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Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo (Spanish for fifth of May ) is a celebration held on May 5. It is celebrated nationwide in the United States and regionally in Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where the holiday is called El Dia de la Batalla de Puebla (English: The Day of the Battle of Puebla).

Happy Cinco Black History Month Star Wars Day Armory Square

Cuse Crawl tonight in Armory Square for Cinco De Mayo... The BarstoolCuse snapchat team will be...
Happy birthday to my Cinco De Mayo baby. Jaxson Nicholas. . Aunt Lou, Uncle Brandon and cousin Colton love you more…
Cinco De Mayo is day of celebration to remember the victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla!
Today's Star Wars Day, tomorrow's Cinco De Mayo... why don't we just call this holiday streak 'Obi-Juan Kenobi'🤔🤔
All of my East Side Riders, come hang out at Lemon Drop Restaurant for Cinco De Mayo and enjoy some great Margarita…
Don't forget to spend Cinco De Mayo with your Mean Green Ice Hockey Team tomorrow at 4pm-8pm at the Hockey House.
Looking for somewhere to celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Come celebrate with us at Key West Harbour! Enjoy some mini...
Join us for Cinco De Mayo on the Miami River and enjoy $15.95 All You Can Eat Tacos from 5-10pm!…
Selena and Cinco De Mayo with Letty Leal Evans of Minnow Mountain's Murder Lake at the Blue Starlite Mini Urban...
Want more recipes to help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Go here
Im bout to ask if we get paid for cinco de mayo.
thought today was cinco de mayo... I'm calling the police
I wonder how y'all plan to survive this weekend in DC with it being Cinco de mayo, hennypalooza, trap karaoke AND views from th…
Cinco De Mayo is Friday and I want all the Patron ju heard !
Looking for an easy Cinco De Mayo appetizer for your party?This is perfect!.
This week is going to be great. Guardians of The Galaxy comes out, Star Wars Day, Cinco de Mayo and Rolling Loud all in one…
Hungry? View the Terrace Café menu online anytime! This week’s specials are inspired by Cinco de Mayo!
This Friday is Cinco de Mayo AND last day of this degrees semester 🙌🏼🎊🎉
Cinco de Mayo is coming soon! Have you started your fiesta shopping yet? Start here!
You guys have no idea what you are in for! This Friday aka Cinco de Mayo we are having a Tap take over! Matt...
They've been celebrating cinco de mayo the entire month of April in San Antonio
and if you voted for trump and post a cinco de mayo pic on Instagram I'm throwing hands
Me and avar finna be brassed up on cinco de mayo!
I am assuming that if an Asian or Africa American dressed in a sombrero on cinco de mayo that would be fine with you?
Cinco de Mayo is in a few short days! Celebrate with these great children's books:
So excited for cinco de mayo because it gives me an excuse to cheat my diet and eat Mexican food. 🌮🍹😋🌶
We're celebrating Cinco De Mayo all week long! . $5 El Jimador Shots and $5 Margaritas! New Beer of the Month: $5...
If you have never attended this is the Year!
also i are doing our first collab set for cinco de mayo!! BE THERE OR BE DUMB AF.
Cinco De Mayo has nothing to do with Puerto Ricans, sweetie.
Last year on cinco de mayo I was drinking rum buckets in under a minute just to prove that I could but then I blacked out by 8 😂
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It's May!! Which means Cinco de Mayo is Friday! Which means Margaritas are in order. I've got you covered. 20...
Spending Cinco de Mayo in Topeka, Kansas with the crew. Little known fact, Topeka is where tacos were invented.
Have lunch at City Hall on May 5 and celebrate Cinco de Mayo with food & live music
Cinco de Mayo's on Friday, here's where to party
Looking forward to Friday's celebrations . Book a table and play around for Cinco De Mayo. . E: jack
I thought I was making that up. Apparently, there are avocado drinks
cinco de mayo is coming up so I'd like to remind white people dressing up in sombreros/mustaches and getting drunk is annoyi…
This one is for Clark Atlanta‼️. Cinco De Mayo ( May 5th for the slow ones 🙄 ) . Be here .. it's on EDGEWOOD so we lit…
Think again if you don't think I'm attending Cinco De Mayo in Armory Square wearing a poncho 💃
. Cinco De Mayo is a Mexico holliday anyway, and They don't even celebrate it!. Happy to put a stop to it!!
Not a big loss. Trump Tower will continue to serve the best taco bowls in the nation for Cinco De Mayo so you can still cele…
Update- Cinco De Mayo is actually the anniversary of the huge cargo ship carrying mayo sinking
If Trump ate a taco salad on Cinco De Mayo to win the Latino vote, I wonder what he'll eat on *** Pride.
visiting Mexico trying to prove he's not racist. Because that worked so well for him on Cinco De Mayo
hopefully you are not bringing your famous Cinco De Mayo taco bowl with you to this meeting
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Our display at Cinco De Mayo for Athlete of the Week is now up! Thank you Monster Graphics for the donation!
I didn't knew they had a holiday celebration of mayonnaise Cinco De Mayo.
For those playing the over/under, has until Cinco De Mayo to join the
Shaved and ready for the day... Happy late Cinco De Mayo! 😘 🎉
TCTH too cute to handle Happy Cinco De Mayo even though it's not today
HBD to the 6's...ily guys more than Jack loves cinco de mayo
We would never see a rebranding of Chinese New Year or Cinco de Mayo or St. Patrick's Day that changes its meaning and cu…
Happy Cinco de Mayo! 🎉 Celebrate with the new photo set on ✨. https…
That's great! I'm tired of the big annual HOOPLA about Cinco de Mayo that Mexicans feel ok to wave Mex flag ALL YEAR
plus you love beating French at stuff lol Cinco De Mayo 😊
Rode the Harley to get some good food and some Anniversa-ritas! At Cinco De Mayo Mexican restaurant in Toledo.
and I went out on cinco de mayo and while she did the Macarena, she showered me in margarita but the corona was saved!
To attract the Hispanic vote on Cinco de Mayo ate a taco bowl. I wonder what he will put in his...
Happy Cinco de Mayo to our Mexican followers! Enjoy.
Spent my Cinco De Mayo at the gym. Turn up.
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But you love Mexicans on cinco de mayo huh
*** I danced to this song for the Cinco de Mayo dance at Eisenhower my 8th grade year
Too many margaritas? Group offers Cinco de Mayo revelers a free ride home |
They gotta ask if they may, cinco de mayo .
I drank two whole pitchers of margarita on Cinco de Mayo ’15 and didn’t throw up, you have no excuse..
A photo from our Cinco de Mayo party! ☺
That fight underperformed. It wasn't even a sell-out on Cinco De Mayo. Everyone loves GGG. But they won't pay to see him.
When me and Bailey were in Mexicantown for Cinco de Mayo they were going around the restaurant giving out free shots. So when they got
Can't remember a time he wasn't in my life. Forever my brother and I'll never forget Cinco De Mayo 2016 with him 😂
💀💀👺Me and b2b last night at the cinco de mayo party 👺💀💀
they gotta ask if they MAY. cinco de mayo
Next year on Cinco de Mayo, taco bowls will still be available. But you may have to have someone slide them under the wall fr…
they gotta ask if they may, Cinco de Mayo😶
u have to talk About this. They persecuted Trump on taco Cinco De Mayo
I liked a video from Cinco de mayo Under two minutes!! 5 lb burrito in one min 37
Kill your hangover with a fizzy, savory beer Michelada: via
They gotta ask if they may like Cinco de mayo
Vic Mackey- " Not today, not tomorrow not even on Cinco De Mayo. "
Cinco De Mayo, outside of being a celebration of Mexican pride, is a great excuse... Its a great scapegoat for all…
"I celebrate Cinco De Mayo and Martin Luther King Jr. Day." Get this man out of my house. 😂😂😂😂
Come celebrate Cinco De Mayo this Thursday from 5-8 at our customer appreciation event! Free food and entertainment! h…
Mexico doesn't even really celebrate Cinco De Mayo so basically it's just St. Patty's day, but with tequila.
Listen to The Morning Blend today for audio from the Cinco De Mayo festival in St. Paul.
It says "Happy December 5th and have a happy fourth of July!" In Spanish XD. I love Cinco De Mayo lel
Thanks Ryan O. Harris for inviting Omar and I to your Cinco De Mayo party!
If you went celebrating Cinco De Mayo but you don't go hard for Black History Month. You played yourself.
Donald Trump celebrating Cinco De Mayo is like the KKK celebrating Black History Month.
Cinco De Mayo: 4000 Mexican soldiers defeated the French army of 8000 (not defeated for almost 50 years). We could be spea…
Do you know Cinco De Mayo is when the Mexican Army defeated the French forces aka white people so ***
Y'all need to celebrate Black History Month how y'all celebrating Cinco De Mayo... Most of y'all not even Mexican 🤔🤔🤔
I went 2 school with the dude. He's Definitely in Med school at Harvard, this is a result of aggressive Cinco De Mayo festivities
This is how we celebrate Cinco De Mayo! With Adolph Hitler!…
Dax McCarty shows up to Cinco De Mayo parties with lucky charms
Anybody going out for Cinco De Mayo tonight be careful. DUI stop at the Nutter Center.
Cinco De Mayo, National Day of Prayer, and Christ Ascension Day all wrapped up in the same 24 hours. 🙏🏻 👼🏼
I'll celebrate Cinco De Mayo when Mexicans start celebrating Black History Month.
Getting blackout drunk to celebrate Cinco De Mayo regardless of whether or not they're Mexican
Gearing up for Cinco De Mayo in the Alley. on 7th.Grill on 9th.
Tonight's the night! Alvin Risk and myself are peforming at REVOLUTION: Cinco De Mayo inside the The Belasco!!...
Happy Cinco De Mayo!Celebrating Throwback Thursday and Cinco De Mayo with some Baja classics. Can you name them all? https…
Join us in the Lobby Bar tonight for some Cinco De Mayo libations! Then the real celebration is this weekend at...
White people on Cinco De Mayo vs white people on other days
According to Kantar Media, Corona Extra alone spent $91 million in 2013 to advertise Cinco De Mayo. Beer...
East coast people really "celebrate" Cinco De Mayo by drinking corona, eating hard shell "beef" tacos and listening to Reggaeton smh
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Are they making such a racket for? (The Canadian PVC laughed and said) check your calendar, Howlett. It's Cinco De Mayo. (James just--
I haven't "celebrated" Cinco De Mayo since that one year in Atlanta...Piedmont Park...Park Tavern $1 Margaritas...all 5 of us bought a round
Happy Cinco De Mayo, my half birthday, and a year and a half with Ty 🎉😁
Happy birthday Cinco De Mayo is a pretty awesome day to party!
It's Cinco De Mayo! Which means it's the six year anniversary of the Mercury spill!
In honor of Brett Dennen's new album Por Favor, we're got a special Cinco De Mayo offer for…
The Del Mar College Foreign Languages Club hosts Fiesta Mexicana for Cinco De Mayo. Free and open to the public.
Come spend your Cinco De Mayo at Cheatham Street!. Cody Canada and Mike McClure w/ Halleyanna and Johnny Burke opening. Tickets on sale now!
Tomorrow is Cinco De Mayo!!! Come out to Don Sol in union city and help raise money for the Obion County Hometown...
Wait for this Cinco De Mayo rap tomorrow ft yaboy Cade Rickdog
I'm listeng to Selena Quintanilla-Perez ironically becuase Cinco De Mayo is in two days which is also happens to be Chris Browns Birthday
for a chance to win 2 tickets to THIS Cinco De Mayo! 🎉
Larry John McNally to play Cinco De Mayo show at Hotel Cafe
Here at we will have Blonde Hunny Ritas, Taco specials, Cinco De Mayo themed live trivia, and live music!
Cinco De Mayo- Thunder game 3-Kentucky Derby Day! Who is going to be living at the Garten this weekend.known as "Da triple crown ''
White people will use any excuse to get drunk off they *** Like St. Patrick's Day? Cinco De Mayo? Girl pls
Are you as excited for Cinco De Mayo as we are? Join us for $2 Corona and Corona Lights all day Thursday!
Come join me and Sonny Burgess this Thursday May 5th (Cinco De Mayo)at Dosey Doe Music Cafe in Conroe for our...
Cinco De Mayo in is the best! Celebrate with Happy Hour on Georgia Street, 4:30 - 7:30 p.m.
Have a healthy Cinco De Mayo with this Fiber-Filled Fiesta Wrap
Join us for Cinco De Mayo! The fiesta has started at Tortilla Coast Logan Circle and the only part missing is you!
Cinco De Mayo is almost here~!. Come and get the spirit with Fiesta Lime from Wildberry Incense. A bright citrus...
ChiTown "RIVERWALK" opening up some places THIS WEEKEND for Cinco De Mayo.
Songwriter's Festival kicks off in one week Thursday, Cinco De Mayo (May 5th) with our annual Pineapple Pool...
Be sure to keep El Azteca in your plans on Cinco De Mayo. We will be announcing the specials during the week!
Join us for Cinco De Mayo-r at Cafe Bella Coffee in Rio Rancho! Come enjoy a Mexican Mocha & our famous Street...
We already made your Cinco De Mayo plans with & Grab tix while you can.
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