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Clark Hunt

Clark Knobel Hunt (born February 19, 1965) is Chairman and CEO of the National Football League's Kansas City Chiefs and a founding investor-owner in Major League Soccer.

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The Kansas City Chiefs under Clark Hunt are very difficult to feel good about. Sheesh. (news emerging that they won't re-sign Eric Berry)
No. 1 rule of NO FOOD IN THE DRAFT ROOM. (Unless your name is Clark Hunt) ➡️
Clark tell us your real identity or I'm gonna hunt h down
Choir Informational Nights @ Hunt, Fowler, and Clark MS, May 2-4. Go to for more info.No choir experience necessary!
Clark Hunt, chair & CEO, was in NY within the last week attending to duties as head of international committee.
Dr Alicia H Clark THX! Get access to Education Hunt. Here is a link
John Dorsey said Clark Hunt's statement on the league's finding on tampering will stand. He's moving forward.
John Dorsey says he's gonna let Clark Hunt's statement speak for the organization in regards to the tampering situation.
As far as the loss of a third-round pick, John Dorsey said he’s letting Clark Hunt’s statement speak for itself. Chiefs moving on as org.
Courtney Clark, CPA, testified this morning on behalf of OSCPA in support of SB 288, pass-through entity tax reform.
Clark Hunt and I just walked to our cars together chatting the entire way. Then we realized we were parking space...
so someone picked in first 3 rounds can get 300 snaps. Better show out in camp to take from Clark. Get hunt booted.
Big police hunt started to find 11yo Antonio Clark who has vanished from Kirkintilloch. Have you seen him?
Wouldn't mind that armchair actually. 'Hunt for mystery man after old photo album discovered hidden in armchair'
Jerge goes to the curveball to retire Hunt on strikes. Chicago State stranded two in scoring position. Stea/Lodden/Clark due up in the 8th.
I'll hunt, but I'm not going to chase.
Police hunt wanted man Timothy Clark. POLICE in Bishop Auckland have appealed for help to trace...
Meet the team: Jeff has been a part of the Clark Team since 94. He loves to hunt, fish & golf when he's not working.
Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt: Incident did "not warrant most severe penalty for player-related tampering in league history" http…
Goodell has gone after Jerry, Kraft, and now Clark Hunt. Pissing off three of your most powerful bosses doesn't seem like a great idea.
makes me think Clark is viewed a nice guy. Hunt family has $ to burry Goodell. But they won't take it to courts.
Chiefs owner Clark Hunt is not happy with the way the NFL enforces its tampering rules
Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt: "We continue to believe that the facts of this case combined with the league’s incon…
Nashville af: Brandi Clark covers sam hunt at awards.
News: Statement from Chiefs Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt Regarding the NFL's Ruling on Chiefs Appeal
Statement from Clark Hunt regarding the NFL’s ruling on appeal of 2015 negotiating period infraction discipline:
Clark Hunt ire: "The facts and inconsistent enforcement of tampering policies do not warrant the most severe penalty for…
Looks like Mark Donovan, Clark Hunt and John Dorsey on the far left.
Always on the hunt for new perspectives. Tribesman Paul Clark shot by John Barton. Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.
Clark Hunt believes the pieces are in place to make a Super Bowl run in 2016. READ:
I want the scrapbook of torn up photo booth photos please and thank you. And to run around Paris on a scavenger love hu…
No. I'll let Clark Hunt spend his money on this.
Always a pleasure to be back on INSIDE Radio. Good luck to the Sioux Falls Stampede in their hunt for another Clark Cup
Clark Hunt, BTW, is chairman of the NFL's international committee.
Clark Hunt also reiterated what he told local reporters, that are appealing tampering penalties. On when they'll know? .
... More Clark Hunt: "There are teams that are interested in playing int'l games -- a welcome change from several years ago ... I think ...
Caught up with owner Clark Hunt. Did not confirm/deny report on possible game as early as '18 in China but did ...
>> Clark Hunt eager to see how Chiefs’ proposed rule changes play out
Clark Hunt eager to see how proposed rule changes play out
Would that it was possible to hear views on qualifying from the likes of Clark, Hill, Hunt, Senna...
Those problems exist is because people pirate games. Devs / Publishers hunt for ways to make up the
Lots of turkeys spotted in the fields of Clark County - get your permit and enjoy the hunt!
Terez is with Clark Hunt at the owners' meetings in Del Boca Vista. Er, Boca Raton.
I'm on the hunt for Alicia Clark's jacket. I'm so in love with it. where'd you get it?
[WP] Lewis & Clark weren't just sent to scout out the western frontier of America. They were also there to hunt th…
We thank for showing his support to our staff recoving from a brutal assault.
Hunt: Frank was still in the darkness when I saw him. He wasn't there, so I left him.
Mark Hunt after like all of his KO wins.
Mark Hunt is a treasure to this sport. We will tell our grandchildren of what this man has done.
How many times has Hunt hit someone and walked away 😂😂😂 he knows he's won every time.
Mark Hunt drops Frank Mir, stares down at him and just walks away.
Last try Souths 59%. Hunt, Johnston or Gray with Clark value. Dragons 62%. Matu'utia, Widdop or Dugan with Frizell value
Clark Hunt's socks are on point tonight 👌
It was? Maybe I should just hunt clips that has Alycia lol. WE LOVE ALICIA CLARK
Government's rehashed plans sum up why Jeremy Hunt has lost clinicians' trust
The Easter egg hunt in Kahoka was another big success. Thanks to the Clark County Sheriffs office for sponsoring...
Wld be v surprised if a Hunt or Clark gets moved sideways. Cam needs minimal reshuffle so expect internal promotion or maybe Lord brought in
you saying rugby is not a major sport? Jack Clark is gonna hunt you down!
Chiefs propose two interesting rule changes for 2016 NFL season: Kansas City Chiefs owner, Clark Hunt, will be...
.Dallas’ Clark Hunt to join the CAA World Congress of Sports Teams Owners panel.
Mr Martin Clark has inspired, educated and entertained today. such great fee…
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Oh man, the rest of the league is going DOWN! Clark Hunt is a spry man.
The annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held on March 26 from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. in Charles Clark Park.
NEW SHOW! Including our Radio row chats with owner Clark Hunt and the Colts
Community member Victoria Clark is on the hunt for Girl Guide cookies: . "I am looking for Girl Guide...
Pi Day was Monday but we can't shake the feeling that it should really be 4
This is the statement Clark Hunt released. We have not been told anything since.
Not a center! With Wallace gone, Hunt and Clark looking to be busts and fighting for roster. Would like them to consider Dodd
I wonder if Clark Hunt is leading this action?
.perfectly describes the beauty of All carnivores should hunt once.
Walker, Hunt, Carter could be kept for 200k or less, Musgrove 150k, Clark about same as current.
Depends. Keary off this year, Walker as well. Zane Musgrove, nd Jason Clark add Carter and Hunt
Convergence is mostly a filler event, this is why titans hunt and lois and clark have ok sales.
In a statement, chairman Clark Hunt says he disagrees with the penalties and will explore an appeal:
Direct rebuke of NFL's tampering punishment from Chiefs owner Clark Hunt. Not quite Robert Kraft level, but still
will appeal the ruling over tampering, Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt says:
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The have fired HC Andy Reid, per source. "Clock management" is all owner Clark Hunt had to say on the matter. Well th…
John Dorsey and Clark Hunt news abound for the See what people are saying. -
Chiefs will ‘do everything’ they can to retain Eric Berry, team chairman Clark Hunt says
I love the interactions between Clark and Lois more than the actual plot. I agree with that. Titan's Hunt started off slow+
miniseries like Titan's Hunt, Lois and Clark, Swamp Thing. Unfortunately they are selling really poorly :(
The Fox Hunt Boxes are in full production for sherwood.woodcraft's photo
The Fox Hunt boxes are in full production for Well done
.CEO Clark Hunt talks family legacy, & when the Chiefs will return! Only in
Try That Old Black Magic by Mary Jane Clark! A pastry chef in New Orleans on the hunt for a killer...
Hmmm...Superman: Lois and Clark was great. Titans Hunt too. That came out last week but just got to reading it yesterday.
Just collaborated w/my awesome 5th to launch PBL on Lewis and Clark-created scavenger hunt expedition for st.s!
Snowy on the Hunt by Wim van den Heever
Taiji: Weather is calm, boats are leaving to hunt for dolphins. 2016-28-01 am
do you know if books like Lois & Clark will be relaunched too or will just end before June like Titans Hunt?
What are all of the DC mini series right now? . Titans Hunt, Lois and Clark, Poison Ivy...what else?. Oh and Deadshot/Katana.
A6 oh would I LOVE I Hunt Killers as a movie!!!
A6. I would die if someone adapted I Hunt Killers - one of my fav series ever!
A new favorite: Hunt Me Down feat. Allday & Steven A. Clark by Dan Aux on
Training session of the day begins with a quick message from HSG Chairman Clark Hunt.
Dan Hunt is president and VC of HSG, Clark is not involved with operation
Actually, Clark Hunt was one of two owners who voted against the move.
Taiji: Boats are heading out to sea to hunt for dolphins. 2016-26-01 6.40am
0648am: Think blue as 12 boats start the hunt!
Biosecurity Queensland and Toowoomba Regional Council have commenced a hunt for pest turtles to protect local fauna @ htt…
You always see people at Camden Clark that apparently don't own clothes that fit
Emerging diseases climbed the agenda - why? We're not ready for them:
Clark Hunt was the lone dissenter in the 5-1 relo vote for Carson - he wanted the Rams & Rams only to move to LA - screw him!
The whole thing reeks! I suspect Clark Hunt voted in favor of the Rams move. Now he wants the fan base. Eww is right.
South Robeson- are coming off a (9-10) 2015 season! They will look to SR. Devin Smith, Caleb Hunt & Dakota Clark in 2016!
Dear Clark Hunt, John Dorsey, Andy Reid and company,. It is my sincere wish along with thousands of other...
Especially after Clark Hunt voted for Inglewood over Carson
Hunt for 'Croydon Cat Ripper 'stepped up as X Factor stars back PETA’s campaign
Do you know who has never received the Lamar Hunt trophy? Yeah, Lamar Hunt...and Clark Hunt
"I'm on the hunt, I'm after you! . I smell like I sound, I'm lost and I'm found. . And I'm hungry like the wolf!!!" https:/…
Gas $1.39 at Clark's by the Hunt Club Campus. Another reason to come to the HC for worship today!
How about investigating Clark Hunt and KC-side senators conspiracy to kill the NFL in STL.
Chiefs plan to market team in St. Louis following Rams move: There is a reason why Clark Hunt c...
One last hunt of the Missouri south zone!
especially the chiefs. Allegedly clark hunt lobbied hard for Kroenke in houston. Hunt won't get my support for chiefs or public $.
For STL fans who now plan to root for the Chiefs. Check out what Clark Hunt did at the owner meetings.
Clark Hunt voted for the Rams to move.
lol remember when Clark Hunt voted for the Rams to move
did it three times and got Hunt, Vettel and Clark? *** I guess I missed my calling😢😢
I'm saying it's a relaunch with modicum of retcon. Like in Titans Hunt and Lois And Clark recently.
Clark Hunt was 1 of the 2 owners to vote for the Rams to stay in STL
This does make the foreshortening of Lois & Clark and Titans Hunt more irritating if a June relaunch comes.
Using QR codes to do a Lewis and Clark scavenger hunt.
Not that Titans Hunt were anything impressive.. unlike the good vibe Lois & Clark brought.
-- Was really bad. The same when I heard that Titans Hunt as well as Lois & Clark were getting reduced to 8 issues.
Taiji: Boats are heading out to hunt for Dolphins. Think blue. 2016-22-01 6.45am https…
Some interesting detail regarding Clark Hunt in this story about the Rams’ move to L.A.:
Do you want to have a say on the bear and hunt in BC? Now is your chance
There goes adopting the Chiefs, Clark Hunt the only owner on the la committee in Kroeke's corner
the late Lamar Hunt and Clark Hunt blow this argument up. If u hire right it doesn't take being a resident to win.
Moss,Hunt,Clark & Sheene. British legends, every one of them.
So my puppy went on his first duck hunt...
NFL announced its 3 international games for 2016. The will not play there next year. (Clark Hunt hinted a possibility as visitors.)
Ethan Hunt, Jack Bauer, James Bond, jack Ryan, John Clark and Ding Chavez would put ISIS out to pasture in two weeks tops
Starters for the Cards: Jack Clark, Avery Hunt, Brendan Trump, Damon Trump and Sam Clark. Sam pickes up 2 quick fouls
Bonnie visits Dr. Clark's House at the Arboretum! Beechwood kids having fun on the OC Scavenger Hunt https:/…
On the way to the annual Croatian man hunt
How to set up an Easter egg hunt. 1. Get candy-filled eggs. 2. Eat candy in eggs. 3. Hide eggs for children . 4. Teach kid…
Ready to hunt? To win a signed paperback of the winner's choice, play my scavenger hunt and find the answers on...
The boys @ 2XU deserve their triumphs. Clyde Davenport, Jamie Hunt & Aidan Clark, worked and worked to get this bran…
IMO, Clark Hunt & Lamar Jr's latter approach did a lot to hurt Crew's position in city sports scene
Brussels on high alert as police hunt Paris attack fugitive...
Chiefs' Clark Hunt will meet with San Diego mayor over Chargers stadium issue
What did LA committee member/Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt say about joins me tonight on Sports XTRA
And this is news why exactly?! Is Clark Hunt the new NFL commissioner?!
Chiefs Clark Hunt met with Mayor Faulconer and was impressed with his drive to keep Chargers in SD. "Everyone respects what he is doing.''
Just talked with Clark Hunt -- Chiefs CEO and member of NFL relocation committee. On talking with Mayor Faulconer "We had a good meeting.''
Who has the best chance making a impact tonight DE Hunt or DE Clark or CB Dennard? MJ, Sims and Pacman are out.
So Clark Hunt likes the idea of the Rams moving to the AFC West.
ugh drive around and ask permission. Come down here and hunt with me lol
Britain calls in French to hunt Russian sub lurking off Scotland. At least 3rd time in 12 months
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
From Commissioner Clark: Please note that Aqua will continue to replace water mains on Hunt, Colt, Paddock and Gal… https…
>> Chiefs’ Clark Hunt gives vote of confidence to Andy Reid, John Dorsey
Clark Hunt says Andy Reid, John Dorsey will be back with Chiefs in 2016
GM John Dorsey and Andy Reid get a vote of confidence from Chiefs' chairman Clark Hunt
chairman Clark Hunt says he will stick with Andy Reid and John Dorsey for 2016, even if they …
Clark Hunt is VP of like international affairs and was asked to lead by example and send his team to London...He agreed...
It's official my cousin is cooler than me. Hey what's up hello Clark Hunt ❤️🏈
My weakness is Clark Bars. We didn't hunt any down this year because I don't want to do all the running to work 'em off.
Commissioner Goodell and Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt at Fan Forum event
'Going on a herring hunt, is going to be a good one' - of to Hastings Herring Festival for a few Silver Darlings
Chiefs fans gather in London to party on the team's tab - ESPN (blog): . Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt poured beve...
AP user bonesjackson, my wife, and Clark Hunt
. They sure were! A brilliant afternoon: friendly fans and got to say hi to Will Shields, Clark Hunt, Roger Goodell!
Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt is behind the bar pouring a beer for a fan.
.welcomes Commissioner Roger Goodell, Owner Clark Hunt and guests to Hotspur Way today.
"We'll have a pint of...". owner Clark Hunt pulls pints for Chiefs fans at a London local. 🍺
will John Dorsey and Andy Reid go to Clark Hunt and tell him they've made a mistake on Alex Smith? Or will they roll the dice?
.on air w/ & talking the recent failures of the Kansas City Chiefs, Clark Hunt & Andy Reid.
Clark Hunt's experiment with Andy Reid is a total disaster. No excuse for horrible play calling. None. Reid needs to go.
You think Clark Hunt can ask Andy Reid to take a leave of absence?
Clark Hunt thought he was bringing in winners with John Dorsey, Andy Reid, Bob Sutton, and Doug Pederson. So far, only one has come through.
If I'm Clark Hunt, I tell Andy to make changes this week or I'll do it for him.
This really is terrible news. Now, Clark Hunt had a good excuse when he doesn't this year.
One last thought for the day - if I'm Clark Hunt, I've seen enough of Bob Sutton, Andy Heck, Alex Smith - and especially Andy Reid.
Clark Hunt wants to win. He got an incredible GM in John Dorsey, and he has turned this roster from trash to contenders just three years.
thank god Clark Hunt gave up a home game. Who needs arrowhead stadium to win games.
President/CEO Mark Murphy gave a tour of the new Packers Hall of Fame to Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt.
But isn't this one lovely, Clark Hunt from Shoreditch.
Edition: Who was the first owner in franchise history?. a. Lamar Hunt. b. Clark Hunt. c. Jack Steadman
and cheap owners like Robert Kraft and Clark Hunt only want the league to be mediocre! They don't care about their clubs!
chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, Mitch Holthus, Tim Grunhard and Trent Green on the lunch panel at fantasy camp.
they're always late with stuff..skip the Clark Hunt or Mark Donovan interview and use time to talk about this instead
Meanwhile, it wasn't the best defensive series for Dee Ford, who jumped offsides while Clark Hunt was talking.
On in 5 min: latest on FB coach--still no deal for Bill Clark & gear up for a Class 6A Region 6 title hunt
Premier Christy Clark. Protect grizzly by banning the trophy hunt in BC. SIGN:
Big Hunt (upstairs probably) at 5:30 tomorrow. Me, team, and friends celebrating Social Security.
I'm thinking tomorrow at Big Hunt at 5:30pm. Me and colleagues will be there!
s agent Michael Lemon with owner of Clark Hunt and President Mark Donovan!…
Berry said hey, Clark Hunt & I had a conversation, and I got Fisher & Hali's autograph. Perfect way to start the season. 💛❤
Honest question, why is Sam Hunt considered country?
The CEO Clark Hunt is signing autographs for fans at training camp today
Chris Glass, David Clark, Jennifer Kay Hunt... I can see the future... Well... I can hear it...
8 Stages Of A Successful Job Hunt: No matter what your occupation or level of experience is, th... via
When I hear "Tinder for elites", I picture some of the people I saw when I worked the Hunt Cup
Dad only takes us to the best bars... Thanks for the heads up michaelclark245 @ Hunt & Fish Club at…
But I am on the hunt currently for the best birthday present ever for my best friend
says horror movies don't scare her. I have taken that as a challenge. The hunt begins for the one that finally scares her.
State of the Chiefs with Clark Hunt: Voice of the Chiefs, Mitch Holthus, sat down with Chairman and CE...
Clark Hunt champions the creation of an FCD USL team.
[NFL: Kansas City Chiefs] - State of the Chiefs with Clark Hunt
.needs a stable franchise like his hometown to bring him in. Coach Reid, Clark Hunt & his fam/friends can help him.
cole Sorry for the witch hunt arranged by Fox News who was the loser. You all just made people support Trump more.
Fangio, Clark and James Hunt... Very different characters, but all legends!
Clark Hunt pleased with where organization is at
This debate makes me long for the likes of Pierre Trudeau and Joe Clark.
Clark Hunt is probably the only NFL owner who can hit this 33-yard FG. Impressive
[The Kansas City Star] - Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt on Eric Berry, Justin Houston and the schedule
[NFL: Kansas City Chiefs] - Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt is “Optimistic” About the Team’s Chances in 2015
[SB Nation: Arrowhead Pride] - Clark Hunt was asked a a great question about the Chiefs trip to London
The new PAT distance seems pretty far. ..well not for Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt. WATCH:
“He truly embodies everything we want our players to be,” Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt on Will Shields. [
ever hear of Bartholomew & Hunt? Two lesser know explorers who competed with Lewis & Clark!
In case you hadn’t noticed, one Hunt brother is slightly more athletic-looking than the other -> (via
Kansas City Chiefs : Videos - Clark Hunt pleased with where organization is at:
Clark Hunt says Chiefs have no policy regarding players charged with crimes
Clark Hunt pleased with where organization is at - Official Site
Statement from Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt on the Passing of Jack Steadman -
Happy to see Clark Hunt having fun. That would never have happened under Pioli.
Hey, look far right: it's Hats off to Clark Hunt & Co. for honoring recently retired KC sports journo.
Jonathan Kraft, Clark Hunt and Greg Kerfoot are the owners in the room, from what has been reported.
Brady Quinn better than Cassel Chase better than Alex. Clark Hunt let it happen.
Statement from Chairman & CEO Clark Hunt on the passing of Ann Mara. READ:
Several NFL owners are here: Arthur Blank (with elbow brace), Dan Rooney, Clark Hunt ...
Clark Hunt and John Dorsey Travel to Meet with Eric Berry - Official Site
Clark Hunt you better do whatever it takes to make sure Justin Houston gets a new Chiefs contract.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
I just sent Clark Hunt some money to contribute toward the Keep Justin Houston fund. Don't mess this up.
Clark Hunt, like his dad, is a cheap *** Lamar Hunt is loved in the NFL but he was awful when it came to his own team
Clark Hunt and Alex Smith had private talk in locker room. It ended with Hunt saying "Keep your head up."
Eric Berry loves the red on red look. His teammates went to Clark Hunt & Andy Reid for permission to wear them, which w…
Taiji: 11 boats leaving to hunt for Dolphins.
Here's what Clark Hunt said 3 years ago about a Chiefs game in London
~ Legends such as Hunt, Senna, Clark, Stewart, Lauda, Fittipaldi, Piquet...have raced at Oulton Park...can feel the history man! ~
Wishin I was at sam hunt w my frans
Is this the beginning of the end which the Tory party has preyed for since the 1940s. Seems like it!
Gratitude to for making hunt of a lifetime. & Randy Clark.
A4: Scavenger Hunt coming up this Monday. Lewis & Clark Expedition. Had a Hunt earlier. Ss loved it
The Scavenger Hunt guide for Lewis & Clark on Monday
HRH's cardiopulmonary department presented fellow employee Tim Clark a $1000 check today for
11 vessels out to hunt for another day. Good energy for the dolphins. 6:09am
hey Clark, can I take a quick nap in your private suite? I ate a lot of BBQ.
Danielle Clark, Cody Weaver and Ademilson Ds welcome to the HUNT!
Im just tryna go to some remote hunting camp for like a week with no phone service and just hunt whitetail every day
much like when Clark Hunt wouldn't let Reid get on plane to AZ, ownership can't let Lester leave meeting w/o contract.
Taiji: Boats leaving the harbour to hunt for Dolphins.
.chairman Clark Hunt said the team is surrendering a 2015 home game to help Kansas City get a Super Bowl.
Taiji: Boats are leaving to hunt for Dolphins. 2014-11-12 6.15am
.chairman Clark Hunt says his team’s going to London and forfeiting a home game to help KC land a Super Bowl.
Clark Hunt :This takes care of Chiefs' obligation to London for 'short run' -
The AAR is doing a stuffed animal treasure hunt at the annual meeting. So, you know, there's that.
I'm not saying they will, but Clark Hunt is a well-placed owner, it's a (relatively) small price to pay for a power play
Donovan emphatically denied that going to London had anything to do with KC hosting a Super Bowl. Now Clark Hunt says that's the main reason
Clark Hunt & Mark Donovan probably should've touched base before the had Donovan answer questions last week...
Hunt mentioned that going to London is now a prerequisite for hosting a Super Bowl --
Pro Football Talk: joshalper - The NFL announced that the Chiefs will be the “home” team for one of the 2015 seaso...
Clark Hunt: It’s a question of when, not if, you lose a home game to London: The NFL announced that the C...
domain names
Did Clark Hunt really just use a One Direction concert as justification for losing a Chiefs game? Is there much fan overlap?
Clark Hunt never bought a $7 beer or sat in nose bleed seats in his life. His dad cared about the fans and the city.
Clark Hunt's dream: the Chiefs playing in London while wearing the Dallas Texans uniforms.
Sam Mellinger goes all in on Clark Hunt, Chiefs for playing in London:
On Clark Hunt, the Chiefs playing in London, and spinning the unspinnable:
Guys, KC ain't getting no *** Super Bowl. But Clark Hunt is getting richer and the fans are getting screwed. What a tot…
Chiefs fans can howl, but Clark Hunt and NFL controlled 2015 ...
““Sam Hunt is gonna be at Toadlick this year.. Heck yes!!” 🙌😍” 😱😍👏🙌
Chiefs fans can whine, but Clark Hunt and NFL controlled 2015 London game - Kansas City Star…
Craig Stout bout to get more backlash than Clark Hunt.
Is Clark Hunt the worst owner in the NFL?
let's not forget this is the same Clark Hunt who hired Scott Pioli and used his family fortune to jazz up his personal suite
Standing in place of Clark Hunt today: Mark Donovan. The dude knows how to take a bullet, I guess.
.nails this one- Clark Hunt taints what has been a positive season for Hunt is a useful ***
Clark Hunt should read this article during one of his private jet flights between Dallas and KC:
I envisioned his column more Marlo-like, Regardless, is ready to step on Clark Hunt
Sam on Clark Hunt is A. great and B.) best read w/ Jim Ross voiceover. "Oh my God! No! He killed him!"
The Chiefs will continue to try to spin the unspinnable, but Clark Hunt just chose other owners over his own fans.
“Clark Hunt took a home game away from the loudest outdoor stadium in the world and sent it to London. What a boob.
it's already dicking us giving us 7 home games. Terrible move by Clark Hunt
Clark Hunt can feel free to kiss my *** Send the nobody shows up to watch them anyway.
Hunt family owns a lot of land in Jackson County not to mention the Chiefs. Dude basically works for Clark Hunt
It's not indicative of Clark Hunt's apathy towards Chiefs fans
3rd year being a STH & will be my last. Clark only cares about his $ and so do I. Also, I'm not available 2 talk just like Hunt
Did Clark Hunt give a reason for sacrificing a home game to play in London? Or is he putting us at a competitive disadvantage just for kicks
Clark Hunt is the chairman of the international committee. Explains a lot.
This is Clark Hunt giving the finger to tax payers who helped pay for stadium renovations to keep the team from moving.
: clark hunt isnt losing a home game either and were playing the Lions. Honestly if i had to give up a home game...
: clark hunt is the committee chair on international. So put 2 and 2 together and you figure out why this happend.
FWIW, I'm told Clark Hunt will not be answering questions on this today. Trying to get Chiefs to change their minds on thi…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
11/6/14 Thought # 332: Hey, Christy Clark, do something honorable and spearhead legislation to end the grizzly hunt.
Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt and team President Mark Donovan are visiting fans at the United Way tailgate!
A great hunt with last year's Cabela's Awesome Upland Road Trip winner Mark van Tilburg at Clark, SD. We hunted...
After James Hunt yesterday, here's Jackie and Jimmy enjoying an ice cream!
An unconventional private investigator is drawn into serial killer hunt. suspense thriller
I mean i got price cags clark and hunt to squad up with every once in a while but
October is Texas School Principal Month!. Thank you Ms. Burruel, Mrs.Clark, Mr. Hunt, Mr. Ross and Mrs. Sanderson for all you do for GHS!
Some other new capital region reeves are Jackie Hunt in Ritchot , Dwayne Clark in St. Francois Xavier, Robert Rivard in Tache.
Clark Hunt does everything the right way. Glad he finally put right GM/HC in place to be successful.
Chiefs' Clark Hunt is actually shorter than Cairo Santos and De-Anthony Thomas. Wow.
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