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Civil Air Patrol

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is a Congressionally chartered, federally supported, non-profit corporation that serves as the official civilian auxiliary of the United States Air Force (USAF).

Congressional Gold Medal Federal Aviation Administration United States Capitol Hill Flag Day Old Town Volunteer Service Senator Harkin Las Vegas National Conference Marine Corps

Elida High School's Student Council was approached by a sophomore student who is a member of the Civil Air Patrol...
Pine 1 is up in the air with the Civil Air Patrol learning about aerial missions in Montgomery, AL!
The Civil Air Patrol visited AVID today shared lots of great opportunities too.
Good conversations on the way home from Madison about staffing, Civil Air Patrol issues, and broadband access in...
On December 13, Cadets of the Anderson Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol will be honoring the brave men...
Surviving Civil Air Patrol originals overwhelmed with honor of Congressional Gold Medal via
Navigating Life - Civil Air Patrol teaches life lessons through aviation - See more at:
Congratulations Taryn! - You Made Civil Air Patrol Records!. Taryn is the first person to ever enter as a basic...
Search launched for airplane missing in southwestern Colorado: The Colorado Civil Air Patrol i...
Fly for free with Tahoe-Truckee’s Civil Air Patrol cadets: . TRUCKEE, Calif. — A...
just submitted paperwork to join the Civil Air Patrol.
So, kinda a big deal I'm moving up to airman rank in Civil Air Patrol.
Civil Air Patrol highlights stories of WWII volunteers - AOPA
Not allowed to do lacrosse or civil air patrol.Being forced to wrestle.Tired of my dad.Wish he was out of my life. 😒😔
Zachary Norris earned his first rank as Cadet Airman in the Civil Air Patrol. . Jesse Norris should have his the...
I'm getting pinned tomorrow night for Civil Air Patrol. I will be a Cadet Tech. Sargeant.
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I learn a lot about myself in civil air patrol.
Going to have to get back in shape for my PT tests. I'm coming back to Civil Air Patrol!
There are 3 primary missions for the Civil Air Patrol: cadet programs, aerospace education, and emergency services.
Not to be outdone by the excitement of yesterday, today you can join the Civil Air Patrol for their Open...
"For example, the port was allowing the Civil Air Patrol to occupy a building for no rent at all and was charging...
Incredibly proud - My entire search team consisting of 3 Civil Air Patrol cadets and I just spent the...
we value our strong partnership with the Civil Air Patrol! Great work together in emergencies.
with Civil Air Patrol partners Col Heath and Maj Shapiro at Brainard Field in Hartford
Friendly reminder that Mary was also a pilot and joined the Civil Air Patrol.
Observation: most cadets getting dropped off for Squadron Fun Night at the Civil Air Patrol building have parents that drive mini vans.
There's some great insight from our new Civil Air Patrol national commander on this recorded interview by...
Members of Wright Patterson Civil Air Patrol Composite Squadron will hold an informal meet and greet event tonight.
By Northern Plains News. Members of the Civil Air Patrol’s South Dakota Wing will again place holiday wreaths...
As Salaamu Alaikum and good Friday morning everyone!. Last night was Civil Air Patrol night for my son. Our new...
CPR class & certification with the Civil Air Patrol . Now the entire family's certified!
Mahalo Mrs. Kawamura for this great pic of President Martin with our Civil Air Patrol cadets at our Veteran's Day...
Mahalo to Civil Air Patrol Squadron for participation in Veterans Prayer Service today!
Civil Air Patrol to hold meet and greet
Bowling Green man honored for Civil Air Patrol rescue activities -...
NYC Veterans Day Parade Civil Air Patrol Marching for our past and present Vets.
Chincoteague senior Lindsey is Civil Air Patrol leader via
I've never been in the military, but as someone in Civil Air Patrol, I've always had great respect those who serve in the military branches.
I'm so happy with where I've gotten so far since the 2012-2013 year. I was in a bad place then, so each birthday is an added victory. I never thought I'd see twenty. *** I never thought I'd get past fifteen, after my family split up and my only friend was forced out of my life. I was alone, I was bitter, I was not who I wanted to be, and I was scared. Civil Air Patrol saved my life. It gave me friends, family, and a purpose. It taught me how to lead, how strong I could be, and how to be brave. I'd be dead for sure if I had never joined. I enlisted in the Army National Guard in 2012 and was honorably discharged under medical in the summer of 2013, something that makes me feel shame every time it gets mentioned or I see another Soldier. I thought enlisting would make me brave and strong; a hero. I was very wrong. I fell apart. I didn't leave my bed for months. I failed out of Eastern and I lost my family in CAP in a matter of months. Five years of slaving away gone almost immediately. I lost my full ride .. ...
Civil Air Patrol to Fly in Remembrance of 9/11 & War on Terror:
At the airfield for our first Civil Air Patrol meeting of the year. Loved watching the youth of our…
"Civil Air Patrol to fly in remembrance of victims of 9/11 and War on Terror :: The Fallbrook Village News" good read
...Admissions briefing to outstanding Civil Air Patrol cadets, here in St. Louis!
I earned the General Charles Chuck Yeager Aerospace Education Award in the USAF Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.
Join on 9/13 for the opening of the new Civil Air Patrol exhibit!
MI partnered with the Civil Air Patrol to deliver countermeasures to the UP when roads were impassable.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The Civil Air Patrol Aircrew emblem is now available on the leather patches and embroidered golf shirts!
Want to help?! Volunteer with the Medical Corps, Civil Air Patrol or Community Emergency Response Team. More info
Have my uniforms for Civil Air Patrol. I'll be officially enrolled this week!!! :D WOH
I got home from Civil Air Patrol just now. Its a 4 hour thing :/
Civil Air Patrol and Arnold Air Society to sign historic agreement.
From the Archives Civil Air Patrol celebrates 70th anniversary with honoring its unsung heroes
should've called Civil Air Patrol...18 hours or your money back
Thomas O'Connor of Lakeville will receive a Congressional Gold Medal for his long service in the Civil Air Patrol.
I'm joining civil air patrol I was thinking of joining the Airforce when I'm older.
Civil Air Patrol veteran to be honored with Congressional Gold Medal
Civil Air Patrol squadron is participating in the "Be Ready Manoa" Disaster Preparedness Fair!
Civil Air Patrol Brothers Honored with Spaatz Award - A Hilton Head Island family is celebrating its two sons toni...
CONGRATULATIONS go out to (our) Chaplain Jeff Brooks, who is now a Major in the Civil Air Patrol! We wish you...
There were a lot of civil air patrol's aircrafts. They were so cool!!
On Aug. 23rd, our Civil Air Patrol NCR-IA-129 Composite Squadron provided crowd support (Parade Patrol) to the...
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Thank you to everyone who came out to run today to support Lunken Civil Air Patrol squadron 078 and the Fisher house. Gr8 day
Learn to lead, fly, search and rescue and more @ CIVIL AIR PATROL
Plants and Rummage sale at Civil Air Patrol (near Hilo Airport)
Hello! The U.S. equivalent to the UK's Air Cadets is called 'Civil Air Patrol'. Thank you for the autographed picture today!
CAP Search and Rescue Exercise This Weekend: The Civil Air Patrol with gather in Gillette along with members of...
NATCAPWG Training Leaders of Cadets (TLC) Course is well underway! — at National Capital Wing, Civil Air Patrol
Playing Air Operations Branch Director at a Civil Air Patrol/WSDOT flight training exercise.
The Civil Air Patrol guys out of Brainderd have a really nice 182. I might consider joining.
You know you're in Civil Air Patrol when you call you're teacher first sergeant.
For as long as there has been a Civil Air Patrol, Thomas O'Connor has been a member. Now he's getting recognition.
But Thursday I'm wearing my Civil Air Patrol blues uniform like I did last year.
It's official! I am now the National Marketing and Social Media Officer for Civil Air Patrol. It is another volunteer job. ;-)
Civil Air Patrol cadet struck by car dies:
A group of Civil Air Patrol Cadets put their engineering skills to the test during a class Tuesday night. Find out more at 6
The Civil Air Patrol is alerting people their little Cessna 172 is doing training exercises here. Wonder what *** thought it was a UFO?
Tell me what you think about the letter I sent to a former seal. "THE ONLY EASY DAY WAS YESTERDAY" Good evening Mr. Rutherford. My name is Matthew Hoffman. How are you today sir? I'd like to just say something it's quite long but you'll understand. First I'd like to say thank you sir for serving our country and your an inspiration to me, and here's why. Through out my yrs of wanting to join the military since the age of 17 I've been trying to pass the ASVAB so much. In fact I took the EAST like forty four times, and the real one like five times but I knew about the deal about only having three test before two years. So I've been going at this up til last month. I applied for the naval academy back in January because I was so mad some people I know and I wanted out of my life, I want to grow up and take on new challenges. So I went ahead and applied and by a miracle they wrote back last month with an exciting letter stating that I am an official candidate of the class of 2019. Once I got that letter and th ...
Rome man named new commander of Civil Air Patrol wing - The Rome Observer
Cadets get flying - and life - lessons with Redmond Civil Air Patrol squadron: On July 1, 1946, President Harry...
Photojournalist and I had a blast @ Civil Air Patrol in Old Town as cadets took flight for the 1st time!
Civil Air Patrol cadets, some as young as 16, took flight in Old Town today for the first time, and we got to watch! Tonight on
Civil Air Patrol Cadets will be seeking wreath donations
dear chimaela, civil air patrol is for the air force. I was in it fit almost 3 years. You are welcome for the knowledge
Joined Civil Air Patrol when I was a little kid, quit when the CO said "We don't do PT because it makes some kids feel bad..."
WWII homefront: Before the navy took over patrols, the Civil Air Patrol found 173 U-boats, 363 wreck survivors, and 91 ships in distress.
it's called civil air patrol it's an AirForce aux
You guys should come to the Oxford Parade on Friday and watch Civil Air Patrol march. . (I'll be in it!)
So I'm thinking of starting a Civil Air Patrol Composite unit in Ada. If anyone is interested, please let me know.
Blessings and prayers to the family and friends of Col. Glen Atwell of Civil Air Patrol
Did you know has a Civil Air Patrol? Read our profile here:
And I found out how I can give back to my community and serve my country as a civilian. I'm thinking of joining the Civil Air Patrol.
Great day today flying! Flew over the Rotary Kaw River canoe trip and took pictures. Then had the form 91 checkride for Civil Air Patrol.
My Dad suggested I join the Civil Air Patrol when I was 12 and I am sure glad I didn't spend life without that...
16 of my cadets in the Civil Air Patrol completed Encampment and national activity
I was a Civil Air Patrol cadet in high school. My cadet commander was my influence. We are still friends 40 years later.
Looking for official Michigan Wing - Civil Air Patrol photos. Visit the MIWG Photography page at...
Civil Air Patrol flight simulator in kids row. It's free!
Spending the morning watching my dad and his civil air patrol crew fly gliders.
Said goodbye to my little "warrior" Tiki, who is off to Civil Air Patrol Encampment at Volk Field for a week! My...
I have civil air patrol in like 6 hours.
"Civil Air Patrol Today" 's radio program is on location at Tri-Wing Encampment - Listen in!
Col. Larry Myrick of San Luis Obispo, CA has been confirmed as Civil Air Patrol’s next national vice commander by the organization’s BOG.
Hi to our first follower from the Civil Air Patrol, USA :) thanks guys. Hope you enjoy our adventures, as we enjoy yours!
Looks like my son Ethan (glasses) is all ears and a smile on the O-Flight program at Civil Air Patrol Desert Hawk...
26 area teens worked on leadership, character, and fitness during the Curry Achievement Day
i figure i will do a throwback thur pic her is one of me when i was in Civil Air Patrol in High School
CIVIL AIR PATROL UNIFORM MANUAL (MANUAL 39-1). has been released: 26 JUNE 2014. You can access the new version at:...
My son Andrew is off to Civil Air Patrol
I got to fly with the Civil Air Patrol today!
The Fremont Starfire Cadet Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol is offering community summer activities for youth and...
I am joining the USAF auxiliary Civil Air Patrol. I will be learning to be a pilot's assistant, scanner and photographer. CAP is very active pre and post hurricane.
Joined the greatest organization, Civil Air Patrol, and was apart of the Central Florida Composite Squadron.
Just a reminder. Please keep the posts and pictures related to topics of interest to the Civil Air Patrol. Please do not post operational issues and general discussion here. A internal Squadron 25 Operations Group will be created shortly for that.
Bags packed for tomorrow's trip, now attending the Weekly Civil Air Patrol meeting
During our visit to Arlington Conner had the opportunity to lay flowers at JFK , Civil Air Patrol and Challenger memorials.
FYI: The South Carolina Air National Guard is conducting an air defense exercise in the Florence area, June 11. As part of this routine exercise, fighter jets assigned to the SCANG’s 169th Fighter Wing might be seen escorting a single-engine aircraft belonging to the South Carolina Civil Air Patrol between 9 to 11:30 a.m. Carefully planned and closely controlled, this exercise has been coordinated with the Federal Aviation Administration to ensure the rapid response capability associated with the SCANG’s Aerospace Control Alert mission. Most of the flying activity will not be visible from the ground. The McEntire unit is a critical component of the strategic force that is poised 24/7 to respond to airborne threats over the United States and is part of North American Aerospace Defense Command’s Operation Noble Eagle, which was initiated after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.
When I was about 15 years old, I was a member of CAP (Civil Air Patrol), which is a military pre training organization. We wore camo-military-esque uniforms with patches and epaulettes, and I was proud to be a part of it, until we learned to shoot a semi-automatic weapon. All of the members had to take a class on how to take apart, put together, load, and clean the weapon, which was very interesting to me. I like knowing how things work and are built. After the class, we went outside to the firing range. 5 at a time, we lined up, crouched down, and laid on our stomachs. At that point, we were each given a semi-automatic rifle. It was then that I knew this was actually a real gun and not just some "You'll shoot your eye out kid" situation. I had been used to paint ball guns, BB guns, etc... But this was different. This wasn't "You'll shoot your eye out kid". This was "What you have in your hands is capable of killing a lot of people very easily. This is not for hunting. This is for killing." I managed to f ...
Civil Air Patrol is an auxiliary of the new U.S. Air Force. With three primary mission areas: aerospace education, cadet programs, and emergency services.
is the current National Commander of Civil Air Patrol?
Here what some of the outstanding civil air patrol cadets were doing yesterday!
Civil Air Patrol images captured and uploaded to the FEMA Geoplatform
Seven Cadets from Green River Composite Squadron attended a McChord Orientation Trip Saturday. Tour stops included: * Washington Wing Headquarters (WAWG HQ) for Civil Air Patrol - Cadets met Wing admin staff, toured the building, and were given a chance to pick up spare uniform pieces at no cost. * McChord Thrift Store - The Thrift Store, which is volunteer-run, is only open certain weekdays and the first Saturday of the month. Cadets now know where to return with their family members in the future. This is a worthwhile stop if you're ever passing by McChord during their limited hours, because most uniform items cost just $2-5, and you really never know what you're going to find. * The Dry Cleaner, Alterations, and Clothing Sales at the Exchange - Cadets found unclaimed uniform items at the Dry Cleaners for $5-8, and then stopped in to Clothing Sales for a few specific items (neck tie tabs, PT belts, boot blousers, etc.). Alterations is a good future stop once they need all their new patches sewn on, or b ...
TWO DAYS until the Civil Air Patrol - Wisconsin Wing Encampment application deadline! After that the cost...
A message for all of you 12 year old and older people...if you are bored after school and you like the military, there is a program called "civil air patrol" (CAP) it's full name is "united stated air force auxiliary" it is a non-profit organization, you have to be very dedicated to join (you can't just join for fun) what you do in this program Is •search and rescue missions •fly airplanes and gliders •go to encampment (boot camp) •and many other activities!
Dutchess County Airport Open House This Saturday, June 14th Poughkeepsie… The Dutchess County Airport will host its annual “Open House” event this Saturday, June 14th from 9am to 6pm. The event is open to the public and is free of charge. The event will feature aircraft displays, demonstrations, educational seminars, activities for kids, car and bike show as well as this year’s newest event – Fire Department Muster. This is a fun event for the whole family with lots to see and do, providing an opportunity to learn more about the Dutchess County Airport. Aviation enthusiasts will enjoy a wide range of aircraft displays including vintage and experimental aircrafts, S-76 helicopter, Cirrus aircraft and airport fire rescue vehicle. Angel Flight Network, Civil Air Patrol, Dutchess Community College Aviation Program and the Poughkeepsie Pilots Association will also have displays and information available. There will be Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) seminar “Proper Approach for Landing ...
For all the lovers, what are your thoughts one this one? All money raised goes to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Love Without Boundaries, Civil Air Patrol, Police Explorers and other local causes. Like it or leave it?
CAP’s CORE VALUES The Air Force's Core Values are: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in all We Do. This is more than just a slogan. The Air Force describes them as the common bond among all comrades in arms. The core values of Civil Air Patrol are based on the Air Force and strive to establish a common set of behavioral expectations as well as a set of standards to *** member conduct. The values of Integrity, Volunteer Service, Excellence and Respect, serve as the ethical framework for CAP’s service to America.
Apparently I have learned nothing about volunteering in a military service despite 4-years of active duty in the Marine Corps. I'm now the Transportation Officer for our squadron, and have a new Ford Civil Air Patrol van that I'm responsible for. Wash the van, talk to the van, love the van. It has to be waxed once a year. It doesn't have lights and a siren, so I'm REALLY happy about that! This van is for official duty use only, so no new party friends!
The U.S. Air Force calls upon its Civil Air Patrol volunteer auxiliary to photograph disaster damage, rescue plane crash victims and even search for marijuana fields. They're like unpaid professionals who take on heavy tasks, which is why the Air Force has them undergo simulated missions every year. At Concord's Buchanan Field, about 50 volunteers with the California Wing from across the state demonstrated their proficiency on Saturday on the second and final day of training.
I have just Volunteered to help the Tennessee Wing Civil Air Patrol at the U.S. Navy Blue Angels Air Show at the Smyna Air National Guard it costs $25.00 for Adults and $15.00 for kids if your in the Area on Saturday Or Sunday drop by.More details about time etc. are coming Tomorrow.
Gave a lecture on the Apollo moon missions for my Civil Air Patrol Squadron
How do you park over 300 cars in an organized timely manner? You bring in the Civil Air Patrol! We are once...
Civil Air Patrol is actually a better choice. More training and leadership opportunities.
So proud of my brother for graduating from Civil Air Patrol and moving on to attend The Citadel to…
CAP partners with Smithsonian for nationwide singing of national anthem June 14 Visitors view the Star-Spangled Banner at the National Museum of American History. The first stanza of the national anthem is projected prominently on the wall above the 30-foot by 34-foot flag, which is displayed at a horizontal orientation and, in order to reduce stress to the 200-year-old wool and cotton fabric, at a 10-degree angle of elevation in a special enclosure with a 35-foot floor-to-ceiling glass wall, The room has separate environmental systems maintaining a constant temperature of 68-72 degrees and relative humidity of 50 percent. Americans will “Raise it Up!” on Flag Day, June 14, and come together to participate in potentially the largest unified event in American history, turning the national anthem into “the song that was heard around the world.” Civil Air Patrol is proud to be a national partner and encourages members to participate in “Raise it Up! Anthem for America,” a global celebration of th ...
WHY VOTE FOR ME, SHELL MERCER, FOR FAMILY COURT JUDGE, DEPT. C? I've been a practicing attorney for 15 years; before that, in 1992, I was a legal secretary and paralegal. In 2009, the Family Court Judges chose me to serve as a Pro Tem Hearing Master. I've sat on the bench and adjudicated approximately 3,000 matters in the following areas of Family Court: Juvenile Delinquency, Abuse & Neglect, Mental Health Commitment, Discovery, Guardianship, Domestic Violence, Child Support & Truancy. I've also served as a Truancy Judge for a few years. In 2010, the Governor of Nevada appointed [and subsequently reappointed] me to serve as 1 of 2 consumer members on the Chiropractic Physicians' Board of Nevada. I've chaired a number of disciplinary hearings as a member of the Nevada chiropractors' licensing and regulatory board. I grew up with two older siblings. Our father was enlisted in the Air Force. He passed away from multiple sclerosis when I was a senior in high school. I've lived in Las Vegas since 1988 (with th ...
Received my Earhart award earlier this May and saw my name mentioned in Civil Air Patrol's VolunteerNow.
Congratulations to Lt. Col. Laurie A. Watson and Maj. Bryan L. Watson on their Gill Robb Wilson Awards! "The Gill Robb Wilson Award was first implemented in 1964. It is named after Gill Robb Wilson, the first Executive Director and Co-Founder of the CAP and is presented to senior members who complete the fifth level of training in the Senior Member Professional Development Program. This award is issued directly from the Civil Air Patrol National Headquarters and is the highest award in the professional development program."
dad took flying lessens and would be a pilot but all he had to do was solo fly and he have his pilot licence . but i went for a fly any way . over Shasta County . i took a year on flying in my service to the Civil Air Patrol in 1982-1984
WINGS AND WHEELS If you're wondering about schedule of events at the Wings and Wheels on Saturday, some of the highlights are: Flag Ceremony by ROTC/Civil Air Patrol in honor of it being Flag Day; Hot Wings eating contest sponsored by Buffalo …
These pictures represent an Aerospace Education program designed by Major Gregory Krempasky, of the Ohio River (IL) Composite Squadron, via the Teen Reach Program with materials provided and purchased by the Illinois Cooperative Extension Office. Assisting Major Krempasky were Major Larry Call and Captain Ron Diggs with classroom instruction. Students studied aviation maps, built kites and rockets, then flew their kites and rockets. Some of the rockets were able to reach an altitude of 1000 feet over the Massac County High School north of Metropolis. Further, SM Joe Krempasky served as launch and safety officer for the event. The Civil Air Patrol is the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force. For more information on the CAP Cadet Program, please contact Major Krempasky... Loads of summer activities. All over Illinois, Kentucky, and the entire United States.
Well, Dalton is officially out of elementary. Third year running on AB honor roll, Math most improved and science award. Pretty proud of my little man. This next year brings initiation for DeMolay, Civil Air Patrol and middle school. Glad that my boy loves school and has a heart for learning and service.
2 day is my grandson's mothers birthday her name is Laurie Corbin I just want to tell her how great of a job she has done with my grandsons she is one awesome mother. My grandsons are both a plus students the oldest is 15 his name is troy is already in Civil Air Patrol and is already got his curry award and is going to graduate high school at age of 16. My other grandsons name is Cory and he is kind of like his grandpa lol. He is a wonderful kid he likes sports mainly football. I don't get to see them this year because they live in New Mexico and they are not coming this year I am kind of sad over that but troy got a job for the summer and there are some other reasons they're not coming. But anyway I just want to wish Laurie hey very very happy birthday and you tell her what an awesome job she has done with her kids.
Less than two years after Civil Air Patrol was established, an airport was built in northern Maryland to directly support CAP’s mission. In 1943, the city of Westminster dedicated its new airport and CAP’s Baltimore Base No. 332 in a two-day celebration. The airport, a 50-acre site in northern Carro…
Photos from Lin Redfield's post in Missouri Wing - Civil Air Patrol
Congratulations to my son Bob Jr. who was promoted to Lt. Col. in Civil Air Patrol yesterday. Wow! Two promotions in one year. And the Wing Commander is brand new.was installed at the same time. Silver leaves among the blue!
Ga. cadet awarded DAR medal, first for Civil Air Patrol -...
Summer is almost here and you know what that means! 5th Annual Civil Air Patrol Cardboard Boat Race and Demolition Derby. September 6, Rock Lane Resort.
EASTON — On Wednesday, May 28, the Easton Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol held a change of command ceremony at the Louis G. Smith Armory in Easton.
The Civil Air Patrol has been awarded a Congressional Gold Medal, recognizing their service in World War II.
The Congressional Gold Medal is the highest ranking civilian award. Joining a prestigious list of recipients, the U.S. House of Representatives' voted on May 19, to award the Civil Air Patrol the Congressional Gold Medal for its Volunteer Service during,
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This Friday and Saturday. Klamath County Veterans Stand Down at the Klamath Falls Fairgrounds. Civil Air Patrol will be there assisting. Friday 0800 -1600 and Saturday 0800 to 1400. Cadets and Senior Members I need a headcount Thursday's meeting. We are helping others, that's what we do. Lt Col Longley
I will be a guest speaker and session coordinator at the Civil Air Patrol's National Conference in Las Vegas this... h…
One of the first female pilots from the Civil Air Patrol talks with Wendy Rieger about her service during World War II.
It is with deep regret we inform you of the passing of SAL Member Eddie Hoeger. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Eddies family during this difficult time. Funeral arrangements and obit below. EDWARD G. HOEGER (52), our son, brother, father, and friend, died on June 6, 2014. Eddy was a lovable, irresistible rascal whose infectious smile, unmistakable laugh, quick wit, and unshakable loyalty defined him. His absence leaves us bereft. He is survived by his mother, Penny Postel; his sister, Ellyce Hoeger (Richard Gillis); sons, Edward P. and Myles D. Hoeger; members of the Walsky, Postel, and Hoeger families; special lady, Renae Previdi; and scores of friends. He remained stoic and positive, charming and entertaining during his final bout with esophageal cancer which ended in his childhood home in the loving hands of his dearest mother, sister, and faithful, best friend, Catherine Binowski. It was an honor to care for him. His bravery was amazing. He encountered death stoically and gracefully. While still a ...
First time in the pilot seat of a cesna 182 in the civil air patrol. Was way badass
Thank God America has a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) teaching our kids how to make guns out of pieces of wood and bombs at age 14. I'm serious!! When you think you disagree with me,...sign your kid up as a foreign exchange student in Rwanda. You'll sure as *** change your mind about whether your kid should go to school without a gun. The kids carry automatic weapons at age 5 and 6. If they don't have guns, your kid may not have lunch money or get shot for not giving it up. Seriously! Socially, I'm a VERY LIBERAL, "Open-Minded" guy, but NOT when it comes to weapons and guns. Most people have NO IDEA HOW DANGEROUS THE WORLD REALLY IS. There are ILLEGAL CREMATORIUMS,...believe me, I KNOW! ROGER JEWELL FOR PRESIDENT 2016/L.A. Roger (TM)/Roger Jewell
Still super happy that I passed all my Civil Air Patrol tests today and that I get to rank up soon.
I miss ROTC and Civil Air Patrol! I seriously had the best time with those groups!
Friends for Jeff Spiegelman I hope you have been enjoying the beautiful weather. Saul loves it (protected from the sun, of course). We have already started door knocking and it has been going very well. Please let me know if you would like to join me one day -Thank you to everyone who showed up for my always popular Ice Cream Socials. I hope to see you at the next one! -I enjoyed the Greater Kent Committee's annual legislative reception at Bonz Tuesday night (one of my favorite restaurants in Delaware) -Wednesday night was the Townsend Town Council meeting where a couple of bills were discussed. Namely, a charter change for the town (which is in committee this week) and HB333. -Thursday I got to meet one of Delaware's newest Eagle Scouts and a constituent of mine, Mr Ryan Stypinski. Congratulations to him. Thursday evening I had the honor of being the keynote speaker for the Providence Creek 2014 Graduating class. Well done, young ladies and gentleman. Good luck in High School! -Today I had the h ...
Congratulations to my Ben Aaron Shea who PASSED his exam for the Spaatz award - the highest Civil Air Patrol Cadet Award. Very few achieve this level in the program. He will be sewing on his cadet COLONEL rank as soon as his order gets here!
"Overall it was a really good course! I liked how despite the fact the course was condensed into 6-7 days and was intense, there was RPL and assessments were conducted so that many UoC were covered simultaneously. Now that is what I call good multitasking! Apart from having a great group of people to work and learn with, Sibby is a great teacher! There were a few days during the course that I had a headache where at times I wanted to sleep. However, Sibby kept me awake as she kept the pace up, made the material interesting and fun. Keeping adults awake is a talent. Thanks for a great course Sibby!" From VRA Australian Civil Air Patrol
EAA Chapter 307 Young Eagles Event This coming Saturday, June 14, 2014, there will be a Young's Eagles Rally from 10 am till noon at the La Crosse Airport by the Civil Air Patrol hangar. Free airplane rides for youths 8 to 17 years of age, weather permitting. No pre-registration. (First come, first served) Forms available at the event. A parent or guardian MUST be in attendance to sign the registration form.
Exciting day for pops.the first flight in the Civil Air Patrol airplane. Nanny was so good to go with me and take pictures. She was excited too and actually I thought she would alert the media and invite the newspaper and local television people.just joking, it was wonderful. It's called a "Sundowner Patrol" and we fly over the Islands and beaches looking for boats or people in trouble, and respond to any Coast Guard needs. Pops can't wait until the next flight!!!
Thanks to Cumberland squadron Civil Air Patrol for their participation at Jewish Federation ceremony for WWII vets
Driving a van full of civil air patrol cadets to Mankato for glider flying today
Knoxville News - Tennessee Civil Air Patrol scores "outstanding" in rating by Air Force brass
Civil Air Patrol running earthquake, tsunami exercise today, trying to impress Air Force which is on hand
Civil Air Patrol adds value to the integrated missions
Breaking News: California National Guard takes the Civil Air Patrol for a ride
Congratulations to Richard Irsik on receiving the Eaker Award - one of the Civil Air Patrol's most prized honors!
Local Civil Air Patrol member receives the Congressional Gold Medal for WWII service: The...
CAP activation ceremony. First public school in state to have school based Civil Air Patrol Squadron.
Guess Air Force pilots don't like when you call them civil air patrol 😂
I worked out by myself, then with the army, and now I have to go workout with civil air patrol
Civil Air Patrol highlights stories of WWII volunteers -
House approves Congressional Gold Medal for civil air patrol members... Nearly seven decades after it was started - story at 5
president signs A bill to award a Congressional Gold Medal to the World War II members of the Civil Air Patrol. bill into law
President Barack Obama signed into law S. 309, the bill awarding a Congressional Gold Medal to Civil Air Patrol for its service during WWII
The North American Aerospace Defense Command and its geographical component, continue to conduct exercise Falcon Virgo 14-09 Tuesday night through Thursday morning, in the National Capital Region. Flights are scheduled between midnight and 5:30am, Eastern, each day. If there’s inclement weather, the exercise will take place the following evening. If bad weather continues, officials will decide to postpone or cancel the exercise. The exercise consists of a series of training flights held in coordination with the Federal Aviation Administration, the National Capital Region Coordination Center, the Joint Air Defense Operations Center, Civil Air Patrol, U.S. Coast Guard and air defense sectors. The exercise is designed to hone NORAD’s intercept and identification operations and operational systems and ensure a rapid-response capability.
Remembering Circle Sanctuary Veteran Neil Donohue in a memorial service at Madison Masonic Temple, Sunday, June 1, 2014. He served in the US Air Force, Air National Guard, Civil Air Patrol & was a member of the American Legion & VFW.
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Congress passes and President signs bill awarding Congressional Gold Medal to WWII members of Civil Air Patrol.
Congressional Gold Medal Awarded to WWII members of the Civil Air Patrol
On Monday, 19MAY14, Congress voted to approve the Congressional Gold Medal be awarded to the Civil Air Patrol for our WWII members' service. Two of the four eligible members from Colorado include Col Jim Cooksey (top) and the late Lt Col John Butler (bottom). Not pictured are Paul Gilmore and Wayne Field. We thank them and their families for their service to our nation on this Memorial Day weekend.
MAXWELL AFB, AL -- (Monday, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to award Civil Air Patrol a...
When the founding members of Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force auxiliary, risked life and limb to help protect the home front during the early days of World War II, they weren’t looking for recognition. Some seven decades later, though, they’re,
Just a fyi to reassure each and every one in our area that there are some incredibly devoted young people among us, I would ask your consideration to attend the following event (simply to observe). This Saturday (May 24th at 0930), please feel free to attend the placement of American Flags on the graves of over 900 American & Allied Veterans graves. When these young people finish at Allied Veterans Cemetery (Krafft Rd & Gratiot Ave in Port Huron, MI), they walk over to the Federal Cemetery (Holland Ave & Walnut Streets) at Lakeside Cemetery. There they place Flags on the stones of Federal graves of those lost in battle & sickness over 150 years ago. While this may not sound like such a big deal, the whole project is done by some incredibly conscientious young people who are devoted to their Community and the right path in life. Their reverence to these fallen veterans and the American Flag is beyond description. They are all local residents and come from the Sea Cadets, Boy Scouts, & Civil Air Patrol. T . ...
Great SAR Drill with JCSDA, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and Washington Co Mounted SAR. Most of the photos are teams resting after a few large hills to the fire tower. The professionalism of the CAP cadets was outstanding. Planes, Pups and People working together for the better of our community!
A Dear friend of CFD Alarm passed away this morning. Our thoughts and prayers are with our Concord Communications Family after the passing of Christopher Mark Linker, 53, of Concord. Chris was retired from the City of Concord as the Emergency Communications Director. He was a Reserve Police Officer with the City of Concord, and a former officer of the Towns of Huntersville, Cornelius, Stanfield, Locust and Oakboro. Active within his community, he held many positions throughout his career within the following organizations; Civil Air Patrol, Red Cross, Cabarrus County Amateur Radio Society, Rowan County Shrine Club, Masonic Lodge NC Association of Public Safety Communications Officials, Cabarrus County Law Enforcement Association, Gaston and Cabarrus County Police Explorer Posts, Winecoff Volunteer Fire Department, Cabarrus Rescue Squad, Charlotte and Gaston Lifesaving Crews. Chris was well known for his expertise in the Radio field and provided input in the development of our Field Communications Unit her ...
Last night was Lt Suzette Torres' last meeting as a CAP member. I know the squadron will miss her greatly. People like Suzette are hard to come by in a volunteer organization. Thank you Suzette for all you did for Wesley Chapel Cadet Squadron, the Cadets, Group 3, and Civil Air Patrol.
Here is a brief history of my background that I know had prepared me for this endeavor. 7 years working for the State of West Virginia - 2 years with the DHHR Bureau for Children and Families, 5 years with the Dept of Education and the Arts Division of Rehabilitation Services Vocational Rehabilitation Unit (working with persons with disabilities and assist them in training for and finding employment). During that time I received a Distinguished Service Award for my work and service to persons with disabilities. I served as the Agency Liaison to the Consumer Advisory Council as well as served on the Board of Directors for PACE Enterprises. I have almost 30 years in Volunteer Service with Civil Air Patrol, the Air Force Auxiliary - during which time I have completed several training courses to include Leadership, Incident Management, Search and Rescue, Communications, and Safety. I have served as an observer to the City of Bridgeport's Active Shooter Drill and an evaluator for the WV Dept of Homeland Secu . ...
Photos "I KNOW WHAT I AM SEEING and having spent time in the civilian Civil Air Patrol and in the U.S. Navy..."
I was just watching the television news clips of the search for the missing balloonists in Virginia. Clip showed one of the ground search teams. They were Civil Air Patrol cadets (age 12-18). These young people are examples of what teens can become when they are taught leadership and integrity, and a belief in community service. Six cadets from Anderson and Knox Counties were involved in a recent search in Monroe County. They hiked up mountains and across ridge lines through out the night to reach a crash site.
I'm very pleased to announce that 27 members of squadron 144 have now been certified as the newest community emergency response team (“CERT”) in California. The members completed 32 hours of intensive training, simulations, and evaluation by CERT trainers and Cal fire members. The training was interesting, exciting, eventful, and extremely valuable. Additionally we will be training our own trainers so that we can build this capability further within our squadron and throughout each and every member of our group that wishes to participate. Squadron 144, and Group 8 now has its own autonomous, standalone CERT program that we administer, we control, we train, and we certify. This is an important milestone for squadron 144 in Group 8. It is the next important development in a resume of our capabilities. Our CERT team is one of only three Civil Air Patrol squadrons registered with FEMA in the United States. We will be sponsored directly by California Office of Emergency Services. This training provides ...
employers with more than 15 employees must grant eligible employees up to 10 days of leave per year for Civil Air Patrol duty.​
Good morning everyone. It'll become mostly sunny today with a high of about 73 - then 77 tomorrow. A storm system that was off the coast of southern California before daybreak will move east toward Texas this weekend. This system will bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms after midnight Saturday night through Sunday night. A few strong to severe thunderstorms are possible. One of the most worthwhile events in Sulphur Springs is tomorrow morning at the airport. The Sulphur Springs Aviation Association and the Civil Air Patrol are giving free airplane rides to children between the ages of 8 - 17. Kids love it, and many thanks to the pilots who donate their time, aircraft and VERY expensive aviation fuel to this event. I will take grandson there, again, for sure.
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Has anyone heard of this "sham" organization? Sounds like it a wanna be group. Buying your way into a military rank? Should have done that when I joined. I would have been a Fleet Admrial to start then US President to end my career. LOL The United States Army Volunteer Reserve Association is a volunteer organization unaffiliated with any military unit or reserve unit. The Los Angeles Times called it a "Phony Army unit" and referred to them as "faux military units". The group was once very visible in parades and civil ceremonies, but politicians and the Reserve Association now stays on a low key. The group officially formed in 2006, headquartering in Rosemead, California. Members could pay for various positions in the association, from $95 to become a sergeant to $335 for a lieutenant general. US Volunteer Reserve a scam for wanna-bees and losers - There is a volunteer organization under the US Army, much like the Civil Air Patrol under the Air Force. The originator of this thread is a liar. The American V ...
true story: when I was in Civil Air Patrol, we had a presentation from an Air Force recruiter that ended in a video...
For those of you who do not know, growing up, I had joined Civil Air Patrol, and later enlisted in the Marine Corps fresh out of high school. Although I never graduated boot camp due to an injury, i did learn a LOT while at Paris Island for several weeks. While there are several extended family that has bravely made the choice, I am the only person in my immediate family to pursue this most honored profession. This is what brings me the honor of escorting Larry McSweeney on this journey. While only my step-grandfather, I've always accepted him as my own. Over the years, we have bonded together in many things. Who can forget his performance in Lynn Wilke's rendition of the Mikado? Singing our National Anthem or America the Beautiful next to him in church at the microphone. While we were never in the Peru Fire department at the same time, we both wore the infamous patch with the six fingered hand wrapped around fire! Or who can forget the night of his and Marjorie McSweeney's anniversary dinner when Larry c ...
Pioneering aviator Willa Beatrice Brown Coffey served her country by training pilots for the U.S. Army Air Forces. She was the first black woman to receive a commission as a lieutenant in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol. Coffey was a founding member of the National Airmen’s Association of America, an organization that lobbied Congress for the racial integration of the US Army Air Corps. Her efforts were responsible for Congress’ creation of the Tuskegee Airmen, which eventually led to the integration of the U.S. military service in 1948. Coffey’s husband, Cornelius R. Coffey, was also a pilot who became one of the Tuskegee Airmen. Willa Beatrice Brown (January 22, 1906 – July 18, 1992) was an American aviator and educator. Willa Brown Chappell was a 1927 graduate of the Indiana State Teachers College with a degree in education. She received an M.B.A. from Northwestern University in 1937. As a young high school teacher in Gary, Indiana, and later as a social worker in Chicago, Willa Brown felt that her t ...
Congrats to my dad, Gary Turner who was awarded 3 awards for the Civil Air Patrol.. Top gun, inspector general of the year and commanders commendation!! Go dad!!
FLWG members, We would like to thank the following Wing Staff members for their dedicated service. Maj Heather McSparron has stepped down from the Wing Cadet Drug Demand Program Officer position and will transferring back to the unit level to assist in a leadership capacity. Heather has spent the past four years training and mentoring fellow senior members and cadets in our Drug Demand Reduction Program. She has brought creative ideas to Florida Wing and has been an instrumental part of our Staff. Lt Col Roger Helton has stepped down from the Director of Operations, Support position. Roger has served in nearly every Wing Operations capacity and contributed the wealth of knowledge and experience to Florida Wing. Col Chris Moersch will be stepping down from the Deputy Chief of Staff, Operations position. Col Moersch has dedicated countless hours to the Operations Directorate and to the Florida Wing. He has been and continues to be instrumental in the execution of one of our Civil Air Patrol missions. Capt . ...
Thursday the Senate paused for a minute to honor former senator and friend, John Bulloch. It was great to see John in the chamber again and I wish him and his beautiful family all the best. We celebrated the annual Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Day on Thursday to thank them for their nonprofit work and years of service to the community through emergency services, aerospace education and youth development. Also, I had the privilege of introducing the Georgia Forestry Commission Units of the Year to recognize their continued achievements in leadership and education of protecting Georgia’s forest resources. Congratulations to the Chattahoochee/Marion Unit on being named the 2013 Southern Unit of the Year, Franklin/Hart/Elbert/Madison Forestry Unit for being named the 2013 Northern Unit of the Year and the Satilla District on being named the 2013 District of the Year. A special organization called Street Grace also visited the Capitol this week. This innovative group mobilizes community resources — financial ...
Concerning the missing jetliner from Malaysia. First graph: AP story. The rest from NewsTalk 1340 WJRW... James K. Davis of Vero Beach, Florida, is a retired commercial pilot who has worked for the Civil Air Patrol in searching for missing aircraft. He said this morning on "The Buzz with Michelle McKormick" the flight’s disappearance is likely due to one of three things: “Its transponder being stopped deliberately. Number two, electrical failure. Or, the plane’s disintegration.” A primary way that airplanes are tracked across oceans is through Automatic Dependent Surveillance. Davis says the plane transmits its own signal, and gives its position via satellite: “These satellites usually only ping a commercial aircraft about once every 60 seconds. You know, a lot can happen in 60 seconds. If the aircraft were to have descended – let’s say it descended 5,000 feet during that minute – it would’ve appeared to have fallen off of what we’re (the media) wrongly calling radar.” So, Davis says ...
THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WITH THE FUNDS APPROPRIATED FOR EDUCATION.FYI! Pittman included many juicy ham hocks and stuffed sucklings for his voracious followers including: $500,000 presumably for the Commerce Department for trips to Paris and Canada, $250,000 for the Supreme Court Library (but zero for the entire state’s school libraries), $1,500,000 for legislators to dole out in districts, $75,000 for the Civil Air Patrol, $192,000 for the Forestry Black Belt Initiative, $220,000 for the Sports Hall of Fame, $650,000 for the Greater Birmingham Convention and Visitors Bureau, $1 million for the Insurance Information and Research Center, whatever that is, and $430,000 for the State Law Enforcement Agency (but not one penny for school safety to protect our children and faculties from shooters). My favorite is $95,000 for a Special Outreach Program at UA. I just wonder who the person is receiving that Special Outreach. Maybe Sen. Gerald Allen knows something about that one.
Check out photo of Civil Air Patrol students at the Lincoln Memorial today!
Congratulations to Anthony for his promotion to Captain in the Civil Air Patrol - Albuquerque
I bet if it was anything Civil Air Patrol related he would've answered on the first ring!
Had a fun night of P.T. at civil air patrol and I'm going to get a good night sleep
...we are also known as the Civil Air Patrol. We do Search and Rescue, patrols, emergency transport, and.
Gald to hear about the Civil Air Patrol. I think Iowa may have one.
Well I think I am going to go lay down til my other half gets home. He is at his fire fighter meeting. He had two meeting tonight first one was civil air patrol and now he is at his second one. What fun... All five crabby patties are in bed and want to not go to go school tomorrow but they all 5 have too. The littler ones have snow make up day other wise they be home with mom.
Join Civil Air Patrol! Come this saturday to the Yauco Stadium and develop yourself as a leader, learn about aerospace and prepare with our physical fitness program! Maj William Biaggi Cadet Squadron! SER-PR-051 For more info. inbox!
Greetings Guest, visitors and Members of the Mo-119th. Things are gearing up, and the squadron is picking up new members from around the Steelville, Cuba, Bourbon, Gerald and Leasburg Mo areas where the 119th is based in Cuba Missouri at the Cuba Fire and Rescue Department. I would like to once again thank those members of the fire department for making it possible for our squadron to have a new home, where we can train and work closely on nights the Fire and EMS schedules allow them to come in and train us to learn more knowledge on the working with these departments in search and rescue techniques. Also it allows our squadron a training area where the Cadets and Senior Members of the 119th to advance our training in our 3 mission areas of Cadet Programs, Aerospace Education, and Emergency Services. Since the moved to our new headquarters in January 2014 we have grown in members, and we are still growing. I would like to encourage and boys and girls ages 12 to 20 and any adults 21+ that can spare 2.5 hou ...
Good day at work. Frustrating after work dealing with cell phone issues. now time to get a uniform on and go to Civil Air Patrol.. Gee, BDU or Blues? Oh wait, BING! Connell's post says Blues! I'd better get moving!
I would like to thank my friend Mary Goodale about telling me about civil air patrol
Headed back to the hotel after meeting with 6 of our Congressional and 2 of our a Senatorial representatives. It was a good day's work for Civil Air Patrol. The cadets on our team were awesome!
Went to Capitol Hill today to speak to congressmen and women about Civil Air Patrol. As an added bonus, I was able to reconnect with friends from across the country, some that I hadn't seen in years! These are all people that serve in an organization that gives no pay, and often asks a lot. They are genuinely good people who become the change that they want to see in the world, and I feel blessed for having met every one of them!
New This Week: Before Civil Air Patrol's Command Council convenes in Washington, D.C., this week for its annua...
My Congressman met with the Civil Air Patrol of New Jersey Wing today, an organization I was involved with when I...
Met with the commander and members of the Idaho Civil Air Patrol to discuss their efforts and role in our state.
Was that before or after you told him the Civil Air Patrol was plan B after you gut the military?
Just saw some raw footage from last night's commercial shoot for "Civil Air Patrol" - Looks GREAT so far!
Honored to meet with the Pennsylvania Wing of the Civil Air Patrol this morning and hear a report about their mission
Ladies and gentlemen, I want you all to remember that as times may be tough and that our country may be going through a rough time, it is no excuse to be careless and distracted from everyday life. I had that experence yesterday and it was a real wake up call. I had the unfortunate experence of almost taking the life of an innocent pedestrian as I was leaving a meeting last night. It has been a very tramutic experence and caused me to do a lot of reflection and live every day of my life in the here and now. As I said, we may be going through a tough time in our country but we all must remember to be vigilant in our every day lives. I was EXTREMELY lucky that the young woman I struck was able to get up and walk away after we called the police and rescue crews who I must say were extremely professional in how everything was handled. I am walking away with a very very minor traffic offense and only have to pay a small fine for my mistake. But the tramutic and adrennalin filled experence has taken it's toll o ...
Great to meet leaders of the Civil Air Patrol Learn more at
this Sunday,March 2nd; Our Pastor Manwell will be installed as a Civil Air Patrol Chaplain. We are pleased and a little proud! Pastor is serving God and Country. "Always Vigilant"
This goes back before my time even. Does anyone recall the Civil Air Patrol? My Dad was in that. Maybe it was before WW2? He was in the army during the war so it might have been pre-war?
The USAF Civil Air Patrol is here at the Capitol making the rounds with lawmakers. They seem to have found the Longworth cafeteria.
News • Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service is offering an Estate and Transition Planning Workshop for agricultural producers today at the Gillespie County Extension Office. Registration is at 9:45 a.m. followed by the program from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. • The Newcomers Book Group will discuss "The Orphan Master’s Son" by Adam Johnson and/or "Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea" by Barbara Demick at 10 a.m. today in the first floor conference room at Chase Bank. • Students needing help with financial aid for college can attend a financial aid/ Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) workshop from 4-6:30 p.m. today in the Fredericksburg High School Library. The workshop is being hosted by Austin Community College and FHS. • Fredericksburg Chamber of Commerce is inviting all chamber members, prospective members, employees, representatives and guests to a Fun After 5 event today from 5-7 p.m. in the Nimitz Ballroom. The evening is sponsored by the event host Admiral Nimitz Foundatio ...
I had to check my gig line all the time in the Civil Air Patrol the United States Air Force Auxiliary.
We are currently in the process of planning another flag retirement to be performed with the Weber Minuteman Honor Guard of the Civil Air Patrol. We will try to do it about May or June 2014. Please watch for more posts with photos of the ceremony and another visit to Old Glory Lookout this summer. If any of you have any old tattered flags that need to be disposed of, I will be happy to collect them and take care of them for you.
Civil air patrol was good and I was Drill in the frigid cold
“By clicking on any of the links below, you will be leaving our “CAP.GOV” domain (a government website) and will be entering a site hosted and updated by a local Civil Air Patrol squadron or by a Civil Air Patrol Group. Neither the Georgia Wing, the Civil Air Patrol nor the US Air Force endorses or...
Evan left at 5:30 this morning for Washington DC. He will spend five days there representing the Civil Air Patrol. He was nominated by his peers from Civil Air Patrol to prepresent the Michigan division. He will meet sentors, learn, explore and have a great time. I pray for your expierence to be happy and safe.
Civil Air Patrol Cadet Squadron Deputy Commander Ugale poses with cadets at the Pentagon, as part of their...
AN UPCOMING LOCAL MINISTRY EVENT--- PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Pastor Claude Cowan announced evangelist James T. Meadows of Kansas City, Missouri, will be the featured speaker on Sunday, June 29, 2014, at the 10:30 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. services at Eastpoint Family Church, 3923 Pittman Road, Kansas City, Missouri. Meadows, an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God, is also a leadership seminar presenter, a Civil Air Patrol chaplain, and an interim minister. His previous ministerial experience includes serving as an adjunct instructor of Bible, theology, and ministerial studies at the Sheffield School of the Bible in Kansas City, Missouri, and pastoring churches in New York and Missouri. In addition to his ministerial experience, Meadows is a business consultant, a freelance corporate writer, a blogger, and he has held numerous technical, management, and associate faculty positions with Eastman Kodak Company, AT&T, University of Phoenix, and Tyco Integrated Security. With 34 years of experien . ...
Civil air patrol today going to sign up actually
Interested in aviation? You're invited to the Civil Air Patrol Indiana Wing's conference on March 22.
I've mentioned this before from time to time and just found the article I had read back in, apparently, 1971. This is NO different than what I see from the right wing conservative extremists. They took their lead from Soviet disinformation. It is currently rampant in our culture and media, with the leader being, yes, you guessed it, Fox News. When I first read this back in the 70s I laughed at first. Then I got more serious about what this meant to the Russian people and those deluded enough to believe it. Then I also realized that in a way, it was true. I did go into the military as an adult. But then I also went into the Civil Air Patrol which is an Auxiliary of the US Air Force. But we were searched for down civilian small aircraft, not training to kill Soviets. Still, had they invaded, we would have been an instant civilian force of young people lead a great deal by military adults called, "Seniors". Most conspiracy theory is based in truth and then twisted to met an agenda that alters the truth every ...
Alec lets keep this air patrol civil ok?
Applications for Cadre at Cascade Falcon XIX are now open! At this encampment you will gain experience as a leader, a follower, and as a member of a highly capable team. You will have the opportunity to impact the lives of fellow cadets and build professional relationships that will carry you throughout your Civil Air Patrol career. For More info visit: close 7 March. Do not miss out on the experience of a lifetime!
Heading over to the Ernie Pyle Middle School Career Fair to share Civil Air Patrol with the students!
18Yrs ago today you entered this world tiny and helpless and look at you know a staff Sgt in the civil air patrol nd planning on going into the air force upon graduation I am so proud of who uhave become happy 18th Kassidy Parks daddy nd I love you
The Civil Air Patrol (CAP) was founded on this date in 1941. Originally connected to the US Army Air Corps during World War II, the CAP was established as an official auxiliary of the Air Force when t
Just got back from the Las Vegas Wrangler game. We had our Cub Scout Pack 149, and our Civil Air Patrol unit with is working the chuck a puck tables. Everyone had a good time, and did a great job!!
" When I was 14 years old and a cadet in the Massachusetts Civil Air Patrol -- an official Air Force Auxiliary -- I'd been enrolled for over a year and didn't have a single minute in an airplane. So when my CAP squadron had a contest for selling Kathryn Beich candies with a prize of several hours flight time I made an all-out effort and set up a table in front of a local supermarket, where I was outselling everyone else in the squadron by several times. I was clearly going to win. So what did the cadet supervisor do? He came by my table and took half my stock of candy to "redistribute" to other cadets who were selling door to door. I folded up my table, resigned from the Civil Air Patrol, and had learned my first lesson about the nature of statism." ~ J Neil Schulman
I just found out about a program: Civil Air Patrol, for young pilots/training. GUYS I COULD DO THIS AND ITS RIGHT BY MY HOUSE IM GONNA DIE!!
This was taken January 18th right before the Formal for our Civil Air Patrol Squadron MER NC-162. Jeb and Dad in our finery! I am so proud of Jeb and ALL of the Cadets of NC-162. I have the PRIVILEGE of being the new Deputy Commander for Cadets. These Young Men and Women ARE the example for their peers.
Proud of Dalton Wilson. He got his second promotion at his Civil Air Patrol meeting tonight.. Great things are going to come your way. You are finishing up your junior year in high school, getting ready to drive, so much to look forward too.. Stay on the right path, stay true to yourself and life will be good.. Love always.. Mom
Major Carl Rossomme assumed command from Lt. Col. Austin Landry on Tuesday evening February 25, 2014 of Squadron 132 at the Shelby County Airport. Lt. Col. Landry was a founding member of Central Alabama Central Squadron and has served as commander of the squadron for the past six years. The Change in Command Ceremony was conducted by Col. Brad Lynn, Commander of the Alabama Wing of the Civil Air Patrol.
My son Aidan Johnson just got home from his civil air patrol meeting and was presented with his certificate for completing his first flight. Aidan flew a Sessna 172 from Philly to Quackertown. He took off, flew all the way, then landed. I'm so proud. I'm sure his pop pop Tom Long and his omi Jane Long and the rest of his family are so proud also.
Thanks Civil Air Patrol for letting me learn the amazing things I love about bein a Soldier!!! Support Our Troops!!
It was great to speak to the cadets of Pitt-Greenville Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol on Leadership tonight! They are a group of highly motivated individuals who are definitely on the right track for success!
Saturday, March 1st is the Tyler Civil Air Patrol Pancake Breakfast. It's held at the CAP hangar at 1594 Dixie Dr. Come on out and have Cadet Jones flip you some flapjacks. Donations requested as money raised goes to your Tyler Civil Air Patrol cadet activities. Food's up at 8. Yummy! Hope to see you there!!!
Jesse is learning radio network communications at civil air patrol
Update your maps at Navteq
Hey Treasure Valley please support the Boise Civil Air Patrol Cadets earn some cash for camp.
If our government's Civil Air Patrol (CAP) can teach my adopted son, David Jewell, how to build a gun out of wood, I should constitutionally be able to post this public record of a patent on how to make your own gun, too. There you go aspiring gun control advocates,...chew on that!! L.A. Roger (TM) Last time I heard from David, he was teaching survival courses for the USAF in Japan. He was featured on TV and in the media for his courses. Hi, David! Lov ya! DAD (Roger Jewell)
Well...gata push the trip to Kalahari back some more:(, Cole Taylor, (my son) is now in track&has some track meets&he won't miss one for the team& I have to admit he's disciplined his self well& I dont want to leave him out.& lil man got on black today:(... mabe i shud just spend the tym w Cody Taylor(my oldest???well now we r off to take Cole to Civil Air Patrol...its freekin cold!!!
No matter if you are an experienced outdoors person or a novice, taking a fully charged smartphone or a personal locator beacon (PLB) with you on your adventures could save your life! By having your phone with you and turned on, the Civil Air Patrol cell phone forensics team can triangulate data off of cell towers narrowing down the search area. With a PLB the search area is even more defined. On Saturday, the Wyoming Joint Operations Center requested Air Force Rescue Coordination Center assistance to help search for five missing snowmobilers in Sheridan County. The five individuals rented snowmobiles Saturday morning for the day in the Big Horn Mountain area. When they failed to check in at the end of the day, a search ensued. The AFRCC coordinated with the CAP cell phone forensics team greatly reducing the search area. Using the cell data provided by CAP, local ground teams located the snowmobilers and transported them to safety. 5-SAVES
From Our Chairwoman Julianne Renczkowski's email: Dear Village Preservation Party of Depew members: CHANGE TO MEETING DATE: Now March 25th. Our next meeting will be @ the Bradford Ale House, 6036 Transit Rd., Depew, NY, March 25, 2014 @ 7pm. ... not March 26th At this meeting [March 25, 2014] we will hold nominations for Village Preservation Party officer's and at April's meeting we will hold our annual vote of officer's for the Village Preservation Party, so please everyone show up as these are very vital meetings of our organization. We have much work ahead of us starting after the April vote. Girl Scouts of America Brownie Troop # 30415 is collecting food donations for the Tri Community Food Pantry. The food drive began January 27 at 6:30PM at Depew Village Hall, 85 Manitou St., Depew, NY 14043 when the Girl Scouts placed a donation barrel in Village Hall and accepted the first donations from Depew Mayor Steven P. Hoffman and Trustee Linda Hammer. [See the Depew Bee for a great photo & story on the eve ...
Kinda big news but not something that special im probably gonna join the Civil Air Patrol de Yauco
Civil Air Patrol to bestow highest honor on Senator Harkin as members make annual trek to Capitol Hill. MAXWELL...
It is here in the Civil Air Patrol, an auxiliary of the USAF, where future leaders start young (ages 12-21) to volunteer for our great nation, the United Sta...
Proud and excited to join the Michigan State Legislative Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol!
Civil air patrol meeting today anyone who wants to come is welcomed to hope to see people there
Thank you Jim Wreyford for an interesting program for Daybreak Rotary on the Civil Air Patrol.
Cadets with the Brownsville Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol are out in force this weekend at Air Fiesta doing what they do: Keeping the ramp clear of debris, making sure nobody messes with the airplanes and generally keeping things safe — all while looking sharp in their CAP uniforms.
Bruce's Custom Covers is proud to support Civil Air Patrol! . Check out the engine inlet plugs on this Gippsland GA-8!
We are getting ready for our 2nd Annual Spring Bonanza March 29th Knights of Columbus Hall 105 W. Elm Ave, Norfolk, NE 10 am - 4 pm This years fundraiser will benefit the NENCS of Civil Air Patrol We will be have: Bake Sale Raffle Prizes Kids Games Face Painting There will also be lunch available
Fellow Rotarians, today we welcome Captain Charles Walker, Civil Air Patrol. Look forward to seeing you there!   10% Off
NEW FLORIDA WING COMMANDER ... Please join me in congratulating Lt Col Henry Irizarry (current FLWG Group 7 CC) on his selection as the next Florida Wing Commander. The change of command will occur during the Florida Wing Conference in Orlando on 15 March 2014. I also ask that you join me in thanking Colonel Mike Cook for his outstanding leadership and service as the Florida Wing Commander. v/r AL Alvin J. Bedgood, Colonel, CAP Commander, Southeast Region Civil Air Patrol United States Air Force Auxiliary
Monday was a great day. Mentally I did an inventory of my life. I truly have no reason at all to complain about anything. I have an awesome family. My wife Janel, is the only person I have ever met that can put up with my craziness, and I love her more now than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow. My kids totally ROCK, I took Jeb to get a haircut today and he REQUESTED a Flat top just like I wore in the 82d AIRBORNE. He is 12 and I can not help but see a man standing there. I have a comfortable home, and even my dogs are cool. I like my job. I am involved with my Church, my kids school, and Civil Air Patrol along with Jeb. Trinity is becoming a fine musician and turning into a young lady. IF all this were not enough, I KNOW that we are all Saved By Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ. I am not perfect. I am still opinionated, uber-conservative (Which I do not see as a problem), and not very compassionate. I do not handle Stupid very well, as in I have no problem looking someon ...
from Lieutenant at Civil Air Patrol,. Professor at Northampton Community College. Rusana Kasriel . Many parents...
Well I would just like to say congratulations to my son Aidan Johnson for completing his first O Flight on Sunday the 23rd in a sessna airplane. He is 14 and has joined the civil air patrol. He flew from Philly to Quakertown. 4 more to go before he goes solo. Way to go aidan. I'm so proud of you.
Don't miss the chance to learn about Civil Air Patrol and the benefits of Volunteer Service.
Lane went with some friends to check Civil Air bad it was "PT" Kevin said, flying airplanes cool, learning about rockets cool, physical training..not so much.LOL
Missouri Wing Civil Air Patrol is hosting a fund raiser to support wing training programs. Members and family...
Civil Air Patrol to Bestow Highest Honor on Senator Harkin as Members Make Annual Trek to Capitol Hill
Maybe you've heard of Bessie Coleman, but do you know about Willa Brown? She was the first African-American woman to receive her commercial pilot’s license in America AND the first black female to become an officer in the U.S. Civil Air Patrol. She also earned her MBA from Northwestern, and co-founded the Coffey School of Aeronautics to help train African-American pilots. What have you done lately? Yep, that's what I thought... For more about this audacious aviator, check-out:
Watching Jacob Burke at Civil Air Patrol..wondering where my baby went.such a fine young man.
Civil Air Patrol: A closer look at the mission -...
Group 5 (Texas Wing) Cadet Programs will host Airman Leadership School on May 9-11 2014 in San Antonio TX. Airman Leadership School (ALS) is the first step in the Texas Wing Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP). ALS is the foundation of CTEP, and the first exposure cadets will receive to Texas Wing training standards. So that training standards can be met, it will be necessary to maintain an environment which will foster a feeling of pride, identity and accomplishment for each cadet. Group 5 ALS will provide the new cadet with a solid beginning in understanding the responsibilities and rewards involved in the Civil Air Patrol cadet program. At this time, the Group 5 ALS-Summer Session is accepting applications for cadet student and senior staff members. Cadets must be in the grades of C/Airman but not higher than C/Senior Airman by the start of the activity. Seniors must complete Level 1. Activity fee is $20 for cadet students and senior staff. Please e-mail a completed CAP Form 31 to the ALS ...
We're recruiting for Volunteer Service in the Civil Air Patrol, USAF auxiliary.
My baby in her Honor Guard Uniform for Civil Air Patrol
The Civil Air Patrol has a wonderful program to get kids and adults alike into the realm of flight and R/C.
The Virginia Wing Civil Air Patrol is hosting a CAP GSAR at Fort Pickett, Blackstone VA on 20,21,22 March and 25, 26,27 April. We have openings in the Management Team Member course if you have anyone that might be interested. The course is presented by VDEM instructors and is the same course normally offered at a VDEM GSAR We provide housing, but you have to provide your own food. There is no cost other than transportation and food. Contact me directly at dcarter001if you are interested in attending. I will fill you on the details. Dave dcarter001
“Not for fame or reward, not lured by ambition or goaded by necessity, but in simple obedience to duty.” --Inscription at Arlington Cemetary Honor & Remember AMERICAN HERO Captain Christopher J. Sullivan US Army, 29, Hometown: Princeton, Massachusetts Christopher J. Sullivan interest in military service started early. Chris joined the Civil Air Patrol at age 14 and served in the ROTC while attending the University of Massachusetts at Lowell, where he majored in mechanical engineering. He sought to continue the family tradition of military service, following the path of his grandfather, father, and two uncles. Chris entered active military service in 1998 and had been promoted on January 10, 2005 to Commander of Company A, 2nd Battalion, 12th Cavalry Regiment. His service includes serving with the 16th Cavalry Division based in Ft. Knox, Kentucky, the Kosovo peacekeeping mission, and the 1st Infantry Division based in Ft. Hood, Texas. He was deployed to Operation Iraqi Freedom in January 2004. Sullivan ...
Working on Civil Air Patrol stuff is so much more fun than school work.
Cadets, Please like and use the Carroll Cadets page as a useful tool, created specifically for the cadets of Carroll Composite Squadron to ask questions on anything to do with our squadron, or Civil Air Patrol in general.
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