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City Council

A city council or town council is the legislative body that governs a city, town, municipality or local government area.

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San Diego has a City Council that is in the pockets of developers. And doesn't look out for true best interests of the people.
Here’s how to help make the of City Council website (see screen grab for deets).
Mark Zuckerberg can afford to run for City Council. He should start there if he wants to run for President.
WDAS announcer Patty Jackson is in Phila. City Council this morning.
While you're at it sign this petition: Remove Sawant from the city council
Fight Show Me Your Papers law. Let Lubbock City Council know that you support an Anti-SB4 Resolution. https…
The Houston City Council voted Wednesday to join the lawsuit against the state of Texas over SB 4.
City votes to accept & match a $1 million donation from the CEO of H-E-B, for improvements for an East Side park.
Poll: two DUIs by Mesa city councilman doesn't mean he should quit council. . But IMHO, he should probably consider quitting…
to only yesterday when Civil & immigrant rights orgs, activists & electeds urged Houston City Council to vote to su…
I bet the mayor and local city council "duck" it up
Bob Buckhorn and Tampa City Council members say county vote on Confederate statue doesn’t speak for them
In St. Petersburg FL the city council voted to move a bold ordinance that would limit foreign corporate political $
San Antonio's new city council voted to join the Paris Climate Agreement on Thursday.
San Antonio joins Paris Climate Agreement with city council vote.
Crazy of Mpls behind this INSANE AND DANGEROUS snitch hotline! City Council should remove her for inc…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
INBOX: Mayoral candidate Bob Hasegawa says he opposes soda tax (vote today
Proposed expansion on the VBC as presented to the City Council tonight. What do you think?...
Former Jax City Council President files for 2019 citywide race. Who? Find out on tomorrow.
This fight is just beginning and will expose everything and everyone trying to sell our city to th…
Sustainability --fantastic program from a pioneering city council candate
council bans dispensaries on 4-3 vote...same wk they reject legal defense $ for undoc folx. No questi…
Sorry ppl, it ain't happening in Fresno,CA
Grateful brought Business Tornado insurance plan to the Helena City Council. A blow like this is rough.…
How many back room deals were cut to stand in the way of progress
The city council must stay focused and not get stuck in the weeds.
The Fresno City Council just voted 4-3 to ban marijuana dispensaries inside city limits.
BREAKING: Houston City Council votes 10-6 to join the lawsuit to
We have opened a new taxi rank for Hackney Carriage (black cabs) nears Friars Walk and the Kingsway Centre
City council approved first pot of funding and oversight for the trust fund we worked to establish around the stadium fka
Former Hoboken City Council president convicted in loan scam
On Thursday, City Council to proclaim "Immigrant Heritage Month" - 2 days after rejecting defense fund for undo…
Dr. Ennis, Malcolm, Colin Powell, Belafonte to present day. Most of the black City Counci…
Another City Council member with no leadership, no balls.
Councillors give OK to full Green Line LRT alignment
City Council votes 4-3 to ban recreational marijuana businesses within the city.
You presiding on the city council is Baltimore's. That building is a moneymaker.
BREAKING: New York City Council voted to ban circuses from using wild animals! Thank you to for your support.…
These incredible athletes & coaches were honored last night at City Council. Congrats on an amazing season ladies!
If terms weren't eight years, I'd totally throw my name into the ring for the open city council position in Time for new blood.
Public servants clash with cops to invade the City Council of against austerity measures. htt…
Animals belong in their native habitats, not under bright lights, before screaming crowds or inside filthy boxcars.
City Council will hold public hearings+take action on City of Eugene and Urban Renewal Agency FY18 proposed budgets 6/26,…
Your data, your rules. Barcelona citizens will soon have more control over who uses their data, how, and what for:
San Antonio city council just voted to stand & support the principles of the Paris Agreement! Thank you
We need new leadership in the city council. These people are hindering fresnos progress.
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
you show up in these at the next city council meeting. They will let you gavel it in
Thanks to the Council, Vice-Mayor, Mayor and City Manager for their support in improving our technology.
There's a NYC city council candidate named that you want to keep your eye on. Check him out yourself. Fol…
As much as I think at times our city council could use a complete reset & I have no doubt she would rep
Council meeting of Thursday, June 22 is now underway. Watch live:
Metro Council approved the city budget with heavy investments in public safety, affordable housing >
One Police Plaza is looking for a City Council liaison. That's a rewarding but challenging opportunity, but I think you'll do a great job.
gets an extra draft but remains strict on April deadline, cuts own deliberation time in half
No city council would've approved this deal. Total ripoff. No clawbacks. Now jobs leaving despite taxpayer funds squandere…
7- The rest of us need to make sure that every vote we make...if it is city council or president is someone who is in OUR best…
Fresno City Council votes to ban marijuana dispensaries, cultivation
The City Council Position 8 forum now underway. Watch live: I'll have a replay and recap tomorrow…
After grueling hours of debate and public comment, Fresno City Council today voted to ban marijuana dispensaries.
Outcry, arrests after Berkeley City Council votes to stick with Urban Shield
The proposed development at the former H2O site will be considered by the City Council on Wednesday. . You can...
um yeah. In Huntington Beach, CA I did not vote for City Council members who were against multi family dwellings.
City Council vote 5-3 to advance ordinance limiting cash in local elections. +Jim Kennedy vote no.
.City Council passes campaign $ limits in city elections out of committee 5-3. Jim Kennedy, vote non.
Three independents fail to qualify for City Council ballot
Scott Olson: I still it's a waste to talk to City Council, but I want to thank for response to anti-sharia protest.
Can we borrow your City Council down here in San Diego so we can join in on the fun? Kthxbye
Great news: City Council just took a major step to by saying NO to offshore drilling
"The people you did elect to make decisions on spending local taxpayer money — the members of the City Council —...
Props to my man for going yard on the opposition to Soccer City San Diego and the SD City Council. ⚽️
Truck drivers and workers are delivering their demands for labor peace to the Long Beach Mayor & City Council
City Council accepts $250,000 from Memphis Zoological Society and the Overton Park Conservancy for parking solution
City Council votes to oppose offshore drilling
City Council mgt tonight. Talking about the contract with the Arapahoe County Sheriff. (@ Centennial Civic Center)
City Council is out of touch: Tensions high in Dundas as city lets contractor close and buy part of public laneway
Halting site protest ends up in City Council chamber.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Stay informed - read the agenda for tomorrow's City Council meeting:
Dear editor,. Wow! What does the City Council and the Santa Rosa County Board of [Commissioners] want?. Way more...
At the Port St. Lucie City Council workshop. They're going to be talking medical marijuana.
I have to speak for 3 mins in a City Council meeting as to why we shouldn't have medical marijuana establishments in Pomona. 🤔😬sorry friends
The NY City Council needs to be replaced with men and women that really care for American's. And our security.
Don't blame with the City Council trying to tax everyone to pay for the homeless.
Seattle mayor, 2 City Council members propose city income tax on the rich.
Terry waiting on Redknapp to confirm Blue Badge from City Council for his Disabled Parking Space.
Seattle "income tax" -- on the rich takes another step through City Council.
More great City Council just voted to fly the Palestinian flag in solidarity w/ the people of for…
Meet the that attacked man at City Council meeting, dog "kept his hold and bit him a second time"…
Adoption showcase at City Council misfires when man is bitten after stepping on dog - Florida Times-Union
Upated: GI City Council rejects bids for new 911 center
Kearney's City Council votes in favor of $20 million new retirement complex
Man hauled out on a stretcher after being attacked by "rescue" dog at City Council meeting!
.plan to help finance delayed by City Council committee until the end of July or later
Airbnb hosts lobby LA City Council for fair home sharing rules.
City Council's emergency ordinance: 'No constitutional right' to be nude: A family-friendly…
City Council's emergency act: 'No constitutional right' to be nude
Please show support for Keene City Council members who will ask the City Council to join the Climate Mayors...
Ask your City Council members to vote YES ON to ban use of wild/exotic animals in entertainment! https:/…
.announced budget cuts aimed at the districts represented by certain City Council members.
It's back! Steamboat Farmers Market returns this morning. Stop by and say hello to City Council members from...
City Council members sponsoring resolution to investigate how Ormond Park proposal showed up in master plan.
Thanks to Mayor Avery and the members of the City Council for the City of Fairburn recognizing today as National...
FOX13 Investigates: Travel expense reports for City Council members.
City Council members in NYC call on de Blasio to implement stronger standards
East Cleveland Ohio U.S.A. - Of all of the "FAKE" City Council meetings designed by acting EC Mayor...
In 2015 some ppl asked that City Council require another Charter Amendment to cover taxpayers b4 voting to…
I support vacation rentals in Los Angeles - Speak up and tell LA City Council to support vacation rentals -
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
City Council reaffirmed Pullman as a "welcoming city.".
McGregor: the parastatal UDCORP is one of the actors exerting authority on the outskirts of resented by the City Council
So proud of Terry Nelson who has announced his candidacy for Beacon, NY's City Council!…
Congrats to members of City Council, Including CHI Health's very own VP on today's swearin…
City Council has adopted the ordinance amending the LDD Map Amendment within the eastern portion of Brooklyn-South historic area.
City Council rolls back on growing By
Some hometown cannabis news: City Council rolls back moratorium on cannabis cultivation
City Council rolls back moratorium on growing
City Council rolls back moratorium on growing pot
In one of our City Council district races, two of the candidates have already raised > $100,000, and the primary isn't even until September.
Tonight's City Council meeting will be a roundtable discussion on Envision Cambridge in Alewife. Here's the agenda:
Care about the future of Cambridge? Come to the City Council's Envision Cambridge roundtable tomorrow, Monday, 5...
Jeff's talked the talk, he's walking the walk! Announcing today! He's running for City Council!
Most of City Council supports raises for public safety.
Interested in running for City Council? Come get all the information you need, May 30, 6:30 pm, City Hall.
Minneapolis restaurant owners push for 'tip credit' as City Council considers raising minimum wage…
City Council set to craft ordinance to raise
After Tuesday's meeting, City Council members suggested that Mayor Bell is forcing Councilor Lundy out of office:…
David Mandel announces his run for City Council in the 44th district against David Greenfield
Houston Mayor & City Council observe a moment of silence for victims. Mayor: keep praying for victims & all of humanity.
FULL STORY: 3 things you missed from this week’s City Council meeting
Heading into Council chambers to meet the Houston mayor and City Council members.
What's to watch for from City Council - Iowa State Daily: Iowa State Daily What's to watch for from City Council…
Thinking of running for City Council? Participate in the Candidate Forum on May 30.
This BLM guy is running for City Council in Houston
Houston activist, Ashton P. Wood's, announces his intended candidacy for City Council in the City of Houston.
PD is doing this in Del Paso Heights, but and City Council won't admit it, won't stop…
Today I will be testifying on the East End "Food Dessert" bill at DC City Council. 😬🤠🤗
City Council approves new community choice plan, the largest in – Mercury News…
Coming today: City Council to discuss giving $4.2 million grant to for Fayette Place. . Background:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
City Council approved conditional use permit for Brick&Mortar Brewing Company, paving way for city's first brewery
Not your typical City Council wear... Adam Bennett took this pic of Mayor Turner rocking a Spurs jersey!…
Mayor's special adviser on human trafficking briefing City Council now on city's anti-trafficking efforts. Details:
Ten demands for Glasgow City Council action for the people of Glasgow.
Horsham Rural City Council will proceed with effort to change speed limits around Horsham and Haven.
Tehran's City Council candidates aren't vetted by Iran's hard-liners so are more colorful https:/…
Aberdeen City Council coalition set to be proposed
Fayetteville City Council Votes 7-1 to sell land for potential medical marijuana facility
Hobsons Bay City Council raising the flag and awareness the day!
I expect this to be an endorsement of Nikkita Oliver for mayor and Jon Grant for city council but pls send your Sawant as…
Conway City Council honors man who pioneered desegregation in Horry County
Police Chief Mike Koval says he agrees with many of the recommendations.
Minority coalition (Cons/Lab/Ind) on the cards for Aberdeen City Council .
The right to have pets as controversial campaign issue! Where you ask? Tehran!
Correction: Pictured is Santa Cruz City Council (not County Board!) supporting Rather than "wait" for damage…
In Celebration of International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia, Nottingham City Council in...
Surdyk's deal headed for city council vote
A TREASURE trove of complaint letters written to the City of Sydney in the 19th Century by disgruntled...
Great news! El Cerrito City Council passed a resolution 2nite in support of which will establish single payer guara…
City Council ‘will fail’ without more help from business. .
Breaking: LA city council district one race results w 5 % of pcts reporting: incumbent 67%, 33%.
Grant Porter was recognized tonight at Pullman City Council meeting for valuable community contributions!
About time: Ombudsman tells Wellington City Council to review information sharing procedures
Congratulations to Chief Mark Sealy who was unanimously voted by the City Council to be the next Chief of Mobile Fire-Rescue…
With the city council election going again towards disgusting,limitless,ruinous political thievery by LiberalDemocrats,I HAVE2get out ofL.A.
People are asking why the city council isn't respecting the library board's own democratic process
Write City Hall today & tomorrow on City Engineer's Authority to bypass Council for roads, bike lanes, transit "Complete Stree…
BREAKING: Sunset City Council votes to close its fire department. Will ask North Davis Fire District to annex them.
@ the Berkeley City Council fighting to We will remain until we end the militarized repression of our communities.
City of Cape Town says if Council approves Level 4 water restrictions, it will come into effect as from 1 June 2017.
Congratulations Gil Cedillo for his reelection today as Los Angeles City Council Member for District 1 with 67% of the votes,well deserved!
The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee has recommended that Council adopt Level 4 water restrictions.
Kari from the Invercargill City Council tells us about the Matariki Festival that's coming up next month, and has...
Harrisonburg City Council: Approve a No-Kill Shelter in the Shenandoah Valley via
ALAMEDA COUNTY: come to 2134 MLK in Berkeley to tell city council to say no to Urban Shield.
The item to coming up soon. It's not too late to come to Berkeley City Council and demand they withdraw…
Galway city council in Ireland voted tonight to fly the flag of in solidarity with for the rest o…
Washington State defensive back Grant Porter honored at Pullman City Council meeting
"[He] was reported to have participated in a number of racist, fat-shaming & transphobic online forums."
Welcoming Frontline trainees to their new jobs with B'ham City Council Children's Services. Challenging but rewarding ca…
All are welcome to join Jeanine Pearce Long Beach City Council member Second District. See the flyer below and plan to attend.…
A landlord said City Council shouldn't listen to those with "no skin in the game" (tenants). Our homes, families, lives do…
Hoboken City Council draws up resolution to revoke Vape Van license; lists series of violations as …
In Houston, you call your full time City Council that meets weekly. Where do you go now? Your State Re…
Welcome back to another term on City Council, Theresa Kail Smith! You represent District 2 very well
The Allied Arts Council has provided a response to City Council in regards to the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce...
Ward 6 City Council candidate Aaron Banks said voter turnout in the runoff has been low, 50% based on numbers so far
Did you miss last night's City Council meeting & the FY17-18 proposed budget presentation? Watch now:
Nov. 7, 2017: The city of St. Petersburg, FL has elections for City Council & Mayor! Our progressive Mayor…
Tuesday is Election Day in Gatlinburg. I have heard that fellow City Council members have sent a letter in...
City Council reappoints James Dixon and Andy Palmer to Electrical Code Board. More on boards and commissions at
iTown Church members out in force for tonight's City Council meeting..1st reading on their new proposed building ne…
Last interview wrapped up. Two new members will be announced at the City Council's June 5 meeting. Terms start July 1.
This weekend, city residents joined City Council, Staff and Parks Advisory members in celebrating the completion...
Tonight's meeting of City Council now in progress. Council members Bradley and Naylor not present
As stop-and-frisk anger grows, local City Council members step up | Communities United for Police Reform
Chief Jenkins will present 3 citizen awards at Tuesday's meeting of the City Council.…
"City Council members on Tuesday will consider an amendment.. to allow for... roughly 260 units".
It takes a team to make things happen. That's why these past and present City Council members turned out in support…
Positions on the ballot include the Mayor, City Council members, county and local offices, school board members, and state court judges.
Learn how this K-Kids club interviewed members of their City Council & why their club has a waiting list!
Brothers Ken Smith and Darrin Ledford, both City Council members for Chattanooga!
The boys basketball team was recognized recently by City Council for winning their 2nd city championship!
⭐️ • Will tap-and-go cards save CityCycle?: BRISBANE City Council is counting on new CityCycle bank card……
...more importantly I didnt think it was legal to identify yourself as a member of a commission during public comment & a City Council .
CLERB board voted to ask City Council chair, Berlin Boyd about appointing a 2nd council member to the board. Worth Morgan is the current rep
Erica Barnett: Hearing that City Council member Lorena Gonzalez will be entering Mayoral race…
We were honored by a visit from Pious Ali, City Council member, activist, immigrant and all round amazing person.
City Council to vote on Alamo Master Plan concepts on Thursday
City Council votes on the Master Plan conceptual design tomorrow (Thurs, 5/11) - one big vote, not "a la carte" items
Henry speaks to Spring Grove CC about his motivations to run 4 City Council.
Our speaker for Pancakes and Politics on Saturday: 19-Year-Old Runs for City Council in Georgia
City Council votes in favor of rezoning residential property on West Jefferson.
Scottish leader gives blessing to potential coalition deal on City Council.…
Very lengthy discussion about property in 4900 block of West Jefferson at City Council tonight. Update on Council's…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Committee for a Better Atlanta's 2017 City Council and Mayoral Candidate Forums May 8 & 11. We invite you to...
Got a chance to see the extra large amount of candidates for City Council this morning…
Water Superindendent Steve Kelley receives a proclamation from Mayor Wirth at the May 2nd City Council meeting...
LA City Council votes to support Trump impeachment investigation.
City Council criticised for investing £8m in Northampton parcel depot (From Chronicle)
Attended LA City Council meeting on how to administer the Dr. Frances Cress Welsing said chemicals are put o…
Source: Highly influential ward leaders, City Council members to back Larry Krasner on Monday
Instead of running for LA City Council, this guy should be president - affair, unpaid taxes - he's a shoe-in.
City Council member Jason Williams told me fake subpoenas are not a prosecutorial technique, fake subpoenas are fraud.
Simple Cure for homicide problem in Baltimore Arrest the Mayor DA and City Council under the RICO ACT they're the problem !!
City Council members tell Baltimore budget chief: Spend more on kids, less on police - Baltimore Sun
Hector Gastelum will speak in front of ChulaVista Council. Citizens are asking the City Council to ask for his res…
And it's unanimous, the Classic is approved by the ! Thank you City Council & Todd Stone for your support!
Councillor Mike Layton » Blog Archive » Sign this petition to get City Council to vote YES to a park in our ward
Fort Worth early voting. Vote for Ann Zadeh for City Council and Jason Brown for school board if you're in their districts. Good people.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Join us tonight at 5 for the City Council meeting.
Cash-strapped council considers bottling city WATER to make money...Bristol City Council is considering bottling... ht…
As always, data at city council level is much more interesting that at deparment/regional level.…
Mildura Rural City Council Library Service will be closed Tuesday 25th April 2017 for the ANZAC day public holiday
Proud to be endorsed for City Council by Frisco's Bravest & Frisco's Finest Early votin…
Vicious antisemite running for Manhattan city council
Calgary City Council to get "brief update not a full pitch" on Plan B Vic Park arena on Monday sources tell
A brave decision by the Council of the day that is saving us millions.
You say this yet you stand and take photos with this man
[New York Daily] City Council to create list of landlords accepting rent vouchers
Oxford City Council: Help re-open Lucy Faithfull House homeless accommodation - Sign the Petition!
Yesterday - Robert E. Lee Monument Will Stay in Charlottesville – City Council Votes to Leave it In Place
The Phoenix carpark plan confirmed by the city council this week means the Mount Maunganui north area will...
To her supporters, is Joan of Arc. To her council colleagues, she’s undermining the the city.
No more big red tourist bus in Brisbane's CBD. Council blames the fact we're a good walking city /via htt…
Im pleased to say I start work with Glasgow City Council as a primary teacher in August 😀 Was a tricky/lengthy process though.
Focusing locally...City Council...Mayor...State Reps. Change begins in my my my state!!!
In 2018, we Hamiltonians need to seriously elect a Council that isn't an embarrassment to our great city
Rage. Rage against the dying of the light. Glasgow City Council is sitting on over £1.5bn of Scot Gov funding.
Ballarat City Council could become carbon neutral in less than 10 years under a bold plan:
Great things happen with a new Mayor & City Council majority that support Firefighters
Thank you for a shout out Delhi. Pick your favourite musician & make your Mix
Council Bluffs school district’s next superintendent hopes to build on strengths Murillo was born in Kansas City, …
Florissant having an African-American on the City Council is huge. Previously unthinkable.
DeKalb: DeKalb City Council to hear NIU feedback on how to revitalize downtown area
Our city customer care lines are open to receive your enquiries City Council contact us on . +267 2418086 . 0730-1630 M2F
They've got the chief, mayor, city council, state legislature, and governor covering for them. All versus Trump.
City Council members are pledging to cut Baltimore Police budget by $10 million.
"A persistent and effective advocate," endorses for LA City Council, District 7. You, go!!
.is running for City Council in District 1. Learn more about this candidate:.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
TELL SD Mayor Faulconer and the SD City Council to Implement the Qualcomm Stadium Emergency Shelter Plan NOW.
Great candidate Q&A in today's on Reno's City Council & Mayoral races! Vote Hunter, Trammell, and Bash…
City Council considering using blight funds to repair Traner Pool, damaged last week by vandals.…
City Council decide to be on the right side of history in relation to Sunday's Well.
City Council votes to examine letter to CA Coastal Commission urging it to rescind permit to store SONGS spent nuclear waste onsite (cont.)
Chicago aldermen want their consultants exempt from ethics rules
Thank you City Council for letting us speak to you today about our program and service project!
City council approves funding for a Children's Museum in Meridian. Report by
Thank you Honorable Mayor Steve Terrell and the City Council of Allen, TX for inviting my sweet…
Greensboro City Council will watch body cam video of teen's arrest
THANK YOU, Kirkland City Council for listening to the business community! The five cent fee exemption for certain...
Council is declaring Oxnard Guerreros the city's official professional soccer team so there are lots of hands to shake. h…
Are you a voter? Check out our greatest and most imitated forum: . .
We got to know the candidates last night. Check out the recap:
I really need to start getting to city council meetings more often.
Tonight Rancho Cordova's City Manager, Cyrus Abhar, was our guest speaker at Youth at City Council. Our PRO...
The Berkeley City Council, mayor, and police chief never figured on the Justice Department sending in former…
Colorado Springs welcomes new members to City Council .
New Molson-Coors brewery in Chilliwack gets approval from city council. - Country 107.1
Christchurch City Council have kindly provided Concession prices for the upcoming Waste Free Parenting Week event...
khalid kamau has won his election for city council in South Fulton! Congrats!
Five speakers are up to speak in favor of endorsing at the Oakland city council meeting
THANK YOU Jax city council for honoring my work at WLBT news for 33 years. Looking forward to 33 more (That's Mrs B). http…
Regardless, of Unity embezzling funds from a funder, the city council gave them public land for development
Amarillo's City Council approved the downtown parking garage ordinance & the "HOPE" program gears up for kick off.
Thanks Richmond City Council for your unanimous AYE for tonight! You rep yr community well!
City council boosts City of Peterborough Official Plan update budget to $324K
When Buddy Mikaere went along to Tauranga City Council to ask what was happening to the hotel bid he and partners...
I'm calling on the army of dsa graphic designers to give khalid a city council seat in all 50 states and various territories
Honored to have met when I worked in D.C. While watching Street Fight my current city council campaign relates so much.
Boulder City Council unanimously agrees to donate $10,000 to the University of Colorado's relief fund for DACA and ASSET…
Apparently, when you turn 35 you start speaking at city council meetings.
City Council debates expansion of downtown area, advertising policies
Vote for Eric Erickson candidate for city council district 2.
Chicago (IL) Tribune - Local: Pharmacy lobbyists object to workplace rules proposed by City Council
Healdsburg City Council is poised to limit the number, location of tasting rooms
"Providence City Council Committee on Ordinances approved the Community Safety Act (CSA)... [that] prohibits...
Looks like the voters need to get out and vote for new city council members.
Tuesday's morning breakfast at the Belmont center. My name is Eric Erickson candidate for city council district 2.
I do not trust the Mayor, I do not trust a portion of the Seattle City Council, I do not trust the port, and I do not trust G…
Breaking: YES!!! Oakland City Council passes resolution in favor of - HealthCare is a human right!
Virginia city council caves to the ‘resistance,’ votes to sell its Gen. Lee statue
Congrats khalid on the two city council seats lol
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