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Clark County Fair

The Clark County Fair is an annual ten day event held at the Clark County Event Center at the Fairgrounds in Ridgefield, Washington.

Chris Young Best Party Motley Crue

Greene County Fair on July 29th to see & Ummm yes please. :) We love some Cla…
Just heard that Def Leppard and KISS will be at the Clark County Fair. wut
LONESTAR/RODEO tickets for the Clark County Fair!! All you have to do to register is post a comment and tag a friend. If you and that friend LIKE our page... YOUR ENTERED!! Good luck!!
Had a dream last night that & I were staying at the Clark County fair and our trailer was a port-a-potty
Clark County is having a FREE DIY fair tomorrow (March 15th) from 9 - 4pm at Clark Colleges Gaiser Hall!
Can't wait for the Clark County Fair to start
I have been chosen by K99.1 FM in Dayton Ohio to compete in the Texaco Country Showdown at the Clark County Fair...
Clark County Fair will always be the best fair around no matter what.
Blah blah blah take me to the Clark County Fair I'm broke ;c
It’s the Fair Manager John Morrison's birthday and he wants to give one fan a Family Four Pack (admission for two adults and two kids) to the Clark County Fair! Enter today for your chance to win:
Today is the Clark County Fair Manager's birthday! Please help us wish John Morrison a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I really wanna get a group together and go to Clark county fair 😊🎒🎠🎑
So excited for the Clark County fair, I'm gonna eat so many fried foods and go on all the rides!! πŸ˜„πŸŽ‘πŸŽ 
Clark county fair ... Home of the worst roller coaster known to man
I can't wait for Clark County fair.
Want to get a cool t-shirt and a ticket to the Clark County Fair? There is an all day blood drive at the...
they aren't that expensive. He's playing at the Clark county fair I believe in September. I haven't bought yet my tix
Only 37 more days until the Clark County Fair!
Gaynors Automotive is now a sponsor of the 2013 Clark County Fair! Welcome to the team!
I spy with my eye one of the Clark County Fair's new C-TRAN bus ads! Keep an eye out for these around town, and...
I was just looking at the flyer for this year's Clark County Fair & it says nothing about a "free gate night"? Are they not doing that this year? Also, no mention what so ever about a carnival? Just curious what's up...
In memory of my dad. Today is one of the hardest days for me and my family. I cannot describe how much I wanted kayden to have his grandpa in his life and for him to have kayden. I can picture him taking kayden hunting and the smile sharing that experience with him would bring. I still remember going on his own "meccas" to his holy land, bladen county. It was so hot, and even though we had ac, burning alive on those blue vinyl seats was part of the experience. Or walking waist deep through a snake infested swamp. He never made things easy, usually doing the right thing isn't. That preperation helped me endure some of my own life experiences. After my accident I woke up every day wanting to give up. It was so hard not being able to swallow my food or walk to the bathroom. To feel alone when u needed people the most. To have such passion for living and than having a doctor say you can no longer do the things you live for. I remember Len Clark coming to visit me when I got out of the hospital. That meant so ...
Can Christina Hoguilera bring home the bacon at the Clark County Fair?: Announcer Zach Johnson lays out the only rule: The winn...
Guess who just won tix to your concert in August at the Clark County Fair in Washington??? Yep. ME! :) So Stoked.
I'm not going to say that my wife is better looking than yours, but she did win cutest baby at the 1928 Clark County Fair.
Alrighty, it's almost that time. Later tonight we will the draw our first (of several, wot!) winners for the 10-day Free admission pass to the 2013 Clark County Fair. You know, you ought to share this post with your friends, cause maybe if they win, you get karma points. :) Hit the link (in the first comment), email goes out to winner in the AM! Watch for even more fun next month!
Me: Have you ever been to a rodeo? : No, well just the Clark County Fair and Rodeo. *Ten seconds later* Oh and the NFR.
You know how much the Clark County Fair loves a good contest. Especially when it's one of our own. Check out the...
Dan and I took off this morning for Pahrump to the Fall Fair & Festival. It was okay, but nothing like the Clark County Fair, or the Pomegranate Festival (or the Tanana Valley Fair, or the Alaska State Fair)! Unfortunately, we didn't get to see any of the arts & crafts because the exhibit didn't open until 3pm. elephant ears! Dang! :-(
i have two tickets to kiss and Motley Crue .clark county fair grounds starts at seven tonight I paid eighty will sell for sixty or best offer
And the countdown begins to the Motley Crue and Kiss concert. Live tonight at the Clark County Fair! We will be there center stage!
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My good friend Stephen and I are going to go see Kiss and Motley Crue at the Clark County Fair tomorrow. We are going to go early to experience fair life. I came up witha great game we could play that is like the slugbug game we all use to play on roadtrips as kids but instead of VW's we would play for buttcracks, fannypacks and toothlessness. It would be called the buttcrack/fannypack whack and take one on the chin for the toothless grin. Then we thought that the odds of seeing these specimens was pretty great and we'd end up beating the crap out of each games tomorrow. .if I see a good buttcrack I still may hit Stephen though.
Well what's done is and what isn't, isn't. Put in the time, put in the effort and definitely in the money. Now its timevti enjoy the fruits on labor. Clark county fair grounds, 3:30 is go time. Let's do this! Go Baby Go!
Had an awesome night with Robbie DeLauder at Clark county fair and Rodeo with great friends Bobi Jo and BriAnna and Sophie!!
I would rather drown than go to the Clark County Fair.n1zIQ5
really really really wants to go to the Clark County fair tonight!!
Right after the drop ride. Asked Nathan and Jacob if they wanted to go on it again and they said it was fun, but once was enough!! I was still LMAO at their faces on the way down!
my whole dads side:) & I know perfect weather for the Clark county fair that I missed /:
There are always some interesting characters that come out to the Clark County Fair. I wanted to make a page where we could all share the awesome pictures!
Clark county fair is full of rednecks u won't catch my black *** out there they mite try to hang a ***
Last weekend to get to the Clark County Fair !
Clark County Fair is finally OVER! 7days/1 week of Fun! Now im watching llamas and horses graze. Im happy there happy. Comment if you enjoy watching your animals alot.
It was nice seeing my dad in my dream last night, it had been a while. We went on a few fair rides. You know what the funny thing is? I think the clark county fair started yesterday. Maybe it's his way of saying that it's ok i didn't go together because nether could he. This way we kind of went together.
We went to the CLARK COUNTY FAIR on Sunday and it was a ton of fun. Even the monster truck show was very awesome. I had an awesome time. Glad we went on the last day
Thank you to all of you who came and saw us at Clark County Fair! It was a great success and a fun time for everyone!
These are my 3 young white hens that my husband and I entered at the Clark County Fair last week. They each got a blue ribbon!
Roger smashes the RV during freestyle at the Clark County Fair.
Been a busy few weeks. Oregon Air Show, 8th AFHS meeting, Supertramp Concert, Clark County Fair - I think I took over 500 photos and videos in the last three weeks.
For many folks, the Clark County Fair might be over, but for these young women, the Fair-related activities are...
I think I might enter into the photography contest for the Clark County Fair next year. :)
Yeah-I survived working 10 days at the Clark County Fair! It was fun but a lot of work! Now back to reality-laundry, fb, grocery shopping & working out. So glad I have today to rest & relax. Happy Monday everyone!
Jeff and Breck manning our booth Clark County Fair. Thanks to our graduates for stopping by and saying Hi to us!
Took Miss Riley to the Clark County Fair yesterday. Highlights included her starring in a kiddie stage show (you can see a video of one of their shows at, seeing a baby lion, feeding various ruminants at the petting zoo, and riding a ferris wheel.
Woot! Woot! THANK YOU VANCOUVER!!! We did it! Andy and Cody want to thank all 300 + volunteers that came out and made this event happen! A special thanks to some very special people: Kimberly, Tammy, Todd, Sam, Scott, Larry, Chris, Robert, Eric. Shout-out to Chrystalrose our Volunteer Coordinator and Little Rusty the Entertainment director. We want to thank our many brew sponsors and Major Event Sponsors: The Rock Wood Fired Pizza and Spirits, Unified Grocers, Whole Foods Market, and The Brew 105.9 FM. Now put the second weekend of August on your calendar for next year cuz the party will only be better!!! yep, that's right, the Second Annual Vancouver Brewfest is already in the works and since we're focused on continuous improvement it's sure to be even better!! Cheers! ~ Andy and Cody
A great day at the Clark County Fair with the grandkids. It does not get any better.
Yo i want to go to Clark county fair who is going
Congratulations to the newest members of the Clark County Fair Court, Queen Katie Suritt, Princess Sarah McKinzie, and Princess Alexa Valdez. You all worked so hard for these titles. Enjoy the craziness of the year ahead. It will be an experience never duplicated. To all of you who tried out and were not chosen for this years court, please know you all did amazing jobs and take from this year's try-out to build on for next year's. There were absolutely no failures, there were just not yet timings. Congrats especially to second daughter Sarah, I am so proud of you and the grace and poise you showed throughout the grueling week of try-outs. It is easy to look beautiful on the outside, you showed how to show beauty both on the outside as well as the inside. A special congratulations as well to your real mom Shannon Mckinzie-Scott. You may not get the title, but know you also were an essential part of obtaining it. Boy... do we have some planning to do. Brittney Williams and I look forward to the yea ...
Pick up my stuff from Clark County Fair today. Now I just have to wait for the Skamania Fair to open to see what ribbons I've one.
Just got a Miami heat lanyard at the Clark county fair in Washington !! :)
Met so many chill, funny, amazing people these past two weeks. Clark County Fair, see ya next summer!
Just had a blast at the Clark county fair.
Such a great weekend - Saturday we had our final ride for the season with Diamond Dust Drill Team at the Clark County Fair and had great rides at my favorite competition! Plus, its so fun to share it with family and friends. Thanks to all who came out to cheer us on! Today I got to celebrate my newphews 2nd birthday with friends and fmaily too! Going to bed feeling very blessed!
Had a great day today...went to the Clark County Fair for a bit..Then went to was awsome...
At the Clark county fair and got ditched twice so far!! By my cousins and my cousins friend !! I'm so sad and bored!!
I have never been so glad to be home from the Clark County Fair. We had been there since Wednesday. Ashley Catania showed her 3 lambs and auctioned off 2 of them. She did good. We are so proud of her!! Now time to get her packed and off to Walla Walla Comm. College in a couple of weeks!
well I missed the Clark county fair again this year. Is it worth the $10. admission?
Had a great time at clark county fair :)
Family time :-) at the Clark County Fair wit my hubby n kiddos. lucky kids its the last day.. Hope you,all enjoy ur day...
Had an awesome day with the kids at Clark County Fair. Boy was it HOT.
Time to call it a day at Clark County Fair! It's a wrap?
Clark County Fair with these folks Amy, and Alana
At Clark county fair with my boo n kids. About to have a blast! I deleted my fb so hacked my boo's
To all my family and friends that wished me a happy birthday yesterday, thank you. I spent a great day with the love of my life, we went to the Clark county fair, what a letdown, it was nothing like either one of us remembers. The FFA building were we met 34 years ago is gone. Still we had a great time.
At Clark county fair and made a sore on my foot # walking ***
This reminds me of a trip to the zoo when I was about 17, except the elephant had two trunks. At least that was what I thought at first glance. Of course when I realized my mistake, I was so mortified I wanted to hide in my purse. Then a few years ago I was looking at some Morgans at the Clark County fair in Washington. Those naughty boys! The things went up and down like yo-yos!
One of my favorite days of the year. Today is the last day of the Clark County Fair, nothing like spending the last 10 days with 250,000 other people.
Just had 4 fabulous days with Seth Saemann/we got Chinese food, pizza, carnival food/ went to Omsi,rode a submarine/went to Clark County Fair/ went to Oaks Park/ had friends over for Tripoly,ate more junk food/played games/ Seth is a wonderful young man with an amazing I need a Vitamin B shot!!!
Had a great time with Alicia Damewood and Justin n Kylie Clark County Fair
Tires burn in woods near Clark County Fair
It was hot when I went to the clark county fair on the 25th of july.
Did clark county fair all week now back to business drop in class tomorrow 6pm soulja,7pm J-DASH,8PM NIKKIE.
At the fair tonight with the family @ Clark County Fairgrounds
Talk about a bad way to end a fun weekend. ball joint broke on my truck on the way home from the Clark county fair. not a good night :'(
You've got one more chance to enjoy an awesomelicious evening at the Clark County Fair. It's our last day, and...
Clark County Fair yesterday, it's like a time machine...exactly the same as when I was a its too hot, too dusty, too crowded, two hundred dollars, too long.see you next year.
don't let that swatch of culture at the fair represent Clark county. In reality it's much worse.
Thinking about going to the clark county fair with my wife and kids...anybody know of any coupons or where to get discounted tickets?
M spending the day w/ ma son "Justin" @ the Clark county fair in Washington, so I'm off to da rides & rednecks.Ye~freakin'~haw
Clark county fair anyone? Sean has a few passes left and today is the last day. I am here now aand phoebe will be doing dock dogs jumping at 3. Give either one us a call.
Going to Clark County Fair for the first time! if your going!!(;
Clark county fair today. Can't wait!
we went for a drive yesterday to go to a pond and find turtles, yet we ended up at the Clark county fair.Keith rode the ride that goes 300 hundred feet up, at over 100 miles an hour 5 Gs. There was no way in *** i was going to ride! Gavyn yelled at papa, "get down papa, get out of the sky!" LOL Keith loved the ride, and did it again.
If u r concerned about impact of GMO foods on our health visit Booth160 (PsoriasisFree) Clark County Fair to support Movie
Getting ready to go to the Clark County Fair and cheer on as she fights for the crown of Miss Clark County.
The attractive people at the Clark County Fair count predicted yesterday at 7 +/- 2. Final count: 6. Coleman-Marshall: honest accuracy
my 50plus site sponsored the Clark County fair and I've got some free tickets to burn. Guess I'll head up there today.
Second Sunday of some car smashing... at the clark county fair..ok Rocky Rhoades I guess this makes me a true red neck..LOL... missing Jacie Staley..
Welcome to Day 10, our Final Day (sniff, sniff) of this years Clark County Fair. Wow. Time flies when you're...
Clark County Fair with my baby today!! So stoked!
One. More. Day. Today is the last day to get out and enjoy the Clark County Fair and it's Monster Truck Day! Get...
going to last day at clark county fair. Hot, hot sun and lots of drinkers. Monster trucks and lots of hicks. lol
Last day of the Clark county fair.who is stopping.g by to say Hi? I am at ths booth until 2pm...then walking around with my family. :-)
I guess I should of read more closely!! Clark county fair Ridgewood,WA site was on
At the Clark County Fair today handing out samples of Choffy, what a great life I have!
Clark County Live! is all about the People, Places, Activities and Events that make Vancouver USA and Clark County such an awesome place to call home. Clark County Live! is your one-stop resource for what’s happening in the neighborhood... around the corner and up the street. So join the convo. Be...
Morning life I'm thinking the Clark county fair today! Woohoo
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is there any good discounts for Clark County Fair, like printable coupons or last day discounts, trying to take kids, and family and try to get all value for my dollars!! Any Suggestions?
And so ends my term of employment for the Clark County Fair. Loved the work, wish I coulda done more. Know where to go from here now!
Headed out to Clark county fair right now. Last day but it's only been 31 years since we have x flys ❀
Here's the winner from the Monster truck show at the Clark county fair. Check out the perfect cookie he spun at the end!
I had a wonderful evening with my boyfriend, his cousin and my sister at the Clark County Fair and at the river Front, I enjoyed every minute of it. I LOVE YOU BRAULIO
Tv jus finished up at the Clark County Fair tonight!. Thanks to everyone that was out there and got a chance to...
Tv. born in Brooklyn New York, came to Vancouver, Wa. in his early years. Having struggled with family crisis' and life issues that brought him here, he has matured into an outstanding young man. Tv. seeks harmony among people, he's very open and friendly. As the class clown of his High School Br...
Well had a great night at the monster trucks with the hubby and bethani and gson james. And my beautiful daughter, heather. and my wonderful son in law brandon and friend aaron. was so cool love the monster trucks at the clark county fair. pics to come later. the fair was awesome and we rode in a monster fire truck, what a blast ! well time for nite nite, so much fun, makes me tired. :)
Saw our future husbands at the Monster Truck Mash at the Clark County Fair today.
Clark county fair was fun today, hanging out with my bestest bestie Korin :)
Lovin it! In my bed after 2 great shows this weekend, started in Longview WA. at The Electric Bean. Finished at the Clark County Fair this afternoon. Thank you Lord for all the new friends made and for the support of old ones! A couple weeks off than working on our new parody called Can You Handle The Truth of Peter Frampton's Do You Feel Like We Do, the full 13 min. live version for our Cd release party on Sept. 8th at Clark County Christian Center. Nite friends
Great show today at the Clark County Fair! Thanks to all of those who came out. It was extremely cool to gain some new fans of all ages . . . honestly we just appreciate the continued support. Good things ahead!
Just got back from Clark County Fair. Besides horribly tweaking my back on that drop ride, my wife and I had a blast =D
Rick saw our first shooting star tonight!! But that might be it for us.. :( ...must get our rest, early start tomorrow, working the clark county fair. UGH, I hope it don't get as hot as I think its going to get...But nevertheless, we're looking forward to a day at the fair with my girls and Ice Cream ... and maybe Rick in the cow costume again ;)
Good day on the river , hit the Clark county fair and now nitro circus 3D. So stoked!
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Another blessed and good night for me,clark county fair cracks ***
Had a great time at the Clark County Fair today with Todd Reed Norine Reed. Lots of cows, horses, rabbits and my personal favorite, chickens. Good food, monster trucks, quilts etc. No I didn't go on any rides , it was ...uh...too hot?
Fantastic time at Clark County Fair with Kaylie Sabrina and Emerson - crazy rides, dock dogs, vanilla milkshakes, horse show, barnyard animals - and um, yeah, stare contest with a goat - he blinked - I totally won.
What a gorgeous day at the Clark County Fair! I've been coming here for 30+ years and counting!
Clark County Fair for the first time! With
We took thomas to the clark county fair today for the first time...we had fun.:) Next year though we are bring items to make the event a lil more comfortable for a lil a wagon or stroller! We wore the lil guy out walking :( he was a lil cranky towards the end.
Spent a large part of the day at the Clark County Fair.Hilarious.Oh you humor me.
A great time at the Clark county fair
One more day of the Clark County Fair. One more chance to win. Our Monster Trucks contest ends at 6AM Sunday. You...
Just got home from Clark county fair! Boy oh boy, was there a ton of glad to be home..I did love looking at all the animals though...I need a goat!!
The girls wanted to go clothes browsing (retail therapy).,they loved it.Didnt know they started so early. They had a blast,.i survived. Then, we went to Clark County Fair. Love those girls :-)
Trying to figure out if I should get hypnotized at the Clark county fair in Vancouver
On our way to the Clark County Fair!
Awesome day at Clark County fair with all the family!!! Heading home now, so tired!
At The Clark County Fair sold my sheeep for $2.00 a pound! Sheep weighed in at 125 pounds!
At the Clark County Fair Watching the rodeo with my lovely wife (not in the photo).
Okay why am I not at the Clark county fair right now?
Oaks park down now shoppin before clark county fair tonight at 9pm
Ok Well it is off to the Clark County Fair, I hope there is something good going on there today. I trying to convince Jess that we can go around and jump the fence like I did when I was a kid to get into the fair, but she doesn't want to jump the fence. See you there if you are going to be there today.
Got back from the clark county fair going back later!
Went to the clark county fair and the kids had a blast riding on the rides and even got their picture taken with a little monkey. Bart had fun talking to people that he saw. Bought him something that he wanted. I had a blast. Saw my sister, two nephews, jazzy and brad. Can't wait for the 20th of october.
Went to clark county fair and saw some awsome stuff. The bunnys were so cute.
I know realize why I hate coming to the Clark County Fair. It's not because of heat, smells or the volume of people, but because of the parking staff and how they park people. Might have been nice to have signs showing the exit too.
Battle Ground NAPA just bought a HOG at the Clark county Fair JLA AUCTION bought from Trevor Levanen! Believe me that's SOME PIG!
Very disappointed :( i have been so excited to go to the county fair today.. but today has come and i cant afford to go. Not feeling it today:(
Anyone won't to go to clark county fair with me?
Clark county fair with my teammates, look for us if your going
Leave early to come to the wedding! There will be traffic from the Clark county fair.
gonna have a blast today:) going to the clark county fair today gettin ready at my new apartment:) and i found out yesterday i got into my class i wanted to at LCC so now im starting school september 21 :D
I had an exultant time at the Clark County fair last night with my girlfriend and son hope to do it again soon
Clark county fair this evening here I come!! Woot woot! Who else is going?
Welcome to Day 9 at the Clark County Fair. Did someone say the Monsters were in the house? :) Yep. Two shows, 2:00 and 6:30, in the 99.5 The Wolf Grandstand. With great Fair weather and a whole bunch of activities, People's Community Federal Credit Union Day at the Fair is bound to be a blast! Hope to see you here!
Taking the kids to the Clark county fair today. Should be fun except the heat might get in the way.
Working the Monster Trucks @ The Clark County Fair; free in the grandstands with paid admission. Two days left. Monster trucks tomorrow as well, starts at 2:00pm and 6:30pm. New this year beer and wine allowed in the grandstand area!
performed a great set at the Clark County Fair yesterday! Gearing up to invade the Tonic Lounge tomorrow night!
Man I never can sleep in on weekends. Oh well going to a good weekend, Clark county fair for the monster trucks with Jessikah Runyon Adam Wilcox Elizabeth Marie Runyon. Then Sunday Oregon bite with jessikah Adam and Linda.
At the Clark county fair seeing my baby girl show her chickens. I have missed her!
Saturday yeah! Heading to the Clark County Fair. I'm looking for a good corndog.
Headed to the Clark County Fair this afternoon. Excited to see how my pictures did in the professional class. Of course I will have my camera in tow. Will be looking for people shots of those doing one of America's greatest traditions; Going to the fair!
Clark county fair today with my beautiful wife and my son who is growing up a little everyday
Kristie racing my 64 scout at the Clark county fair tuff trucks 1st run
Oh Yeah, Wisconsin!!! We're in it all the way baby!!! Come celebrate with the Republican Party of Clark County,(WI) at the Clark County Fair in Neillsville!!! Aug 9 - 12, 2012
On may way to pick up Sheri Renae Silvers to go cabrewing. Then to the clark county fair for the tugs. Going to watch Chad Dennison raise some *** Hammer down brotha.
Had a grand time at da pulls at the clark county fair and even got to the four seasons in time for one.
2 more nights at the Clark county fair. Ending it by going on the slingshot
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Spent some time at the Clark County Fair GOP booth. Met some great conservatives who are anxious to get our country back on track. Enjoyed visiting with Senator Don Benton and Rep Paul Harris. We are lucky to have them working for us.
Went to the Clark County Fair tonight and the Truck Pulls...Great Event.
Headin to the clark county fair for the weekend. Let the party begin!!
At Clark County Fair in Vancouver Washington with Suzanne. We will go to the Oregon State Fair in a couple of weeks.
Its Friday thank god. busy weekend shopping for the shower tomorrow and wedding then home by 1 to get ready for payton to come and then off the the clark county fair Miranda received 2nd place for the fairest of the fair they change it this year. then the shower sunday and fitting for dresses. busy weekend. Brenda Czubakowski
Never been to Clark county fair not a good start 6 bucks to park and the. Walk 4 miles what the ***
Any one wanna go to the clark county fair?
Come check out our Amfam booth tomorrow at the Clark County Fair. I'll be working from 3:30-7:30, (it's next to the dog show). See you there!
Lucky Bunch Farms, most of the produce we sell, received 19 blue ribbons from the Clark County Fair for their amazing produce!
I had a great 3 days with the family in woodland, kicked back-relaxed and went to the clark county fair :):)
Yeah, that's cool. No, I mean YEAH. As in 'Youth Efforts Against Hunger.' A great program from local youth to help members of our community who may be less fortunate. With thousands of pounds of meat donated to local food banks, the folks involved with YEAH are making a difference right here in our community. Find out more as part of the JLA right here at the Clark County Fair. The JLA auction is Saturday at 11:00.
- Prayer at the Fair - I'll be at the Clark County Fair all afternoon praying with & for whoever asks. Prayer booth is at the east end of the commercial building. Come join me.
Off to work the TUFF TRUCKS @ The Clark County Fair Grandstands: free with admission at 2:00pm and 6:30pm. Come check it out!
Final role call...for those of you who want to come see a show Clark County Fair Tuff Trucks...shows at 2 and 6:30...keep an eye out for yours truly in the Riptide 00 GRAND CHEROKEE co-sponsored by Designs of all there!!!
Okay.It's Clark County fair tonite with the family.I like the fair but hate the crouds.yuk.!
Landon had fun meeting Rojo the llama at the fair yesterday!
Clark County Fair thanks to my cousin! I've never been before.
Pedis and the Clark County fair with my girls today. Anyone been to the fair yet? Is it worth it this year??
going to take the day off and go to the Clark County Fair. should be fun...
Spectacular Rides are rides which are the most expensive to acquire. These rides are also the most exhilarating and are normally geared towards teens and adults. Spectacular rides are high capacity, in that they can hold and seat numerous patrons in a very efficient manner. Plus because they are oft...
I've spent the last couple of days at the Fair working with the Fine Arts group, and have come to a life changing conclusion: The folks in charge of traffic and parking have absolutely no knowledge of what they're doing or how event traffic/parking should be managed. They argue with you when you tell them you can't walk a mile (ok, maybe it's only a half mile) over rough field. Orange cones going every which-a-way with little rhyme or reason. Attendant waving you into one of 5 EMPTY entrance lanes (You CAN'T go anywhere else, duh). One sign says I-5 North the next says I-5 North/South and the next says I-5 South . yep, all in the same lane. Seriously? Maybe no more Clark County Fair for this old guy.
Welcome to Day 8 of the Clark County Fair. It's Fred Meyer Kids Day, with admission for kids 7-12 only $5 (from...
Who's down for the Clark County Fair tonight?! I'm fuggin stoked. :)
It was great spending time with my family a clark county fair yesterday. Wylene and her horse did awesome. She won 2 first place and 2 second place ribbons gaming. I'm a Proud Grandma today!
Yay, its Friday...think I'll take the kids to the Clark county fair tomorrow :-)
Last few days at he Clark County Fair. Come on out and see us !
Hey does anyone wanna go to Clark County Fair tomorrow morning?
Fiday morning and I'm just relaxing as Terry has a Doctor's app't. Today think we are going to the Clark County Fair and while we are there going to a car race. Don't know all the details yet will find out when Terry gets back. I'm really having a fantastic time and the weather is great and cool.
Dinner with friends .nails.glasses shopping...clark county fair.and that's not even including Sunday .whew!
Get to see my grandchildren who live in Baker City this weekend. Taking Kenzie and Connor to the Clark County fair. I am so happy to get to see them. Miss both of them so much.
Spent the day at the Clark County Fair with Amber and grandsons. The boys rode every ride many times and had so much fun. I miss the free big name concerts.
First time ever that I went to the Clark County Fair and didn't see someone I grew up with. Where was everybody?
Goin to the clark county fair tomorrow:D
Just me, or did the Clark County Fair kinda blow this year?
Watching the kids on the rides at the Clark County Fair.
This year marks the 40th year of our family raising and showing southdowns!! I am proud to say this past weekend at the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield, Washington we had four generations of our family showing their sheep (Grandma, Aunt Patty, Kasidy and little Joshua). This show boasts the largest southdown show in the Pacific Northwest (6 exhibitors) and we were proud to have our little Zinnia be named reserve champion ewe. We often times forget that it's not about winning, but those times we get to have fun with our family and friends that count the most. We know our family has fun. We hope everyone else does as well!
`Went to the Clark County Fair today. `Haven't been to the CCF in a long, LONG time. Much has changed. Must is the same. I, however, appear to be TOO OLD for carnival rides. `Doesn't take much AT ALL these days to send my inner ear into a panic and put me on the brink of blowing chunks. Rides that I used to love as a kid (Tilt-A-Whirl, for example) should now be called "The Vomitron" or "The Inqueasyator". Clearly, I'm not a kid any more. ( : 6) Fortunately, there was plenty of other things to see and to do and to have done to me. And it was a nice day... so... I call that a victory.
Anyone down for the clark county fair on saturday?
Gonna be at the Clark County Fair tomorrow! I wonder why it's still fun to visit even though it's pretty much the same stuff every year...
Favorite moment at the Clark County Fair tonight: "hey! you're tall like my Grandpa!" Grant shouts up at the giant 12 foot clown on stilts. Brad Hill
At the Clark County Fair watching the demolition derby. Next up: RV's...
saw a lot of old friends at the Clark County Fair today.
Guess what everyone - the top two Market Lambs of the Clark County Fair in Ridgefield WA., were shown and owned by Amberlea Jeane Hansen today WY lambs are awesome.
Date night out redneck style.demolition derby at the Clark County Fair grounds
Two matters of buisness: 1~I have 5 free passes to the Clark County Fair and probably won't go. 2~I need a ride to the 36 Crazyfists 10 year anniversary show in Portland on the 18th, and that will include a free ticket and drinks. Now, where do we go from here?
Have you been to the Clark County Fair yet? If so, tell us your favorite part of the fair, or your favorite moment.
Taking the girls to the Clark County Fair today for military appreciation day. All military personnel get in for $7 and a guest. Must bring military ID. This is going to be a blast!
Don't forget to send us photos from your visit to the Clark County Fair at See some here:
Went to the Clark County Fair with my friend Dianna had a lot of fun.
Thanks to Round Table Pizza, Goldie's Bar-B-Q, and McDonald's for the coupons for a great event at the Catch-A-Coupon booth at the Clark County Fair!
4th day down, only 6 more days of the Clark County Fair and to get My world famous Smokehouse Sweet onion Burger!
Fun day at the Clark County fair and Chris Young concert today :)
Clark county fair! Sweaty and washing dirty feet when you get home. β˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜
had a fun day at the clark county fair with Shane, and πŸŽͺπŸŽ πŸ‡
Home from the Clark County fair. Lots of fun, but boy am I tired! Still need a few more words written before I can call it a night.
Had a wonderful time at the Clark County Fair with my honey, my Sierra and my Miss Bailey.thanks for letting her go with us Jennifer Matney. We enjoyed her company!
Come see our drill team, Diamond Dust at the Clark County Fair for our last (and most fun!) competition of the year!!! We ride Saturday August 11th at 2:50 Short program and 4pm Freestyle. Would love to see everyone there to root us on!
Just got back from the Clark County Fair!!
We are kicking clown butt at the Clark County Fair in Washington State. Sharing our Family Fun Stage with lots of bands and the Hypnotist Jerry Harris.
It is a fantastic summer evening out here at the Clark County Fair. We've finally got that light breeze from the...
Had a great day at the Clark County Fair! Haven't been there in a few years and it's been even longer than that since I've been on rides. THIS time was committed to going on rides! Aside from the sun trying to murder me, it was grand. Jenae talked me into trying the slingshot. I was just sure it would be mortally terrifying, but it was actually quite relaxing and offered a magnificent view of the world from many different angles!
At the Clark County Fair for the Chris Young concert tonight. Should be a blast.
Good times are happening at the Clark County Fair!!
How cute is this! A baby born at the Clark County Fair!
Our family will be there! Sensory Friendly Time at the Clark County Fair is Tuesday, August 7th. Your friends at...
Why not come on up the the Clark County Fair and see country star Chris Young? (Tonight at 7:30 PM). Swing, by...
I will be going to the Clark County Fair next year. I really don't want to miss it.
So I went to the Clark County Fair on Saturday, entered a drawing for a barbeque and won that and a $100.00 Fred Meyer gift card. Lucky me!
Send The Columbian your Clark County Fair photos: More like this Send us your best fair photos Send The Columbia...
Heading down to WA to visit some fam then off to the Clark County fair 😘
Clark County fair this Thursday with & Heck yeah!
Off to the Clark County Fair and tomorrow floating the Washougal river:) ah.
Well I best get myself in gear. Gotta pack an overnight bag. Heading to Woodland. Gonna pick up my grandson, Raymond at the airport tomorrow. Maybe go to the Clark County Fair tomorrow too.
What's happening today at the Clark County Fair? Get a taste at
You never know what you'll see at the Clark County Fair. Welcome to the world, Briar. A bull born at 11:20 this...
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Well it was a long hot weekend but I enjoyed the Black Pearls at Clark County Fair. as usual..
An area resident has tested positive for swine flu, the first confirmed case of the H3N2 influenza virus in Clark County.
Woot! dancing at the Clark County Fair tonight, 4 o'clock on the main stage!
I can honestly say I have no desire to go to the clark county fair this year
Going to the Clark County fair and concert later with and :)
Despite the summer heat, the Clark County Fair was in full swing this weekend! The fair in pictures:
Wish I was going to see at Clark County Fair tonight too but sadly don't have tickets :( He is so adorable :)
Headed out to the Clark County Fair, Barrel Racing@ 2:00pm and Roughstock Rodeo@ 6:00pm @ The Grandstands, Come check it out.
Performing at the Clark County Fair today at 4:00p! Hope to see you there!
Make sure you stay tuned this week as we'll be covering the Clark County Fair!!
Going to the Clark County Fair today with mom Judy Straub, and the kids.Miranda Straub & Dalan Michael Boyle! We will miss Seth Michael cause he has to work all day! Should be a great time.hope it won't be quite as hot today! :-)
Welcome to Day 4 of the Clark County Fair. It's Westfield Vancouver and Dex Knows Day out here. And guess what?...
i am coming down to Battle Ground this thursday!!! If u want to hang out with me, i am going to the Clark County Fair around noon, maybe earlier, and we will come as a group. I have one more seat for my car... if u want to come i can pick (will not provide money)
When is the truck pull for Clark county fair?!
Washington's Lottery -- Promotions: While making your way through all the Clark County Fair has to offer be sure...
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Stoked about my fiddle group playing at the Clark County Fair yippee
Sublime coming to the Clark county fair? 😳
Fell asleep at before 12 and I got woken up by my 4 year old at 415am this morning. How am I going to get any sleep when I have to go the Clark County Fair today.
Going to bed. Finally! Clark County Fair tomorrow with the fam.
Grace and I are spending the week in Vancouver with my aunt, uncle and some cousins, maybe do some school shopping at the Woodburn outlets and hit up the Clark County Fair. Things seem to be heading in the right direction for Dave Warden and I. Looks like the week might shape up if only it wasn't still hot as Hades at maybe I could try to sleep.Life would be even better!!
Hi I need to go to the Clark county fair!
I wanna go to the Clark County fair so baaad!
Great day with family today - looking forward to the Clark County Fair tomorrow!
Who is going to the Clark county fair tomorrow?(:
Just threw up at the clark county fair
Went to The Clark County Fair today. Saw lots of chickens, cows, bunnies, foods, rides and exhibitors. Know what I saw the most of? Boobies !!!
I went to the Clark County Fair on Friday and then today, I got to pet a Spynx cat today :D which was... interesting. :p
Babe and I at the Clark county fair, not as young as we use to be. But he still managed to get me on the sling shot- breath taking
Day 3 Clark County Fair. Yesterday it got to 102 at least today is cooler. 91. That's not saying a lot its darn right hot.
Clark county fair time I think I am guna show my big horse soul warrior wensday and Thursday next week but I am not shure if I am showing next week or the week after that but beca I have a picture for u from the last horse show what isle way will u guys be in ?
Ughhh! Just got home from the clark county fair! Mannn such a long day! And its only 330! Lol we are all ready for a nap except for hayden who got to sleep in the car darn it! But he had an amazing first time at the fair!! He was yelling at the animals and loved petting them!! I think the horses were his favorite for sure!! All in all im sooo excited for next year when he can enteract more!
At the Clark County fair with the kids. It's way to hot. Emilee is tall enough to go on the rides with a parent. But I'm done she almost made me throw up.
It was a toucning moment at the Clark County Fair yesterday when my toddler pointed out that the mama pig nursing her babies is just like me. Literally, "Look, she is just like you mama!"
At the Clark county fair with my love going on rides lol
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