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Citizens Police Academy

Citizen's Police Academy is a program designed to acquaint individuals who are not sworn police officers with the activities of their local police department.

Citizens Academy Police Academy 4 Crime Lab

Asst. Chief Mary Roberts welcomes the new class to the Citizens Police Academy. Have fun & enjoy your exp…
During one of our Citizens Academy Class, our fireman brought ou…
Citizens on patrol: Manhattan Beach Police Academy enrollment opens
Many thanks to our outstanding Citizens Police Academy Alumni for its annual appreciation meals!
Congrats to Officer Frosell! He is the 2017 Citizens Police Academy Alumni Rookie Officer of the Year!…
Congrats to Crime Analyst Reece! He is the Citizens Police Academy Alumni 2017 Civilian of the Year!…
Congrats to our graduates from Basic Citizens Police Academy Class 28! 🎓 Class 29 begins in January - stay tuned he…
Proud of the 45 recruits who completed the Lowell Police Academy & now head back to their local departments to serv…
SA Haas spoke to the Citizens Police Academy last week about the SAO, criminal justice system & how bot…
Wrong:. Goodburger. Teenwolf. Boys on the side. Batman Forever. Willow. Police Academy 4 Citizens on patrol. B…
For the last 12 weeks I’ve gotten the opportunity to be apart of the Mesa Police Department Citizens Academy and fi…
Scenario night for Class our current Citizens Police Academy. Appreciate our team, Alumni, & all pa…
Part one of two of my experience at Citizens Police Academy.
Attending Citizens Police Academy with my oldest son. We are at the Weber County Jail learning about the in’s & out…
Only a FEW spaces still open to join the 2018 class of the Citizens' Police Academy! Download an application today!
Citizens Police Academy! Mounted Patrol and K9 Units! You might say we're horsing around or have gone to the dogs.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Your chance to apply for Citizen's Police Academy
The citizens' police academy gives residents a closer look at what it means to police.…
Sheriff's CIO Al Roth giving a presentation on the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to the members C…
What a tremendous turnout at the 33rd Pct. last night for day 1 of our International Citizens Police Academy.…
Superior Citizens Police Academy is complete! I've learned so much. Such as what the SPD has to do to keep our cit……
Loving the Citizens Police Academy... had bomb squad in tonight. Amazing stuff!
Driving home from Speedway Police Citizens Academy, I enjoyed hearing Laura Steele on 104.5 WJJK-FM Classic Hits.
Community Police Academy citizens running radar on Duke St
Our Citizens Police Academy is getting ready to tour the Crime Lab! They are always just great hosts!
There are a few spots left for the Winter 2018 Citizens Police Academy January 11 thru March 22, 2018!
This week, our Citizens Police Academy learned about our Youth Services and General Investigations Units.
CITIZENS' POLICE ACADEMY:. Check here for info on our upcoming course.
APD scenarios at the Citizens Police Academy yesterday evening. These scenarios provide our citizens with a... https:/…
Citizens' Police Academy students learn importance of decision-making
Tonight at the Citizens Police Academy the students learned about traffic stops. After a short time in the...
On August 29th, Texas State University Police Department welcomed Class into the Citizens Police Academy for...
Please consider joining us for our thirteenth annual Citizens Police Academy at
WSPD Citizens Police Academy students are learning about SWAT and Special Operations Division tonite!! .72
Consul General addresses newly enrolled students of the Citizens Police Academy of yesterday in…
Eric Hernandez instructing on Fire services and first aid & CPR with Citizens Police Academy (In Spanish)
Honored to be part of the Citizens Police Academy of
BERKS COUNTY: The Pennsylvania State Police will be hosting a Citizens Police Academy at PSP Reading.
Learn about what the do to keep us safe at their free Citizens Police Academy. Sign up now -->…
Windy & beautiful night at APD Headquarters. Also the last night of Citizens Police Academy. Dont worry, we will have a…
Citizens Police Academy member Debbie Clifton on her ride-along last night with Ofc. Michael Dunlea. A ride-along i…
Fellow cops.told ya'll! Rumors in our Citizens Police Academy were true! The young officers flirted with cute, young citizens.
Just hanging out with our latest Citizens Police Academy graduates during their Handgun Carry Class. This awesome...
Sign up now for the Citizens Police Academy - YouTube. Get to know the real GTPD
Congrats to the 47th class of the Citizens Police Academy! It was great getting to meet u and know u better!
Thank you to the staff who volunteered to make the Citizens Police Academy happen! Residents loved it…
Congratulations to the graduates of KPD's 58th class of our Citizens Police Academy.
So nice having you on our morning show Thanks for waking up super early to talk about the Citizens…
Thanks for having me on the am show today for citizens' police academy!
Think it is easy? Try Walking in a cop’s shoes in Basalt Citizens Police Academy |
Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol (1987) is now on with Sinhala Subtitles.
Take part in a Citizens Police Academy in your area if you want to know the real truth.
BPD will be hosting a Citizens’ Police Academy beginning on October 27th at 1800 hours. We would like to get a...
Come and see us at the Urbandale Kmart and learn more about and our upcoming Citizens Police Academy!
Police Academy 4 Citizens on Patrol . Is on this afternoon on at 4:10pm
I just did our Citizens Police Academy! I loved every minute!! 🤗
VIDEO: Week in Review: Quite a turnout at the Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association mixer:…
This works to bring votes! EMS 18 years WCOP. CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY. I did It, It Works to get the best Pic. out there !
Congrats to the graduating class of the Austin Citizens Police Academy.
Germantown Police Announce Citizens' Police Academy: Register now for the next GPD Citizens' Police Academy.
Night 3 of the joint HSPD/GCSO Citizens Police Academy is in the books. Tonight participants learned from Cpl.
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Interested in law enforcement? OPPD's annual Adult Citizens' Police Academy is a great starting point. Learn more a…
Too much police bashing. I attended citizens police academy and learned what cops do. Have new respect for women and men in blue.
Inc. Bauer demonstrated a flash bang device to the Grand Island community police academy. Great sharing with citize…
What do officers look for at a DUI traffic stop? Find out at our 8 week Community Academy!
Week 2 at the citizens' academy in Westport, featuring drunk goggles and body cams
Westport News - Citizens’s Police Academy, Class 2: Putting on the drunk goggles
Citizens Police Academy kicks off in Parsippany via
Had my first day at the Superior police dept. Citizens police academy on Wed. Learning alot about our police...
We all have a part to play, a role to fill, and a job to do. As I apply for the Citizens Police Academy, I pray everyone finds their part.
I am a student in the Citizens Police Academy; I am the only Afr Am in the class. 1 thing is obvious: most of the whites are pro-police.
Just saw a "COP: Citizens On Patrol" sticker on a car. Did this exist before '87, or is life imitating a freaking "Police Academy" movie?
Graduation Night Harbor Division Citizens Police Academy. Learn all about the LAPD and how it works.…
Participants in the 15th Annual Citizens Police Academy learned about the award-winning Villa…
Thank you for another great session at SSP Citizens Police Academy!
Great Citizens Police Academy Alumni session w/ yesterday!. More ppl need to hear abt the good stuff going on w/
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teach police at the Academy that you are not a war with the your citizens. De-militarise your police have the conversation
Always wanted to serve your community and help keep the streets safe??? Then the Citizens Police Academy is just...
Citizens Academy starting the night with becoming an Olathe Police Officer.
Gr8 to have partners like participating in our Citizens Police Academy. Partners in Community Safety
Citizens Police Academy with : Victim Services, P.A.L. and Search & Seizure Laws on the agenda tonight. Going to be a good night!
It is all smiles at tonight's Citizens Police Academy.
It's never 2 late to matriculate. Hi *** it's off to school I go tonite WRPS Citizens Police Academy with great people like
Milford, Loveland, and Miami Township Citizens Police Academy students with University Air Care and MCFD for class late this af…
Last night learned how to handle traffic (ok, police driving techniques). About SCA: https…
See below for more on how you can sign up!
REMINDER: Registration is underway for the 28th session of the Citizens...
Citizens' Police Academy starts on Aug. 25th. For more info:
I bought mine! Support the Citizens Police Academy. DM if you're interested.
A few highlights from the Citizens Police Academy Alumni prayer vigil earlier this evening at the Officer Down Memorial.
Highlights from Citizens Police Academy Alumni prayer vigil at Ofc Down Memorial.
you should attend your local agencies Citizens Police Academy. Gives a lot of insight to procedures.
Talking to my dad who lives stateside - he's enrolled himself in the citizens police academy
Why not just have those citizens go to the police academy and sign up to be a police officer?
Thanks to for your service & for holding Citizens Police Academy so that we as citizens are able to better understand officers.
Thanks to Citizens Police Academy Alumni & recruits for their help
The graduates of Class completed our 10 week Citizens Police Academy Class at Linden Ponds. A great ceremony.
Graduates from recent Citizens Police Academy Class at Linden Ponds were announced & escorted in by an Officer.
Congratulations to the graduates of the Citizens Police Academy 16. Welcome aboard! 👮🏼💙
Department of Public Safety accepting applications through Aug. 1 for 2016 Citizens Academy in Houston…
Congrats & thank you to our NYPD Citizens Police Academy grads. An excellent program where we learn from each other. ht…
Trying to get involved and learn, just applied for this:
OPD welcomes Citizens Police Academy to gun range.
Candlelight Vigil at Thornton Police Dept on Sat 07/09/16 at 8pm. Join our Citizens Academy to show support for our Dallas PD Family.
And take a citizens police academy class. You can learn what an officer has to go through on a daily basis while on patrol.
Last night I suggested he look into participating in a Citizens Police Academy. Didn't get far w/ that.
Breast Cancer Awareness
If more of the compassionate and concerned citizens of this country would volunteer to go thru the police academy...
You need to go through a citizens police academy. Your eyes will open and see things differently.
Citizens Police Academy Alumnae Board honors Detective Loyce Spells for his years of service as CPA facilitator.
The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) today announced plans for the next Citizens Academy,…
Their main concern should be to protect the citizens of the U.S, that's what they signed up for going through police academy
Intrigued by the Citizens Police Academy! But I'd meant to ponder about prior training for campus police depts
Teen Citizens Police Academy returns for second year to : (Also L&A cover)
Back by popular demand! The Doral Citizens Police Academy Class 005 will start on July 20. Space is limited!...
We want you to join our Citizen Police Academy. Register for it here!
Our standards 4 the police academy concern me. Our greatest citizens should be where we search for our cops.
Great to be Police Dept. Citizens Police Academy class Graduation, congratulations!
I wanna know what police academy trains you to shoot restrained citizens directly in the chest, multiple times.
We are currently accepting applications for the 2016 Citizens Academy. Go to for more info. https…
We are now accepting applications for our Citizens Police Academy. Spots are limited, apply now!
Join us on *** Barrel Sunday morning, withspecial guest Officer Shawn Andrews with the SPD will discuss the Citizens Police Academy.
With the support and generosity of we are proud sponsors of the Citizens Police Academy.
Interested in the Atlanta Police Department's Citizens Police Academy? Apply now by emailing cpa
Citizens Police Academy classes underway in Springfield WATCH at:
Learn all about your at the Citizens Police Academy. Registration now open.
2016 Citizens Police Academy - Spring Session is coming up! Classes will begin on Wednesday, April 6, 2016.
Citizens Police Academy applicants needed!. As of today, Friday, February 05, 2016 we have 25 persons signed up...
You should sign-up for the Citizens Police Academy. Srsly, you should. It’s a fascinating “inside look” at CKPS.
Behind the scenes.sign up for the CBUS Citizens Police Academy! Classes start March 30.
Deadline to apply for Citizens Police Academy extended to Friday, Jan. 22. Details & application at
Want a real look behind the scenes at OPD? Join our Citizens Police Academy!
I really learned quite a lot at Citizens Police Academy Tonight and did great at the firing range and God. Is great 😊
Yankton is teaching law enforcement classes
Mock trial tonight at Hingham District Court for Class of our Citizens Police Academy. Their verdict? Guilty.
Week 8 of Citizens Police Academy with and looking forward to another interesting evening.
First of 4 topics for our Citizens Police Academy class tonight, Crime Free Housing Program with our Crime Free...
Learning about firearms at the Toledo Police Citizens Academy.
have you ever done a ride along, a citizens police academy, an internship? Just anything to see behind media
Hey everyone tonight I go to Citizens Police Academy and we get to go to the Firing Range! Romans 2:1-16
wow guess we live in two different worlds. I would encourage you to go through our local police Citizens Academy
HPD is please to announce the application process for the 2016 Citizens Police Academy. To Apply:
20th citizens police academy participate in Use if Force training w/ Capt Powers
Got over my fear of dogs AND punched a cop & got away with it? Citizens Police Academy boye!
Citizens Police Academy Team searching for bad guys!
Detective Caldwell instructs the Citizens' Police Academy on Rapid Deployment -response to the active shooter
That red dot on the screen — that's my fatal shot. My stories on week 7 citizens police academy at 5 & 6 AM.
Citizens Police Academy Week 7: The Police Academy continues into week 7, this week taser training is involved. The…
Conley: Citizens Police Academy is a good program to meet officers.
Today, Citizens Police Academy Class at Linden Ponds came to us. They toured our PD & Regional Dispatch Center.
.Tonite's Citizens Police Academy learning the dangers of impaired/distracted driving.
EC County Citizens Police Academy applications being accepted. Join us to learn about services of our Office. 501
.good question! The answer: Sign up for our FREE Citizens' Police Academy! (there is a waiting list)
The is accepting applications for the 2016 Citizen Police Academy
The Police & Fire Citizens Academy continues to meet discussing (with Sgt. Smith and Officer Shellberg) topics of...
Do you want to know what we do? Join SWorcs Citizens' Academy to learn about local policing. Visit for details.
Our thanks to the Elizabethtown Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association for their efforts today in the Fall...
he's fallen a long way since the epic that was Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.
Inside the Academy: Citizens continue police academy training
Inside the Academy: Citizens continue police academy training: FAIRBANKS — This is my second installment in a…
Keith. The Citizens Police Academy is how you do it. Very interesting and actually fun
Just found out that the Snellville Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association is a charity that you can pick on...
its part of the Citizens Police Academy and the entire experience has been great so far.
This past Wed. was Wk 3 Citizens Police Academy, where the students learned about Massachusetts MV Law.
I'm disappointed NOLA Patrol won't get a movie too. Oh wait, it did: Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol
Exciting opportunity to join the Citizens' Academy - click the link for more details!
Get an inside look at the BBPD! Register now for the Citizens Police Academy.
Another fun night at the Citizens Police Academy. Learned about the Special Response Team and their equipment.
Great night at the Citizens' Police Academy last night.
Citizen's Police Academy gets hands-on lesson with traffic stops>>
Det Ray Quinn demonstrating the Use of the Taser at The Hamden Citizens Police Academy tonight !
All set, and ready to graduate another extraordinary Citizens Police Academy class!
Thanks to Special Constables Mason and Aschwanden for great presentations at tonight's Citizens Police Academy.
A lot of laughs at tonight's Citizens Police Academy.
Special Constable Aschwanden discussing her role in the schools at tonight's Citizens Police Academy.
The 2015 Citizens Academy spent the evening w/ Salisbury Police, learning about initiatives to keep Salisbury safe. ht…
Thank you DPS for dropping by our citizens Police academy!
Tonight was class in the Citizens Police Academy. It is SWAT night and the attendees usually describe it as...
Tonight we welcomed 18 students to our 4th Citizens Police Academy. Police Services Board Chair, Sharon Villani...
NYPD & the community: Tonight we started the Citizens Police Academy fall class. An exciting look behind the shield.
Chief Lauria discusses potential establishment of Citizens Police Academy as part of Action Rocks efforts.
Our 2015 Citizens Police Academy has begun! Follow the highlights of the academy if you weren't able to join us...
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Thanks, Cmdr. Alanis! You'll see me at the Patriot 5K and Citizens Police Academy!
Warm welcome at the 12th Citizens Police Academy.
I had a super day at work and it's Citizens Police Academy tonight and I thank God for everything 1 Timothy 3:1-16
Our 41st Class of the Citizens Police Academy begins tonight. For more info about our next class in Feb visit
Sgt. Kroll gets the 1st day of the 15-week Citizens Police Academy stay tuned for the fun
As of September 9, 2015, slots are still available for the upcoming K.P.D. Citizens Police Academy. As such, the...
Hello and Good Morning. We are fast approaching the Citizens Police Academy. It starts tonight. Follow along on...
Last weekend of the Leprechaun ... greet your Council members ... Citizens Police Academy ... and new restaurants:
Did you know we're back to holding 2 Citizens Police Academy classes/night, starting this fall?
This year's Citizens' Police Academy ended Thursday night with a party! Click below to view more images.
Village of Romeoville Press Release - Register by August 28th for Citizens Police Academy
Needed, Attendees for our Citizens Police Academy!. The Elizabethtown Police will be conducting a Citizens Police...
Registration is now open for the Citizens Police Academy, scheduled every Monday night starting September 14. The...
Congratulations to SPI member for graduating from the New York City Citizens Police Academy!
My newest article for the Spring Hill Homepage.
katiestallings12 from when I went through Citizens Academy with the omaha police department
Officer Montalvo teaching night 4 of the Spanish Citizens Police Academy.
Chief Scott Bixby welcoming our new Citizens Police Academy class.
Bridgeton offering free police academy for its citizens via
Area residents have a chance to learn police procedures from the people who know them the best
I've officially graduated the LVMPD Citizens Police Academy. This was an amazing, enlightening, and…
CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY APPLICATIONS. You can download a pdf version of the application from our website, or print these jpg versions.
Did you know the Allen Police department has a free Citizens Police Academy?
See how citizens arrest doesn't work in The Gute's last PA movie, Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.
Snellville Citizens Police Academy - a 12-week program held in Spring and Fall each year, is now accepting applicants
Anyone who has wanted a behind-the-scenes look at the workings of the Greenville Police Department may be...
Join the Citizens Police Academy Thursdays 9/10 – 11/19! Complete the application and release forms by 8/1.
8 days left to register for the Citizens Academy Got an interest in the Police? Do u understand what different depts do?
Sign up for the Police Citizens Academy here: http…
The Citizens Police Academy is accepting applications for the Sept. session.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Sign up for the Roanoke Citizen's Police Academy via
Sign up for the Police Citizens Academy here:
*signs up* I can finally live out my favorite Police Academy. "C-O-P! Citizens on patrol!"
Register now for the 2015 Citizens Police Academy September 10th November 19th 2015!
Wanted: Citizens for the South Warwickshire Citizens Academy.Follow the link for more information.CM
Applications are being accepted for the Fall 2015 class of the Citizens Police Academy.
GRPD seeking candidates for its fall Citizens Police Academy.
We are still accepting applications for a Citizens Police Academy that will run from 8/25 to 11/17, 2015.
Veronica Hobbs-Campbell is 1 of 30 residents to graduate from the AAC Citizens Police Academy.
The South Warwickshire Citizens Academy WANTS YOU ! See . for details of how to take this exciting opportunity.
We are no longer taking Citizens Police Academy applications. Deadline has passed. Myrtle Beach police department still accepting applications for citizens ... - WBTW - Myrtle Bea...
if a Citizens Police Academy class is offered where you live you should wear the drunk driving goggles! You can't walk.
Citizens Police Academy accepting applications for the fall 2015 Citizens Academy Class. September 3, 2015 at 6:30 PM
Westmont to host Citizens Police Academy. A 9 week course on Wednesday 6:30 to 9 :00 p.m. September 30 to December 2.
The Corinth Police Department is proud to announce the start date of the next Citizens Police Academy. The...
Sign up for the next Citizens Police Academy!.
Citizens Police Academy Class 38 starts Sep.10th. Come get to know us by signing up today!
Join SWarwks Citizens’ Academy for a unique insight into local police. For more information or to register visit
Two weeks left to apply for this year's Citizens Police Academy.
Last week, our “citizen recruits” graduated from the 2015 Citizens Police Academy during a ceremony held at NCPD...
Every wonder what APD is really like? Consider the Citizens Police Academy. Now enrolling
Today's my graduation from the NYPD Citizens Police Academy... And guess who's not driving!! Aooow
Congratulations to this year's Citizens Police Academy graduates!!! More here:
Our latest Citizens Police Academy class graduated last week. See the pictures here: ^cg
Its graduation time for Class of our Citizens Police Academy at 6pm, June 10, at Hingham Town Hall. Join us.
We received these fabulous pins at our last Citizens Police Academy class. 2 wks till graduation! 🎓
final Citizens Police Academy session's been a rewarding 14 week experience!
Learn more about Durham PD's operations and services in Citizens Police Academy. Register by Aug. 14.
Congrats to the graduates of the 2015 Citizens Police Academy, who graduated on Mon Nights Council Meeting!
Chief Doug Hawkins speaks the the graduates of the 2015 BGPD Citizens Police Academy.
Thought about joining our Citizens Police Academy? You can apply online right now at
Graduates of Wheeling's Citizens Police Academy are in Weirton to talk about how such a program could benefit Brooke and Hancock County.
See what YOUR PD is all about. 10 wk Citizens Police Academy begins Mar. 6, meets 2 hrs, Thur nights.
Due to weather Citizens Police Academy scheduled for Monday February 2, 2015 has been POSTPONED until Monday February 9, 2015.
Citizens Police Academy - UB Reporter: Need to know news and views for UB faculty and staff
York County Sheriff’s Office is taking applications for the 2015 Citizens Police Academy
The Five Cities Area (Grover Beach PD/Pismo Beach PD/Arroyo Grande PD) Citizens Police Academy lesson this past week was on crime scenes and investigations. The presenter was Detective Julie VanDusen of the Pismo Beach Police Department. Great information was shared and the participants learned how to use fingerprint powder to process "evidence" items at a mock crime scene.
Learn more about the ATX's police dept via the Citizens Police Academy, applications accepted now:
JUST LIKE Police Academy 4!! "Residents are invited to enroll in the 42nd Citizens Police Academy;
Great opp. coming up to learn about police work via the Citizens Police Academy starting Sept. 4
LCPD is excited about Session 4 of the Citizens Police Academy starting tomorrow night at 6 PM. We look forward to meeting the new class!
. Early to bed, . And early to rise, . Makes a man healthy, . Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol.
Interested in learning our Woodstock Police & Fire departments? Join our Fall Citizens' Public Safety Academy.
PHOTO: Thrilled that graduated from the Citizens Police Academy this week!
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Applications sought for Citizens Police Academy in classes begin in September
And if it's already a bad series of movies, then you're in for all kinds of badness (e.g. Police Academy IV: Citizens on Patrol)
Live in Downtown Invested in your community in a crime prevention capacity? Check out Citizens' Police Academy.
Officers will be full force this wknd.
Register for the Citizens' Police Academy. It's free! More info here
oh. I've shot a Benelli once, when we went to the range when I did the citizens police academy.
Wednesday's top news: Citizens Police Academy grads; Firework sales; Fireworks at golf course Friday; Girls talk abstinence
Downtown Division has the privilege of hosting the upcoming Citizens Police Academy this fall. We highly...
Congrats to all who graduated the Citizens' Police Academy last night. at its best.
Great piece by the Cape Coral Breeze about our upcoming Citizens' Police Academy. Thank you
Congratulations Jayne Goldberg from on her graduation from the Citizens Police Academy 2nite @ 1 Police Plaza
We watched stuff blow up in my citizens police academy class today.
Citizens' Police Academy grads are presented certificates at tonight's graduation ceremony. Congrats to all!
Always protecting and serving... Congratulations to all the Citizens Police Academy…
.speaks to Citizens' Police Academy graduates tonight at Police HQ.
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But here I am, at this Citizens Police Academy Graduation. My mom is graduating. Woo hoo!
Congrats to the Spring Class of the NYPD Citizens Police Academy. Especially 67 Pct members Joan Bakiriddin & Samantha Brabham
Congrats for graduating from the New York Police Department's Citizens Police Academy!
Anyone ever wonder what happened to actor Steve Guttneberg after 'Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol'? Me either.
Citizens Police Academy takes students behind the scenes
Learn how became the second safest city in Georgia in the upcoming Citizens Academy!
Have a lot of curiosity regarding your local Police Dept & some spare time? Join our Citizens' Academy this fall!
It's graduation day at the Citizens Police Academy and a photographer captures a story of dedication, but not the whole story.
Coolest two wheels in town though I've never had a ride:) Did meet the cops at the KW Citizens Police Academy htt…
Tonight's Citizens Police Academy, we're diving into the judicial system. Three classes left!
Tonight's Citizens Police Academy: K-9 Unit, defense tactics, use of force and ... taking a Taser to the body perhaps?
Citizens Police Academy scenario training going on right now!
Visit the Citizens Police Academy tomorrow!?!? mark me sick on the managers bc no one got time for that!
Well 1st day at the Citizens Police Academy! (@ Nashville Police Dept.)
Very pleased to have been accepted to participate in the spring session of the Vancouver Police Department’s Citizens Police Academy!
Citizens Police Academy to focus on the ‘why’
Don't get left out. Deadline for Citizens Police Academy approaching 3/28/14. Visit for application and details
Citizens Police Academy to focus on the ‘why’ | Thomasville Times
Great demonstration by the Johnson County K9 handlers for our Citizens Police Academy! . Photo: Iowa City...
Don't get left out of the academy. Citizens Police Academy starts 4/2/14. Application deadline 3/28 for application
Tomorrow is the last day to register for the Citizens Police Academy at for info.
I hear great things about the Citizens Police Academy from those who have attended.
REMINDER: ONE WEEK LEFT TO ENROLL IN OUR 2ND ACADEMY! The Gardner Police Department will be hosting the Second Citizens Police Academy beginning in March 2014. Participants are given the opportunity to meet and interact with officers while learning about the structure and activities of the Police Department. The Citizens Police Academy consists of a series of nine sessions beginning on March 13, 2014. Sessions are led by Police Department personnel and will be held on Thursday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00 PM at City Hall. Topics to be covered include: patrol procedures, criminal law, officer safety, traffic enforcement and investigations, as well as a tour of the Johnson County Adult Detention Center and Crime Lab. Who can enroll? Applicants must be at least 18 years old, live or work in Gardner and have no criminal record. Criminal history/background checks will be conducted. How do I apply? Applications are available at City Hall (120 E. Main St.), the Gardner Police Department (440 E. Main St.) or onlin ...
Welcoming the members of the 80th Austin PD Citizens Police Academy on their first day of class
Now you know who you're dealing with. I uploaded a photo so you can see I really am a human being. I have a Bachelors degree in Business and a Master's degree in Education and a teaching certificate in the State of Texas which I use from time to time substitute teaching. Current preparedness training includes: Citizens Police Academy - 13 weeks of training CERT (just completed) Skywarn Storm Spotter (trained last fall) CPR for adults, children and infants First Aid and AED Conceal Carry License (and I'm very good) :) Master Gardener certification (although it has lapsed) I am currently working on some FEMA self-study courses and I want to learn how to operate a ham radio, but the next class locally doesn't start until March, so I have to wait for that. My husband is a great encouragement - he even took the CERT training with me. Our four kids ... well... I think they tolerate our emergency preps. ;) Every time I suggest someone gets a coat, I can HEAR eyes rolling. Carla
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