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Circuit Court Judge

Sure he does. Then djt can appoint a judge to the US Court of Appeal DC Circuit.
The 9th circuit court needs to read the documents submitted. Other outside media rhetoric hear-say i…
Revised goes before a 3-judge panel from the 9th Circuit today:
Nancy Moritz’s roots sprang from tiny Tipton in north-central Kansas, population 207. “I loved everything about it."
If GOP in Congress had any spines, they could get rid of every activist Circuit Court jud…
Why would Garland leave the lifetime appointment as the chief judge of the U.S. Court of Appeal…
One less problematic judge on the circuit court of appeals, that would not leave the FBI were another seat open up.
Merrick's the chief judge of the DC circuit court. Of course he'd want him to give up his position. Questi…
This is also a way to get Garland off the D.C. Circuit court and replace him with a right-wing judge.
10th Circuit Court of Appeals judge's roots stretch from tiny Tipton to Topeka
The GOP now wants to vacate Garland circuit court bench so Trump can appoint a far-right judge.
This will open seat on US Court of Appeals District of Columbia Circuit. Trump would love to place anoth…
BEWARE!!-if McConnell thinks it's a "fantastic idea"-ulterior motive to get Judge off the D.C. Circ…
Judge Moore in Charlottesville Circuit Court seems to agree up to this point...
It's b/c then they can replace Garland on an influential circuit court with a conservative judge.
Of course. It frees up the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Dist…
They think it's a "fantastic" idea because then the GOP would get to pick another judge on the DC Circuit Court of…
Although she has lived in Topeka for much of her life, Nancy Moritz’s roots sprang from Tipton, population 207.
A circuit court judge has ordered in an unusual lawsuit between the city of Cookeville and its resident.
Don't be so foolish! He wants to give up spot as Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for DC Circu…
The guy who denied Obama a Supreme Court seat thinks it'd be "fantastic" if Obama's judge on the Dem-leaning DC Circuit gave…
Governor Dennis Daugaard has appointed Magistrate Gordon Swanson to Circuit Court Judge in the 4th Judicial Circuit. htt…
Roxana will lay down the law when she walks the runway at the with a Circuit Court Judge.…
Hypocrisy alert. This is a handy list: The Democrats Who Voted for Neil Gorsuch as a Circuit Court Judge in 2006 https:…
Glad to attend the swearing-in ceremony of as the new Division 7 Circuit Court Judge for the the 3…
Steven Gibbs resigns as Wisconsin District Attorney to be Chippewa County, Wis., Circuit Court Judge
With Floyd Co results in, Cody keeps Circuit Court Judge's seat More results from Floyd and Clark to follow
Vote for Hanlon for Circuit Court Judge, 12th Subcircuit. Proven integrity, fairness and independence…
I have appointed Paul Phillips as Circuit Court Judge for the Sixth Judicial District in Campbell County.
Former DA of Manitowoc County Mark Rohrer is now a Circuit Court Judge.
Join Merriel Bullock-Neal, candidate for Circuit Court Judge, at the Taste of Country event in Robertson County... https:…
We're proud of NST attorney Valerie Smith's appointment to Circuit Court Judge for the 30th Judicial District.
Valerie Smith of Memphis takes the oath of office and is now the newest Circuit Court Judge in Tennessee.
Judge Bernice Donald is now on 6th Circuit, former federal district court and bankruptcy court judge.
Tom crean resembles the circuit court judge in my area.
If you decide to burglarize my home, please know that my neighbors include the police chief, a circuit court judge, and a retired sheriff.
Thank you Senator Gilda Jacobs for endorsing my campaign for Oakland County Circuit Court judge.
4th Circuit judge: “We all know where technology is going. They are going to be able to pinpoint your every move.” https…
NEW: Chief Jefferson Circuit Ct. judge sends woman to prison, saying drug courts will soon "not be an option" in KY. htt…
VIEW: Appellate court says Adams County Circuit Court judge had 'complete lack of authority' to reopen polls.
Trump has said publically his liberal sister who is a judge on the Third Circuit would make a good Supreme Court Justice.
Obama nominated Alabama judge Abdul Kallon for US 11th Circuit Court of Ala. If confirmed, Judge Kallon would be... ht…
Judge dismisses suit against Pulaski over sale to Busey: A St. Louis County Circuit Court judge has dismissed a…
Critics lose challenge to state's portion of rail surcharge: A state Circuit Court judge has thrown out a lega...
Appeals Court Slaps Down IRS in NorCal Tea Party Case: A three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Cour...
New City Attorney Craig Tindall is fourth one in local government's history, Circuit Court Judge Mark Rogers announces.
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Askew is a former circuit court judge , and she was good ... Portsmouth has been on a steady decline since the 80's
God forbid that a well respected centrist veteran circuit court judge should be appointed instead of a corp. shill
Federal judge calls former circuit judge "crooked," sentences him to 10 years for bribery
Area circuit judge to seek high court spot: By Caleb Bedillion Daily Journal TUPELO – A circuit court judge an...
Arkansas Times - Maggio sentencing in federal court today - Mike Maggio, the defrocked circuit judge who pleade...
Space circuit decide to hunt excessive courtroom spot
Area circuit judge to seek high court spot | Bobby Chamberlin has served in 17th district for 11 years.
Keep the legacy of good jurists going. Vote for Judge Claudia Barber for Circuit Court for Anne Arundel County...
Judge Kozinski of 9th circuit starts naming bad prosecutors in court opinions, tells them to talk to state bar if t…
Oh, and may we never forget the disgraceful mansplaining she got from the Second Circuit—a low point for the court.
Judge Kozinski names the prosecutors involved in misconduct in a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals opinion.
Circuit Court Judge Bobby Chamberlin announced this morning at Lee County Justice Center he will run for seat on state Supreme Court
Rosa Silva and Jennifer Ballard, candidates for Circuit Court Judge, 7th Sub-Circuit in Cook County.
My Freinds in Dade County... We need people like Denise Martinez Scanziani for Circuit Court Judge! Please vote...
Body shops make case to 11th Court of Appeals, say Fla. judge was too strict in dismissal.
.we can only hope she will return to the Milwaukee County Circuit Court after April to resume being a fine judge there.
County wants to address duty problems:
Judge Siskin will be hearing Circuit matters tomorrow (2/11) at 9AM:
Circuit Court Judge Tom O'Donnell to inspect disputed votes at 9am tomorrow morning. Recount expected to be delayed.
It "nasty and mean" of the State to confiscate people hard earned $
Disputed votes under adjudication. Indications that Circuit Court Judge Tom O Donnell is to be consulted in Limerick
ICYMI: St. Louis Circuit Court Judge Jimmie Edwards lays out strategies to from
Judge Hogan is District Court. which is NOT part of 9th Circuit Court of APPEALS. Sheesh - you're dumb.
Judge Hogan was NEVER 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge. Hogan was District Court NOT Circuit. Sheesh.
I am running for Elkhart Circuit Court Judge in the May 3 2016 Republican primary.
Two candidates file for Garrett County Circuit Court Judge. -
Circuit Court Judge Shinholser plans to retire early for health reasons. Resignation likely to cancel election.
Like President Bartlett said, its nice when we can do something for prostitutes once in a while, isn't it?
Anti sex works are given money without having to do any work. Sex workers have to work for their money. YES to this
This is the judge I want to be presiding over any of my cases if I ever had to take a case to court:.
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Circuit Judge Charles Constantine said Boatner would be brought back to court on Friday to see if new trial date will be set.
Judge Valeri Haughton of Monroe County Circuit Court and her husband on the PINK carpet at Black…
**Dancing** because justice for sex workers is so rare in Ireland, this is worth a dance
Gators are serious business in the Sunshine State, as a Florida circuit court judge reminded everyone Tuesday. Joshua James, 24, made...
Lucas statement: I have spoken with Judge Melvin, and he said he is ‘perfectly satisfied’ as a circuit court judge in the City of Portsmouth
In a country where money confiscated from sex workers usually goes to anti sex work org Ruhama, this is welcome move https:…
Ireland: judge praises Czech sex workers for standing up to robber, & refuses to give state their cash
Circuit court judge candidates vow to not create 'gauntlet'
Judge orders ‘hard earned’ cash be returned to prostitutes after theft > Good :) Money usually goes…
It has been confirmed that Broward Circuit Court Judge Cynthia Imperato is resigning.
The State prosecutes man who stole sex workers' money, then asks judge "can we have it?" h/t
Margaret Bakker seeks 2nd term as Allegan chief circuit court judge HS
Judge orders ‘hard earned’ cash returned to Irish sex workers after theft: via
Please follow for more info on Marissa's (campaign to become Lake County's 1st female Circuit Court Judge!
Local attorney, county prosecutor have eyes on vacant Circuit Court Judge in Mercer Co.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kevin Mahoney was officially sworn in as Harford County's new Circuit Court Judge.
Broden today filed as a candidate for Circuit Court Judge in St. Joseph County.
Broden to run for Saint Joe County's Circuit Court Judge seat.
Robert Bennett, ’90, was appointed 34th Circuit Court Judge for Roscommon and Ogemaw counties in Michigan.
Congratulations to my friend, Vince Biskupic, on his investiture today. He will make a fantastic Circuit Court Judge in Outagamie County.
I look forward to serving the people of Sheboygan County as the next Circuit Court Judge, Branch 4.
Parkes appointed Circuit Court Judge for the 22nd Judicial District:
Kim Murphy has appealed to Circuit Court Judge DeAndrea G. Benjamin to reconsider her order of Oct. 30, affirming...
TO WHOM MUCH IS GIVEN MUCH IS REQUIRED! I Believe MS Carol White-Richard for Circuit Court Judge has been equipped by GOD!! she has the experience from working in the justice system for many years, she has the Mother wit and the responsibility to teach her family values which keeps her morally grounded and she had to grow and learn from her life's experiences like many of us who got what we got because we worked hard not because some one made it easy for us and most of all she has a strong intelligent husband who is her friend and together they represent our communities and I for one would feel comfortable knowing that some one who is just like me has been given a position as powerful to make a decision that will affect me and my Family and My Community.
Back to the business of The Hub – Ireland; Up before the Registrar: @ the 10/11/14 Dublin 20 Portlaoise 60 Mullingar 49 Trim 85 Wexford 40 Wicklow 95 Waterford 43 Naas 61 Naas 2nd sitting 100 Cavan 40 Tralee 3 For those new to our site, the above are possession order. Why not get your butts of the chair and visit the Court to give support to those about to loose their home. Before the Circuit Court Judge for possession: 11/11/14 Tullamore @ 10:30 on the 11/11/14 5 poor families up, one of them is our Lay Litigant; putting up the fight, anyone wishing to support; be there; will Stephen put your hand up: he will, from The Hub – Ireland, best of luck. Carrack on Shannon: 2 family homes up before the Judge. Galway: 1 family home.
BRB. Mopping up after reading this shady dissent by Judge Martha Craig Daughtry from the US 6th Circuit Appeals Court
Please sign if you haven't, takes a second. Thanks!...
Have you heard ‘Vote Takiyah H. Perkins for Circuit Court Judge’ by Emmitt Y. Riley III on
Freedom, bodily integrity, & informed consent. Doctors have a duty to...
Jones County will have 2 runoffs in three weeks. Circuit Court Judge and Chancery Clerk.
Myles Sharps announces he will not support either candidate in Circuit Court Judge race.
On recent decision by 6th circuit court: Judge Margaret Craig Daughtry dissented. “If we in the judiciary do not...
"Welcome to legal purgatory," said La Porte County Circuit Court Judge Thomas Alevizos as he released the jurors on their deliberation
Judge Jeffrey S. Sutton wrote the majority opinion Thursday in a 2-1 decision by the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of...
- The US Court of Appeals for Ninth Circuit has upheld the decision of district judge William...
UPDATE: Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster said he will appeal Friday’s ruling to the 8th U.S. Circuit Court...
Hmm, not sure. I think most Fed Circuit Court appeals are heard by 3-judge panel I think SCOTUS would be next
6th Circuit Judge Jeffrey Sutton: *** people have no business fighting for their civil rights in court."
Court rules BP still liable for damages: The three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court…
Judge Daughtrey's dissent from 6th Circuit's ruling today totally discredited Regnerus study:
Pat Conlin says he's honored to be elected Washtenaw County circuit court judge.
Article exploring recent comments made by judge in relation to the time frames in OSH prosecutions. Read Here:
Late-breaking news yesterday: marriages halted in KY, MI, OH, TN when judge rules against
Judge Jeffrey Sutton, heralded by the left for upholding Affordable Care Act in '11, said court shouldn't decide
Kudos to grad Susan Stacy (BBA/MBA), elected Circuit Court Judge for Group 19 in Seminole County, Fla.
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The US Court of Appeals, DC Circuit tried at Howard Law today .. The guy that made the term "Driving While Black" was a Judge of the court
St. Louis circuit court judge overturns Missouri ban on *** marriage ... (ta)
The First Congregational UCC Church St. Louis bells are ringing! STL Circuit Court Judge Rex Burlison has ruled MO's ban on marriage unconstitutional. With gratitude to all who have worked and prayed faithfully for this day...we rejoice!
In a shocking new decision, a Circuit Court judge has ruled that police are allowed to physically force you to unlock your iPhone and similar smart phone
The NAACP also opposed Janice Rogers Brown becoming a Circuit Judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals.
STL City's Circuit Court Judge Rex Burlison ruled the ban unconstitutional. Unclear as to how this will impact other counties in the state.
My niece, her husband won Circuit Court Judge. Wow ! Proud of him. And here in Eaton County , thank you for going to the poles and voting !Great outcome !
Scary to think a circuit court judge was elected with no experience just because his father was the retiring judge. Poltics as usual
VA Circuit Court rules you can be forced to unlock device with your fingerprint; not so if forced to give up your PW.
Two circuit court judges lose; MoCo judge whose former client/boyfriend is charged with kidnapping her wins:
ICYMI: rule tossed by DC Circuit Court judge via
DeBlase stands as Circuit Court Judge Rick Stout reads DeBlase the verdict. DeBlase is standing, shaking but shows little emotion.
Inn today's Commonwealth: Circuit Court judge's race going to runoff.
Sarah Lincoln, '00, was elected to a six-year term as a 37th Circuit Court judge.
“I was not at the scene of any crime," Riikonen said. "“Stop," Wayne County Circuit Court Judge said. "Stop.”
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Attorney Matt Stewart beats out Prosecutor Deana Finnegan in the race for circuit court judge
So upset my uncle lost the election for circuit court judge. I could've interned for him omg seriously.
We're excited to help Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge Chris Dee tell his terrific story. Let us tell your story!
Congrats to the Honorable Gerald M Prill for Huron County Circuit Court Judge! I know you will fill the position...
So, Trixie got one vote for state circuit court judge. ;)
Shake up on the Charles County Circuit Court bench last night! While Judge H. James "Jay" West easily kept his...
RBender: Results for the Bench: Republican John Barberis, Jr. was elected Judge of the Circuit Court for the T...
Some Black history in today's elections. Sheryl Lynch becomes the first Black elected to the powerful post of Circuit C…
ICYMI: Jones County Circuit Court judge race heads to run-off - .
It's official: Pat Conlin is your new Circuit Court judge
Kim Shaw knocked on 9,000 doors to campaign, the public defender was elected Division 5 Associate Circuit Judge
Pat Conlin wins circuit court judge seat: "I am so humbled by the trust voters have put in me, and it was an incredibly close race"
One precinct remaining in Mecosta County to determine the next 49th Circuit Court Judge. C'mon, Fork Township. Get me those results!
David Thompson was declared the winner of the 19th Circuit Court judge election Tuesday after defeating opponent...
Judge Tom Busch celebrates with supporters news that he won the election to Circuit Court.
Circuit Court Judge Race: Scott Rolle has slight lead over O'Connor 51% to 49%
“thanks!! It's always been a dream of mine to be Circuit Judge Family Court of division 18!” So weak 😂
Susan Sniegowski will be the first female judge to serve the 51st Circuit Court. She defeated Paul Spaniola 6,298-5,454.
From Sidelines to Sidebar... Bob Bauman helped the forming of FC TAMPA Rangers club in 2010. Bob coached at Jesuit High School and Rangers. On Tuesday November 4th Bob will be seeking the Circuit Court Judge position for Group 34. Let our votes deliver him a full volley, top corner goal!! Good luck Bob
Vote on November 4, 2014 to Retain Judge Jimmy Sarbanes as Circuit Court Judge. By Authority: Citizens for Jimmy Sarbanes, David J. Harkins, Treasurer.
The opportunity to run for Circuit Court Judge has been an honor. If elected, it will be a privilege to serve the...
I encourage all to FOLLOW & SUPPORT Robert Bauman Even better: Vote for him as Circuit Court Judge in
Mitch Krause has the experience. All he needs is your Vote. Make Mitch your next Circuit Court Judge. Turn out to...
Commission sends 3 names to for Circuit Court Judge in 21st Judicial District
Circuit Court Katie Mchugh took her lunch break to be on the show today!
Creswell elected Chief Judge of DuPage County - The Circuit Judges of the 18th Judicial Circuit Court, DuPage Coun...
The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments today on Texas' motion to stay the order of a federal judge in...
Written complaint, goes through circuit court, Prelim Exam, Judge signs off, Preliminary Hearing to get True Bill, instead of GJ
9-8-14, I attended the Grant Township Board meeting and gave a presentation on my candidacy for 49th Circuit Court Judge.
NEWS: Gov. Tomblin appoints Zak to serve as 11th Family Court Circuit Judge.
YES! We win One at a TIME! Judge *** said in her decision, that since the 7th Circuit Court ruled...
Arkansas Supreme Court fires Circuit Judge Michael Maggio, who leaked confidential details about an adoption involving Charlize Theron.
My moms garage is loaded! If you live in Oakland county, vote for Lisa Langton for circuit court judge!
Rose-Hulman alum Robert Wilkins (CHE, 1986) being installed today as U.S. Court of Appeals Judge for DC Circuit,
Judge Sedgwick asking about current stays in other states. Most are currently pending Circuit Court rulings.
Bill Stauffer appeared on to discuss the importance of diversity among Circuit Court judges. Clip here:.
Raise a glass to Circuit Court Judge Brian Edwards, KJA's Trial Judge of the Year Award winner!!
Thinking today of the family and community mourning former Tippecanoe Circuit Court Judge Ronald Melichar's death:
.Jones County judge says interfering in his re-election race.
There were a few dissenting judges in some of the other Circuit Court decisions and they are cited by Judge Feldman.
Judge Thomas Hoover to retire from New Kent County circuit bench --
Glenn R Schorsch appointed Associate Judge of the 15th Circuit-Stephenson County.
Judge won't let man take back plea in Paul DeWolf killing: Washtenaw County Circuit Court Judge Archi...
Criminal motion hour about to start in Clark Circuit Court. Judge William Clouse is on the bench today.
Boyd Circuit Court judge candidates faced each other in a forum focused on issues of "double-dipping" and efficiency.
Want more information about Jim Power for Circuit Court Judge? Here's his website!
Depressing fact for the day: 1 magistrate judge for 21 circuit judges in state court in Florida
I'm about to go have lunch with a Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge Downtown. I have a MAJOR PROBLEM with...
Retired Charles County Circuit Court judge removed from bench
KZOO — J. Richardson Johnson, Kalamazoo County's senior circuit court judge, to retire in October
UPDATE: Judge Posner says it all on same-sex marriage equality (Chicago's 7th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals)
States file SCOTUS appeal 5 days after same-sex marriage decision. Will SCOTUS take it up with 7 cases now pending?
Judge denies bond for Lynch and Bishop, refers bond option to circuit court judge.
NP, Billy Wilkins was Chief Judge of the US 4th Circuit Court of Appeals. More info:
Florida Circuit Court Judge Diana Lewis was in a hurry. She had 93 foreclosure cases before her in the next two...
On August 18, 2014 Dunn County Circuit Court Judge Smeltzer swore into office MPD Officer Tom Larson. Officer Larson replaced recently retired Investigator David Pellett. Officer Larson is 26 years old, grew up in Ashland, WI and has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire. Officer Larson also possesses an Associate Degree in Police Science from the Chippewa Valley Technical College. Officer Larson enjoys spending his free time hunting, fishing and watching sports. Congratulations to Officer Larson and we all look forward to him providing great service to the residents and visitors of Menomonie.
Im at circuit court judge Veronica Diaz house building her master bathroom
Frantz Jahra Mclawrence is running for Broward circuit court Judge group 8
Heavy heart today at the passing of my friend V. Thomas Forehand, Jr., former Delegate & Retired Chesapeake Chief Circuit Court Judge.
Please take a minute to watch and share Karen Stanley's new Campaign TV commercial! hope you will share this with your family, friends and contacts. Your VOTE is very important to Karen. To those who voted early or absentee THANK YOU! Please support Karen Stanley for Circuit Court Judge, Group 20 with your VOTE!
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JOB OPENING ANNOUNCEMENT CASA VOLUNTEER COORDINATOR Western Regional CASA, a program of the TEAM for WV Children, has an opening for the fulltime position of Kanawha-Lincoln-Boone CASA Volunteer Coordinator. Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) are community volunteers who are appointed by the circuit court judges in Kanawha, Lincoln and Boone counties to represent an abused child’s best interests in court proceedings. This person will be responsible for recruiting, screening, training and supervising of volunteers, as well as case management, networking and public relations, in Kanawha, Lincoln and Boone counties. HOURS: 40 hours per week - Monday through Friday Daytime hours with some evenings/Saturdays possible during volunteer training and recruitment activities DUTIES: Recruit, screen & supervise CASA volunteers. Conduct training for CASA volunteers. Attend court hearings, meetings, etc. Maintain accurate case and volunteer records. Network with other community agencies. Conduct public speak .. ...
Orange and Osceola family and friends: As you go to the polls to vote this election cycle, please vote Kim Shepard for Circuit Court Judge, Group 10. Her vast experience and professional demeanor make her the far superior candidate. I'm open to share my personal and professional experiences working for her opponent with anyone interested in information you won't read about in the mailers. If you're on the fence about voting at all, please consider at least voting in the judicial elections. You never know when your future, or that of someone you know and love, will be in their discretion.
"I had more testosterone than whole rm of Wall Street bankers & lawyers" Circuit court judge calls her "Stones"
The first state candidate to qualify is Judge Kent Savoie running for 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals.
Judge orders Petersburg circuit court annex closed due to lack of air conditioning.
Hope my cousin wins this election for circuit court judge of Broward county... help bring some justice to this world
Vote McLawrence for Broward County Judge 17th Judicial Circuit Court Group 8. See you at the polls.
Play ball! South Carolina Circuit Court judge rules in favor of Project Jackson in North Augusta.
This is me with Senator Rand Paul and our local candidate for circuit court judge. Please get to know your...
Easter named to Tennessee appeals court bench: Gov. Bill Haslam has named Circuit Judge Timothy Lee Easter of ...
In brief: Idaho same-sex marriage case will be heard by three-judge appeals panel: The 9th U.S. Circuit Court ...
Latest on Augusta GreenJackets stadium situation: Judge rules in favor of project -
South Carolina Circuit Court Judge Ernest Kinard has ruled in favor of N.A. in a lawsuit challenging the riverfront development ..
Sitting in Allen Circuit Court waiting for the judge to announce the sentence for Charles Copass
KMOX Radio: A St. Louis County Circuit Court judge ruled on Friday that students from the un...
A Florida circuit court judge has ruled that the state’s workers’ compensation law is unc...
Florida Businesses, Insurers to Fight Ruling Overturning Workers’ Comp System. A Florida circuit court judge has...
Hey today Brandie Baldwin appeared in front of Judge Dotson in Wise County Circuit Court and entered a...
Forums: Judge Nalley Orders the Shock Treatment: Maryland Circuit Court Judge Robert C. Nalley — who in 2009 d...
Last week, a Florida circuit judge concluded that the state's workers' comp law is unconstitutional on its face --
Robert Walker makes it official, he's running for Circuit Court Judge: Robert Fant Walker officially announced...
Vote Constance Daniels for circuit court judge group 34 at your local neighborhood public library.. She thanks you, i know cuz shes my mom.
Man serving life in 1996 Kalkaska murder wins a new trial: In her ruling, 46th Circuit Court Judge Jane...
The county has a Circuit Court Drug Court. It is overseen by Judge Jim Pounds, and its Tupelo location is at the Furniture Market.
Covington man sentenced to 40 years for murdering his wife: An Alleghany County Circuit Court judge on Friday ...
Circuit Court judge denies VR Labs' motion to dismiss Lee Co.'s lawsuit that asks for repayment of nearly $4.7 million jobs subsidy.
Remember the three J's! Judge, Jessica and Jamie for palm beach county circuit court.
Just saw that there is a judge named Raymond Chen in the Federal Circuit Court and thought for one wild moment it was
The favorite artist of the candidate for 9th Circuit Court Judge? & !!
Man sentenced in Upshur murder-for-hire case: Upshur County Circuit Court Judge Kurt Hall also sentenced Heate...
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Chief Judge of US Court of Appeals for 7th Circuit to speak on in the Legal Profession
A circuit court judge threw out Florida's congressional redistricting map Thursday ruling that the Florida...
Looking forward to oral argument next week before the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals. I am eager to have a chance to defend Judge Albrit…
My answer on to: Does a judge in the civil division of a circuit court have jurisdiction to determine...
President Obama Nominates Judge Bernice Bouie Donald for US Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit
To the friends and supporters of the John Contini for Broward Circuit Court Judge fan page, thank you for sharing...
Yes, when I said "Circuit Court Judge" I meant to make all my Boston tweeps hit their head on desk. Did it work?
Circuit Court Judge David Barron rationalized drone-killing an American in just 7 pages.
Early voting begins tomorrow in Santa Rosa and Walton counties. "So turnout is expected to be low: about 20 percent. MORE THAN HALF of all votes are LIKELY to be cast by mail or at early voting sites by the time polls open statewide on Election Day, AUG. 26." We appreciate your continued support for Michelle Inere for Circuit Court Judge, District 1, Group 22.
Great piece by our man in DC: OK judge on 10th US Circuit Appeals court defies expectations in same-sex marriage case
Support 1 of our very own, running for circuit court judge - Broward County
6th Circuit Court of Appeals judge explodes on lawyer defending TN's SSM ban. "What is point?" of law she demanded.
Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals judge, "What is the point" of a ban?" In other news, there's a new
Are you really using NAIL FILES to advertise that you are running for Circuit Court Judge? Sigh.
David Ross Born 9 Aug 1935 Circuit Court Judge in Maryland, head of the Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement
Christian Carrazana for Circuit Court Judge by Miami3d Production: via
Well, what do you know, will be the next Circuit Court Judge for the 12th District in TN...
Congratulations to Kyle Atkins on being elected Circuit Court Judge!
6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals hears marriage cases from 4 states: A three-judge panel from th...
These uncounted votes could make a difference in several close races: circuit court clerk,circuit court judge & district 2 county commish
Some things to know about the 6th Circ. judge who could be the deciding vote on same-sex marriage cases in that court
Attorney Ashley Minton, who reps Yacucci in case against his rival in court w Mike Heisey, running for circuit judge
A good summary of Wednesday's marriage equality arguments in 6th Circuit Court. TL;DR: It's down to one judge.
Congratulations to our winners John Mehr For Sheriff, Kyle Atkins for Circuit Court Judge, Fred Birmingham for...
You are now looking at the Circuit court judge division 1
Congrats to my friend, Bill Ailor, on becoming Knoxville's new circuit court judge, division two. I am honored to work for such a great man.
I was profoundly saddened to learn that the best man didn't win Circuit Court Judge, but I was still blessed to work on his campaign.
Tennessee's state attorney ran up against a judge who wasn't having his argument against marriage equality.
FINAL: McMillan takes the win for Circuit Court Judge 6th Judicial District Div 4 with over 39,000 votes.
So far, Bill Ailor has 58% of the vote for Circuit Court Judge for the 6th Judicial District Div. 2
Bond Revoked For Woman Convicted Of Shooting Lover Over Bad Sex Performance Comments: 7 | Leave A Comment Aug 1, 2014 By Sadie Bell, a 58-year-old woman who shot her former lover over bad sex, is heading back to jail after being previously released. The Detroit Free Press reports: Sadie Bell, 58, who was convicted of assault with intent to do great bodily harm in April for shooting Edward Lee, 60, has been out of jail since July 17 after Oakland County Circuit Court Judge Phyllis McMillen granted her a $10,000 bond while she appeals her conviction. Prosecutors — noting that she faces 10 years in prison and that she also shot her then husband in 1991 — appealed. In a sharply worded opinion, the Michigan Court of Appeals overturned McMillen’s ruling, saying there was no evidence that Bell was not a threat to the community. Oakland County Prosecutor Jessica Cooper, who sought the emergency appeal, said she was relieved Bell would be going to prison and questioned why McMillen woul . ...
We are out here campaigning for the best candidate. Help us re-elect Judge Gina Higgins Circuit Court…
JUSTICE WATCH: The racist businessman who spit in the face and slapped Cook County Circuit Court Judge Arnette Hubbard on July 15 is due to appear in court next week. David Nicosia is scheduled for a preliminary hearing August 5 at the George Leighton Courthouse (Cook County Criminal Court) at 26th and California in Room 101 before Judge James Brown.This menace has been charged with five counts, including a hate crime due to the fact he reportedly not only spit in the Judge's face, twice, but referred to her as "Rosa Parks," just before slapping her a few times. Sisters from across the city are convening this weekend to discuss this incident and the ongoing disrespect of our people, communities and families at 2 p.m. at Quinn Chapel. Judge Hubbard is a well known icon and civil rights attorney leader having been the first woman elected to head the National Bar Association and the Cook County Bar Association. We will be watchful and remain vigilant as we pursue justice in this case.
HERE AND NOW 7:30 p.m. Friday, Aug. 1 and 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Aug. 3 State Railroad Commissioner Jeff Plale talks with Frederica Freyberg about the dangers associated with freight train traffic in Wisconsin. Rail traffic has increased due to oil shipments originating in the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota. Wisconsin Public Radio recently reported on a call for new safety measures for crude oil shipments. Also on the program, former Dane County Circuit Court Judge Maryann Sumi provides analysis of the three State Supreme Court decisions handed down this week. And, Here and Now concludes its series of interviews with the Democratic candidates for Wisconsin attorney general when State Rep. Jon Richards, D-Milwaukee, details his bid for attorney general.
The 6th Circuit Judicial Nominating Committee has sent five names to the Governor. Find out who made the list!
Today, a circuit court judge ordered Florida's state legislature to redraw congressional...
If you have received your Absentee Ballot, don't delay. Mail it back today and cast your vote for the August 26th Election. Mark - Veronica Diaz for Circuit Court Judge!
Starting tonight 6pm at the GC Extension Office the Republican Party of Gallatin County is sponsoring a Monthly "Meet your Candidates" night scheduled till the upcoming Election. Republican and Non Partisan Candidates will be invited to speak and take questions from the General Public. Tonight's guest will Be Grant Axon who is running for County Prosecutor and Rick Brueggeman who is running for Circuit Court Judge. Hope to see you there!
PRESS RELEASE….. Martin-Foldie Law, PLLC scored a decisive victory in Hillsdale County Circuit court after a four year long battle. On April 1st 2010 Peggy Wells was fired by a Hillsdale hospital. SEIU Union Attorneys took her case to arbitration, and was successful in having Ms. Wells reinstated with full back pay and benefits. The hospital unhappy with the arbitration result retained a renowned law firm to have the arbitration vacated. In 2011 a circuit court judge agreed that the arbitration should be vacated on public policy grounds. With only days left for Ms. Wells to seek relief from the final judgment, she sought out attorneys from the law firm Martin-Foldie Law, PLLC. Martin-Foldie immediately began filing motions for relief from judgment. At the first hearing the judge - within a few minutes - declined to hear arguments on behalf of Ms. Wells, and with the wave of his hand denied her justice. Martin-Foldie immediately filed an appeal to the Michigan Court of Appeals and 14 months later ...
Again, Marriage Rights for All is affirmed in the Commonwealth of Virginia: "We recognize that same-sex marriage makes some people deeply uncomfortable. However, inertia and apprehension are not legitimate bases for denying same-sex couples due process and equal protection of the laws. Civil marriage is one of the cornerstones of our way of life. It allows individuals to celebrate and publicly declare their intentions to form lifelong partnerships, which provide unparalleled intimacy, companionship, emotional support and security. The choice of whether and whom to marry is an intensely personal decision that alters the course of an individual's life. Denying same-sex couples this choice prohibits them from participating fully in our society, which is precisely the type of segregation that the Fourteenth Amendment cannot countenance." ~ Circuit Court Judge Henry F. Floyd, U.S. Court of Appeals - 4th District; July 28, 2014. Virginia's ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. Soon, very soon.
Well, if Newport Police Detective Captain James Finley Holt was feeling depressed and alone in a Jonesboro jail can now add insult to to speak. Holt has been served with an order from wife and fellow defendant in crime, Newport Alderwoman Kathy Holt telling him to stay away from her. The order of protection was signed by Circuit Court Judge Rex Henry Ogle...It states that Mrs. Holt fears her husband and forbids him from having contact with her and from carrying a gun and gives her custody of their animals. Meantime James Holt has been arraigned with his next hearing in Federal Court on drug, gun, and money laundering charges coming Tuesday, Aug. 12th. He is being held on 1/2 million dollars bond.while Kathy Holt and her other two co-defendants.detective Lynn Shults, and Kathy's son Kenny Myers, are free on bond on state charges in connection with the money laundering scheme.
NEW ON CNN: Judge orders new congressional map in Florida: (CNN) - A circuit court judge on Friday ordered Flo...
The Committee to Elect Amanda Colón for Circuit Court Judge invites you to join us in support of Amanda
A "Humble" candidate for Judge John Contini for Broward Circuit Court Judge..View this quick message as to "Why"...
Hon. Nancy Moritz Sworn In as Judge on 10th Circuit Court of Appeals .
A circuit court judge has ordered the Florida legislature to come up with a new congressional map
Those in the "Know" are supporting John Contini for Broward Circuit Court Judge.. It makes sense...
Judge calls for special election and immediate revamp of congressional map: Circuit Court Judge Terry Lewis ru...
Letter: Kidd should be 4th Circuit Court judge via
Lapeer County Circuit Court Judge appointed by now facing felony embezzlement charges:
This might be the best line ever: "Huot testified during the weeklong trial before Circuit Court Judge Fred Cowan...
The plaintiffs in King v. Burwell, who lost when a three-judge panel of the U.S. Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals...
➡️ Microsoft to appealing to 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to NOT turn over cloud based customer info
Indeed, but I understand the 4th circuit court as a whole is more conservative than the 3 judge King panel.
Andrew Edis QC has been appointed a High Court judge. One of the finest counsel on the Northern Circuit and a true gentleman. Well merited.
The Committee to Elect John Contini for Broward Circuit Court Judge is proud to announce that John has been...
Come out and cast your vote today! Vote Felicia Corbon-Johnson for Circuit Court Judge Division 1, thank you!
A personal message from John Contini for Broward Circuit Court Judge in Group 27. Please read, "Like" and...
New ruling in day care unionization drive from 8th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstates order by lower court judge, who dismissed challenge
Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Dana Hathaway said she asked questions this morning that came from the jurors.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Justice Nancy Mortiz sworn in yesterday as the newest judge on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.
July 30, Circuit Court Judge Stephen E. Sincavage denied a motion by the commonwealth to revoke the bond for...
"Marijuana will be legalized in Mississippi within the next decade"-Circuit Court Judge Marcus Gordon. 🙌🙌🙌🙌
Judge throws out case after 50 adjournments An Accra Circuit Court last Wednesday struck out a robbery cas...
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