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Clara Bow

Clara Gordon Bow (July 29, 1905 – September 27, 1965) was an American actress who rose to stardom in the silent film era of the 1920s.

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Instead of working, researching story of nude portrait Bela Lugosi had painted of Clara Bow. I blame and h…
: "Wings" (1927). With the original “It Girl”, Clara Bow. Definitely worth watching if you can find…
Well, not really given that's actress Clara Bow in front row.
This shot is from a movie called "The Wild Party", you can see starlet darling Clara Bow in the front.
The more I see of men, the more I like dogs.—Clara Bow
I'll be making Clara Bow's Date Night Hot Dogs this weekend! They're what she fed Antonio Moreno in IT and I tracke…
I have this hairstyle but in junior high school I had Clara Bow hairstyle
Flappers was a movement for women liberality. Flappers typically had short hair and short dresses a…
This is the that made Clara Bow a star -
Sure! "It" with Clara Bow. She was one of the biggest flapper girls. Its on Youtube. I…
We have recreated the Clara Grant arch for entry to our Santa's Grotto on the 16th Dec at our Chris…
Fabulous Clara Bow: the original “It” Girl, and a gorgeous natural redhead!
All my films were originally going to be in and white and And silent. On silver nitrate. Starting Clara Bow.
Your wonderfully flippy hair reminds me so much of Clara bow
Spotlight: The It Girl and Me by Laini Giles - The It Girl and Me: A Novel of Clara Bow by Laini Giles…
Clara Bow on Christmas with her father, Robert, and her husband Rex Bell
“A sex symbol is a heavy load to carry when one is tired, hurt and bewildered” (Clara Bow)
Clara Bow, when this had only ever been known as a good luck symbol all around the world.
God, Clara Bow was my age when she made her *last* film
Tea and biscuits and a Clara bow documentary 😊 happy Leon
I really recommend the film 'It'. The 1927 film with Clara Bow, I mean
Now watching the Clara Bow documentary on BBC Four
Very good douc on BBC four on actresses clara bow and the IT girl idea from the 20s
Clara star of the 1920s
Cool programme on about the beautiful, sad Clara Bow ~
Watch BBC four now. A documentary about Clara Bow the fabulous silent movie star known as the "It girl" A fascinating lady x
Celebrities looking for a discreet wedding florist. Apply within. Seriously I have no idea who anyone is. Unless you're Clara Bow obvs!
Beautiful programme thank you And now Clara Bow. Heaven.
documentary about Clara Bow on bbc4 at 10.55 tonight... this is your 20 minute warning! :-)
I'm giving the Clara Bow documentary a go st 22:55, if I manage to stay awake
Gonna watch, 'Clara Bow: Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess' on at 10:55 tonight.
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BBC 4 is showing some belting docs on Clara Bow and the Magnum photo agency.
BBC4s Clara Bow doc is on at 10.55pm - if you haven't seen it you really should
I know - I checked it out first. Looks excellent. I've go…
That's from a movie featuring Clara Bow (bent over in the front).
He also wrote Clara Bow: Runnin' Wild, which is supposed to be pretty good.
Really? Then what's the movie I'm thinking of where Clara Bow rips the arm off a small boy?
I just saw IT. Be warned, this movie is nothing at all like the Clara Bow version.
Was that the name of a movie? Because that's Clara Bow in the front row.
You need to rethink the caption for this photo of a 1929 Clara Bow Movie "The Wild Party"!!! 🤦🤦🤦
Google search of the image says that it is from a 1929 film called 'The Wild Party'... it was Clara B…
No, that's Clara Bow's 1929 film "The Wild Party" & that still is from an anthropology class. But boring facts won'…
Nope. The Wild Party is a 1929 Pre-Code film directed by Dorothy Arzner, release by Pictures, and kn…
Recreated one of my fav classic looks! Authentic '20's Clara Bow
Rubbish. It`s a still from an old Clara Bow film from the 20`s. Don't put the wrong captions up.
That is Clara Bow- It's actually from a 1929 movie called The Wild Party - here's another…
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The woman in the front middle with the curly hair and incredulous expression looks like Clara Bow.
Bow Wow first L was when him and Clara broke up cause *** she bad af
You: "IT", horror movie, scary clown. Me, an intellectual: Clara Bow, 1927.
who wants to do a back-to-back double feature of followed by It, the 1927 silent romcom ft. Clara Bow? ??
You would have been a perfect Clara Bow
anybody else tweeze their eyebrows way too thin and end up looking like Clara Bow? 😓
Yeah the later films all follow on from a drastic reboot. The Clara Bow one though does sh…
How can you forget the original 1927 version, starring Clara Bow.? The story's been changed a bit since…
Fandor seems to have a couple that the other two are missing. Still, a lot are missing. Ran, Rear Windo…
From 'It' girl to IT girl?!? Yes, Clara Bow aced the creepy clown look—long before we had the internet to discuss crushes…
Clara never wore a bow. Or a smile. Look away to keep the mungers at bay. Loose talk like change tossed in a fountain…
📷 Clara Bow giver her housekeeper a hand(s) in the kitchen of her Beverly Hills home, 1930
Going with some friends to see It on Saturday, pretty excited, I'm a big Clara Bow fan.
Some days happen to be classic movie birthday mother lodes. It's strange. Born on July 29:. Clara Bow. William Powell. Theda…
Clara Bow as Mary in Wings, Wellman’s film will forever be remembered as the first film to win Best Picture at the Academ…
Jazz Age News of the Day - At the first Academy Awards ceremony, Wings, starring Clara Bow, was honored as Best Pic…
Fabulous!!! Am a fan of Clara Bow and Louise Brooks. As well as Jean Harlow.
irregular choice. They are called Clara Bow. Lots of different colour ways. These are reduced in Atom Retro.
Clara Bow, Mary Pickford, yet Gloria Swanson was one if the most popular, of the time
this film turned 22-year old Clara Bow into a major film star & she was labelled 'the it-girl' by c…
Elinor Glyn popularised the term 'it girl' in her 1927 novella, later adapting it for screen with silent star Clara…
Tyranny of 'asking for it' in Dorothy Arzner's The Wild Party ('29). Clara Bow saves the day.
got kind of a Clara Bow thing going on here
📷 A structured princess ball gown with alluring V-back & decorative big bow! From Rosa Clara 2017...
Iconic camera shot from Clara Bow film This looks great & it was the 1st time it'd ever been done on film...
her story reminds me a bit of Clara Bow who also had her career due to the 20's morality...
if you want the world rediscovering Clara Bow invest in musical. Let's bring her back to the world.
if you world to rediscover Clara Bow, invest in musical.
If anybody wants to have the world rediscover the original IT Girl Clara Bow invest in musical.
Hollywood's Lost Screen Goddess .Documentary looking at what happened to Clara Bow…
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Finally watched the GREAT Blu-Ray of “Children of Divorce” yesterday. Clara Bow/Gary Cooper define star power in melodrama.
Vintage painting Clara Bow Silent movie star by LalasArtWorld via
My god I so love Clara Bow - I really need to see Wings. It seems such a fabulous film!
The perfect antidote to the first day back at work after the Christmas break...
CLARA BOW trying to make up her mind about the outfit ~ USA 1920s.
Twenties movie star, Clara Bow, does the Hula. And why not?!
Being a sex symbol is a heavy load to carry, especially when one is tir...
Watched BBC4 doc on Clara Bow with rediscovered footage of the Frederica Sagor-co-write Red Hair
Well that was a fascinating documentary on Clara Bow.
me this month when I hear the name Clara Bow
It was a one-off made & shown in 2012 & repeated the following year. Bristol blog on the prog here
Watching this doc about Clara bow. One thing struck about the interview just shown there how lovely and chilled out was that dug?
Great documentary on the wonderful Clara Bow on BBC 4 , a beautiful talented actress , a true natural.
Watching a programme on BBC4 about lovely silent movie star Clara Bow and then bedtime...
All the mail fans just addressed to The IT Girl Hollywood California found Clara Bow, so that's who got all your mail ;)
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Just watching a documentary on BBC4 about Clara Bow and NOW I AM IN LOVE WITH CLARA BOW
Get some sleep Moo (says me drawn into a documentary about Clara Bow).
BBC4 now showing doc on silent movie star, Clara Bow. Discovered her this year, and fell for her little bit. Delightful actress. BBC4 rules.
I adore watching documentaries about the lost Hollywood stars. Loving the one about Clara Bow on now
I dunno, but I reckon Clara Bow's look influenced look of Miss Fisher, though pos not intentionally.
No Clara Bow has not been forgotten by those of us who actually like film!
Clara Bow was beautiful. Seen the doc on bbc4 before - very interesting but sad. Think I've seen at least one of her films at cinema.
Love it when there's something on I'm actually interested in. . Clara Bow: Hollywoods lost screen goddess.
From 1994-2014, only 21% of Broadway musicals were profitable. But don't let that scare you with our show:
Even now I can't trust life. It did too many awful things to me as a kid. ~Clara Bow
MARTHA RAYE and CLARA BOW in nightclub celebrating premiere of 'College Swing' 1938
A 'must add' to your silent film collection. Children of Divorce-Gary Cooper & Clara Bow
Children of Divorce with Clara Bow and Gary Cooper now on sale from Flicker Alley
Clara Bow in 1929 doesn't look like she'd be out of place as the older sister in a Brat Pack film in the 80s.
Mary Bruce? I mean Mary Wilson. Virginia Bruce would make a neat Poison Ivy if Clara Bow didn't beat her to it.
New Movie Magazine victim-blames Clara Bow for the rogues gallery of suitors she's put up with. cc:
Feelin like Clara Bow gettin ready to kill it in those silent films @ Grand Valley State University
"Wings" won the first Best Picture Oscar 87 years ago. The war drama starred Clara Bow and Charles 'Buddy' Rogers.
Not joking here by the way. It starts a precedent that could have anyone from Dr King to Clara Bow, Daniel Webster to Willie Mays. Exciting.
Clara Bow in "The Wild Party" early rare Community Theatre in North Attleboro Mass program listing her film
If you too fancy Clara Bow viewing for the evening...
Evening viewing planned: Parisian Love feat Clara Bow. Because Clara Bow FTW everytime (except when it's Louise Brooks time, of course)
Wedding Gown-Emblema by Rosa Clara with front bow and beaded bodice.
please tell me you are Clara, Clara bow.
Oh Andy - or should I say writers - it is Louise Brooks NOT Clara Bow.
Amelia Earhart and Clara Bow legend testing on Easter.
Clara Bow and the Staff of Aaron - The thrilling 2nd instalment of the Clara Bow trilogy! via
Here "It" is! 2.13 - Clara Bow's skirt mishap which was reminiscent of Marilyn's that was done 30 yrs later..
Irony:Betty Boo (based on Clara Bow)doing Monroe's famous skirt scene-which was a rip off from a Clara Bow film It😏
But would wear it? That's the question. Looks more like Clara Bow. :)
Yeah, didn't find it last night. Ended up watching a documentary on Clara Bow. Not the direction I intended but good TV.
Best performance by an actress in 2016; Clara Bow telling me she didn't want to have a drink tonight.
Machine Gun Kelly, Clara Bow, Alice Paul, and G.W. Carver! Thanks for stopping by!
Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and Leone Lane in a publicity still for The Saturday Night Kid (1929)
Clara Bow in a publicity still for It (1927)
's class was visited today by Clara Bow, Machine Gun Kelley & GW Carver!
Is there a drag queen with the name Clara Bow-ner? If not, there should be. You can have it. I won't need it.
There's even a Clara Bow double header on Sunday morning...Come on. You know you want to.
There is a side trail in Nebraska Notch named after flapper & Hollywood star Clara Bow - so-called because it is “beautiful and tough.”
About to see Dorothy Arzner's GET YOUR MAN (1927) w/ Clara Bow. Restored in 35mm w/ live accompaniment
Yes. It's not a great film. But Clara Bow is.
Match made in heaven 󾆯 Clara glitter bow bad and Becky silver. Both match perfectly and ready to ship we also have the gold options x
Interesting. Before it meant what it means today. Clara Bow.
The *IT* Girl forever lives... Clara Bow♥. Need not a particular day to be recognized for this shining 🌟. 💫🌟💫
the signs as silent film actresses . aquarius: Clara Bow
domain names
If you love Louise Brooks, Clara Bow, or Jean Harlow then you need to know Colleen Moore. via
I'd love for the Doctor to meet old film stars like Rudolph Valentino, Buster Keaton, Clara Bow, Cary Grant etc
Don't miss the new restoration of "Get Your Man" (1927) directed by Dorothy Arzner and starring Clara Bow on...
1 week from tonight: Clara Bow in reconstructed GET YOUR MAN (1927)
Rudolph Valentino & Clara Bow were GIANT stars. Sigh. can't I go back to the 1920's & 30's for awhile? 😫
u want a flapper look up Colleen Moore or Clara Bow or young Joan Crawford or Olive Thomas or Norma Talmadge I can go on
Clara Bow & Rex Bell IT Café signed Dinner Menu, the building is still their. check it out when your in town
1926 Clara Bow and Victor Fleming director of Mantrap The Wizard of Oz and Gone With the Wind. to name just a few
Born on July 29. Clara Bow (1905–1965), American actress. More famous birthdays at
Calgary Police are searching for occupants of a stolen Jeep that hit a few parked cars, then drove into the Bow River.
{{Clara Bow Wedding Hair}} . On your wedding day you should look like yourself at your most beautiful. We think...
Nathan's around the time Clara Bow worked there.
Bela Lugosi in his home in the 1930s. On the wall is his nude oil painting he had commissioned of actress Clara Bow.
yes! I think he only wore a bow-tie once, when he was setting up the restaurant in his house, for Clara. he's so stubborn. :D
Simon and Brittany at the airport with there Maltese named Clara, after Clara Bow. Fun little fact. 😊
Clara Bow & James Hall post card printed in Germany by: Ross Verlag from the film The Fleets In 1928
1927 press photo for the film It starring Clara bow here with Elinor Glyn things would never be the same after this http:/…
Spanish chocolate card mid 20's of Clara Bow and note the spelling of her name. Very cool
Clara Bow and family 1938 and again in 1960 still beautiful still the " It" girl
Clara Bow on the cover of Moving Picture Stories magazine 1925
Clara Bow, half-length portrait, standing, facing right, in backless costume.
Ross Veriag Clara Bow Post card from Germany only the bride once and in Hollywood was very rare indeed
Been obsessing over Clara Bow lately. What a doll.
When Clara Bow drives, I make Greta Garbo sit in the backseat. That's how I roll.
More for Some 1920s flapper body with Clara Bow
The painting is of actress Clara Bow
Sure there's a Clara Bow nude.. but have you ever REALLY zoomed into this pic of
When the pic isn't fully expanded and you only show from eyebrows down to bare chest skin, YES, Clara Bow close up photo!
You TOTALLY look Clara Bow in that pic!
You might be creepy, but you'll never be "Bela Lugosi hanging up a nude portrait of his ex Clara Bow" creepy.
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Bela Lugosi relaxing in his home in the 1930s. [1189 x 931]. Centered on the wall is his n…
88 years after the release of "IT" Clara Bow and cast still charm an audience! Thanks to all who attended today's screenin…
Happy Fourth of July to all our American friends from and Clara Bow:)
Clara Bow and her faithful companion Duke, she new herself better than people think, she got out early wise decison
Clara Bow photoplay book for her film The Fleets In from Paramount Pictures
Clara Bow burst on the screen giving Hollywood it's 1st true sex symbol, but she was so much more and then some
I now have a tote bag with a picture of a very sexy looking Clara Bow and a drawing of Gary Cooper
Jean Arthur, Clara Bow, and Jean Harlow in The Saturday Night Kid directed by A. Edward Sutherland, 1929.
... except the sex addiction, yet I also relate to Jacqueline Kennedy in almost every aspect intellectually. I relate to Clara Bow, but I...
Dress in style like Clara Bow in this outfit inspired by Young Bonnie Parker from the musical Bonnie…
Clara Bow: "A Hollywood girl who still believes in Kris Kringle!"
LEST WE FORGET Little bit late, but in remembrance of those who have fought and served our country, I have recently created a look based on Clara Bow who was very famous during the first world war on Teaghan Eaglestone. I am proud to say that many members of my family have served and am honored by their bravery.
Sorry, I'm playing Clara Bow,Marina's playing Lana Turner.we still need Mary Pickford, Gloria Swanson and Spencer Tracy.we have Gary
Remembering actress Clara Bow, who died on this date in 1965. She's at Forest Lawn Glendale.
After watching a handful of OH stars' documentaries (most recently about Clara Bow and Jean Harlow), i…
Sat & Sun: Clara Bow and Gary Cooper star in first-ever Best Picture-winner "Wings."
Born Today 1899 Actor Richard Arlen: probably best known for role as pilot in Wings (1927) w/Clara Bow, Charles 'Buddy…
Clara Bow and Rex Bell with their sons Rex Jr. and George 1938
Actor Henry B. Walthall died on this day--June 17th, 1936. His career began on the stage until he began working in films for D.W. Griffith starting in 1909. Notable films in his career include "The Birth of a Nation", "The Plastic Age" with Clara Bow, "The Scarlet Letter" with Lillian Gish, "London After Midnight" with Lon Chaney and "The Trespasser" with Gloria Swanson. He is interred in the Abbey of the Psalms at Hollywood Forever.
Hans got Clara Bow and Gilbert Roland last night and wanted to see Tyrone Power tonight.
While Marilyn Monroe never starred as Cleopatra on screen, she was made up as Theda Bara as Cleopatra from the 1917 silent film in a LIFE Magazine spread called “Fabled Enchantresses”, in which the legendary star paid homage to some of the world's great actresses. Photographed by the great Richard Avedon, Monroe was also costumed as Lillian Russell, Clara Bow, Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich.
"Clara Bow, silent film actress, once said, “Most men want me on their terms. The trouble with men is..."
Here's a picture Chris took in Edgerton Park for Vintage Double Vision, a new vintage fashion blog that launched today where Suzanne will recreate looks of Old Hollywood. In today's post she's channeling Clara Bow. Check out her blog here:
I hate faffing with my hair so I've pretty much always had a bob of some sort, I see myself as Clara Bow lol
yup datz wot I meant rock on i used ta be clara bow but now i'm me.
20's Clara Bow , classic bob , the lodger
You might like this about Clara Bow :)
Beautiful Clara Bow in Black and White⁰John VE, See more » …
Clara Bow is still hot after all these years and my comic is still selling after all these months. "It Girl" has...
Thanks! Ruth & I have been friend for years now, and we both live in Southern California. We both love Clara Bow very much.
I was there five days before that on December 24, where I met my friend Ruth Silny, who collects Clara Bow memorabilia. =D
William Clark Gable (February 1, 1901 – November 16, 1960) was an American film actor, often regarded as The King of Hollywood or just simply as The King. Gable began his career as a stage actor and appeared as an extra in silent films between 1924 and 1926, and progressed to supporting roles with a few films for MGM in 1931. The next year he landed his first leading Hollywood role and became a leading man in more than 60 motion pictures over the next three decades. Gable was arguably best known for his role as Rhett Butler in the epic Gone with the Wind (1939), for which he received his third nomination for the Academy Award for Best Actor. He was also nominated for leading roles in Mutiny on the Bounty (1935), and he won for It Happened One Night (1934). Gable found further success commercially and critically with films like Red Dust (1932), Manhattan Melodrama (1934), San Francisco (1936), Saratoga (1937) Boom Town (1940), The Hucksters (1947) Homecoming (1948) and The Misfits (1961) which was his fi ...
So I have a drink almost every morning a coffee with half and half sweetened with Cinnamon and sugar. I call the Clara Bow, because it's strong, sweet and I like waking up to it in the mornings, ANYWAY, today I discovered how to use the super coffee maker and I discovered you should never make it with a triple espresso mixed with Americana blend...I could see through walls and feel the pulse in my teeth...Wicked coolness though.
Foto: Clara Bow in a hair test for Get Your Man, 1927.
Just noticed this on the DVD of Clara Bow's "It" I took out from the library xo
It starring Clara Bow will be screening in Alexandria on Sunday, and I'm not working. For once I get to go see a movie.
re. Clara Bow (original art, portrait, black and white photography, 12x18 print, metallic finish, vi
Clara Bow (29 July 1905 – 27 September 1965) Photo from the December 1925 issue of "Cine-Mundial," a Spanish-language fan magazine published in the United States.
Yep! Ready! *Clara chimes, sidling up to his side, not after giving him a once-over with her eyes.* You've lost the bow-
vintage everyday: Beautiful Clara Bow in Black and White
Clara bow is just as awesome as she is in everything else!
My new favorite styling is hipster Clara Bow. I watched too many period murder dramas this weekend.…
MT CLARA BOW: the IT girl of the silent era is about to make a splash ~ USA 1920s.
Beautiful Clara Bow in Black and White - beautiful.
Series of photos of Clara Bow, silent movie star: (via
Photo: (via Pin by Adele Johnston on Clara bow | Pinterest) Clara Bow Am I the only one who thinks that...
I've wanted to go bow fishing for forever and seeing people I know doing it, makes me wanna do it even more. 😡🎣
she's so cool and dominant yea bow down to fine *** chick and cooler than u Clara
Wonderful image of Clara Bow from the film Her Wedding Night(1930) This is a local theatre poster
There's a touch of the Clara Bow about your new avatar
okay hmm dunno which one then. Was it the Clara Bow city art?
The main attraction at the pciture show like Clara Bow..
Lunch in bed. Take a bow, Breslin you magnificent ***
She also invented the idea of the "It Girl" and created the whole Clara Bow persona.
Dromedary camels from Asia and Africa. With their floppy furry tufts, slender necks, ingénue eyes and coy Clara Bow grins, they are the “it”
Photo: clarabows: Clara Bow at home in 1927.
*Ellie giggles and gives Clara the bow tie*
Finally watched WINGS (27) last night. There are some incredible shots in there. And Clara Bow. And thousands of extras.
Picture Show Lyrics: "The main attraction at the picture show like Clara Bow..."
*Clara looks up slightly seeing the handsome man with a bow tie and stands up* "Um sir are you allowed to be here?"
1930: And for reasons that I’m yet to understand, Clara Bow in a sombrero, shorts and brandishing a pistol on a beach …
Marilyn Monroe as the original IT GIRL Clara Bow. Photographer Richard Avedon for magazine 1958
Reminder: Thursday, May 1st, 7 pm, Big Picture Theater The Silent Clowns A Celebration of Silent Film Comedians: Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Clara Bow, Marion Davies, Harry Langdon, Harold Lloyd, Laurel & Hardy and more! Guest speaker Rob Mermin, founder of the award-winning company Circus Smirkus, actor, teacher, author, and director. Mermin studied with mime master Marcel Marceau before embarking on a forty-year career in circus, theater, TV and film, and was awarded the Governor’s Award for Excellence, Vermont’s highest honor in the arts. Sponsored by the Friends of the Joslin Library, Friends of the Moretown Memorial Library, and the Warren Public Library. Free and open to all ages.
American actress Clara Bow in a fishy swimsuit. 1920s.
How do you suppose the rumor about Clara Bow and the USC football team ever got started?
Silent movie fans in London should visit the tonight. Clara Bow, Lillian Gish, and Charlie Chaplin, if rumours are to believed.
Alice White (Aug 24, 1904, Paterson, New Jersey – Feb 19, 1983, Los Angeles, California) American film actress. She was born Alva White of French and Italian parents. Her mother, a former chorus girl died when Alice was only three years old. She attended Roanoke College in Virginia and then took a secretarial course at Hollywood High School also attended by future actors Joel McCrea and Mary Brian. After leaving school she became a secretary and "script girl" for director Josef Von Sternberg. After clashing with Von Sternberg, White left his employment to work for Charlie Chaplin, who decided before long to place her in front of the camera. Her bubbly and vivacious persona led to comparisons with Clara Bow, but White's career was slow to progress. After playing a succession of flappers and gold diggers, she attracted the attention of the director and producer Mervyn LeRoy who saw potential in her. Her first sound films included Show Girl (1928) made in the Vitaphone sound-on-disc system, and Show Girl . ...
Well the dog's walk today turned into a muddy swim. Good thing Clara Bow loves bath time. I should have worn rain boots though.
Movie MANTRAP featuring Percy Marmont, Clara Bow, and one of my favorite early character actors on the right, Ernest Torrence.
Clara Bow, the ultimate silent damsel in distress. Animated GIF
Clarence Badger and Clara Bow during the filming of "It" (1927); the following year, he again directed her in "Red Hair" and "Three Weekends"
You're a real credit to your sect. I'm a fan of Clara Bow.
Unrecognisable from the skinny, scared boy who arrived a few months ago, billy excited for breakfast as ever, note his little stumpy tail which now never stops wagging :) guest appearances by Clara bow from Nea Filadelfia and Akera who was the sole survivor of a mass poisoning near Athens several years back :))
Clara Bow the Seduction Show is seeking band members for a 1920s blues and jazz band, we have Oliver our keyboard player but would like a couple of other musicians so please get in touch if you're interested.
I'm almost back on track with Clara Bow and other creative things (moving flats kinda knocked the wind outta my sail and took up so much time) so please jazz muscians get in touch if you havent already, and would like a shot at being in the Clara Bow Seduction Show band.and rock musicians get in touch if you'd like to start a band cos I havent played any rock music for so long. I love Clara Bow and all the other acting projects and filming, but there comes a time when a rock chick has to say I need a little bit of time to go back to my roots and rock out!!!
On this date in 1929 the first Academy Awards ceremony was held. Tickets cost $5 and 270 people attended. The glamour and glitz of Hollywood gathered at the Roosevelt To hold the first Academy award, I wonder how winners felt. With Douglas Fairbanks as the host, they all had dinner too. Best Picture, - Wings - an action flick about fliers up in the blue. It was Gary Cooper's first picture, and Clara Bow was the star, A story of loss and redemption all set in the War to end war. Back then all the pictures were silent, - no color, no special effects; Just body and facial expression, along with very real wrecks. Emil Jennings won for best actor, best actress was Janet Gaynor, No TV coverage or radio, awards back then were plainer. With this year's Oscars coming up, with gowns, and jewels, and red carpets. Those first awards prob'ly seem as remote as bones in La Brea Tar Pits.
Dorothy Arzner and Clara Bow. Arzner invented first boom by dangling a mic from a fishing line for Bow's first talkie …
Scene with Clara Bow front and centre THE WILD PARTY (1929)
Speaking of daughters, my second one is pretty much named after Clara Bow (some of our friends had already bag…
Oh and for those asking my black bow shoes are from 👍👞😍 xxjadexx
I don't know your pain, but bow ties are fantastic and very attractive
Grace Coolidge on the streets, Clara Bow in the sheets 😉
Pat just brought the body count to 217,785 by icing «BIK» Clara Bow «Ⓑ». ‡æsir‡ JoeyB ‡æsir‡ was just iced by Pat, who has whacked a total of 217,784 rivals.
On the blog: Notes on a pup, being a wreck, this week, amazing pals, cute Clara Bow, reminders & lots of links!
Check out Birthday girl Clara Bow by ~M3ment0M0ri on ✈
sitting here looking at 1920's stuff and trying to determine if looks more like Louise Brooks or Clara Bow because im in film
Thank you, Trader Joes employees, for compliments like "my lord, your hair puts Clara Bow to shame!" and "you look like you popped out of a springtime lakeside picnic in the 1920s!".
There are BOW TIES on Clara's shirt. I can't
Clara with a bow tie with Eleven and Amy with a fezz :)
movie posters of Clara Bow in Dangerous Curves and Louise Brooks in the Canary Murder Case and a pair of gloves that belonged to Lillian Gish. Just thought I'd share!
Kittens Westcourt (Clara Bow) arrives unannounced at her boyfriend's place and decides to have a drink. From the 1926 film : Dancing Mothers.
I think it comes from David Stenn's biography of Clara Bow.
Clara Bow met Hitler while promoting Call Her Savage in 1932 & told to wear this hat by studio boss BP Schulberg.
tonight another viewing of the beautiful Clara Bow in "It".
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"Can't ya see me? Can't ya see me? The main attraction at the picture show! Like Clara Bow!"
It Released Starring Clara Bow Feb. 15th, 1933 : The Silent Movie "It" is released starring Clara Bow, the movie was a success with critics and the public turning the very young Clara Bow from a Movie Star into a legend and known from then on as the "It girl". The Movie was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".
Sometime in the middle of 2005 I caught a really good flick called Secondhand Lions starring Robert Duvall and Michael Caine. In a nutshell it’s a story of a young boy who is dumped on the doorstep of his two eccentric uncles while his mom takes off to find herself a man. On the way to the uncles’ house the mom tells the boy rumors of the uncles hidden wealth, and stories of them being bank robbers. The boy is dropped off, and he and the uncles are not wild about each at first, but slowly it all comes around. The script is somewhat predictable. Later that week my dad stops by to see my son (who is about a year old at this point), I tell him about the movie, thought it would be something he would dig, as he always had a fondness for movies where the lead character was crotchety and unlikable. Cobb (starring Tommy Lee Jones) was his favorite film. So I summarized the flick, two crazy hunter uncles, a young boy dropped in the middle of nowhere. My dad then looks at me and says, “That’s like my life. ...
Small shows back to back first 6 bustiers for a breast cancer awareness fundraiser now to promote my art a small show of 1920s decadence and glamour evoking icons like NAZIMOVA , VILMA BANKY, CLARA BOW, LUPE VELEZ maybe even JOSEPHINE BAKER on the 19th of February at BEATNIK STUDIOS!! To promote FASHION ON FILM!!
Hi, I'm John Burkhart, and it will either be the best of quizzes, or the worst of quizzes. I'm honestly not sure. ...and right this way. Good luck! 1. Despite sampling another song himself, Coolio protested when Weird Al parodied “Gangsta's Paradise” to create what song? 2. What is the sum of the two solutions of the Square Root of 16? 3. What Cartoon character, originally modeled after Clara Bow (or perhaps Helen Kane), was voiced by Margie Hines? 4. Arlington National Cemetery was once the site for the home of what civil war general? 5. As of the 2010 census, what is the least populated state of the United States? 6. How many hearts does Dr. Who have? 7. What weekly NPR segment has callers compete for Carl Kussel recording a voicemail greeting for them? 8. What medical disease is nicknamed “The White death”? 9. In mythology, a gryphon has a head and wings of an Eagle, and a body of what animal? 10. “The Golden Palm” is the highest award of what film festival? 11. What New Zealand spy was ni ...
I'm a natural redhead, just like Clara Bow and Lucille Ball! I really need to carve out time to henna my hair.
Clara Bow and Dixie Lee (Crosby) in a sequence from the 1931 film : No Limit.
Starting my goal to watch all Oscars best pitcure winners, starting with 1927 silent film "Wings" starring Clara Bow.
I MUST be old... I knew the answer to the Clara Bow question on Jeopardy!
Shirley Temple died. I am feeling reflective. She was 85 but remember the childhood superstar roles of course...perhaps that is what makes it poignant. Also my late Nana used to talk about her, and Clara Bow...
doesn't have sexual dreams so much as he has these dreams where he's happily married and starting a family with a full-color Clara Bow, but he suddenly, stupidly falls in love with you.
Frank Lloyd (beneath camera) directing Gary Cooper, Clara Bow, Esther Ralston and Einar Hanson in "Children of Divorce" (1927)
My seven-year-old daughter is named for Clara Barton, Clara Bow, and you. Thank you for all you do.
Excellent women sophie_aldred & with 'IT Girl'new comic about Clara Bow by Jessica Martin
On Victor Fleming: "Of all the men I've known there was a man!"~Clara Bow
Watching a laundry list of documentaries of Old Hollywood stars and enjoying the *** out of it -- Louise Brooks, Rudolph Valentino, Clara Bow, William Powell, Roddy McDowell, etc.
Trying to decide which 1920's style icon to channel for the Uptown Kingston NYE celebration is giving me a migraine. Do I go Daisy Buchanan flapper floozy, Clara Bow showgirl sultry or Greta Garbo dowdy androgyny? Can't I just be all three?!
We met at Forest Lawn Memorial Park , where Clara Bow is entombed at; we chatted for about an hour.
*The TARDIS rumbled, making a small red box with white bow appeared on the bed as Clara kept setting up the table*
Always feel like Clara whenever I wear a big bow with my hair curly☺️
Looks like Clara can hardly wait for Santa Claus to arrive with her Christmas presents!
*Grins widely, taking off my current bow tie and putting that one on* Ah! Lovely! Thank you, Clara. *Pecks your lips*
My family are coming round soon so I should get ready and get my Clara Oswald dress out as well as my bow-tie
Only in New York City: Christmas photos from the Daily News archives - Clara Bow and Rex Bell
That's the problem with me using Clara Bow. Not so much with the licking.
I love Clara Bow with an absolute passion. Which is a bit odd, given our age difference.
If you come over/have me over in the near future I'll show you how! I'm a pro at Clara Bow!
I'm going to wear my Clara dress tomorrow and put my bow-tie on my wrist and wear it like a bracelet
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