clark Kent, I would kick both their ***
In the attached article is item or does Rick Perry look like Clark Kent? . via
I'm so... Disturbed. Emma was supposed to be the real world. I remember reading once that Clark Kent must have been how Superman
Rick Perry has now removed his Clark Kent glasses to reveal he is.Spinelessman.
I broke my glasses. Now I seem some kind of mesh up between Clark Kent, Harry Potter and Emma Swan. With broken glasses.
Wait wait wait is Willie Rennie Wile E Coyote? It' s like a code name like Clark Kent and Superdrug Man,
Ladies you walk past Clark Kent every single day looking for your Superman and you don't even realize it..
By the way Jonathan, the new Pic. Clark Kent yes but you'll have to beef up a bit before you don the suit.
One of my favorite pictures of Clark Kent with his father Jonathan Kent. via
not gonna lie my jaw dropped cause Clark Kent didn't look like that in the series finale lol
I'm sorry. I don't think we've met before Blue...Beatle? *Extending my hand.* I'm Clark, Clark Kent.
Naaah James is about to go from Clark Kent to Lex Luther this series
In this Superman parody you will see what would have happened if Lex Luther and Clark Kent met as kids. Please...
Brandon Routh's charmingly earnest turn in Legends of Tomorrow is just reminding me how much he was the Clark Kent we deserved.
Clark Kent is incapacitated during a Daily Planet staffer meeting, as his super hearing picks up someone's violent diar…
Steve Rogers and Clark Kent with glasess>
All I want is to see Tom Welling on as Clark Kent. So bad.
John Schneider as Jonathan Kent, Annette O'Toole as Martha Kent and Tom Welling as Clark Kent on Sma
What if someone at the Daily Planet who hates Superman drew glasses on him in the paper and realized it was Clark Kent?
it's contrived but not much worse than the Clark Kent glasses thing.
TIL that Clark Kent (Superman in DC Comics) is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he's actually just a…
Oh, ok. I see it as the Swiss "Superman" changing over from Clark Kent. Not sure that's the intention, but works for me
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what he said he was Clark Kent in 2001 Cheaper by the Dozen as released in 2003
Barry Allen and Peter Parker. Steve Rogers and Clark Kent. I want a fic with those ships.
📷 amancanfly: Henry Cavill as Superman/Clark Kent in Batman v Superman.
The LIMITED EDITION Clark Kent jacket from is available online now!
Meanwhile, Scooby-Doo keeps trying to eat Porky Pig, who runs a restaurant with Huckleberry Hound, who is secretly Clark Kent
Everytime the scene Clark Kent kissed Lois Lane in bathtub came back to my memory:. "why you shoot the glasses?!".
The closest thing we got was Clark Kent getting fully clothed in a tub with Lois Lane but they have so little chemistry it was just awkward
I'll be the Lois Lane to your Clark Kent 💞
English league sux *** Leicester is good but beating barca they need luck and Black Magic AND Clark Kent
Henry William Dagliesh Cavill was born on May 5th, '83. Known as Clark Kent in Man of Steel and BvS: Dawn of Justice
Meet my new little buddy Clark Kent.
Heh, just learnt that Christopher Reeve based his portrayal of Clark Kent on Cary Grant's character in Bringing up Baby.
Clark Kent, I suppose, had a little bit of Harold Lloyd in him.
What I really don't get is why in man of steel we didn't see Clark Kent as a Daily Planet reporter like in 1978 with Christopher Reeve?
Christopher Reeves still has the best Clark Kent act ever. Sorry Cain and Cavill.
"You'd be a really good Clark Kent parody." -in response to calling myself Clark Kent. Touché, David. Touché.
Three people I'd love to meet and talk hip hop with are Ralph McDaniels, Young Guru and Clark Kent.
Some people might say Clark Kent is a "serious man" lately. A little... too serious.
Also guys, ponder on this, Tyler Posey as Clark Kent at some point in the next two decades.
Tight abs, good looks, nip piercing, treasure trail and yes, very Clark Kent .
Matt Damon, Jude Law, and Colin Farrell were on his SUPERMAN wishlist.. Farrell would have been fun as Clark Kent
Bruce Wayne performed by an American actor, and Clark Kent by a British!
Poet reminding us that Harry Potter, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent & Lisbeth Salander were all foster children in care.
Clark Kent and Jimmy Olsen eating hotdog on the Daily Planet rooftop. (Superman Geoff Johns - John Romita Jr.)
Brandon Routh looking very Christopher Reeves Clark Kent with them glasses on what a call back
Ray looked exactly like Clark Kent in that little scene. I held my chest & covered my mouth. That was amazing 😍
. Bill: "Superman didn't become Superman. Superman was born Superman. His alter ego is Clark Kent."
at that moment, he seized to be Superman and realized he is just Clark Kent
I liked a video from Clark Kent's Rock and Roll News
Rewatching Man Of Steel. Remember when Clark Kent acts like he doesn't know what an "S" is even though he has only ever …
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I guess it wasn't enough for DC to make Clark Kent...well? "Superman," but he was fathered by Russell Crowe AND Kevin Costner..
I just didn't think it was the best movie but Clark Kent is just beautiful
Captain Marvel is better than Superman. Billy Batson is the perfection of Clark Kent's prototype. Only Spider-Man is a stronger character
Glasses lang difference ni Clark Kent kay Superman... When I wear my glasses they call me Romwell, when I dont, they call me Piolo Pascual
Clark Kent overhears two sexy coworkers gushing about Superman (Vine by
Clark Kent is superman and Bruce Wayne is batman 😇
Coming up today at 6:50, Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent can help you win Wings/Penguins tickets. .
Clark Kent would have been taken by child protective services at seven and become a villain.
Clark Kent friendzoned by Lois Lane cos she is in love with Superman. Meanwhile Batman screws Catwoman and Bruce Wayne with Se…
Clark Kent was ruthless with those f**king Candy Crush requests!!.
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