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Claire Smith

Claire Smith (born 15 July 1957 in Sydney, Australia) is an archaeologist. She is an Associate Professor with the Department of Archaeology at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia, and President of the World Archaeological Congress.

Jackie Robinson

Great story about Spink Award winner Claire Smith-her impact would make Jackie Robinson proud…
Claire Smith gets the J.G. Taylor Spink Award for "meritorious contributions to baseball writing." via
nice article in the Inky about Claire Smith. IIRC you have mentioned here as influence in the past
New Hall of Fame honoree Claire Smith was inspired by Jackie Robinson, Effa Manley, and her parents…
Great honor for Inquirer alum Claire Smith, 68th recipient of J. G. Taylor Spink award, best in baseball writing.…
Philadelphia native and sportswriter Claire Smith will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame this...
Claire Smith's impact would make Jackie Robinson proud via
Claire Smith's impact would make Jackie Robinson proud -
Claire Smith's impact would make Jackie Robinson proud
Langhorne native Claire Smith to be honored at Baseball Hall of Fame inductions via TH…
JRF to Honor Alex Gorsky, Chairman & CEO of and pioneering journalist Claire Smith: w/…
Super-Proud of Jason & Claire Smith for SMASHING Active World Team 2017!!! Go on guys!!! You are…
Congratulations to Maribel Soto and Claire Smith on their promotions:
need to get my sight checked, I cant see any puppies.!!!
There are a few of you I could tag in this, You all know who you are, Some of you though its not been that long...
Proud day for the team as Claire Williams holds her Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) h…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
From exercising six times a week to enjoying chocolate EVERY day: Model
Busy day down at Tintern painting and setting up . Bloody exhaisted now. Hubby moking a chicken curry for tea...
The great Claire Smith the pioneer for women covering baseball being honored by the tonight. Nominated by
hi, just dropped off recyclables for Claire & Owen Smith
Recalling proudly the 69 MPs including late leader John Smith who in '71 defied Labour party whip & voted for UK to join E…
yes! Watched the last ep tonight. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are so well cast! And it's all quite believable..
And remember Zadie Smith was supposed to help write a sci-fi script for Claire Denis…until the Roland Barthes film.
Excellent lecture by on & contribs by Claire Smith, Daniela Menzky, Sameh Enein and
Oooh, isn't it just! We were a bit cynical but loved it. Claire Foy & Matt Smith both wonderful.
Mosaic already owns one out of every 12 acres in County, according to Stuart Smith
"History tells us the phosphate industry will only do what it is made to do," says Stuart Smith
Next up is Stuart Smith, speaking on behalf of Sierra Club. He will get 20 minutes
me too. I'm not going to start by reading Libertarian blogs, though.
I see. fiat currencies is something I'm interested in learning more about
I feel like I would not enjoy reading about Libertarian economic policies
I love a good conspiracy theory now and again, but too often they end up rooted in anti-Semitism.
it's lots of really dumb people who are anti-GMO, anti-vax, and buy diet supplements from Alex Jones
AUNZ : The markers of everyday racism in Australia - Claire Smith has received funding from the Australian…
Commissioner Smith: "You never know until it happens. In Florida, there have been sinkholes come under homes, come under businesses 1/2
"If they are not closed unless dried up, there is water running under underground," Smith says
"You have not capped your wells. You don't know how many you have," Smith says
Smith doesn't seems satisfied with the answers he is getting about wells
Smith asks if there are wells on the property. Arrington says yes.
Commissioner Smith is asking more questions. He's asking about employment at Mosaic
Smith asks about jobs. . Mosaic says it would be maintaining existing jobs as opposed to creating new ones
Smith questions why and not other organizations. Mosaic says "it was an agency that we were aware and would be willing to 1/2
Commissioner Smith asking why waited years to come before commsh for rezone. . Mosaic "As the need became closer, we ramped up our efforts"
Inspirational meeting with former senior diplomat Claire Smith and our and IP students on careers, skills.
“You can be a pharaoh. Like, a pharaoh means, that which you will become.”. Quote by Jaden Smith. Photographer - Sir I…
Hi Claire, it's been a while since I heard from you so I tried it again anyway, and it still freezes unfortunately. Any other ideas?
Make up appointments available with claire this weekend ✨✨✨ @ Rachael Smith Hair And Beauty
Looking forward to Claire coming tomorrow, Chinese and films🙌 another weekend off the sesh a think, me and laras doing well💯
When claire, tye, Justis & I are walking through DG & claire and I both ask who farted and Tye & Justis raise their hand at the same time.😂
ESPN salutes our own Claire Smith, the first African-American female newspaper reporter to cover MLB daily. 
Five on Brexit Island lifts WH Smith sales as adult colouring books fade
Q&A the crown with Claire Foy, Matt Smith and John Lithgow via
Matt Smith and Claire Foy, oil on canvas, a work of art.
Claire Foy and Matt Smith and their claps are too adorable
Claire Twells is head of debt recovery at Smith Partnership let her help you reduce your debtors and get your money…
Claire Smith: you're a disgrace. Lobbying for Cuadrilla & then daring to whine about tourism loss…
Wye Valley Crafts are a,ways looking for .local crafts people to join the group. Short term guest spots available...
Thinking of you Claire Smith and Jerry x – eating dinner at The Little Italian Bistro & Cotswold Tea House
Do you know 2 words that compelled Claire Smith to write about baseball? 1.Jackie 2. Robinson. Congrats on winning Spink Award
Baseball writers award their highest professional accolade to a woman, Claire Smith, for the first time
This is just great. Huge congrats to Claire Smith.
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
MC 3, Valdosta State 0 (HALF). Lauren Smith scores twice, Emma Claire Furman w/ the other to grab the big lead
Very excited to have one of our clients in the mix for this lush period drama.
lee smith Hello We invite you to this adult webcam free register Click on my profile.
Just witnessed Claire spill her entire tea in car over facetime lol
look how saggy and big my *** look in this and I'm doing cringey poses I remind myself of Claire smith
Just got word from that Commissioner Smith has elected to stay @ Land Use meeting instead so we will s…
Just want to live in a cute little apartment in Smith's Landing with my wife and our dog Sophie & w…
A wall at a proposed development has been center of this debate here. Smith says I understand that we aren't a nation of walls
As our Dr. Smith says, "care is unique with each patient." Read how Claire Long got back to the…
Smith and Whitmore are going back and forth after Smith and Baugh went back and forth. Now we are recessed
Check out Claire Foy & Matt Smith as The Queen and Prince Philip in the first trailer for The Crown:
Claire Foy and Matt Smith in Peter Morgan’s The Crown – new trailer and images.
"Once the shelters available, we will do a public notice to everyone. They will be available after school lets out today," Bob Smith says
"They have not decided to close schools tomorrow," Bob Smith says of
"East side of county will see worse of storm first," Bob Smith says of
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The shelters will in the eastern portion at first. Bob Smith says working with
Looking to set up some shelters over the course of evening, Smith says
"As of right now, we are only looking at less than an inch of rainfall associated with storm," says Bob Smith
"We want to be prepared for the worst," says Bob Smith, director of
Claire Smith lives in & supports - she thinks it's an historic day for the county:
Amari Smith and Claire Awtrey speaking during LTI session of JFK Open House.
Who is tired of lying two faced people on here.. I am cause a two faced woman on here and her name is Claire smith
I love you guys so much. Please don't leave. Ever.
Congratulations Ben Smith! 401 marathons completed in 401 days with £250K raised for charity:
Timberland boots on artist Renee Snelson in her Brooklyn studio for Marie Claire x Timberland.
SAS Daniels' Chester office welcomes three new appointments. Meet Annest Smith, Claire Porter and Laura Nield:…
Trailer of Netflix's The Crown starring Claire Foy and Matt Smith is released. . Netflix has released the fi… htt…
I know, I haven't started it yet, but I heart Claire Foy and obvs MATT SMITH, so keen to try.
Really enjoyed the preview screening of The Crown this evening. Claire Foy and Matt Smith are both fantastic…
We can't wait for the new show The Crown 👑 👑 👑
Breast Cancer Awareness
A black eye and a bruised heart: Dan Smith is Bastille’s doom-dwelling front figure.
Claire Cameron-Smith has some beautiful work on display in our current exhibition ' Pots and Printmaking'. As a...
Ok Whip My Hair by Willow Smith goes hard asf still
was unable to stand, Greville ran in his place, in Rochdale,libs deselected candidate, replaced him with Smith
intakes of new MPs,- neither Smith nor Janner had even intended to run, I think Janners dad was on ballot, but he
the 'establishment' needed MPs with a new secret to control them. Janner, Brittan,Smith were all in the next two
Commissioner Charles Smith has a front row seat for
Commissioner Smith told me he is speaking here. . But he didn't in first batch & not on campaign list of speakers
.commissioner Charles Smith just entered event. He told me that he will be speaking here
'The Crown' trailer proves Matt Smith and Claire Foy's royal romance will be our next obsession
Matt Smith joins Claire Foy in the first official trailer for 'The Crown':
For some reason I feel like Will Smith and Obama are really good friends
Congratulations to Claire Smith, winner of Best Female Chef 2017 sponsore…
Well done to our 6 winners, email us on infoJamie E Edwards, Claire Smith, Simon Knuckey, Andrew Lucas, KJ, Karl Ros
ESPN's Claire Smith voted for Bonds and Clemens but not Piazza or Bagwell. She also voted for Lee Smith and Trevor Hoffman. featured in NBC s Science of Love
The Manager – Mike Carson. Reviewed by Claire Smith. What’s the Book About?. Can the world of business learn from...
Think Senna is checking out a possible new house lol.. Claire Smith Ian 'Fabrizio' Forinton Richard Forinton.
One thing I can say from some time in Peru - and can cook a mean standing rib roast
Sometimes I forget how beautiful Sam Smith's voice is 😻
& follow for a chance to win a Scarlet Witch Pop!
it's the Claire smith chat, we can now also be Claire smith
Claire's sleeping with me and she set an alarm for 5:18... can't wait🙃
*my mom talking to Katie*. mom: Claire's in charge because you suck
Lucky Blue Smith & his sisters for Marie Claire by Beau Grealy
Granger Smith played at Eau Claire in 2015. 10 awesome tracks!. Why not to watch this concert…
Check my Friend Claire Chin Stillman out for an appointment.
Sue Stone takes a look at the latest book by Claire Wellesley-Smith, 'Slow Stitch':
Daisy, Pyper, Lucky and Starlie Smith by Beau Grealy for Marie Claire US, January Issue 2016. - I
Andrew + Claire Smith from donating on http:…
I added a video to a playlist Sims 4 CAS: Claire Smith
Big thank you to our very 1st member Claire Smith for doing our Prize Draw this evening!
it's my pride and joy. Best I've ever written. But don't show mr smith
Claire Denis filming Zadie Smith scripted sci-fi movie. Why haven't I heard of this?! It should be awesome.
05:43 Prayer for the Day: A spiritual comment and prayer to begin the day, with Claire Campbell Smith.
Claire, be sure to fill out a Lost Item Report and we'll let you know if it was turned in! ^SW
he's making progress! He's been waking up at night for an entire year. It will take some time to get out of that habit...
I think we left an iPad on the plane last week (San Jose to Orange County) Any chance of getting it back?!
Steph Claire Smith's dog was so cute as a puppy but it's getting so ugly, how unfortunate
say a happy birthday to Claire Smith here celebrating the 80's in style blackpool ifest
“…Pattinson will play an astronaut in a story set "beyond the solar system in a ‘future that seems like the present.’ htt…
Claire Denis making her first film in Eng, script by Zadie Smith, Robert Pattinson to play extraterrestrial spaceman.
Does anyone else think Sheridan Smith in Black Work looks just like Julian Clary? Spooky!!
We're the top entertainment in the world!! Our scores came in!. News is in from cree, so proud Claire Pesky Smith...
MEDAL ALERT!!! Claire Smith is Canadian Junior 3000m Champion and has secured her spot at Pan Am Jr Champs with 9:49.87!
Claire Smith appears to be using the same race tactics as she did at OFSAA... breaking away from second place runner as she hits bell lap
I look forward to everybody calling the Claire Denis/Zadie Smith space movie a neglected masterpiece 10 years after it come…
Zadie Smith to Make Feature Screenwriting Debut, Teaming up w/ Claire Denis for Sci-Fi Project htt…
Claire Denis is going far far away. Her next film will be set in the future, in space.
Claire Denis directing, Zadie Smith screenwriting, in a project set on a space mission
.talks and...toast on the floor. (Her super powers include single mum).
Tracey Eldridge Foreman Dean Smith Claire Louise Berry you lot and all your fellow medical people are fab. X
Zadie Smith will make her screenwriting debut with a Claire Denis sci-fi film (via
Zadie Smith takes to space in writing film script:
Yay! Zadie Smith and Nick Laird to co-write space adventure with French director Claire Denis
Some results via Hope and Elvis of the Claire Wellsley Smith Indigo workshop I was at today.
Do you want to be an extra in Balmoral-based film with Matt Smith and Claire Foy? Why not apply here?
The team is: Jenny Jones & Claire Smith as Artistic Directors, Chloe Reynolds as Musical Director and Dan Wade as Technic…
Congrats to Jessi Masinko, Claire Smith, Emily Velez, Lexie Morton for making the South Under Armour team h…
£675 for me to run a bit...blown away. Thank you to: Nathalie Pattison, Mark, Claire Smith, Lisa, Richard Harrison, Paul B, Kimberley Harri…
Rumor has it if you subscribe to MANNNtv on youtube, Randy Jackson shows up at your door and sings 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smit…
Now on Kindle Matchbook Deals, buy paperback & get kindle version FREE. …
Met Claire Smith our priority families coordinator today. Some great ideas for working together to support families and reduce violence.
Can't wait to get my hair done tonight Claire Smith󾰀
Claire Travers Smith needs your help to change lives!
It's to early I'm going back to sleep⛄️. Shout out to cause he's haWt okay night
my bet is Claire kills Alec Hardy cause he knows too much but last ep ending he regenerates into Matt Smith
Oh no, Sam Smith did a Taylor Swift at the Grammy's
"I wanna say thank u so much to the man I fell in love with last year, thank u for breaking my heart because u got me 4 Gram…
Claire Smith, Missions Director for First United Methodist Church Montgomery speaks about the potato drop with...
Great to visit with Claire Smith and Gary Sheffield at the Winter Meetings in San Diego.
As director Joe Wright’s reimagining of Anna Karenina hits cinemas, Claire Smith and Nathalie Morris look back at one of cinema’s enduring style icons.
Hi, Joan. Claire Smith, here. Writing, again. Trying to find my voice, again.
Wow been looking at some of your creations... Your not Claire Smith!! You're Delia Smith 🎂🍰🍪 😊
loved the lecture.. Funny, brilliant and inspiring !!
Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul. …
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Hi I'm Johnnie I'm good at screwing up and looking dumb.
I still kinda feel sketchy for almost getting pulled over lol
"The definition of a ball. A football is not a fricken ball" (Spoken by Claire Smith, 2014)
New blog: and its gross over-diagnosis, one of my biggest bug bears!
I have an obsession with Sam Smith.
Is Jaden Smith's new music vid about Kylie Jenner?
Claire Smith is fundraising for Alzheimer's Society on Show your support
So so so very excited for my gal doing the nutritional cleansing. Claire Hershel Wood in her first ten is down...
UT junior Claire Smith nails it in exposing education deception for
Something you don't see every day. claire balding sitting outside reading WH smith. Signing books. (Think it was her) wasn't much of a crowd
Claire Smith will be in The Times tomorrow (11/10/14) as she has been voted one of the UK's top Solicitors! .
Congratulations who will be representing in the 2015 English Superleague for TEAM BATH! GO CLAIRE!! h…
I have a feeling Dean is talking about his dad to Cas is because Claire Novak shows up
Claire Blackwell, Kelby Smith and Haley Winebarger were honored on Volleyball Senior Night Thursday.
PAPERBACKS NOW AVAILABLE!! . Don't they look lovely! . Would make excellent Christmas Presents. ht…
Hi Claire, I know! We never did get to do Gareth's team walk :( lol. How are things with you? X
Claire Smith is raising money for Asbestos Support West Midlands - West Midlands Hazards TrustCrohn's and Colitis UK by taking part in the 2014 Bupa Great North Run. Sponsor them with Virgin Money Giving.
Ice bucket challange I was nominated by Claire Smith i nominate Emily, Sharon Ellison and paul, Claire Corrigan,...
Another fantastic night of award presentations at the Holiday Inn last night. All players received a participation award, plus Supports Players, Most Improved, Managers Player and Players Players awards being given out to the worthy winners. In addition Jamie Mclaughlin from the U11 Blue Boys was announced as the clubs Manager of the Year. Jamie & John Campbell where also given gifts of appreciation from the team. Rob Coles was presented with a gift from his U11 Royal Boys team for his fantastic work over the past few seasons as he hands over to Darryl & Garry. A sterling job done Rob, but we look forward to still seeing you about. Claire Smith and Rachel Anderson where presented with special gifts from their team for the outstanding work they have done with our fantastic U10 girls team this season. Plus, special thanks to Bradley Catton & Mason Wilson Rhiney for coming back to the club to present awards for us. Good luck for the future lads.
Reading this has been judged at some point. For their crap teeth, or legs, or hair…. Feels terrible right?! So why do th…
How about you realize that it is THEIR BODY AND NOT YOURS!!! They can have it as they please and it is not up to YOU to …
Making fun of a skinny person for being “TOO skinny” is the same as making fun of an overweight person for “TOO fat.” ***
Hope your having the best time wish I could be there with you all! Helen Marie Claire Smith Maddy Jury Antoinette Ivanova x
Sad day 😢 two of the nicest, most genuine and patient people I know are moving on from the Academy! Christine Irvine-McDermott and Claire Smith I will miss you both sooo much! Who is gonna keep me grounded now?
"The statisticians // know at least when they know something but / not well enough to say it." Claire Sylvester Smith
Claire Smith leading the senior girls 1500m
I've lost all my contacts so text me with your name Angela Smith, Claire Smith, Alyson Smith Stevie Smith, Diane Mayoh, Melanie Boatman, Laura Waller, Kirsty Drummond, Louise Harbisher Joyce Wilkinson
cannot get over the new Sam Smith album - literally so good - cheers x
Had a lush day girls even left me alone for abit thanks to David Grant kids thanks for having us Claire Smith-bishton.xx
Well done Claire Smith Revitalise Oldfoundry qualified producer after 3 weeks in the business amazing sorry I'm away so can't congratulate u in person x
Well-written MT Wot it means to be a daughter in your 30s |
Claire Smith of Scottish Gov says only 7 of her team are civil servants, the rest from private sector. Has huge benefits for gov
Would recommend Sam Smith for the crying and Bubblegum by Jason DeRulo for the twerking
Stay With Me by Sam Smith will never get old
Ben smith is one of the most clutch playoff performers
"That cop is definitely going to follow us because I'm driving the *** crusty crab mobile" -Claire Smith
Great class tonight, so looking forward to Sunday :) Massive thanks to Claire Smith she has raised over £100 pounds for Baby Frankie selling her hand made cards, Thankyou soon much Claire your a Angel xxx
Joe Garrisi, thank you again for picking us up so we weren't stranded at my parents until Jim could get to us. Thank you Janice Claire Smith , John A. Baisley, and Suzanne Baisley for listening :) you all helped a lot!
I am unable to ask my husband to do anything, He has managed to cut the top of his fingers on the new cheese...
Off to Noahs Ark farm park tomorrow, hope we have a little bit of dry weather. just enough to scoot round the...
help me out here Haze.. . Knock Knock..
Tried coconut oil as a sunscreen today. While my skin feels smith and silky, it was like I was an all-you-can-eat buffet for mosquitos. 😑
do you know someone called Claire Smith??
Just out of doctors, even he have me a row do not taking that girls details and no calling the police. Also said...
hey hey I dont know what im doing on here yet haa x
Chad Smith met with the President and First Lady on behalf of The Turnaround Arts Initiative.
Am I the only one whose not a fan of Sam Smith
My last snapstory is dedicated to and
Lesson learnt, took me to be seriously ill and disabled to be taught this lesson but. lesson learnt
lol. I wanted one of those when I was bad, But we live in a bungalow so had to stick to my mobility scooter.
Well 3 days of sorting the house still looks like a bomb site. I was a broke wonam after being in Emilys room and...
Does anyone know the girl who hit my car today? Has anyone heard a friend talking about it but from the other way...
I know Bekah's the one that came up with it🙈
Thanks to Claire & the team for hosting tonight's event. Looking forward to future ideas and events.
James Smith is the best act of the night by far! His voice makes me melt😍
Well done Kelly Smith for winning the Woman's FA Cup.
Waiting at the boghall roundabout and a girl drove right into the back of me. My car is a tank. Withstood another...
Just 3 weeks to go until the Leap of Faith celebration with Marianne Cantwell, Nadine Mortimer-Smith and Claire Goldsmith - join us!
I could listen to Sam Smith for hours
A little delayed but here are the results from our May Sun Series one-day show: Training: 1st Stacia Lloyd and Mazzy Star 2nd Fran Lancaster and Elektra 3rd Courtney Olenik and Irish Welcome Novice: 1st Kristen Schalck and Comet's Flight 2nd Zoe Zeller and Toby 3rd Karyn Boulais and Divine Intervention 4th Marci Whitted and Zara Beginner Novice: 1st Mia Farley and Moonlit Dancer 2nd Brenda Chalk and True Magic 3rd Celina Minissian and Clementine 4th Erin Settanni and Silk Stockings 5th Claire Smith and Cassie 6th Jacqueline Gleason and Blackstown Express Elementary: 1st Rachel Hadley and Eros Ramazotti 2nd Shae Walker and Seren 3rd Raquel Frohlich and Beat of the Drum 4th Mahari Blanks and Bartok SLR 5th Sarah Costanzo and Domino Go 6th Charlotte Zovighian and Northern Victory Thank you to all the riders and supporters who joined us, we can't wait to see you again in July!
bre and i have this au where claire is cas' daughter but dean is a Very Good sort of stepdad okay and im just imagine her getting into-
On page 270 of 304 of The Rules of Inheritance, by Claire Bidwell Smith
Happy Teachers day to all the great educators in Jamaica , much appreciation for the tremendous sacrifice. Big up all my primary school teachers , the Late Pasty Bailey, Miss Blake ,Mrs Henry ,Miss Waysome and Miss Seaton. Ah still remember. Special shout out Claire Smith from New Day and Ms.Baul from Godfrey Stewart.
Urban Girl got a chance to meet the spirit creator and mixologist for Belvedere Vodka, Claire Smith, and Perry's Steakhouse beverage director and sommelier, Susi Zivanovic. The highlight of the evening? Tasting the newly released Belvedere Mango Passion Vodka.
Sands Friday Shout-Out! Post your support and good luck messages below to everyone who is taking part in fundraising for Sands this weekend and beyond! Don’t forget – if you want a mention in next week’s Shout-Out send an email to mediaby 10am on 17th April. GOOD LUCK TO: All of our Virgin London Marathon runners who will be pounding the capital’s street on Sunday 13th April! We send a huge shout-out to all our supporters, and family and friends that that have supported the dedication and commitment our 50+ strong Sands Team taking part in this epic event! We’ll look out for you guys along Birdcage Walk and hopefully meet up with many of you at the ‘S’ meet-n-greet point on Horse Guards Parade. Big shouts to: Robert Smith, Tom Hadfield, Claire Smith, Rachel Hart, Ian Gilbert, Olivia Taylor-Fry, Amie Moore, Emma Spencer, Isabel Bridgen, Nicci March, Francesco Padormo, Lee Bryant, Lisa McGillivray, Thomas Andrews, David MacKenzie, Jon Dickinson, Abby McAinsh, David Loveridge, Carl Williams ...
Sweating to death and aching all over!! How amazing is Claire Smith's mam? She's a little power house can't...
In my exhausted state last night I forgot to thank Halie Victoria for the table and support during the day, Claire Smith for another table and face painting books & a massive shout to our very talented seamstress who created such an amazing looking Fresh Flava Crew with their fantastic Dardii Swag Pants!! ❤️ your work ladies.thanks so much for the continued support ✌️❤️👌
Thanks everyone for all the birthday messages yesterday. Had a great day. Thanks to Claire Smith and James Lennon for putting us up. And thanks again for the great birthday weekend Neil-Paul. Can't wait for cake time when I'm home 󾔑 Sean Hughes, Eoin Hughes and Dermot Hughes
Our close family friend of 35 plus years passed the end of June 2013. Sharon was Denise's' college roommate at Hofstra University. Sharon was like our sister all these years. We love her dearly and miss her daily along with our Mom who died 12/19/2011. Obituary for Mrs. Sharon D. Smith-Livore: Sharon D. Smith-Livore, age 55, passed away June 28, 2013 after a prolonged illness. Sharon was born February 28, 1958 in Oceanside, NY to John and Claire Smith. She attended St. John the Evangelist School in Center Moriches, St. Francis de Sales School in Patchogue (graduated 1972), and Patchogue-Medford High School (graduated 1976). Sharon graduated from Hofstra University in May 1980 with a B.B.A. in Accounting. She was a senior tax manager for Arthur Andersen & Co. in New York, NY from 1980-1990 where she obtained her CPA License in 1984. Sharon was a member of the New York Society of CPA’s, President of the Board of Trustees of Narcolepsy Network, Inc., and volunteered for many narcolepsy research proj ...
Find someone you can trust and identify with if you're at a crossroads, says Claire're not alone
Beware the unrealistic 'glossy' role models who've never had any challenges and disappointments, says Claire Smith
So excited to meet and hear Claire Smith again, it's quite a story...
Claire Smith named first winner of the Sam Lacy-Wendell Smith Award
It was a great night tonight thankyou for inviting me to the party Claire Smith luv u xx had good night wiv Louise Spivey Nicola Smith Vikki Smith Megan Heald Susan Smith and the rest xxx gd night x holly pinder xx
OK BOYS AND GIRLS! Our household has decided on a game of basketball at the new bonnells bay courts tomorrow afternoon (Friday). Bring your partners, friends, some beers and ur runners coz it's GAME ON! Robert Albin, Claire Smith, Dan Henderson and I are ready for a showdown!! Who's keen for a game and some drinking HORSE??? Ask whoever you like to come as iv missed heaps of people on here :) hope to see has tomorrow! Will update guys with a meeting time!
Get home with new baby Tammi, took my other new baby with me, she has now changed name to Tommi!! Get home and Tinker has started laying eggs again, blaming you Claire Smith!! Lol
Congrats to Claire Smith - winner of our great gift from Maggie Morris - Cookbook with apron & towel set! Thanks...
Gorgeous pink tulips and a charm for my bracelet from my lovely daughter Claire Smith today! Ellie and Evie at each others throats as usual.all's right with the world! That's Mothers Day done with, now it's our spa weekend to look forward to . YAY I CANNOT WAIT x
Divided household at the Smiths today ! I love you Claire Smith but Spurs are going to get beat this afternoon .) x
Sally Smith came 12th and she has her name on her bike, so maybe we should label our steeds!
This is Claire Moss-Smith who chirped up that she'd like Kate to be Queen! Lovely lady!
Thanks a lot to everyone for all your support in sharing my page with friends and family. keep on watching my page for new updates and pictures as we have lots of updates coming up on news and events that we Cucumber Catering have organised. We're currently at 57 likes - Please get your friends and family to like our page and once we hit 100, we'll be giving away a £50 voucher! YOU could be the lucky one ;)
I have had a great Bday today!! :-) Thanks to everyone that sent me bday messages and to my family and bf for spoiling me :-) Next stop is Melbourne on Thursday!! Watch out Melbourne I'm coming at you and ill be popping bottles!!
Clair has a question for you this morning "Everytime I mix cream cheese with icing sugar for carrot cake the cream cheese consistency goes runny, what cream cheese is best as I've used Philly and tesco's own but comes out runny when mixed, what does everyone suggest?" Over to you CakeBakers!
Yep, that's right, that's me with THE Alex Smith💞
Great to hear Delia Smith chatting abt baking ingredients with on earlier tonight!
10 Like's an i will name 20 of the prettiest girl's i know:D
Claire Smith and I have a new song nearly completed! It's called "High" we will be playing it at the Waddington St tribute night. What a voice Claire has! This song is gonna be great!
What a day. The Americans find a cure for HIV and is actually ready to go out on time.
Congratulations to Sophomore Swimmer Iain Smith our PIAA District One Champion in the 50 yard breaststroke. Iain will compete in the PIAA State Champs at Bucknell University next week along with his teammates Kane Nelson, Alex Pronzato, Michael Freeman, Anna Hakes and Amber Saint Clair. The 400 yard Medley Relay team of Kane Nelson, Alex Pronzato, Michael Freeman and Iain Smith broke our 16 year old high school record at the District Championships at LaSalle University. Divers Sydney Szopo, Dan Wilcox and Shannon Chambers will also travel to Bucknell University next week for the state diving championship.
I had a wonderful visit yesterday from my nieces, Kelli H. Smith and Clair McCoy. But the highlights were their darling daughters Kirsten and Lauryn, my great nieces. It is so refreshing because lil ones make you fee so refreshing and anew. But I have to admit the highligt of the whole evening was a visit from my nephew Tony Smith Jr, a great man of God, an wonderful father, a hardworking man. Just to see the beam in his eyes when he talks about his family is fo amazing, and oh, how much I enjoys talking with with, next to talking to my son-in-law Gregory Bonvillian ofcourse. I can never forget spending time with my baby brother, Chris Hollins, it is so amazing, how he is beginning to look like my dad, I looked around yesterday, and he frightened me, because I thought I was looking at Dad. I am always glad to see my son, Harvey Freeman come by, meal along with my nephew Nicholas Hollins.
WiBSE is offering three members the opportunity to have a career focussed conversation with Claire Smith.
Claire Smith is definitely one of my favorites lol
can't wait till I get home Friday night.. Shopping with and then out to dinner with the rest of the fam.. 💳🍴👜
It's official, wins the best roommate award. 😋
when the dog dies in I am legend. Oh and I guess will smith too
I started writing this song a while back and now im releasing it... it's a tad bit graphc on the sexual side so hide yo kids. but it a sweet song about ma...
Thank you Jenni Mears for being the perfect neighbor at the New Energy Festival on Saturday. Julie St Clair and team did an amazing job creating the space for so many talented exhibitors who's e purpose is to educate and enrich people's lives. It was wonderful to have Niki Angelopoulos and Kate Kate Moody present their gifts too. So grateful to be a part of larger vision xx
Claire had a top with will smith on it and this is what it looked like when she sat down
omg no. I have a free 1st tomorrow so normally I'd sleep in til 10 but mrs smith basically put a gun to my head about attending assembly 😩
Anything with Will Smith in it doesn't get old😍💏❤
Can anyone recommend someone for trailer loading problems for the maidstone area?
ah ok, you win.. Not really, request has been made for Paul smith perfume for her birthday and dinner just for Mother's Day
Superb day for our Stormers at the Haweswater half marathon. Well done to Chrissie Stewart, Helen Lavelle, Claire Lyons and Lynn Smith :)
"Like" this if you caught em this weekend! Tell us where.
I asked about that too, said it wasn't true (well i think that's what he said, I'd been enjoying a free bar challenge!!)
too big a deal is being made of the semi being at Wembley for me. Doesn't mean anything to me if it's not May...
I am! Be heartbreaking getting beat by Wigan knowing there take about 500 to Wembley
Enjoyed some good southern gospel singing tonight at Brownsboro Baptist Church. Was a benefit singing for the Eric St. Clair family who lost everything in a house fire a few weeks back. Groups were: Heaven's Song, Kent Smith Family, Alliance Quartet & Kings Messengers. All groups were great. Love my southern gospel singing!!
Great fellowship and great food, Debra Morris, Rachel Smith, Michael, Olivia and Claire
inBox Mobile Magazine & DVD wants you to be a part of our new and exciting promotions! We are going to a mobile delivery method for the magazine, no more paper. We are putting all our resources into bringing inBox to tablets, mobile phones, laptops and desktops, where people really are! So you'll re...
San Diego Harbor cruise with my girl Lovin life!
and in the Pursuit of Happiness where Will Smith's character competes it in the time of a cab journey.
thanks Claire, it's already been an amazing but tiring few days! I'll bring her in for cuddles soon x
Thirteen candles: On this day in the year 2000, the doctor told Kevin and me, "It's time for that baby to come out." Our lives have been blessed beyond anything we could have imagined in Claire Amal. Happy birthday, teenager.
Can I have him for breakfast with a side of Jaden Smith ? Please & thank yuh Jesus.
Thanks to Claire Louise Smith, Wendy Smith, David Smith, for helping me with my shop and making it look...
"How did Mila Kunis get further up the couch than Dench?!"- Claire Smith, words of wisdom
Had an ace night at Paul Wells and Lyndsey's with Claire Smith , Ellie Smith and James Wells watching Paranormal Activity 4. Don't think Claire Smith will sleep tonight lol by the way Paul Wells and James Wells were busting some shapes to Gangnam Style !
Love the new trends: participation economy, authenticity, unique experience. Claire smith's talk is great!
ok people will have my solution for spray tanning prob on tues so the 10ppl that booked in for the £5 tans plz comment a day n time ud like :) for a provisional app x
Really good day with director Kevin Dyer and action transport theatre and Claire smith
I'm thinking of having a Halloween party... Who would come to it if I did???
My aunt Jacque St Clair is the best
Booking my flight for JM's wedding.. so surreal. My big cousie is actually getting married!! Cannot wait to see my babygirl :)
I just bought: 'The Duke's Trumpet (Time and Heart)' by Claire E. Smith via
Well im Chillin on the Clair Smith will be here for a week and not sure whats next but im ready for this ride. So lets do this! Also not quite surehow long im ridding this time!!
Clear field for town moderator candidate Claire Smith in Wareham
SGG volume 5 is online! poetry from Claire Smith, Jackie Kari
We start at 9H00- 10pm .. You can come in between those times .
Imma see if I can persuade my aunt to look after him. Sammy's not in town for the weekend so I'm stuck with him. What time??
I don't think I can come. :( if I do come I have to come with Mangi , that won't be fun.
I stay at school bra. I can't go out during the week :'(
Who wants to buy my lunch at VITO'S today? With Robert Smith.
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