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Civil and political rights are a class of rights that protect individuals' freedom from unwarranted infringement by governments and private organizations, and ensure one's ability to participate in the civil and political life of the state without discrimination or repression. Horace Julian Bond (born January 14, 1940), known as Julian Bond, is an American social activist and leader in the American Civil Rights Movement, politician, professor, and writer. 5.0/5

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Julian Bond (January 14, 1940 – August 15, 2015) was an American social activist and leader in the Civil Rights...
Appreciate that American girl consulted w/ Civl Rights scholars & Julian Bond for new Civil Rights era doll
.reminiscing on having the late professor and Civil Rights leader Julian Bond.
Tanya Odom '92 reflects on the lessons of Julian Bond for today's Civil Rights struggle.
I think we both TA'd for Julian Bond in his Civil Rights class. "impeach Warren" would've been mild for parts of Va
I added a video to a playlist Julian Bond on Civil Rights & Racism in The Obama Era
I gave a talk this morning. Tonight, I will be in the presence of one of the most important Civil Rights leaders, Julian Bond...
Watch this inspiring oral history recorded by Civil Rights activist Julian Bond!
If you have a chance today, take a moment to watch Texas Young Lawyers Association's They Had a Dream Too! which produced by then TYLA president Karin Crump and a fantastic group of Texas lawyers. The Emmy Award winning documentary chronicles the contributions of America's youth in realizing Dr. King's dream. It features several of our most recognizable Civil Rights leaders such as Julian Bond, Prof. Norma Cantu, the late Franklin McCain Henry Cisneros and others.
Available today: free tickets for the public to hear Civil Rights icon Julian Bond speak at Jan. 23:
Civil Rights leader Julian Bond, will headline Aurora’s 2014 Martin Luther King Day Celebration sponsored by Aurora’s MLK Planning Committee and the city of Aurora. Author, professor, and devoted student of Martin Luther King, Jr., Bond will speak about his experiences in the Civil Rights
Barbara Matusow, editor of "Scoop," invites you to like comments by Bob Woodward, Jimmy Carter, Julian Bond and others about Jack Nelson's riveting account of his career in the South. WHAT THEY ARE SAYING ABOUT “SCOOP” "A terrific memoir by one of American's toughest and greatest reporters." -Bob WoodwardHoratio Alger never invented a hero more talented or indomitable than Jack Nelson was in real-life. Jack started as a newsboy and became one of Twentieth Century America’s greatest journalists. This cannot-put-it-down book –brilliantly edited by his wife, Barbara Matusow –tells his unforgettable story.” -Gene Roberts, co-author of the Pulitzer Prize winning “The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation”. "This story is bold and brilliant - just as Jack Nelson was. We miss him and miss the open, honest journalism he practiced. Jack was one of that small band who told the country what the South was really like - at risk to his own life and limb." ...
Couldn't join us for the 2013 Charleston Lecture w/ Julian Bond? Hear his address, "Civil Rights, Then & Now," here:
Here is a cool shot of me with Civil Rights leader Julian Bond at NAACP lunch
"Memories of our lives, of our words and our deeds will continue in others". ( Rosa Parks) "Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves. ( Nelson Mandela) "The Civil Rights Movement didn't begin in Montgomery and it didn't end in the 1960s, it continues to this very minute. (Julian Bond) "There are those who say we are rushing this issue of Civil Rights. I say we are 172 years late.( Hubert H. Humphreys) And along comes John Roberts with his contribution to the advancement of human kind saying so much progress has been made in the past forty years there is no longer any need for oversight of voter requirement plans for some areas. Time has handled that. But Dr. King said re:time,"such an attitude stems from a tragic misconception of time , from the strangely irrational notion that there is something in the very flow of time that will irresistibly cur ...
"We live in a recording studio." My interview w/ Julian Bond on surveillance of the Civil Rights Movement.
Civil Rights pioneer and NAACP President Emeritus Julian Bond joined Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night to discuss the current challenges to the Voting Rights Act, the landmark 1965 legislation that cleared away hurdles to voting for African Americans in states with a history of discrimination. Bond...
A great little comic interview with Civil Rights legend Julian Bond.
Civil Rights activist Julian Bond speaks at UVA in honor of Black History month. Stay tuned for updates on his travels with the Civil Rights South Seminar participants as they trek through Birmingham, Montgomery, Selma, Philadelphia, Greenwood, Jackson and New Orleans!
At the US Capitol with American Hero, Julian Bond. He invited me to join him on Civil Rights tour. I'm humbled and honored. On MLK DAY!
Good-by to a Good Guy Eugene C. Patterson, Pulitzer Prize winning editor of the Atlanta Constitution during the civil rights era, passed away recently. He drew national attention to the sufferings of African-Americans of that time, in contrast to many other journalists and public officials. He also protested the refusal to seat Julian Bond by the Georgia legislature. He was managing editor of the Washington Post in 1968 when it published the Pentagon Papers. He was vice chairman of the US Commission on Civil Rights under Lyndon Johnson. He opposed a major Washington Post article which didn't meet his journalistic standards and which later turned out to be a hoax. In World War II he was a tank platoon commander in perhaps the most nightmarish battle of that war, the Battle of the Bulge. And these are only the highlights of his long life. Among all the destructive people in the world there are still people who know what's right and who do what needs to be done. Here is a shining example to us all.
Be Very Very Quiet, I am hunting unarmed African Americans! After reading the newspaper this morning concerning the killing of a young Black American, I thought about a cartoon character that used to state, " Be Very Very Quiet, I'm hunting?" In the years past, we the African American population has had to deal with the good old boys in the south, the John Burke Society. In the North, the knights of the Klu Klux Klan throughout America. It is my opinion that the good old boys, the John Burke Society, and and the Klan has now infiltrated the ranks of our law enforcement departments. Enough is enough, Civil Rights leaders, Civil Rights organizations, and those Black Americans that are in key political positions stand up and be counted. It has been said that it takes a community to raise a child, let it be said that it takes a race of people to wipe out racism and the cold-blooded killing of our people in the name of the law. After reading Commissioner Kelly's statement regarding the shooting in Brooklyn, I ...
A portrait of Julian Bond; a modern-day newsreel linking the past and future of the Civil Rights Movement in America.
A Documentary Film by Eduardo Montes-Bradley. A biographic sketch of Civil Rights activist Julian Bond. From the time of his grandfather James to the March on Washington in 1963.
Dr. Julian Bond, former NAACP Chair, reacts to the National Organization for Marriage's efforts to drive a wedge between black people and same-sex marriage activists.
Julian Bond, former NAACP chairman, hopes activists of today learn civil rights history
NAACP Chairman Julian Bond discusses the intersection of *** Rights, Civil Rights, and Human Rights, including how Black activist (and widow of Martin Luther...
Congratulations to Julian Bond! U of VA today launches Bond Professorship of Civil Rights/Social Justice.
Congressman Steve Cohen honors his good friend and Civil Rights pioneer Julian Bond on the House floor.
NAACP: Julian Bond Professorship in Civil Rights and Social Justice to mark the legacy of Bond, who is retiring from U.Va.
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