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Citizens United

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission, 558 U.S. ––––, 130 S.Ct. 876 (January 21, 2010), was a landmark decision by the United States Supreme Court, which held that the First Amendment prohibited the government from restricting independent political expenditures by corporations and unions.

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Democrats continue to willfully deceive. Citizens United has nothing whatsoever to do with PAC fundraising.
.would have won last night had it not been for that meddling Citizens United case.
You can thank the Judiciary- Marbury v. Madison, Citizens United, for the Oligarchy control…
The Supreme Court and Trinity Lutheran Church - The next Citizens United is the death of the 1st Amendment
Floyd Abrams on the health of the First Amendment and why he argued for Citizens United:
"80 percent, bipartisan, oppose what they think the Citizens United was," says Abrams. .
According to the TX Dem Party, KSP was represented by the architect of Citizens United.
Live look at Congressman Rick Nolan talking Citizens United at his listening session:
Obvious to me...the pesticide companies! Dollars...beget influence! Citizens United...thank the con…
Citizens United is part of CNP. They are extreme alt right conservative christians. Trump suppliers.
Immense impact of US Sup Ct continues from Brown v Bd of Educ, Roe v Wade, Bush v Gore, Citizens United v FEC to now
Garland from the 1 court that expanded Citizens United & voted against Habeas Corpus. Guy Podesta floated after Sca…
1. It wasn't "right before." 2. Citizens United assured that she would need big money to defeat the GOP. 3. Bye…
Conservative judge Richard Posner on Citizens United and money in politics
What you don't know about Citizens United might hurt you
Impeachment wouldn't do a damned thing. Amend the Constitution re Citizens United, change EC to follow po… featured in NBC s Science of Love
do the right thing . you said it yourself - Gorsuch obfuscates. doesnt answer anything. approves of Citizens United. VOTE NO
Neil Gorsuch, Backed by $10 Million in Dark Money, Refuses to Weigh In on Citizens United via
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse says Citizens United has created too much money power for Congress to regulate it now.
Shame belongs to sold American democracy to audacious oligarchs like Koch Bros w/ help from & Citizens United
more great work by Jane Mayer. The catastrophe wrought by Citizens United continues. Still don't understand /1
to put it another way, while Buckley v Valeo and Citizens United were awful, I don't think better rules will save us
Robert Mercer: the big data billionaire waging war on mainstream media John Roberts - Citizens United = convenient
Commissioner of Federal Election Commission resigns due to Citizens United ruling giving too much power to corporations and wea…
Are you available for brief interview on House Joint Rest 48 to overturn Citizens United? TNX Mike Clifford mlcl…
Right to Work benefits those far above middle class. Slept with Citizens United labeling him establishment.
Generation Zero | Citizens United [another great film like films from Michael Moore, Aaron Russo, Stanley Kubrick]
Much ado about nothing with this, folks. Come on. Nobody remembers Dems' Citizens United hashtag war?
Read Justice Stevens dissent in Citizens United and use that as your basis for campaign finance reform.
Though when Obama slammed SCOTUS for Citizens United, I'm sure you were approving. But you're a Hyp-Brock-Crite now…
Let me know when "honest" republicans march for reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine & overturn Citizens United.
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Bill's looking forward to more decisions like Shelby County, Concepcion, AmEx, Citizens United, Connick and Florence.
Citizens United while also endorsing expansion of DC Circuit, break-upof 9th and hefty hike in judicial pay:
KStrassel eloquent defense of conservative position. Enlightening on Citizens United ala Bill Buckley
With its 2nd bankruptcy in 13 months and with the Citizens United decision, American Apparel could be the next President.
Hillary Clinton will nominate justices who will overturn Citizens United and take back our democracy fr…
we must have campaign finance reform. HRC has stated she will get Citizens United overturned.Note her"tough stance"on drug indus
Republican initiative,Citizens United, has apparently backfired. Where is Dylan Ratigan now that he's needed?
Thanks to Citizens United can admit his new film's meant to influence voters
Citizens United : Dedicated to restoring our government to citizen control.
.has committed to overturn Roe v Wade & uphold Citizens United.
"Citizen Koch" I CANNOT RECOMMEND THIS ENOUGH!! Talks about the Citizens United decision and corporate role in politics.
What we are seeing as a result of Citizens United is billionaires literally trying to buy the U.S. government.
Not with Citizens United. You should be more worried about Erick Erickson's gluttony. Pisses off God.
Either way, the emails Mike is talking about are from a FOIA lawsuit by Citizens United, not a hack.
They are all agents if Citizens United with only theatrics as politics.
A reminder - regardless of red suit or blue tie, Americans want to see Citizens United overturned.
Libertarian Johnson supports TPP, fracking, Citizens United, and no min wage. How any Sanders supporters could back him is…
5. Johnson wants to expand corporate power and supports Citizens United
Trump has hired David Bossie, the president of Citizens United, as his new campaign deputy manager
I suppose now that you've allied yourself to Scalia and Citizens United, you oppose Bob McDonnell's conviction?
Total b.s I know a democratic bill was votes on this year to repeal Citizens United. Congress..recorr
It's astounding, yet unsurprising, that while the Democrats claim to hate Citizens United they nominated someone so indebt…
Corporate "personhood" and Citizens United are 2 of the most embarrassing SCOTUS decisions ever!! Corrupt much??
...instead of Income Inequality or Corporate Personhood or Citizens United?
This is the definition of Citizens United
Hillary Clinton is raising millions from hedge funds, thanks to Citizens United
Katherine Clark, elected in part by EMILY's List Super PAC spending, speaks out against Citizens United.
followed by citizens United, n trumps Supreme Court picks said they would not overturn it. 100% chance of being disappointed
It's always jarring when people who make a living saying controversial things come out against Citizens United, a pro-speec…
Trump’s Supreme Court nominees would, like Scalia, oppose a woman’s right to choose, support Citizens United and gut the…
"What is Citizens United?" is the top trending question in the U.S. tonight, and the others are also about ht…
So, says will fight 'Citizens United' decision. But, this: & http…
Why are the Dems the only side supporting an end to Citizens United? Trump said at convention he would allow churches to lobby too.. ***
Bernie Sanders: "Brothers and sisters, this election is about overturning Citizens United" https:/…
Supreme Court nominee, Garland, sees Citizens United ruling as fair and sound.
Audience goes nuts for "overturning Citizens United" .. something 99% of them do not comprehend or know why they are cheerin…
."This election is about overturning Citizens of the worst Supreme Court decisions in the history of…
If I could wave magic wand and erase just *one* recent SCOTUS decision, wouldn't be Citizens United. I'd undo gutting of…
Reverse Citizens United? The government's position in CU was that showing a documentary critical of Hillary on cable TV could…
Sarah Silverman attacks as "Billionaires Buying Politicians." Sweetheart, you're a Bernie gal selling…
Bill Clinton LEAPS up when Bernie calls for overthrowing Citizens United, which btw, was about Hillary, did you know?
And now you go mispeaking Bernie. She ain't gonna overturn citizens United she used it to beat you bro
most important line of speech: U want to overturn Citizens United, U have one chance- Naming NEXT Supreme Ct justice
Bush Supreme Court justices gave us Citizens United,end of voting rights act; we are just seeing the impacts of these decisions.
isn't going to do anything about - that's how she got rich.. The Clintons LOVE Citizens Uni…
So this is it people. Today's the day we say for the final time both as citizens of the United Kingdom of Grape Britain.
I think the Supreme Court is the war worth fighting for. Think Citizens Unite…
I sort of want to see Citizens United get overturned just to see Bernie people baffled by why it changed nothing at all.
If Hillary really believed in overturning Citizens United & getting 💵 out of politics why didn't she fundraise like Bernie…
Again, Citizens United was about trying to make a movie criticizing Hillary illegal.
Boy would I love to ask ten people at random in the DNC hall what they think Citizens United was all about. Bet I'd get 10…
To be fair, don't think free tuition, 21c Glass-Steagall act, blocking TPP or reversal of citizens united were e…
Hillary Clinton will nominate justices to the Supreme Court who are prepared to overturn Citizens United.” —
$15 min wage. Overturning Citizens United. Free community college. We did this. You still haven't had one policy. http…
The sitting justice who has been most outspoken against Citizens United was appointed by Bill Clinton.
During people kept searching for info on Bernie Sanders' age, Citizens United:.
"Citizens United is not a necessary evil" - Sarah Silverman
Citizens United is one of the worst decisions in our history. Will Trump mention it or is he too afraid of the Koch brot…
Your daughter's reproductive rights will be upheld with Clinton, but Citizens United won't be overturned by a Judge Garland.
If you prioritize TPP over LGBTQ rights, Citizens United, women's reproductive health, etc, etc, that's on you.
Conservative Justices have given us Citizens United and weakened fair voter laws! Common denominator here is Big corporations!
. It was the conservative SC judges who voted for Citizens United. Typical support of rich by GOP.
Question for you as a fiscal conservative, how do you feel about Citizens United decision?
The man behind Citizens United gears up for Hillary Clinton attacks - via
We must restore accountability in elections. That's why I intro'd bill to overturn Citizens United.
Clinton pledges constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United in her first 30 days via
Clinton pledges constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United ruling
The SuperPACs and the Citizens United ruling that gives corporations a voice in the politi...
Justice Ginsburg: "I’d love to see Citizens United overruled.”
Way too many critics of Citizens United have gone silent this election as both front running corporate candidates rake in…
Rick Bennett on US Supreme Crt's Citizens United: were their robes on too tight?
The lawyer who spearheaded 'Citizens United,' wants to open another floodgate for unrestricted campaign money:
Foreign businesses might be real winners in Citizens United tons of money can pour into United a states political scene guess op
. The Democratic Party and our POTUS want to end Citizens United. Google.
Citizens United already weeded out the Poor from having a voice!
Citizens United has already weeded out the poor from having a voice. At least RICH dummies still have a voice!
A Constitutional amendment that would overturn Citizens United & other Supreme Court decisions that have allowed...
The litmus test for any politician should be whether they support to overturn Citizens United...That's what this election is really about. 💰
Some of us are trying to elect the one man who says he'll overturn Citizens United and hold big banks accountable
As President, I will:. Only appoint Supreme Court justices who will make it a priority to overturn Citizens United...
She gets 3-4 Justices. They have to repeal/rewrite the First Amendment to overturn Citizens United, RFRA, etc.
Especially because no president can overturn Citizens United; it's a SCOTUS precedent.
the worst is when the LW says Clinton won't overturn Citizens United, which was initially against her.
Hillary is going to overturn Citizens United just as soon as finishes dropping $90M on swingstate ads
We need to overturn Citizens United, get rid of PACS and 501c and 527's. Make campaign publicly financed.
Here's how we can overturn Citizens United and REALLY get big money out of politics
We must overturn Citizens United & THIS!. re: The US Supreme Court has ruled in favor of...
I remember Former Bill Clinton was going to overturn Citizens United when he was are president
.How do you think is going to overturn Citizens United?
Ask to let Californians vote on whether to overturn Citizens United
Will let her constituents vote on whether we should overturn Citizens United?
Tonight, ordinary citizens from across America are united as they use the moment of the worst part of their day to triangulate my exact loca
what all has the courts done for the Kochs? Citizens United has and will continue to reek and destroy democracy.
[Environment] VISA-Free Countries You Need To Visit Now: United States citizens can travel to more than ...
Hillary is passionate about overturning Citizens United because she knows firsthand what it’s done to our democracy. ht…
abandon the and protect the citizens of the United Kingdom. If the government won't WE CAN!
A recent poll found that 78 percent of Vietnamese citizens have a favorable view of the United States.(WaPo)
.Or lying with a straight face. Pretend against Citizens United and use Scalia argument to defend her bribes
Iraqi All united forces to retake Falluja From ISIS See are they doing with Falluja Citizens!
Will overturning Citizens United really make a difference? Here's a pessimistic view from
I cannot cover the subject in 140 characters, however, look into my past site postings, the answer is clear
Campaign financing can't be fixed by their actions alone. It'll take Const. amendment to overturn Citizens United
Rights activists can create change when united, but more support from power brokers and disinterested citizens still needed
United States always talking about human rights yet we all know they torture people and spy on their citizens
Excellent analysis by | Confronting the Results of Citizens United
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my name is johnny depp and I kill the president of the United States of Trump™, passes a law forcing all citizens to work at TrumpCo™.
When Clinton, DNC & the corp media united to undermine Bernie & crying fowl when citizens stand up against this corruption…
Corporations are legally considered persons (an abuse of the 14th amendment), money is considered free speech (Citizens United ruling)
you're kidding right? She wouldn't be here if it weren't for citizens united, WS corporations giving millions..what in return?
No one cares: If Citizens United Falls, Will Progressives Notice? - The Atlantic rules all!!
oh I know, thanks in large part to your work. I'm bothered the left takes him seriously even though he def. citizens united
Ironic thing is Citizens United was created to attack Hillary. But she turned the tables, and SHE is the evil one. REALLY???
Puerto Rico is definitely a part of the UNITED STATES of America. A control board? ridiculous! They are citizens!
without superpacs and citizens united she won't win 1 state. Lets add voter fraud too.
It's not possible bc he supports SC Justices like Scalia that favor Citizens United, so no... It's not possible.
No one's forced to take the money and he isn't for overturning Citizens United, so you can't pretend he's for...
"If SCOTUS doesn’t overturn Citizens United, I’ll fight for a Constitutional amendment to limit influence of money in e…
We have to overturn Citizens United and move to the public funding of election, so the wealthy and the powerful cannot buy…
Gerrymandering, Citizens United, voter fraud... America's political system is so broken, it would be laughable if it weren't so dangerous.
It’s time to reclaim our democracy. We need to overturn Citizens United, fix our campaign finance system, and protect v…
So some Citizens United-enabled super PACs are ok? If they support Bernie, then CU isn't ~that~ bad?
Check out our revolution! Bernie UNITES CITIZENS to combat Citizens United. This is how we
Citizens United was originally a suit against Hillary. She'll appoint a liberal too
So, we need corporate money out of politics? Overturning Citizens United is key. We need more liberal judges to do that
Hmmm Mr. sir can you drop out the race so you can stop scaring the citizens of the United States of America please ?
Citizens applauds the joint strategy of United Azadi Camp in
We must overturn Citizens United to state clearly: No person and certainly no corporation has the "First Amendment right" t…
"It is not ok that because of Citizens United, billionaires are buying elections" crowd cheers.
The DEMS & GOP are one in the same party both work for CORPORATIONS & benefit from CITIZENS UNITED proved that
under Citizens United, speech == money, so we're back to selling indulgences I guess?
Wisconsin case now before the Supreme Court highlights just how much the justices got wrong with Citizens United. https:/…
"We now have legal bribery in this country." – Pres. Jimmy Carter re: Citizens United and Super Pacts.
Wow. NASDAQ's anti lawyer is Gibson Dunn, of Citizens United fame. Huge guns drawn. Now it's really David vs Goliath.
Clinton wants Roe v Wade protected and Citizens United removed. You're like a Breitbart reader.
releasing names of possible Supreme Court nominees. All of his nominees would overturn Roe v. Wade & save Citizens United.
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Phil Robertson is on a mission with Citizens United to save American and they need your help. via
David Bossie of Citizens United elected national committeeman in
We did it! Thanks for your support! Citizens United president elected as GOP party leader in Maryland.
BIG pay day for David Bossie and Citizens United.
.of Citizens United elected Republican National Committeeman in Md., unseating incumbent Louis Pope.
Citizens United blah blah blah.bad. But, 6 Mega Cronies owning MSM, being your only source of news and telling you how…
A coalition of various Civil Society Organisations under the aegis of Citizens United for Peace and Stability, on...
So let's fix it, bring back Glass/Steagall, welfare, voting rights act, reverse Citizens United; get Bernie elected.
David Bernie is on your side. This fight with the Koch brothers can only be won if we overturn Citizens United.
This group raised $11 million to defeat Citizens United, so why do people hate them?
Citizens United finally working for us liberals! / Seth MacFarlane makes big political donation
No. It's on Ralph Nader. So is Citizens United, Samuel Alito, Hobby Lobby, etc. Own your failure.
If Democrats win back the Senate and retain the White House, Citizens United is toast. What is Bernie doing to facilitate the former?
George Clooney said on (watching now) that Citizens United is the worst law to be passed in a long time. Not a law, Geor…
It's time for a constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United - Sign the Pledge! via
Agree. Just finishing up Dark Money by Jane Mayer. A must read to understand what Citizens United has unleashed.
Citizens United floods Clinton campaign with dirty money via
Like the Patriot Act, Citizens United, they speak in opposites.
How to achieve that? The only way is to end Citizens United, and establish Federal campaign financing. ...
Would that we could overturn Citizens United. Campaign law so lax corporations can find a legal way to give indirectly to help a candidate
Justice Kennedy believed instant disclosure of campaign finance would keep Citizens United in check.
Citizens United said corporations have the right to donate to campaigns. But what about their foreign shareholders?
...Hillary isn't committed to that when she is committed to defeating Citizens United. Simple research, people. It's not that hard.
People who are against Citizens United should actually know how that case even made its way to the courts (& connection to Hillary). I had..
Funny, 6 yrs after Citizens United the Democratic front-runner is from a wealthy political dynasty and the Republican is an "outsider"
"That is not democracy, that is oligarchy.". Bernie is doing a number on Scott Walker, Citizens United and Koch Brother…
You reverse Citizens United by ripping the media out of the hands of the Republican Party.
It was Citizens United, not Trump, that started the dismantling of the Republican party.
Interesting look at the Law of Unintended Consequences, viz the Citizens United ruling and the funding of GOP...
$$-in-politics truth from "In itself, reversing Citizens United would be a minor step."
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Instead of reversing Citizens United, make it easier for people without wealth to run.
Thanks to Citizens United, your boss can order you to attend a political rally (and fire you if you don't show up).
S/O Clarence Thomas for believing Citizens United didn't go far enough
My arch nemesis will forever be Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission (2010).
The tackled corporate campaign contributions, ruled by a case called Citizens United. More:
and increased his political giving after Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.
Why is Roe v Wade "settled law" and Citizens United in need of being overturned? Was Dred Scott or Plessy v Ferguson "sett…
Roe v Wade protects the rights of half the population. Citizens United represents interests of a much smaller group.
Clinton on the court: I will look for nominees with a heart, who will keep Roe v Wade and overturn Citizens United
Roe v. Wade is settled law because the Supreme Court ruled on it, but the Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United must be o…
Thinks a liberal SCOTUS will overturn Citizens United, meanwhile decades of Conservatives...still Roe v. Wade.
Clinton: Would seek justices who believe Roe v. Wade is settled law and that Citizens United needs to be overturned ASA…
I still can't believe that the greatest irony re: Citizens United is that its genesis was due to an anti-Hillary...
Howard Dean, do what's right for citizens, not 'Citizens United', that's just a 'Patriot Act'
Citizens United said State Dept hasn't explained how files were overlooked for 2 yrs. Are they stonewalling?
Citizens United has enabled billionaires & special interests to increasingly control the political system & amounts to lega…
So come up, defines Supercilleous & Ruth Bader Ginsberg ad for Citizens United comes up. . . did she pay for that?
. end Citizens United?. how do you do that?. we need Hillary to put Two more Supreme Court justices!!!. to ov…
Check out "we move to amend" 501K dedicated 2 challenging the Supreme Courts verdict on Citizens United
Bernie Sanders we need to overturn Citizens United & get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified so we are all legally equal
The Koch Bros are scared because they know I won’t stop fighting until we overturn Citizens United & get disclosure.
No. Citizens United isn't "overturned" it is operating exactly how it's supporters thought it would. Freedom works.
Read-between-the-lines on the issue: Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Dead man's cellphone..
So both dem candidates are for the "Australian Model" (mandatory gun confiscation) and against Citizens United (free speech). Choose wisely.
Thanks Nino, we still have Citizens United, a certain resident down the street at 740 Park is eternally grateful...
Floating now: Obama nominates Richard Posner to the SCOTUS. Solid GOP judge, but good on Voting Rights, 2nd Amdnt, Citizens United
How many people know what Crawford v. Marion County Election Bd. is?. How many people know what Citizens United is?. There's your problem.
Let's be crystal clear. voted against constitutional amnd to reverse Citizens United
weird. Jeb Bush calls for overturning 'Citizens United' decision that unleashed super PACs via
The first case I sat on... was Citizens United. Talk about being thrown in.
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David Bossie of Citizens United is headlining post-convention lunch.
So ur w/Chief Justice Roberts of SCOTUS who said in Citizens United $$$ can't ever b the *cause* of corruption then Ok
one thing Sanders and Trump show is that a bipartisan majority of the American people are DESPERATE to see Citizens United overturned
Good to know that in a world after Citizens United and Hobby Lobby, AP Style still knows the difference
SCOTUS nominees almost always refuse to answer specific case questions so it’s unlikely anyone Sanders nominates would about Citizens United
I liked a video David N. Bossie President of Citizens United on The Hannity Show
another unfortunate affect of the U.S. Supreme Court decision on Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission:
IF passes Feb 4, 2016, we seize to be CITIZENS and become EMPLOYEES of THE UNITED CORPORATIONS of AMERICA.
This is true, but the next POTUS could radically change the makeup of the SCOTUS and overturn Citizens United!
Wait, so the fact that the donation from hillPAC took place before Citizens United is an Opinion?? Yikes.
POTUS accepted Soros money too in 2012. We have to fight fire w/ fire under Citizens United. So he can STFU
Note: C, D, E differentiations. 8 U.S. Code § 1401 - Nationals and citizens of United States at birth . .
Thank your citizens united, campaign finance anti-reform and that sort of thing. That’s what changed. Not Iowa.
Even as GG continues to love him some Citizens United & some McCutcheon. This is only a Hillary takedown, not a pro-Sanders
. In the face of opposition by a large percentage of American citizens the president allows people into the United States.
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😂😂no magic , democratically repeal Citizens United 👀End the unfair influence of money in politics
You are listening with your heart...has spoken in favor of reversing Citizens United & raining in Hedge funds
😩your argument:false comparison, we have government by special interests. SCOTUS via Citizens United Decision nullified democracy
No way Citizens United and Shelby County come down the way they did with O'Connor instead of Alito:
Doesn't he know that NO ONE can overturn a Supreme Court decision not even the president! Case in point Citiz…
A pithy summary of the impact of the Citizens United decision by SCOTUS. Includes a good argument as to why it...
Wow, Learn your history. That donation from your candidate was before Citizens United, which means it was before corps were people.
to explain events as an operation financed by the United States are not only f̶a̶l̶s̶e̶ facts but very disrespectful to our fellow citizens
hope you reconsider won't fix citizens United & beats all GOP candidates in polls she doesn't
Undernews: The American oligarchy began well before Citizens United
Democracy should not be a war between one group of billionaire donors and another. That's why we've got to overturn Citize…
Fix our elections: END CITIZENS UNITED. Click here to get your FREE sticker ➜
has "undecided" voter "gabe" picks Clinton. Hmm you think she's gonna overturn Citizens United but yet brags about her SuperPAC. SMF
the *** of SCOTUS CITIZENS UNITED eliminated the $$ part,permanently, unless it can be changed! Unlikely?
With our support will make the billionaires regret backing Citizens United We citizens do not want an oligarchy
Oh please, stop with the BS. CLEARLY, ads for him are being run by Super Pacs. BENEFITS from Citizens United.
"what does it say about the United States if its citizens are afraid to vote for a candidate because they don't believe their government...
Group? You ment to say Super PAC right? He donated to her Super PAC, whith protections from Citizens United
thanks to citizens United u don't have to do it publicly anymore.
If Trump & Sanders win the nomination, that throws the Dem argument against Citizens United out the window.
Like the speech Citizens United provides companies should pay that in tax
it's not what a democracy should be about. Corporations are not people and citizens United needs to be overturned.
It was several decisions. Most people know Citizens United, but check out Buckley v Valeo and McCutcheon v FEC.
God bless America at last someone who will stand tall for all of the United citizens Trump means Leadership
Citizens United gave corporations personhood without responsibility. We need to change that.
Representatives united against media and citizens for waste of public money. Farmers are dying
Hillary's email crimes will in the end turn out to be the catalyst that delivers the United States back to its citizens…
Sent 2nd letter to DOJ demanding specifics on my request for special counsel in Clinton investigation:
Will you try to overturn Citizens United for example? Your appeal comes from the frustrated and the We're listening
If elected Citizens United will NEVER be overturned.
By supporting Bernie Sanders the people are rejecting Citizens United and the corrupt politicians it buys.
Norman Eisen of & of "Washington Is in Denial About Citizens United" htt…
Declaration of Independence warned against threat to democracy posed by big banks & corporations. Supreme Court Citizen…
"I don't think today's system deserves public trust."- VP Walter Mondale speaking at MN Newspaper Association about Citizens United.
Any Supreme Court nominee of mine will make overturning Citizens United one of their first decisions.
Today is the sixth-year anniversary of Citizens United, one of the most disastrous Supreme Court decisions in my lifetim…
Citizens United has taken its place below even Dred Scott as the worst and most corrupt Supreme Court decision in US history.
6 Years of Citizens United: Six years ago today, the Supreme Court issued its ruling in Citi...
I remember first reading Citizens United on the day it was issued, 6 years ago today:
Citizens United is six years old. I've read Russ's op-ed about it, will you?
Common sense went out the window with Citizens United, 6 years ago. But we can do something about it.
Citizens United & gutting of Voting Rights Act evil twins of Roberts Court, making it easier to buy election & harder to vot…
Rep. Grijalva: Citizens United undermines our democracy via
Thanks to Citizens United and no fairness doctrine.
Bernie will not nominate anyone for the Supreme Court that will not overturn Citizens United.
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Jedi knights, assemble! The Death Star that is Citizens United must be DESTROYED.
Thank our corrupt Supreme Court for Citizens United decision. & Dems are pushed into same corner, just to compete vs rich GOP.
How does that happen with John Roberts, accelerator of Citizens United, as current Chief Justice?
California court allows advisory vote on Citizens United - Sacramento Bee
Our campaign finance system is corrupt as a result of the disastrous Citizens United decision.
Citizens United has enabled billionaires to increasingly control the political campaign finance system=Bribery
Citizens United! Exposing Dedicated to restoring our government to citizen control!
"If there was 1 decision I would overrule, it would be Citizens United." US Supreme Cort Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Just finished my first oral argument as Solicitor General - Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission! Thanks for nominating me
I saw somewhere Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is trying to put Citizens United in check. If so, happy to hear that, and much thanks!
A new way to reform: 'Democracy vouchers' vs. Citizens United
Unless the Citizens United ruling is ruled unconstitutional the voting process will be rigged to where the American people voices are silent
Hillary Clinton you lost a lawsuit where you tried to silence other people's voices. It was called Citizens United.
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