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Civil Wars

A Civil War is a war between organized groups within the same nation state or republic, or, less commonly, between two countries created from a formerly-united nation state.

John Paul White Barton Hollow Joy Williams Jason Isbell Candi Staton Middle East Muscle Shoals David Letterman Avett Brothers Billie Jean Amos Lee United States Captain America Civil War David Armitage Johnny Depp Hunger Games

BOOKS: Sieges of the Civil Wars by David Cooke - “An intelligent precision and authority”…
What were Jinnah's 'Direct Action' and Noakhali Genocide if not Civil Wars? Do YOU want them to return? If not,prepare your…
Podoba mi się film Safe & Sound Cover- William Joseph (from The Hunger Games, by Taylor Swift and the Civil Wars) w –
I added a video to a playlist Barton Hollow- The Civil Wars (LYRiCS)
Civil Wars: from antiquity to ISIS: . (Rephrased) There is a reluctance today to call a conflict a Civil War - David Armitage.
David Armitage in conversation with Vedica Kant on Civil Wars: Antiquity to ISIS at Greater energy & vibr…
I try to listen to Joy Williams.. but it's like there is something missing...plz come back John Paul White.. I need the Civil Wars back :/
The result of the armed struggle in has been gloom &sufferings.Experts say that such moves will end up in Civil Wars.
Kinda predictable end to but what a fun episode. I think I enjoyed the big team up shot here more than Civil Wars.
The war in Syria is for the creation of Greater Israel, it's not a Civil War and never has been. All wars are for Israel…
yeah but then you get Civil Wars way more often so far
There are foreign wars and there are Civil Wars.
I'm sure your Globalist friend, George Soros aka Gyorgy Schwartz, the Master of Civil Wars, will orchestrate that chaos.
So in 2 hours of we had a power player go home, two Civil Wars declared, a convo about homosexuality, and a…
I see your Civil Wars and I raise you
your merch for BvS and Civil War were great but you only give plush toys and a cap for Star Wars fans?please 😢
The Civil Wars Christmas album is all you need ✨
Civil vehs are impressed during wars for this drill is part of routine Mob exercises during peacetime
I will say I don't think US should be meddling in Civil Wars and other conflicts in ME
lots of girl/boy folk duets trying to make it happen but no one will ever have the alchemy of The Civil Wars
Has to be easier than seamlessly connecting Rev/Civil War to Star Wars 3D in one lesson Right? :)
me too, because I study history and I know that this will end in blood. I'm terrified because this is how Civil Wars start.
cmon America survived a Civil War, a Great Depression and 2 world wars we can take 4 years of an orange ***
The Supreme Court needs to call out North Carolina for its race-based redistricting.
(It would of course be cooler if it were the ghost of General Stuart, but Star Wars is set prior to the U.S. Civil War, isn't it?)
The Civil Wars and the uncivilized wars. Conflagrations leap out of every poor furnace. The food cooks poorly and everyone goes hungry
I liked a video Taylor Swift Ft. The Civil Wars - Safe and Sound ( Lyrics )
If it wasn't for obstruction, violent Civil Wars, civil devolution Democrat leaders would never be in history books.
Civil Wars are an odd way of populism but I see the point.
The number of Americans killed in the Civil War was greater than the combined total of Americans killed in all other wars.
I added a video to a playlist Dance Me to the End of Love // The Civil Wars
The only Civil War is between neocons and the people who want and end to a war economy. Stop OutSorose…
Did you know women hid their gender to fight in the Revolution & Civil Wars? Do not dishonor them!
North Carolina abused its power to draw districts. The Supreme Court should say so.
Imperial Roman fleets. At the end of the Civil Wars, Octavian had nearly 700 warships of all types, far more than...
poison and wine by the Civil Wars if they ever decided to part ways - "I don't love you, but I always will"
I can assure you that no kingdom has ever had as many Civil Wars as the kingdom of Christ /via
Volunteers only go so far. The World Wars and the Civil War show it is needed.
This is all plan for more chaos ...Civil Wars . which will lead to the final cementation of NWO !!!
People starve in the world, Civil Wars raging, worldwide terrorist threat and in UK there's an outrage over animal fat in ne…
Obama USA: Pay no attention of ever expanding wars, out of control spending, loss of civil liberties, riots in the cities….
🎶 The Civil Wars-Dust to Dust (FYI Indy friends: John Paul White former lead singer of the Civil Wars will be at Hi-Fi 11/19)
I was kinda thinking of the John Paul White (the Civil Wars guy) and his new album (stay with me here). It's all about
Thank u 4 serving 'American since 1903. Veteran of every war'. So not the French-Indian, Revolution or Civil Wars w…
Washington's Sunni Myth and the Civil Wars in Syria and Iraq via
Streaming Beulah by John Paul White, formerly of the Civil Wars, via
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Still not over the Civil Wars break up, But Joy Williams and John Paul White's solo albums are both breathtaking so... 😢🎉😢
One half of the Civil Wars, John Paul White, has new music. Does The Martyr get your or vote?
John Paul White (from the Civil Wars r.i.p.) just played one of his first couple solo shows here in NC and it was seriously great.
John Paul White of Civil Wars: Grab a pint before you support your local venue!
i'm gonna find me a John Paul White and start my OWN Civil Wars
Barton Hollow (Civil Wars) is such a great song. It's a shame they split.
join us tonight at the Davis Square Theatre for the Encyclopedia Show! we examine Civil Wars!
Adele, Beyoncé, Shania, Alabama, Civil Wars, Ben Rector (with special appearance by Ed Sheeran) and Jesse McCartney (swoon)
John Paul White is winnig the post Civil Wars break-up because of this beautiful song.
Tommy just told me as we walked out of Proper Bagel that I was sitting next to Joy Williams of the Civil Wars the entire time :')
:-( Signs of Hope Five Years After Start of Syria's War: That is the day be...
Sanders was not “a real active participant in the fight” David Moats pulitzer winner for “Civil Wars”
Guys! Did you see Civil Wars'trailer? I AM DYING . I love both teams,but I think that I am with Cap. And you??
All wars are Civil Wars, because all men are brothers
.work on women in the English Civil War available as a teaching resource: http…
I picked up the first Marvel Famous First box set but skipped Secret Wars. Civil War is my favorite though.
Two Civil Wars at nearly the same time. Captain America & Fairy Tail.
What is NOT good is that Racial Wars=Civil War=excuse for Martial Law and UN intervention Trump is playing the globalist's game
the Austrian Civil Wars, it's hard not to get torn into it. Want a flat with no wars. Will have to set up a proper contract.
Don't start a Civil War, keep your wars civil. Make Love like a warrior!. Jack and Jill😘
yes, he was even responsible for the Great Depression, the Civil War, both world wars and the rise of
I guess it's "Americana," the same, amorphous genre like Civil Wars. "Bottom Of The River" rocks! Listen if you ge…
An unarmed force is to be reckoned with? Slogans & hemp necklaces don't win Civil Wars. Careful who you pick a fight with.
I now see how Civil Wars happen, never have I felt so passionate or so angry about anything in my life.
Civil Wars start because leaders divide, encourage hatred. think the USA has an interesting year ahead. As do we!
After Arab Spring emerged several regional Civil Wars, instability, Sectarian killing and deterioration of the Arab countries.
I saw Star Wars 6 times and it was exciting each time. I'm ready for Civil War to give me that same experience.
To be sure, there are the Gallic and Civil Wars by Julius Caesar: Gallia is est divisa in partes tres. Though…
Sixth Scale News: World at War (WWI, WWII, & Civil Wars) US Sniper Battle of the Bulge 44: *To start the year ...
Just once, I'd like to walk into a saloon as Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars is playing. I'd spit into a jug and it'd make a ringing sound.
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Listening to the Civil Wars for the first time, long after they became famous and long after they broke up. Loving Barton Hollow.
Chance is singing Barton Hollow (The Civil Wars). It's in my wheelhouse, Chance says. Adam says there are...
.Binge-watch suggestions:. -Hill St Blues. and if u can find:. -Civil Wars ('91-93) Mariel Hemin'y. -Nichols ('71-72) James Garner
RobC_Johnson: Great cover Civil Wars version "Billie Jean" by rebekah_kirk Sub/like/sh…
Trampled by turtles, Gregory Alan Isakov, Mumford & Sons, Civil Wars, Peter Bradley Adams... A night spent with you and the moon. Goodnight.
Someone make music like the Civil Wars with me I'll be the Joy Williams to your John Paul White except without the arguing and fighting
I liked a video Africas Civil Wars Sierra Leone Documentary 18+ not for children !!
My opinion: I only like one song with Taylor swift and it was with the Civil Wars sorry but I could never get into her like that
Has a Civil War ever happened amongst himehorns? They'r… — Himehorn's don't really have Civil Wars -- they organiz…
Remember that time The Civil Wars sang Kingdom Come a week before they broke up in front of me. (I'm.not.ok).
Our movies show covers The Force Awakens, Cap: Civil War, and more
Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars is the saddest song I've heard so far. 😔
Civil Wars aren't started from phony language issues. Call it a "Civil War" is playing into Putin's hands
Behold tragic consequences of Syrian war refugees escaping from Civil Wars created and funded by USA, S Arabia . …
Have you heard the Civil Wars? Not sure if you're into that kinda music but you should give it a shot.
Such bloody Civil Wars normally burn out quite quickly. Which is why we need to think big and as locally as possible
I'm so obsessed with The Civil Wars currently ☺️
is requested to let Syrian, Yemen and Lybian refugees from their Civil Wars come to refugee villages in Ethiopia.
Inhabitat's Week in Green: robot wars and edible batteries
If you don't like any songs by The Civil Wars then please die in one
Given how many times I've listened to "The Civil Wars" I almost feel like I should buy the album a few more times.
That moment when the Civil War tumblr tag is about actual Civil Wars and not about the upcoming Captain America movie
we'll see anyway. I don't think they'll do these changes before Infinity Wars. Even if Rogers dies in Civil War he will be back
No G7 Nation will admit that Netaji was the hero of Chinese Civil War,Korean, Vietnam & Bangladesh Wars.
Yes but that strife is not dealt with by Civil Wars & wxevutions every time the "ruler" steps down
Since the time of Karl Marx, capitalists have outlived their usefulness. All they give us now are wars, Civil Wars, refugee crises, chaos.
ABANDONED FOR 43 YRS.During this period fought 2 wars,daily action on border, and provided aid to civil
Goals: the musical chemistry between The Civil Wars
One of the pearls of this festival. Milo Rau with Johan Leysen, Sara De Bosschere a.o.. Performing in cc...
1826 8Vol The History of the Rebellion and Civil Wars in England Edward Hyde
Holy smokes...who are these guys? It's like the Civil Wars meets Doc Watson playing Woody Guthrie tunes. This is…
known songs by artists like Lucinda Williams.Allison Moore, Civil Wars or my fav Sarah McLachlan /their younger counterparts
WORLD PREMIERE of the new video for "Safe & Sound" feat the Civil Wars, from the Hunger Games soundtrack- tonight! MTV!…
Played this on today. Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars:
Singing the Civil Wars' "Barton Hollow" after the manner of Celtic singers is kinda cool. It's a song that could easily belong in the genre.
"Who's one of your favorite artists? :)" John Paul White from the Civil Wars!
Civil Wars, atomic bombs and denim trousers are some of the questions in this history quiz from BBC History . Give it a go!
American History Activity: America between the Revolutionary and Civil Wars: This is a great activity portrayi...
What next you're going to blame Central America's Civil Wars on Latinos and not America?
Saw credited for legals on the Civil Wars cd. Now I'd like to see a John Paul White credit on a John Strohm cd...
I'm sitting a few tables away from John Paul White from the Civil Wars
I had the most bizarre crush on John Paul White from the Civil Wars for a while. He was up there with Jack White. 😳
Philip Glass: The Civil Wars (Rome Section, 1984). Do yourself a favor and listen to it: magnificent is not enough.
So I made a list of protests, rebellions, Civil Wars and revolutions across the globe, in the last 4 years,...
I have a feeling tht there's going to be a couple of more World Wars, Civil Wars, & revolutions in the world within the next 100-200 years..
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Lyrics to "Tip of My Tongue" by The Civil Wars. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THIS!!! Lyrics: You're a red string tied to my finger A little love letter I carry with m...
Peace is simple,Civil Wars useless,fire it up.
Poachers are killing African elephants faster then they can breed. They are killing them for the ivory. China is the biggest customer for the ivory, the United States is second. The ivory being sold is funding terrorist groups and African Civil Wars. Republicans have introduced a bill that will make it harder to sell ivory in the US, it is currently illegal with a loophole. The new law will tighten that loophole. Guess who is against the new law? Go ahead...guess. Thats right, the NRA. The NRA does not like the law because some guns have ivory grips. Is that not the very worst and pathetic thing coming out of the NRA yet? I really hate the NRA!
Civil Wars music during an emotional scene in Arrow
If you don't like The Civil Wars I have to wonder if you even have ears.
Former The Civil Wars bandmate Joy Williams teams up with. Paramore 's Hayley Williams for a duet of 'Hate to See...
the disband of The Civil Wars affected me deeper than I thought it would.
I'm seriously so emotional rn. Like why did The Civil Wars have to break u?
John Paul White from the Civil Wars just stood right beside me at the pumpkin patch... Currently freaking out
This pumpkin patch loves the Civil Wars wow
Here's some footage of us playing Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars from today's performance at the Los Banos Tomato Festival. Thank you Anna Brown for the clip!
"1985 ad cause 3pm Civil Wars over whether to watch the 'Cats or General Hospital.
St. Robert Bellarmine DOCTOR OF THE CHURCH Feast: September 17 Information: Feast Day: September 17 Born: October 4, 1542, Montepulciano, Italy Died: September 17, 1621, Rome, Italy Canonized: June 29, 1930, Rome by Pope Pius XI Major Shrine: Chiesa di Sant'Ignazio, Rome, Italy Patron of: Preparatory; canonists; canon lawyers; catechists; catechumens A distinguished Jesuit theologian, writer, and cardinal, born at Montepulciano, 4 October, 1542; died 17 September, 1621. His father was Vincenzo Bellarmino, his mother Cinthia Cervini, sister of Cardinal Marcello Cervini, afterwards Pope Marcellus II. He was brought up at the newly founded Jesuit college in his native town, and entered the Society of Jesus on 20 September, 1560, being admitted to his first vows on the following day. The next three years he spent in studying philosophy at the Roman College, after which he taught the humanities first at Florence, then at Mondovì. In 1567 he began his theology at Padua, but in 1569 was sent to finish it at Lou ...
Black or White? WW II was the most devastating conflagration in history between the 3 genocides and throughout the 9 year war some 100 million people died. The European arm was started started by Chamberlain - the Prime Minister of the UK. We had a similar agreement with Czechoslovakia as we did with Poland and therefore we declared war. The Japanese murdered 20,000,000 people in Asia, but Chaing Kai-shek, our Chinese ally was involved in in 2 Civil Wars, both saw the death of 10,000,000 each. Our other ally murdered 20,000,000 people. Between the UK, Belgium, the USA and France we murdered some 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 people in the last century. (I believe that latter) So if we take the allies 20th century death toll we have to add at least a further 5,000,000 for the USSR and a further 30,000,000 for China - albeit that they were enemies at the time. The WWII allied nations murdered 102,000,000 The WW II Axis nation murdered 35,000,000 Now I am not suggesting that Adolph Hitler and Tojo Hideki were mor . ...
Another kid thought we have had 5 Civil Wars and that WWII was a Civil War
That is utter baloney, no mention of illegal wars, or elitist civil servants unelected and unaccountable, 1/2
It's how our forefathers Civil Wars were started Cents ago.Thankfully everybody today can put an X in a box to vent their spleen
my pleasure! Your music reminds me of the Civil Wars music pre breakup! 👍🎶
Only a jammin accordion could make this better... ♫ Billie Jean – The Civil Wars
Civil Wars are not fun. It is fun to beat the Braves. Work places torn apart by competing fans takes the joy out of sport
Found this couple on Pandora. Their harmonies are like The Civil Wars, esp on the song I Will Trust…
All the work done by the west, in the early 2000s, to end the Civil Wars in West Africa, will be uprooted by Ebola. Fear brings division.
everyone in America was really well behaved when we whipped our kids. No Civil Wars, no riots, nothing
Soulja boy looks like he has experienced a couple of Civil Wars.
Share if you agree that unconstitutional wars inevitably lead to attacks on our civil liberties at home -->
The Civil Wars's rendition of Billie Jean is so subtle the original don't sound half as good.
EVERYONE WAS TRADED AS SLAVES. EVERYONE enslaved the conquered. and that includes Civil Wars >=T
Joy from the Civil Wars has THE most angelic voice on the planet
spartans killed weak babies. Sparta and Greece fought in the peloponnesian war. Caesar caused multiple Civil Wars in Rome.
And more of "Things that start Civil Wars": Toilet paper unrolling over or under?
I hear the secrets that you keep... when you're talkin in your sleep... ♫ Talking In Your Sleep – The Civil Wars
All Wars are Civil because all men are brothers - each owns infinity. VIRAL INTENT
civil society is invariably flawed. The point is that it tries; and does it’s best to avoid petty Civil Wars.Both parts matter
Russia was America's Best Ally in the Revolution and Civil Wars! Jesuits & Rothschilds have been the enemy among US.
My perfect guy: mixture of Conor Oberst, dude from the Civil Wars, Tegan or Sara, Niall Horan, Trent from Daria, and a splash of Nicki Minaj
as Kiev soldiers cross the Russian border. Civil Wars get confusing.
I just saw your Civil Wars album & it's fantastic. Thanks for beating on your craft & sharing your sight with the rest of us.
Three years ago this month is when my current boyfriend Hector (my soul mate) found each other by chance (online) connected on many things but our love of music was what really sealed the deal. Sharing our songs we favored back and forth, I shared with him the song by the Civil Wars "Tip of my tongue". That song had become the theme to our love and the Civil Wars apart of our long happy life together in incredible love ever since August 22 2011. I have been a huge fan of the Civil Wars since 2011; when they first had their song "Barton Hallow" shown on VH1. By chance that day I was watching and fell in love with this duo ever since. I'm not afraid to admit I thought for years that John Paul White and Joy Williams were a couple. I envied the bond and beauty they shared as they created such amazing songs together. I always thought to myself hearing their music "Only absolute soul mates in the deepest love could be capable of such incredible music so full of emotion that I feel it. Its what I want for myself ...
DTN Dubai: Folk duo Civil Wars split up for good: Joy Williams and John Paul White post statement to end ‘tumu...
Goodbye, Civil Wars. Thanks for two incredible albums. //
While not unexpected, the Civil Wars -- the duo of Joy Williams and John Paul White -- have announced they are...
Civil Wars officially call it - Joy Williams and John Paul White, the singer-songwriters who...
Rediscover Itnl Mediation in Civil Wars in ourr Studies in Security & Conflict Management Series. Read now for FREE
I had a dream that Joy Williams & John Paul White secretly got back together & released a new Civil Wars album this summer. It was glorious
Just me, Civil Wars, Crowder, and the open road
Hey everyone! I accepted my offer super last minute. Huge fan of The Weeknd, love music, concerts and photography I'm sooo excited for next year and look forward to meeting everyone! Instagram: kevinkudu Name: Kevin Kudukis Hometown: Oakville High school: Iroquois Ridge Intended major: Criminal Justice Age: 17 Sports: Soccer Favorite Music: The Weeknd, Bombay Bicycle Club, Chance, Gambino, Civil Wars, Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi, July Talk, Pink Floyd, Rhye, Cat Stevens, MJ, Sza and 100+ more, all i do is listen to music. Favorite Movie: Fight Club, Moonrise Kingdom, Psycho Favorite TV shows: Bates Motel, Orphan Black, Lost Favorite Book: Little Prince, Flowers for Algernon Do you party?: Yeah Do you drink?: Yeah Do you smoke?: Nah Is it okay if your roommate drinks?: Preferred :) Is it ok if your roommate smokes?: Go for it Ever had a roommate? Nope Bedtime on weeknights: 12-1 Bedtime on weekends: 12-3 Do you snore?: Sometimes Are your grades important?: Yeah! Mind having people in your room?: Nope Do you mind ...
A talented local duo in the tradition of the Civil Wars, Erin Dale and Mark Darling have graced many south shore open mic stages, including the Wildflower Cafe and Tavern, The Friday Night Open Mic, and of course, ours!
Oiii Mr Russell been meaning to tell you to check out the Civil Wars maybe even Cara dillon. Think you may appreciate them.
MEET THE AUTHOR: Craig Harris, author of The Band: Pioneers of Americana Music Fletcher Room Wednesday, May 28, 6:30 pm Craig Harris discusses his new book, The Band: Pioneers of Americana Music which chronicles the successes and struggles of the five-piece group that countered Rock’s rebellion, inspired scores of artists including The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and the Grateful Dead, and paved the foundation for today’s Americana groups, including the Alabama Shakes, Old Crow Medicine Show, and the Civil Wars. A decade and a half after they last played a note together, The Band remains an important influence on popular music. Included among the book’s photographs, by Harris, are previously unpublished photographs of Band members Garth Hudson, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, and Richard Manuel.
Bon Iver is great. Then you add in Amos Lee, Ray LaMontagne, and the Civil Wars?? =emotional roller coaster
Johnny Depp & John Paul White (The Civil Wars) will always be the same person in my mind.
This weather calls for some serious jam sessions to the Civil Wars
"Our Green MEP, Jean Lambert, has been a steadfast voice against xenophobia" Green European Candidate Violeta Vajda. Violeta is a community activist and a doctoral researcher working to end racism against Roma people and a recent panellist at the Young Green's "Racism on the Rise" event (right). Racism on the Rise panel Here, she talks about how Greens in Europe are challenging xenophobia and championing London as a European city. "Throughout London’s history we’ve seen a long tradition of people coming to this city and making their home here. "Thinkers, musicians, athletes and other talents have all joined our rich mix of citizens and together we’ve made London great. We’ve also helped make the world a better place by providing a haven for refugees fleeing from great tragedies like World War II, Civil Wars and other atrocities. "It is vital that we continue this tradition of providing protection for those who need it, and opportunities for those who seek to contribute to London life. Shortages o ...
The Knights of the Golden Circle Brigadier General Albert Pike organized and lead the African Slave Owning Cherokee Indians in the Oklahoma Territory who were part of the Masonic Knights of the Golden Circle, in their own secret society called the Keetowah. Under Pikes Generalship this Brigade raped, pillaged, and murdered civilian communities in the Oklahoma and Missori Territories. For these "good works" Brother Albert became a Convicted War Criminal in a War Crimes Trial held after the Civil Wars end. Unfortunately the "Pope" and "Plato" of Freemasonry had to be tried in absentia because he had fled to British Territory in Canada. Second Generation British-American Pike has also been alledged to have been working for the Crown as an agent and key Civil War agitator. Pike only returned to the U.S. after his hand picked Scottish Rite Succsessor James Richardon 33° got a pardon for him after, making President Johnson a 33° Scottish Mason in a ceremony held inside the White House itself! In fact given Mr ...
Top 5 books? — Lanark, Commentaries on the Gallic and Civil Wars, Crime and Punishment, Heart of Darkness, The M...
Only one Republican U. S. Senator voted in favor of extending the pay and health benefits to our Military and Veterans, two did not vote and forty one voted against our Military and our Veterans. At the same time these same 43 Republican Senators continually vote to fund our Military presence in Afghanistan and are always trying to get the USA involved in a War with Iran and get our Military involved in Civil Wars across Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and in the Middle East. Pennsylvania Republican Senator Pat Toomey along with his Republican Colleagues in the United States Senate continually votes against legislation that raises the pay and benefit packages of our Retired and Disabled Veterans along with those serving in our Armed Forces today, as he votes to give our Wealthiest Citizens and our most profitable Corporations Tax Breaks and Subsidies. The Top 2000 U.S. Corporations receive a Trillion Dollars in Financial aide from our U S. Congress by way of Tax Cuts, Subsidies or Waivers and these 2000 . ...
Record Store Day is April 19, and tons of bands are releasing new music to celebrate, including Civil Wars and Haim.
SeagateCreative and the GRAMMY Foundation talked with Joy Williams of The Civil Wars about how to write songs from life's details, how to stop over-analyzing and get over doldrums, and how to use a studio without letting it get in the way of the song itself. Joy is an award-winning solo songwriter, and the Civil Wars earned GRAMMYs for Best Folk Album and Best Country Duo/Group Performance for "Barton Hollow" in 2012, for Best Song Written For Visual Media in 2013 for their Taylor Swift collaboration "Safe & Sound" on The Hunger Games soundtrack, and this Sunday they won a 2014 GRAMMY for Best Country Duo/Group Performance for their song “From This Valley.” At our GRAMMY Foundation event last week Joy performed with JD Souther and Dan Wilson singing "Faithless Love" and "New Kid in Town." "A Song Is Born," our official The GRAMMYs week concert, explored the history and evolution of songwriting and celebrated the various and invaluable contributions of key players behind the music and their impact on t ...
It's Friday, and here's this old Tiny Desk set from the Civil Wars, just because
“They say the moment I gripped him tight    pulled him to saftey   I was lost Lost in the burning brightness of a soul so pure that even 40 years of *** couldn’t dim the pure good that radiated from this broken man   As I rebuilt every inch of this man freckle by freckle my grace tingled in a way iv’e never experienced before Pure shock running through my veins I was blownaway by the fact this mans beauty shone as brightly as his soul   At first It confused me how something so glorious could believe he was not worthy of saving The self-hate far more prominent then the hand print burned upon his shoulder   Years later and I can still remember that night in the barn crystal clearly Remember every raised breathe and stuttered beat of his heart That man and I have been through Civil Wars and Purgatory together Every possible event that could push us apart has but somehow I’ve always found my way back to the dingy motel rooms and the liquored scented breathe   and what the others don’t realiz ...
" GHANA'S INDEPENDENCE DAY CELEBRATION NOT WORTH IT" My Primary and Junior Secondary School years were full of fun,when it comes to 6th March.The enthusiasm and the fun caraterized with it were something one will never forget,though i was never selected to march in all my years in school because my UNIFORM couldn't allow me to do so,i was always happy for it.Little did i know all that we have been wasting our time and energy on were never WORTH it!, WHY?. After Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah,Ghana hasn't had a STRONG leader to govern us. We've had HARD leaders but never too STRONG like Osagyefo period. Around us are Countries which have just resurrected from so many years of Civil Wars,Ghana had never had a WAR, we've only had our own share of the Continent Cake "COUP DeTAT".The pace in which those resurrected Countries are Hastily and Fastily developing their Nations are awesome,Rwanda and Liberia just to mention but few. We've much taunted our Nation as Gateway to Afrika whilst Nigeria have seized the Desti ...
History is a bad thing! It seems like in every history class, everything we learn about is the conflicts that has happened and written in the text books. Pearl Harbor, WWI, WWII, Hitler, Civil Wars, racism, and conflicts in the Middle East! Why are we keep talking about the bad things that has happened? Why does EVERYDAY you hear something bad on the NEWS? WHY can't we report good things that people do? Like "Breaking News," TODAY, a gentle man who was minding his business, suddenly was given a dozen roses from a stranger! Why can't we promote how to be GOOD! Or etc... Do you catch my idea? Why aren't we teaching about the good things that has happened? Or teach our human race to do better and how to learn to avoid such events in the future from not happening again? But, we certainly like to spend millions of dollars in advancing our weapons of destruction and build a bigger and stronger military power! Infact, we have different branches and numbers for them too! Seal team 1,2,3,4,5,6, Delta Force, Range ...
Federalism needed to resolve Burma's political crisis : 1) The best investment manager in Texas is Richard Rainwater who managed the Bass Brother's $50 million investment portfolio into $3,000 million within 15 years. He told me he would invest in a struggling company if he could identify two or three important things that would fix the company. 2) Federal Army and Revenue-Sharing are the two issues that will fix Burma's never-ending Civil Wars. But the Norwegian funded peace initiative is not permitted to discuss these two important issues. All they do is hold dinners and publish group photos without discussing the two main issues that will end Burma's Civil Wars. Even fixing one of these two issues may end the Civil Wars in Burma. 3) Why is the Norwegian funded Peace Plan refusing to discuss the two important issues that will end Burma's Civil Wars ? Because it is intended to legitimize Tayoke Naypyidaw and eventually destroy ethnic resistance armies like what Norway did to the Tamil Tigers in Ceylon (S ...
Ukraine and the Rebirth of Fascism in Europe - Edukators - Jan's anti-Capitalism rant from Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei [German w/ Eng. subtitles] - Security Conference: U.S. Leaders meet with Ukrainian Opposition, Coordinate Regime Change Plans - to support Ukraine, regardless of govt - Putin - war 3 (Proxy Wars, Civil Wars, Economic Wars, Imperialist Wars, Economic Hitmen Wars, Currency Wars, Neocolonialism, etc)... has already begun. In this video we are going to prove it. - - US Push Aggressive Policies at Munich Security Conference - a Dollar & Euro Collapse Is Guaranteed - on the Verge of Civil War: Blood on the Maidan - Story of Your Enslavement - Inequality in America - Home of the Wage Slaves - is Wrong About the Market and Hot Money - Death Throes of the United States - wages of debt (documentary) - Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar - is Super Rational about Profits, Irrational about Global Economy - Flassbeck (2/3) - Blunt - Heart To Heart [Official Video] - Collapse - The Build up to World War . ...
We dare to suck, as we like to say. We're not afraid to say something stupid to each other. ~ John Paul White (The Civil Wars)
Dig the free stuff you get w/ purchase: We also have Foy Vance, Civil Wars, Stereophonics, & Mickey Hart posters.
I'm going to make it a point this time to hang out with John Paul White and Joy Williams from the Civil Wars.
Dear friends, I want to let all of you know. I have posted some graghic and old videos of my Khmer or Cambodian documentaries three or four times a year, I do not mean that I want to promote any violence or to make Khmer people to hate or revage each other. I've been doing this or poting many old and new documentaries on different videos about my Khmer or Cambodian history, because I'm a real Khmer blood and belonging to my Khmer acestors. Also, I am a survivor from the very cruel and barbaric regime of a mass massacre or a mass genocide from April 17, 1975 throgh 1980 in the Cambodian conflicts or Civil Wars under the hands of all kinds of an ignorant and naive learderships or politicians in Cambodia. During the four and half years that I lived under Pol Pot' or communist's rules in different concentration camps, I lived in great anguish, agony, anxiety, too many nightmares, and stress every single second of my life and by seeing my family and close relatives that lived in the same concentration camps wi ...
City and Colour, Ron Pope, Civil Wars and Justin Nozuka kind of day 󾬔󾬓
Just close your eyes, you'll be alright... ♫ Safe & Sound (feat. The Civil Wars) by —
full album: the Civil WarS: a tree is best measured when it is down (1999)...
Long read.but insightful... The 14 Habits of Highly Miserable People How to succeed at self-sabotage. November 18, 2013 | Most of us claim we want to be happy—to have meaningful lives, enjoy ourselves, experience fulfillment, and share love and friendship with other people and maybe other species, like dogs, cats, birds, and whatnot. Strangely enough, however, some people act as if they just want to be miserable, and they succeed remarkably at inviting misery into their lives, even though they get little apparent benefit from it, since being miserable doesn’t help them find lovers and friends, get better jobs, make more money, or go on more interesting vacations. Why do they do this? After perusing the output of some of the finest brains in the therapy profession, I’ve come to the conclusion that misery is an art form, and the satisfaction people seem to find in it reflects the creative effort required to cultivate it. In other words, when your living conditions are stable, peaceful, and prosperous ...
Excellent song-writing! 'Civil Wars' is on AP writer Top 10 Albums of 2013: (
it's future America and it was brought down by like Civil Wars and every year 2 teens from each district have to fight to
-Sitting on the floor in my towel, drinking coffee, & listening to the Civil Wars. Happy Saturday ✌️
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Download The Civil Wars new album now at featuring "The One That Got Away" Music video by The Civil Wars performing The One T...
Do I live Koo Koo land ? This Country is the only place where illegal aliens can vote without an I.D., we have a President that makes his own laws , everyone is offended by something, the news isnt news anymore, we spy on our own citizens without warrants, we are taxed to death, forced to buy insurance, (and lied to about it) , Government pours flouride into our drinking water, and says its because we (dont brush our teeth), we enter (Civil Wars ) in other Countries with absolutely no American interests, The Federal Reserve prints 80 billion a month just to keep "inflation " down, with no accountability to anyone, we keep raising the debt ceiling so we can keep spending money, we give billions of dollars to Countries that want to kill us?? When is this "crap" going to stop? The leaders of this great Country are insane.yet when its time to vote we the "American people" dont vote them out, its time for a "Voter" revolution at the ballot box this upcoming year. Lets take this Great Country back from these .. ...
The Civil Wars - Dust to Dust reminded of The Cranberries - Dreams
I see it different. I see a series of "Civil Wars" that stalemate so that several new nations are formed.
Petition Reuters To Take accountability on the murder of Molhem Baraka Posted: 27 Dec 2013 07:18 AM PST Molhem Barakat, a 17-year-old Syrian photographer who took pictures for Reuters as freelancer, was killed Friday, December 20th as he took photographs of a battle over a hospital between rebels and forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo. Why is Reuters paying an unexperienced 17-year-old kid to photograph for them in one of the bloodiest Civil Wars in modern history?
Dust To Dust by The Civil Wars in on in Alabaster 😍
GOOOD YES I'm so excited that you sang a song by the Civil Wars. Will you channel them too?
are you and Alex going to go by a name as a duo like the Civil Wars or just Alex and Sierra?
The bit on denunciation highly reminiscent of groundbreaking work on violence in Civil Wars.
Stop your Civil Wars any other of command claimed . ?
Do you like any other songs by the Civil Wars?
I don't know if I know a rainy day without this Civil Wars album I've played a million times.
SOUTHERN SUDANESE MUST LEARN FROM THEIR PAST! The South Sudanese have not learnt lessons of war. The first Civil Wars they had (Anyanya 1 and 2) and then the protracted SPLA/SPLM have not taught them any lesson about the consequences of war and the hegemony of coexistence. The Dinka unfortunately still maintain their attitude of the Dinkanization of South Sudan, a thought that goes as far back as mid 1970s when the Addis Ababa Agreement was signed bringing to live the Autonomous Government of Southern Sudan under the High Executive Council (HEC). This tribe, which is the largest in the country, has always thought to be superior than any other tribe in Southern Sudan, sparking therefore nemesis between it and the other tribes particularly the Nuer. What has happened now in Southern Sudan was not unpredicted but a time bomb in the waiting. Until the Southern Sudanese come to terms with the norm of coexistence as a nation other than tribal groups, this versatile youngest nation in the world will not see the ...
The only thing they are efficient in, is in killing each other and creating motives for more division and Civil Wars .
Song of the day, best of 2013 edition, number 4: "Dust to Dust" by The Civil Wars.
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♫ questa è la mia cover di the one that got away dei the Civil Wars :) x - (via
No 8 on my 2013 album list was The Civil Wars, appropriately on hiatus due to internal discord, but a great breakup record!
The Civil Wars - Dance Me to the End of Love Lyrics
if it wasnt for Palestinians Israeli jews would have had several Civil Wars by now tho
Dyunne: T' GOP’s fite has jes begun: T' Republicun Civil War, like all Civil Wars, is eve…
The Civil Wars performed a phenomenal live show from One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans' French Quarter on July 8, 2011. Adele might have put it best when she sai...
Look at past generations: wars, depression, civil rights. They all had something to FIGHT for! Us: we just out chea LIVIN smh
All Civil Wars are caused by religion, racism or ethnocentrism.
As Christian in the United State we should be praying for the peace of Jerusalem. There are a lot of problems in the Middle East that don’t really have anything to do with Israel: but Israel is right in the middle of it all. The Sunni-Shia divide within Islam, Iran and Lebanon, the Egyptian and Syrian Civil Wars, the Turks and the Greeks and Cyprus, the Turks and the Kurds and Iraq, and a whole bunch of others. If tomorrow every Jew were evacuated from the Middle East, those conflicts would still be tearing the region apart. And, once Iran goes nuclear, every other country I just named will be off to the races on manufacturing nukes, too. Please remember to pray for the peace of Jerusalem blessed those who love you (Israel).
SM fandom is the messiest i swear there are Civil Wars going on every single day
Fallen a bit in love with The Civil Wars and The Kills...
The Civil Wars - Tell Mama. This and every other song on the cd is brilliant.
Delegates your allotments will be informed to you by tomorrow and the background guides for UNSC and UNHRC will be up soon. The Historic National Security Council of India is a crisis committee so its background guide will be released only a week before the MUN. Here's a brief introduction to the committees and the agendas. Security Council: The United Nations Security Council is one of the six principal organs of the United Nations and the only one which is empowered to enforce its resolutions by sanctions or military action. The Sc's main role is the of the guardian of global peace and security. In this session the Security Council has before it a global menace of Piracy which has its roots in the horn of Africa, Somalia located at a strategic location with respect to the Indian Ocean is the hub of the piracy which has been plaguing the region for almost a decade now. Piracy has resulted in an economic loss of around 7 billion dollars annually and has festered a sense of acute insecurity in global trade ...
At the end of 30-month war, Biafra was a vast smoldering rubble; the cost in human lives was a staggering two million souls, making it one of the bloodiest Civil Wars in human history.
GHANA’S NEW DEAL – Part 4 Of creating markets using our embassies, building a core economic think tank headed by the vice president, creating an integrated software application for development. Let’s get this one out of the way before the end of the year. This is the last of this series on ideas for a serious government. In Part 1, we discussed building infrastructure to eliminate unemployment. Part 2, looked at rewriting our budgets to migrate towards privatization. Part 3, was about the need to build a developmental state. In this Part 4, we will expand on building the developmental state. We need to build a secure internet software application which our embassy in New Zealand can use to inform the municipality in Kasoa, that the starch from the cassava cultivated in Kasoa is needed in New Zealand. The application should be backed by a government think tank which will be composed of a representative from all the ministries and all the regions. This development think which should be headed by the v ...
Later on today the family will celebrate my grandma's birthday. So, here is a shout out to one of the most influential women in my life, who's love, honesty and generosity to others, have become the symbols of virtue that I've aspired to inherit. A woman who in her (almost 80 years) has seen two devastating Civil Wars and the uglier sides of human beings, but she still maintains a love, warmth, and respect to anyone that she comes into contact with. And finally, even now, as the wind and rain pushes against my window, letting me know that today maybe a very very wet and long day for me, I'm quite chirpy, remembering all the energy, spontaneity and general love for life that she has somehow still managed to maintain. Good mornin' yo!
Safe and Sound - Taylor Swift (feat. The Civil Wars) (Cover by Tiffany Alvord & Megan Nicole) Tag someone who comes to your mind & LIKE Popular Music Cover for more videos.
My wife and I did a little drive around the Cape today and I attacked several unsuspecting book dealers during the course of the day. I got some rad stuff... Angela Carter, Banana Yoshimoto, Alice Munro, Raymond Carver, Joseph Brodsky and a precious little Naipul among them. And I bought probably my last CD ever... Barton Hollow by The Civil Wars. This CD now rivals T-Bone Burnett`s True False Identity for megaspins in the car.
Trying to find some folks to jam with. I sing and my influences range from Flyleaf to killswitch to The Civil Wars and everything in between. Would love to find an acoustic partner, but if I won the lotto and somehow got a band outta this that would be amazing. Have a few open mic nights I'd like to do so please let me know if seriously interested. 903.806.7040 in the Shreveport/Bossier area. Thanks!
Diplomacy is the first chaptr in the bk of wise leadership.IGAD's new chairman ,Uhuru, lead the region in siding with president Kiir of S.Sudan againt his overthrow.Truly wise, backing the democratically elected president & a decision that is for the well being of a virgin Nation.The V.P is the stone thrower here .Uhuru might b the Somalia neva got when the were starting their Civil Wars!..
This is all true, but it is corrupt. The people overthrowing are also corrupt and get these starving ones to believe it. They have them work finding diamonds and such with little in return. Civil Wars happening all over the place.
Putting out the fire with my approach with own insufficent fluid is impossible to cure this house for now. Then I will safe both life, potential, and ability to make use of 'my approach' effectively to build my new house. Because the current era is too hard for the young to change the old mind, I'll wait until the next one. It's not gonna happen very soon. However; since other countries' Civil Wars could end, OURS TOO. It's just happen later than theirs, with social media fluttering every single info out without any consideration. Each generation can best utilize their abilities in their proper time. Be calm but aware and conscious, keep anger inside and think critically of what you can do for now (at this young, with people who love & care you) ..while thinking about what you can make your abilities tangible IN THE COMING FUTURE. Just not give up by this anger, turn it to fuel the power of your approach to make them possible. This I believe. My home, Thailand will smile after too exhauting of this sorrow ...
Hey Javan, we gotta learn top of my tongue by the Civil Wars! Fah real!!!
Is it too much to ask for some good Country/Southern Folk Worship music? Something like The Lone Bellow, Jamey Johnson, Civil Wars, Holly Williams, or Band of Joy; just playing old hymns AND modern songs of worship and praise. Songs like "From This Valley", "Sweet Beulah Land", "Leaning on You", "How Great Thou Art". I would kill to be a part of that.
Eerie...Vicki has always said we have a ghost...tonight I've been enjoying some UTube classics: however EVERY time I watch something from the Civil Wars, the cable cuts out. AND apparently NOT a fan of the Carpenters either. Must sell this house if Benatar becomes an issue.
Check it out! our newest recording we did today. The Civil Wars- Tip of my Toungue
To whom it may concern - The Civil Wars Barton Hollow Album I just like this song and decided to make a lyric video for it. Enjoy! :D I do not own this song.
Being serenaded by a crackling fireplace and the Civil Wars. Oh Lord, Oh Lord, what do I do? I've fallen for someone who's nothin' like you...
My oldest daughter Kendall and my son Matt covering the Civil Wars this afternoon. Featuring my youngest daughter Brittney Cox's artwork! And the impromptu videography of my son-in-law Joe Little I love when my kids get together.
Ahhh white stripes,Civil Wars,Brantley Gilbert and imagine dragons kinda night ^.^
Preview and download The Civil Wars on iTunes. See ratings and read customer reviews.
Stream My Father's Father by The Civil Wars on Barton Hollow for free on Grooveshark.
New favorite music group - Civil Wars! So bummed they are already split up :(
This Country is in total financial rock bottom ruins. 1.3 million people will be without income as of Saturday. This is the worst Presidency ever. With the same situations going on in the Middle East, and Civil Wars breaking out in S. Africa. I think Jay-Z needs to change his logo from the roc, to ruins in this Country.
A cover of the song 20 years by the band The Civil Wars. I do not own the rights to this song.
Sir Anthony van Dyck, master Flemish Baroque painter, died on 9 December, 1641. He is most famous for his numerous portraits of King Charles I and members of the aristocracy before the English Civil Wars.
This is my last political statement for the year. Love must light our way. "Truce" in the Sudan? We must encourage the U.N. to accept nothing less than proof of love of the Black-African. Civil Wars and Coup attempts are an excuse for genocide. I suspect people were dumped into "mass graves" and never carried a weapon - like Trayvon. Love will give the people a voice. Love will make an ousted leader seek the courts or re-election. Love will allow a people to contest an "ousting" with lawful civil measures. Love will create more opportunities besides oil. Love will be able to give a detailed public report on why any one citizen had to be killed. Where is the voice of the people of Sudan?
I can listen to "dust to dust" the Civil Wars over and over and over and over! I love the music!
Felt well enough to go out for an adventure.Opened up the sunroof.felt awesome. Drove down to Miccuci's Grocery for my first slab of their famous Sicilian Pizza.AMAZING! Lo and behold I saw my pal Cassy Fasulo, an ex-employee at the movies. She works there and directed me to that slab...Before I got parked a little boy walked right out in front of a car and grazed him...he was shook up and I was a good samaritan to try to calm him...his family was thankful.they were headed for the grocery too. Very scarey.the car did not even stop to check on him...I got the make and license number and gave it to the family just in case.Spent my gift card at Michael's and extra.I always spend more than the card.lots of great jewelry deals for my Mother's Day sales. Have the house to my lonesome for a few days.going to winter clean and rearrange my room/studio and wait for visits from the ghosts that I believe reside here.The house was built between the revolutionary and Civil Wars so you can imagine the spirits over t ...
All signs seem to show, Lord's coming is really close. Morally, people have degenerated to a corrupt & wicked society. The Church is turning away from the truth & embracing false teaching. Nations are rising against nations as Civil Wars tears down the econony. & Nature is pouring its fury on man & animal as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, & drought destroys what man hopes in. ARE YOU READY FOR HIS RETURN?
"I don't have a choice but I still choose you." -The Civil Wars -
HPS just released Roman Civil Wars Update 1.06. The update includes: Roman Civil War Version 1.06 Battle Engine Added –Roman LHI can now use testudo formation. Added– 3D graphic showing Romans carrying ladders Adjusted– Units can only descend from a fortification if it is a tower hex not a wall...
South Sudan : Sliding into Civil War ? Last updated: 14 hours ago As the UN decides to push more troops into the country , we ask if it can save the world's newest nation from collapse . In a little more than a week , the world 's newest country seems to be unravelling . What started as a power struggle between the president of South Sudan, Salva Kiir, and his former deputy Riek Machar, has become a fight between rival ethnic groups , the Dinka and the Nuer. Perhaps this is the settling of old scores .. . It is not just the outsiders [the UN ] that should be urging them [Salva Kiir and Riek Machar] , people within each of these groups must be laying down the foundation so that their leaders can get together and talk . Douglas Johnson , the author of 'The Root Causes of Sudan' s Civil Wars ' The UN says that the violence over the last week has already claimed more than a thousand lives . Many more have fled the fighting and are seeking refuge in crowded UN camps . The United Nations Security Council has ap ...
I think I'll buy CHVRCHES, then Civil Wars, then either Born This Way or Young the Giant a choices
Sitting in McDonald's parking lot and vibing to the Civil Wars.
I think Jason Isbell's wasn't favorite. Liked The National's and Civil Wars too
Here's John Paul White of the Civil Wars doing an ELO song as if it were a Big Star song circa Sister Lovers/3rd. You're welcome.
"Florence resident John Paul White, one half of the Grammy Award winning Civil Wars, will emcee the show..."
I’ll be joining , Skylar Grey, Kris Kristofferson, John Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls, Steve Cropper, Allen Shamblin, J.D. Souther, Joy Williams of the Civil Wars, Paul Williams as musical director at A Song Is Born, the Foundation Legacy Concert on Jan. 23 in Los Angeles. Support the GRAMMY Foundation and buy your tickets now:
New stuff from Kings of Leon, the Civil Wars and Elton John. Anything from Levon Helm. You?
Ganked from Joy! Put your ipod/music player on shuffle. Here's the first ten that come up on mine. 1. Harry Belafonte: Jump in the line 2. Sandy Silver- Under The Bridge from the Triplets of Belleville 3. Kenny Loggins- Footloose 4. Boyce Avenue- Grenade 5. Seether- Remedy 6. Alison Krauss- You will be my ain true love 7. Sarah Brightman- Chromaggia from Repo! the Genetic Opera 8. Ewan McGregor- El Tango de Roxanne from Moulin Rouge 9. Nancy Sinatra- Bang Bang 10. The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow
I'm teaching Civil Wars in Africa - can't find video documentation of the Nigerian Civil War so I'm looking for "Sometimes in April" or "Hotel Rwanda". Does anyone have a copy of either? "Sometimes in April" preferably please
Spotify Mix for the Fall - can't go wrong with: Haim, Pearl Jam, Local Natives, Avett Bros., Civil Wars, Dr. Dog, Jack Johnson, Amos Lee, Wood Bros, John Mayer, Neko Case, Lone Bellow, Passenger, Head and the Heart - great new stuff!
Like other people I've wondered for a long time whether or not we might end up with another Civil War in this country. Some prominent Texans and South Carolinans have spoken seriously of secession. There are a good number of people who seem increasingly militant about acting on their delusions re what they think America is and isn't. It comes down to the power of lies. Civil Wars are caused in other countries by lies--Jihadism, religious extremism, is based on lies, on promulgating falsehoods. "God requires this of us..." And they repeat the lies over and over again. The famous Big Lie, in all its various guises. Here in the USA, Fox News is telling lies over and over and over; militia types, racists, paranoids, right wing fanatics, the Alex Jones and Glenn Becks of the country, are repeating the same lies over and over. Millions of people apparently believe that Obamacare involves implanting monitoring chips in your body and death panels--because the lies are told and told again in youtube videos, at web ...
We have Paul Mccartney's new album, David Gray, the Civil Wars, Phil Keaggy, and of course R.C. Sproul in the CD player. Tanya Dunn and I are ready to head to Asheville.
loving the new Civil Wars, Amos Lee, the latest Laura Marling
all good dude. I'm listening to a lot of Mumford/Lumineers/Avett Brothers/Civil Wars lately. Definitely not 1019 music
Album wishlist: Civil Wars, Lorde, Avett Brothers.I'm gunna go broke cause of all dis music in my heart
Jason Isbell, Civil Wars' John Paul White excel on 'Letterman,' but Candi...
Finally got time to watch my tape of the Muscle Shoals tribute on Letterman. Great stuff. Jason Isbell was great as always, Candi Staton, who I got to see at Americanafest's MS tribute, is amazing, and it was great to see John Paul White again since he's been invisible on the Civil Wars' press.
This morning I'm proud to live in Muscle Shoals, Alabama. For those of you from other parts of the country.some of the most fantastic, inspiring music every written, produced, and recorded has come out of this area. Last night I watched with pride as one of my all time favorite singers, Candi Staton, sang a song on David Letterman last night. She was flanked on one side by John Paul White (The Civil Wars) & Jason Isbell (The 400 Unit). Two of the people you might have recognized in the band were David Hood & Spooner Oldham! They performed a song called "I Ain't Easy to Love" written by Angela Hacker & James LeBlanc (both local writers). I count it a privilege to call this home. Those of us who live here get to hear some of the most wonderful music all the time, whether it be blues, gospel, soul, country, bluegrass, pop, worship, jazz, and especially Americana music.
DVR ALERT: Muscle Shoals will once again be represented on LettermanTONIGHT. Here they are in this pic - The Swampers (they've been known to pick a song or two), Candi Staton, Jason Isbell, and John Paul White (1/2 of the Civil Wars and Johnny Depp look a like). Glad to see the Shoals getting some well deserved recognition!!! Thank you David Letterman!!
Top Picks: James Lee Burke's newest mystery, the Civil Wars' new album, and more (csmonitor)
2013 is the year of musical happiness. New Fall Out Boy, Civil Wars, and tomorrow brings Kings of Leon. YES PLEASE
“Mumford and Sons are pulling a Civil Wars and taking a break "for the foreseeable future."
Civil Wars, Fun., Avett Brothers, The Shins, Mumford and Sons, The Head and The Heart, and many more friends keeping me awake on my drive.
This morning is a mixture of Civil Wars, The Kopecky Family Band and Glen Hansard.
a Civil Wars song is on a commercial and that makes me miss singing Barton Hollow with my girl
Sacred Heart by the Civil Wars is probably one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard
Yep. Civil Wars. Me and I'm sorry you have to hear me sing this song. But Julia's great.
Barton Hollow by the Civil Wars and thinking about Andrew Parrish. *swoon*
But I think the days of Poison & Wine and Barton Hollow are long gone. Civil Wars was feeding off (dangerously) electric musical chemistry.
Syria stayed out of our Civil Wars, why does Obama want to put us in harm by intervening with their's? Let someone else handle it smh
: When promoting 'Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness' turns into Civil Wars.
Get The Civil Wars' new album!!! And the Oh Hellos. And Noah and the Whale.
like Crystal answered I am alarmed that someone can make $6149 in 4 weeks on the computer. did you see this...
I'm not in a superior enough mood to listen to The Civil Wars sing in French.
exactly. We'd have to compare horrible people to Civil Wars and everyday remind people that Ultimate Warrior have raisin ***
unfortunately Civil Wars r something tht u cant not think about. I've been waking up to freakin new stories every single day! :(
We should stay out of other countries Civil Wars. We don't need to start anymore Civil Wars in other countries either.
This is worth reading given the amount of talk surrounding a possible strike against
My emotions are out of control. The Civil Wars time
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