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Cissy Houston

Emily Cissy Houston (born September 30, 1933) is a Grammy Award–winning American soul and gospel singer.

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It is a bit but still great singing by Chaka, Luther, Cissy Houston & Fonzi Thornton, what a rec…
2am&I'm listening to Mrs. Cissy Houston tryna have an "Aha!" moment finishing my own tracklisting Think…
I added a video to a playlist Marvin Winans' Tribute to Cissy Houston | 2017 ESSENCE AWARDS
Cissy Houston was crooning on this song! 😩🙌🏽
Happy Birthday to this legendary woman! We love you forever Ms. Cissy Houston!!! We pray God will forever bless and ke…
Lmao erykah did u do that to Cissy Houston 😂😂😂😂
The long and winding road , cissy Houston , Whitney’s mother covered it as well , great song
That's Cissy Houston on vocals, Whitney Houston's mother! Blessed be!
Mrs. Cissy Houston was right. Whitney did sound just like her. Young Cissy's vocals&Whitney in her prime are identi…
I liked a video Rare 1988 Whitney Houston interview with her mom Cissy
Y’all, until today I did not know that I had a life-long dream of hearing and belting o…
Why is Pat HOUSTON a HOUSTON when her husband is Gary Garland? she irks me sooo much omfg. she rly thinks she came…
Friends, a shiny video is here ✨ McDonalds Gospel Super Choir Breaks Guinness World Record with Cissy Houston.
Yoo cissy and the whole Houston family can catch these hands!! It was disgusting I was like you al…
Whitney and Cissy Houston gospel songs>>
And Cissy would contribute backing vocals to the Ashford & Simpson-penned “Clouds,” as would her 16-year-old daught…
The album features a litany of notable session contributors; including Willie Weeks on bass and Luther Vandross and…
how have I never listened to Cissy Houston before??
Baby Whitney Elizabeth Houston. Daughter of Emily "Cissy" Drinkard Houston and John Russell Houston aint have to show O…
Seeing Toni in this Cissy Houston Jhere curl let’s me know she was for the culture
September 30, 1933 — Cissy Houston was born. She is a Grammy Award winning gospel singer and mother of Whitney Houston
Cissy Houston in the background hitting that high note!.
"Midnight Train to Georgia" (1972), Cissy Houston; reminds me of a lady in Gaithersburg, MD who loved this song!
Paul let it rain Morton might wanna retire. Cissy Houston can still put song some folk half her age. That Whitaker boy KILLED that B-3.
Singer Cissy Houston performs onstage at the 35th Anniversary…
with a beautiful sweet young Whitney Houston and her mother Cissy! 💜💜💜
Nothing will ever be funnier than Cissy Houston singing backup for Aretha Franklin video 😂
Elvis with cissy Houston..whitneys mam..she quit the sweet inspirations in 69
Cissy Houston Think it over (1978; 4 bonus tracks, feat. Whitney Houston) [
Aretha, Irma, Carolyn and Cissy Houston played all day.
The backing vocals are by Whitney's mother, Cissy Houston.
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to legend, Dr. being honored at 1st Harlem Gospel Concert Series!
Wow! Whitney Houston truly learned from the best. Cissy Houston - Yesterday
A blessing to chat with Ms Cissy Houston & A. Curtis Farrow about this year's More…
Get your tickets today! The Harlem Gospel Concert Series featuring Cissy Houston
That's okay. Have you listened to the cover Whitney Houston and her mother (Cissy) made?
Cissy Houston to be honored at Harlem Gospel Concert Series
7th Anniversary of Hidden Gems today/tmrw with Aretha, Temptations, Jerry Butler, Cissy Houston, Lamont Dozier and much more.
Whitney Houston mom Cissy Houston legendary vocalist. She sung background for Destiny's Child original version of Dangerously in love.
Donald Trump, Whitney Houston, and Cissy Houston. National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Im…
Good mothers and good fathers and good families don't always have grea...
- believe it or not, Cissy Houston at NJPAC.
Now playing: Think It Over by Cissy Houston at - Buy it
Glad you were there! Singers community showered Cissy Houston with so much love & respect!❤
I liked a video from Cissy Houston Says Aretha Franklin was NOT Whitney Houston's
From Cissy Houston to Lisa Fischer to James D-Train Williams! singers were all aglow! Thanks Janice Penda…
2016 is Aretha Franklin and I'm a combination of her underwire bra and Cissy Houston. Just going through the motions.
Jamming to Cissy Houston, she's so good like what the HECK
I'm going to listen to Cissy Houston and try to draw Diana Ross, see ya.
Whitney and Cissy Houston covering Gladys Knight and the Pips' "You and Me Against the World"
Good thing wasn't online last night lol, he wouldve went off with the iyanla, Jay Z and Cissy Houston memes
I had an ex-girlfriend in Gaithersburg, MD in 1972; and Cissy Houston's "Midnight Train to Georgia" was her favourite song.
"Midnight Train to Georgia" (1972), sung by Cissy Houston. This is another song that brings back the memories!!! …
If Black Panther added THE OGs, that of which are Cicely Tyson, Cissy Houston or James Earl Jones, take my money and my unborn children
Every time Cicely Tyson and Cissy Houston gets a phone call and it's not Ryan Coogler for Black Panther.
You can't treat your voice badly and expect it to stay around.
Cissy Houston Net Worth: Cissy Houston is a famous vocalist. Singing is also regarded among the primary sourc...
"Midnight Train to Georgia" (1972): the *original* version, sung here by the wonderful Miss Cissy Houston! …
If you didn't know...see where Whitney gets "The Voice". Miss Cissy Houston letting it be known. A rare live duet...
Cissy Houston - I just don't know what to do with my self - Soul.wmv via
Listen to Down By the Riverside by Cissy Houston & The Sweet Inspirations on
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Two Great Empresses of Soul: Cissy Houston and VAL Simpson at the Sugar Bar Celebration of VAL's…
Young with young & beautiful Whitney Houston & her mother Cissy. are not blind https:…
Thought this was Cissy Houston for a sec 😂😭😭
I need Bebe and Cece or Cissy Houston to have been singing this...
*** did he NOT practice? This is horrible. Cissy Houston would've sung it better!
He should've had Cissy Houston out there singing with him.
they should have had Cissy Houston sing it.
They should have called Cissy Houston to sing this 😒
we weren't mutuals at the time, it was about Cissy Houston losing both her grandchild & daughter
John & Emily (Cissy) Houston made one gorgeous daughter I can tell you THAT
Christie gon be at the RNC making faces in like Cissy Houston singing background for Aretha.
"Don't she know I am the sound that birthed the voice" - Cissy Houston
Cissy Houston from last night's early session..a midnight floor shaker! Yes indeed.
Cissy Houston's book on Whitney has a shocking factual error. The trio collaborated on "Heartbreak Hotel."
It's interesting how patti labelle Anita baker cissy Houston Dionne Warwick Gladys Knight are all still living but yet the younger artist r
I added a video to a playlist Cissy Houston October 12/2015
Whitney Houston, Cissy Houston, and Prince share a laugh at the World Music Awards, 1994.
Cissy Houston, Lisa Fischer, Paulette McWilliams, and Darlene Love on background vocals!
All this time I thought Cicely Tyson was Whitney Houston's mother! Turns out it is Cissy Houston. Boy, now I know how the pilgrims felt!
Just saw Cissy Houston drinking coffee in the cafe next to my building. I didn’t speak to her though, she looked so uninviting.
Goodnight all. Sleep well and keep Ms. Cissy Houston, her family & Brown family in your prayers. ❤️✌🏽
Cissy & mainly Pat Houston could've done more idc. You don't let a person self destruct while you have a front row seat & do nun about it
My heart goes out to Cissy Houston, she lost her daughter and her granddaughter. I can only imagine her grief.
95% of Aretha's songs you hear Cissy Houston's vocals coming through in the bridge. Thats y there r backing vocalists
Elvis was laughing at the out of tune backing singer called Cissy Houston who was Whitney Houston's mum.
Then you realize that Cissy Houston is Chris Christie's spirit animal... that Jersey connection is strong.
WATCH: Cissy Houston, Aretha Franklin "Rolling in the deep" Show ch. 126
Today, Cissy Houston is exactly as old as Frank Sinatra was the day he died: 30,104 days.
Christie's faces are almost worse than when Cissy Houston made when she was singing backup for Aretha.
These women right here are the true definition of Sisters!! A special thank you to Ms. Vonda & Ms.Cissy Houston! ❤️
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I did not know it was Cissy Houston singing the background vocals on Ain't No Way
Whitney Houston singing 'I Know Him So Well' with her mother Cissy Houston. To get the best thing you never saw...
Bit of Herbie Mann with Cissy Houston - Easter Rising - Great Album 'Surprises" -
Best background singers of all time are Lisa Fisher and Cissy Houston. Do not debate me.
If I ever meet Cissy Houston we will talk about this book. Realizing that everytime I read this more tea is spilled
Cissy Houston says Bobbi Kristina is not progressing
listening to the legend Cissy Houston - Be My Baby via
Cissy Houston interview with CBN Christian channel via
Bobbi Kristina's estate administrator sues Cissy and Pat Houston: From the untrained eye, it would seem that t...
Doris Troy (singer, songwriter; worked with Solomon Burke, The Drifters, Cissy Houston, Dionne Warwick and more.
I liked a video Cissy Houston on Whitney Houston
Lmao at people mistaking Cissy Houston with my girl Michelle, that's what happens when u always sleep on her, FOH
Cissy houston was not in Dangerously in love.
Mrs Cissy Houston face though. I approve and agree with this message.
Have to say: Cissy Houston is that high voice you hear in Aretha's background. Her sister Carolyn (RIP) wrote the song.
All purpose parts banner
Cissy didn't know what to do. Houston had to see things through. KissHerGoodbye
Look who came in to get her autographed copy of Cissy Houston! If you're like me... https…
& Cissy Houston was singing background on Aint No Way...
and Cissy Houston at bishops book signing
Cissy Houston belting Bb5s in head voice in the background of Aretha's Aint No Way is the main reason I listen to the song 😩😍
"Later that year, the family including Bobbi Kristina, Cissy Houston, Pat Houston and Bobbi ..." via
My thoughts are with Cissy Houston who's had to endure an unimaginable loss. God will guide her through a difficult chapter.
I just used Shazam to discover Family First by Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston & Dionne Warwick And Family.
Stayed up to finish Cissy Houston's book. I couldn't put it back down. I cried, and laughed and cried…
Check this Out Bobbi Kristina has irreversible brain damage,only a miracle can save her - Cissy Houston
that 1st TV appearance on the Merv Griffin show. Whitney Houston & her vocal twin, Cissy Houston
A young Cissy Houston @ her prime sounds just like young Whitney Houston did @ her prime. Listen!
Whitney Houston's estate becoming a legal mess as Bobbie Kristina moves to hospice.
Is that Chaka Khan and Cissy Houston with him?!!!
Its now double tragedy for Cissy Houston
Cissy Houston: A Tragedy Revisited: I never told you that when you were born the Holy Spirit told me that you ...
Cissy Houston: A Tragedy Revisited: When Cissy Houston lost her daughter, the iconic…
The fact that Cissy Houston would out live her daughter and now possibly her granddaughter is so sad. 😔🙏🙏
I'm watching the Preachers Wife and just realized Cissy Houston in it
EXCLUSIVE: Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina Brown: 'Whatever the Lord Decides, I'm Ready for Her' via
That Cissy Houston eye roll still the GOAT to me.
Whitney Houston's fortune is in limbo amidst the Bobbi Kristina tragedy:
Like there can only be so many Aretha's in this world. The rest of yall suckas is Cissy Houston singing backup. Basura. 😴
Remembering Whitney — a tribute to Whitney Houston by her mother, Cissy Houston.
It was either Cissy or Pat Houston in the study with the candlestick or the knife
I think Cissy Houston did it in the library with the candlestick
Cissy Houston is the only one I truly want to hear from. Not random people giving interviews, like...
Bobbi Kristina Brown health update: Cissy, Pat Houston support taking off life support, Bobby opposed, but why
Bobbi Kristina Brown no longer in a coma, but is not improving, grandmother says (AP photo)
Whitney Houston's mother Cissy had a big hit on her hands in 1978 with the disco single "Think It Over". Her...
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Andrea and Cissy are definitely . Can Houston fix 'em? KissHerGoodbye UK RT
where is the voice over vine with Cissy Houston!?!? Lol
Cissy Houston - The lord is my shepherd. Cissy is getting these head notes and vibrato . Whitney who?
Cissy Houston - I'll Be There lirik dan terjemahan
Just so *** negative :/ then they try to play it like y'all are cool and you give em that Cissy Houston stare.
Sad. Family fighting for inheritance. Only if she has a and enduring guardianship in place
Bobbi Kristina Brown is still in a rehabilitation center in Georgia, but for how long? A family feud over movi...
Beside Enduring Guardianship is proved useful, yet many people overlooked. God bless Bobbi.
Cissy Houston ETOnline Interview--Whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready for her
Cissy Houston on ‘My baby tried. She did. She just had the wrong partner​’
Aretha Franklin gotta have beef with Cissy Houston for the rest of her life
Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina Brown's condition: 'She's not progressing at all' - Newsday.. Related Articles:
Cissy Houston on Bobbi Kristina: "Whatever the Lord decides, I'm ready"
Cissy Houston is in denial blame is not right.
Cissy (Whitney Houston's Mother) is blaming Bobby Brown for her demise. Do you feel the same way? ~Madame Butterfly
Cissy Houston blames Bobby Brown for Whitney's death. What do ... WATCH NOW:
It is full time for Cissy Houston to stop playing the blame game
Cissy Houston is in denial her sons got her daughter hooked on drugs
Cissy Houston blames demise on Is this fair?
y'all know where Whitney got it from! Cajun Moon - Herbie Mann feat. Cissy Houston
Whitney's mother Cissy Houston blames the industry and Bobby Brown for her daughter’s missteps
.lied. Cissy Houston had to set the record straight, is not getting better. A BB play for WH's $$$.
Bobbi Kristina has made no improvement in her medical condition, says Cissy Houston - Watch:
Watch this star-studded special with Whitney and Cissy Houston; Bill Cosby, Robin Williams & more!
Bobbi Kristina update: Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston fighting over BK’s estate; Nick Gordon “desperate” to see his girlfriend
Despite what Bobby Brown has said, Cissy Houston says Bobbi Kristina has irreversible damage:
Quartets, choirs and Cissy Houston featured at Gospelfest - Asbury Park Press
Quartets, choirs and Cissy Houston featured at Gospelfest via
Bobbi Kristina Brown Update: Family concern over $20 mill or Bobbi’s situation? Cissy Houston will fight Bobby Brown
morningQUICKY: Cissy Houston says she'll fight Bobby Brown TO THE GRAVE over $20 MILLY estate
Cissy Houston spoke out late Monday about the condition of her granddaughter Bobbi Kristina Brown.
IT'S GOING DOWN...Cissy Houston plans to fight Bobby Brown "to the grave" over Whitney's $20 MILLY estate
Bobbi Kristina Brown is reportedly lying in a bed brain dead at DeKalb Medical Facility in Georgia, but the bi...
Cissy Houston: Protecting Bobbi Kristina's Millions From Bobby Brown: . Though the world is hopeful Bobbi Kris...
Bobbi Kristina's grandmother Cissy Houston breaks her silence, says there's not much hope for Bobbi Kristina. https:/…
Whitney Houston's mom Cissy gives an update on Bobbi Kristina's condition
Bobbi Kristina Brown has been on life-support and unresponsive since January 31st after she was found face dow...
"Whitney Houston posing with Elvis in 1969.Whitney`s mom Cissy sang backup for Elvis.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Cissy Houston, the grandmother of Bobbi Kristina Brown, who was found unresponsive in a bathtub in January, is
I'm Cissy Houston singing backup for Aretha Franklin 99% of the time.
You know who would be a good backup singer? Cissy Houston. Who allowed it 😂😂
Why did just say she wants to be Cissy Houston when she grows up bc her "pettiness is legendary" 😂😭
Lord, how I laughed at Cissy Houston when I saw this video. She is so wrong & throwing crazy shade! Dead.
Cissy Houston in line to inherit Whitney Houston &$20m estate
Why they do Cissy Houston like that?
Cissy houston will always make me laugh when ever I look at this vine of her singing back up for aretha
lol cissy Houston...she was probably going through a lot!! When was this 😂😂😂
Cissy Houston made a rare appearance last night at Aretha Franklin's show in Newark: via
Smokey Robinson on how Cissy Houston is coping following Bobbi ...
Cissy Houston and her dreams...she should never forget the woman with the ring. Dangerous people in Cissy's midst. One song she hears
Nick Gordon needs anger management..Cissy Houston needs to keep a good attorney. wolves are biting.
Cissy wanted her life to be a story. Then it happened. KissHerGoodbye UK
Cissy Houston weeps over Whitney as singer's brother reveals he introduced her to drugs via
Andrea and Cissy are, well, Houston's here to fix 'em.. KissHerGoodbye Just $2.99!
Praying for Bobbi Kristina, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and the rest of the family
On "Bridge over troubled water" by Aretha Franklin you can hear Cissy Houston (Whitney's mother) in the backgrounds. Powerful voice.
I would like to dedicate this song to Bobby Brown, Ms Cissy Houston, Family a song by Dorinda Clark Cole called Nobody but God
I hope they make a decision soon. That has to be the hardest thing ever. Especially for Bobby Brown & Cissy Houston.
Cissy Houston says "thank you" to a reporter while leaving hospital after visiting Bobbi Kristina at the same time…
Remembering Doris Troy who was born on this day in 1937. Doris Troy (born Doris Elaine Higginsen; January 6, 1937 – February 16, 2004) was an American R&B singer and songwriter, known to her many fans as "Mama Soul". She was born as Doris Elaine Higginsen, in The Bronx, the daughter of a Barbadian Pentecostal minister. She later took her grandmother's name and grew up as Doris Payne. Her parents disapproved of "subversive" forms of music like rhythm & blues, so she cut her teeth singing in her father's choir. She was working as an usherette at the Apollo where she was discovered by James Brown. Troy worked with Solomon Burke, The Drifters, Cissy Houston, and Dionne Warwick, before she co-wrote and recorded "Just One Look", which hit in the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. The song has been covered by The Hollies, Major Lance, Linda Ronstadt, Bryan Ferry, Anne Murray, Klaus Nomi, and Harry Nilsson. Her only foray into the UK Singles Chart, "Whatcha Gonna Do About It", peaked at in December 1964. As her solo ...
Cissy Houston is the GOAT of facial expressions, this killed the game!😭😂
This video of Aretha Franklin singing and Cissy Houston as a background singer on Letterman is GREAT!!!
Cissy Houston. 😂 Why would I hate you. I help make you
Whitney Houston and her mom Cissy Love this pic
Oh I remember this.. BET awards 2013 I think.. Cissy Houston was singing "Real tears for that soul.
😴😴😴. Wasn't it fine, Isn't it madness he can't… ♫ I Know Him So Well by Whitney Houston & Cissy Houston —
How have I never seen Whitney and Cissy Houston duet I Know Him So Well before omg
. at 9:08 Cissy Houston Backup Singing: "Should I or shouldn't I press my life alert?"
maybe they're plotting against Cissy Houston for side-eyeing her during that performance.
Cissy Houston needs to be invited to EVERY award show henceforth to sing backup for someone she just met that day.
"I'm very proud of my daughter. She accomplished a whole l..".
That Actress they got to play Cissy Houston is not good enough Cissy is a feisty woman ugh idk
The best live acapella ever filmed, in 1986. Thank God for Whitney Houston and for the teachings of Cissy Houston. Now one of them is gone, and sadly, one is...
I've always wanted to watch this Cissy Houston interview with
Whitney Houston had a lot of her mother Cissy Houston vocal skills.
I think that Cissy Houston was candid and honest in this book. It gave an underst...
Surreal meeting & talking to my musical hero's mama today. Thank u for being lovely Cissy Houston ❤️
Watching the Oprah interview with Cissy Houston. Cissy giving one word answers, Oprah trying to dig after Cissy admitted that it would have+
Good evening Bas, I'm requesting a song for my daddy. He got a stroke and coming on fine. "The Lord Is My Shepherd"- Cissy Houston
also good musicians, Frank Sinatra,Bruce Springsteen,Frankie Valli,Cissy Houston,Connie Francis , Whitney Houston and so on...
Whitney Houston's mom, Cissy, will make you work hard during an interview. Tough - even for Aunty O.
Fun fact from press release: Pres Dr. Generals once played drums with Cissy Houston's (Whitney's mom) band b4 going into higher ed.
This was a tasteful book that did not bash but gave what seemed to be a pure and ...
I need to get my hands on Cissy Houston's book. The story through her eyes is very touching :(
Jeez I feel for Oprah... This Cissy Houston interview is like pulling teeth.
Is there anyone who didn't love Whitney Houston's voice? As Clive Davis said at h...
Yesterday is my favourite live performance from cissy Houston
So I only listen to Ain't No Way to hear Cissy Houston slay those high notes...
Cissy Houston's book will tug at your heartstrings. She tells a very compelling s...
On this day in music history: September 6, 1986 - "Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Rent" by Gwen Guthrie hits on the Billboard R&B singles chart for 1 week, also topping the Club Play chart for 2 weeks on August 23, 1986. Written by Gwen Guthrie, it is the biggest hit for the R&B singer and songwriter from Newark, NJ. Born in small town in rural Oklahoma, Gwen Guthrie's family will relocate to Newark, NJ while she is a child. Coming from a musical household, she'll learn piano from her father and study classical music in school, and sing in various vocal groups. Guthrie will attend college and train to become a schoolteacher, but fate will intervene, and she will get her big break in the music business. In 1974, Gwen will be asked to sing background vocals for Aretha Franklin on the song "I'm In Love" (R&B, Pop). Singing along side established veterans including Cissy Houston, Guthrie will make an immediate impression, leading to more lucrative work as a background vocalist and commercial jingle singer. Du ...
I didn't know Cissy Houston was in the Preacher's Wife
Cissy Houston came to rock with us last night!
Cissy Houston, acclaimed singer and mother of Whitney Houston, stopped by and took photos with the cast:
I liked this book. Cissy has cleared up many misconceptions about the life of her...
She was wrong, Ask Cissy Houston what she thought of the man.
Just used SoundHound to find Warning Danger by Cissy Houston
“Tomorrow” has been recorded by Barbra Streisand, Johnny Mathis, Cissy Houston, Grace Jones, and Idina Menzel?
Luther Vandross, & Cissy Houston recording vocals for a track off the film 'Labyrinth'. ht…
You know you're in Houston when you turn on the radio and they got Biggie playin
Cissy Houston doesn't want Whitney film to happen.
Whitney Houston's mother Cissy on Lifetime biopic: 'Please let her rest'.
Cissy Houston is not happy w/ Lifetime's continued work on the Whitney Houston biopic. "Let her rest in peace."
Where is Cissy Houston? Bobby Brown? Pat and Gary Houston? Even though Bobbi Kristina is 21, she is clearly a...
John and Cissy Houston along with former Newark, NJ Mayor Kenneth Gibson.
This is the 1971 version that appeared on the Burt Bacharach LP. Sung by Cissy Houston, Whitneys mother.
Whitney Houston's estate suing to get the late singer's belongings from inside her former New Jersey mansion. According to TMZ, Whitney Houston's estate claims the company they hired to sell the property has denied them entry to the home and has even gone ahead and changed the locks and chained the gates shut. The website reports that Whitney's estate contracted CPMG Mendham,LLC last year to sell the house but not any of the furnishings or personal belongings inside. According to Courthouse News Service, the late singer's five bedroom, four bathroom, 12,561-square-foot mansion was sold in February for just under $1m. Whitney's manager and sister-in-law Marion Houston claims the estate made two separate requests in March this year for access to the house, both of which were denied, reported CNS. She adds that 'even before the Estate was notified that the sale was finally approved by Wells Fargo, defendants or their representatives changed the locks on the house and chained the gates to the property, thereb ...
with Ms. Cissy Houston and Shavar Jeffries in Newark, NJ -
One day I'm going to tell ya'll about that time I went to a relatively small funeral on Tuesday in New Jersey that turned into a gospel concert in which Cissy Houston emerged from the audience to sing, but not before slaying the organ player for not honoring her request for a chord in 'A flat.' Oh, and Donnie McClurkin.
I completely forgot I had made this eons ago but never posted!!! Missed the download? Get it here: THINK IT OVER (ZAGERIZED REMIX)_CISSY HOUSTON...
WATCH - Ms. Cissy Houston has something you need to hear:
Malaiya and my Dad singing Whitney and Cissy Houston. The words are, "prince of peace u are" but she made up her own!
Herbie Hancock memoir set for Oct. 28 release (AP) Herbie Hancock’s memoir is set to come out this fall. Publisher Viking announced Thursday that the Grammy-winning musician’s book, titled “Herbie Hancock: Possibilities,” has a release date of Oct. 28. The memoir will be co-written by Lisa Dickey, who has also worked on books by Jane Lynch and Cissy Houston. Hancock’s deal with Viking was first announced in 2012. A former member of Miles Davis’ band, the 74-year-old Hancock is known for such compositions as “Rockit” and “Cantaloupe Island.” He is one of the few jazz performers to achieve widespread success with pop audiences. Source:
A mother's wisdom: Join our talk 5/12 w/ Cissy Houston about staying strong in hard times.
"Remembering Whitney" by Cissy Houston is available at Diwan Heliopolis,Zamalek,Maadi,Alex and Suncity for 96 L.E...
Elvis & Cissy Houston in Las Vegas, 1969. Cissy founded "Sweet Inspirations" back up singers4
Talking to Ms. Cissy Houston about loving and losing Whitney on 5.12 at 7pm Register
Proud to stand with the Mother of Newark, the legendary Ms. Cissy Houston. We are blessed that Ms. Houston is
Cissy Houston (the big mamma) pojede bar 15 ateista za dorucak: ...
Its going down this Saturday. I am going to get my praise on, all of these Amazing Anointed Women of God. like Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, Shirley Caesar, Tramame Hawkins, Vickie Winans, Kim Burrell, Erica Campbell, Cissy Houston, Dorothy Norwood, The Clark Sisters, Tasha Cobbs, Dottie Peoples and also Melba Moore so you tell me when going get our praise on that day.
I liked a video Hear it from Cissy Houston
Cissy Houston stands with Shavar Jeffries as he launches
I'm grateful for our morning full of faith & music w Ms. Cissy Houston and
Cissy Houston, and I on w answering this: How will you
Proud and blessed to stand with the mother of Newark, the legendary Cissy Houston.
Join us on Monday 5/12 when we talk to the one and only Cissy Houston about the faith needed to stay strong, even during the harshest of times. Participation is free, but you must RSVP! Register at and please share with friends.
RSVP now for our talk Mon. w/ the one & only Cissy Houston about staying strong during hard times.
Cissy Houston ministered, There's Not A Friend last night at the funeral. Lord knows she sang and out of a place of experience. I still miss Whitney. I guess I will forever.
Remembering Whitney Cissy Houston, Lisa Dickey The definitive account of Whitney Houston’s astonishing life, ground-breaking career, and tragic death — complete with never-before-seen photographs — from the only one who truly knows the story behind the headlines: her mother, Cissy Houston. Cissy has said little publicly about Whitney’s heart-breaking death. Now, for the first time, she opens up and shares the unbelievable story of her daughter’s life, as well as her own, and addresses Whitney’s brightest and darkest moments. A legendary Grammy Award–winning gospel singer in her own right, Cissy Houston shows how the lessons from her own musical journey helped to shape Whitney’s career — from teaching Whitney to use her voice, to keeping her level-headed throughout her meteoric rise to fame.
The Beasley Family planned a beautiful funeral service for my Aunt Janet. Bishop Donald Hilliard was exceptional and two international gospel singers were present and filled our shattered heart with song: Donnie McClurkin and Cissy Houston. Rest in eternal peace lady.
RSVP for our 5/12 talk with Cissy Houston about loving and losing and what it takes to heal.
A beautiful conversation with a beautiful spirit! Thank you Tina Knowles.Join us 5/12 for with Cissy Houston.
Cissy Houston opens up about the day Whitney Houston died - Almost a year after her daughter...
Emmy Award Winning Producer and Director A. Curis Farrow is the founder of the upcoming McDonald's Gospelfest and before that was the Producer and Director of many Broadway Theater and Black Theater Plays is now working in Partnership with JN Broadcast Enterprises CEO Juan Nortez and Alfred Bundy to create and produce a new radio feature. The show is called "BEHIND THE SCENE with A. Curtis Farrow, where Mr Farrow will be in converations with the stars of yesterday and today up close and personal. This coming week this newest Production & Broadcast Partnership will be producing three shows. The first guest will be Cissy Houston. Cissy Houston (née Drinkard; born September 30, 1933) is an American soul, gospel singer. She led a successful career as a backup singer for such artists as Elvis Presley and Aretha Franklin, and is now primarily a solo artist, and has won two Grammy Awards for her work. She is the mother Whitney Houston, aunt of Dionne and Dee Dee Warwick, and a cousin of opera singer Leontyne Pr ...
yess. You should. Or Cissy Houston's book if you havent read it yet.
Cissy Houston had some background vocals for your *** too!
I love how you said "The Houston Voice" you're right! From Ms. Cissy, to Ms. Whitney, to Krissi, ALL PERFECTION
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Whitney Houston - I know him so (Duet with Cissy Houston): via not a fan of this 1 either but this is good
If they ever do a Whitney Houston biopic.They gotta include a scene where Cissy Houston pushes a conductor on the Merv Griffin Show...
Cissy Houston solo in 1966 on a song recorded in the UK by Stella Starr and Dusty Springfield.
just finished reading CISSY HOUSTON's book on her beloved WHITNEY. it was a fantastic read and I love them more...
Here is another great Whitney Houston gospel performance from 1987, with her very talented mother, singer Cissy Houston, looking on proudly. I give you "A Quiet Place":
Yes. The ones on the left & the man in the middle is from the Houston side, the two on the right are Cissy's parents.
good morning friends. start your day here: Be My Baby (Original Lp Version) / Cissy Houston:
Why are they still booking Cissy Houston for gigs? Her voice has gotten worse since Nippy passed and Bobbi Kris married her brother-boo.
We had a joyous Easter Celebration at New Hope with family. Special treat with Cissy Houston singing, 'He Didn't Come Down'!
Watching the interview of Cissy Houston by Oprah brought back the memory of our beloved diva, RIP.
One of the most honest interviews I have seen in a while, Cissy Houston kept it 100 with Oprah.
Oprah's next chapter interview with Cissy Houston was touching.
Very late but finally,I see the 0prah\Cissy Houston interview!
This is touching Cissy Houston talking about her daughter Whitney.u a the best yhazzy
Cissy Houston on Oprah's next chapter. Talking about Whitney :)
Cissy Houston refusing to be upstaged by her daughter — may she rest in peace — in this classic.
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Born August 9, 1963 in Newark, New Jersey, Whitney Houston almost seemed destined from birth to become a singer. Her mother Cissy Houston, cousin Dionne Warwick and godmother Aretha Franklin were all legendary figures in American gospel and soul music. Cissy Houston was the choir minister at New Hope Baptist Church, and it was there that a young Whitney got her start. Even as a child, Whitney was able to wow audiences; she later told interviewer Diane Sawyer that a rapturous response from the congregation at New Hope had a powerful effect upon her: "I think I knew then that [my singing ability] was an infectious thing that God had given meBy the time she turned 15, Whitney was performing often with her mother and trying to get a record deal of her own. Around the same time, she was discovered by a photographer who was awed by her natural beauty. She soon became an extremely sought-after teenage model, one of the first African American women to appear on the cover of Seventeen magazine. But music remained ...
Looking forward to may 10th bus ride to the mcdonalds gospelfest with my church choir. Ive never been before so its going to be one awesome experience. Seats are filling up fast (10 seats left). Plus it includes an all you can eat buffet. Yes im advertizing because im excited. These are the performers: The Mother's Day experience features Yolanda Adams, CeCe Winans, The Clark Sisters, Shirley Caesar, Tramaine Hawkins, Dorothy Norwood, Dottie Peoples, Cissy Houston, Melba Moore, Vickie Winans, Kim Burrell, Tasha Cobbs and Erica Campbell. It is produced and directed by A. Curtis Farrow. It is Saturday, May 10, 2014 from 3 p.m. until 11 p.m. at the Prudential Center in Newark, N.J.
PATTY JACKSON'S 4-1-1 WEEK ENDING: February 14th, 2014 Jill Scott is coming to The Voice. She is going to serve as a mentor for Team Usher. The Voice returns to NBC Monday, February 24th with Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Shakira and Usher. This is going to be a busy year for Scott. She is also appearing the new James Brown bio-pic Get On Up. Bobbi Kris, the 20-year old daughter of the late Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown wants to be a pop star like her mom. Bobbi Kris is being mentored by Mariah Carey and American Idol’s Randy Jackson. Does she have the chops to carry on her mother’s tradition? Houston remains one of the greatest singers of our time, and she was following in the footsteps of her mother, Cissy Houston. Diahann Carroll has dropped out of the Broadway revival of A Raisin In The Sun. Carroll, 78, was supposed to star opposite Denzel Washington in the legendary production, but she pulled out citing the heavy work load was too much. Carroll is being replaced by Actress LaTanya Richardson, wh ...
The world is still in shock from the untimely passing of the beautiful and iconic Whitney Houston. In honor of the legendary life of one of the greatest performers in history, here are a few facts that you may or may not know. 1. Whitney Houston, born on August 9, 1963, came from music business royalty. Her mother, Cissy Houston, was a backup singer for the likes of Elvis Presley, Mahalia Jackson, Luther Vandross and Aretha Franklin. Whitney’s cousin, Dionne Warwick, is an internationally recognized singing star. Whitney’s Godmother is Aretha Franklin. 2. Houston is the most awarded female recording artist of all time, according to the Guinness Book of World Records. Houston’s awards include: 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards, 22 American Music Awards. 3. Houston is the only artist to chart seven consecutive Billboard Hot 100 hits (“Saving All My Love for You”, “How Will I Know”, “Greatest Love of All”, “I Wanna Dance with Somebody”, “Didn’t We Almost Have ...
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