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Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a Congressionally chartered, federally supported, non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF).

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Check out photo of Civil Air Patrol students at the Lincoln Memorial today!
Congratulations to Anthony for his promotion to Captain in the Civil Air Patrol - Albuquerque
I bet if it was anything Civil Air Patrol related he would've answered on the first ring!
Had a fun night of P.T. at civil air patrol and I'm going to get a good night sleep
...we are also known as the Civil Air Patrol. We do Search and Rescue, patrols, emergency transport, and.
Gald to hear about the Civil Air Patrol. I think Iowa may have one.
Well I think I am going to go lay down til my other half gets home. He is at his fire fighter meeting. He had two meeting tonight first one was civil air patrol and now he is at his second one. What fun... All five crabby patties are in bed and want to not go to go school tomorrow but they all 5 have too. The littler ones have snow make up day other wise they be home with mom.
Join Civil Air Patrol! Come this saturday to the Yauco Stadium and develop yourself as a leader, learn about aerospace and prepare with our physical fitness program! Maj William Biaggi Cadet Squadron! SER-PR-051 For more info. inbox!
Greetings Guest, visitors and Members of the Mo-119th. Things are gearing up, and the squadron is picking up new members from around the Steelville, Cuba, Bourbon, Gerald and Leasburg Mo areas where the 119th is based in Cuba Missouri at the Cuba Fire and Rescue Department. I would like to once again thank those members of the fire department for making it possible for our squadron to have a new home, where we can train and work closely on nights the Fire and EMS schedules allow them to come in and train us to learn more knowledge on the working with these departments in search and rescue techniques. Also it allows our squadron a training area where the Cadets and Senior Members of the 119th to advance our training in our 3 mission areas of Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. Since the moved to our new headquarters in January 2014 we have grown in members, and we are still growing. I would like to encourage and boys and girls ages 12 to 20 and any adults 21+ that can spare 2.5 hou ...
Good day at work. Frustrating after work dealing with cell phone issues. now time to get a uniform on and go to Civil Air Patrol.. Gee, BDU or Blues? Oh wait, BING! Connell's post says Blues! I'd better get moving!
I would like to thank my friend Mary Goodale about telling me about civil air patrol
Headed back to the hotel after meeting with 6 of our Congressional and 2 of our a Senatorial representatives. It was a good day's work for Civil Air Patrol. The cadets on our team were awesome!
Went to Capitol Hill today to speak to congressmen and women about Civil Air Patrol. As an added bonus, I was able to reconnect with friends from across the country, some that I hadn't seen in years! These are all people that serve in an organization that gives no pay, and often asks a lot. They are genuinely good people who become the change that they want to see in the world, and I feel blessed for having met every one of them!
New This Week: Before Civil Air Patrol's Command Council convenes in Washington, D.C., this week for its annua...
My Congressman met with the Civil Air Patrol of New Jersey Wing today, an organization I was involved with when I...
Met with the commander and members of the Idaho Civil Air Patrol to discuss their efforts and role in our state.
Was that before or after you told him the Civil Air Patrol was plan B after you gut the military?
Just saw some raw footage from last night's commercial shoot for "Civil Air Patrol" - Looks GREAT so far!
Honored to meet with the Pennsylvania Wing of the Civil Air Patrol this morning and hear a report about their mission
Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to remember that as times may be tough and that our country may be going through a rough time, it is no excuse to be careless and distracted from everyday life. I had that experence yesterday and it was a real wake up call. I had the unfortunate experence of almost taking the life of an innocent pedestrian as I was leaving a meeting last night. It has been a very tramutic experence and caused me to do a lot of reflection and live every day of my life in the here and now. As I said, we may be going through a tough time in our country but we all must remember to be vigilant in our every day lives. I was EXTREMELY lucky that the young woman I struck was able to get up and walk away after we called the police and rescue crews who I must say were extremely professional in how everything was handled. I am walking away with a very very minor traffic offense and only have to pay a small fine for my mistake. But the tramutic and adrennalin filled experence has taken it's toll o ...
Great to meet leaders of the Civil Air Patrol Learn more at
this Sunday,March 2nd; Our Pastor Manwell will be installed as a Civil Air Patrol Chaplain. We are pleased and a little proud! Pastor is serving God and Country. "Always Vigilant"
This goes back before my time even. Does anyone recall the Civil Air Patrol? My Dad was in that. Maybe it was before WW2? He was in the army during the war so it might have been pre-war?
The USAF Civil Air Patrol is here at the Capitol making the rounds with lawmakers. They seem to have found the Longworth cafeteria.
News • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is offering an Estate and Transition Planning Workshop for agricultural producers today at the Gillespie County Extension Office. Registration is at 9:45 a.m. followed by the program from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. • The Newcomers Book Group will discuss "The Orphan Master’s Son" by Adam Johnson and/or "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" by Barbara Demick at 10 a.m. today in the first floor conference room at Chase Bank. • Students needing help with financial aid for college can attend a financial aid/ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshop from 4-6:30 p.m. today in the Fredericksburg High School Library. The workshop is being hosted by Austin Community College and FHS. • Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce is inviting all chamber members, prospective members, employees, representatives and guests to a Fun After 5 event today from 5-7 p.m. in the Nimitz Ballroom. The evening is sponsored by the event host Admiral Nimitz Foundatio ...
Dear Michelle Obama, I am writing this to say that I disagree, as I'm sure many of my friends do, with your statement that young people are "knuckleheads." I feel that this statement is untrue of many American teens and young people and it has a very personal impact on me and many of my friends. As for myself I take pride in being a responsible, self-motivated, and respectful 16 year old American. I serve my community, state, and nation by being a cadet in Civil Air Patrol and teach aerospace education, emergency services, and leadership to those under my command. I am also a published author, something that many people my age have never, and many may never, achieve. I also have many goals for my future, the primary one being to become a commercial airline pilot. Anyway, enough said about me. However, many of my friends are like me with like interests and goals and I am sure that many of them disagree as well. Then again, I will not deny that many young people are "knuckleheads" and are well deserving of ...
I had to check my gig line all the time in the Civil Air Patrol the United States Air Force Auxiliary.
We are currently in the process of planning another flag retirement to be performed with the Weber Minuteman Honor Guard of the Civil Air Patrol. We will try to do it about May or June 2014. Please watch for more posts with photos of the ceremony and another visit to Old Glory Lookout this summer. If any of you have any old tattered flags that need to be disposed of, I will be happy to collect them and take care of them for you.
Civil air patrol was good and I was Drill in the frigid cold
“By clicking on any of the links below, you will be leaving our “CAP.GOV” domain (a government website) and will be entering a site hosted and updated by a local Civil Air Patrol squadron or by a Civil Air Patrol Group. Neither the Georgia Wing, the Civil Air Patrol nor the US Air Force endorses or...
Evan left at 5:30 this morning for Washington DC. He will spend five days there representing the Civil Air Patrol. He was nominated by his peers from Civil Air Patrol to prepresent the Michigan division. He will meet sentors, learn, explore and have a great time. I pray for your expierence to be happy and safe.
Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander Ugale poses with cadets at the Pentagon, as part of their...
AN UPCOMING LOCAL MINISTRY EVENT--- PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Pastor Claude Cowan announced evangelist James T. Meadows of Kansas City, Missouri, will be the featured speaker on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at the 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. services at Eastpoint Family Church, 3923 Pittman Road, Kansas City, Missouri. Meadows, an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, is also a leadership seminar presenter, a Civil Air Patrol chaplain, and an interim minister. His previous ministerial experience includes serving as an adjunct instructor of Bible, theology, and ministerial studies at the Sheffield School of the Bible in Kansas City, Missouri, and pastoring churches in New York and Missouri. In addition to his ministerial experience, Meadows is a business consultant, a freelance corporate writer, a blogger, and he has held numerous technical, management, and associate faculty positions with Eastman Kodak Company, AT&T, University of Phoenix, and Tyco Integrated Security. With 34 years of experien . ...
You know you're in Civil Air Patrol when you fly over an ANG base and see missile launchers tracking you. That's what we did last week ifor operation America Shield. It was all centered on McEntire ANG base near Columbia, SC. There were 5 points arranged about a ring 30 miles from the base. Three aircraft would fly in towards the base at different altitudes...1500 ft, 3500 ft, and 5500ft from three different points. The object was to all arrive at the base at the same moment. We hit it within two seconds every time. Tuesday and Wednesday were practice days. Thursday was cancelled due to weather. I rode back seat Friday to observe, and flew as PIC on two missions Saturday and one Sunday. I flew a total of 13 hours over the two days. The object of the exercise was to provide training for the folks who will watch over and defend the protected airspace around Washington, SC. Oh, and when we flew over the base at 1500ft, we could clearly see the missile launchers mounted atop the HumVees tracking us across the ...
Civil air patrol today going to sign up actually
Interested in aviation? You're invited to the Civil Air Patrol Indiana Wing's conference on March 22.
I've mentioned this before from time to time and just found the article I had read back in, apparently, 1971. This is NO different than what I see from the right wing conservative extremists. They took their lead from Soviet disinformation. It is currently rampant in our culture and media, with the leader being, yes, you guessed it, Fox News. When I first read this back in the 70s I laughed at first. Then I got more serious about what this meant to the Russian people and those deluded enough to believe it. Then I also realized that in a way, it was true. I did go into the military as an adult. But then I also went into the Civil Air Patrol which is an Auxiliary of the US Air Force. But we were searched for down civilian small aircraft, not training to kill Soviets. Still, had they invaded, we would have been an instant civilian force of young people lead a great deal by military adults called, "Seniors". Most conspiracy theory is based in truth and then twisted to met an agenda that alters the truth every ...
Alec lets keep this air patrol civil ok?
Applications for Cadre at Cascade Falcon XIX are now open! At this encampment you will gain experience as a leader, a follower, and as a member of a highly capable team. You will have the opportunity to impact the lives of fellow cadets and build professional relationships that will carry you throughout your Civil Air Patrol career. For More info visit: close 7 March. Do not miss out on the experience of a lifetime!
Heading over to the Ernie Pyle Middle School Career Fair to share Civil Air Patrol with the students!
18Yrs ago today you entered this world tiny and helpless and look at you know a staff Sgt in the civil air patrol nd planning on going into the air force upon graduation I am so proud of who uhave become happy 18th Kassidy Parks daddy nd I love you
The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded on this date in 1941. Originally connected to the US Army Air Corps during World War II, the CAP was established as an official auxiliary of the Air Force when t
Just got back from the Las Vegas Wrangler game. We had our Cub Scout Pack 149, and our Civil Air Patrol unit with is working the chuck a puck tables. Everyone had a good time, and did a great job!!
" When I was 14 years old and a cadet in the Massachusetts Civil Air Patrol -- an official Air Force Auxiliary -- I'd been enrolled for over a year and didn't have a single minute in an airplane. So when my CAP squadron had a contest for selling Kathryn Beich candies with a prize of several hours flight time I made an all-out effort and set up a table in front of a local supermarket, where I was outselling everyone else in the squadron by several times. I was clearly going to win. So what did the cadet supervisor do? He came by my table and took half my stock of candy to "redistribute" to other cadets who were selling door to door. I folded up my table, resigned from the Civil Air Patrol, and had learned my first lesson about the nature of statism." ~ J Neil Schulman
I just found out about a program: Civil Air Patrol, for young pilots/training. GUYS I COULD DO THIS AND ITS RIGHT BY MY HOUSE IM GONNA DIE!!
This was taken January 18th right before the Formal for our Civil Air Patrol Squadron MER NC-162. Jeb and Dad in our finery! I am so proud of Jeb and ALL of the Cadets of NC-162. I have the PRIVILEGE of being the new Deputy Commander for Cadets. These Young Men and Women ARE the example for their peers.
Cadets: This is a reminder! Remember when you post to face book other people see your posts. You are not only representing yourself. You are representing your Squadron, your wing and All of Civil Air Patrol. You say an oath every week to uphold the core values of the Civil Air Patrol "The values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence, and Respect," Please post accordingly. Lt. Perez
Proud of Dalton Wilson. He got his second promotion at his Civil Air Patrol meeting tonight.. Great things are going to come your way. You are finishing up your junior year in high school, getting ready to drive, so much to look forward too.. Stay on the right path, stay true to yourself and life will be good.. Love always.. Mom
Major Carl Rossomme assumed command from Lt. Col. Austin Landry on Tuesday evening February 25, 2014 of Squadron 132 at the Shelby County Airport. Lt. Col. Landry was a founding member of Central Alabama Central Squadron and has served as commander of the squadron for the past six years. The Change in Command Ceremony was conducted by Col. Brad Lynn, Commander of the Alabama Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
My son Aidan Johnson just got home from his civil air patrol meeting and was presented with his certificate for completing his first flight. Aidan flew a Sessna 172 from Philly to Quackertown. He took off, flew all the way, then landed. I'm so proud. I'm sure his pop pop Tom Long and his omi Jane Long and the rest of his family are so proud also.
Thanks Civil Air Patrol for letting me learn the amazing things I love about bein a Soldier!!! Support Our Troops!!
It was great to speak to the cadets of Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol on Leadership tonight! They are a group of highly motivated individuals who are definitely on the right track for success!
Saturday, March 1st is the Tyler Civil Air Patrol Pancake Breakfast. It's held at the CAP hangar at 1594 Dixie Dr. Come on out and have Cadet Jones flip you some flapjacks. Donations requested as money raised goes to your Tyler Civil Air Patrol cadet activities. Food's up at 8. Yummy! Hope to see you there!!!
Jesse is learning radio network communications at civil air patrol
Hey Treasure Valley please support the Boise Civil Air Patrol Cadets earn some cash for camp.
If our government's Civil Air Patrol (CAP) can teach my adopted son, David Jewell, how to build a gun out of wood, I should constitutionally be able to post this public record of a patent on how to make your own gun, too. There you go aspiring gun control advocates,...chew on that!! L.A. Roger (TM) Last time I heard from David, he was teaching survival courses for the USAF in Japan. He was featured on TV and in the media for his courses. Hi, David! Lov ya! DAD (Roger Jewell)
Well...gata push the trip to Kalahari back some more:(, Cole Taylor, (my son) is now in track&has some track meets&he won't miss one for the team& I have to admit he's disciplined his self well& I dont want to leave him out.& lil man got on black today:(... mabe i shud just spend the tym w Cody Taylor(my oldest???well now we r off to take Cole to Civil Air Patrol...its freekin cold!!!
No matter if you are an experienced outdoors person or a novice, taking a fully charged smartphone or a personal locator beacon (PLB) with you on your adventures could save your life! By having your phone with you and turned on, the Civil Air Patrol cell phone forensics team can triangulate data off of cell towers narrowing down the search area. With a PLB the search area is even more defined. On Saturday, the Wyoming Joint Operations Center requested Air Force Rescue Coordination Center assistance to help search for five missing snowmobilers in Sheridan County. The five individuals rented snowmobiles Saturday morning for the day in the Big Horn Mountain area. When they failed to check in at the end of the day, a search ensued. The AFRCC coordinated with the CAP cell phone forensics team greatly reducing the search area. Using the cell data provided by CAP, local ground teams located the snowmobilers and transported them to safety. 5-SAVES
From Our Chairwoman Julianne Renczkowski's email: Dear Village Preservation Party of Depew members: CHANGE TO MEETING DATE: Now March 25th. Our next meeting will be @ the Bradford Ale House, 6036 Transit Rd., Depew, NY, March 25, 2014 @ 7pm. ... not March 26th At this meeting [March 25, 2014] we will hold nominations for Village Preservation Party officer's and at April's meeting we will hold our annual vote of officer's for the Village Preservation Party, so please everyone show up as these are very vital meetings of our organization. We have much work ahead of us starting after the April vote. Girl Scouts of America Brownie Troop # 30415 is collecting food donations for the Tri Community Food Pantry. The food drive began January 27 at 6:30PM at Depew Village Hall, 85 Manitou St., Depew, NY 14043 when the Girl Scouts placed a donation barrel in Village Hall and accepted the first donations from Depew Mayor Steven P. Hoffman and Trustee Linda Hammer. [See the Depew Bee for a great photo & story on the eve ...
Kinda big news but not something that special im probably gonna join the Civil Air Patrol de Yauco
Civil Air Patrol to bestow highest honor on Senator Harkin as members make annual trek to Capitol Hill. MAXWELL...
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It is here in the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the USAF, where future leaders start young (ages 12-21) to volunteer for our great nation, the United Sta...
Proud and excited to join the Michigan State Legislative Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol!
Civil air patrol meeting today anyone who wants to come is welcomed to hope to see people there
A heads-up from South Carolina Air National Guard: "The South Carolina Air National Guard is conducting an air defense exercise in the areas of Anderson and Columbia, Feb. 26. As part of the routine exercise, fighter jets assigned to the SCANG’s 169th Fighter Wing might be seen escorting a single-engine aircraft belonging to the South Carolina Civil Air Patrol between 11 a.m. to 1:00 p.m." They sent that to NBC 26 because it's possible some of our viewers may see the jets escorting a single-engine aircraft - but not to worry, it's just training.
Thank you Jim Wreyford for an interesting program for Daybreak Rotary on the Civil Air Patrol.
Cadets with the Brownsville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol are out in force this weekend at Air Fiesta doing what they do: Keeping the ramp clear of debris, making sure nobody messes with the airplanes and generally keeping things safe — all while looking sharp in their CAP uniforms.
Bruce's Custom Covers is proud to support Civil Air Patrol! . Check out the engine inlet plugs on this Gippsland GA-8!
We are getting ready for our 2nd Annual Spring Bonanza March 29th Knights of Columbus Hall 105 W. Elm Ave, Norfolk, NE 10 am - 4 pm This years fundraiser will benefit the NENCS of Civil Air Patrol We will be have: Bake Sale Raffle Prizes Kids Games Face Painting There will also be lunch available
Fellow Rotarians, today we welcome Captain Charles Walker, Civil Air Patrol. Look forward to seeing you there!
NEW FLORIDA WING COMMANDER ... Please join me in congratulating Lt Col Henry Irizarry (current FLWG Group 7 CC) on his selection as the next Florida Wing Commander. The change of command will occur during the Florida Wing Conference in Orlando on 15 March 2014. I also ask that you join me in thanking Colonel Mike Cook for his outstanding leadership and service as the Florida Wing Commander. v/r AL Alvin J. Bedgood, Colonel, CAP Commander, Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Auxiliary
Monday was a great day. Mentally I did an inventory of my life. I truly have no reason at all to complain about anything. I have an awesome family. My wife Janel, is the only person I have ever met that can put up with my craziness, and I love her more now than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow. My kids totally ROCK, I took Jeb to get a haircut today and he REQUESTED a Flat top just like I wore in the 82d AIRBORNE. He is 12 and I can not help but see a man standing there. I have a comfortable home, and even my dogs are cool. I like my job. I am involved with my Church, my kids school, and Civil Air Patrol along with Jeb. Trinity is becoming a fine musician and turning into a young lady. IF all this were not enough, I KNOW that we are all Saved By Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. I am still opinionated, uber-conservative (Which I do not see as a problem), and not very compassionate. I do not handle Stupid very well, as in I have no problem looking someon ...
from Lieutenant at Civil Air Patrol,. Professor at Northampton Community College. Rusana Kasriel . Many parents...
Well I would just like to say congratulations to my son Aidan Johnson for completing his first O Flight on Sunday the 23rd in a sessna airplane. He is 14 and has joined the civil air patrol. He flew from Philly to Quakertown. 4 more to go before he goes solo. Way to go aidan. I'm so proud of you.
Don't miss the chance to learn about Civil Air Patrol and the benefits of volunteer service.
Lane went with some friends to check Civil Air bad it was "PT" Kevin said, flying airplanes cool, learning about rockets cool, physical training..not so much.LOL
Missouri Wing Civil Air Patrol is hosting a fund raiser to support wing training programs. Members and family...
OMAHA HISTORY: LT COLONEL CHARLES A. LANE JR ( click on "See More" to read entire story) Nebraska’s Tuskegee Airmen Lieutenant Colonel Charles A. Lane Original Tuskegee Airman Deceased at Age 88 - Nov 8, 2013 In civilian life he became a staff member of the Omaha based poverty program, Greater Omaha Community Action (G.O.C.A). He directed and managed this program from 1970 through his retirement in 1992. Throughout his tenure G.O.C.A. had active programs dealing with the poverty aspects of children, aging, handicapped, alcoholism, and mental health, to name only a few. He was a member of Tuskegee Airmen Inc. (TAI) and was a board representative of the local chapter to the TAI national board of directors. After his retirement he has became affiliated with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP), and served as the CAP Squadron Commander. This unit served predominantly the North Omaha area. Charles Lane drew more than a little satisfaction from the skies above enemy territory during World War II. Lt. Col. Lane flew 26 ...
Civil Air Patrol to Bestow Highest Honor on Senator Harkin as Members Make Annual Trek to Capitol Hill
Maybe you've heard of Bessie Coleman, but do you know about Willa Brown? She was the first African-American woman to receive her commercial pilot’s license in America AND the first black female to become an officer in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol. She also earned her MBA from Northwestern, and co-founded the Coffey School of Aeronautics to help train African-American pilots. What have you done lately? Yep, that's what I thought... For more about this audacious aviator, check-out:
Watching Jacob Burke at Civil Air Patrol..wondering where my baby went.such a fine young man.
Civil Air Patrol: A closer look at the mission -...
Group 5 (Texas Wing) Cadet Programs will host Airman Leadership School on May 9-11 2014 in San Antonio TX. Airman Leadership School (ALS) is the first step in the Texas Wing Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP). ALS is the foundation of CTEP, and the first exposure cadets will receive to Texas Wing training standards. So that training standards can be met, it will be necessary to maintain an environment which will foster a feeling of pride, identity and accomplishment for each cadet. Group 5 ALS will provide the new cadet with a solid beginning in understanding the responsibilities and rewards involved in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. At this time, the Group 5 ALS-Summer Session is accepting applications for cadet student and senior staff members. Cadets must be in the grades of C/Airman but not higher than C/Senior Airman by the start of the activity. Seniors must complete Level 1. Activity fee is $20 for cadet students and senior staff. Please e-mail a completed CAP Form 31 to the ALS ...
We're recruiting for volunteer service in the Civil Air Patrol, USAF auxiliary.
My baby in her Honor Guard Uniform for Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol has a wonderful program to get kids and adults alike into the realm of flight and R/C.
The Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol is hosting a CAP GSAR at Fort Pickett, Blackstone VA on 20,21,22 March and 25, 26,27 April. We have openings in the Management Team Member course if you have anyone that might be interested. The course is presented by VDEM instructors and is the same course normally offered at a VDEM GSAR We provide housing, but you have to provide your own food. There is no cost other than transportation and food. Contact me directly at dcarter001if you are interested in attending. I will fill you on the details. Dave dcarter001
“Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty.” --Inscription at Arlington Cemetary Honor & Remember AMERICAN HERO Captain Christopher J. Sullivan US Army, 29, Hometown: Princeton, Massachusetts Christopher J. Sullivan interest in military service started early. Chris joined the Civil Air Patrol at age 14 and served in the ROTC while attending the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, where he majored in mechanical engineering. He sought to continue the family tradition of military service, following the path of his grandfather, father, and two uncles. Chris entered active military service in 1998 and had been promoted on January 10, 2005 to Commander of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment. His service includes serving with the 16th Cavalry Division based in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, the Kosovo peacekeeping mission, and the 1st Infantry Division based in Ft. Hood, Texas. He was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in January 2004. Sullivan ...
Working on Civil Air Patrol stuff is so much more fun than school work.
Cadets, Please like and use the Carroll Cadets page as a useful tool, created specifically for the cadets of Carroll Composite Squadron to ask questions on anything to do with our squadron, or Civil Air Patrol in general.
Tuesday night throw down between me and at civil air patrol.
Megan's first orientation flight with the Civil Air Patrol
CAMP ATTERBURY, INDIANA—The Indiana Wing Civil Air Patrol is pleased to announce the inaugural Space Sciences and Rocketry Academy to be held from May 25-31, 2014 at the Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuvers Training Facility in Edinburgh, IN. The academy, open to all Civil Air Patrol Cadets and Senior Members is designed to not only allow cadets to earn their Model Rocketry Badge but to also introduce them to the various careers available to them in the Space Sciences including Astronomy, Astronautics, Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering, Mathematics and Physics. The week long program will include a trip to the Kirkwood Observatory at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN as well as a trip to the Gus Grissom Museum in Mitchell, IN. In addition, several space related corporations have sent along souvenirs and other interesting information for participants to take home. The development team is in discussion with members of the faculty at the Air Force Institute of Technology to discuss some of their resear . ...
Civil Air Patrol with early morning ops on 148.125 (PL 114.8), not sure where it's coming from though. Have the HP-1 recording.
When Liberty had a Civil Air Patrol squadron at Liberty Municipal Airport?
Good News about Teens: Lansing teen receives top Civil Air Patrol honor. Sorry about the awful ad before the story.
Finally got my full uniforms for the Civil Air Patrol... The Fatigues, and blues..
More Aerospace Partnerships At MTSU Could Benefit Area Youth: The top two commanders of the Civil Air Patrol’s...
Learn more about the mission of the Civil Air Patrol, who found the Trussville plane wreckage last weekend:
Bellingham Civil air Patrol on training mission saw LaConner fire and took photos.
Skywarn Training, Tuesday March 18th, 630pm at the Polk County EOC. Civil Air Patrol cadet's will be there. Good opportunity to promote amateur radio.
Governor Dennis Daugaard has issued a proclamation designating Feb. 20 as “Civil Air Patrol Day” in South Dakota. The proclamation commends the South Dakota Wing of the Civil Air Patrol for its wil...
Angel Flight West (AFW) is the second largest Public Benefit Flying organization in the U.S. after the Civil Air Patrol.
Department of Veterans Affairs, the 181st Intelligence Wing’s Incident Awareness and Assessment (IAA) team, and the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) trained together on Feb. 6, 2013, Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Ind. 181st members trained inside the Mobile Veterans Center (MVC) working on special software progr...
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- A Kansas man that went missing Sunday evening was located Tuesday in Colorado by the Civil Air Patrol. The 66-year-old man went missing Sunday night after his black Chevy...
The Lubbock Civil Air Patrol took advantage of the nice weather to practice search and rescue drills.
Update your maps at Navteq
Off topic but I am now officially the Flight Officer for my Civil Air Patrol squadron. Anyone ways what are your top 3 Star Wars books of all time??? ~C
Yesterday was a milestone public affairs day for Civil Air Patrol. 3 stories received extensive publicity across the nation. 3 in one day!
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: 2/12/2014 Contact: Adriane Barnes, (501) 516-6255, adriane.barnesMission Underway for AFC Pilot, Jake Harrell Mena, Ark. – The plane carrying missing AFC pilot, Jake Harrell, was discovered yesterday at 4:05 p.m. by a Civil Air Patrol single-engine plane. This sighting was confirmed by a State Police helicopter. Moments later, a National Guard helicopter also confirmed the sighting and lowered a Guardsman. This Guardsman confirmed that deceased remains were inside the aircraft. We are 99% sure that this individual is our friend and brother, Jake Harrell – who has been missing since Friday, January 31st. Ground crews were able to secure the scene late last night; however, a road is still under construction –crews are using dozers and chainsaws to clear the way - to create an actual path to the crash site. Officials are hopeful that this road will be complete and the body recovered by late this evening. Montgomery County Law Enforcement, U.S. Forest Service Law Enforcement, and ...
Statement from the family of missing pilot Jake Harrell: "We would like to thank the many people who have shared their love, support and prayers during the search for Jake. We are especially grateful to the Arkansas Forestry Commission and State Forester, Joe Fox for their leadership in the effort. The Governor's Office, the US Forest Service, the Arkansas National Guard, Polk County Sheriff's office, Montgomery County Sheriff's office, Scott County Sheriff's office, Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management, Civil Air Patrol, National Weather Service, Arkansas State Police, the 188th Fighter Wing and the North Little Rock Police Department have all been supportive and responsive in an unparalleled display of cooperation and coordination. Our heartfelt thanks go to the pilots, ground personnel, and the team in the Incident Command Center. We are confident the many agencies involved are doing everything in their power to find Jake. We are thankful to be part of the Arka ...
Appointment: 30 January, 2014. CO B, 1ST BN 145th Aviation Regt. Former CIVIL AIR PATROL CADET Evan T. Hunt, GLr – WI – 055 Fox Cities Composite Squadron has completed his Warrant Officer Center training and appointed officially to Warrant Officer 1 rank on 30 January 2014. Evan is a former CAP Cadet from the Fox Cities Composite Squadron and attributes his military career endeavors to his experiences as a Cadet. Hunt achieved his private pilot license while a Cadet and became interested to serve his country. Since completing an Engineering degree from Northwestern University, Mr. Hunt’s desire to become an Army aviator grew from his CAP background. He often stated he wanted to do something special for his country to “make a difference” for freedom. He further stated as a result of his CAP training and ethics, it is his goal to challenge himself to achieve the highest effectiveness as an ARMY AVIATOR and OFFICER. It is this challenge that matured out his Civil Air Patrol participa ...
On Friday, 1/31 at approximately 1315 hours, Officer Jake Harrell was piloting a Cessna 210 for the Arkansas Forestry Commission when he encountered bad weather in the area of Mena. Officer Harrell’s aircraft fell-off the radar somewhere in Polk County. Currently, Civil Air Patrol, Arkansas National Guard, and the Forestry Commission aircraft are searching the area. A Command Post has been established by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office. They are sending updates as they become available. Officer Harrell joined the North Little Rock Police Department on 01-02-2012, completed the Police academy at Black River and was one month into his Training program before being deployed to Afghanistan with the Arkansas Air National Guard. During his deployment, he suffered a severe knee injury and has been on extended military medical leave since. Updates will be forwarded as soon as they become available. Please keep the Harrell family in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.
A U.S. Air Force F-16C Fighting Falcon from the New Jersey Air National Guard's 177th Fighter Wing takes off from Atlantic City International Airport, N.J., Jan. 28 during an intercept exercise involving the Civil Air Patrol in preparation for Super Bowl XLVIII. U.S. Air Force assets will be part of a joint team involving the FBI, Customs and Border Protection, Civil Air Patrol and the FAA providing security for the Super Bowl in the air on game day. (U.S. Air National Guard photo by Tech. Sgt. Matt Hecht/Released)
Ralph A. Horn III Obituary Guest Book Be the first to share your memories or express your condolences in the Guest Book for Ralph A. Horn III. View Sign Ralph A. "Bud" Horn III, 36, of Carbondale, died Monday at Mid-Valley Hospital, Blakely. His wife is the former Christine Staples. Born in Carbondale, son of Ralph Jr. and Donna Burdge Horn, he was a member of Holy Trinity Church, Carbondale. Bud was a graduate of Sussex Tech (New Jersey) and was employed by Securitas Security USA, Dunmore. He was a past member of the Civil Air Patrol, an avid gun collector and certified gunsmith, instructor of Kempo and enjoyed camping, car shows and building models. Bud was a fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers and NASCAR's Jimmy Johnson. A student of history who enjoyed visiting Gettysburg, he was a caring individual known as a big teddy bear to family and friends. He held great respect for all those who serve in the military. Also surviving are a brother, Jeffrey, Scranton; a sister, Tammy Netherly, Dickson City; father-in ...
Henry King (January 24, 1886 – June 29, 1982) was an American film director. Before coming to film, King worked as an actor in various repertoire theatres, and first started to take small film roles in 1912. He directed for the first time in 1915, and grew to become one of the most commercially successful Hollywood directors of the 1920s and 1930s. He was twice nominated for the Best Director Oscar. In 1944, he was awarded the first Golden Globe Award for Best Director for his film The Song of Bernadette. He worked most often with Tyrone Power and Gregory Peck and for 20th Century Fox. Henry King was one of the 36 founders of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which awards excellence of cinematic achievements every year. He directed over 100 films in his career. In 1955, King was awarded The George Eastman Award, given by George Eastman House for distinguished contribution to the art of film. During World War II, King served as the deputy commander of the Civil Air Patrol coastal patrol ba ...
UPDATE: The Camden County Sheriff's department are coordinating right now with the Missouri branch of the Civil Air Patrol to conduct aireal surveylence of the area, and further more... The Missouri Highway Patrol are in the air at this very moment!!
@ Thomas, Leclair, and Oso and Action Magazine of Martial Arts The Martial Arts as we know it, is now becoming extinct. People growing up in this generation (kids) do not want to take the time learning a worthwhile endeavor. They would rather stay home playing mindless video games. My son and I joined Civil Air Patrol about 3 weeks ago. There the youth are of a different struture. They are more strutured and want to do something with thier lifes. At the beginning of the session they were thinking of activities they might do for 2014. Subjects such as da bold step (being a newbie and evrything) and fiel suggested a Karate Demonstation. I told them that my Master could show up at a meeting and my school could give a demomsration, teacha few self defense moves, and break boards and stuff. I used my best "Lee Marvin" voice! :) I say this for all the instructore, sirs, sokes, and sifus, etc listening. This might give them an idea. I also plan to take flyers there in January 2014 offering them one or two free . ...
JOHN KENNETH HELTON (October 20, 1942 - July 6, 1967) Johnny Helton was my cousin. (he’ll always be ‘Johnny’ to me) His mom was my dad’s cousin. We lived next door to each other on North 8th Street all the way through grammar school at Northside, middle school at Spalding Jr. High, and then Griffin High. We only separated after high school when our lives took different directions. I went off to school and Johnny joined the Marines in 1963. We were born in the same month, the same year, but I was two weeks older. However, prior to that, we were both in Troop 4, Boy Scouts of America, with the Scoutmaster Dr. W. R. Gilbert. We met every Tuesday evening in the old Methodist Memorial Hall behind the First Methodist Church downtown. We took camping trips together and went to summer camp at Camp Thunder. We were in the Civil Air Patrol together and met at the Griffin Airport once a week. In the early 60s, after high school and before we went our separate ways, we both worked for the Georgia Highw ...
A former Civil Air Patrol cadet, Nathan Secrest, a doctoral candidate in astrophysics wants to inform the Squadron that the following high powered national astronomical conference is to occur here in Washington in January. Interested non-professionals are invited: If you thought January was going to be boring, here is an event to consider! THIS IS THE SUPER BOWL OF ASTRONOMY. AAS 223: A Stimulus Package for Astronomy in the Nation’s Capital Monday, September 30, 2013 - 00:00 If you ask most people what big event occurs in Washington, DC, every four years, they’ll probably say the presidential inaugural. For astronomers, though, the answer is the return of the AAS winter meeting — the “Super Bowl of Astronomy” — to the nation’s capital. Every quadrennial DC meeting seems to set an attendance record, and during the last one in 2010 it became clear that we’d outgrown the Marriott Wardman Park north of Dupont Circle. The 223rd AAS meeting, 5-9 January 2014, will be held in a new venue: the *** ...
TOMORROW 12/14 is the Wreaths Across America Ceremony at the Gridley-Biggs Cemetery! It is a beautiful, moving event as the Civil Air Patrol lay wreaths and honor veterans graves. Please join us. Starts at 9am sharp!
Portage County Democratic Party This Saturday is the annual Wreaths Across America day. Since its inception 10 years ago, its goal has been to honor the men and women in our military that have to spend Christmas away from their families, and pay tribute to those that never made it home for the holidays. There will be over 835 ceremonies, and more than 425,000 fresh wreaths laid at memorial sites and cemeteries worldwide, including Arlington National Cemetery The local event, hosted by Civil Air Patrol, will be held Saturday, Dec. 14, at the Korean War Memorial, staring at 11 am sharp. We are pleased to have State Rep. Shankland and State Sen. Julie Lassa joining us.
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On This Day December 1st is the 335th day of 2013 with 30 days remaining of the year. 1794 - The US Mint releases first half dollars into circulation. 1864 - Raid at Stoneman: Knoxville, Tennessee, to Saltville, Virginia. 1864 - Skirmish at Millen Brutal, Georgia. 1868 - John D Rockefeller begins anti oil war. 1878 - First White House telephone installed. 1936 - Bell Labs tests coaxial cable for TV use. 1938 - School bus and train collide in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. 1941 - US Civil Air Patrol (CAP) organizes. 1955 - In Montgomery, Alabama, Rosa Parks (black) is arrested for refusing to move to the back of the bus. 1958 - In Chicago, Illinois, Our Lady of Angels School burns, killing 92 students and three nuns. 1959 - Twelve nations sign a treaty for scientific peaceful use of Antarctica. 1964 - Martin Luther King speaks to J Edgar Hoover about his slander campaign. 1965 - Airlift of refugees from Cuba to US begins. 1968 - Burt Bacharach's and Hal David's musical Promises Promises opens at Shubert Theate ...
Barry SeaL CBS Columbia Bum Shun juiceheads natural coca bush harvests? Adler Berriman Seal (July 16, 1939 – February 19, 1986), better known as Barry Seal, was a United States drug smuggler and aircraft pilot who flew covert flights for the Central Intelligence Agency and the Medellín Cartel. Seal was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and began flying at the age of 15. In 1955, he received his pilot's license at the age of 16 and joined the Civil Air Patrol (CAP)[citation needed] Military/CIA work[edit] Seal was later linked through a dated photograph to Operation 40, a covert CIA operation.[citation needed] He also joined US Army Special Forces to continue flight training. In 1966, Seal went to work for TWA as a flight engineer and later became the youngest 747 pilot in the nation. He flew transcontinental flights for TWA until he was fired after he agreed to fly plastic explosives from Miami to Mexico for an anti-Castro group. The buyer turned out to be a Federal Agent and he was arrested. He lost his ...
BOCA RATON FL - Cadets from the Civil Air Patrol participated in Boca's Veterans Day events
I have been lucky enough to live, know and work with US Military Service personnel and veterans through the Civil Air Patrol, or at Fort Belvoir, Quantico, or the Pentagon. My life is enriched by people who have been tested in a way I know I never will. Thank you for your service, your example, your leadership, and your friendship!
Marcus Jr. is a Cadet First Class of the Mount Vernon Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, headquartered at Davison Army Airfield, Fort Belvoir, Va. Today he took his first orientation flight in a Piper Cub type airplane. In his most nonchalant voice, he mentioned, as an afterthought,that he flew the plane-- for 45 minutes! I've always wanted to be a pilot and fly fighter planes, but because I'm practically blind the closes I ever got was a coach seat in a 727. Now my son flies a plane at age 13 and its no big deal to him! Well, I'm proud of him.
1. Civil air patrol ( united stated Air Force auxiliary) kinda girl!! And I love it can't wait for the real stuff!!
Ya I'm so joining the civil air patrol:)
When the California Wing Commander of the USAF's Civil Air Patrol sends you a friend request. . . Sorry but no.
Joining Civil Air Patrol would really help me a lot in the future .
Off to go start my aviation career in my first Civil Air Patrol meeting
Today I going to a civil air patrol meeting cuz I'm joining that till I'm 18 then I can enlist
I'm a whole different person when I'm at civil air patrol stuff.
Ew I got a civil air patrol meeting tomorrow again too😫
Maybe I should have became a Civil Air Patrol or AFJROTC cadet rather than a US Naval Sea Cadet Corps cadet.
Finally stepped forward and turned in my application for Civil Air Patrol. GO SQUADRON 3!
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I have a love/hate thing for physical training nights at Civil Air Patrol and I have a feeling I'm not going to enjoy tonight.
My career towards being a helicopter pilot in the Army with the help of the Civil Air Patrol Unit # OH278 starts Wednesday :D
Civil Air Patrol squadron leaves West Houston Airport, looks for new home.
No that is my sister. She is in Civil air patrol. =)
I was Civil Air Patrol for a bit. Your mileage may vary. My unit didn't see much action
Special thanks to the Civil Air Patrol. They signed their group up for Color Guard on our Salute the Troops Night!
It was great to sit down and talk with the La Crosse Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol who are in Madison today...
Laura and Tiki off to Madison! Tiki is going on behalf of Civil Air Patrol to meet State Senators and...
He was a member in the civil air patrol
I'm about to meet some guy who knew Josh from the civil air patrol. I hope this is helpful.❤️ I've felt so alone at Whitney lately.
One of these civil air patrol kids is out here with no cover 😒
Young aviation enthusiasts take flight in Slatington - Allentown Morning Call
You tried to ban JROTC but their are out of school cadet groups like Civil Air Patrol, Sea Cadets, and Young Marines.
I'm going to join the Civil Air Patrol & get my pilots license . My dad being the lieutenant will be a pain though .
Hurt me with the truth but never comfort me with a lie, general for the Texas Wing of the Civil Air Patrol
It should be blue and yellow instead of green. I understand what green is for, but it should be blue because it was his Civil Air Patrol
Hello Cadets!!! My first Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meet went amazing. The Cadets there really like me. The Senior members loved me aswell! 1Lt. sees I am actually really into it and want to jump right in there so he's wavering 1 week meet off the admission, so next Thursday I will officially be a CAP Cadet!!! :D Y'all can't believe how happy and excited I am. Lieutenant even gave me their unit's patch. ~Swisher
Inflight audio and video of me flying with the Civil Air Patrol. I am flying the ILS/DME 14 into Rouge Valley International Medford Airport. We are relocatin...
Watching my son give 100% in school, & right now at civil air patrol. ... it's paying off.. we push our kids to chase their dreams, never give less than 100%, he makes me want to chase mine too! ~ feels great, I'm very proud! !
I need to be fingerprinted on a FBI fingerprint card, FD-258, to join the Civil Air Patrol. Can you guys do that?
IT Is Official Jess Thorpe She got her number for civil air patrol. Good Job Jess .
Hey y'all, tonight is my first Civil Air Patrol (CAP) meeting. I have to attend 3 meetings before I can become a part of CAP. Wish me luck(: Sorry there won't be any post from me tonight in avance, there may be one when I get back home. Depends on how long the meetings last. Also, Color Guard practice went absolutely great! I love seeing the progress of my Cadets learning. That's why I love new Cadets, fresh heads to fill knowledge with! I love being Color Guard Commander ♥ ♥ ♥ I'm super proud of all my Cadets that came to practice today!!! :D ~Swisher
Guys, normally i'm not into advertising, but this is for a great cause. It's called Wreaths Across America. Every time you sponsor a wreath for $15, that wreath gets laid on a fallen soldiers grave by Civil Air Patrol cadets like me. Please donate a wreath to a fallen soldier and his family. Just visit the website and click on sponsor a wreath -Hero
CONGRATULATIONS To the Fighting Falcons of Squadron 10! One of only 22 Cadet, Senior and Composite CAP CAWG Squadrons to be awarded the QCUA! _ QUALITY CADET UNIT AWARDS EARNED BY RECORD 272 September 26, 2013 A record 272 squadron and flights from across Civil Air Patrol have qualified for Quality Cadet Unit Awards this year. That number – the units eligible for the award based on data from Sept. 1, 2012-Aug. 31 – represents an increase of nearly 40 percent over the 196 squadrons qualifying the previous year. Previously, the count was 209 in 2011 and 118 in 2010. Wings with the most Quality Cadet Units this year are: California and Florida – 22 each Michigan – 16 Pennsylvania and Texas – 15 each The Quality Cadet Unit Award is available to any unit displaying strong cadet program fundamentals. It was initiated to motivate squadrons to pursue goals leading to operating a vibrant program. Cadet and composite squadrons and flights with at least 10 cadets automatically earn the award if they met a ...
Cadets of squadron 805 of Civil Air Patrol will be taking to the skies on October 12. If your kids love airplanes, check us out
A funny thing happened on the way to the Hilo Airport as I encountered this lost soul exploring the grassy section before the Civil Air Patrol area. Don't know whether he/she was extremely friendly or just very curious, but it allowed me to get close enough to snap these photos and even wandered toward me with tail wagging, which would suggest the former might be the case.
Inflight video and cockpit audio of me flying a Civil Air Patrol C-182 on an IFR departure from Aurora State...
Civil Air Patrol C-182 IFR clearance and departure from Aurora State Airport (KUAO), Aurora Oregon. KUAO is an uncontrolled airport. This inflight video and ...
Today I have been a member of Civil Air Patrol for 12 Years. Happy Anniversary to me!
Kingwood cadet receives highest Civil Air Patrol honor: It has been called the “Haley’s comet” of personal ach...
Can't wait till tonight gonna go to Civil Air Patrol gonna be getting my uniform soon i hope
The first day of the HD Military Appreciation Group's (MAG) effort to refurbish the Civil Air Patrol Squadron at Fulton County Airport is well under way! In Home Depot fashion, around 50 associates showed up ready to work and are already ahead of schedule. So proud to work for a company with such a big heart. The ambitious project continues over the next two days.
Feature - Freshman receives national award from Civil Air Patrol
This grad is doing so well! Check out this article! Anyone else doing Civil Air Patrol? I have a...
It's a bit easier to spot Cadet 4th Class Sara Fishbein these days: She's the one with a brand new feather in her cap. The Civil Air Patrol recently named Fishbein, a native of Dayton, Ohio, the top CAP cadet in the nation. "I found out during Basic (Cadet Training)," F
How do you juggle speech/debate, Model UN, Civil Air Patrol, YouthGroup, School, and still have fun?. me: doesnt everyone?
Today I slept in. Had three clients yesterday. Today I'll drive to Montgomery,AL to teach an ICISF Suicide course for Civil Air Patrol at their National Headquarters on Maxwell Air Force Base...what a great group of folks! Back home Sunday.
I knew Michelle Humphrey when I was attached to Group IV when I started in CAP. Michelle was a very dedicated and caring individual. I'm truly sadden with this event. God Bless! By Kevin McSparron I all my years of being part of CAP, and most of all as a SQ Commander this is the hardest announcement I have had to make. Over this past weekend, our squadron lost one of our own. Maj. Michelle Humphrey. The following text is what has been released to the Wing Commander. Michelle will always be in our hearts, and she will be deeply missed by all of us. ~WOLFPACK~ On 22nd Sept 2013, Maj Michelle Humphrey passed away in her sleep, and no longer fighting her lupus. Michelle's wishes were to have an "Irish Celebration of Life" in the event of her passing. This celebration will be held on October 5th from 1500-2000hrs, VFW post 8191, 4130 N. US1, Melbourne Florida. (2.2 miles south of the Pineda Causeway. This celebration is a non formal event, and open to ALL that wish to attend. Please RSVP if you wish to cele .. ...
Saw work on tarmac at Hawthorne industrial airport next to civil air patrol building
Finally in Civil Air Patrol!:) This will help me get into the United States Air Force Academy!
It seems some people in Civil Air Patrol are Questioning me being in the Royal Air Force. Well LOK! Now APOLOGIZE! My Royal Air Force Service number is Q8039288 Have fun researching me!!!
Dawson joined Civil Air Patrol and got his uniform today. Our boy is growing up way to fast, we are so proud of you Dawson !
Mt.Augustine Homer Alaska. One of my great flight experiences with Civil Air Patrol
Flying C130 into sunset with Air National Guard. I am proud member of Civil Air Patrol Alaska
Zoning board, football, and Civil Air patrol all to night I need to divide myself in half.
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Awards and decorations of the Civil Air Patrol
Mommy was emailed earlier this week that we are one step closer to me helping out with the Civil Air Patrol! Wahooo!
I love Civil Air Patrol, as a kid and teenager it was the foundation of the principals and leadership skills I learned through it and I still use them today. Not to mention, it gave me a sense of pride and patriotism towards this great country. Thank You Ted Poe for your support
Map training on UTM with Civil Air Patrol and BCSOSAR - good job folks!
Ifelt so good today to show up to civil air patrol on time even though I was asleep until 5 and had a huge headache and had to bike up there
So I have to give a huge shoutout to my "little" brother, Bradley, who not only passed his Wright Brother's test (the test to earn Staff Sergeant in Civil Air Patrol), but also passed it in five fewer times than I did! Way to go, buddy! I owe ya dinner now ;)
This map from FEMA has a wealth of information about the flooding in Colorado, including recent satellite imagery from Digital Globe (image at left) and hundreds of photos of the damage taken by the Civil Air Patrol (green dots). If you have Google Earth, click "more details" and you can open the different datasets in Google Earth, or just go to the "Content" tab and check out all the layers. If you find evidence of damaged oil and gas infrastructure in the map or in CAP photos, please note the location and submit a report to our flood impact map at
another valuable resource is the Civil Air Patrol.
The Fremont Starfire Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol finally has a place to call home. The community is invited to tour their new operations center Saturday during the Fremont County Airport Fly-in/Open House from 7 a.
What a great night at Friendly's fund raiser. Once again our cadets showed what The Civil Air Patrol is about! Respect and integrity. Proud!
My heart bleeds for the Wolfpack Squadron of Civil Air Patrol. They suddenly lost one of their own adult leader, mentor and friend. The pain some of the cadets felt but were strong for others was amazing to watch. My prayers go out to my Wolfpack Family and God bless the Humphreys Family and give them some peace.
Stayed at the airport too long and they managed to make me do civil air patrol again but this time teaching!
Welp.. If I don't have track I'll still have boxing and the civil air patrol.. 😪😒
The Civil Air Patrol ID of Lee Roy Semones (1897-1946) who is the father of Anita Lee Semones Wolf. He died doing what he loved; flying his own airplane.
Going to my first Civil Air Patrol meeting as a member!
October drill: first weekend of October | joint drill with CAP(civil air patrol) (A) PO3 Caughill
Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a Congressionally chartered, federally supported non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF).[5] CAP is a volunteer organization with an aviation-minded membership that includes people from all backgrounds, lif...
At Civil Air Patrol, my name is Nolen, yet everyone and their brother calls me Katie. 😒
The federal government created an agency and reorganizated many U.S. government agencies to form the United States Department of Homeland Security. In the United States, the concept of "Homeland Security" extends and recombines responsibilities of government agencies and entities. According to Homeland Security research, the U.S. federal Homeland Security and Homeland Defense includes 187 federal agencies and departments,[2] including the following: United States National Guard, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the United States Coast Guard, Customs and Border Protection, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the United States Secret Service, the Transportation Security Administration, the 14 agencies that constitute the U.S. intelligence community and Civil Air Patrol. Homeland Security is officially defined by the National Strategy for Homeland Security as "a concerted national effort to prevent terrorist attacks within the United States, r ...
In the late 1930s, more than 150,000 volunteers with a love for aviation argued for an organization to put their planes and flying skills to use in defense of their country. As a result, the Civil Air Patrol was born one week prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Thousands of volunteer mem...
I am now an official member of Civil Air Patrol!! 😆✈
Here is my Civil Air Patrol Ribbon Rack for the past 7 years(started in 2006). You can Google the ribbon name to see what it is and what is involved in being awarded that particular ribbon. I was also promoted to the rank of Major on 17 Aug 2013. I currently serve as Deputy Logistics Transportation Officer with Illinois Wing, Civil Air Patrol which is based out of DuPage Airport.
A big thank you to United States Coast Guard, Alaska State Troopers, Alaska Air National Guard, the Alaska Civil Air Patrol, CAP squadrons.
Local Civil Air Patrol helps with flood relief
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE September 23, 2013 By: Senior Master Sergeant. Rob Carte   JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON, Alaska— The Commander of 11th Air Force, under recommendation by the Alaska Rescue Coordination Center, has suspended search efforts for missing pilot Alan Foster.    The AKRCC has researched and resolved all possible leads and exhaustive search efforts in the area have proven unsuccessful.    197 searchers in 57 aircraft flew 84 sorties and accumulated 279.1 flight hours while searching for Mr. Foster.    Few leads and poor weather in the early days of searching hampered efforts, but eventually the entire search area was saturated with aircraft in an attempt to find the missing pilot.    The RCC would like to commend the efforts of all searchers, both official and good Samaritans, who helped in the effort.   “The tremendous support from Alaska Civil Air Patrol was awe inspiring,” said SMSgt Robert Carte, a senior controller with the 11th Air Force RCC. “Volunteers from CAP f ...
Drew at ccd.. Becca at her first Civil Air Patrol meeting.. What's mommy to do? Oh yeah sit and wait in my taxi to take everyone home! Mondays stink.
depends... Cause I have civil air patrol from 7-9 tomorrow and I have to get ready for that... Where are y'all running
From one of the Special Op's sites I follow. This expresses my disclaimer as well. :) The ideas and opinions expressed by me are mine and mine alone. They do not represent the view of any other author, authority, or non-authority blowhard; any U.S. federal, state, or local government agency or administration; the Department of Defense, the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marines, the Coast Guard, the Civil Air Patrol, any national or state guard unit or organization, any national or state reserve unit, or other military or quasi-military agency of the U.S. or any other country or entity; any sponsor or donor; the Politburo, the pirates of lower Arbat street, the Diet, or any other foreign government, government agency, or administration; any employer or client; any spouse or significant other; any past, present, or future mother-in-law, in-law, out-law, cousin, aunt, uncle, or other relative; any friend, acquaintance, co-worker, or that strange person down at the coffee shop; any supervisor or person . ...
Not usually, just cargo pants and a t-shirt. I do have a flight suit for Civil Air Patrol, though. :)
Friends of CO please help put the word out that the Civil Air Patrol is online now...Thanks Bryce Nelson
Hamilton Collection
Cadets receive awards at Local Civil Air Patrol ceremony -
Sen. Mark Udall talks to civil air patrol before touring Larimer County recovery/donation center in Loveland
EVENT TODAY: Fox Valley Composite Squadron, the local squadron of the Civil Air Patrol, would like to extend a...
Thank you friends and family that showed their support for Aaron and The Shawnee Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol at their car wash/bake sale fundraiser. We had a beautiful day and alot of fun! The cadets worked hard toward their goal to go to The Kennedy Space Center next summer! Thanks once again for all the donations!!
Fun ✈ Day! New post Checked out the Civil Air Patrol event
At Preparedness Expo US Coast Guard remarked how impressed they were with cadets of the Civil Air Patrol and their demeanor. Proud of you!
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Oh he's probably not then, he's like a civil air patrol person then
Jeff Carlson & Tyler Lahnen with the Civil Air Patrol Public Affairs present Manny Soto with the Orlando EOC with...
Had a great time working with Civil Air Patrol at the UCM/Skyhaven Airshow in Warrensburg yesterday.
Civil Air Patrol: Wreckage of Cessna T-50 has been found near Harford in Susquehanna County. Fatalities reported, FAA investigating
Historic Civil Air Patrol PAO course hosted by the FL wing concluded Sunday with over 50 senior and cadet members in attendance.
This is why I hate the Lawrence branch of civil air patrol... Nothing is ever organized. It's show up and hope for the best
Teaching the Civil Air Patrol cadets how to fly. 6 hours of it today!
she lives in Elma, but she might be able to give you a ride on her way when she doesn't have civil air patrol
I had a sister in Civil Air Patrol and she just loved camping. They would camp in areas for the scouts.
Tonight my husband the rev TSGT Robert Phillips resigned his civil air patrol post to take on more ministerial duties God Bless u Sir!
Civil Air Patrol cadets train with Emergency Locator Transmitters: Eleven members of the Scott Composite Squad...
Heads up. Aircraft down in SW Colorado. Civil Air patrol launching on an ELT signal
Civil air patrol launching for ELT from aircraft in SW Colorado
The first CAP Civil Air Patrol meeting of the year will be Wednesday Sept 18 at 4:00 at MCIT. 7-12th graders from LT welcome.
Have to get my hair cut short for Civil Air Patrol. 😟
My family & friends I will thank. Closest I came was 1st SGT of my squadron-Civil Air Patrol- Auxiliary Air Force.
Civil Air Patrol spying on Americans from airplanes in the USA
Lt. Willa B. Brown, the first black woman to receive a officer's commission in the Civil Air Patrol
Remembering an Aviation Legend:. Gill Robb Wilson. 18 Sep 1892 - 8 Sep 1966. Founder of the Civil Air Patrol,...
see I don't dry that feeling because I have a meeting with civil air patrol and I have to do drill
The Civil Air Patrol will have a recruiting day/drive on Saturday September, 21, 2013.
The Civil Air Patrol has been given the gift of a “new”. glider donated by the Air Force Academy in Colorado...
Everyone go to cub foods on cedar& Dodd and Civil Air Patrol will bag your groceries!
The cadets of the PA wing of the Civil Air Patrol got to personally meet the stunt pilots at Lehigh Valley Air Show.
Kind of just signed up for Civil Air Patrol... Lol what
Awesome time at civil air patrol tonight. So happy that I'm the cadet commander.
to his Civil Air Patrol meetings. but I had never really talked to her lol.
Tomorrow is the day our guests arrive from the Civil Air Patrol, early start as collecting them from Humberside @ 09:00
TODD HALE: Civil Air Patrol breakfast expanded to great weekend show in Owatonna
ITEEA member Dan Caron named 2013 Civil Air Patrol Teacher of the Year.
Dylan is off to Civil Air Patrol encampment. So proud of him!
We did it with my Civil Air Patrol squadron. In a 15-passenger van.
Civil Air Patrol. USAF Auxiliary. my parents signed me up for it.
"Honor, indeed." Watching "Taps" on the BIG screen with Civil Air Patrol veterans. Serious stuff. Thanks for a...
Congratulations to Civil Air Patrol Cadet Christopher Opthof!!. I was invited by instructor Lt Riffe to present...
Civil air patrol is the wackiest ROTC group I been in so far
Hawaii Civil Air Patrol receives Disaster Relief and Cadet Programs awards at National Conference.
See you there! I volunteer there every year for a fund rasier for the Civil Air Patrol.
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We got the change to talk with Mr. Don Rowland, Chief Operating Officer for Civil Air Patrol while visiting the...
Camping at the Shelton Fairgrounds with the Civil Air Patrol old-timers. And, yes, Carl is doing phone support.
Marco Island Civil Air Patrol to be honored for Hurricane Sandy response
I had a buddy in Civil Air Patrol, that's cool!
I don't get how people are gonna see the civil air patrol people directing traffic with all their camo gear on
Future Bremont wearers! Cadets of US Civil Air Patrol MA-44 with the Ospreys of Marine Helicopter Squadron One.
Home...time to get ready for the civil air patrol overnighter
On the road to Denver for Civil Air Patrol National Conference.
Politician baffled by call to axe UK Civil Air Patrol
Civil air patrol will just have to wait an extra week 😎
Open House at JCMS! Students hearing about Science Olympiad and Civil Air Patrol as parents meet teachers!
Today's trivia: Which Gages Lake Auto employee is a member of the Civil Air Patrol (Air Force Auxiliary)? Find the answer on our website!
Just spent the last 5 hrs doing pretty much nothing but Civil Air Patrol's amazing how time can fly when you're enjoying yourself
Thank you to the dedicated volunteers of New Hampshire's Civil Air Patrol Wing. Your effort, combined with...
Witness to crash, who happens to be a Civil Air Patrol Pilot, tells me he heard what sounded like engine backfire before crash
And have a cop ROTC and have a recruiting presence with Civil Air Patrol.
Sorry to hear of the passing of long-time Iowa Civil Air Patrol Colonel Ramona Shaver, 86, of Des Moines. Obituary at
we have a group of cadets from the civil air patrol at the Rogers municipal airport who would love to tour your blimp.
woah. Civil Air Patrol cadet? I used to be in it. And a fellow panhead! impressive!
I'm in civil air patrol. Not really a branch
ha dude I'm missing Civil Air Patrol to fight with this kid omg.
Sophie's the name, hating the female uniforms for Civil Air Patrol is the game
Congratulations to Maj Hank Morrissey and Capt Denise Rogers for a job well done. A sincere thank you from INWG...
We have some very special Alumni in the Civil Air Patrol: Eric Boe from Georgia Air Force colonel, test pilot, and astronaut. Piloted the Space Shuttle Endeavor(STS-126) and on its final mission, Discovery (STS-133). Spaatz Award recipient Kim Campbell from California USAF Academy cadet wing commander and Marshall Scholar. After a successful mission over Iraq, her A-10 received heavy battle damage but she made an amazing and heroic landing. Wayne Fisk from Alaska Declined USAF Academy appointment to care for terminally ill mom. Legendary Pararescueman and recipient of two Silver Stars for gallantry in action and over 80 other medals. Shawna Rochelle Kimbrell from Colorado The Air Force’s first black female fighter pilot. Over 170 combat hours in the Falcon. Air Force Academy graduate. “I was never apprehensive about pursuing my dream.” Nicole Malachowski from Nevada First female Thunderbird pilot. As White House fellow, helped the WWII-era Womens’ Airforce Service Pilots (WASPS) be recognized wit ...
PLEASE PRAY: My son Civil Air Patrol Cadet / Lt. Colonel Jordan Rosa will be testing for Cadet/ Colonel in Ormond Beach, FL on Saturday. This testing will be four to five hours followed by a rigorous physical training part of the testing. Only .5 of 1% of all cadets who have gone through Civil Air Patrol since its inception make Colonel and the prestigious General Carl Spaatz Award. He has worked hard and this is a cumulative examination of the aerospace and leadership training manuals. Please pray for safe travel tomorrow night to Daytona Beach, Florida across the treacherous I-4 Interstate Highway and for him to pass the rigorous testing on Saturday. He is only allowed to test three times. His testing officers are unbiased Senior Members from another squadron. Joyce and I are so proud of our son.
In what has become a proud tradition, the Civil Air Patrol of Van Nuys presented the American flag.
Hancock County, Maine, Emergency Management Agency F-15 Fighter Jets from the 104th Fighter Wing in Westfield MA are scheduled to participate in an Alert exercise on Jun 20, 2013. The practice scramble maneuvers are anticipated from approximately 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. These events will include closely coordinated intercept tactics, with civil operated aircraft over many regions of Northern Mass, New Hampshire and Maine. F-15 fighter jets will be conducting training with the Civil Air Patrol, which will be flying a low-speed civilian propeller aircraft (GA-8). This exercise, in partnership with the Eastern Air Defense Sector (EADS), and is conducted to facilitate training for alert pilots on intercept procedures, ensuring the Massachusetts Air National Guard is prepared to defend the Northeast airspace against any airborne threat. These exercises are carefully planned, closely controlled and include exercising airspace restriction violations, hijackings and responding to unknown aircraft. Communities in foll ...
Civil Air Patrol has many national cadet special activities, One such NCSA ia the AMMA, The Aircraft Manufacturing and Maintenance academy, held every year in Independence, Kansas at Cessna Aircraft's assembly plant for Cessna Single engine piston and Jet (Mustang) Aircraft. Cessna employees show the CAP cadets how to hang engines, wings buck rivets, seal and work upholstery on the interiors of our Cessna Aircraft. Several cadets at last years AMMA indicated the seat work was their favorite activity, second to bucking rivets in aluminium sheet. AMMA also hosts briefings from Northrop Grumman, Lockheed and Delta airlines on careers they have to offer people who look for work with them. At the end of the week, if available and time permits, they will fly in a new Cessna aircraft at the end of the activity. Independence Community College hosts the AMMA with a dormitory and food services, which many of the attendees say are excellent. Off duty activities include games and mini golf at the city park. The AMMA ...
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