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Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a Congressionally chartered, federally supported, non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF).

Congressional Gold Medal Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Air Force Capitol Hill United States Air Force Van Horn Old Town

I just finished sewing up kurtis's Civil Air Patrol patch on - looks good!
Civil Air Patrol honors cadet; and more news from clubs and organizations - Sherman Denison Herald Democrat
Are you a CAP member? Has being a part of Civil Air Patrol had a positive impact on your life or help decide your...
NERRecruiting: Can people find your unit? - Civil Air Patrol.
Calling all Pilots and Aviation Enthusiasts!. For 75 years, Civil Air Patrol volunteer pilots have flown...
I'm pleased to announce that Civil Air Patrol - Great Lakes Region has released the Region 'Of The Year Award'...
What a joy to see formerstudents Civil Air Patrol Cadets. Three are now honor roll students at
In recognition of not only the Florida Wing, Civil Air Patrol (U.S. Air Force Auxiliary) role in ensuring SUN 'n... htt…
Live at 1015 EST today! . Our Civil Air Patrol national commander and the Florida Wing, Civil Air Patrol (U.S. https…
Civil Air Patrol Cadet Programs' Wright Brothers, Gen. Billy Mitchell and Amelia Earhart milestone tests are now... htt…
Civil Air Patrol’s Aerospace Education Department has just proudly announced record numbers for the ACE...
Check out this great story about one of our longtime Civil Air Patrol members, Col. George Boyd. He is a retired... htt…
Civil Air Patrol conducts 90 percent of inland search and rescue in the U.S. as tasked by
Civil Air Patrol posing with our partners at Nellis Air Force Base, NV.
duty by Civil Air Patrol to prepare for Super Bowl 50!
The GA-8 at Peoria for joint operations Civil Air Patrol and 182nd Airlift Wing
Civil Air Patrol Squadron team prep for competition.
Congratulations to the Civil Air Patrol Colorado Spring Cadet Squadron's team for placing third nationally in the...
Mistakes make me me but I wish I did SAR Academy or PJ for Civil Air Patrol.
Chemist/waitress/part-time model/civil air patrol captain Debbie Wanner will win 34 and justice will be served.
AE108 got to visit with some of the fine young members of the Kentucky Civil Air Patrol on Saturday at Barkley...
Congratulations to former Northshore Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol Cadet Scott Diddams and his team mates...
My honor 2 present Certificate of Appreciation 2 COL Crawford of NC Civil Air Patrol 4 top notch support of NCEM.
Something in Civil Air Patrol for all ages at Winter West:
In order to reduce the federal budget, Mitch McConnell claims, we should get rid of the Civil Air Patrol
Capt Stewart Smith, Commander of the Composite Civil Air Patrol and Capt Haskell, Deputy Commander provided an...
HC121 [NEW] Civil Air Patrol; recognize and commend observance of its 75th anniversary.
"Sporty" weather, bumpy ride, happy landing. Thanks to Norman for the mini lesson. Great team at Civil Air Patrol. https…
Civil Air Patrol ready to soar with new - Helena Independent Record
I fly for Civil Air Patrol ATM, but I want to fly for Delta.
Some words of wisdom from a Tuskegee Airman and fellow Civil Air Patrol volunteer.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
A great big THANK YOU to Group 1, Civil Air Patrol for using our airport. We hope they found our accommodations...
Your teen can leader leadership, aviation, and flight with the Air Forces Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol. . Meet up...
Civil Air Patrol is the best kept secret, youth leadership program. Membership Night at t…
Thanks to for chatting at the LA Air Show about the Civil Air Patrol and all we do in CA and the nation.
LIVE on A day with Civil Air patrol
LIVE on A day out with Civil Air Patrol
The sky is truly no limit for the Civil Air Patrol's cadets!
Cleveland’s Civil Air Patrol Lakefront Thunderbirds Composite Squadron is proud to host Coach Derick Polk for an...
Registration is OPEN for . the 2016 Civil Air Patrol Pennsylvania Wing Conference and Awards Banquet . 20 - 22 May...
Interested in powered and glider flying? Join Civil Air Patrol!
Texas Wing members are over areas flooded by recent rains to *** damage: Check TFR!
Check out this video highlighting Civil Air Patrol by the 27th Special Operations Wing, Cannon Air Force Base N.M.
The South Dakota Civil Air Patrol has added to its fleet with a new 182 Skylane - Greenfield Daily..
South Dakota Civil Air Patrol adds new 182 to fleet - Hastings Tribune
Occupational analysis chief’s team wins Civil Air Patrol flight event;
Civil Air Patrol, it's an auxiliary branch of the Air Force, and my writer's friend loves to do drills and PT day
Airplane reported missing by Civil Air Patrol near Van Horn landed safely last night at private airfield in Van Horn, everyone safe.
If you're living in the Van Horn area and have noticed a low flying plane or any explosions, Civil Air Patrol...
. You go girl!. The sky's the limit. My son served in Civil Air Patrol for 4 years. Here's a summer session.
CAP Congressional Medal for Civil Air Patrol veterans of WWII received by Squadron cadet Sloane Liput's grandfather.
Mount Pocono members compete in showcase
Have you ever wanted to find out more about Catch the of Thurs 3/24 
Anyone in the Civil Air Patrol? Check your county, Brevard has one :)
Civil Air Patrol has something for all ages. Thank you for the great article Flying Magazine.
Excellent aerial images from last week Thanks to the Civil Air Patrol for sharing the images. https:/…
My Civil Air Patrol squadron's Subordinate Unit Inspection starts Saturday at 1000. I've got the troops assembled...
Aviation friends: . I'm looking for old fuselage, wings, and wheels for our Civil Air Patrol squadron. (They use...
In Alaska the have a wide variety of aircraft, including float planes of… https:…
Going to fly a Cessna 182 Civil Air Patrol aircraft from Centennial to Rocky Mountain airport (Broomfield CO) to take a fellow pilot home
Mayor and Vice Mayor with the Civil Air Patrol at the FXE Safety Expo
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Robert Blythe, Engineering Manager led Civil Air Patrol students to 1st Place in the Gold Division
Congressional medals given to Civil Air Patrol members: .
Shawnee Composite Squadron, Civil Air Patrol banquet and change of command ceremony
Senior Christian Chorbajian is a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Last summer, he attended National…
CIA drug pilot Barry Seal came out of the Civil Air Patrol. Same beginnings as CIA patsy for JFK assass- Lee Harvey Oswald
LTC Rob McCartney talks about careers and prepares our students for Civil Air Patrol enrichment class.
The Dispatch - Civil Air Patrol and Shawnee CERT practice search and rescue at Shawnee Mission Park
Ladies and gentleman, in proud support of our friends of the Civil Air Patrol, and United States Air Force, I am...
I was curious of you had thought about Civil Air Patrol. The flight training is free.
Please vote for Civil Air Patrol to receive a $10,000 grant from .
Listen how Rod Rakic joined the Civil Cadet Air Patrol program to fulfill his dreams of flying on the 16th ep
VIDEO: Col. Mike Tyynismaa on the inclusion of Civil Air Patrol in the Total Force.
with the Civil Air Patrol The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is the civi...
Ian with the flag and leaders of the Civil Air Patrol for this evening's award ceremony.
"Possibly wrong /r/ to post this in, but need help as new IT officer in a Civil Air patrol squadron" via /r/sysadm…
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Civil Air Patrol -- official member of the U.S. Air Force -- Total Force
Civil Air Patrol is one of this country's best volunteer organizations- and so many people don't know it even exists
From the Secretary of the Air Force Deborah Lee James welcoming Michigan Wing - Civil Air Patrol to the
Proud to be included in USAF Total Force. Civil Air Patrol: serving our communities, state & nation. Semper vigilans
Joining the Civil Air Patrol further honed flying skills. Listen to ep 16 with Rod Rakic on iTunes
gives back to the aviation community by doing civic service under the Civil Air Patrol. Listen on stitcher!
Congrats to C4C Jakeman, recognized as the top Civil Air Patrol cadet in the U.S!.
ICYMI: my visit with the Livonia squadron of the Civil Air Patrol last week:
And Civil Air Patrol: Nearly Free: $67/year. Kids can become pilots, free. Adults can become master technician
Had the pleasure of presenting my brother his award for achieving the officer rank in Civil Air Patrol.
It was great to speak with and experience the Civil Air Patrol's Livonia squadron last week:
Ready to serve: Civil Air Patrol cadets flourish in Livonia via
2015 Civil Air Patrol Glider Academy Cadets at Farmers Pride in June Make Soaring Magazine Today!!. feel free to...
Civil Air Patrol cadet makes 1st flight -
Awesome submitted shot of Mansfield C-130H Hercules with the Civil Air Patrol training exercise in Alpena,...
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Busy training Civil Air Patrol how to be balloon crew for
When you find out that Civil Air patrol program is under the Air Force's total force. 💪👌👏
Proud that is getting the incorporation we deserve! >>
My son attaining the rank of Sergeant in the Air Force Civil Air Patrol. I'm so proud of him.
Here are photos of Civil Air Patrol as part of the United States Air Force
The staff is leaving Tampa shortly to visit the Civil Air Patrol's National Meeting at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Orlando, Fla. '
I got back from the Civil Air Patrol's Hawk Mountain Ranger School yesterday. For nine days, me and…
Congratulations to my oldest daughter who will be recognized as obtaining the rank of Cadet Master Sergeant for Civil Air Patrol.
Always Prepared! Air National Guard and Civil Air Patrol team up for Water Survival Training!
Last night, I was honored to present the Congressional Gold Medal to Colonel Johnnie Pantanelli for her service in the NY Civil Air Patrol
The Texas State Guard is not the National Guard. It's more like the Civil Air Patrol. It makes a different story.
1941-45: Willa B. Brown, first woman to receive commission as a lieutenant in US Civil Air Patrol.
Our SCANG F-16s will be working with the Civil Air Patrol today flying over parts of Newberry, Greenwood and...
Please follow 4 updates on stories of Civil Air Patrol search and rescue & in the
Gov. Maggie Hassan to speak at Congressional Gold Medal award at NH Civil Air Patrol, Londonderry Sat. at 2.
A Hahira man was recently awarded a bronze medal for his service to the Civil Air Patrol during World War II.
Listening to fmr Congressman Lester L. Wolff @ the Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony in honor of the Civil Air Patrol
Under the cover of darkness, Prince William Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol cadets, senior and sponsor members departed the CAP Operations Trailer at Manassas Airport and various locations within Fairfax and Prince William counties at 4:30 a.m. to rally at Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall to suppo…
Leaders of the U.S. House and Senate held a Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony today honoring the WWII members of the Civil Air Patrol. Senator McConnell deli...
CHARLES ROBERTS LA JUNTA HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1957 As I approached the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, D.C., I had no idea as to the depth of the Memorial. The gentle walking slope gave me no clue as to what I was about to descend into. My immediate reaction was to the sincere simplicity as I looked at the stark black marble panels with names etched into them. The slope took me from knee level to a point where I could hardly focus on the names at the top of the panels. As I walked in and through the Memorial, I casually looked for the name of my classmate. There were others there too who seemed to be casually looking for names, while others had found the name or names and were touching them. In one case, a man who appeared to be six feet tall was reaching as far as he could with a piece of paper and was vigorously scrubbing with a pencil to etch the name of his loved one. As he scrubbed the paper to lift the name, I noticed a lady, who must have been his daughter, sharpening pencils with a penknife ...
the honkers in China and the PLA do it then I agree we need to do the same, similar to civil air patrol. Hackers United..
Amherst native who learned to fly in Northampton during WW II given Congressional medal: .
The Congressional Gold Medal was presented to Jayne Pace '43 for her service in the Civil Air Patrol during WWII.
Last night our grandson Eric received the General Billy Mitchell Award by the civil air patrol. General Billy...
Pick up a PUG for a raid in LFG. Start talking. Turns out we've met before, almost a decade ago at a Civil Air Patrol event.
Auxiliary and Civil Air Patrol graduates of National Search and Rescue School, Governors Island, NY, 1972. USCG...
What can a Civil Air Patrol cadet do? an airplane. Rappel. Participate in ground search teams. And more...
Rev. Jill Paulson honors grandfather's legacy in the Civil Air Patrol -
Docent Spotlight: Larry Harris . Larry Harris is a veteran who was a part of the Civil Air Patrol during WWII.
The Civil Air Patrol helped pack up over 700 sack lunches to go out to recipients over the holiday!…
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tribute to Col. Mary Feik of the Civil Air Patrol, who is this year's inductee into the First Flight Society's...
Btw I am joning the civil air patrol
This flu is a bummer. Missing my son ranking up at Civil Air Patrol tonight. I'm at home on the sofa watching...
Boca Raton man receives highest congressional award for service in Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol must reinvigorate its brand by connecting people to the reason why we do what we do.
When I learn how to fly an airplane at school in Civil Air Patrol ) my mother might have a heart attack. (don't think she trust me flying)
There is still civilian Civil Air Patrol. They perform SARS & medical runs etc. You sound as if we're gone.
Follow up to my comment on Tue vlog - here is a rocket we do with our Civil Air Patrol cadets.
SDWG members: Please go to to sign up to attend the 3d Annual SD CAP Day at Legislature 11 Feb 2015.
Fancy becoming a Treasurer? UK Civil Air Patrol are looking for volunteers
Honors for Civil Air Patrol are long overdue, by Sunoco Inc. & SXL comms manager Jeff Shields: http:/…
My handsome son, Zach, at Civil Air Patrol tonight in Nashville, TN! divers98
Civil Air Patrol told me while pulling debris out of lake 20 Jr. Kennedy clones lined up with gag clothes to replace him!
Unsung Civil Air Patrol heroes of WWII honored in New Berlin:
The design of the Civil Air Patrol medal is exemplary of the aircrew’s heroism.
Congress: I'm here with Lt. Shepard of the Civil Air Patrol and his mother this weekend at...
Transportation wins wars, and hearts.
The Civil Air Patrol organization receives a Congressional Gold Medal for its valiant service in
World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) were…
Local Civil Air Patrol had much to celebrate in 2014 - Clarksville Leaf Chronicle
WREATHS ACROSS AMERICA Please plan to join the organization for the Remembrance Ceremony on Saturday, December 13th at Cedarlawn Memorial Park in Sherman. The ceremony will begin at 11am. This event is open to all, and we would especially like to invite all local veterans and their families to attend. {{Wreaths Across America (WAA) is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to remember and honor the sacrifices of all veterans and their families. This is done through placing evergreen wreaths on veteran’s graves in a ceremony held each December. Working with Civil Air Patrol and other partners, WAA places hundreds of thousands of wreaths on graves at several hundred cemeteries across the country including Arlington National Cemetery, and at 24 overseas cemeteries including Normandy Beach, France. Each year, squadron members take orders from individuals, families, and businesses to sponsor wreaths. Sponsorships are $15 per wreath, and all sponsored wreaths will be placed on veteran’s graves at Cedarla ...
The Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony honoring the Civil Air Patrol and its WWII members is available on YouTube.
Photos from today's Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony at the U.S. Capitol honoring Civil Air Patrol for its...
Civil Air Patrol gets the Congressional Gold Medal at 3 p.m. Family of Richard Yuengling Sr., expected to attend Capitol Hill ceremony.
Skip is in town for the Civil Air Patrol's Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony, which will be live starting at 3 EDT
OPINION: Should President Obama make climate deals on his own?:
Another great day at KFWS supporting Cadet Orientation flights with the Civil Air Patrol
Civil Air Patrol to be awarded Congressional Gold Medal - MyCentralJersey.comCivil Air ...
I was dropping off my 13-year-old at the airport this morning for a flight with his Civil Air Patrol group. I...
when he's older should def have him do Civil Air Patrol. Can't he do cub scouts now?
World War II vet Gib Russell will be in Washington this week when Civil Air Patrol receives Congressional Gold Medal.
A beautiful day for flying in the Civil Air Patrol @ Castle Air Force Base
Serving a nation: Three who served in Civil Air Patrol receive posthumous honor
Civil Air Patrol will receive Congressional Gold Medal, and Gib Russell will ... - Salisbury Post: Salisbury P...
Students, parents learn about Civil Air Patrol squadron
Students, parents learn about Civil Air Patrol squadron -
To whom do I complain about a Civil Air Patrol flight operating in a careless and reckless manner?
Civil Air Patrol moves to Chatham, hands out awards at
At 17, Gib Russell looked for German U-boats from the air. I'll have a story on Civil Air Patrol's long overdue Congressional Gold Medal.
Gib Russell flew for the Civil Air Patrol, looking for German subs. He will be in D.C. this week when CAP receives Congressional Gold Medal.
Photo: todaysdocument: December 1 is Civil Air Patrol Day "Civil Air Patrol - Eyes of the Home Skies", 1941...
Head Elf and Civil Air Patrol Cadet Cassidy is waiting at the nose of the A-10 to check in good kids before Santa...
Civil Air Patrol turned 73 on Monday and the WWII vets will be honored on Dec 10.
Andrew and his civil air patrol squadron off to MacDill to take their C-17 flight to Charleston SC for the...
A late aviation pioneer from Leo will soon receive a Congressional Gold Medal for her work with the Civil Air Patrol:
Breast Cancer Awareness
Civil Air Patrol cadet from Auburn earns top award - Auburn Reporter
Civil Air Patrol, born in N.J., to get Congressional Gold Medal for WWII service
Had a great time at the Eglin Composite Squadron 423 Civil Air Patrol holiday social last night and also...
The civil air patrol is so cool😍 I'd encourage anyone thinking about a career in the military to join!!
My son is truly growing up. Civil air patrol!
Either this guy at Candlelight is looking for overheated singers, or he's on the Civil Air Patrol.
TIL that Civil Air Patrol pilots who were forced to ditch in the sea on anti-sub patrol missions during WWII earned…
Local Civil Air Patrol Squadron moves to new Chatham H.S. location: The newly re-named Bud Jackson Composite…
Civil Air Patrol Congressional Gold Medal presentation set for Dec. 10 on Capitol Hill:
Assorted images from the Civil Air Patrol's World War II experience set to music. Tunes included are: - James Horner's main theme from "The Rocketeer" - John...
Curious about the Civil Air Patrol? What do we do? What did we do? The video illustrates what the Civil Air Patrol is: a group of educators, aircrews, and ground crews serving their country since 1941.
From Our Group Commander, Maj Don Ells: While we spend time to reflect and give thanks on this Thanksgiving Day. I want to thank each and every one of you for your service in the Civil Air Patrol. Your dedication and spirit of volunteerism is unwavering and for that I thank you. I hope you all enjoy this wonderful day with your friends and family.
Serving dinner to does that has no thanksgiving dinner with the civil air patrol Texas state guard…
...and Civil Air Patrol and all SQUARE DANCER's worldwide!
Would you trust a civilian Air Force? Do you want the Civil Air Patrol guarding our nation's borders?
on this rope and over Thanksgiving holiday. helpers from CAp (Civil Air Patrol) construct me a convex stru
Look up DH Byrd, owner of book depository and co-founder of the civil air patrol. David Ferrie and Oswald were members.
CAP to be awarded Congressional Gold Medal Dec. 10: On Dec. 10, the Civil Air Patrol will ...
Saluting our WWII volunteers. Civil Air Patrol Check the Maryland Wing YouTube page for a video...
Reading: Senator Harkin and Congressman McCaul to Present the Congressional Gold Medal to the Civil Air Patro
UK Civil Air Patrol are looking for volunteers! To become a Treasurer visit
Well just got my badges and field jacket for civil air patrol .
A big shout out to my son Matt, promoted to Captain in the Civil Air Patrol. He is is now in the top 5% of cadets in the US. Proud of you!
Met with Civil Air Patrol tonight. I am so grateful for this opportunity to work with them.
Just flew back from KPWM just passed my Form 5 check ride for Civil air patrol and orientation pilot!
Saluting our World War II Civil Air Patrol volunteers! . Go to to learn more.
CAP eServices News: Civil Air Patrol to be Awarded Congressional Gold Medal: Civil Air Patrol to be Awarded Co...
Gold Medal ceremony honoring members will take place on 12/10
Elida High School's Student Council was approached by a sophomore student who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol...
Pine 1 is up in the air with the Civil Air Patrol learning about aerial missions in Montgomery, AL!
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The Civil Air Patrol visited AVID today shared lots of great opportunities too.
Good conversations on the way home from Madison about staffing, Civil Air Patrol issues, and broadband access in...
On December 13, Cadets of the Anderson Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol will be honoring the brave men...
Surviving Civil Air Patrol originals overwhelmed with honor of Congressional Gold Medal via
Navigating Life - Civil Air Patrol teaches life lessons through aviation - See more at:
Congratulations Taryn! - You Made Civil Air Patrol Records!. Taryn is the first person to ever enter as a basic...
Search launched for airplane missing in southwestern Colorado: The Colorado Civil Air Patrol i...
Fly for free with Tahoe-Truckee’s Civil Air Patrol cadets: . TRUCKEE, Calif. — A...
just submitted paperwork to join the Civil Air Patrol.
So, kinda a big deal I'm moving up to airman rank in Civil Air Patrol.
Civil Air Patrol highlights stories of WWII volunteers - AOPA
Not allowed to do lacrosse or civil air patrol.Being forced to wrestle.Tired of my dad.Wish he was out of my life. 😒😔
Zachary Norris earned his first rank as Cadet Airman in the Civil Air Patrol. . Jesse Norris should have his the...
I'm getting pinned tomorrow night for Civil Air Patrol. I will be a Cadet Tech. Sargeant.
I learn a lot about myself in civil air patrol.
Going to have to get back in shape for my PT tests. I'm coming back to Civil Air Patrol!
There are 3 primary missions for the Civil Air Patrol: cadet programs, aerospace education, and emergency services.
Not to be outdone by the excitement of yesterday, today you can join the Civil Air Patrol for their Open...
"For example, the port was allowing the Civil Air Patrol to occupy a building for no rent at all and was charging...
Incredibly proud - My entire search team consisting of 3 Civil Air Patrol cadets and I just spent the...
we value our strong partnership with the Civil Air Patrol! Great work together in emergencies.
with Civil Air Patrol partners Col Heath and Maj Shapiro at Brainard Field in Hartford
Friendly reminder that Mary was also a pilot and joined the Civil Air Patrol.
Observation: most cadets getting dropped off for Squadron Fun Night at the Civil Air Patrol building have parents that drive mini vans.
There's some great insight from our new Civil Air Patrol national commander on this recorded interview by...
Members of Wright Patterson Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron will hold an informal meet and greet event tonight.
By Northern Plains News. Members of the Civil Air Patrol’s South Dakota Wing will again place holiday wreaths...
As Salaamu Alaikum and good Friday morning everyone!. Last night was Civil Air Patrol night for my son. Our new...
CPR class & certification with the Civil Air Patrol . Now the entire family's certified!
Mahalo Mrs. Kawamura for this great pic of President Martin with our Civil Air Patrol cadets at our Veteran's Day...
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Mahalo to Civil Air Patrol Squadron for participation in Veterans Prayer Service today!
Civil Air Patrol to hold meet and greet
Bowling Green man honored for Civil Air Patrol rescue activities -...
NYC Veterans Day Parade Civil Air Patrol Marching for our past and present Vets.
Chincoteague senior Lindsey is Civil Air Patrol leader via
I've never been in the military, but as someone in Civil Air Patrol, I've always had great respect those who serve in the military branches.
I'm so happy with where I've gotten so far since the 2012-2013 year. I was in a bad place then, so each birthday is an added victory. I never thought I'd see twenty. *** I never thought I'd get past fifteen, after my family split up and my only friend was forced out of my life. I was alone, I was bitter, I was not who I wanted to be, and I was scared. Civil Air Patrol saved my life. It gave me friends, family, and a purpose. It taught me how to lead, how strong I could be, and how to be brave. I'd be dead for sure if I had never joined. I enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2012 and was honorably discharged under medical in the summer of 2013, something that makes me feel shame every time it gets mentioned or I see another Soldier. I thought enlisting would make me brave and strong; a hero. I was very wrong. I fell apart. I didn't leave my bed for months. I failed out of Eastern and I lost my family in CAP in a matter of months. Five years of slaving away gone almost immediately. I lost my full ride .. ...
Civil Air Patrol to Fly in Remembrance of 9/11 & War on Terror:
At the airfield for our first Civil Air Patrol meeting of the year. Loved watching the youth of our…
"Civil Air Patrol to fly in remembrance of victims of 9/11 and War on Terror :: The Fallbrook Village News" good read
...Admissions briefing to outstanding Civil Air Patrol cadets, here in St. Louis!
I earned the General Charles Chuck Yeager Aerospace Education Award in the USAF Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.
Join on 9/13 for the opening of the new Civil Air Patrol exhibit!
MI partnered with the Civil Air Patrol to deliver countermeasures to the UP when roads were impassable.
The Civil Air Patrol Aircrew emblem is now available on the leather patches and embroidered golf shirts!
Want to help?! Volunteer with the Medical Corps, Civil Air Patrol or Community Emergency Response Team. More info
Have my uniforms for Civil Air Patrol. I'll be officially enrolled this week!!! :D WOH
I got home from Civil Air Patrol just now. Its a 4 hour thing :/
Civil Air Patrol and Arnold Air Society to sign historic agreement.
From the Archives Civil Air Patrol celebrates 70th anniversary with honoring its unsung heroes
should've called Civil Air Patrol...18 hours or your money back
I'm joining civil air patrol I was thinking of joining the Airforce when I'm older.
Civil Air Patrol veteran to be honored with Congressional Gold Medal
Civil Air Patrol squadron is participating in the "Be Ready Manoa" Disaster Preparedness Fair!
Civil Air Patrol Brothers Honored with Spaatz Award - A Hilton Head Island family is celebrating its two sons toni...
CONGRATULATIONS go out to (our) Chaplain Jeff Brooks, who is now a Major in the Civil Air Patrol! We wish you...
There were a lot of civil air patrol's aircrafts. They were so cool!!
On Aug. 23rd, our Civil Air Patrol NCR-IA-129 Composite Squadron provided crowd support (Parade Patrol) to the...
Thank you to everyone who came out to run today to support Lunken Civil Air Patrol squadron 078 and the Fisher house. Gr8 day
Learn to lead, fly, search and rescue and more @ CIVIL AIR PATROL
Plants and Rummage sale at Civil Air Patrol (near Hilo Airport)
Hello! The U.S. equivalent to the UK's Air Cadets is called 'Civil Air Patrol'. Thank you for the autographed picture today!
CAP Search and Rescue Exercise This Weekend: The Civil Air Patrol with gather in Gillette along with members of...
NATCAPWG Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Course is well underway! — at National Capital Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Playing Air Operations Branch Director at a Civil Air Patrol/WSDOT flight training exercise.
The Civil Air Patrol guys out of Brainderd have a really nice 182. I might consider joining.
You know you're in Civil Air Patrol when you call you're teacher first sergeant.
For as long as there has been a Civil Air Patrol, Thomas O'Connor has been a member. Now he's getting recognition.
But Thursday I'm wearing my Civil Air Patrol blues uniform like I did last year.
It's official! I am now the National Marketing and Social Media Officer for Civil Air Patrol. It is another volunteer job. ;-)
Civil Air Patrol cadet struck by car dies:
A group of Civil Air Patrol Cadets put their engineering skills to the test during a class Tuesday night. Find out more at 6
The Civil Air Patrol is alerting people their little Cessna 172 is doing training exercises here. Wonder what *** thought it was a UFO?
Tell me what you think about the letter I sent to a former seal. "THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY" Good evening Mr. Rutherford. My name is Matthew Hoffman. How are you today sir? I'd like to just say something it's quite long but you'll understand. First I'd like to say thank you sir for serving our country and your an inspiration to me, and here's why. Through out my yrs of wanting to join the military since the age of 17 I've been trying to pass the ASVAB so much. In fact I took the EAST like forty four times, and the real one like five times but I knew about the deal about only having three test before two years. So I've been going at this up til last month. I applied for the naval academy back in January because I was so mad some people I know and I wanted out of my life, I want to grow up and take on new challenges. So I went ahead and applied and by a miracle they wrote back last month with an exciting letter stating that I am an official candidate of the class of 2019. Once I got that letter and th ...
Rome man named new commander of Civil Air Patrol wing - The Rome Observer
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Cadets get flying - and life - lessons with Redmond Civil Air Patrol squadron: On July 1, 1946, President Harry...
Photojournalist and I had a blast @ Civil Air Patrol in Old Town as cadets took flight for the 1st time!
Civil Air Patrol cadets, some as young as 16, took flight in Old Town today for the first time, and we got to watch! Tonight on
Civil Air Patrol Cadets will be seeking wreath donations
dear chimaela, civil air patrol is for the Air Force. I was in it fit almost 3 years. You are welcome for the knowledge
Joined Civil Air Patrol when I was a little kid, quit when the CO said "We don't do PT because it makes some kids feel bad..."
WWII homefront: Before the navy took over patrols, the Civil Air Patrol found 173 U-boats, 363 wreck survivors, and 91 ships in distress.
it's called civil air patrol it's an AirForce aux
You guys should come to the Oxford Parade on Friday and watch Civil Air Patrol march. . (I'll be in it!)
So I'm thinking of starting a Civil Air Patrol Composite unit in Ada. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
Blessings and prayers to the family and friends of Col. Glen Atwell of Civil Air Patrol
Did you know has a Civil Air Patrol? Read our profile here:
And I found out how I can give back to my community and serve my country as a civilian. I'm thinking of joining the Civil Air Patrol.
Great day today flying! Flew over the Rotary Kaw River canoe trip and took pictures. Then had the form 91 checkride for Civil Air Patrol.
My Dad suggested I join the Civil Air Patrol when I was 12 and I am sure glad I didn't spend life without that...
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16 of my cadets in the Civil Air Patrol completed Encampment and national activity
I was a Civil Air Patrol cadet in high school. My cadet commander was my influence. We are still friends 40 years later.
Looking for official Michigan Wing - Civil Air Patrol photos. Visit the MIWG Photography page at...
Civil Air Patrol flight simulator in kids row. It's free!
Spending the morning watching my dad and his civil air patrol crew fly gliders.
Said goodbye to my little "warrior" Tiki, who is off to Civil Air Patrol Encampment at Volk Field for a week! My...
I have civil air patrol in like 6 hours.
"Civil Air Patrol Today" 's radio program is on location at Tri-Wing Encampment - Listen in!
Col. Larry Myrick of San Luis Obispo, CA has been confirmed as Civil Air Patrol’s next national vice commander by the organization’s BOG.
Hi to our first follower from the Civil Air Patrol, USA :) thanks guys. Hope you enjoy our adventures, as we enjoy yours!
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