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Clare Balding

Clare Balding (born 1971 in Kingsclere, Hampshire) is a BBC sports presenter, journalist and jockey.

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catching up with Prejudice and Pride podcast - really good so far. Great inclusion from
HYPOTHESIS: Britain only has four TV *** . They are Sue Perkins, Sandi Toksvig, Susan Calman, and Clare Balding. Tell me I'm wrong. 🌈
Wish my mum loved me as much as she loves Clare Balding
Can anyone recommend a good barbers in town? Asking for me cos I look bit like Clare Balding again that's all xx
(Similarly BBC pay boiled down to "Should Gary Lineker get more than Clare Balding?", which is basically i…
Top BBC presenter: Women belittled, ignored or made to feel troublesome over equal pay
Lucy Bronze told Clare Balding it was "just a dead leg"
Nothing could have better encapsulated women's football. Than watching Clare Balding discuss their waterlogged pitch f…
Come along to AN EVENING WITH CLARE BALDING, Monday 23rd October For tickets or info, call the Box Offic…
. Collins favouring Clare balding over other presenters. Nobody gets a look in because of her u plankton. Posh boys again
Judy Murray and her fascination with "Deliciano" - THE Clare Balding Show via
Delve into the stories of the private retreats and hideaways of LGBTQ artists in our podcast with https:/…
Once I tried to paint on a rock but it turned out to look like Clare balding 😭😭
If you get a chance watch the BBC's with Clare Balding. Polo gets more...
Clare Balding is encouraging Irish students to enter Entry deadline - 25th Sept.
Fair play Jermaine Jenas, the first man to make Clare Balding squirt💦💦
Dannii Minogue is paid more than Clare Balding. Nick Knowles is paid more than John Pienaar. Dannii & Nick must have dirt on Santa
Excellent idea, that'll mean favoured luvvies like Jo Brand & Clare Balding getting more money ... marvellous!!…
will b Clare Balding, John McEnroe or some other person whos busy till after Wimbledon. Oh god, pls dont let…
TONIGHT - in a new series featuring Lulu, Craig Revel Horwood & Clare Balding, Charles Dance digs into his past on h…
We bring you the lowdown on one of our favourite and most cheerful horse-mad Sloanes.
Clare Balding's false chatty tone is seriously wrong for this show! She doesn't know about tennis.
Y5 children were so impressed by Clare Balding , they all bought her new book!!
Clare Balding has never hidden her sexuality.
Clare Balding and Clara Amfo are EXCELLENT shouts. Also any gymnast obv.
There are so many things to heart about - and one of them is an excuse to celebrate
Today I am getting my hair cut. It’s overdue. I’ve currently got the Clare Balding look going on.
How old is Clare Balding, who is her wife Alice Arnold and when was the TV presenter…
Great evening recording the Clare Balding Show with my roomie of over 13years 😎...…
- you not on the Clare Balding Show now Tuesday?
Sport's version of Jason King. In fact could see him remaking The New Avengers with Clare Balding and John Inverdale
I'd love to see big Clare Balding storm the BGT stage, run to the judge's table and bounce her head off Amanda Holden's chin.
Pateley Bridge featured on hit BBC Radio 4 show after visit from Clare Balding
Am on Clare Balding's show tomoz 7.40am to chat about , & faith, and
Hate him don't like Clare balding also. Are we talking about the same person ?
Dogs - A Healthy Future - This film, narrated by Clare Balding, looks at the issues affecting dog health and wellbeing in this country...
Exciting to see that Clare Balding opened the new school building and fantastic library today ⭐️
Clare Balding: The Queen gave us a Shetland pony when I was born and it became part of the family…
It just throws you that she's so Clare Balding, nice as pie doesn't it
Huge thanks to staff & students who made today such a success. Clare Balding gave great speech then was swamped by staff wanting selfies!
Clare Balding done the best man speech at her own wedding
Sat between Clare Balding and David Jason, no less! ;)
This photo is conclusive proof that presenter Clare isn't balding.
It's nearly 1am, I'm watching a 50 min Jennifer Saunders interview with Clare Balding & I just don't know how my life has reached this point
Sat in my room back in Swansea wondering when Clare Balding is going to make a loud appearance. (I miss
Clare Balding's Games coverage is Olympic gold via
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Nice as Jonathan comes across, such a shame to see and shunted to the side. At least i…
Clare Balding and AP McCoy ready for the
Clare Balding is married to Sandi Toksvigs ex mrs LOLOLOLZ
Keep listening to to hear Clare Balding talk more. Then come & meet her in person - ti…
Clare Balding i'view with coming up in a moment ahead of her visit to Bookfest on Fri…
TODAY from 3pm & to hear CLARE BALDING talk books ahead of her event tix:…
Once in a lifetime chance to see, hear & meet Clare Balding as she talks inspiration & family tales Fri 28 Apr tix…
AP McCoy and Clare Balding having a few jars in Liverpool before making their way to Aintree
Thank you to wonderful for sponsoring Bookfest's fabulous Clare Balding event on Fri 28 Apr…
We're really excited to be supporting and the event this Friday
Clare Balding will be visiting Shrewsbury Bookfest with her new children's book
Getting a mention from Clare Balding on Radio 4... .
What a fabulous fantastic weekend... huge thanks to Clare Balding and the BBCRadio2 for inviting us on their show...
Clare Balding will be following with even more interest looking 4 places she visited in Pateley &
Threatening to fold Clare Balding with a left hook to the body on the Internet
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Personal best for the London Marathon! Tuned in to Clare Balding for 58 minutes before turning TV over!
'Sturgeon's hair though? She's gone all Clare Balding': Scottish First Minister unveils new heavily made up look .
Clare Balding and AP McCoy relaxing before the in 2002.
Can't tell if that's Aled Jones or Clare Balding...
Great to hear Olga Thomas-Bosovskaya talking about Jubilation and Cruse on Radio 2's Clare Balding Show
His groom Alan Davies, Clare Balding, Carl, Charlotte and others pay an emotional tribute to their horse in a million.
So BBC got rid of colin Murray for Homophobic bullying of BBC Clare he gets new job at...BBC. The BBC moral code
Spotted cosying up to Clare Balding in Waterstones Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth...
BBC highest paid: People like Matt Baker and Clare Balding are multi talented and commentate skilfully on various...
Clare Balding looks like another one of Chris Lilley's characters
Can someone tell me what Clare Balding's disability is? It seems the Paralympic Games is just her and ad breaks.
Regarding rumoured sightings of Joe Hart at the Wankford Arena, we can confirm it was actually Clare Balding recording…
I know sport can change the world, and that matters to me.
re:proposals don't forget this too Clare Balding has just stitched up George North on live TV
If his picks on Ken Bruce are anything to go by, I have the exact same taste in music as Joe Pasquale. Same happened with Clare Balding.
Some of the presenting from the BBC on the Olympics was truly awful. Clare Balding was amazing and held it together.
Meanwhile the BBC jaunt and all its crew (ie Clare Balding on her £500k a year salary) have had a fabulous time.
Well done Team GB. Enjoyed watching the Games on BBC despite the overtly jingoistic Clare Balding. At an average...
Our latest newsletter is out featuring Oli White, Elmer, Clare Balding & more!
Inverdale's cockups were more balanced by Clare Balding's knowledge and enthusiasm in holding the whole plot together. Well done Clare xx
terrible coverage, watching Clare balding for two weeks, more like a nightmare
as I'm sure you're aware, Clare Balding is married to a woman and therefore has a wife.
he was on TV and Clare Balding said he should have a pose like Bolt. M for Mo, hands on his head, makes the m shape
Having Clare Balding withdrawal symptoms? No problem! Just sellotape a picture of her face to a colleague!...
loved olympics, Clare Balding was brill. Made it all come alive.
Clare Balding's husband is doing a fortnight's washing up and lobbing bleach down the toilet before she flies back tomorrow
Clare Balding just said at closing ceremony:"would it be naive to think GB's medal success is due to improv…
Yep, I was desperate to watch anything other than another instalment of the Clare Balding Medal Wankfest. Hilarious!
Sport develops your brain. It helps your learning. It's not an add-on at the end of the day.
I think all kids should have something they feels is theirs.
Watching Clare Balding say goodbye from the BBC studio was sadder than watching the Olympic flame go out
Nice one Clare Balding on what was hopefully your swan song at Rio. New blood for Tokyo please.
Most remarkable person of these Olympic Games Rio 2016? Clare Balding. Love her.
Clare Balding walking around the Olympic Village with a pint of Estrella offering all the Cuban boxers a game of dead arm
no it's conjecture stop doing it told you before you are not Clairvoyant ya not even Clare Balding!
Day 1552 without sex. Even Clare Balding is starting to look appealing. Keith
There will be another episode of the tomorrow where Clare Balding corrects all of mistakes of John Inverdale. It l…
Those Eddie Butler montages are a bit puke and pretentious. Come on, they are. "Beautifully delivered" coos Clare Balding. Like a Domino's.
Wow Clare Balding now speaks fluent Portuguese! This Olympics really has been full of surprises🙈
"I barely speak Portuguese". Clare Balding humblebragging there.
And the gold medal for excellent TV coverage goes to the BBC, especially Clare Balding. Thank you.
I take my hat off to Clare Balding. The depth of her sporting knowledge is incredible and she has - again - presented the…
Really enjoyed the coverage of Rio 2016. From ITV4 to ESPN...Clare Balding watch out!
Clare Balding is a national treasure. She aced the Olympics. Look after her. X
Clare Balding?? "Not my words, the words of Shakin' Stevens"
I just said to my husband .. Clare Balding looks hot tonight! .. I meant sweaty.. Not hot hot.She is going s fan job though.Well done Clare!
Katie - you do NOT look like Clare Balding. You look great with short hair and long hair.
Watching Chris Hoy explain track racing to Clare Balding is like watching someone explain pop music to someone with no…
Has anyone noticed that most of the key BBC Olympics presenters are women? Clare Balding, Helen Skelton, Gabby Logan, Hazel Irvine.
Clare Balding and the Premier League referee Chris Foy up there
Some fabulous athletic performances. Clare Balding was great as always. Mark Chapman didn't work for me as co-anchor.. :(
can't wait til the swimming is over then we get to see Clare Balding in the short skirts n *** oot
Deleting this Pokemon thing me, just chased Clare Balding halfway across London thinking she was a Blastoise
This interview between Clare Balding and Serena Williams is the worst I've ever seen. Clare, please. So cringe.
Forget Roy Hodgson's press conference, Clare Balding interviewing Serena Williams is the most awkward & painful thing…
Clare Balding has done something with her hair no?
thought it very poor form for Eddie Izzard to use Question Time for his Clare Balding Tribute act 😉
I felt like a misfit at school, and I think that's quite common.
Oh thank ya baby Jayzuz!! BBC says controversial Wimbledon 2day will not return
Some excellent points from Clare Balding tonight
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
sure it was Eddie Izzard and not Clare Balding.
it's Izzard? I thought it was Clare Balding or Anne Robinson!
I really can't take Clare Balding doing an impression of a female Frank Spencer seriously
I can't take Eddie Izzard's views seriously, especially as he looks like a cross between Clare Balding & Minnie the Minx!
Eddie Izzard really does look like Clare Balding. *runs and hides* 😂
. The truth is all the brexiters only want you to leave. So why don't u and clare balding jog on over 2 France. .
NEWS: Clare Balding on the power of women in sport (UK) .
on the power of women in sport and her hopes for Rio 2016:
15:00 Ramblings: Clare Balding catches up with Lucy Newcombe as she walks around the coast of Britain.
Congrats to last week's winner, Sharon! Up for grabs this week: Bottle Bag
BBC says controversial Wimbledon 2day will not return
congrats and please make sure Clare Balding is not part of the team.
[The Daily Express]Hosted by Clare Balding, it replaced the long-running Today At Wimbledon pr…
Do you ever think "I wonder what Clare Balding is doing right now?"
This is a good read - Clare Balding backs sports careers for women
Nice1 'Clare balding is 1 of my mums' team (did u know did well quiz 4
I love Clare Balding!..and I'm a hetero male, if that makes any difference
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding, Anthea Turner and Aslan in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds, Clare Balding and Anthea Turner in the same room.
I've never seen Noel Edmonds and Clare Balding in the same room. Makes you think.
You hear the word 'cancer,' and you think it is a death sentence. In f...
he will be doing all the horseracing when it goes on itv . He the main presenter. Not Clare Balding like ur brother said.
BBC says controversial Wimbledon 2day will not return | Media | The Guardian
BBC says controversial Wimbledon 2day will not return via Bring back
. on the power of women in sport and what to expect from Rio 2016
Denise Lewis, Kirsty Gallacher, Clare Balding, Amy Williams, Rachel Brown and Katie Price are at today's
Danny, does Ryan look more like Clare Balding or Bob Downes? 😜😀
Idea for daytime TV antique cookery show where the finished dishes are sold at auction...presented by Clare Balding obviously. 😭
You're the next Clare Balding, Gabby Logan or Eleanor Oldroyd. Not sure where to start? Try BBCKickOff Reporter…
I can think of worse, Clare Balding in full Arsenal kit trying to shag yer ?
Me and the hub on with Clare Balding this morning. Lovey lady, lovely morning!…
Clare Balding, is now trending in United Kingdom
Clare Balding is on the hunt for runners. Let her know who you're running for and why
07:00 Good Morning Sunday: Clare Balding presents the topical faith programme and is joined by Ludovico Einaudi.
I cannot be a placard waver for every campaign; that's why I have mostly ke...
The moment you realise that you're the love child of Clare balding and Alan Partridge is overwhelming
Thank you Clare Balding 4 fantastic Morning Line with Adien o" Brien.
Clare Balding got the chance to go and meet the Daddy GALILEO at Coolmore. Stud after the Morning Line Show .
"I mean, I don't mind Clare Balding, she's a laugh, but she's no Hazel Irvine. Lovely Hazel." -
Lets hope it's last time we see the very poor Clare Balding presenting Horse Racing.
Not to mention the voice that makes you think Clare Balding has gone to the dark side
Fabulous telly watching horses working at Ballydoyle with Clare Balding and AP O'Brien on The Morning Line
Clare Balding on the morning like - please take her off. So annoying, talks like we are all excited kids -pathetic.
Finally Morning Line has booked Clare Balding to host and not Plunkett 👏👏👏
Fitting in is boring. But it takes you nearly your whole life to work that ...
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just be Clare Balding doing double shifts
I quite fancy Clare Balding , does that make me a bit strange ?
Lynx CSCS - the new fragrance from Clare Balding
Claire Williams and Felipe Massa on the Clare Balding Show. 28.01.2016 via
Eddie Izzard looked like Clare Balding doing an impression of Elton John paying tribute to Prince.
I thought he was trying to look like Clare balding again like he did on sports personality of the year!
Watching and can't help thinking Eddie Izzard looks a bit like Clare Balding! Not being mean but it's uncanny!
Eddie Izzard surely is the love child of clare balding and Anne Robinson
Eddie Izard and Clare balding , twin sisters
People who are absolutely bound to live to be 100:. Lenny Henry. Miranda Hart. Vernon Kay. Jack Whitehall. Alesha Dixon. Kanye West. Clare Balding
I enjoyed watching "Jacqueline Wilson asks Clare Balding for her writing tips - video"
So many celebrities dying lately but isn't it typical that . Vernon Kay. Bruce Forsyth. Clare Balding. Amanda Holden. & Miranda are still alive.
BREAKING: Clare Balding apologises over marmite emissions assault.
Glad I bluffed my way through statistical analysis in first and second year and now I'm stuck on my dissertation with a Clare Balding head.
I only declare full house when I see Clare Balding and John Inverdale.
Oh Clare Balding is doing one of my favourite walks in London which is along the river in Limehouse/Isle of Dogs
15:00 Ramblings: An unusual urban walk to finish the series as Clare Balding rambles on the Isle of Dogs.
"Me? I love crisis coming to say the night with two of & I'm too much as Clare Balding at 9 PM.
This I can get behind "... the winner is the one that gets to shore and does a Jagerbomb with Clare Balding."
I made Clare Balding on Fight Night Champion and absolutely sparked Manny Pacquiao
my mate Clare is dating a guy who is Balding
"If you are fearful, a horse will back off. If you are calm & confident, it will come forward." Clare Balding https:/…
Clare balding looks like she could lift a Double decker bus and then do Five Rounds in the octagon the tank
When you have the same football boots as Clare Balding...
We made Clare Balding's new website: How do you like it?
Weekends are a real luxury for me because I'm usually working.
Having thyroid cancer in 2009 really didn't change my life at all. I wish I...
"Why haven't I had these before! They would've saved me sinking and saved many a shoe." - Clare Balding
Clare Balding: 'I'm self-employed'. For the record, the word 'BBC' only appears 51 times on her wikipedia page.
If I had a penny for every like I've had I'd have enough to buy a Clare Balding lifesize *** face with easyempty™ 5l plastic spunk sump
When you faceswap with bae and realise you're both Clare balding and the butler from Scary Movie 👍🏻
Oops I've just mistaken Sandi Toksvig for Clare Balding! Shhh - dont tell them, not sure who'd be most offended!
New BBC board: the man off Flog It, Miranda, and Stephen Fry and Clare Balding, obviously.
Clare Balding's balls actually do go ding if you flick them with a fingernail.
We are looking forward to launching The Wall on this weekend on the Clare Balding Show! Mark your calendars.
Found you via Boat Race and Clare Balding, so nice of her to reply as love the jacket she was wearing. Katie
I'd rather shag Clare Balding than that.
Isn't there a 3 hour BBC special with Clare Balding?
Get your own chic Duchess coat as worn by Clare Balding at Cheltenham Festival! Shop >
Dad is a really surprising guy. Every time I think he's going to be useless...
Presumably if Sergey Karjakin wins there will be a Clare Balding interview about how he can now afford to fix his stutter?
all the presenters were God Awful. Is there any sport safe from Clare Balding?
Love that Clare Balding's hair won the Boat race
It's time for the boat race. “Anything can happen,” says Clare Balding. Bet you a fiver some people row boats down a riv…
Clare Balding never fails to be a legend!!!
I don't want to live in a world where Clare Balding isn't the next Bond
"Back to the studio where Clare Balding is flossing her teeth with barbed wire and drinking Guinness out of a tennis ball …
I had a tricast on the go...unfortunately Clare Balding didn't finish!
Are Cambridge the real winners when they have to talk to Clare Balding at the end ? .
well if they're gonna kill anyone I'd much rather it be Clare balding and some posh caviar and champagne ***
Why does Clare Balding get to MC the awards ceremony, as well as being lead presenter?. About time BBC lost…
Presenter Clare Balding enjoys a game of golf with loved ones on her rare days off
Cambridge win the Boat Race by 2.5 lengths but Clare Balding spent all her time talking about Oxford's dominance. No research and no idea
Is anything on tv not presented by Clare sodding Balding? Bloody ***
We saw Clare Balding whizzing past on a speedboat, so who's the real winner today?
In tomorrow's Clare Balding on Victoria Pendleton's future in racing and her tremendous performance at Cheltenham.
Clare Balding wants your donkey tails for her Sunday morning Radio 2 Breakfast Show 😀. Donkeys! What's not to love?
Cruft's with Clare Balding. C4 Racing with Clare Balding. The Clare Balding Show tonight at 10. She's good but isn't there anyone else?
Who is this cross between Claire Underwood and Clare Balding presenting?
The Cheltenham Festival would be just another racing show on TV if not for Clare Balding, who is TV gold.
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presenter Clare Balding declares 'isn't she just divine!' as the wins the top prize of the competition
Clare Balding is off her barnet on the lemo offering the irish wolfhound a straightener at the back of Kozys
Jermaine Jenas on Question Time, looks totally lost, surprised it's not Clare Balding though
I liked a video from Jose Mourinho Full Interview with Clare Balding (Part 1)
Mum gets so worked up about Clare Balding😂
Clare Balding is a very talented broadcaster, fantastic at all sports
Wish joel still had his short hair cause now I can't take the *** out of him looking like Clare balding
Clare Balding "Is there room for improvement in their performance?". Yes Clare. They came second.
Clare balding needs some breathing training. She forgets to pause on commas?
cycling coverage: Clare Balding yapping in front of glimpses of live cycling.
Seriously is there anything more boring than track cyling with Clare Balding. Thank goodness there is Premier League darts and WC Golf on
Thank god for and their coverage of Feel sort for the people having to put up with Clare Balding blundering away.
Just a few feet away from Clare Balding at the World Track Cycling championships. says there are more celebrated people here.
Is that you in the red dress behind Clare Balding?
One of my favourite images made it into the "Waitrose Weekend", alongside Clare Balding no less!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
15:00 Ramblings: Clare Balding walks with a group of Samaritans' volunteers and their families.
Seb said on the Clare Balding Show that they had worked things out with addidas
Music: We're delighted to announce that Clare Balding WILL be participating in the upcoming 5IVE reunion!!!
Find out about visit to Colchester for >
Both Miranda Hart and Clare Balding are guests on the show I'm watching. Ugh. 😷😷😷
Would this be the same A.A. Gill who disparaged Clare Balding as a *** on a bike"? Because LOL FOREVER if so.
Not her biggest fan personally but at least it's not Clare chuffing Balding
Poor Jermaine. Prob thought he was on Clare Balding's show. Change your agent.
will be on 'Gd Morning Sunday' on BBCR2 this wk between 7am & 9am with Clare Balding x
Clare Balding needs to stop sucking up to Victoria Pendleton: 'ooh you're so brave to race a horse. You're amazing'.
oo tough one! Ummm maybe Clare Balding or Rebel Wilson?!
So good to see Clare Balding is the new BBC cycling pundit miss the hop skip and jumper though
Chris Hoy actually looks scared of Clare Balding-she's a bit intense tonight.Has she been smoking crack or something.
I've just walked past Chris Hoy and Clare Balding.
A blessed, great and diverse couple of weeks with Americas Cup, Football Tonight, Clare Balding Show, MTV Live Lockdown and a recording sesh
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Now taking bookings, for all your Clare Balding needs please just message me for details 💁🏼
Working with *** Fitzgerald and Clare Balding at the Epsom Derby.. 2014 xx
that pulled you up a bit? I feel like bloody Clare Balding now.
Find out what happened when visited Colchester for >
You come across words all the time that are everyday sexism. I was describe...
this episode of 'Ramblings' where Clare Balding goes litter picking with David Sedaris is GREAT:
Maquien now tailoring to celebrities such as Joanna Lumley and Clare Balding! Read Here >
Feeling rough here, feel like Clare Balding slide tackled me with her steel toe boots on in the middle of the night
It would be interesting to know the audience figures - and whether they exceeded those of the Clare Balding Show?
Sure not to be English! We have Clare Balding! All our good ones have almost gone, Suzi, Louise etc.
Is it me or is Dan Walker turning into the male equivalent of Clare Balding on the BBC? He's more ubiquitous than a scatological bluebottle.
serious gigglefest dad read about Clare Balding & complained her R4 Ramblings was on so early. I said it's a repeat for the hard of hearing!
Lots of women don't realize that they're *** until they're grown up.
Wonder how probing Clare Balding will be with Seb Coe
Willie Carson used to with cuddly Clare Balding. It was funny seeing them at the racecourse.
I always swore I would never write a book. But I read Clare Balding's and i...
Something about the idea of Ian Wright, Clare Balding and Steve McManaman cozying up on the sofa together is really disturbing me just now
Those guys really need to explain why Ian Wright, Steve McManaman and Clare Balding live in a house together.
Call me cynical but I don't believe Clare Balding, Steve McManaman and Ian Wright have 'movie night' together.
The Clare Balding Show A look into the lives of the biggest names in sport in this weekly ...
What about when Clare Balding kept asking that jockey if he was going to get his tooth done. He was "uncomfortable in the workplace" too.
Hi Clare Balding. Will you be so kind if I want to ask you a question?
For F1 fans - tickets available for Clare Balding Show next week with Felipe Massa and Claire Williams
Chris Gayle has just been interviewed by Clare Balding
Oh I am SO pleased, Natalie :) I'll be chatting to Clare Balding about it on Sunday:
I'll been talking to the lovely Clare Balding about and on BBC Radio2 next Sunday: via
I've never been particularly maternal.
IAN LADYMAN - TV REVIEW: Nights like Sports Personality of the Year are all about the tone and here Gary Lineker, Clare Ba…
Wonder how many people actually watch The Clare Balding Show... Like if anyone is that weird
employing Clare Balding gives the a free pass on their mindset lol
I've missed off Clare Balding too who is obviously another massive contender we aren't quoting
What a great line-up for TMS Awards, K.Grainger, and M. Morpurgo
If you missed on catch it again this Thurs at 10pm on Check out who's on the sofa here:
Thanks to for proving the golden ratio can be applied to this pic:
New Team for Racing? Clare Balding and AP McCoy in the Studio and John Francome interviewing Jockeys. All thats needed.
Clare Balding's face when Mike Tyson said he's never heard of Manchester City. 🙄
oh is he not, little Clare balding thing
I think it be Matt Chapman Lydia Hislop & Gina Harding as main presenters stand in Emma Spencer Nick Luck & Clare Balding
managed to get a mention and a plug for RDA volunteers on Clare Balding's show this morning approx 0725ish.
loll I didn't want him to leave. Did you see that interview with Clare balding gerrard and mourinho?
Adam Hills: The Last Leg Series 3 Ep 1 Clare Balding: Back for a third series, Adam and Josh are joined by Micky Flanagan along with ...
Weird watching Stacey receive an award on TV off Clare Balding on Nicola Adams behalf when we've sparred together loads! 🙈
Alan did a location with TV sports presenter Clare Balding at Edge Hill University on Friday doing a guest lecture.
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