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Citizen Kane

Citizen Kane is a 1941 American drama film, directed by and starring Orson Welles.

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The whole monument thing is that his greatest film influence, Charles Foster Kane, also collected statues. Favorite film is "Citizen Kane."
One of my favorite lines in Citizen Kane when Charles Foster Kane returns from the 1934 Olympics in Germany
Citizen Kane is over-rated, and Orson Welles was a nasty piece of crap for what…
Me watching Citizen Kane: sure this is okay but it's no Clue (1984) starring Tim Curry
as Merv Griffin was right: Citizen Kane is now a strangely accurate presidential biography.
Tom and Jerry and Citizen Kane. Tom and Jerry and Jurassic Park. Tom and Jerry and Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Which is a better way to spend an evening, 'Citizen Kane' or 'Jeopardy'?
my mom just referred to Citizen Kane as "that stupid sled movie"
Fatal Instinct and Boxing Helena both make 2MJ look like Citizen Kane 😉
I have never seen Citizen Kane, Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Gone with the Wind, or 12 Angry Men
So do you fancy yourself as Citizen Kane?
Finally re-watching Spider-Man 2. Considering all the internet comments since Homecoming, I'm now expecting Citizen Kane x The Godfather.
abhay linked a christopher nolan interview i made a mistake rdng but tickled by notion of his kids trolling him by saying CITIZEN KANE ***
Props to SONY for prophetically making 2 terrible Spiderman films, 5 YEARS AGO, to make a "pretty-good" S-man film look like Citizen Kane!
Wow these airplanes have Citizen Kane but don't even have Happy Feet in Olde English? Smfh.
Citizen Kane - Elements Of Mind (Bla 4 on Global HipHop FM the home of (
When you love politics, what we watching right now is the first showing of Citizen Kane, the first showing of Star Wars. It's just so great
Some people need to give other Welles movies a chance and not get stuck on Citizen Kane
I think I passed on that for Film Appreciation, which was nice because I got to watch Citizen Kane
You can plug Samuel L. Jackson into any movie. CITIZEN KANE . "Rosebud... MuthafCASABLANCA. "Here'…
If there's one thing Citizen Kane might have benefitted from it'd be a bit more of that lovely slow mo
People: "Citizen Kane is the worlds greatest piece of media" . Me, an intellectual: "Have you seen new episode of Demo Disk?"
Listen to T.A.N.A. by KANE, the citizen & DEUCE BLAZE(PROD. ANDROID7) by DEUCE BLAZE on
“Citizen Kane” has been canceled for this night. But don’t tell the senior citizens that will be showing up.
I don't know what you're talking about. It's the Citizen Kane of our youth.
You guys just missed a preview for your dad's Citizen Kane.
Sad to say I have now just watched Citizen Kane for the first time and I was a wee bit disappointed
Pablo Hidalgo is the Citizen Kane of creative executives
M.I.C. Series: Citizen Kane teams up with 36th Cypher for “The Purge…
Scarborough legend teams up with for video | Vol. 1 coming soon!…
(looking forward to your version of 'Ben Hur'/'Citizen Kane', tho' 😀)
the greatest American film is Citizen Kane...its all about fake news and the way its purveyor manipulates the natio…
"It isn't enough to tell what a man did, we've got to tell who he was!" (Citizen Kane)
Kidnap Nicolas Cage, then convince Orson Welles to cast him in Citizen Kane
High School Musical 3 is the Citizen Kane of high school musicals
Suicide Squad meets Citizen Kane - Pascale Hutton plays an ignorant cop. Set in space.
resigned from Oscars panel cos 'Citizen Kane' shafted to appease Hearst. Tell me is true & she's even more Goddess
Big gap of unstated assumptions when it comes to what "on the bubble" means. Citizen Kan…
Films like Night of The Hunter and Citizen Kane are my favourite classics.
Some people say Citizen Kane is the greatest achievement in cinematic history. To that I say, "Have you seen the new Spider-Man yet?"
I hope I live long enough to hear Kellyanne Conway say "The Pee Tape was great, it's the next Citizen Kane."
I'm halfway through Citizen Kane now. I figured I should watch it, even though the Simpsons and Family Guy ruined the ending for me.
How good was the Cane from Citizen Kane!
may have just Citizen Kane'd with this horror vr thing. I feel bad but I laugh so hard. Great idea,
There's nothing wrong with either Citizen Kane or The Things They Carried... It would just be nice to be introduced to something new.
The Things They Carried is my literary Citizen Kane. So tired of studying it in every class I take.
THE BIG SICK has the CITIZEN KANE of 9/11 jokes, and the CASABLANCA of drive-thru meltdowns. The rest is pretty good, too.
The F8 of the Furious is the Citizen Kane of Vin Diesel car chase franchise movies in which there are 8 of so far in the series.
That is also worth checking out! It's the home of a former business mogul. The movie Citizen Kane is loos…
The famous film Citizen Kane demonstrated this way back in 1941. That's what the people want.
Examine the depiction of intense human relationships in Citizen Kane, providing additional links to conflict in your response.
Orson Welles making his directorial debut, 'Citizen Kane' (1941), discussed on my recent podcast w/
Carey Grant/Deborah Kerr's An Affair to Remember is the Citizen Kane of RomComs. Start there. Then Sleepless in Sea…
Citizen Kane but with House hunters international audio
I can't wait for the Citizen Kane reboot staring Chris Pratt.
I can't wait for the Citizen Kane reboot: KANE, starring Chris Pratt
Dolt and his demon seeds touring the Middle East makes Ishtar look like Citizen Kane...
The episode of Cheaters that Joey Greco was stabbed on is my generations Citizen Kane.
Rita, Sue and Bob Too - coming out in lovely blu ray and I have an essay in it. In Hull this film is Citizen Kane.
I watched Daddy's Home and then Citizen Kane right after . That was an interesting contrast.. I might try more often.
glad you guys know your Kids in the Hall. I also couldn't stop thinking about Citizen Kane during that I heart huckabees talk
William Randolph Hearst hated Citizen Kane and tried to keep it from releasing. Learn more on this week's podcast:
On this day in 1941, the film Citizen Kane was released with much protest from William Randolph Hearst.
Why did William Randolph Hearst hate the movie Citizen Kane?.
Orson Welles in Citizen Kane, 1941. His character was based on the life of William Randolph Hearst.
Birthday of newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst. The model for "Citizen Kane."
Citizen Kane meets On the Waterfront - Matt Dillon stars as a childish reporter. Produced by Adam Sandler.
Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten and Dorothy Comingore in Citizen Kane 24x36 Poster
As lame as Deniro is at Dirty Grampa, just think Joseph Cotten went from Citizen Kane to Lady Frankenstein.
But Beverly Hills Chihuahua is the Citizen Kane of talking dog movies, so that counts for something
All four are great but Cruel Intentions beats pretty much everything for me. Even like Citizen Kane
It's also literally the opening act of Citizen Kane (based on William Randolph Hearst's real life stoking of a war with Spain).
To your Citizen Kane comparison: I think Trump is our. MOON OVER PARAGUAY . No offense Richard Dreyfuss
Orson Welles and Joseph Cotten on the set of "Citizen Kane" (filmed in 1940; released in 1941).
I love cinema. My favorite movies are Citizen Kane and The Boondock Saints.
If the headline is big enough, it makes the news big enough.  --Charles Foster Kane, Citizen Kane
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I guess Rosebud is just a...piece in a jigsaw puzzle...a missing piece. -William Alland as Thompson in Citizen Kane
If you made Citizen Kane now, Charles Foster Kane would be a YouTuber with Steve Bannon's fashion sense.
Orson Welles on the set of Citizen Kane
I can't do that off the top of my head, or even close. I can tell you that Citizen Kane and The Seven Samurai are i…
So, Trump is like Biff Tannen, Citizen Kane, Andrew Jackson and Harry Truman? Who else will he be like: James Buchanan?
Reality President Show has been exposed to too many films: Wall Street? Patton? Scarface? Citizen Kane? Dirty Harry? Lawrence of Arabia?
Now online is [quite long] profile of Florentino Perez as Citizen Kane:
If Patriots - Ravens from 2015 was the Citizen Kane of the Divisional round, this was Paul Blart Mall Blart 8: Blart and let Blart
Creative: Alec Baldwin plays a baby who-. Exec: Drop everything else. We've got our Citizen Kane
As for Citizen Kane getting the Best Original Screenplay award, it was up against terrible movies.
Chris and Citizen Kane's family: A love story
Seriously, if we're going this route, when's the remake of Citizen Kane? I hear Joe Don Baker's free.
it's like saying disregarding Ed Wood for liking a movie like Citizen Kane. Your filmography doesn't determine your tastes.
Rupert Murdock. Rosebud. Citizen Kane. Tyrants. I'll take deja vu for 500. Alex.
Jackie Brown is a terrific film but they'll be studying Pulp Fiction 100 years from now as a 90s Citizen Kane.
Just re-watched "Bob Roberts" on Netflix And officially declare it more relevant than Citizen Kane.
Movies better. Godfather 1. Gone w/the Wind. Citizen Kane. Blazing Saddles. Airplane!. Life is Beautiful. Amelie. Seven Samurai
William Randolph Hearst was so angered by "Citizen Kane" he accused Orson Welles of being a communist to keep film…
My dad had a commercial film company, so he had a videotape player before anyone. So he got Mel Brooks movies or Citizen Kane
Who was William Randolph Hearst's extramarital love interest, the model for Susan Alexander in Citizen Kane (1941)? ...
I thought ABC News already told us Metroid Prime was the Citizen Kane of gaming years ago???
SPOILER ALERT:. ■. ■. ■. ■. ■. ■. In 'Citizen Kane,' the mystery of Charles Foster Kane saying "Rosebud" on his death bed was a "fake news" story.
Citizen Kane but everytime they say Charles Foster Kane Bee Movie plays
Citizen Kane, only instead of Kane, it's a portly mall security guard, and instead of Florida its Vegas, and it's Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2
if you would take the name David Yates out & replace it with Jimbo Cameron, Tdubb would call it his Citizen Kane
I haven't done my first Citizen Kane and it is casting Flee-Gil on me
Donald Trump reviews Citizen Kane. Charles Foster Kane should "get himself a different woman"
Citizen Kane - Elements Of Mind (Black Rain Remix) on GH2 efX Radio the home of underground Rap/HipHop 24/7/365
Fascinating look at Trump and the movie Citizen Kane:
The parallels of Citizen Kane and Trump are nothing short of insane.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
The character on which Trump modeled his life: Anthony Audi reveals the parallels between Trump and Citizen Kane.…
An amazing interview: Errol Morris talks to Donald Trump about Citizen Kane
Some of the obvious ones if you haven't already seen them are Citizen Kane, Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Maltese Falcon
Trump has gone from being Lonesome Rhodes, to Citizen Kane, to Captain Queeg, back to Lonesome Rhodes. Now he's Slim Pickens…
rattles along with 2 hours of complete tosh. More plot holes than a very holy Swiss cheese. Citizen Kane it is not
Mad Max Fury Road is the Citizen Kane of action films
There's one thing in common between Noli Me Tangere, Casablanca, and Citizen Kane: they're all black and white films.
Citizen Kane is perhaps the one American talking picture that seems as fresh now as the day it
I'm half way thru writing my column on Patty Hearst so I think I'll watch Citizen Kane on tonight. If not now, when?
how much fun was that to see your favorite Mercury Theatre radio stars on the big screen for the first time in Citizen Kane!
Citizen Kane: A sled transforms into a robotic William Randolph Hearst and teams up with Shia LaNewton-John to oust Kubla…
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (Remake). Citizen Kane. George of the Jungle. Overboard. Ong Bak. Baby Geniuses 2. Goodfellas
Son of the Mask. Paul Blart Mall Cop 2. Stuart Little 3: Call of the Wild. Shark-Boy and Lava-Girl in 3D. Citizen Kane. Love Guru. Catwomen
Special Request: Creamed Spinach is a top seller at Citizen Kane's: At Southern, chef Rick Lewis layers flavors…
Donald Trump is the modern day Charles Foster Kane. Dont make Citizen Kane a Prequel.
is a living, breathing Charles Foster Kane. Dont make Citizen Kane a prequel
You talk about life being a movie. Trump's life is almost exactly like Charles Foster Kane's from Citizen Kane.
You started out your Citizen Kane comments saying it was 1981, not 1941. Thanks for not bashing How Green Was My Valley.
Ted 2 not getting nominated for the chip is as disgraceful as Citizen Kane losing to How Green was my Valley.Or Shakespeare in Love winning.
Matt Hardy is the Orson Welles of wrestling and The Final Deletion is his Citizen Kane.
You said Orson Welles didn't create great movies after Citizen Kane. What about Touch of Evil?
Wire-service photo of Orson Welles arriving for the New York premiere of 'Citizen Kane'
I don't know if it's the paralyzing exhaustion, but London has Fallen is our generations Citizen Kane. 100/10
Zoolander 2 may be the greatest movie since Citizen Kane.
I mean, they had like 10 days to update it. Who was expecting Citizen Kane
People think Markets panicked. No. Loads more downside. My Biggest Concern ?. Citizen Kane . The Sun and Mail drove UK folk over a cliff
Citizen Kane and the meaning of Rosebud
It's a bit like saying Citizen Kane is crap because if you'd watched it as a child you'd have found it boring.
Please don't call Bioshock Infinite the "Citizen Kane of gaming."
Do you feel like watching either of these movies right now? The Terminator or Citizen Kane?
All purpose parts banner
That must be the new Bryana Holly movie. Well if its as good as Citizen Kane I'll give it a watch .
My big goal for our new home is to replace all the sleeves for our dvds w/ sleeves for Citizen Kane.
like I could go for citizen Kane rn or a lil bit of shop around the corner
Just watched Citizen Kane, I'm too clever for this 4/5
Citizen Kane 1941. Maybe Rosebud was something he couldn't get..lost.I don't think any word can explain a man's life https:/…
Clueless is like the Citizen Kane of the 90s
Other people: Citizen kane is the best movie of all time. Me: no its muppet treasure island
..also downloaded "the Godfather" trilogy...n "Citizen Kane"...the later becoz read somewhere that it is the best movie of American cinema.
Gal Gun is truly the Citizen Kane of gaming.
I'm sorry, I thought everybody knew that 'Rosebud' was the name of Citizen Kane's sled.
super great man. Need to watch some Orson Welles, good ol' citizen Kane is on my list
I'm sorry. Apparently GMTM has traded a VHS of Citizen Kane for Joe Sakic's collection of Land's End catalogs.
Tonight I went to a viewing of Citizen Kane one of my professors held and it was honestly so good
OMG really? Like is that seriously a thing? I kept thinking of Citizen Kane all night. 😂😜😜
ALL black version of Home Alone or The Godfather? How about an all black version of Citizen Kane & have Ice Cube play
A true pity; it is a beautiful video, the Citizen Kane of memes!
Look. Citizen Kane is a more interesting movie than Crank 2 but Crank 2 is still better.
Original sketch of the opening. Sequence of Citizen Kane
I liked a video from Who wrote Orson Welles' CITIZEN KANE (1941)?
He aimed for Streetcar and made Citizen Kane.
"when will gaming get its citizen kane?" Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 came out fifteen years ago
If it helps, the execution is horrible. Makes Fast and Furious movies look like Citizen Kane.
Recently, I've found it fascinating and depressing how profoundly relevant Citizen Kane still is in the age of Rupert Murdoch.
Have you seen citizen Kane? It's one of the most boring movies ever
Citizen Kane is the greatest ever man, chill
Orson Welles taking off his Citizen Kane face
I agree ROR should have some type of punishment but he's been a model citizen since & showed remorse. I don't feel Kane has.
Which would you see in theatres and which would you wait for Netflix? Inception or Citizen Kane?
Grad students watching Citizen Kane and Man w Movie Camera for the first time.
Citizen Kane Except Rosebud is a pair of Water Skis
Orson Welles as Charles Foster Kane on the set of 'Citizen Kane' (1941) directed by Orson Welles.
FACT:. Glenn Jacobs, AKA was born as a Spanish citizen!.
My 75th birthday gift for Citizen Kane: An impassioned plea for a new generation to savor it. via
Finished Double Cup Love by better than his paper on Citizen Kane back in '03 He just might have this writing thing down
Loving the ideas for Year 9 already. Your take on Godfather and Citizen Kane should be entertaining.
Harley Quinn sounds so much like Susan Alexander Kane in Citizen Kane. Watch this and you'll know what I'm saying.
Citizen Kane is there and he's got rosebud and he's just sliding everywhere like Ethan Frome
Nice interview! Citizen Kane is a favorite in our family too. Toured Hearst Castle and read a book about WRH years ago.
Overture from "Citizen Kane". Composed & conducted by Bernard Herrmann. Performed by 1970.
not sure how you cancel what many considered the Citizen Kane of television.
Visited Hearst Castle last week, and now I am watching Citizen Kane. Wonder how many times Trump has seen this movie?
on "Citizen Kane!" Highly recommend seeing the Hearst Castle in CA, for which it is based.
Click to Citizen Kane 70th Anniversary edition on Blu-ray with
"It is not intelligent, though it is the work of genius …". —Jorge Luis Borges on "Citizen Kane" (in 1941).
5/6/1915: Orson Welles. War of the Worlds, Citizen Kane. Rosebud is people! Wait, no, that's Soylent Green.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Citizen Kane had its world premiere at the Palace Theatre in NYC 75 years ago today!
'Citizen Kane' was released 75 years ago today. The film was inspired by newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst.
What would you rather see right now? Jurrasic Park or Citizen Kane?
Gregg Toland was the Citizen Kane cinematographer- need to check the family tree
Clash of the Titan: William Randolph Hearst's war against Citizen Kane.
Today in 1941: "Citizen Kane" by Orson Welles premiers in New York. The film's postage stamp at https:/…
Orson Welles and Gregg Toland on the set of Citizen Kane (1941)
The battle of William Randolph Hearst, born in 1863, over Citizen Kane >>
The World on Film...In the movie Citizen Kane, many of the exterior shots of Charles Foster Kane’s mansion were...
Anyone who unironically calls Mass Effect 3 "the Citizen Kane of gaming" should be drug out into the street and executed.
It's just like Citizen Kane all over again. Orson Welles ERR William Randolph Hearst starts the war. We media need to be wise.
It's like folks have never heard of William Randolph Hearst. Does anyone watch "Citizen Kane" anymore?
YES! Some games are art. Some games are Citizen Kane. Some are f$&%ing Pacific Rim.
Met Tom Hanks. Said I heard Starship Troopers was his favourite film. He says it's the Citizen Kane of Sci Fi. Proceed to…
What do you think about classic films like Casablanca, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Citizen Kane compared to newer films?
I like a lot of classic movies, like, for example, 'Citizen Kane', James De...
Muppet Treasure Island is the Citizen Kane of movies
This is remarkable. A young-ish Trump (speaking to Errol Morris) on the pitfalls of wealth, and Citizen Kane.
It's no Citizen Kane... or more accurately, it's no Winter Solider... but it's a strong start to what could be a decent series.
Citizen Kane (1941)-Angered William Randolph Hearst. Felt main character somewhat based on him.
+ ? Grand Strategy and Evil? . You will play as William Randolph Hearst. Literally Citizen Kane of video games.
I'm watching CNN and I'm seeing a bit of William Randolph Hearst Charles Foster Kane now I want to watch Citizen Kane
Orson Wells was 23 when he made Citizen Kane. Johnny Marr was 23 when The Smiths made The Queen Is Dead. You're welcome!
Weekend of Now I know why "Citizen Kane" is so highly rated. Orson Wells was only 24 years old? Incredible!
Last 2 days, Dr Baby and I have watched Citizen Kane, Spartacus and Postman Always Rings Twice. What on streaming should we watch tomorrow?
Born Today 1916 William Alland: Prob best known as reporter Jerry Thompson who investigates the life of Charles Foster Kane in Citizen Kane
Trump has acted the fool on stage and expects to be respected. His favorite book is Citizen Kane?? I see Elmer Gantry
People talk about the Citizen Kane of video games, but where's the Un Chien Andalou of video games?
Taxi Driver was done by Bernard Hermann who also scored Psycho and Citizen Kane among many others. He is a legend.
Citizen Kane is a "movie". But The Mummy 2, Rise of the Scorpion King, now that is a "film"
Citizen Kane is based off of newspaper guy William Randolph Hearst
Orson Welles in 'Citizen Kane' 1941. Wells also directed and wrote the screenplay for the film.
Yep indeed! There must be a load of Orson Wells films too. Citizen Kane etc
Today in Movie Culture: Donald Trump on 'Citizen Kane,' Terrence Malick's 'Zoolander No. 2' and More
"Citizen Kane" reimagined with Donald J. Trump in the title role at 3 p.m. Thursday on "Radio Theatre."
Your daily remember that Orson Welles was 25 when he made Citizen Kane; and was already a renowned enfant terrible of stage and radio.
Paul Blart 2 nominated for Razzie, which is BS. That film touched my soul. It should be in the National Film Registry next to Citizen Kane.
Need someone to watch Doctor Zhivago and Citizen Kane with me
Citizen Kane is different than I remember.
Oh you dirty rotten BBC *** putting on War & Peace on at the same time as Citizen Kane.
"...the only terms anybody ever knows - his own" - Charles Foster Kane. . Truest reflection of reality. . (From the film: Citizen Kane)
My God, What happened ? It looks like "USA Today" ! America let's get this fixed. Watch "Citizen Kane", think Rupert Murdock !
This is the best shot of Oheka castle I could get, where they filmed Citizen Kane. Ironically, no good sledding hill
wow that's really cool man. I only watched Citizen Kane & An American in Paris
No one's favorite movie is Citizen Kane. You can like it, but that's like saying Ode to Joy is your favorite song.
My review of Trumbo: It's the Citizen Kane of Dalton Trumbo biopics.
my first thought coming out of Carol was I would like to do a shot by shot lecture like Ebert used to do with Citizen Kane
If we've already got the Citizen Kane of video games, when's the Bone Machine of video games?
"In the morning you set out to make Citizen Kane and then after lunch, Porky's 3." - Rob Marshall
Boyhood wins honorary Oscar, Academy says "we messed up, just like not giving it to Citizen Kane or 2001."
"This broadcast of Citizen Kane brought to by.Mickey D's! Have It Your Way Charles Foster Kane!"
The Room, 'Citizen Kane of bad movies', could be remade in 3D Why use A great film
I suggest an educational Orson Welles movie marathon. Start with Citizen Kane, work your way through to the end.
Can we stop calling Citizen Kane the greatest movie of all time? You're not the greatest if you have to put "It's Terrific" on your poster.
I like the theory, but I might swipe all the Citizen Kane haul, and then vanish.
Follow-up: is Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix a better film than Citizen Kane, why or why not?.
You are the Citizen Kane of people. I'll leave it to you to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.
Really? I thought it was the citizen kane of technical achievements!
Why, for the love of all that is holy, do people still think Citizen Kane is a good movie?
is in! This week: Citizen Kane. Who said Netflix can't help you study?
Citizen Kane is so boring why do people like it
Watching Citizen Kane, amazing directing job by Unicron
A man who answered Calvin Klein instead of Citizen Kane on Pointless has gone through to the next round.
When your prof fangirls over Citizen Kane. "boom boom BOOM BOOM!" ❤❤
that deserves an Oscar for his staring role in "Citizen Kane".
My new favorite quote: . "Not as good as Citizen Kane. Not as bad as everything by Quentin Tarantino." - Jim Kerr, on The Breakfast Club
Wait a minute... there was no cane in Citizen Kane!
How echoes some of the themes and structure of 'Citizen Kane' https:…
Blueberry is the Citizen Kane of pancakes
the citizen kane frame is spot on :D
i am all too familiar with it and it's one of my all time favorites :) esp Shia covering Citizen Kane's slow clap in the end :)
do you consider Citizen Kane to be a journalist film? Had this debate years ago with a friend.
Everybody was looking for Videogames' Citizen Kane when we already have our 2001: Space Odyssey:
So Citizen Kane was shot beautifully but it was a film about a whole lotta nothing.
The Room, 'Citizen Kane' of bad movies, could be remade in 3D, says original director
Films have always influenced comics, from Citizen Kane, to The Matrix. Will Eisner as early as 1940 drew cinematic comics...
You shouldn’t. Police Academy is the Citizen Kane of films with cops getting their heads stuck inside a horse.
The misogynist, boring Entourage movie makes the Sex and the City movies look like the offspring of Citizen Kane and Tokyo Story. .0/5 stars
He also didnt even know what akira was, thats like a film major not knowing Citizen Kane or a who Federico Fellini is
Corvette Summer is the Citizen Kane of high school car movies. My dad got it when Star Wars was out and I watched it 10 times
I still can't get over the fact that Agnes Moorehead, Citizen Kane's mom, is best known as a TV witch's mom.
Orson Welles made Citizen Kane when he was 26. Just saying.
I love Orson Welles but I don't love Citizen Kane but come on, there's a character named JEDEDIAH LELAND, it's not all bad.
The question is not "when will gaming have its Citizen Kane?". The question is "when will gaming have its Ruby Rhod?"
Errol Morris Asks Donald Trump about the Meaning of Citizen Kane via
'The Donald' deconstructing Charles Foster Kane in "Citizen Kane." He almost sounds like he's talking about himself.
If 'Citizen Kane' came out today the sequel would already be planned
Some people can sing, others can't. (Citizen Kane). I belong to the latter league.
The British Press snaps into action -- Citizen Kane via
I can safely say that is one of the worst Comic Book Movies ever made. Makes the first two look like Citizen Ka…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The time has come. I'm finally going to watch Citizen Kane.
You just missed the Citizen Kane of fish aquarium space movies. Your life will be forever diminished.
is a perfect movie. A classic. The Citizen Kane of the 1980s
Have you seen this classic movie, Citizen Kane. Watch it now.
I only meant that it would be as long as citizen Kane.
I haven’t heard it yet but I almost don’t believe you. Did he ever watch Citizen Kane or Casablanca?
But I've seen 1 & 2/3 commentaries on Citizen Kane so that's pretty productive technically.
. Citizen Kane and a publishing tycoon... Will news reporters understand it?. Oh boy!. $30 per night!.
Plus, I'm hoping to meet some cool new patients. I had one a few weeks back who met Orson Welles during the Citizen Kane era.
I gotta watch Citizen Kane one of these days.
Hudson Hawk is the Citizen Kane of movies.
. & tirelessly work on what they are calling "the citizen Kane of sketches"
"...Rosebud!" -- Welles’s masterpiece Citizen Kane has one of my favorite opening sequence.
I know its hard to believe but seriously it is in fact compared to f4 b&r is the citizen Kane of super hero movies
Fury Road is the Citizen Kane of action movies and, clearly, my favorite Mad Max.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
What movie can you watch over and over again? — Citizen Kane . 2001: A Space Odyssey. Alice in Wonderland 1951
My husband, nearly 50, is sitting through Citizen Kane for the first time, and he keeps shouting at me about how boring it is.
In the mood to watch CITIZEN KANE again. This time with Roger Ebert's commentary.
The sadly under seen Eureka has some stunning sequences; particularly with Hackman in Alaska. A trippy version of Citizen Kane.
It IS worth it, though perhaps not a late evening film. I've still not made it through Citizen Kane without snoozing.
Citizen Kane, The Maltese Falcon, Donnie Darko, 12 Angry Men,Boyz in the Hood, Shaun of the Dead,Hunger,
5. The Jerk - This is the Citizen Kane of comedy films. It is the epic tale of Navin R. Johnson (Steve...
And Robert Wise was also nominated for Best Film Editing for Citizen Kane, Best Pix for The Sand Pebbles & Best Director for I Want to Live!
Related: I was thinking about how much I want to see The House of Mirth. & 2 obvious ones: An American Tail, Citizen Kane.
I'm sick of the "Citizen Kane of videogames" thing. Where is the Thick Of It of videogames? The Glangarry Glen Ross of videogames?
The only real flaw of "Citizen Kane" IMO: We get it, Orson Welles, Susan Alexander Kane is a REALLY bad singer. We know already.
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