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Claret Jug

The Golf Champion Trophy, commonly known as the Claret Jug, is the trophy presented to the winner of The Open Championship, (often called the British Open ), one of the four major championships in golf.

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looking superb today for 1st day of practice. Who will walk down here and claim the Claret…
Great summer for the Spanish, keep it going next week…
Both are sneaky picks for a run at the Claret Jug
It's nearly the week of the I wonder whose name will be engraved on claret jug this year!
My money's on you for the Claret Jug. Bring it home JT
Are you at on Monday? Here's your chance to witness the return of the Claret Jug with our friends…
⛳️. Our very own Ben Stimson predicts Henrik Stenson to defend the Claret Jug this week at Royal Birkdale. Who's...
Massive week coming up. Game of Thrones and Game of Claret Jug.
Fans at on Monday can witness return the Claret Jug to The in an exclusive ceremony:…
Stenson has plans for Claret Jug he's already taken jet-skiing, if he retains it
any chance the claret jug can come and visit us on Tuesday as we say no to domestic abuse
The Open: Claret Jug is the prize Garcia really wants .
600 points are up for grabs in the fight for the Claret Jug. The First Look at the Open Championship:.
Open champion Henrik Stenson vows to take Claret Jug he's already taken jet-skiing SKYDIVING if he retains it…
He's taken it jet-skiing, and Open champ Henrik Stenson has big plans for the Claret Jug if he retains it next week…
Sergio Garcia heads to Royal Birkdale as champion – but is the one he really wants…
Did you watch raise the Claret Jug in '86? You could feature in a film we're producing 🦈 >
We can't show you the 'Claret Jug ' the trophy for winning the Open. But we can show you your Baby Scan. See Facebo…
Just been relieved of £2.80 for a cup of tea 🍮💶💶. Got a claret jug to take home though
After dominating the roadside fireworks industry & setting the standard for seems Joe Dirt has set his…
Can retain the Claret Jug? Tell us who you think will be crowned Champion Golfer of the Year 2017.…
A passing glance at the Claret Jug 👀. The Open Champion gets his final round under way.
The sun making an appearance along with the Claret Jug at the 1st.
Good luck take that claret jug back home with you &
Who’s destined to go home with the claret jug?
Who'll lift the Claret Jug? Open preview supplement in this week's Sunday Post
The Open 2017: Mark O'Meara relishing opportunity to return to scene of 1998 triumph
One For Arthur...and The One for the Champion Golfer! The Grand National trophy meets the Claret Jug at The R&A Clubhouse in S…
Forget the Claret Jug & Jules Rimet. The most sought after prize in sport is the North Down Cup. Get involved.
Lefty has already tasted from the Claret Jug. He's not feeling the pressure.
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Breaking up with the Claret Jug. Photos of the Week:
Underway for the Who will be holding the Claret Jug come Sunday evening? Tix available >
I love Like me, he's Irish but he's too flaky on recent form to take the Claret Jug this time
Good luck to I hope you have your hands on that claret jug on Sunday
The Claret Jug visited Rio earlier this year. Good luck to all the players in this week.
the claret jug or Olympic gold, even as an amateur it's a no brainer!
The Open is officially under way! Come Sunday, I'll be watching Sergio lift the Claret Jug. He's paid his dues, taken his lumps. It's time
I think Rory wins another Claret Jug. I just have a good feeling. Loves playing this tournament and is angry he didn't play last year.
is on the air! Play well Claret Jug sighting at seems like a good idea!
And we're off! The 145th has just tee'd off Who do you think will take home the Claret Jug?
"Being British, this is the one we want to get our hands on." on the Claret Jug.
The Claret Jug Tour was building towards this moment: on Live coverage begins now!
Here we go. Enjoy everyone. Who will be walking this fairway come Sunday to lift the Claret Jug.
Up early awaiting the 1st tee shot at really no idea who will lift the Claret Jug on Sunday but based from last w/e how about Rory?
Ian Poulter is not making a run at the Claret Jug. He is working for Sky Sports as he is out with a foot injury.
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Hoping or takes home the Claret Jug!!!🏌⛳️
British Open 2016: Quest for Claret Jug begins; follow with SN's live leaderboard: The world's best golfers g...
Who's ready for the The has Jordan Spieth lifting the Claret Jug..You?
starts soon! Anxious to see who takes the Claret Jug this year.
Tminus 4.5 hours. Bring the claret jug back to the states
What if the winner of the open lost the claret jug in the year he keeps it
Waking up at 3:30 to watch Rickie take home the Claret Jug!!
I'm ready to get there and get the party started. Just need a claret jug to drink from.
Vijay Singh gonna take the Claret Jug and lead Party of Fore to a victory this weekend
BE Active - Thursday cover: Day, Spieth, Johnson, Fowler and McIlroy ready to vye for Claret Jug: Marcus Fras...
T-minus 2 hrs from I can't wait to see who comes out on top to hoist the Claret Jug on Sunday!
The Claret Jug owes it's thanks to the R&A, Prestwick and The Hon. Company of Edinborough Golfers...Thank-you gentlemen..Thank-you
I want a plastic replica claret jug just to drink beer out of
1 more day until the Battle for the Claret Jug begins.
Without a doubt I would figure out a way to have a smoke off the Claret Jug.
Starting Thursday 156 players will walk the 18th hole but come Sunday only one will hold the Claret Jug at https:…
[Times Union] Finally, maybe some buzz over claret jug - Times Union
GOLF: What the Fab Four has in common is all of them want a claret jug, & none are going to the Olympics, anyway --
Would much rather discuss the than the Republican veepstakes. FWIW I think Adam Scott will hoist the Claret Jug on Sunday.
Sad to see the Claret Jug be returned. Thanks for…
Can't wait to see my boy raise the Claret jug on Sunday afternoon!
1 is not enough ZJ! Keep ur meat hooks wrapped around that claret jug!
"What all went into the Claret Jug that you drank out of it?"
Which golfer will find the Claret Jug at Royal Troon and which one will find the most Pokemon? My Open Championship Column:
like to see Rory hoist the claret jug come Sunday. DJ is looking real nice coming in though. Same with kiradech
Does Rory McIlroy claim his second Claret Jug on Sunday?
Will claim his second Claret Jug at
Good luck to all the pro's go get that Claret Jug Boys !
16. 7 of the last 10 winners claimed the Claret Jug at the age of 35 or older.
Nobody's bringing home The Claret Jug playing with that bag!
Before the claret jug was the challenge belt presented next door to Royal Troon at Prestwick
It wasn't easy for Zach Johnson to give the Claret Jug back. .
Going for to bring home the Claret jug and are going to be in the mix.
After a year with the trophy, brings the Claret Jug back to R&A Chief Executive Martin Slumbers.
4. USA golfers have won the Claret Jug each of the last 6 Open Championships held at Royal Troon (Last was Todd Hamilton in 2004)
Did you know that there's a typo on the Claret Jug dating back to 1947?
2014 saw finish as runner-up at Will he lift the Claret Jug in 2016? https:…
It's 10 days until the greatest golf show on earth, Which Cleveland Staffer will take home the Claret Jug? htt…
Top 7 prefect monies on you, if you do win Claret Jug I hope youre not planning to squeeze it into your rental car😂
The Times of India - India - Rory McIlroy back in hunt for Claret Jug -
30 years of great champions and a little bit more of Seve. Who will lift the Claret Jug on Sunday Open,Splendid. htt…
Good luck this week . Bring the Claret Jug back to VB please.
Big Bad John a.k.a. - Good luck at The Open. NOTHING would give me greater joy than to see you come home with the Claret Jug
9 top 10 places at says & this 25/1 shot can finally lift the Claret Jug .
The Open Championship is less than 24 hours away. Will Zach Johnson take back the Claret Jug?.
Odds 2016: Favorites to Win the Claret Jug. via bleacherreport
I think was as excited to hold “The Recorder” as Bob was to hold the Claret Jug.
Green Jacket or Claret Jug - What is more iconic as a golf 'trophy'?
Hey, I voted for Zachary. He's got two more majors than I do. And he let me hold the Claret Jug.
Claret Jug of The Open Championship. Thanks for letting this Hawkeye borrow it on Morning Drive!
The claret jug is in the house! MikeBenderGolf with damonhackGC next on GCMorningDrive
Thanks for bringing The Claret Jug into Well done for winning it !
Gary I thought you once said if you had to choose between your wife and the claret jug, that you would miss your wife :)
A fine gift for any occasion. Just add your favourite wine!
The Claret Jug everybody. So fortunate to be part of the MBGA Staff.
1999 Open Champion Paul Lawrie of Scotland tee's off at the first, next to The Claret Jug during the final round...
6 months to the day when The 2016 Champion lifts The Claret Jug - complete course protection
Got to spend some time with the Claret Jug and
The Claret Jug continues its journey around the world with 3 spots up for grabs at 🇿🇦.
Just add a fine wine for a wonderful weekend!
TheOpen: Students get a look at the South African names engraved on the Claret Jug at Can you name …
to when our 'Duck Claret Jug' made it on to the homepage... Done us proud little fella!
DTN South Africa: Brandon just a Stone's throw from golf legends: The Claret Jug stands next to the first tee ...
...and will look excellent engraved on the Claret Jug.
Did you know.. Long Before Zach Johnson picked up his green jacket and claret jug, he won a Hooters Tour event in 2002 here at Forest Ridge!
The U.S. Open trophy, the LAAC trophy, the Masters trophy, the Claret Jug, the Caribbean Sea. Love my job.
best trophy now with no crystal ball. The claret jug and us open trophy are pretty bad ***
Bobby Jones poses with the Claret Jug after cruising to a 6-shot victory at the 62nd Open at St Andrews, 1927
Zach Johnson and his family are on hand at Kinnick with the Claret Jug
.still normal guy with 2 majors. Completely normal? Well, he did put corn on the cob in Claret Jug
Zach Johnson says the Claret Jug has held wine, champagne and beer. "My kids have drunk water from it, which is cool.
Maybe Tom Watson is already boasting that he dined with a future five-time Claret Jug winner at the home of golf 👍
Zach Johnson won after a three-way play-off to claim the Claret Jug and his second major title.
MacIntyre and Young will face off to decide Scottish Amateur champion: Phil Mickelson lifted the Claret Jug at...
Did you know that before the Claret Jug, the winner of received a red leather belt?
Happy group of Tour Reps holding the Claret Jug this morning on the Callaway Truck at Oak Hill. Thanks, Phil!
Zach Johnson was happy to share the coveted Claret Jug with Jordan Spieth on a private jet back to America after his thrilling Open
Scottish Night tonight at the Claret Jug . Scottish menu with a ceilidh -
He could helicopter-in the Claret Jug and get Miss Universe to help him present it.
JONATHAN MCEVOY: There was never going to be a Claret Jug at the end of the rainbow that appeared as Sir Nick Faldo took his leave of St
Jordan Spieth headed home from a grueling week at the British Open with history on his ...
Jordan Spieth, despite tying for fourth, was able to drink from the Claret Jug after all:
The majority of the world's best golfers descend on St Andrews this week, aiming to win the Claret Jug. Sportsmail's CRAIG …
Spieth still drinking from the Claret Jug despite finishing 4th.
Zach any plans to bring the Claret Jug to Kinnick this season?
Spent a moment finding Arkansan on the Claret Jug tonight.
Watched it all on tv, but holding the Claret Jug makes it even more amazing. Great job again,
The 'special formula' that won Johnson the Claret Jug. His swing analysed by
TEE ROOM: The 2015 Open Championship tees off at St Andrew's on Thursday, with 156 golfers battling it out for the Claret…
Great piece by on career and Hall of Fame potential
And of course a replica of the Claret Jug?
Learn the special formula that won Zach Johnson the Claret Jug with of
Zach Johnson story about winning the British Open.
Classy will tote Claret Jug home to IA to thank people for support when pro career was a dream.
Claret Jug next to Floyd of Rosedale in Kinnick this fall?
.drinking from the Claret Jug despite not winning it
Fantastic read re: , winning The Open, and are awesome, too
Winner of day one. No Claret Jug but close
My follow-up on champ. Big thanks to for the insight and time. http…
Zach Johnson never imagined winning two majors. Now they’re talking about his HOF credentials.
With the Claret Jug on the line, all 3 players in The Open Championship Playoff trusted their games to Golf Pride.
Zach Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Webb Simpson and Jimmy Walker taking pulls from the Claret Jug.
At long last, the Claret Jug is headed Iowa. As Paul Harvey would say, "Zack Johnson...lead on.". Zack you're a great Champion!
Jordan Spieth's Grand Slam hopes are over as he misses out on the play-off for the Claret Jug
Dunne can claim Claret Jug but not the £1.15m Open prize money - Irish Examiner
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Actually he will win both Gold & Silver medals, along with the Claret Jug. No prize money, but untold £'S in sponsorship deals.
Harrington chases third Claret Jug with a new feeling: experience. Two-time British Open winner Padraig Harrington…
Absolutely unreal performance from amateur Paul Dunne!Dare I say Bobby Jones in 1930 last amateur to lift Claret Jug?
Forty years after his first Claret Jug win at Carnoustie, Tom Watson completes his final round at the Open Championship.
I like the scarf Rory Mcllroy is sporting on his HT Ulster game walkabout with the Claret Jug
WATCH: Manchester United supporter Rory McIlroy takes the Claret Jug on to the pitch at Old Trafford and talks about his incredible summer.
Bobby Jones receives the Claret Jug after winning The Open Championship from the Vice-Captain of the St Andrews...
Excited for this year's Open Championship? Returning champion Phil Mickelson meets R&A Chief Executive Peter Dawson to hand back the Claret Jug ahead of the Championship.
“Apparently travels with the Claret Jug. I would too!
"I don't know if I can parade both the Claret Jug and the Wanamaker Trophy at Old Trafford on Saturday. I'll try,"
I would have thought after recent results we are Claret Jug contenders
did you take the claret jug with your for safe keeping??? More expensive hand luggage to follow.
Celebrating with the Claret Jug!! Thanks for all the support and well wishes this week!
It's like the guy engraving the Claret Jug at the open. The ink on his P45 is drying already.
Such a cocky move to bring the Claret Jug with you to the PGA so you can get this photo op. It's Rory's world...
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“I. Need. Coffee. drink it out of the Claret Jug boss
The trophy is the Claret Jug on steroids:
you can use the claret jug as the shot glass for a jäger bomb inside the Wanamaker Trophy
USPGA Champion Rory McIlroy plans to parade the claret jug at Old Trafford this Saturday. Champions identify with each other.
McIlroy with the USPGA trophy and the Claret Jug from The Open he won a couple of weeks ago!
Travels with the Claret Jug?..RT..Reminder that Rory McIlroy had an unbelievable summer (via
That Wanamaker Trophy will hold even more Jager shots at McIlroy's victory party than did the Claret Jug.
Did Rory take the Claret Jug with him to Valhalla with a winning photo in mind? That's confidence.
Does Rory bring the claret jug everywhere with him? How on earth did he have it with him yesterday after winning the PGA?
Did you have the Claret Jug in the trunk of your car?
Rory McIlroy to parade Claret Jug and Wanamaker Trophy at Old Trafford ahead of Man United’s Premier League opener.
McIlroy alienates half of homeland by declaring for Man Utd
Four-time major winner Rory McIlroy to parade the Claret Jug at Old ...
World number one golfer Rory McIlroy will parade the Claret Jug at Old Trafford this weekend to mark his achievements this su…
Rory-"I will go to Old Trafford for the first game of the season on Saturday & bring the Claret Jug with me. That will be …
AKRON, Ohio — Rory McIlroy made sure there was no hangover after he won the Claret Jug two weeks ago. Now he can celebrate again.
A week that saw Kobe Bryant to be like Mike, weird stuff going into the Claret Jug and some great sneak peeks at upcoming golf equipment.
Rory McIlroy celebrated his British Open win by drinking Jagermeister from the Claret Jug trophy...Your move Johnny Man…
Rory McIlroy: Sorry I don't have the Claret Jug, it's getting a bit of a ...
Man Utd fan Rory McIlroy has been invited to parade the Claret Jug at Old Trafford after his Open Championship victory…
"Rory McIlroy took the Claret Jug to a Belfast nightclub...
There will be a trophy at Old Trafford next season - Rory McIlroy to parade Claret Jug
Rory McIlroy took to the streets of Liverpool on Sunday night to celebrate his Open victory. The 25-year-old won the Claret Jug at Hoylake in the afternoon, before being seen out a few hours later with his mum, Justin Rose and rumoured new girlfriend Nadia Forde.
Rory McIlroy's celebration after included pouring Jagermeister in the Claret Jug & a selfie
.mom participating in Jager shots out of the Claret Jug after his Open Championship victory. http:/…
Rory McIlroy and his family party with the Claret Jug after The Open Championship.
McIlroy drinks Jagermeister out of the Claret Jug... Garcia gets standing ovation...
BREAKING: Sergio Garcia on the run with Rory McIlroy's Claret Jug
Rory McIlroy clinched his first Open Championship and third major title with a two-shot victory over Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler on a thrilling final day at Hoylake. The Northern Irishman joined Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus as the only players to win three of golf's modern majors by the age of 25. McIlroy, 25, now just has the Masters left to complete a career Grand Slam. Starting six clear, McIlroy fired a final-round 71 to finish 17 under as Garcia, who three times got to within two strokes, shot 66 and US Open runner-up Fowler 67. American Jim Furyk, 44, matched his fourth place in 2006 with a 65 to end 13 under. Players to win all four golf majors Masters US Open The Open PGA Jack Nicklaus Six Four Three Five Tiger Woods Four Three Three Four Gary Player Three One Three Two Ben Hogan Two Four One Two Gene Sarazen One Two One Three McIlroy added the Claret Jug - and a cheque for £975,000 - to the 2011 US Open and 2012 US PGA titles and became the second Northern Irishman to win the Open in fou .. ...
Garuntee no one is drunker than Rory McIlroy right now. Probably has had a few Guinness's outta the Claret Jug...
Rory McIlroy shot a 1-under 71 at Royal Liverpool on Sunday, holding off Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler to capture the Claret Jug and the third leg of the career Grand Slam in wire-to-wire fashion, writes Cameron Morfit.
Rory McIlroy joined the elite list of golfers to have won three of the four major titles at Hoylake, but he had to battle all the way against Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler before bagging his first British Open title. Northern Ireland's Rory McIlroy holds the Claret Jug after winning the 2014 Briti…
2014 Open Championship winner Rory McIlroy is elated to win the Claret Jug while acknowledging his relief at building up a large cushion of points on the first day as Sergio Garcia piled on… Share0or copy the link
For the Glory: Rory McIlroy hoists the Claret Jug, has his sights set on career Grand Slam:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the final game of the 143rd Open Championship. On the tee, from USA, Ricky Fowler! On the tee from Northern Ireland, Rory McElroy!" And so the high pitched voice of the venerable Ivor Robson has just signaled the final day's quest for the Claret Jug! Cheers, Mates!
Rory McIlroy takes a commanding 6 stroke lead into the final round, looking to take home the Claret Jug. 10 years...
It’s moving day at Hoylake and Rory McIlroy is 4/6 to lift the Claret Jug. Can anyone catch him?
Rory McIlroy Turns Focus to Silver _ Claret Jug: Now that he's gotten past Black Friday, Rory McIl...
With his second 66 of the Open, Rory McIlroy has one hand on the Claret Jug. He is 4 shots ahead of Dustin Johnson (a brilliant 65).
Rory McIlroy wins a small wager from fellow Irishman Darren Clarke this morning during the practice round. Darren, just show him your Claret Jug!
If McIlroy raises the Claret Jug on Sunday I will be sure to grow out the flow again in his honor. . Stay tuned friends- Red Rory may return.
It's British Open time, folks! All the big names are in good spirits and ready for Round 1 - which tees off tonight at 6pm LIVE on Fox Sports 3. Is Tiger a realistic chance? Can Scotty finally claim the Auld Claret Jug? Will Justin Rose continue his red-hot form? Who are you tipping to tame Royal Liverpool? [Photos: Getty images]
Phil isn't a ballsy pick, but I love Jiminez. I want to see that man ash a cigar into the claret jug.
The chase for the Claret Jug starts tomorrow!
Absolutely no question about it. It's Lee Westwoods turn to lift the Claret Jug this week!
Can Phil Mickelson defend the Claret Jug this week at Royal Liverpool? The odds against him considering that the...
Getting that ole nervous feeling before tiger tees off in a major! Can't wait to see that claret jug lifted by big cat in a few days!
CONTENDERS AT THE OPEN - CHECK OUT THEIR SWINGS Rickie Fowler, Ian Poulter and Brandt Snedeker are in the top tier of golfers with a good chance at making a run for the Claret Jug this week at Hoylake. Get a close look at their swings in our SWING SEQUENCE section of our website to see what keys they will be relying on to make a charge at The 143rd Open Championship.
The is a few hours from teeing off. My pick is for either Adam Scott or Henrik Stenson to take home the Claret Jug.
Popped some NyQuil and set the alarm. I love this time of year. Let's get that claret jug,
Also think may owe Adam Scott a Claret Jug, should have probably won the last two!
British Open 2014: Nine ways to win the claret jug:
Muirfield's Losers May Be Liverpool's Big Winners: Four of the past five golfers to lift the Claret Jug missed...
The time has come for Who will take the Claret Jug?
Jason Day or Graeme McDowell will take the Claret Jug
Last night with the Cup. Same feeling as Mickelson returning the Claret Jug
is my pick to win the Claret Jug! He's the overwhelming favorite of my juniors, plus he's a motorcyclist like me!
12/1 about world number 1 Adam Scott to hoist the Claret Jug...juicy odds?
So excited golf returns to Royal Liverpool this week! Hoping to get down there on Sunday to see who lifts the claret jug!
Why is it called the "claret jug"? Is it the colour or because it's full of wine?
The best British Open debut is name on claret jug
Custom Tartan and Gold button Iliac shirt!? Better start engraving Jimmy on the Claret Jug. That beauty is a gu…
Tiger Woods unlikely to bring home Claret Jug via Of course 'Ya never know
Hope , and do well in the Open Championship and the claret jug comes back over
Golf's historic tale of two trophies: Both the green jacket and claret jug have some interesting stories to tell
Got the alarm set for 1:30AM to get up & watch JL play in the Open Championship. Ready for JL to get another Claret Jug! Best tourney ever!
Now THAT'S how you celebrate! | Phil Mickelson Drank $40,000 Bottle of Wine Out of Claret Jug
Lets hope for a Englishman to lift the claret jug
The ultimate golfing juxtaposition would be John Daly in pants hoisting The Claret Jug. Make it happen.
Golf's big names are at Hoylake vying for the Claret Jug, but these guys just might beat them to it.
"The Open 2014: Adam Scott seeks Claret Jug to become ‘complete’"
Wanna see my boy clean up at The Open this weekend and take that Claret Jug home
A man in a flat bill hoisting the Claret Jug? What has become of us, young Alex?
Who are you betting on to lift the Claret Jug on Sunday evening?
I'm coming to Hoylake Sunday. Really like to try out the camera on my phone with you holding the Claret Jug please :)
Defending Champion Phil Has handed back the Claret Jug, can he claim it again this week at Hoylake?
Solid pick Paula, he said he'd give his laft arm for the Claret Jug.
Celebrate in style: Phil Mickelson drank a $40,000 wine out of the oldest trophy in golf!
all the best for THEOPEN. hope your wrist will be ok, and can't wait to see you lifting the Claret jug on sunday
The Open is here tomorrow! Who is your pick to take home the Claret Jug. Log on to your Time to Play Golf account...
thanks for all Tiger, and go to take the Claret Jug!
Id love to see holding the claret jug come Sunday
18 - excited to see who will walk off here Sunday with the Claret jug
17 years after hoisting the Claret Jug, Justin Leonard looks back at his '97 title in the Ashworth Roundtable.
right chaps who's your tip for lifting the claret jug on Sunday
Open Championship’s Claret Jug the jewel of sports trophies
World’s best decanter: Phil Mickelson drank a $40K bottle of wine from the Claret Jug after
Who's going to win the Claret Jug this week? Maybe this guy?
Kuchar chasing childhood dream of lifting Claret Jug
Open Championship's Claret Jug the jewel of sports trophies - Toronto Star
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"I'd give my left arm for a Claret Jug. It would probably be the end of my career, but wouldn't be a bad way to go." http:/…
Look out for these guys at Royal Liverpool: GMac, Rickie, Jaidee My pick for the Claret Jug: Hideki Matsuyama
Good luck this week at the Open Paul. Bring the Claret Jug back up north!
Phil Mickelson returns Claret Jug with hopes of reclaiming it
Phil Mickelson snatched his first Claret Jug and fifth major title with a dazzling final round at Murifield...
Phil Mickelson used the Claret Jug to drink £25,000 bottle of wine via
Sign me up. . Phil Mickelson Enjoyed His Time with Claret Jug, Used It to Drink $40,000 Wine via
Poppin’ a bottle! Phil Mickelson drank $40k bottle of wine out of the Claret Jug:
Lefty only drank the 'good stuff' from Claret Jug: Phil Mickelson has handed back the claret jug. He spent a y...
Phil Mickelson used the Claret Jug as the world's most expensive wine glass. Of course he did.
Phil Mickelson arrived to hand back the Claret Jug, will he successfully defend his title?
Golfbidder Tour Wrap It surprises nobody when the mantle of “favourite” for this week’s Open Championship jump from one of the world’s top players to the next, but few would have predicted it would settle on a man who hasn’t had a top 10 in the event since 1998. But by winning the Scottish Open, his second tournament victory in a row after the Quicken Loans National at Congressional, Justin Rose now heads the betting to secure the Claret Jug at Hoylake. In tough conditions on a classy and arguably more difficult links than the field may face this week Rose shot a stunning 65 at Royal Aberdeen to finish a comfortable two shots clear of Kristoffer Broberg and five from playing partner Marc Warren. The question now for Rose is can he make it a hat trick of wins on the biggest stage of them all in Liverpool? You need not look back too far for a precedent either; Phil Mickelson won at Castle Stuart en route to lifting The Open trophy at Muirfield 12 months ago. “I couldn’t have scripted it bette ...
Few British players have had the honour of claiming the Claret Jug recently
Phil Mickelson reigns for Team USA Ohio -- There are far greater achievements, starting with the three green jackets, a Claret Jug and a Wanamaker Trophy. Then there are the 42 PGA Tour victories, the $60 million-plus in official earnings, the spot in the World Golf Hall of Fame. [+] Enlarge The accomplishments are endless for Phil Mickelson, putting him on a tidy list of history's best golfers, certainly among the tops of his generation, with only Tiger Woods ahead in the discussion during their time as pros. So where does playing in every Presidents Cup and Ryder Cup dating to 1994 rank? For the 19th straight year, Mickelson, 43, is competing for the United States in one of its annual team competitions, the only player to compete in all 10 Presidents Cups. Mickelson improved his Presidents Cup record to 19-15-10 on Friday in the weather-delayed second session along with partner Keegan Bradley, posting a 4 and 3 victory against the International team of Jason Day and Graham DeLaet in foursomes. The U.S. ...
I wonder how many donuts he can fit in that jug “Mickelson carrying the Claret Jug in backpack featured in NBC s Science of Love
Casual Phil Mickelson is carrying around the Claret Jug in a backpack. (GIFs)
Justin Rose says he left US Open trophy at home. Phil Mickelson brought Claret Jug to Oak Hill. Both say their ready t…
Bidding on Snead's Masters trophy from 1954 and Claret Jug from 1946 tops $100,000 for each. Auction ends tonight.
Early in bidding, Sam Snead's 1946 Claret Jug is past $47K:
forget the Claret Jug. family photo is unmatched. C'mon you know you are a Phil guy down deep.
Lefty wins British Open for first time with brilliant finish
Phil the Thrill wins the claret jug, Tiger finds new and innovative ways to lose. News at 10
If I could have one thing in this world it would be my name on the Claret Jug.
Congrats to Phil Mickelson on his victory today. When u shoot a 66 in the final round on that course u deserve the Claret Jug.
Phil Mickelson captures claret jug with dazzling finish
Great rally today! Would've been better if your name was on the Claret Jug, but at least they shut up about Tiger for a bit
Congrats to my favorite golfer Phil Mickelson. Birdies 4 of the last 6 to win the claret jug
Claret Jug? Up close its kind of dinky & beat-up. I've seen better trophy's at a Kentucky Hillbilly Tractor Pull Contest.
Mickelson: I Went for Claret Jug, Didn't Want It Handed to Me: Phil Mickelson, the swashbuckling golfer who wo... http:/…
Thrilled Phil got his Claret Jug, but US Open isn’t the only trophy that alludes Lefty, behold the Redneck Party cup:
Breast Cancer Awareness
"Phil Mickelson is your champ at winning his 1st Claret Jug, 5th major championship. >>
History has been made...another famous name is added to The Claret Jug.
congratulations Phil on your first Claret Jug and fifth major you're a class act
When Mickelson receives the Claret Jug he should go *Trophy launch* look at crowd “USA BABAY” *pop collar* *double pis…
Just gonna watch live from muirfield all night to see Phil hoist the claret jug about 57 times
nice round today Phil enjoyed seeing u n Fam after the presentation of the claret jug safe travels home
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