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Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the oldest zoo in the United States and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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Roses are red,. I'm feeling blue,. Because there is one less gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo.
Black tree monitors are native to the Aru Islands off the coast of New Guinea. (Photo: Cincinnati Zoo)
New National Geographic exhibition to open at Cincinnati Zoo -
FIONA UPDATE: Our girl's 130 pounds of attitude, the Cincinnati Zoo says!
Excited to announce that I accepted a summer internship at the Cincinnati Zoo with the Wild Encounters team!
Gorilla Grodd wreaks havoc on Cincinnati Zoo, says Harambe must be avenged!.
I've been to the Cincinnati Zoo in the last year. I was just there last week. What about you?
BREAKING: bringing in gorilla warfare experts from the Cincinnati Zoo to help coordinate JSOC elements in Syria.
That awkward moment where Joe Biden and I both show up to the big gala wearing the same tie dye Cincinnati Zoo t-shirt.
Details on sad incident at Cincinnati Zoo today:
I will now cease this emotionally overwrought and pretentious rant and go back to mourning a dead gorilla from the Cincinnati Zoo.
If you've never been to the Cincinnati Zoo, you're missing out! Get your 4-pack of tickets here >>
I just entered to win a 4-pack of tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo!
Fiona discovers sprinkler fun at the via
This is how Harambe was seen through the eyes of the Cincinnati Zoo snipers
Only thing that could stop panda right now is that gunman at the Cincinnati Zoo
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Just so you know that I am partial to hippos in general, not just baby hippos at the Cincinnati zoo. Here's...
Just had one born at Cincinnati zoo
i wanna go to Cincinnati zoo so someone be my date
Rain drop. Drop top. Cincinnati zoo made Harambe's heart st…
Roses are red violets are blue... I am sad because their is one less gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo
A must have for - and a portion of proceeds will go to the Cincinnati Zoo!
Premature baby hippo Fiona is growing up, Cincinnati Zoo says
Fiona move over!. Meg the Takin is set to steal your heart at the Cincinnati Zoo: Who do you think is cut…
The Cincinnati Zoo took down their own definition for what political correctness is that perfectly fits how games with bad stories are made.
“Baby Hippo Fiona in her Exercise Pool at Cincinnati Zoo - YouTube”
Take the family to Cincinnati Zoo on us!
Nanny dog watches over tiger cubs at Cincinnati Zoo - Blakely, a 6-year-old Australian Shepherd, keeps the cubs...
Cincinnati Zoo needs to take some lessons from the San Diego Zoo on proper Gorilla care.
Nursing dog cares for extremely rare tiger cubs at Cincinnati Zoo (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)
Cincinnati Zoo hopes to raise awareness to the Texas Rio Grande Valley as Ocelot Conservation Day approaches.…
Roses are red, violets are blue, there is now 1 less gorilla in the Cincinnati Zoo
Everyone's freaking out over the but guys... a premature baby hippo born in the Cincinnati Zoo just took its first steps!
A milestone for any child, Fiona, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden's premature hippo, took her first steps.
Cincinnati Zoo's premature hippo Fiona takes first steps
Baby hippo Fiona takes her first steps
Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo takes first steps.
my mom suggested I donate to the Cincinnati zoo to help them take care of the baby hippo please the only hippo I have mon…
Cincinnati Zoo's premature hippo Fiona takes first steps.
Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo Fiona takes first steps.
Cincinnati Zoo's baby hippo takes first steps:
Watching 30 seconds of baby hippo is way better than football.
JUST IN: Baby hippo Fiona took her first steps - and it's just as cute as you'd think!
Cincinnati Zoo's prematurely born hippo takes first steps.
Fiona, hippopotamus born six weeks prematurely, takes first steps at Cincinnati Zoo
WATCH: Baby hippo born prematurely takes first steps at Cincinnati Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo's prematurely born hippo takes first steps
The Cincinnati Zoo says a baby hippo born prematurely has taken her first steps.
Zoos' Marching Penguins Treated to Winter Weather: The Kansas City Zoo and the Cincinnati Zoo paraded their waddles…
you light up my world 🌎 😉 @ Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
🎶 Christmas time is here 🎶 @ Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens
(Calgary Sun):of boy who fell into exhibit thanks Cincinnati Zoo : The..
(Calgary Sun):of boy killed in exhibit thanks Cincinnati Zoo : The..
Roses are red . Im feeling blue. There's one less gorilla in Cincinnati zoo
Roses are red, violets are blue, Harambe was shot at the Cincinnati Zoo
I liked a video Cincinnati Zoo Gorilla mocking me
Roses are red,. Violets are blue, . Harambe will forever haunt the Cincinnati Zoo.
I walked out of my apartment leaving for the game and someone's wifi called "Cincinnati zoo wifi" popped up 🙄🙄
the zoo keepers at the Cincinnati zoo
After the gorilla's death, Cincinnati Zoo built higher barrier for that exhibit. Sad to keep IN! https:…
Trying to think of a Team name for Max's party. and Max just said. "How about the Cincinnati Zoo Keepers?"…
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*** she isnt loyal whatsoever and the one trying to slide into that relationship should go to the Cincinnati zoo.
roses are red. and I am blue. because there's one less gorilla. in the Cincinnati Zoo
I side with the Cincinnati zoo, they had to kill that gorilla
another child falls into Cincinnati zoo
Join us for Fossil Fest today at the Cincinnati Zoo 10am-4pm
- Cincinnati Zoo video shows Harambe the gorilla HOLDING HANDS with the boy, Ne...
I liked a video Gorilla zoo boy: did Harambe at Cincinnati Zoo deserve to die? - TomoNews
notice how unlike Cincinnati zoo they were concerned about the animal and didnt well.. kill it.
Cory in the Cincinnati zoo gorilla enclosure
its okay tho, jay got out of the Cincinnati zoo before a child jumped in his cage
My name is Harambe and I was wrongfully shot by the Cincinnati Zoo
Supreme x Harambe collab. Dropping exclusively at the Cincinnati Zoo gift shop on Thursday. Retail is $148
On may 28, 2016 a little boy would fall into the Cincinnati zoo gorilla enclosure and you had the power to change t…
funny how there's no federal investigation into ties between Ted Cruz's father and the Cincinnati Zoo.…
yeah cuz the Cincinnati zoo killed them all. . .
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I added a video to a playlist Gorilla Egg Hunt 2016 - Cincinnati Zoo
I added a video to a playlist Red Pandas are Having Snow Much Fun - Cincinnati Zoo
If only Trump was at the Cincinnati Zoo instead of Harambe.
Try telling that to the Social Media Director at the Cincinnati Zoo.
doctor: We have bad news. me, just out of a 5 yr coma: I dont mind as long as I still get to visit my favorite gorilla at Cincinnati Zoo
*job interview*. so tell me a fun fact about yourself . Guy: well when I was 5 I fell into the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla ex…
Harambe 2016 Make the Cincinnati zoo great again
Pete Rose is an Expert on the Cincinnati Zoo | The Jason Smith Show | Fox Sports 980 WONE
Cincinnati Zoo? More like SINcinnati Zoo. We lost an angel that day :/
Only thing left to see in life is Ron Swanson being Maverick's wingman in a Top Gun sequel where they rescue Harambe at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Oh the Cincinnati Zoo doesn't want us to make Harambe jokes anymore? Great. Lee Harvey Oswald didn't think JFK jokes were funny either.
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Our lord and savior was shot dead. by the Cincinnati Zoo.
"Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden: Zoo Says It Is 'Not Amused' by Memes of Late Gorilla Harambe". I'm not amused by…
Cincinnati Zoo doesn't know us at all, this will just add fuel to the meme fire
Hey now, you're the one that killed him, you don't get to tell me how to grieve
Cincinnati Zoo have just pretty much guaranteed there to be an increase in Harambe memes.
So the Cincinnati Zoo is asking the internet to stop making Harambe memes. I wonder how the internet will react?
I'm at the cincinnati zoo right now (:
If the Cincinnati Zoo isn't amused by Harambe memes then that just means that the memes need to become danker
Oh Honey... Stop talking about Harambe, our dead gorilla, zoo pleads
Looks like the Cincinnati Zoo is asking a favor out of Harambe fans. Hmmm
Cincinnati Zoo is trending in the UK. Where else? It's over Harambe jokes. Figure there's somebody playing political crap shoots with it.
The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens is not amused by the Harambe memes.
Roses are red,. This headline reads,.
Randy Quaid doesn't care what the Cincinnati Zoo thinks about his Harambe tribute
Thanks Cincinnati Zoo for reminding us of your killing of Harambe the gorilla, which made it trend again.
People keep trolling the Cincinnati Zoo about Harambe
The Cincinnati Zoo said they are not amused by Harambe memes. Well maybe they shouldn't have killed him
We'll stop when the Cincinnati Zoo stops shooting innocent, unarmed 17 year old males.
Cincinnati Zoo: "Stop making memes of our dead gorilla"
The Cincinnati Zoo is "not amused" with the harambe memes. We're not amused that you took him away from us.
Cincinnati Zoo asks 'goofuses of the internet' to stop making a joke out of 🐒
Hate to break it to you Cincinnati Zoo, but if you don't kill the gorilla the memes don't follow.
Cincinnati Zoo said it was "not amused" by all the memes about Harambe, the gorilla its staff shot dead.
Cincinnati zoo boss: internet jokes about Harambe are upsetting grieving staff
If we keep electing Democrats in 40 years there will be no gorillas at the Cincinnati zoo. :(
Do the Cincinnati Zoo really think saying "Stop posting Harambe memes" is going to stop it?
The Cincinnati Zoo has had enough of the Harambe memes
Life could be worse, you could be Cincinnati Zoo's social media manager.
and I are investing in the Cincinnati Zoo, child harnesses, and marshmallow guns for our Econ project.
" gorillas have ever died at the Sig Ep house, while the same cannot be said of the Cincinnati Zoo."
Maybe we should start a Bad Parent Support Group! Should I contact the Gator family from Disney World and the Cincinnati Zoo family?
During the like 4 to 5 hour trip to the Cincinnati Zoo i wanted to bring almost all the animals back home to Naples with me 👍
The shooting of Harambe at Cincinnati Zoo: An Australian public liability perspective
Sam, am interested in your thoughts regarding Cincinnati Zoo incident. Singer's Op-ed is thoughtful.
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Woman who recorded Cincinnati Zoo gorilla incident says toddler 'only had minutes left'
What? No donations to the Cincinnati Zoo! Donations to Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International!
Why Was the Gorilla Harambe Killed at the Cincinnati Zoo and Why Was He There in the First Place? It's Time t...
Caught on camera: Boy falls into gorilla habitat at Ohio's Cincinnati Zoo:
Wrong Ohio mom harassed after gorilla death at Cincinnati Zoo
Jane Goodall feels sorry for Cincinnati Zoo director:
US police to investigate circumstances around killing of gorilla Harambe at Cincinnati Zoo
.says the Cincinnati Zoo boy's father's past "has nothing to do" with coverage of incident. Your take?
If only Eliza Thornberry would have been at the Cincinnati Zoo that day...
Lessons from the Cincinnati Zoo: What to do When a Child is LOST in an Amusement Park
Cliff Kelley talks about the latest news surrounding the incident at the Cincinnati Zoo! Listen LIVE at...
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden holds news conference on killing of gorilla. Watch
.Racism has found its way into the Cincinnati Zoo saga
The incident at Cincinnati Zoo under investigation by the Cincy PD. Will confer w/prosecutors on poss criminal chges
My take on the shooting of Harambe the gorilla and the cost of distracted parenting at the Cincinnati Zoo last wknd:.   10% Off
Was shooting gorilla Cincinnati Zoo's only option?
San Francisco Zoo Celebrates Endangered Species Day - A 17-year-old gorilla at the Cincinnati Zoo was shot dead...
How Caesar about to pull up to the Cincinnati Zoo
I'm glad that kid is OK but the Cincinnati Zoo should sue his parents. .
Cincinnati Zoo/gorilla story is awful... Just awful. Parents, watch your children. Doing so will protect your children... AN…
In light of events at Cincinnati Zoo this morning: "Studies of Young Children visiting Zoos, a Museum and a Farm...'
Most discussed topic in Portland right now: Cincinnati Zoo
Cincinnati Zoo shares photos of 5 cheetah cubs delivered in rare C-section
Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens! It costs $80 but you get to see all kinds of other animals too so it's worth it! 😊
Penguins Born at the Cincinnati Zoo: This January, the Zoological Care Staff at the Cincinnati Zoo ...
I liked a video from Goodbye Sarah - Cincinnati Zoo
Zookeepers test polar bears for pregnancy by having a specially trained beagle from Cincinnati named Elvis sniff the bear’s poop.
thank you for posing. I worked with him at the Cincinnati Zoo and miss him dearly.
The world's fastest cheetah, who ran 100 meters in 5.95 seconds, has died. Watch:
Cincinnati Zoo helps to rebuild wild lion populations in Kenya
Congrats Cincinnati Zoo halfway to gorilla exhibit fundraising goal
Cincinnati Zoo halfway to gorilla exhibit fundraising goal: via
Zoo to expand Gorilla World exhibit: via
Meet Bowie the penguin - the chick at Cincinnati zoo named after the musical legend
Grab latest issue of w cover girl LiWu & vote the Zoo for Best of Cincinnati!
Where the Animals Go in Winter. The Cincinnati Zoo prepares its menagerie for winter long before cold weather hits.
The world's fastest cheetah died last week. Watch her run 100 meters in 5.95 seconds:
I added a video to a playlist Cookie the Little Penguin at the Cincinnati Zoo
World's fastest cheetah, featured in National Geographic, dies.
Cincinnati zoo just announced 12 million for monkey housing. That seems like a bigger waste of money!
Cincinnati Zoo halfway to gorilla exhibit fundraising goal
Where the Animals Go in Winter: cover_zoo_jf30 Bonobos are one of many animals...
Sarah, the record-breaking runner & great ambassador for her species will be greatly missed http…
Zoo to expand Gorilla World exhibit via
The gorillas at the could have a new, $12 million home as early as 2017
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
.to expand Gorilla World exhibit via
The new chick at the Cincinnati Zoo was born two days before David Bowie's death.
.is expanding its Gorilla World exhibit! has the details:
White people had Human Zoos, till the 1930's . Just people of color , no whites . Cincinnati, Bronx zoo & a joint at th…
Meet Bowie, the baby penguin of Cincinnati Zoo - As one Bowie left Planet Earth, another had just arrived - and...
Cincinnati Zoo &Botanical Garden. things to do in Cincinnati. 4.5/5 stars 1,743 reviews h…
Happy to help the Cincinnati Zoo with their cash management needs. .
Ava and her sister Elle at the Cincinnati Zoo Saturday
Cincinnati Zoo's annual HallZOOween offers spooktacular fun for all via
Which zoo is better Cincinnati or Columbus ?
Took my 2 favorite little girls to the zoo @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Turns out you can walk through the Cincinnati Zoo carrying a glass of wine. Let's step it up, Louisville.
Happy Saturday friends!! Hope you all are having a wonderful weekend! Spending ours at Cincinnati Zoo :)
The Cincinnati Zoo has an exhibit dedicated to loose birds. Pray for me.
I once spent like $40 on a zoo keeper outfit in Cincinnati and I still don't regret it.
Check out this update on our Hippo Project at the Cincinnati Zoo! [video] via
Harapan, the only Sumatran rhino in Western Hemisphere is out daily until 12:30
I liked a video from Painted Dog Pups 1st Time Out - Cincinnati Zoo
Ohio zoo hits funding goal for hippo exhibit - FOX19
Mrs Joan from the Cincinnati Zoo is here to teach us about inquiry # Cincinnati zoo
2015 Workshop Preview -> MAKERSPACE Petting Zoo - Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
Thanks News 5 for this behind-the-scenes look at our hippo project at the Cincinnati Zoo -
Cincinnati Zoo hits funding goal for hippo exhibit
It's actually a lot harder to get on this than it looks... @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Video: Hippos set to return to Cincinnati Zoo after 20 year hiatus
Cincinnati is wasting 7 million dollars on a hippo exhibit at the zoo? They coulda just spent 50 bucks and used
Students study extinction and conservation at Big Bone Lick State Park and Cincinnati Zoo
New Black Rhino male is the Perfect Match - Cincinnati Zoo
Got video of this cutie this morning! Baby Giraffe Nasha's Debut - Cincinnati Zoo: via
Rare rhino leaves Cincinnati Zoo to travel across the world to save his species
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"Cincinnati has the BEST zoo, I've been to a lot of zoos. It is THE BEST"
A lion at the Cincinnati Zoo woke up to find Christmas presents delivered to his enclosure -
I liked a video from Moe the Sloth - Cincinnati Zoo
A friend sent this picture located just outside the Cincinnati Zoo. Could there be some sort of correlation?
I liked a video from Giraffe Nasha is Leaving - Cincinnati Zoo
First time riding the train at the zoo! 🚂 @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Zoo days with the snow leopard feeding @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden
Day before Alabama kickoff, I'm hanging with the elephants. ROLL TIDE!!! @ Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical…
Unwind was proud to be a part of the Wild About Wine fundraiser event last night at the Cincinnati Zoo &...
Such an interesting animal! I love seeing what the fossa is up to at the Cincinnati Zoo.
Pictures of the day: A one week-old gorilla makes an appearance at Cincinnati Zoo (AP)
Cincinnati Zoo's newest baby gorilla debuts, still in need of name | Local News - WLWT Home via
Big things happening at the Cincinnati Zoo! .
Learning that the 50th baby gorilla was born at the Cincinnati Zoo, so this class made some jungle wedges to eat!
Zoo's baby giraffe leaving for Nashville
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A staple for the Sumatran will be heading back to
Cincinnati Zoo announces $12 million gorilla exhibit.
Zoo's baby giraffe leaving for Nashville -
Cincinnati Zoo giraffe heading south to new zoo soon
Celebration of new gorilla continues w/ announcement of $12M exhibit upgrade at
Coming soon: A $12 million expansion of the gorilla exhibit via
Tired of the same old thing? Come be an Adventure Guide at the Cincinnati Zoo!
Thank you!. BTW have u been to Cincinnati zoo or newport aquarium?
See why the Cincinnati Zoo has started a beekeeping program and its important http:…
Did you know that The Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens are famed for their white Bengal tigers and gorillas?...
Love getting paid to go to the Cincinnati Zoo
Everyone in the animal kingdom wants Reds fans to The Cincinnati Zoo sho...
Monday, June 29th is Reds day at the Cincinnati Zoo. Don't miss this year's fun!...
The Cheetah - elegance and beauty in a deadly package. Ken Geiger.
DH attended the Serengeti Sunrise event at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens. Greg poses with
Great supporting the Cincinnati Zoo with Bob Castellini and UC friends
Ever wonder how to train an Ostrich? - Cincinnati Zoo
'A lotta splash of color'. Click by Sara Baron. At Cincinnati Zoo . See More:
Good news for or anyone else near Cincinnati, I might be going to the Cincinnati zoo for my birthday.
And I want to go to the aquarium and Cincinnati zoo
At the Cincinnati Zoo today Mrs. Skitch intentionally started up conversations with the other hot moms just to screw with me :/
Cincinnati is misspelled in this article & how can you omit the world-class Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo??
If I said I didn't have fun at the zoo I'd be lion @ Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden
Fodor's ranks Cincinnati Zoo in top 10 U.S. zoos
I'm about to go to the Cincinnati Zoo! Woohoo
Anyone in the Dayton/Cincinnati area want to go to the Cincinnati zoo this Sunday?
Adorable from Build a Bear, World of Coke, and Cincinnati Zoo CHEAP
NEWS: is talking about Jolly Thursdays! Learn more about this wonderful series of free programs-->
Congrats to for being named one of the Top 10 zoos in America by
Took this of the Lion Cubs at the Cincinnati Zoo today. via /r/aww
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Had an amazing time Exploring the Cincinnati Zoo with Nina and many other incredible people today.…
Serious question. . Shania Twain concert & an overnight stay in Michigan. . OR. . Zoo & Reds game & an overnight in Cincinnati. .
I want to go to the Cincinnati zoo and Kings Island so badly😍☺️
Beyond happy I got to see and feed my favorite animal up close today 😄😄 @ Cincinnati Zoo &…
Cincinnati's Zoo in top 10 according to Fodors...
lands on national top 10 list. Visit and plan your trip to the Queen City!
I would definitely do the Cincinnati Zoo… could go see big cats whenever I wanted. And back cage passes.
Cincinnati Zoo lands on national top 10 list - Cincinnati Business Courier
Taking the kids to Cincinnati zoo July 19th .
Cincinnati Zoo Tiger with cubs at play copper/zinc elongated penny
The Cincinnati Zoo is pulling out all the stops for dads on Sunday. Dads get in free!
ICYMI: Cincinnati Zoo and Christ Hospital team up for pregnant gorilla Anju
went to the Cincinnati Zoo & Molly Malone's with this handsome fellow. ❤
Check out Tunes and Blooms Concert tonight at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens! -
Ik vind een leuk: Harding University choir in the Reptile House at the Cincinnati Zoo
Went to the Cincinnati Zoo today with Laura Smith, Nicholas Davidson, John Smith, and all the kids so they could trick or treat at the zoo. Other then being in pain for most of the day we had a great time. Doctor appointment tomorrow, hopefully I have taken my last dose of medication for the miscarriage.
100 years ago today, with the passing of Martha at the Cincinnati Zoo, it marked the official extinction of the Passenger Pigeon. Believed to be at one time, with a population of well over 3 billion when Europeans hit North America, perhaps the most prevalent species on earth. James Audubon once tried to count their numbers and within minutes had seen over 163 distinct flocks fly overhead, noting in his journal " The air was literally filled with Pigeons; the light of noon-day was obscured as by an eclipse …” W.R. Manlove witnessed one of the last flights of the Passenger Pigeon in Tennessee in fall 1870 over his father’s farm in White Creek, 6 miles north of Nashville: "The dreamy silence of early morning was broken by the rushing sound as a great column of wild pigeons came flying swiftly up the valley. This column was so wide that it reached almost from range to range of the side hills, a distance of a mile, and so dense as to darken the sun, so that we had to light lamps in the house. As the bir ...
Guess where you can catch Old School Cincy and Chris Coleman today? He will be at Via Vite across from the square today from 3-7p.m. Your favorite station will be in the mix celebrating with you when the US Soccer team wins!! The watch party at Fountain Square is today. You can even get registered for a family A pack of tickets to the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, and get signed up for The One VIP card!! Get there early because this will be epic!!
Sinkhole swallows part of Metro bus in Corryville CINCINNATI —A Cincinnati Metro bus was nearly swallowed by a sinkhole Thursday night. Cincinnati police said the sinkhole opened in the road on Shields Street in Corryville about 9:15 p.m. Metro officials said the driver was the only person on the bus when the sinkhole opened up. It appeared as if the sinkhole opened behind the bus. The bus's rear tires were stuck in the hole. Damage was visible on the sides of the bus. Police said the sinkhole measured 10 feet long by 15 feet wide and was 20 feet deep. An industrial-strength tow truck and crane arrived at the scene to remove the bus from the sinkhole about 10:30 p.m. The driver said she went over the spot in the pavement and it gave way behind the back wheels of the bus. Crews had been inspecting a buckle in the road about an hour before the sinkhole developed. A Metro spokeswoman said the bus had just completed a layover at the Cincinnati Zoo and the driver was about to return to the garage when the si ...
Remembering Brogan Dulle: Friends and family hold vigil at Cincinnati Zoo:
FROM BILLIONS TO NONE At 7 p.m. on Tuesday June 3, Dr. Stanley Temple, Senior Fellow and Science Advisor with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, will speak to the Noel J. Cutright Bird Club at the Riveredge Nature Center. His talk marks the centennial of the extinction of the Passenger Pigeon in 1914. Temple uses the case of the Passenger Pigeon to call attention to the world’s ongoing extinction crisis and our relationship with other species. In 1914, the last surviving Passenger Pigeon died in a Cincinnati Zoo, ending a calamitous half-century in which the pigeon declined from billions to one and then to none as a result of uncontrolled market hunting and the resulting disruption of nesting colonies. The loss of one of the world’s most abundant birds stands as the iconic extinction event in our country’s history. In 1947, the Wisconsin Society for Ornithology erected the Passenger Pigeon Monument at Wyalusing State Park, and for the occasion Aldo Leopold penned one of the most poignant essays ever writt ...
Martha was the last living Passenger Pigeon, who died at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914. She was named in honor of Martha Washington.
The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is excited to kick off its summer season, on Saturday, May 24, with the return of summer shows, animal encounters and unique new experiences! Presented by Cincinnati & Northern Kentucky Honda Dealers, Summer Adventure at the Cincinnati Zoo allows guests to experience the best the Zoo has to offer! Zoo visitors can see birds soar overhead at the Great American Wings of Wonder Bird Show, cheetahs race at top speeds at the Cheetah Encounter, hand feed Maasai giraffe, watch an elephant take a bath, and stop by the Zoo’s kea exhibit (opening June 6) to see fun flights and demonstrations. In addition, around every bend there is the opportunity to put hand-to-scale or feather during the random animal encounters that take place every day throughout the park.
As we're rolling in to another really great Memorial Day Weekend and we have 8 great ideas if you're around the Cincinnati area! Enjoy a varied array of Cincinnati's best and tastiest cuisine at the 36th Annual Taste of Cincinnati 2. Watch the Cincinnati Reds face off against the St. Louis Cardinals 3. The Zoo babies are live and spewing adorableness at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden 4. Spend some time staying cool at Coney Island's Sunlite pool, see the sights from high up top the ferris wheel, and delve into an ice cream malt. 5. Swoon over Princess Diana's wedding gown and over 150 unique objects related to the princess at the Cincinnati Museum Center's Diana: A Celebration exhibit. 6. Fly high heights on one of the many roller coasters at Kings Island and then indulge in a smurf cone and one of the best tasting slices of LaRosa's Pizza found in Cincinnati (this location in the park is magic) 7. Stop by Red Roost Tavern for a delicious picnic style dinner buffet this weekend and spend some tim . ...
Getting info about vacation for this summer! Cincinnati Zoo, Newport Aquarium and the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory!
Ugh. Re-entering his world; just got hired by the Greenville SC Zoo. Worked at Cincinnati Zoo when I knew Jack.
Postdoc position available at Cincinnati Zoo!. "The successful candidate will conduct basic and applied research...
You Have Three Days to Name Cincinnati Zoo's Baby Giraffe - SThe Cincinnati Zoo just got itself a cool new buddy:...
Cosi is donating 2 general admission tickets. Browns are donating. (Won't know what that is until I get it.) Cincinnati Zoo sent 2 tickets too, just got them today! :)
Cincinnati was the first zoo to have a giraffe born in captivity, in 1889.
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The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden is welcoming a new baby giraffe. Get the story.
One of the world's last Sumatran rhinos dies at the Cincinnati Zoo via
True love...congratulations to Momma Giraffe and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden.
Photo provided by the Cincinnati Zoo shows a newborn baby giraffe close to her mother
A baby giraffe was born this morning at the Cincinnati zoo. Can you feel that? It's your Monday getting 10x better
I may be biased, but Vote for Cincinnati Zoo!
Take a look: photos of baby giraffe's birth
The giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo had her baby! I'm so excited!
Cincinnati Zoo wants name suggestions for their newborn giraffe.
Did the mom of the new baby giraffe at the cincinnati zoo die??
Aw a baby giraffe was born at the Cincinnati Zoo today! Please don't feed him to lions, okay guys?
Cincinnati Zoo's new baby girl giraff..
Baby giraffes are so cute! Growing up fast! Cincinnati Zoo Welcomes Giraffe Calf & it's a GIRL
Everyone's watching the newborn giraffe at the Cincinnati Zoo this morning... via
Baby giraffe born this morning at the Cincinnati Zoo via
Vote for Cincinnati Zoo- Cincinnati as the Best US Zoo I voted!
Cincinnati Zoo asks for public's helping in naming baby giraffe,
Meet the adorable baby giraffe who was just born at the Cincinnati Zoo
Precious! Hope to take Grace to the Cincinnati Zoo this summer.
I hope the Cincinnati Zoo takes my suggestion and names its baby giraffe Necky Neckerton.
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