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Clark Hunt

Clark Knobel Hunt (born February 19, 1965) is Chairman and CEO of the National Football League's Kansas City Chiefs and a founding investor-owner in Major League Soccer.

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Chiefs owner Clark Hunt on the death of Bills owner Ralph Wilson Jr.
Statement from Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt on the passing of Owner Ralph Wilson Jr. READ:
Clark Hunt is the latest Kansas City Chiefs executive to offer up his support to quarterback Alex Smith.
Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt has an even more compelling case to bring a cold-weather Super Bowl to Arrowhead Stadium. Fox Sports said on Monday that the Kansas City market had the highest overnight ratings for Seattle’s 43-8 victory over Denver in Super Bowl XLVIII on Sunday night.
When the NFL awarded the New York area the first outdoor, cold-weather Super Bowl, Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt said it would be a “game-changer.” Now, Hunt is ready for Kansas City to get in the game and bring a Super Bowl to Arrowhead Stadium.
Kansas City Chiefs Owner: How Super Does the Bowl Have to Be?: Kansas City Chiefs owner Clark Hunt on what New...
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at two of their meetups(: one in Towson, the other in hunt valley
Best stew meat there is but when younger I used to hunt & skin fox squirrels for stew back in Ohio ! Not too bad !
"chiefs have talked to "every big bodied corner and sideline to sideline safety""--Thats my usual approach in the club too
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"Tony Gonzalez will always be considered a part of the Chiefs family.” - Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt |
Everyone does, I loved that Chiefs, Falcons signed by Clark Hunt he go, I wonder what team he'll be onforProBowl
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Got excited when I thought I heard Clark Hunt on a little while ago. Turns out it was David Moore.
"The Falcons have hired Scott Pioli as their assistant GM."-- I guess someone has to pick up the candy bar wrappers...
Clark Hunt doesn't have to pay the remainder of Pioli's salary.. So good for the chiefs
"The January 2014 Clark Hunt approval poll Who the *** voted for disapproval?
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Yes, we have to go through a whole play-off season and off season with commentators talking about the Seattle Seahawk's holding the record of loudest stadium in the world, when we actually are the loudest. Quite an outrage and major failure of KC Chiefs management. The Sea Of Red is only as great as the tools you give us, Clark Hunt.
I have a message for Clark Hunt, the owner of the Kansas City Chiefs. Aren't you tired of seeing the other owners in the AFC, lifting up a trophy named after your father?
Clark Hunt must enjoy watching a division team lift his dads trophy.
As a Chiefs Lifer, I will fully admit to jealousy when it comes to the Broncos and Raiders. On a night like tonight, we have been done for two weeks and Denver is still playing(Go Patriots)! I am always amazed by how far ahead of us that those two teams are in relation to Playoff Games won (Broncos-20 Playoff Game wins & Raiders-25 Playoff Game wins). I always get annoyed when those two teams go farther then us, which has happened more then less during my 43+ years. I can't stand them, at all. That being said, for the first time in a long time, I believe we MIGHT be putting this thing together. I hope Clark Hunt stays active in the way he is running OUR Chiefs. I believe that John Dorsey has paid attention to the many mistakes that we, seemingly; have made of the last 40 years. We have Andy Reid who has been one of the best Head Coaches for a while. I am interested to see what unfolds as they roll out the long term plan(fingers crossed) that we have been missing for years. We are close! Go Chiefs-2014!
OMG, so many from the Chiefs organization being recognized, Executives, Coaches, Players and who is NEXT? Is there an award for Best Team Owner, Clark Hunt??? He deserves one also for turning this organization upside down, at the bottom last year, at the top this year. I knew it would occur, but now do you realize why I personally have never given up on this Chiefs Kingdom Organization, even the past 12-15 years. Just gotta have faith and give a little of your heart to continue the support and show the pride. Oh well, I care, don't know if you do. Any thoughts or comments?
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The January 2014 winner of free cake is.April Clark Hunt! Congratulations to her!
Well, we almost had the entire gang there last night. Poor Kevin is under the weather so we got our good friend Clark Hunt to help us out. what can we say.He laid down the law". Thanks Clark!!! And for the rest of ya...see on the 27th. Gonna be fun!
Im lookin at these Head Coaching hires around the league and cant help thinkin how lucky KC was to land Reid. Kudos again to Clark Hunt & the Hunt family for Bringin in Big Red. - Dez
BREAKING - Rumours of Clark Hunt as the new owner of Reading FC, Chairman of Kansas City Chiefs. All speculation at this moment in time. He's worth 2 billion pounds
My Ongoing Frustration - We SHOULD be playing TODAY! But we are still cleaning up mistakes left over from Carl Peterson ans Scott Pioli. We, as fans; have been robbed of more Playoff successes by those two incompetent bozos. I can't fathom why or how it ever became acceptable for our Chiefs to sit back and just let the other three teams in our division too walk away from us in regards to overall Playoff success. We have been stuck on that ugly number "8"(Playoff Wins) far too long. The teams in our Division have won a total of 20 Playoff Games since we last won one. That will be 21 after tomorrow. They have all made trips to a Superbowl. You can't tell me that we have tried every year to win more in the Playoffs. That should have been our goal, all along. I really do hope that Clark Hunt's mindset is different now. It's way passed time for us to have our turn. Since we last won a Playoff Game, 22 NFL Franchises have made Superbowl trips. 22 Teams make it to a Superbowl and we can't "accidentally win" a P ...
FINALLY! Welcome Home OSCAR PAREJA "Papi" Former Dallas standout and fan favorite Oscar Pareja is returning to Texas as Head Coach of FC Dallas, the club announced today. "We are thrilled to welcome Oscar back to FC Dallas as Head Coach," FC Dallas Chairman Clark Hunt said. "In addition to his stellar career as a player in our league, Oscar has an outstanding track record of success as a coach at every level of MLS. After an extensive search process, we concluded that Oscar's experience, teaching ability, personal integrity and passion for our club make him the ideal choice to lead FC Dallas in 2014 and beyond." Pareja joined the Dallas Burn in August 1998. The Colombian star hung up his boots in 2005 after tallying 13 goals and 47 assists (second all-time) in a Dallas kit. He spent the next two seasons as an assistant coach for FC Dallas before joining long-time friend and former Colombian National Team teammate Wilmer Cabrera's staff with the U.S. U-17 Men's National Team. "I spent 14 years in Dallas an ...
I heard this today. Indian curse put on the "Chiefs" because of their name by the Pine Ridge, South Dakota Sioux Indians. Their medicine man came to KC to discuss the team's name and got no where so he put a curse on the team that they will never be great. Then I heard the only one that can remove the curse is this medicine man who guess what is deceased. We should go to SD and beg for mercy. Clark Hunt should be trotting up there to Pow Wow.
Let's say I am Clark Hunt for today. Clark is the owner of the KC Chiefs. I would send out a memo today to let the players know that you are now paid by your performance on the field week by week- no more guarenteed money and let all defensive players on the field Saturday know that you will be receiving no pay checks for that CHOKE JOB against the Colts. Just like pro golf or tennis - earn your pay!!! I saw Chiefs players smiling shaking hands with Colts players right after game. That is an insult to any Chiefs fans or any of us hard working people. What a croc!!!
Am I upset about the Chiefs loss? Sure! But the Chiefs went11 and 4 this season, a lot better than the previous few seasons under Todd Hailey, Matt Castle and Scott "ego" Pioli. Clark Hunt finally let go of that money he was holding on to, and look who we have as a GM, Glen Dorsey. Not only did we get a great GM but also a great coaching staff! From Head Coach Andy "Big Red" Reid to Doug Pederson the special teams coach, not to forget the defense coach Bob Sutton. Our defense was outstanding at the beginning of the year as well as our special teams. The offense geared up, got comfortable and played a lot better the latter half of the year! This is a team that has shown me they can bounce back from a 2 win season, and win with 11! Great job Chiefs can't wait till next season! GO CHIEFS!
A thought came to my mind tonight that I hope will be a blessing to anyone/everyone who reads this. The owner of an NFL football team will go out and hire what he considers to be the best staff to run his team's organization. For example, Clark Hunt went out and found what he considers to be the best people to run the Chiefs' organization. Those people (General Manager, Head Coach, etc.) will convey to the players the message(s) that the owner wants them to hear. From a Biblical perspective, does this sound familiar? That's EXACTLY what our "Owner" did. God came down to Earth as a human being and searched out the people (12 Disciples) that He thought would best carry His word to His "players", us!! That is how Christianity began and look at how much it has grown!! PRAISE GOD!
I am ticked at how we threw that game away and the lead we gave up. that said the past two decades have sucked tremendously. I am giving them 2 more season's, for crying out loud I was born into this and can't quit them after a 9-0 start. Reid Hunt FIX THIS! Or I will join my father in the
Breaking news: Clark Hunt is so disgusted with Chiefs playoff game, he has sold team to a Philippine businessman who will relocate and rename the team the Manilla Folders
To all you bogus bandwagoners I'm sure you've officially jumped ship please stay off for good this time. To my true Chief fans no reason to feel pessimistic. We started with a 9-0 record improved in defense and offense and made the freakin' playoffs. Don't get it twisted losing in the playoffs after a 28 point lead was extremely painful but remember we're coming off a season with only 2 wins poor coaching and even worse management QB controversy and top it off with a murder/suicide. So hold your heads high Chief fans and rep harder than ever because according to the haters we wasn't suppose to make it this far in the 1st place. This Andy, Dorsey, Clark Hunt era has only just begun. GO CHIEFS!!! 1LOVE
Let it be known, the voice of Andrew Putnam, Patrick Hinton, and Clark Hunt have made my night immeasurably better than Jack Borland's. I miss you guys, but not you Jack.
Thanks Clark Hunt, for bringing excitement back to Kansas City. Heck of a turn around, from 2-14 to 11-5. That game was devastating but I have to move on now. It's over and gone, I'm letting go of the disappointment. On to next year. Go Chiefs. Forever.   10% Off
Greg hill put clark hunt and marty schottenheimer on a 3-way call after the game and said in a menacing voice:"until you do right by me, everything you THINK about is gonna crumble!" Then laughed manically and hung up...
Just want to say a big thank you to Andy Reid, Clark Hunt, and the entire Chiefs organization for a great season. You turned the laughing stock of the NFL into a legitimate playoff team in one off-season. The disappointment I'm feeling right now is because you baited my expectations with a winning season and a great team to cheer for. It's nice to be disappointed with an 11 win season and a playoff birth as opposed to a 2 win season and first overall pick in the draft. Can't waIt to see what this off-season will bring and what next season holds for my team, the Kansas City Chiefs.
However, Dear Kansas City Chiefs, On behalf of the long suffering Kansas City faithful, many of whom live in other towns and must endure the enthusiasm of the fans of the local teams, (without regard to how they got in the playoffs - I'm looking at you SD and Philly) , I would like to say thank you. You made 2013 a reason to hope again after dismal, no hope years you (Alex Smith,Tamba Hali, Dexter McCluster, Dwayne Bowe, Dontari Poe, derek Johnson, Andy Reid, Clark Hunt, and most of all Jamal Charles) gave me Sundays with my family that were something to cheer about. We won't soon forget this disappointment, but I'll NEVER forget these great family Sundays dressed up in our kansas city gear, barbecuing as if we were at arrowhead, and watching you guys give your all. Thank you again, God bless you and your families, have a great off season, and let's do it again next year.
I just want to thank Clark Hunt for hiring Coach Andy Reid, this has been a fun season n I can hardly wait for next season. FAN FOREVER
Crappy way for the season to end. Sutton pulled the defense back, stopped attacking and allowed Luck to get comfortable. That being said we went from 2-14 to 11 and 5. So I can't be too upset. That being said losing playoffs for 8 straight games over 21 years is getting old. Andy Reid and Clark Hunt get some time to fix it but not much. I think the Chiefs need to fire Bob Sutton and Kendrick Lewis , don't even let them on the bus.
Scroll thru all the Chiefs Bashers this time a year ago the record was 2-14, a year later Clark Hunt Cleaned House we hired new personal of Coaches etc to bring the Fans a Winning Season & a Playoff !
Dear Clark Hunt, I became a. Chiefs fan after attending my first game on my birthday in 1985. I held season tickets for 23 years and have been through a lot with my Chiefs. The Hunt family has tried very hard to find a way to win but I now think they are more interested in filling seats than winning Championships. You brought in a whole new organization this year and we're equipped with the first pick in the draft and the easiest schedule in the league... What did you do? You brought in another coach know for getting to the top but never finishing. Can you say 10 years of Marty ball? Then you gave up picks for a San Francisco QB they didn't want. Can you say Joe Montana, Steve Bono, or Elvis Grbac? We won a bunch of games and received a lot of praise for the big turnaround while never really making improvements. Then we marched into the playoffs and got our assessment kicked by the Dolts again. I'm done with the Chiefs. You don't deserve me as a fan and frankly you will never win a Championship until you ...
Long time loyal chiefs fan no more even if they win the next 10 Super Bowls done Clark Hunt is not Lamar sell the team to someone who gives a sh**. Get a winning quarterback not one with good or great stats!!! Done sorry other loyal fans
Well the curse lives on! Have to focus that last year we were the worst team in the NFL to playoffs so look to a bright 2014 Season! Also thanks to Clark Hunt for getting us a Real coach and a GM that is not a Patriots want to be .
I seriously wish Clark Hunt would take this team to a different city so we could get a different franchise in here. A WINNINING franchise, KANSAS CITY has not been to a Super Bowl in 40 or more years while every other AFC team has been there several times in the last 15 or 20. It would be great to see a superbowl team representimg KC in MY lifetime. just sayin
F* clark hunt should pay for our tickets next year
At the end of day chiefs would loss next week anyway i tip my hat off to Alex Smith he played his heart out. They are Simply not good enough Clark Hunt John Dorsey yall have to go to work. you can start by handed some those DB'S pink slips and please can yall get WRS that are consistant and can catch. Dont get me wrong Dwanye Bowe had a good game Anybody can tell you he is not worth 56 million dollars.
Thanks for a pretty good season Clark Hunt...CHIEFS!!!.
Kansas city lived up to there legacy of choking when having a big lead and being a big embarrassment again. Clark Hunt and the entire team should be ashamed of being an embarrassment again.
Great season Chiefs, thanks for the ride. Keep on chipping away Clark Hunt. We need to fix this huge bleeding gash of a defense.
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Andy Reid, Alex Smith, Bob Sutton, Clark Hunt and the whole freaking Chefs organization can go take a long walk off a short pier...
Maybe Clark Hunt can find some players with heart. I'm done!
Just about every The Kansas City Chiefs player has been injured. At what point do we send in Clark Hunt?
At this rate they're gonna have to put Andy Reid and Clark Hunt on the field to get 11 men out there.
Today will be a great chiefs game. I've been told I can talk stats too much. Now I'm not. The game has a mental side for players. There is really less pressure on the chiefs. The Colts know we have talent.I assure you they ain't worried. The chiefs know they can win, the know thw guy next to to them wants it just as bad. I ve seen this team up close for years. I know some of these guys personally. Why do I feel this has been a 360 turn around from last season?? Previous? they are closer, show more support for team ate/ respect. much better coaching/ Clark hunt has been to every game on the field, in the locker room etc.they have shown that they can win on the road.have shown they don't give up in the 4 th qt. we use to be horriblewe played against some of the better teams this year and did well win or loose. The only way the chiefs will loose today is too many mistakes, they are nervous, but they now know the Colts! !! We not comming off , big winning streak. The chiefs are ready
Awsome, maybe clark hunt will ask him to play one more year and he can retire a CHIEF
“Wall sits at church. that's not a TFM that's just you bring Clark.
Rihanna Clark Hunt and Andy Reid react to the Kansas City Chiefs in th. Watch Hot Girls at
The batteries are all right but the elderly have difficulty putting them in right ! Visitors should call .
What the *** were Batman's parents doing in Crime Alley anyways? Ya never caught Lamar Hunt just chillin with Clark on Prospect
Getting excited about this Argentina dove hunt next year😁
“After getting released Cassel threw his jersey @ me, but somehow it was intercepted & returned for a touchdown”
Isn't worth a *** to hunt or do anything today besides maybe mudding lol.. Hopefully will get better from here on out!!!
Bob & Johnny recap the Chiefs effort against the Colts & you'll hear from Owner Clark Hunt and CB Dunta Robinson who was very upset in the locker room.
If u missed our exclusive interview with Clark Hunt and Dunta Robinson's comments here is the link to podcast
I have a feeling AUF, we have a chance. We are near clark! Lol Scavenger hunt for passes!
Will need to hunt down our AVIT creative man to ask... think he's on hols now. Will find out & get back to you
Hear from CEO Clark Hunt next on the Red Sunday Postgame Show.
Chiefs are taking the approach of not showing anything to the Colts... even any balls
Just walked by Clark hunt and Eric Hosmer.
Chiefs owner Clark Hunt and I just can't escape the paparazzi! Go Chiefs!
Phil was the starting QB at Louisiana Tech & kept Terry on the bench until he decided that he would rather hunt & fish !
The ones on the duck hunt that make the duck calls aren't the hunters that shoot the ducks ! They must take turns !
The liquor store is your Siren but offering you an alternative to the gym !
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Everything Kansas City Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt has done over the past 11 months seems to have worked out. Immediately after las
ESPN writer interviews Clark Hunt about our hometown team.
Clark Hunt should be the team's MVP this year, and I dare you to tell me otherwise.
it involved absinthe... And then the other time I went on a munter hunt. Mmmhhmmm
Congratulations to my wife, Lori Young who won the service award from Clark Hunt at the Christmas party!
RIP Mrs. Clark. Moments like this make you realize that life is a gift; don't waste it.
Vegetarian is an old Cherokee word for "can't hunt".
What do you think about flying a banner this weekend thanking Clark Hunt for giving fans a team to be extremely proud of again? Banner simply saying "Thank you Clark!" from the fans. For more info go to TERRORHEAD RETURNS. To make it happen they need $700 dollars. X-Factor Ty Rowton heading it up. -Steve
Somewhere out there there is a *** duck hunter that is going through some very difficult ethical decisions right now.
Well I'll be damned... We made the NFL photos on the chiefs website. Meeting the Chiefs Owner Clark Hunt :)
They ain't going to starve for sure ! Already made their millions & know how to hunt & fish ! Lol !
On the hunt for the best . drugs . like Lewis and Clark
Haven't hunted in like a week and I have a day off and kinda don't even wanna go hunt still... This is very different of me lol
Gonna see if I can successfully video my hunt in the morning with my recurve! Sounds nearly impossible lol but I'm gonna give it a try!
Phil Robertson probably doesn't care he got suspended from the show, just more time for him to hunt
man John Dorsey need to put in a word to Clark hunt
Three best movie characters of all time: 1. Clark Griswold 2. Bartholomew Hunt 3. Danny Ocean. In that order.
"In the Shawshank Redemption, Andy crawls through chocolate syrup in the sewer scene."--
John Dorsey and Andy Reid is to Clark Hunt as Carl Peterson and Marty Schottenheimer was to Lamar Hunt. Very vital in reviving the Chiefs as a complete franchise!
Chiefs Headed To Playoffs, Still Have West Hopes by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS December 16, 2013 4:32 PM KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — In the span of a year, the Kansas City Chiefs went from being a franchise in disarray to one with the best record in the AFC and a shot at winning their division with two regular-season games left. It's hard to believe even for those in the midst of it. "You can't really explain it by words," said linebacker Derrick Johnson. "It's a feeling that not everybody has, and to go through what we went through last year and to be in this situation to do some big things — making the playoffs before the season is over, it's great." The Chiefs punched their ticket to the postseason with a 56-31 victory at Oakland on Sunday, one that pushed their franchise-best turnaround to nine games. Kansas City (11-3) also moved into a tie with Denver atop the AFC West, though the Broncos hold the tiebreaker by virtue of a season sweep. Still, if the Broncos stumble in one of their two remaining games — ...
Thanks Clark Hunt for putting your own money towards this NFL team, it's paying off in a Big way ! Thanks from Kansa City Fans !
Hamilton Collection
Trying to get settled in after that awesome game!! Love my Chiefs and so excited the way this season has gone!!! : ) Clark Hunt made some awesome choices during the off season!! Your Dad would be proud!!! Wtg Chiefs!
Thank you Clark hunt Jr for bringing in Andy Reid and a whole new staff. For that the chiefs after a 2and 14 year are in the playoffs. GO CHIEFS
Go The Kansas City Chiefs!!! Playoffs!!! An amazing one-year turnaround, with great players (Jamal, Alex...) Credit to Clark Hunt, John Dorsey, Andy Reed, and Mark Donovan.
Congratulation to Clark Hunt, Andy Reid and the Kansas City Chiefs for clinching a playoff berth!!
From worst to the playoffs! Congrats Chiefs and thanks to Clark Hunt for cleaning house after last year! The first of many good years to come under Kook Aid!
Rylan Clark fronting a nationwide hunt for country’s top talents
God forbid Clark Hunt or Jason Levien have to pay extra airfare for scouts to view players that could help their team make the playoffs.
Andy just ordered horse meat sausage at our front office breakfast. He kept whispering "Sh, this won't hurt Peyton"
allow Bowe to play. But if I were Clark Hunt, a fine would be coming. Conduct detrimental to the team.
what's the scoop on D Bowe from your source aka Clark Hunt?
If Chiefs fans are the world's best, prove it. Have them apply for the
Bowe apologized to the Hunt's, but did he apologize to the Clark's?
Seems like Papa John's is missing the boat with discontinuing the DBowe special, if it wasnt for weed, pizza profits would plummet
Dwayne Bowe asked cops if Sonic was still open before his marijuana arrest:
"Stumbled across this. I didn't live here at the time. Is this common knowledge in KC? Sh!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Lamar Hunt Jr, and Clark Hunt President of the Chiefs are 2 different separate people. This is not an issue in KC.
Lamar Hunt, Jr. has never had anything to do with the Chiefs, though. It has always been Lamar Sr. and Clark.
Dwayne Bowe will play on Sunday night, but Chiefs could take action if they really wanted to
AHH! I SOLD MY TV SHOW TO Alot more steps to go through but I'm so pumped! Thank u guys for believing in me! http:/…
*** keep this up & Clark Hunt might have to send you some of those Kansas City Chiefs kneepads.
wide receiver Dwayne Bowe faces charges for speeding and possession of controlled substance after traffic stop Su…
I hunt on bear branch up on the ridge, I can see Clark's but it's a long ways off
"Brb, gotta use the restroom real quick. (via is yours made of gold
Souths have lost quite a number of players in Crocker, Peats, Hunt, Farrell, Everingham, Clark, Starling, Lima, Asotasi and King.
Haag?! Don't fall into poor sportsman ship category. Let the best team win... I'm no bronco fan btw.
do you really think clark hunt cares what goes on in the locker room? No. Wins vs. Losses
If it isn't safe enough to go to school, would it be safe enough to hunt?
I didn't even know about the hunt ..
"tells me the Fire Jeff Ireland banners are already bought and paid for"-- Worked in KC
I do think Clark Hunt should send Peyton Manning some depends with a note on them that says just in case
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Everyone goes on a hype about alex clark and danielle hunt... Megan riley is what i would call perfection. Bye
Good MLS piece but last line too optimistic Clark even puts more on next NEXT deal
Today in history in 1968 during the war in Vietnam the U.S. launches Operation Commando Hunt, a bombing campaign on the *** Chi Minh Trail !
"Limping Peyton Manning scheduled for MRI on injured ankle: I can already hear the excuses
Clark Hunt bought all those old contracts. It's crazy how money works. Money changes going 2-14 to being a contender.
If I dont make it out of denver alive tell Clark Hunt he owe me lol
Clark Hunt would also be a prime suspect. I could hear him making policy.
Reading people trying to insult Alex Clark and Danielle Hunt and then just getting proper owned is what makes my night complete :p
words cannot describe how much I long to look like Danielle Hunt and/or Alex Clark
If I woke up at 5 in the morning to hunt I'm going to kill something..or someone 😳
I'm not saying the are desperate, but they just called to ask if I could actually play quarterback.
Yessir!!! Thank you Dallas Clark for redeeming your dropped 1st down!!! Let's go D!!! Time to hunt!
Decided not to go to church so I can hunt why not have the best of both worlds. Reading the bible in the stand to pass the time.
“Soccer has a chance to be the No. 2 sport in the U.S. in my lifetime,” said FC Dallas owner Clark Hunt
Do you approve of the job Clark Hunt is doing as the Chiefs owner?
AP reader wants Clark to change the address of Arrowhead to 137.5 Arrowhead drive
please inform Clark Hunt that he'll be an instant legend among fans, if he brings Tony G. back to KC!
Clark Hunt you made right decisions this year. But come on Clarky let's make one more. You be the hero and bring Tony G back to the Chiefs.
Dear please help. We have a lost son who needs to find his way home. You would be doing him a favor!! - Clark Hunt
how much is Clark Hunt paying your for this PR movement really?
You guys have to remember Everything Goes through Clark Hunt not John Dorsey they report to Hunt. that is one thing that changed.
i have issues with Hootsuite & Chrome as well,, Suddenly I geChiefs chairman and CEO Clark Hunt releases
I have to give credit for the miraculous turnaround in 2013 to Clark Hunt speaking at men's breakfast in the offseason...
Halfway through the season, the Kansas City Chiefs have QUADRUPLED their win total from last season. Thank you, Clark Hunt.
Clark hunt having his money stolen by the O line
Couldn't have said it better myself. Well, he cleaned it up for me quite a bit, so it was probably Clark Hunt.
Clark Hunt showed Andy his schedule, BBQ and said, "WIN."
I think Clark Hunt and the Chiefs hit big home runs with all three offseason moves; John Dorsey-GM, Andy Reid-Head Coach, and Alex Smith- QB. Chiefs at Eagles tonight to go 3-0. GO CHIEFS!!
Someday they will hand Clark Hunt the "Lamar Hunt" championship trophy. Sorry but I think I'd cry
If the Angels get rid of Mike Scioscia I would send the house to him like Clark Hunt did for Reid. Scioscia would be perfect for this roster
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Blows my mind how much Clark Hunt looks like That's what you have to look forward to, Dougie. That, and millions of dollars.
“Can Clark Hunt buy the Because he's done so much better right? Lol
I'd rather Clark Hunt forget about WWE and focus on the bringing a Superbowl Championship back to Kansas City!
I'd love to see Clark Hunt travel to WWE Headquarters to pitch Wrestlemania at Arrowhead in 2016.
Only thing I accomplished is DESTROYING the toilet. Need to send an apology to Clark Hunt and the whole Chiefs organization.
Great to have Clark Hunt, Mark Donovan and John Dorsey in DM for our meeting.
I have the biggest crush on Clark Hunt.
Yeah, no kidding. I would take Clark Hunt's life. I did consider going to SMU, but that's where any parallels end.
Ha! Never heard of him, but I've met Clark Hunt a few times and he's short, rich, powerful, and cool!
Wait. Were you not at that rehearsal? Oops. Read that in a Clark Hunt accent.
Proud of Clark Hunt for stepping up to the plate! It has been an exciting week. No mess'n around!
Me to man me too, Clark Hunt even said he hasn't seen things this productive since the Vermil days
"Do I have to fly this guy back to Kansas City?" Clark Hunt when asked about Vince Agnew's play.
Whoa. Clark Hunt looks like Trent Green sans athletic stature and ability.
Did Clark Hunt just say that the Chiefs haven't had live tackling practice since the Vermeil days? No wonder they've been awful.
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Something about Clark Hunt reminds me of the bad guy from The Incredibles:
Small doses of Clark Hunt. Glad we didnt get to hear him talk too long.
I love this accessible Clark Hunt. The fans are digging it.
Clark Hunt's in the Booth... Time to check the Royals game.
Chiefs gm on mute. What BS is clark hunt spewing to the fans now?
Trent Green looked proud as punch standing next Clark Hunt. Love it.
I love what Clark Hunt has done with the chiefs organization. Classy guy who wants to resurrect the franchise his dad built
Trent Green and Clark Hunt starring in. "Twins 2" the sequel.
Clark hunt can't be taller than 5'9
it all makes sense Clark Hunt played soccer
Wow Clark Hunt is just a wittle guy
Clark Hunt Soccer pic got me weak lol
Hmmph...never knew Clark Hunt was a collegiate soccer player.
I'm satisfied with the Chiefs offseason. But Clark Hunt is still a ***
How tall or should I say short is Clark Hunt?
Breast Cancer Awareness
Your 11 year old sister is taller than Clark Hunt.
Clark Hunt talking with the guys in the booth.
I love Clark Hunt's character in Game of Thrones. Such a sneaky midget.
"For the love of all things good, please don't go out there and look like Matt Cassel" -Clark Hunt to Alex Smith
New team begins new season. Hopefully we'll see more wins than loses this year. Good luck guys and thanks to Clark Hunt.
Clark Hunt getting nervous over good Royals ball? IMO this is a baseball town forced to be a football town over 20 years
Chiefs... Reason... The owners. Clark Hunt seems to me to want a championship
Lol butthurt fans. Clark Hunt does things right!
next time you see Clark Hunt, tell him to “unfollow” Schellas.
The chiefs and Clark Hunt appear to have put a pretty good group of people together. Players and coaches. Hopefully they mesh well...
And literally no communication with fans. At least Clark Hunt emerges from his cave (or Dallas) a few times a year.
Good stuff from the FCD majordomo! Everyone who agrees that the Ticket should have more soccer talk, let 'em hear...
Missed HSG Chairman Clark Hunt's interview with Norm Hitzges on 1310 The Ticket this morning? Gotcha covered
Clark Hunt was on here in Dallas this morning. I'll find a link. He talked hiring Reid & about his dad.
Turn on 1310 AM The Ticket now to hear Clark Hunt on with Norm Hitzges!
Little Giant Ladders
owner Clark Hunt on with at 8:55 this morning. Soccer talk ahead!
Clark Hunt to be on with Norm this morning! Is this your doing?
We heard a rumor owner Clark Hunt will be on with Norm this a.m. If true, what time?
Where did you hear that Clark Hunt would be on and do you know what time?
.Hunt Sports Group majordomo Clark Hunt will be on Norm's show on this morning
Clark Hunt...recognized mistakes...made things happen...proud to be a fan
are you a fan of Clark Hunt's offseason for the Chiefs? Are we gonna right the ship here in KC?
payroll Clark Hunt has shelled out the last 2-3 years. Praising the Glasses for this is like a dog praising its owner
I love both equally, but I believe Clark Hunt is far more committed to putting the best people in charge than David Glass.
Why isn't Clark, Hunt or Lauda, in the classic section, but Coulthard and Berger are?!
Willamette Valley Saluki Club Inc. 6/21/2013 REGULAR CLASSES JUDGE: Mrs Diane Young McCormack   When I received the confirmation from your club, that I had been selected to be one of the judges at this show, I was deeply honored.  I vowed that I would judge your breed keeping in mind that it is an ancient and noble breed and that it needs to be protected from generic judging.  Thank you again for this special honor.   This is the first written critique I have ever done, and now I know what I would have done differently; mainly I would discussed each dog individually and talked into my tape recorder as the dogs did the “up and back” and “go-around” instead of waiting until the class was lined up for placements.    I spent hours reading articles about your breed including several articles on how to judge Salukis and what to look for.  I even made up a chart listing the features I wanted to see and printed off enough copies with hopes that I would be able to use one sheet for each dog, but it ...
if you could live anywhere on the planet [outside Alaska], where would you live? leave your answer as a comment for your chance to be randomly selected to win $50 in FREE INK from LilUsoTattoo and KWHL!
IS YOUR TEAM POLISHED? I'm giving you the chance (as it is the pointy end of the season), to submit your teams to me for feedback on your strengths and weaknesses. Simply write your STARTING line up on this post. I will do my best to get back to you within 24 hours by tagging you on this post when I have reviewed your team. Time to get your team cherry ripe! (joshd)
We lost another great man today. Paul Hunt has left us to start his new journey, but he's leaving behind some hurt people, I'm one of them! Toi Hunt, Kim Nave, Niecy Hunt and Christopher Nave, my heart aches for you all! It doesn't seem that long ago when I would walk to Parkview at 6:45 in the morning to ride the MITS with Kim and "Critter", and Mom and Paw Paw was always up with us waiting on the bus! And Paul never passed up the chance to razz me about "You still driving like a fool?" He just asked me that very question a couple of weeks ago at the barber shop! REST IN HEAVEN, Paul Hunt, you are already missed!
I just shot an animal for the first time in my life. One of our chickens was suffering from a condition that was going to kill her in the next couple days so, I had to kill her to put her out of he misery. :-((
Website Builder 728x90
There's gonna be a death or two in this house tonight!!!:/
House hunted today and am really excited by a few options! My awesome friend Jonathan Clark~Edina Realty who is also my Realtor made today fantastic!! Plus our fun shopping side trip!
9th Annual Zane Grey Festival - Fun for the Whole Family! The National Park Service and the Zane Grey’s West Society will host the 9th Annual Zane Grey Festival this summer. The festival is free of charge and will be held at the Zane Grey Museum, 135 Scenic Drive, Lackawaxen, PA on Saturday, July 20, 2013 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. The Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers are what initially drew Zane Grey to the area. These rivers fulfilled his love for fishing and the outdoors and inspired him to write some of his most famous books right here on the banks of the Upper Delaware. Zane and his brother Romer would eventually settle in Lackawaxen and Zane called the area home from 1905 to 1918. Exhibits in the Zane Grey Museum give visitors a better understanding of the life and writing of the famed western author. His office and study have been meticulously recreated based on an interior photograph by famed local photographer Louis Hensel. The Zane Grey Festival is geared towards fun for the entire family wit ...
One hour until we announce our first player transaction for the upcoming season. Any guesses?
All six counts of official misconduct former Unicoi County sheriff Kent Harris was facing in a trial this week have been dismissed.
Who wants to do Hint Hunt with me and Sarah Clark!? Look amaze!!!
Why are the wolves here? Because the rogue agents of the USFWS stole the money and brought down the largest most powerful wolves in the world to destroy hunting and ranching. These scum of the earth wildlife biologist in USFWS are really anti hunters worked there way up in the ranks until they were able to steal the money and force these worthless vermin down our throat. One only has to fact check Jamie Rapport Clark this evil woman was in charge of the money she stole it and brought the wolves to America. Where is the evil scum of the earth traitor today she is the President of Defenders of Wildlife collecting $329,000.000 a year. That witch used her Government job to destroy our hunting and make sure she had a great huge paying job once she got out the USDWS. This has nothing to do with wolves and all about Jamie being a self appointed greedy self center selfish witch.
Any suggestions on good family doctors in midland area? We currently see Dr McKinnon in freeland but he doesn't work many days, called to reschedule an appt I had for Thursday and he's booked until sept 5th!!
Been in the woods on the hunt for kittens for the past hour. Kitty will come to the house to eat usually once a day and then disappears when no one is paying attention. I have to find these babies. I live in the middle of the woods and there are so many animals out here that would love a kitten sandwich for lunch. That's all I've been thinking about since I heard she had tgem when I was in Ohio last week. Is anyone up for an emergency kitten search party? I can pay you in coffee and pool time and being in my company (which is always fun)
Burgers for Grown-Ups at Drake’s HausLeave a replyStylish burger place debuts in Boulder in a real burger ‘hoodDrake’s Haus, a sleek new burger place, opens today just east of the Baseline Road off-ramp from US 36/Boulder Turnpike. It creates a triangulation of burger opportunities that couldn’t be…
How long have you been rockin' out at a Zumba party?
so im sitting here watching episodes of dog and beth on the hunt and clark comes up behind me and says 'mummy that man is dog the lady is beth and that other man is leland' me thinks i should watch these when his not around but i just hope he dont do what he see's to anyone at school or hears lol xXx
For those of you that have been around me the past couple if weeks, you know I've been a bit of a bundle of nerves. Under normal circumstances, I don't fray, but this upcoming surgery has put me to the test. Last week I had the CT with contrast ran, and there are three total screws that are a problem. First one is less than 3 millimeters from the aorta, the second is 8 mm from it and the third screw is in the spine against the nerve sac. I have spent a lot if time this week in prayer, and it took some humbling of myself, but I have peace, despite the physical pain. My surgery is scheduled for the 26th of this month in Louisville at Norton Hospital there, for those of you who would like to know. Dr Glassman won't know until he is in there, how much damage is done or if he will have to repair fusion. Thank you to those of you who have already been an encouragement to me. I'm very independent, and this is a hard pill for this little lady to swallow. BUT, when I arise, with the help of God and my friends, I s ...
Bass Pro Shops and Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen will host a Disabled Youth Day Deer Hunt in Caroline County on September 28, 2013 for youngsters with disabilities. Youth Must be 15 and under. If you know someone who may be interested, please contact Robin Clark -NWTF Virginia Wheelin' Sportsmen at welzor call (434)-249-6154. The application deadline is August 2, 2013. Don't miss out on this wonderful opportunity. Please like and share to help spread the word. Thank you!
Since we are used to sporting heroes getting knighthoods (I'm sure Andy Murray deserves one as much as the rowers and cyclists who got one) then shouldn't it be fair and award belated ones to Nigel Mansell, Damon Hill (all British World Champions) - a shame it's too late for James Hunt and Jim Clark - and do the England Cricket Team all get one if we win The Ashes?
Is on the housemate hunt again, $170 per week sharing with two others in 3 bedroom house in gungahlin. Room is medium sized with built in robe, comes with garage space and shares large bathroom with one other housemate. Ducted gas heating, air conditioning, all modern appliances, fully furnished (except available room). Available in a couple of weeks. Please share on your page or let me know if you know someone!
Actor I was given: Nathan Fillion Film I Love: Justice League: Doom Film I Like: Saving Private Ryan Film I Hate: There isn't exactly too much to hate, but the closest thing I'd have to say would probably be "Serenity", simply because I still blame FOX for killing off a timeless series. Like my status and ill give you an actor~
We want to get to know our fans. If you have watched our show this season pleases tell your opinion. Also what State are you from? Can't wait to hear from y'all.
reminder to all pf members and friends. July 21st will be the next youth habitat meeting. Also remember September 8th will be the youth pheasant hunt. Please contact amy zettel to let her know if you will be attending. Drawing for Kayak will be August 2nd infront of morse clark furniture. If you have tickets try to have them all sold. thanks, bob el presidente.
My life in Tokyo seems to be a constant struggle between buying chocolate, saving money, and buying more chocolate.
Ok, someone help me out here. This is not cake related, but I just must know! Last night, at about 3:00 in the morning, we were jolted awake by the most frightening sound. It was coming from outside. It was, we're sure, NOT a human, but some sort of animal shrieking like a woman. A very creepy sort of shrieking... but not frantic. Almost like some sort of call, but RIDICULOUSLY creepy! We are surrounded by six acres of forest, so it's probably something a little more substantial than a squirrel (lived with those in city-like conditions for years), but we're not in the mountains or anything... no bears around or things of that sort. I'm not the biggest baby around, but DANG... this sounded like something out of a Stephen King novel. What the heck was it??
What should one do for their 25th birthday weekend!?
My savory savior this week has been miso soup. My chef training from The Natural Gourmet, NYC, came back years later to help in my time of need. You can make it easily. I studied health and healing through (mainly but not solely) vegetarian foods. Nowadays they sell 'dashi miso' which already has the broth constituents (kombu seaweed and dried bonito flakes) mixed right in with the miso. Simply stir in simmering water. Easy peasy!!!
there are NO DENTISTS on this island who can work on Annabels cavity. we're going to have to pull them at home...
Hello All! The 4th of July parade was a success, thanks to everyone who participated! This week we have some super fun events that you and your kids are NOT going to want to miss. The events begin TONIGHT with geocaching! Monday July 8th (tonight) 7-8pm: Family Geocaching at Brookside Park, meet at the Shelter located by the firetruck. Your children will be going on a treasure hunt, using a provided GPS (Global Positioning System) to hide and seek containers called "geocaches". They will navigate to specific coordinates on the GPS to discover hidden geocaches. Your children will receive a small prize for participating! Tuesday July 9th 10:00-11:00am: Kicks for Kids at Bandshell Park. VERB leaders will be hosting an hour long game, such as soccer or kickball! Wednesday July 10th 12:00-1:00pm: Lunch and Fun in Nevada at St. Patrick's Church. This is another event where VERB leaders will be hosting pick-up games of soccer, kickball, dodgeball etc. Thursday July 11th 7:30-9pm: Family Fishing in Boone County . ...
WWE's developmental talents arrived in Florida today + more new talents to be called up to the main roster?
Hey guys on the hunt for performers for a show I'm putting together soon. Looking for burlesque, cabaret, circus, jazz bands, pianists something for a low key high brow affair
Kimberly Hunt Clark proved this this morning didn't we?? Lol
I forgot when you use pressure treated wood, you have to wait to paint it, so my chicken tractor will not be red, white and blue for awhile. I guess I will work on an herb garden next and get ready to plant a fall garden. I hope everyone has a wonderful week. Oh, and I have to find a place to get chickens! There is suppose to be a place not too far away that I can pick some chickens up, they have game birds, ducks, geese and turkeys too.
Had another zombie apocalypse dream last night. It was frustrating because I couldnt find my swords. How am I meant to slay the undead without my swords?? Only had these lilttle craft knives to jab em with, it was quite stressful. Although, in another zombie apocalypse dream I had once, all I had was black label bottles to smash over their heads, that worked pretty well. I learn a lot from these dreams, I must always keep a bottle of booze handy in case I misplace my swords. Thank you mind, you never fail to entertain me :-D
Order Miche Bag Online!
I know you are all probably saying why is she putting up all these videos. Well here is the answer I am sick, I can't sleep, I am suppose to stay in bed and keep my feet and legs out, I am to young to have to have home health care come take care of me, I have been striped of everything, Josh and Kristi are in MS Jonathan is usually not here, I am so sick of DRS and hospitals and ambulances and I am just sick of it all so music is all I have left that I enjoy so if you don't like it I am sorry. Do not listen to them don't look at them or comment, I get to wallow in self pity today
A new mission file that Guzzen or (the tree)to you the rules are simple the detectives have to find out what objects are fake and are actually discussed. Pla...
Wow! This weekend felt like Shark Week. Incredible! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Come by tonight and treat yourself to half priced sushi. 10p to midnight every night is Sushi Happy Hour at Sand Bar Martha's Vineyard!
Well, an 8 1/2 hour road trip to Houghton NY and back, two boys safely at camp, and one sad dad. :-( I love my boys and praise God for them everyday. Christ is my first love and being together as a family is second. This week is going to feel like a year. On the great side. Stephanie Clark and I have a date WEEK. :-) First up, Man of Steel tomorrow night. Lord, please keep the boys safe and bless Sephie's and my time together...
Don't see what's so special about Danielle hunt or Alex clark tbh lol
My surprise proposal to Jessica on 6/28/13. HUGE thanks to everyone who helped me pull this off, whether it be by sending me videos with just a few days' notice…
Well that was fun!! Two and half hours and 30 miles later we finally completed Shirley Kirsopp-Nixon 'easy' treasure hunt!!! Its the taking part and all in a good cause.
I got called dalielle hunt off ppl so I changed how I look and now I'm getting called alex clark lol lyf x x x
*** clark kent is like a human bulet 8D xDDD Go Super man Away~ Striking Away~ [: Hunt Away~ [:
ON THIS DAY IN HISTORY 7th July 1307 England's King Edward I, conqueror of Wales and 'Hammer of the Scots' died on the way to Scotland to fight Robert the Bruce. He was succeeded by Edward II. 1575 The Raid of the Redeswire took place On This Day at Redesdale in Northumberland. It was the last major battle between England and Scotland. 1919 The birth of the actor John Pertwee, best best known for his role in the BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who, in which he played the third incarnation of the Doctor from 1970 to 1974. He was also the title character in the series Worzel Gummidge and for 18 years he was on BBC Radio as Chief Petty Officer Pertwee in The Navy Lark. 1927 Christopher Stone became the first 'disc jockey' on British radio when he presented his 'Record Round-up' from Savoy Hill. 1940 Ringo Starr, English drummer with the Beatles, was born. 1944 Tony Jacklin, English golfer was born. 1955 Dixon Of Dock Green began on BBC TV with Jack Warner as George Dixon. The programme ran for 3 ...
Hey there, Proud Cougs! We hope you're having a wonderful, relaxing summer so far, and that you had a fun and safe 4th of July! This is just a friendly reminder that next Saturday, July 13th, is Saturday in the Park, Vancouver's official *** pride event! The event takes place at Esther Short Park immediately following Lyle's Myles, which is the only HIV/AIDS Walk in Clark County! More information about Lyle's Myles is in the comments. Please consider attending one or both of these awesome events! I (Annie) will be there representing Triple Point, so definitely come stop by and say hello! I've also heard rumors about a *** photo scavenger hunt put on by Triple Point and a really cool rainbow-themed prize. :) Hope to see you there!!
my husband and I both have learning disability that's why cps is taking our kids we never abuse or neglect our kids soon as i give birth cps is right there taking them from the hospital we never able to bring one child home. cps never give us a chance to be parents that i am create this page to fight back at cps we don't do drugs we don't drink i have car so i can take our to his appts apartment
Does anyone know where I would go for CDL training class?
Hunt family members and friends...if you are coming to the event in November, please send me your address ASAP! Thank you!
Having someone who generally cares about you and your well being is such a good feeling! ❤
Had a lovely day today at Stanford music festival with Annette Clark Cole,Wakz Mann Jc,Conor Clark,Sally Bennett,Dean Bennett and Ethan Bennett , thank you all!
John Clark's Coralsea Safaris, offers you a wide variety of species for hunting in the South Pacific, including Australia and New Caledonia.
Video of countertenor Andreas Scholl performing in concert the aria "Ombra mai fu," from Handel's Serse (Xerxes) with the Akademie Alte Musik Berlin in 1999.
Parent Post: A portion of my morning can be authentically described by the term "SuperPoop" - a class 2 (didn't scream for Cassi Clark Ward-Hunt) household event involving an emergency bath, expeditionary laundry and numerous hand washings 'just-in-case'.
Match Report: Blackpool Friday 5th July Friday Fantasy Junior League A Lads UTD 13 v 12 KG5 Top Scorer: Joe Wilson (7) M.O.M: Joe Wilson Lads UTD were another team in need of these 3 points tonight as they are trying to push for second place. This game started off at a fast and furious pace with both teams like a bull in a china shop. Shots were flying from everywhere neither team really had a game plan and were playing with no conviction. However the second half was a completely different story, both teams must have spoke about it at half time as they both regrouped and began to play as a team, it was a fantastic game to watch with some superb football played, unfortunately one team had to win and Lads UTD manage to scrape the victory. Friday Fantasy Junior League A GG AFC 8 v 10 Classico Top Scorer: Zak Gayton (3) M.O.M: Zak Gayton Classico needed to win tonight and hope the Yob Crew got beat to go joint top of the table. Classico made sure they did their part tonight by beating GG AFC. However everyth ...
Carbing up on the scraps of pasta l have left and bits of veg! Managed to buy some flap jacks with my remaining money too! I reckon I will be flying tomorrow! 50 mile cycle ride, in the bag!! :( ??
YOUTH DAY DEER HUNT The Virginia Wheelin’ Sportsmen are hosting a Youth Day Deer Hunt for youngsters with disabilities on Sept. 28. According to Robin Clark, a Wheelin’ Sportsman himself and past president of the Virginia NWTF chapter, the hunt will happen on “prime deer property in Caroline County.” Up to eight participants will hunt in the morning, break for lunch and midday fishing, then hunt again in the afternoon. Hands-on firearm safety training prior to the hunt under the direct supervision of certified NRA instructors is included, as well as opportunities for familiarization shooting prior to the hunt. Gear, if needed, also can be provided, Clark said. All applicants must be 15 or younger and have a disability. Adult family members are encouraged to attend. To learn more or apply, contact Clark at welzApplication deadline is Aug. 2
Dwight, on behalf of the Lakers and Los Angeles, I want to sincerely apologize for our city and franchise being too big for you. Sorry about the glare in your eyes caused by our city lights, championship rings and trophies. Oh and those annoying retired jerseys you had to see every game by those unknown players like "the logo" Jerry West and Magic Johnson and playing alongside that guy wearing whatever his name is. Rocket fans don't expect to win the title every year unlike Laker fans do so I get it, you like the No Pressure that comes playing in Houston. Small market for a small minded individual, you should fit right in. Stay good and good luck dude
Hunting and fishing.that is what runs in the blood of the Clark Family. Some Clarks love fishing more than hunting, some love hunting more than fishing, and others love both with an equal passion. What kind of Clark am i? I am a hunter. After seven years since my last successful hunt it felt good to complete a hunt again. Now heres an interesting fact about a few of us. If we don't hunt or fish for a LONG time.we tend to get a little restless and a tid bit agitated about that lol. there are some, including myself, who can hide those things eheh... There is something about getting a big fish or a big trophy animal the feeds our passion and keeps it burning strong in our blood.the rush, the excitement, and the chase is what fuels our passion. Excitement is not the only reason why we hunt or fish, we also LOVE the outdoors...we admire the beauty and the splendor of God's Creation...from the towering mountains to the thick woods and from the calm lakes to the flowing rivers. I am Proud to be a Clark and Hunti ...
was watchin an interview by forbes w/Clark Hunt (owner of chiefs) and they showed all the teams he had some ownership in.
Did you watch this? Interesting comments by Clark Hunt on UK support of NFL & its future there.
Pretty interesting Forbes interview with Clark Hunt here.
I talk a ton of Chiefs but you never comment..had Clark Hunt audio on for 30 min segment but you didn't say
Chiefs SBN: Clark Hunt explains why the Green Bay Packers are the KC Chiefs model franchise
Clark Hunt on the model franchise for the KC Chiefs (hint:
Update your maps at Navteq
Clark Hunt has a few interesting things to say. this season
The Hunt Family has made a fortune over the years in oil, private equity and professional football. Clark Hunt,...
Clark Hunt Hunt explains why the Packers are a good model for the Chiefs and why the NFL has a future in Europe.
This was too funny to not do... You're in a mental hospital. Use the first 7 people in your chat list and no cheating! * * * * * * * * * * Your roommate: Gail Link Licking the Windows: Amanda Teer Person helping you escape: James Thibodeaux The Dr: Dala Kennedy Clark Person running around Lorraine Frahm Jones Person yelling nonsense about clowns: Denise Neavell Windsor The person you went crazy with: Jay singleton Unlike · · Share · 13 minutes ago via mobile · You like this.. Tami Zurlinden Hunt lol...thanks a lot! 6 minutes ago · Like.. Write a comment...
Last night's Portland City Council meeting agenda featured a number of license applications for upcoming restaurants. Feel free to download the entire 343-page document here, or just continue reading for...
WANTED! Riding horse, well broke, quiet, easy going, lazy is ok, but needs to know how to walk trot/jog/ canter/whoa and is forgiving enough to be used to teach the family how to ride and ride better. They have a 25 yr old Arabian gelding who is VERY BOUNCY at a trot, so it makes it VERY hard for mom and the kids to learn to do much more than walk. They have a few goats, chickens and dogs, a very nice barn, paddock and pastures. We would take an older horse, but prefer staying in the mid teens at the most. Retired lesson horse would work. Size? 14.2-15.1.. Mom and kids are all shorter and petite. Price.. free.. free lease with option after we know it works out.. up to MAYBE $1000 for the PERFECT horse. They will do LESSONS with me (professional instructor for 35 years) and live just down the road. If you have something that would work for them, please message me! OHIO located prefered!
To help persevre the 2nd amendment & Educate the general public on gun safety
Man of Steel Review by Sreeni Man of Steel After Dark Knight, Thor and Captian america all brought back amazingly,Superman was seeking a Ressuruction and WB couldn't set a better team than this.. Zack snyder(300,Watchman,sucker Punch) directing and David S Goyer(jumper,blade) doing the script and none other than Nolan in production kept us sky high with expectations. As promised Man of Steel indeed is the best super man movie ever, correcting every mistake from past movies and bring some sence. lets see the major plus of d movie... 1. Vissual effects and graphics are extremly impressive, It gives amazing 3d expiriance to the viewer. 2. The Villan Gen Zog has a meaningful motive to hunt superman not the old 'Take over the world wish'. And his charecter is really impressive. 3. Heroine has become bold and even had done her role in saving the plane where in olden movies she get in to troble and held captive. 4. Russel Crow and Micheal Shanon are both xlnt in their role.. 5. Immotional element of father and s ...
Who's really in charge? AFC West has undergone great change -- Ann By Albert Breer When it comes to building an NFL roster, hierarchies vary from team to team. Some organizations are driven by general managers, others by owners, a few by Head Coaches -- and of course, many franchises divvy up checks and balances. Albert Breer takes an in-depth look at all 32 power structures in this eight-part, division-by-division series, which aims to answer one simple question for each NFL team: Who's really in charge? Read the AFC West breakdown below. Click here for other divisions. DENVER BRONCOS Owner: Pat Bowlen, 30th year General Manager: N/A Head Coach: John Fox, 3rd year Other front-office notables: Joe Ellis, President; John Elway, Executive Vice President of Football Operations; Matt Russell, Director of Player Personnel; Tom Heckert, Director of Pro Personnel; Mike Sullivan, Director of Football Administration. Who's really in charge? The team underwent a full-scale restructuring two years ago that put Joe . ...
LET ME TELL YOU A STORY. I had a dog brought to me yesterday, black female lab. The owner had this pup pretty much well on her way to being a better than average duck dog. Almost 3 months ago this pup would jump on a rough stand, shooter in the field throwing marks and shooting entry level stuff and this little gal would come off her stand, retrieve the bird and return with fire to the stand while holding the bumper all the way with no issues. This dog was brought to a PRO-TRAINER two and a half months ago. The dog is GROSSLY overweight and will not pick up a bumper of any kind. She has not been on a lead, no collar conditioning, no NOTHING! Except, her desire to retrieve literally taken out of her completely. This trainer took this young man's money for over two months till finally he went and got his dog when he could tell something was going on. The thing is this trainer claims to know dogs and I've seen some of his work and it ain't bad. Still, this is a prime example of someone getting way more dogs ...
Off to prepare liam the pocket rocket watts for his fight on Saturday. Small guy, big bang.
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