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Clark Kellogg

Clark Clifton Kellogg, Jr. (born July 2, 1961) is the VP of player relations for the Indiana Pacers as well as the lead college basketball analyst for CBS Sports and former player in the National Basketball Association.

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I actually watched DePaul pull that DePaul vs. UCLA in the Activity Center, March 1979. The other game t…
him Doris, and Clark Kellogg. and 2/3 are on
Do you know why Clark Kellogg is here? He's not calling the game.
Enjoyed spending time with Clark Kellogg and Malik Hooker on Saturday afternoon.
Only problem: Stranger Things takes place in Indiana. Very unlikely Eleven is a Cavs fan. Especially in the 80’s. I…
James Kellogg of is having a GREAT He just won $50,000! He bought his winning holiday scratch…
Looks like added some new players to All Time Teams. Caron Butler - Wizards. Danny Granger & Clark Kellogg -…
Ruby Arvydas Sabonis and Sapphire Pippen (doubt we'll get a Blazers Pippen) . Clark Kellogg and Herb…
Mark your calendar, because Sunday, Oct 29, Clark Kellogg will be here speaking in the 9:15&10:45 AM services and you won…
Ready for tonight Uncommon Life Book Launch and Community Conversation Hosted by Clark Kellogg State...
Young Athletes, Parents, Coaches...Hope you'll be part of the conversation this evening. .
Sorry about that, Michael. Follow me or for updates. We have also had Ben Watson, Justin Fors…
IMO it's all about the guards/wings for Kellogg's up tempo attack. There are 4-men like Clark &…
Look forwarding to seeing you and athletes next week.
Great to have lunch and catch up w/ my guy Clark Kellogg. One of the voices of the NCAA tournament and also NBA2K.
you should push for more BUCKEYE GREATS/LEGEND of the hardwood to be honored, Clark Kellogg, Dennis Hopson just to name a few.
But do you have *** Vitale or Clark Kellogg for college bball?
Join Tim Brown & Clark Kellogg on Sep. 28 at Columbus State for a book launch & discussion on Uncommon Athletes:…
Trust and respect must be EARNED both as a coach and a person - Mind Candy from Clark Kellogg at USAB Cleveland Academy
Jalen Shaw listening to Clark Kellogg front and center at the NBPA Top 100 Camp!
Take away Penn & put Clark Kellogg on the list. Herb Williams needs to be in the conversation too.
Bill Raftery calling the Final Four and championship games was a stroke of genious by CBS. I like Hill, but miss hearing Clark Kellogg.
God, I feel for Clark Kellogg. Surrounded by three NCAA hoops know-nothings. CBS, give me 45 minutes of Bill Raftery with an open mic.
Here's one: He was better off with Clark Kellogg rather than Bill Rafferty/Grant Hill. Bad call by CBS
How thinks that Bill Rafferty is a better in-game college basketball analyst than Clark Kellogg is beyond me.
I don't recall Clark Kellogg ever picking Kentucky to win any game. Ever.
Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley all pick North Carolina to beat Kentucky.
College basketball: Clark Kellogg grateful for 25 years as part of March Madness
Lunardi has MSU as a 9 seed, Seth Davis and Clark Kellogg don't think they're in the tournament at the moment. Someone is way off.
ICYMI: .joined us to talk about the Buckeye basketball team and more!.
Want to learn more about Listen to Dr. Gail Christopher’s interview with on
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Dr. Gail Christopher spoke with from Sunday Journal about Tune in at:
01-16 Clark Kellogg on leaked bracket: Show was...
HC Derek Kellogg, Rashaan Holloway, and Donte Clark speak to media following 79-77 loss to
Went to the Buckeye game and Dane got to meet a Buckeye great Clark Kellogg
Clark Kellogg, Scoonie Penn and Michael Redd all at the OSU game today: show of support or intervention?
Clark Kellogg at Ohio State: "Can you be a Champion without winning a Championship?". No.
Everybody has. Im like the Clark Kellogg of Madden. No one remembers me being great, but everyone loves when im in…
CBS w/TX A&M...MSU...and Clark Kellogg. Nah, I'm good.
Catch Bob Huggins' sit down with Clark Kellogg Monday at 9 pm on CBS Sports Network for the "Men of March" series. Huggs = must-see TV
They do, they threatened boycotted Kellogg's for taking their ads of Breitbart.
Clark Kellogg doesn't appreciate your anti-elastic position.
The depth available to Derek Kellogg arguably better than it's ever been. He has options to change the lineup, not obligated to play Clark.
Kellogg has made a choice to let Clark do whatever the *** he wants with zero consequences. It's pretty stunning to watch.
No it's not a word but it is a Clark Kellogg vocabulary special.
Can you turn certain commentators off in 2K kuz im tired of hearing Doris Burke and Clark Kellogg dammit
"Hatred stirs up dissension, but love covers over all wrongs. Two wrongs never equal right. Heart change is life long work." (Clark Kellogg)
Clark Kellogg interviewing Sindarius Thornwell after the defeated Texas A&M 79-68.
80s all-decade starting 5, from your votes:. Reggie Miller. Chuck Person. Clark Kellogg. Detlef Schrempf. Wayman Tisdale.
Isn't tonight's game at Clark Kellogg & crew just said it was in Arkansas, they sure know their stuff
Just saw an ad for Bucking Battle PBR at MSG. Clark Kellogg: "This is a bucking battle."
Clark Kellogg just said you don't move down in ranking just because you lost... ***
Although his career was cut short by injury, rookie year still stands tall in Pacers history.
I remember Greg. Clark Kellogg use to remind me of Greg Ballard
There's a kind of freedom in being completely screwed... because you know things can't get any worse. -- Clark Kellogg, The Freshman
but we can't forget Barack Obama beat Clark Kellogg in a game of HORSE
The PRESIDENT plays HORSE with Clark Kellogg. Just the coolest.
Join us Saturday, December 3 for The Clark Kellogg Classic at Great Day of Basketball @ Ohio Dominican University...
New w/ — … on impacting lives, his new title & the Pacers.
Clark Kellogg is to basketball announcing as Gary Danielson is to football announcing. 🙅🏻🙄
For the next four years, we should have an iso camera on Kamar Baldwin with Clark Kellogg narrating his every dribble.
Hamilton Collection
A commercial just referred to Clark Kellogg as a basketball superstar. My question: when?
Celebrating with long-time partner Indiana Sports Corp at their annual Pathfinder Awards as they honor Clark Kellogg and Tamika Catchings.
So honored to attend the Pathfinder Awards today. Inspiring to hear from and Clark Kellogg
kicking off the Pathfinder Awards at a packed Indiana Roof celebrating Tamika Catchi…
Yo bring Clark Kellogg back...Quinn Buckner jus ain't biased enough for me dawg
clark kellogg tried to solicit a massage from my MyPlayer
Clark Kellogg has small mug syndrome.
Our own Mark Heyman with the great Clark Kellogg, our featured speaker at the new City Current.
Matt Winer, Steve Smith and Clark Kellogg discuss Kris Dunn landing in Minnesota at number five.
After being drafted 28th by the Suns, Skal Labissiere ends up with the Kings. Matt Winer, Steve Smith, and Clark Kellogg reflect.
Matt Winer, Steve Smith and Clark Kellogg discuss the Spurs' first round selection, Washington guard Dejounte Murray.
Matt Winer, Steve Smith and Clark Kellogg discuss second overall pick Brandon Ingram's potential impact on the Lakers.
You don't want to miss this retreat!! Some of the guest will be Bobby Collins, Murray Garvin, Tim Carter, Clark Kellogg, Cazzie Russell.
Today's Herd Podcast presented by Clark Kellogg is smart.
With a cast of Clark Kellogg, Seth Davis, Kenny Smith and Greg Gumbel you're literally talking about a telecast w/ one shining moment.
Clark Kellogg has the name of someone who should be running a cereal empire not hanging out with Charles Barkley on cbs
Clark Kellogg: "When Buddy [Hield] gets rolling, Oklahoma is smart enough to stay out of his way." Sir Charles: "This game was about Buddy."
Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, Clark Kellogg, Greg Gumbel turned into Muppets at halftime
Couldn't they @ still least get the Muppets? I would've preferred Kermit 2 do the NCAA halftime show w/Greg Gumble & Clark Kellogg
Love the puppets of Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley!
Why am I looking at puppet versions of Charles Barkley, Kenny the Jet Smith, Clark Kellogg, and Greg Gumbel?
Puppet versions of Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, Kenny Smith and Chuck? I'm scared.
I look away from the screen and then I see puppet versions of Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley, Greg Gumble and Clark Kellogg. Helpp
Every time Charles and Kenny are in studio, Clark Kellogg looks like the desperate kid trying so hard to fit in at the "cool" table.
Clark Kellogg is absolutely merciless to Sir Charles.
Think of Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley and Bill Walton on same show talking basketball...
On CBS March Madness set in NY with Clark Kellogg, Charles Barkley, Kenny Smith, and family. God is good.
Clark Kellogg looked very confused with that candy bracket nonsense, while Chuck, Kenny & Ernie were right in their element.
I'm glad Clark Kellogg is on the studio. But Greg Gumbell should be commentating. He's a great play by play guy
Clark Kellogg was speaking some slang and Greg was clueless lol
When networks reveal new TV lineups, they should have Clark Kellogg give his takes like the selection show. "Whoa! Peter Krause's back!"
Because they believe that we give 2 craps about clark Kellogg and doug gotlieb spewing endlessly...
"Clark Kellogg tosses a basketball to Greg Gumbel as Steve Alford stares intensely from his mustard colored futon"
The last thing Clark Kellogg needs is more screen time.
Clark Kellogg just said ACC hoops is a "top 4" conference. Get the *** outta here.
Yeah. Clark Kellogg is the worst on any channel imo
I know you're everything football today but what is Clark Kellogg doing these days? Hope to see him during March Madness
Defined as ability to create & make a shot anywhere on the floor I go with Ohio State's Clark Kellogg. And I saw all the games
Foods adds former Kellogg Corporate Citizen Fund Celeste Clark to its
.Efficiency is 4th among all rookies this year & 2nd-highest among rookies in history (Clark Kellogg in 1982-83).
Kellogg says with that UNC frustration is born out of unrealistic expectations. I love Clark, but not sure I’m buying.
OSU great Clark Kellogg on the show... says no showboating last night be MSU, despite the backboard pass and dunk. Tough road ahead for Bux
I was at St..Joe's State final when Clark Kellogg scored 51 points and lost the game
Near break away broken up by Ramsey to deny Kellogg Clark
How you gonna use "Spurtability"... I thought everyone came to the conclusion that Clark Kellogg was horrible
Little Giant Ladders
Maryland-Michigan (and the beautiful voices of Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg) just made me so excited for March. What a game.
Clark Kellogg should maybe sit the bracketology talk out.
That's why Clark Kellogg got booted from calling Tournament games. Talks too much and doesn't let the game develop.
Men's Bball analyst Clark Kellogg uses unique metaphors to describe the may be an orange as in squeeze the orange...or a pumpkin
"This game has a tournament feel" - Clark Kellogg." Yes it does. Hit CBS now fantastic game right now! 🏀
What's interesting is that Clark Kellogg told me 90 minutes ago that Maryland was a good defensive team.
Clark Kellogg is ruining this Michigan game for me
Clark Kellogg and Kevin Harlan callin this Michigan/Maryland game is on point i dont think there's two better broadcasters together
This Maryland v. Michigan game is the first time I've actually heard Kevin Harlin and Clark Kellogg call a game together outside of 2K
I get sad every time I hear Clark Kellogg say "Dairy Queened".
I generally like Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg, but they're struggling today. Only reason Chatman is playing is Irvin's 2 fouls.
Quite possible. Isn't Clark Kellogg working that one?
Clark Kellogg just said "bite sized glass eater" on the air during the Michigan vs. Maryland bball game.thats just a bit weird
It'd be cool if Clark Kellogg could stop calling Derrick "bite-sized".
Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg commentating on this Maryland game, I feel like I'm watching a 2k simulation 🙌🏾🙌🏾
Listening to Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg right now just waiting for Steve Kerr to chime in
Once a twice a game Clark Kellogg says "We call that _" and it's a term I've never heard before.
Clark Kellogg is the absolute worst
Uh Clark Kellogg, how is the corner 3 the easiest 3 point shot?
I can't listen to Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg together anymore without thinking of NBA 2k16. "Oh no, bad time to slip up there, Kevin."
Did Clark Kellogg just say Diamond Stone could "do a lot of eating in the post"?! He used it right...just sounded weird in a game telecast.
Always a dull moment when Clark Kellogg gets color commentary over Bill Raftery
Listening to Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg makes me feel like I'm playing 2k so I'm very ok with this
Really...I have to listen to Clark Kellogg yell at me for the next two hours during this Maryland game?
Myles Turner (18.0) has the second highest rookie PER in NBA franchise history (min. 30 GP), behind only Clark Kellogg (20.3).
This will also be of interest to many of you: I asked Derek Kellogg, Trey Davis and Donte Clark why struggles vs. zone defenses
Join us for a letter carving demonstration with Clark Kellogg this Fri & Sat from 11am - 4pm.
I liked a video STL 104: Clark Kellogg, Pro Furniture Maker and Instagram Star
wow, Evan Turner uniform got hung in the rafters before Clark Kellogg. Yes, I'm shocked.
How cool is that. St. John's ghosts and the Holiday Inn. Clark a Kellogg dropping 51 etc...
At Grovewood Gallery: February 19–20, there will be demonstrations and exhibits by Clark Kellogg and artist Matt Tommey. Read and share!
Love this idea of crowdsourcing. Carter Blackburn and Clark Kellogg on the Michigan/MSU call tomorrow on CBS.
Random observation: Steve Smith Sr sounds like a younger Clark Kellogg on Mike & Mike this morning
I liked a video Steven Clark Kellogg: "Voice of the Mist"
I added a video to a playlist Steven Clark Kellogg: "Ancient Nights"
Clark Kellogg in the building for the contest.
actually proud to have been asked to conduct 1to1 interviews with Clark Kellogg/Bill Raftery too...
I'm sure Clark Kellogg, the Buckeye was taking gas the whole game. Wanted another beatdown!
That's an Amen! (to the Clark Kellogg part) One of the best broadcasters ever, if not THE best ever.
Wow. Throwback. Thanks Uncle Clark Kellogg for still encouraging and being a Blessing to my son TJ
clark Kellogg over the top biased for Maryland. SMH
Clark Kellogg just like that groundhog -- they roll him out every late-Jan./early-Feb., realize he offers little & lock him up 6 more weeks.
Should Clark Kellogg be doing Ohio State games? Such an annoying announcer. Pompous, too. Go Terps!!!
Clark Kellogg and Ian Eagle are terrible announcers.
Clark Kellogg, you are aloud to criticize a refs call. Oh my you have agreed with every one !
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Clark Kellogg has never seen a call from the refs that he won't defend.
Clark Kellogg should not be allowed to announce an Ohio State basketball game
WRESTLING: Also at Peru, Northwestern's Kellogg (132) and Clark (220) and Maconaquah's Sedwick (182) win titles. Mac was team…
Hey Clark Kellogg we get it you love Maryland. Every play isn't "oh that's obviously against OSU" and what a great job my Maryland. Wow..
Agree with Clark Kellogg.. have talent to win it all.. And can.. But get so bogged down.. Don't always look the part..
I am convinced Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg both bet on Maryland.
Clark Kellogg is confused about what is and is not a foul
Seems like Clark Kellogg is afraid to criticize officials. Guy has agreed with every foul
Clark Kellogg is watching a different game. He sure seems to be homering for Maryland. Where's the loyalty, Clark?!
Clark Kellogg acts as though disagreeing with a referee would be equivalent to disagreeing with kim Jong un on north Korean television
It'd be nice if Clark Kellogg could at least try to hide his Maryland -5 ticket on CBS here..
So how exactly is Clark Kellogg allowed to do play-by-play for the Ohio State-Terps game when he's on Ohio State's Board of Trustees?
Clark Kellogg with "Loving with the careless turnover there." Deja vu all over again.
Clark Kellogg is not having a very good game
Clark Kellogg's vocabulary is something else. Spurtability. Valuetility.
Feel like we are getting spoiled with Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg for this game. Great announcing team
"If you've got that in your backpack, you can take your game anywhere!" -Clark Kellogg
Get to hear Ian Eagle and Clark Kellogg on the call for the Terps today. That's a good duo
Clark Kellogg is here doing the game for CBS, and he also just appeared on the scoreboard for the pregame hype video. Double-threat guy.
Special "K" Clark Kellogg one of OSU's finest players, calling the OSU/Maryland game today for CBS.Class act!
Within the team concept, do what you do best and take what the defense gives you. – Clark Kellogg
Can someone please tell Carter Blackburn and Clark Kellogg to pronounce the names correctly!
.takes on in their SEC opener next on CBS. Carter Blackburn + Clark Kellogg handle the call from Auburn Arena.
hey I herd you talk about Clark Kellogg but you know your stuff as well.
Clark Kellogg, studying the College Football Playoff bylaws no doubt
As Clark Kellogg says before each game at The Schott "Its time for Ohio State basketball"
.has some really high praise for Xavier
Gus and Clark Kellogg two best announcers in sports
both of them .augh... at least it is not Clark Kellogg
Trey Kellogg hits Coal Clark for a 30-yard touchdown 35-14 Foothills with 1:09 left in the half.
The season is here! Come out December 5th for the Clark Kellogg Classic. Four great games! .
This is NBA 2k16 and Clark Kellogg is still not talking about the screenplay you see in the movies.
No ball commentator is worse than clark kellogg in 2k
Ohio State great Clark Kellogg stopped by before our La Tech/Ohio St game.
An excuse to post my selfie with Clark Kellogg. - Drinking a Miller Lite at -
Star power in the house tonight: Clark Kellogg here to watch his
Clark Kellogg was the original special K
All this talent from one Cleveland HS-Bob & Mike Golic, Desmond Howard, London Fletcher, Clark Kellogg, Elvis Grbac
Desmond Howard, London Fletcher, Mike Golic, Bob Golic, Elvis Grbac, Clark Kellogg -- all at VASJ on Nov. 17 --
Clark Kellogg shouldn't be asking for confirmation from Steve Kerr when discussing free-throws. Clean it up.
My man Clark Kellogg said that Rudy *** has too much junk in his trunk. :/
The weirdest part of 2K16 is when Clark Kellogg calls Doris Burke "DB".
Kevin Harlan and Clark Kellogg during games will talk about how I hung out with the wrong crowd too.
.Clark Kellogg. The Adam Morrison of the 2k franchise since 2009.
*Jonas Valanciunas power dribbles, misses open layup*. "Great effort on defense there". even digital Clark Kellogg is an ***
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Son Clark Kellogg really be talking like he won mad championships and MVP awards in 2k commentary smh
Collinsworth, Troy Aikman, Greg Gumble, Clark Kellogg, and Curt Schilling are all announcers I would watch a sporting event on mute for
Just sat next to Clark Kellogg at the bar. Neat
Clark Kellogg's voice is so distinct
I hate Clark Kellogg more than I hate Chris Collinsworth. That's
Clark Kellogg thinks Matt Jones is a freshman, so that tells you all you need to know about his pick of Michigan State to…
Clark Kellogg tears are real. CBS is doing their best Tom Rinaldi this morning.
Clark Kellogg way to bother Kenny on that 3 point shot he can't score on u clark. U shut him down
Not sure which is better... Travis Trice being called "Trice Krispies" or Clark Kellogg calling Kenny Smith "Barbecue Chicken" ?
Greg Gumble: "Clark, What's your favorite cereal". Clark Kellogg:"I'll tell you what, i like Lucky Charms, but LSU is physical & dangerous"
Clark Kellogg said to keep an eye on Mercer last year. They ended up beating Duke.
Looks at Greg Gumbel, Seth Davis & Clark Kellogg fall in line, saying it was fine Jim Boeheim skipped out of press confer…
Jim Boeheim is such a weasel and Seth Davis and Clark Kellogg are clowns for letting him off the hook for ducking out like a coward.
I love me some Bill Raftery, but what happened to Clark Kellogg?
I really have never cared for Clark Kellogg. He is not half as smart as he thinks that he is.
what ever happened to Clark Kellogg?
Greatest Clark Kellogg call was for Victor Oladipo: "He's like a babies bottom, smooth at first and then explosive!"
whatever happened to.the great Clark Kellogg?
BTW, does this mean Clark Kellogg is out? If so, that's big improvement. Announcers should enhance the game.
What is it with the CBS and Clark Kellogg that they don't like him covering the Final Four. And they just put the most annoying commentator
Steve Kerr was excellent, I could have lived without Clark Kellogg and Greg Anthony though. Raf is the best.
Good team, but need former Clark Kellogg instead of Grant Hill.
Definitely a Bilas man. I feel like CBS should have put Clark Kellogg back in the booth when Anthony got arrested.
Bill Raftery should've been broadcasting the Final Four/National Championship for years. Billy Packer was AWFUL. Clark Kellogg=solid though
I got Clark Kellogg's thoughts on the game go hogs, beat sc
I got Clark Kellogg's thoughts on the game
Clark Kellogg's thoughts after the Florida loss FWIW 🐗🐗
yo instead of having a coach and a horrible and annoying commenter (Clark Kellogg) on broadcast team in 2k, u should put Reggie M.
Interesting thought by Clark Kellogg on Harris' inbound. Said he looked like he gave up and gave in because of the block that was clean
Clark Kellogg keeps saying we had a timeout but the screen count said we didn't. He was really off today
“"Bag your own groceries big fella" Clark Kellogg is the all time greatest
Did Clark Kellogg just liken an unfinished play to a haircut without a lineup?
Clark Kellogg is the worst color commentator ever.
No Clark Kellogg, it's not part of the game. As it turns out, a slap in the face is a foul EVERYWHERE...but the Odome.
Clark Kellogg is even dumber than I realized - it's sometimes like he's not watching the game in which he's announcing
Clark Kellogg is sipping on the"Gator"ade today... Dude is probably wearing a Florida shirt under his suit today
Michael Qualls gets hit in the FACE and Clark Kellogg's *** says "awh man that's just part of the game"
You know what's fun about Clark Kellogg? Nothing.
Clark Kellogg dropping speed limits out chea
looks like Florida has decided to start playing ball again & Clark Kellogg's voice is like nails on a chalk board to me.
“You can bag your own groceries young fella.” Clark Kellogg says some of the strangest things.
Is there a whiter name than Clark Kellogg? 😩😂
I actually like Clark Kellogg a lot
Clark Kellogg calling an exciting play is ... not enjoyable.
Clark Kellogg sure makes it fun to watch college basketball. Hogs need some offensive flow.
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"Harden keeps that thing on a string..." . --Clark Kellogg on
Tell me how they use the phrase "Kelloggian" in reference to Clark Kellogg, but I can't use Kellogg in 2K as a recorded name?
please tell Kellogg to take out Clark.His lack of desire to play defense is so apparent.
Ralph was unguardable. Amazing player. Hung 36 on us, then hung 40 on Ohio State and Clark Kellogg and Herb Wil…
I really enjoy Jimmy Jackson. Saw him live Toledo Macumber 10-12 times. 2nd best HS player IMO. Clark Kellogg
I would listen to Kara Lawson call a basketball game over Clark Kellogg any day of the week.
now I'm just depressed knowing Clark Kellogg will probably be calling the Final Four.
love the song, but not Clark Kellogg
If I remember correctly, Clark Kellogg actually shot hoops with President Obama at the White House. That's gotta count for something.
If this is it for Greg Anthony, might it pave the way for Clark Kellogg to get the analyst job on back?
There is a possibility that Clark Kellogg will replace Greg Anthony for the NCAA tournament.
Clark Kellogg should have never been demoted in the first place. should right that wrong.
LaRod, thx in this world, Clark Kellogg will get hit in the face with a brick tonight - a nice, clean hit.
Bigger cornball, fake Nick Cannon from Ridiculousness or CBS' Clark Kellogg?
Greg Anthony suspended for the rest of the season. Guessing Clark Kellogg is the man.
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Greg Anthony arrested for prostitution in D.C., suspended by CBS and Turner. Does mean Clark Kellogg returns as the main analyst?
"Your foot is a part of your body when you're setting a screen." - Clark Kellogg
So what's do now that Greg Anthony is done for the season? Move Clark Kellogg back beside Nantz?
Kellogg going with Anderson/Dyson/Clark/Coleman alongside Cady here. That's a young group in crucial minutes.
Clark Kellogg just said Charles Mann was playing big boy basketball...I think he meant basketball
Clark Kellogg: "My guess is he may, or may not have done something that Donovan did or did not like." Okay then, that covers a wide net.
Just hear that Clark Kellogg was talking about Melo Trimble on the Florida-Georgia broadcast...praising his ability to get to the line
Clark Kellogg on Melo Trimble: “He’s a physical guard. He’s able to seek out contact and get to the foul line.”
Clark Kellogg says he is fine with the no call and play on.well what about the jump ball when the Gator wasn't even touching the ball!
Clark Kellogg: having a culture in place will override strategy and when that happens, a program will have sustainable success
"Frazier, one of the outstanding lasers in college basketball says, 'I can spray that thing, too.'" - Clark Kellogg, being weird
For the Final Four, I’d expect CBS to re-pair Jim Nantz with Clark Kellogg. It’s the move that makes the most sense.
Jumping jack guy schmoozing with Clark Kellogg. Need to start schmoozing with the zebras instead.
"Your foot is part of your body when you're setting that screen." Clark Kellogg. Thanks for that, Clark. Now we know.
Clark Kellogg with a little more energy than normal. Taking pleasure in another mans misfortune. . SMDH.
Oh no. Greg Anthony being out means Clark Kellogg's back in. Darn you CBS!
Clark Kellogg says Georgia has not missed a shot yet. Charles Mann immediately fires up an air ball.
is Clark Kellogg going to be the lead analyst again on CBS due to Greg's leave?
Looks like Clark Kellogg will be using a few more frequent flier miles for CBS this college basketball season.
put Clark Kellogg back on the call. Way better than Anthony!
Must be a big game or something. Clark Kellogg in the hizzy.
Andrew Catalon and Clark Kellogg calling today's Florida-Georgia game for CBS.
"Hey, Clark Kellogg, remember when we moved you off games & to the studio? We need you. Something happened with your replacement."
Lost in the Anthony arrest is all the cheering for the return of Clark Kellogg to announce the Final Four... Anyone, anyone?
Bring back Clark Kellogg!! He never solicited prostitutes, or at least never got caught soliciting prostitutes
if my 3 choices are Bill Raftery, Clark Kellogg, or Doug Gottlieb I'm soliciting too.
So Greg Anthony's done at CBS for season. Worst thing to come out of all of this is potential for Clark Kellogg to be calling Final Four.
I woke up to the realization that clark efffing kellogg is probably back to the Final Four gig. Ugh.
Of course, it's possible Clark Kellogg returns to the booth but no one wants that.
With Greg Anthony getting arrested maybe Clark Kellogg can get the seat back that belongs to him
Greg Anthony is a despicable person for allowing Clark Kellogg to call another Final Four.
Who becomes the top color analyst to work with Jim Nantz on CBS now? Do they to back to Clark Kellogg?
Actually, CBS could put Clark Kellogg right back where he was on game broadcasts before Anthony moved into the spot. Makes sense.
gotta wonder if Clark Kellogg gets re-inserted into that role Remember they never announced who Kerr's replacement was either
CBS, please bring back Clark Kellogg to the broadcast table for the NCAA Tournament this season.
Clark Kellogg on Final 4 again Greg Anthony indefinitely suspended by CBS, won’t return this season.
Clark Kellogg would never do what Greg Anthony did, just sayin.
Any reason Clark Kellogg wouldn't go back to that role?
I wonder if CBS will put Clark Kellogg back next to Jim Nantz for the NCAA Tournament after Anthony replaced him last year.
what do you think John... think they will move Clark Kellogg back to lead analyst?
Wonder how quick CBS puts Clark Kellogg back with Jim Nantz on the sideline now that Greg Anthony was arrested...
Did I just read that right. Greg Anthony solicited a prostitute? Welcome Back, Clark Kellogg.
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