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Cincinnati Ohio

Cincinnati is a city in and the county seat of Hamilton County, Ohio, United States. Settled in 1788, the city is located north of the Ohio River at the Ohio-Kentucky border, near Indiana.

Happy Thanksgiving Dayton Ohio

Added a couple turkeys to the trot this year but still need one more @ Cincinnati, Ohio
do you live in Ohio if so what part I'm a little bit north of Cincinnati !
Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends on this beautiful sunny day in wonderful Cincinnati Ohio! Love to you all!
Pre race sunrise this morning brought to you by Cincinnati Ohio.
Very thankful for my best friend. what a great way to spend my last Thanksgiving in Ohio.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone and may after Saturday morning it stay below freezing in Cincinnati Ohio until May 2014
Thankful that this car ride is finally over.
Clarence Glover has built many show winning Ridez in his life time. With his love for cars and wheels,he started off building model cars in his early days. Many years of practice has led Clarence to perfection! He is a Automotive Painter by trade and Kustom Kar Builder by night. Here is his 1935 Chevy Coupe at Cavalcade of Customs Car Show in Cincinnati Ohio,1977. Winning first place over all. You go Dad!
I want to take this time of year to SO a special "Thanks" to for raising their monthly charge in the area!
There's the pride of western West Chester: The Lakota West Firebirds!
Cincinnati Ohio talk to me I need a producer
Welcome to We're live in Cincinnati, Ohio with over over 15,000 MST Fans in attendance this evening.
Photo: Walk the Moon Spirited, quirky Cincinnati, Ohio-based indie rockers Walk the Moon formed in the late...
G/m fb friends ! Hope u all have a great day today ! Happy Thank Given ! Love sitting here in my kitchen from Cincinnati OHio (u.s.a.)
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone my family here and my family in Louisville Ky and Cincinnati Ohio spending the holidays in Illinois this year with family been so blessed can't wait to go home to k- town to visit friends and family so everyone give thanks eat good and beg restful always
Wow, that's unique! blogs about the American Sign Museum in
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Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends back home in Kentucky and my brother Darrell and his family in Cincinnati Ohio. I pray God will bless each one and keep all of us in the center of his will.let us give him thanks for all things.
My thanks today is we r comin home ,not goin to miss this place at all ,Cincinnati Ohio Children Hospital ,but got to say everyone here was so nice to us
Was anyone able to see this morning? Couldn't from the farm here in Ohio. Too cloudy. But up early for the Cincinnati
“what a gorgeous picture where are you exactly? looks like Connecticut” Thank U & Cincinnati Ohio actually
Buttons is intently watching the bird feeder.
. join the movement indoor airsoft wars comin to Cincinnati, Ohio 2014.get your army ready
come to ohio, I'm a marine home for the 96 do a show in Cincinnati
This sweet boy was pulled from the shelter today and is available for adoption through Adore-A-Bulls rescue out of Cincinnati Ohio.
Mma Mpr with Tim Witherspoon Jrtucker saleem Witherspoon Incorporated. is proud to present a bus trip to Cincinnati Ohio for Tim Witherspoon Jr WBC title fight it would include a bus ticket and a ticket to fight a one day event November the 30th. stay tuned for more information. it's like a bus party will be going to the club after the fight for a victory party. then back home. all the drinks are on Patrick O' come one come all it will be fun come come come support Tim Witherspoon Jr
drive straight north, head through Cincinnati Ohio, through Dayton Ohio, and all the way up to me :3
Flash PhotoBooth will be @ Horseshoe Casino, Cincinnati Ohio for the Ritz Ballroom Dance for the Cure. Join us Saturday October 26th 8pm-midnight. Tickets cost $20.00 available online or at the door. All proceeds Benefit the Susan G. Komen foundation.
What a beautiful day, a lot of people are voicing opinions on Dusty Baker, for the record growing up in Cincinnati Ohio, I have been a Cincinnati Reds fan all my life, have attended many games including playoffs and World Series. I can honestly say watching Dusty play growing up was awesome, seeing him come to Cincinnati to coach has truly been a thrill. Reality is too many obvious mistakes on his part were made over the past couple of years, we have the talent to get there, when Lou Pinella came in 1990 we had the lowest salaried team in baseball, we had a bunch of guys who played baseball and a true leader took players with heart and lead them to the World Series beating the powerhouse Athletics, it truly was a David and Goliath situation. Baseball is like chess and checkers, its not only about talent, you have got to make the right moves to overcome your opponent. Dusty Baker we truly wish you well, I look forward to better leadership and a World Championship, we have the talent.
Well on my way to Cincinnati Ohio with my Comerica park Co-workers, with the Detroit Tigers ...May the LORD be with us on our journey that we will make it there safe and back.
Write in Stacy Smith for mayor of Cincinnati Ohio in the November election she will get things done right
our major town is Cincinnati Ohio .. I live 20 minutes from it :)
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in Clifton, cincinnati Ohio has been failing me. I am very upset with the service.
(Post) Detail of the old Midwest Textile Factory in Cincinnati, Ohio - (1836 x 1836)
I'm. Sure a shadow of its former glory. Midwest Textiles
I swear everybody I want to see In concert are going to Columbus, Ohio. Why can't they just come to Cincinnati, Ohio for once?
Million dollar view. Love this city.
do you have a job for a 13 yr repoman? Willing to relocate or stay in Cincinnati Ohio northern ky area
I just realized I've had my weather channel app on Cincinnati, Ohio for over a month.. Whoops
sorry I was in Cincinnati Ohio what was the score
throw your W's up. This for y'all. brand Fall in stores soon.
If you're in Cincinnati check out tonight. Bell time 8 pm. 2616 Colerain Ave. Cincinnati, Ohio..Best trained wrestlers around
I wouldn't be mad if someone brought me a mt dew right now. 2880 Paxton ave Cincinnati Ohio 45209 Petco
Come see my performance at The Mad Frog Cincinnati Ohio Oct. 26 get tickets online at or contact me.
Fight Night tonight at the Horseshoe casino, Cincinnati, Ohio. Doors open up at 6pm fights start at 7pm
I'm meed them 2 albums. But I know they wont be in my city in Cincinnati Ohio. So how could I get my hands on them albums.
Up-to-Minute Rehab Manager CINCINNATI OHIO COTA or PTA Must be a licensed... Find this Job&More:
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I love singing the Cincinnati, Ohio song in the middle of the 7th.
Join us tonight for legendary at Doors at 6 p.m. Fights at 7 p.m. Tickets:
Excited to be with Church on Fire in Cincinnati Ohio all weekend. Love Past. Doug & Karen Combs!
My mom got tickets 4 me & her 2 c in Cincinnati Ohio on October 19.8 hour drive w mom.10 & seeing him in concert w my mom
It's time for Dodger baseball! From the Great American Ball Park, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Check out our Fight Card for Fight Night! Tickets available via & our Gift Shop: h…
Lionhearts first CX race of the year in Cincinnati, Ohio for 2013.
Going to the concert tonight at Bogart's here in Cincinnati Ohio! with
Video interview with Cincinnati (Ohio) Colerain head coach Tom Bolden following his teams win over St Xavier.
Can you pretty please perform at in cincinnati, ohio next july :)
Thinking of our Sr Boy Football team as they play Archbishop McNicholas in Cincinnati Ohio @ 1pm.
one of your Dallas teammates here in Cincinnati, Ohio John steele
Join us for something out of the ordinary! Flying Trapeze Adventure Sunday at 8:15am Cincinnati Circus Company in Cincinnati, Ohio
yeah remember when she told us she was on an episode? I looked up "cops episodes, Cincinnati Ohio"
is going to be at The Underground August 17th in Cincinnati, Ohio!
Ohio: changes the way we register for gifts! Register anything, anywhere, and redeem cash!
Cincinnati, Ohio. Is a beautiful place. And Being ashamed of your hometown is the sign of betrayal. I love Cincinnati to the death of me.
Well Cincinnati, Ohio here I come in two more days nd Chicago here I come when I leave there I think imma buy my girls something when I go ツ
Cincinnati, Ohio, residents who love tennis have a chance to see some of the best players in the world, when the…
Is looking for a Business Analyst for a contract to hire position for our direct client in Cincinnati Ohio. This candidate must have Insura…
we have a full weekend ahead of us with the Cincinnati Reds St. Louis Cardinals series in Cincinnati, Ohio
Ohio National Guard major pleads not guilty to sex crimes involving children
Springdale Elementary School in Cincinnati Ohio is now a 100 Mile Club School!
Panic! isn't going to be in Michigan, the closest concert is in Cincinnati Ohio, which is the same night as The Band Perry Concert that (c)
Good to have the choir of Christ Church, Glendale, Cincinnati Ohio singing Evensong last night - said the acoustics better than Durham!
Endodontic Dentist Job Opening in Cincinnati, Ohio We are a group ...
You should come to Cincinnati, Ohio we always turn it up here👌😂
I dare you mfs to come to Cincinnati ohio!!
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Another top five for Wisconsin: Cincinnati (Ohio.) Colerain Outside Linebacker Tegray Scales hasn't cut his li...
of the day! Metropolitan Housing Authority seeks of property services
Today we highlight out of Cincinnati, Ohio. This startup is an extensive planning platform for …
Blue Ash Chili, Cincinnati Ohio is the bomb. Thanks on the road app!
Christ Church Choir Glendale, Cincinnati Ohio singing this week. Once preached in Southern Ohio; stayed in convent nearby.
How come the back of the all access pass says there's a show in Nashville 10/27 but online it says Cincinnati Ohio?
“It says most of my followers are from New York...” Cincinnati Ohio
The only decent pic I could get of had an great time at Cincinnati Ohio Warped!
Back of the warpedtour shirt I got yesterday. I went to the Cincinnati Ohio date.
Guys if you live close to Cincinnati Ohio DM me.
my best shot of Cincinnati, Ohio. Dramatic sunset
come to Cincinnati, Ohio so we can play soccer together :)
We had a ball at the GMWA Conv in Cincinnati Ohio! John P Kee CLOSED DOWN that Conv, I LOVED IT!
can someone tell me what radio stations are Cincinnati Ohio listening too now since the MOJO is off the air? I know the WIZ-101.1 is still in operation but what other radio stations do we have to listen too? help.
Timothy Thomas was murdered by police in Cincinnati Ohio. +
Wheeling, West Virginia to Cincinnati, Ohio: We are taking a short little trip today, from West Virginia to Oh...
Cincinnati, Ohio: Happy 4th, everybody. We are forecasting today for Cincinnati, a city I always equate with b...
I belong in Cincinnati , Ohio where I was born & raised bruh .
In Cincinnati Ohio at a Reds vs SF and we have a 6 hour rain delay that makes Dave happy bc he can spend more time in museum and hof!
There's a rain delay at All American Ball Park. Clean that field up so we can see the Reds sweep the Giants!!
Happy Fourth of July! How will you and your family be celebrating?
and to top the 4th, finale of 4 game series in CINCINNATI is delayed due to rain. Thanks a lot OHIO. let's go GIANTS, gotta get our 40th victory today no matter how you guys gonna win, just win, and make it a good one going home for LA & NYM!
Yes, because I haven't been in a car enough with camp.
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I know what the power of prayer can do, I have seen it many times in my life. Now, I am asking for a wonderful neighbor who has been fighter cancer for a few years now. It has worsened and spread. His kidneys are not working right, so he was admitted to VA hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio. I'm not sure what his destiny is, maybe to be with the love of his life he spent most of his life with, who is a beautiful angel in heaven. But if it isn't to be yet, please pray for him to live a longer and healthy rest of his life. He is a good hearted man and the best neighbor you could ask for.
My letter to hotels in Cincinnati; Women must regain their rights in Ohio— Dear Hotel Manager, I am sending this letter to let you know that I have always enjoyed coming down from Michigan and staying in Cincinnati, sometimes at your hotel, sometimes at another competitor’s hotel—but always in Cincinnati. Now I am choosing Kentucky hotels due to the Ohio legislature’s multiple restrictions on women’s legal reproductive rights. What was done and the way it was done are so egregious to me that I will no longer give my hotel money and my tax money to Ohio when I can help it. Your misogynous governor and legislature will no longer earn anything from my trips to Ohio due to punitive penalties toward women and I am sorry this will have consequences to our business relationship.
About to be in Cincinnati, Ohio doing what I love!! 🏀🏀
Once again, several members of Nasty Bingo will be performing in this special recreation of the Last Waltz this time at the Southgate House in Cincinnati, Ohio. If you missed it the first time or you just want to see it again, Sunday is your chance.
5sos should do an acoustic show in Cincinnati Ohio I know like everyone lives them here
JUST IN: Cincinnati Reds just announced today's game will be delayed.
make your way to Fountain Square in Cincinnati, Ohio. No one over hear has really heard of you
The SF Giants & The CIN Reds game are in a rain Delay in Cincinnati Ohio.
Thank you SO much to those who helped us get through yesterday and still have gas for probably one more round trip. It was $65 for half a tank!) but we still have to buy parts for the vehicles and now (ugh) fix a leak in the roof that we didn't know we had. It is POURING here and is going to rain all night and tomorrow. We also have to return the truck tomorrow, which is $30 a day PLUS .79 a mile and we've driven over 200 miles (so far) and have to leave the gas tank FULL. The generosity of friends yesterday was overwhelming and we were not only able to move some more stuff but were able to get my meds as well. We have to finish moving today or it will be taken away. I'm asking if anyone can help us get through this move, car repairs, and meds for today and tomorrow, would you please? We really *are* close to being done *if* we can fix the vans before the landlord has them towed from the property AND get our stuff out and up here to the trailer. My paypal is jpaskweich_8153... we're so close to being done ...
Last week the CNY Karate AAU team traveled to Cincinnati, Ohio for the 2013 AAU National Championships! Competition was fierce but that didn't stop the team! The athletes brought home 27 medals, and the team brought home an amazing trophy for outstanding service in the AAU! Congratulations team! You are all CHAMPIONS!
HAPPY 4th OF JULY !!! It is a soggy day for Cincinnati Ohio !!!
Cincinnati/OHIO River Fireworks always spectacular event...but raining all day & night so how's that going to affect the Fireworks???
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LIVERPOOL FANS IN THE USA As Liverpool's American fans celebrate Independence Day in the United States, we've compiled a special extra edition of our weekly Global LFC family feature. Rather than simply focus on one individual, today we've asked 24 fans from all over North America to tell us just why they pledged their allegiance to a football club thousands of miles away in the north west of England. These are their stories in our special July 4 edition of the LFC Global Family... I came to Liverpool as an Armenian/Iranian college student in 1972 when Shanks was our manager and Keegan had just joined us. In the five years I was in Liverpool, I watched all home games from the Kop and travelled to most away games. I watched us win league championships in '73 & '76, the FA Cup in '74, UEFA Cups in '73 & '76. I was back in Iran when we got close to winning the treble in 1977. I travelled back to Liverpool and watched the home game versus West Ham, clinching the league, went to Wembley and saw us beaten b ...
The midwest is screwy. It's currently raining, but there was no drop in barometric pressure. In fact, it's been rising from midnight on...can any of my weather-oriented friends explain that?
Oh gods this is so amusing. I'm at the beach on the forth of July ok and there is a lot of people. OK and the life gaurds have to keep o rescuing people because of the currents... Oh Poseidon why hurt mortals?? ~Annabeth
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I been in a new city everyday I started off in South and North Carolina and worked my way up ta Virginia and West Virginia then ta PA Pittsburgh and ta Columbus Ohio and Cincinnati now I'm on my way back coming thru Kentucky!
I am reaching out to you in the hope that someone can help my dear friend with suggestions on how to make a blessed marriage possible. My friend and his lifetime partner live in Cincinnati, Ohio. Tragically, his partner was diagnosed with ALS - and his condition is quickly deteriorating. These 2 wonderful men want to marry in the nearest more enlightened state, Maryland, as soon as possible. This is what my friend posts: I hope someone has a connection or suggestion. I've asked John to marry me, but that means getting him to Maryland, and we can't fly commercial with his health. Hospice is helping research but as of now, we're looking at $6000+ to charter a plane to fly there and back in one day. Angel Flight only flies hospice patients for medical care. Driving really isn't an option because it would be too *** John. Any ideas or connections that might help us?! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - does anyone out there have any suggestions or contacts to help this fantastic couple?
This is not a work day where the heck are these people are Cincinnati gone. They need to move out of my way I have been doing 5 to 10 miles per hour for the last 30 minutes. I am ready to get my speed back on.
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Good to see lots of interest and activities. Wish that I could participate in everyone of them. It's July 4th here in the US and celebrating Independence Day. Was planning to go to Newport on the Levee which is a vibrant area in Cincinnati along the Ohio river but it is pissing rain. Will go next week instead. Have a great day everyone.
Loudpak is a rap group from Middletown, Ohio. On April 20th, 2013 they released their debut mix tape "Pak It Up" "Loudpak is the movement, get with it or get lost."
One of the acts that would eventually spark the War for American Independence was when the British government authorized Writs of Assistance to British officers in the colonies.
This is annoying. Ready to go back to school and Cincinnati. So tired of Troy Ohio. There is nothing here for me anymore.
01. Washington DC, 02. Philadelphia PA... Going through the Archives. Hmmm, which one for 03.?!?
A young man, Dwayne Flowers, from our community here in Placencia has been severely burned in a butane explosion. Approximately 80% of his body has been burned. While he has been taken to Belize City to receive initial medical treatment, the country of Belize does not have a burn center or the proper facilities to help him through what is going to be a very long and painful healing process. If ANYONE of my friends has any good connections, ideas, thoughts of how we can help to get Dwayne to where he needs to be please share the info. Many people are already planning fundraisers but fundraisers take time to organize. ANY help right now is MOST APPRECIATED. This accident happened yesterday while he was working. "Keep Dwayne Flowers in your thoughts and prayers. He was involved in a serious accident and has been severely burned. The next 72 hours are critical. And just the beginning of a long healing process. For those who don't know him or unsure of who he is, Dwayne lives here in Placencia, recently marrie ...
What Ohio city do you think hosts the best 4th of July fireworks show?
The event location has been changed to New Song Church 821 Ezzard Charles Dr. Cincinnati Ohio 45202 right behind Richie's. Restaurant.
Breakfast along the Ohio River with Bob Price, Barbara Price(Bobs mom),my mom Alice and Nick Price...eggs over easy, English muffins and "goetta". Do you know what goetta is? If you're from Cincinnati you should know! Delicious way to start the day! Feeling blessed!
Don't forget, after all the burgers and fireworks of 4th of July, come on out to the Family Christian Bookstore in Evansville on Friday July 5th from 5:30 to 7:30 to pick up your copy of Home Front and have it signed by the cast and crew of the movie. We will also have posters available.
This is Not Cool Its Raining here in Greenville South Carolina. What's the Weather like where you Live--COUNTRY
How come on your personal it says 'Cincinnati, Ohio'? — Because I live really close to Cincinnati
Well I'm laying in the back of my truck on the 4th in Hebron, OHio stuck with no loads no where to move. This is the part of trucking that makes me want to change professions.
We're on a tour of Ohio this week, so now to Cincinnati to spend our 4th with the Reds. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!
Celebrate the 4th with a pizza from Get a medium 2-item pizza for $8.99 when you use offer code "1295". Offer is valid today only for dine in, delivery and pickup.
Come on, you deserve a night out...Sips n Strokes style!!
We are getting ready to go into Rock n Roll Hall of Fame! yay Their r a lot of cop...
Happy Independence Day! Gabby and Mark and getting set to take part in the Northside Fourth of July Parade in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Trivia Time: Do you know why are we called The Western and Southern Life Insurance Company? Our company name refers to the geographical area of Cincinnati and Hamilton County in the State of Ohio. Like this post to help us celebrate 125 years of being in business!
4th of July parade in Montgomery, Ohio (Cincinnati)
wow I can't believe I've been a fan for over ten years!!! You were my first concert in 2005 in Cincinnati Ohio love u Avril
We are heading to Cincy today for a basketball tourney. Anyone in the area know of a good fireworks show or some good 4th of July festivities? Let me know!!
AND THE PRIDE FESTIVAL WINNER IS... Congratulations to Justin Foreman of Cincinnati, Ohio!!! He is the winner of FREE interior painting, compliments of Midwest Property Pros. For more details on how to enter to win our next giveaway, simply "like" our page and send us a message!
Wouldnt you know it.crusing rite along 75 making super timing instead of 6 hrs from springcity to cinncinnati I was 20 miles shy of making 5 flat hours from Springcity Tn to Cincinnati Ohio and boom 20 miles from kentucky\ohio line traffic comes to a hault..Err my guess its the Floridan that caused traffic to come to a HAULT LOL
Ohio, it is time to fight. Life can not begin before conception. Seriously, you elected the man now it is time for some UNelecting. Sneaky politicians are not upstanding.
My dad's funeral announcement will be in today's Warren Tribune Chronicle. For those of you who are not in this area, I am posting it here: William Lee David, 72, of N. Chestnut Avenue, Niles, went to be with the Lord July 1, 2013 at St. Joseph Health Center Eastland. William was born February 25, 1941 in Warren, Ohio, a son of William Leon and Myrtle Elizabeth (Phillips) Davis. He was a graduate of the last class of Vienna High School in 1960. An ordained Minister, he was a graduate of the Bible Baptist Seminary, Walnut Ridge, Arkansas. He retired from General Motors, Lordstown, Ohio in 2000, where he was the head welding maintenance electrician (WEMR) in the passenger plant, following 24 years of service. Bill was an auto mechanic, known for refurbishing cars, and rewound motors for several farmers. He will also be remembered for his "inventions". His electrician skills were shared in projects at Our Lady of Mr. Carmel and St. Stephens Churches, as well as the lighting at Bo Rien Stadium. He is su ...
Krista Stewart DeMoss and Lori Nevin-Pier I think we should combine our teams for Tough Mudder and you ladies should join in!
I have checked the weather at every body of boatable water within 3 hrs of here. Cumberland , dale hollow. Patoka . Monroe. The river all the way up to Cincinnati and there is no chance of watching fire works from the boat tonight without rain. I'm devastated.
Happy Birthday America! God bless all of those in the military, past and present, who have sacrificed to keep us free. Next stop, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Absolutely beautiful 4th of July day here in Cincinnati, Ohio
Good morning Phantom Nation!!! It is finally here!!! The day we have all been waiting for! Let's light those FIREWORKS!!!
And our day trip begins. On our way to Cincinnati, Ohio
It will be raining most of the day in Cincinnati, Ohio but I am still barbequing :-)
By request, we are posting this information pertaining to the playing or singing of our National Anthem. And gentlemen.PLEASE remove your hats!!!.Chief Oliver U.S 301. National anthem (a) Designation.—The composition consisting of the words and music known as the Star-Spangled Banner is the national anthem. (b) Conduct During Playing.—During a rendition of the national anthem— (1) when the flag is displayed— (A) individuals in uniform should give the military salute at the first note of the anthem and maintain that position until the last note; (B) members of the Armed Forces and veterans who are present but not in uniform may render the military salute in the manner provided for individuals in uniform; and (C) all other persons present should face the flag and stand at attention with their right hand over the heart, and men not in uniform, if applicable, should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart; and (2) when the flag is no ...
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Represent your union with a shout out!
Miami Valley , Whitewater Valley, and the I-71 corridor of Ohio/Indiana: Hazardous Outlook: A new tropical low will rotate northward out of the Gulf of Mexico. This means scattered showers and some thunderstorms will move from the South with very heavy rainfall at times. Rain will be heaviest this evening through the early part of the day tomorrow. Temperatures will be kept down but humidity will be high. Any thunderstorms that do develop will have tropical downpours, gusty winds and small hail. Flash Flood Watch through Friday evening... Any storms that develop will be tropical in nature and move very slow. Rainfall on the order of 1 to isolated 5 inch amounts are possible through Saturday. The following is the seven day forecast for the Dayton metro area and a 50 mile radius around it. Other metro areas like Columbus, Cincinnati, and Portsmouth are not included. For those areas please request a separate forecast. Thanks. Today 7/4 - Mostly cloudy, scattered showers and thunderstorms especially after 11a ...
Heading to Jackson Hole, WY later this summer. Any thoughts of where to go in the area or on the way? Yes, we will go to Yellowstone. What else? Thanks.
Well... just checked the radar... doesn't look like it's going to be a day to be outdoors! :-(
Emergency Medicine Physician: Cincinnati. Ohio (OH). TeamHealth. Opportunity for a physician to join our ED team ...
Please come out and support our community today July 4, 2013 at The Arts Apartment/ Lincoln Recreation Center 1027 Linn St Cincinnati Ohio 45203 there will be a lot of fun, food and festivities for all to enjoy and it's free between 12-3pm. Let it Flow!
Is it suppose to rain all day here in Cincinnati area what to go to zoo
Janey was pulled from CAC a couple of weeks ago. She can no longer stay with her current foster. We will need to board her until another suitable foster home is found. She was also discovered to have an inguinal hernia and a broken tooth that needs to be pulled. Every penny will help to ensure t...
We made it to Ohio n 5 hrs whew I's a tired I've been up since 6:30 am mind U yesterday morning lol I'm pushing it tho cthu!
Wishinnng I was going with my mom and dad to Cincinnati to see my beautiful cousins! Have fun and Happy 4th of July weekend! Love you guys. Sue Valente Tom Valente Terra Newman
HAPPY 4TH OF JULY AND INDEPENDENCE DAY! Though our fearless Kenyan, Muslim, Communist President say we should not celebrate the past but to celebrate his fundamental overturn of our past and values, let's kick him in the teeth and have fun thinking about our founding and the people that risked all to make us free. Headed to "The Great American Ballpark" in beautiful Cincinnati, Ohio to watch the Reds kick butt over the San Francisco Giants. Go Reds - make it four in a row.
Can't wait till Friday. The Ohio Redstorm has another tournament in Cincinnati. Hopefully these young men can pull off another championship. Let's go Redstorm!
Happy Independence Day! Thank-you to all who serve to protect us and this country, especially my great-great-great-great-great grandfathers, Dr. John Elliot (New York) and Isaac Peirce (Rhode Island). They fought w/o the benefit or support of a country or government behind them. They fought to create not defend, and were surely considered treasonous traitors to the Crown. In reward for their service, they were given land in the Ohio territory. From a stockade in Marietta, they followed the Ohio River to Cincinnati, then up the Great Miami River to Dayton. They are both at rest in Woodland Cemetery. Thank-you Grandpa John & Grandpa Isaac!
Happy 4th of July! We are hoping to leave in the morning for Long Island and other parts of the northeast. Then on tuesday we are going to Ill. and Cincinnati Ohio. I have a couple of spot open if you have need of a ride on tuesday. Have a great day and keep your pets inside so they don't run away.
For those who live in Bonn, Cologne, Bradford, London, Cincinnati Ohio, Corfu, Thessaloniki and Cyprus FREE SHIPPING!!
Thank you good Sir, wishing you and your family the same from me here in Cincinnati, Ohio!
Breezed through Cincinnati, hope the rest of the trip is that easy.
The ONLY "on-point" Website for understanding what is happening to the USA, its relation to the future of the world, AND what to do about it.
Somebody PLEASE tell me that metro works out in cincinnati ohio...
Sweet rig brother I saw you guys in Cincinnati Ohio with my boys BLS you guys rocked.SDMF
Happy 4th of july. gettin ready to head out to ohio... can't wait to get to cincinnati.
Good morning and Happy Independence Day! Here's a lil' breakfast bite...a new Haunted Ohio listing for the phantom lioness of the Cincinnati Zoo:
Well great time at the firework show in eagle river. It was very good but my all time best was in Cincinnati, Ohio over the river back in 2011. Now that was amazing.
Photos from the Ohio River at the Cincinnati Public Landing, July 3.
This time 6 year ago I was in America, Cincinnati, Ohio then travelling down to Michigan
Another city Cincinnati Ohio turn up bottoms up
An artist from Cincinnati or OHIO PERIOD needs to do what Jay Z did. Get all the well know PRODUCERS together and put together an EPIC project. Trust me IT WILL BLOW!
Don't forget to follow me on instagram excited about my 2013 tour ! added 2 more cites cant wait to meet u ladies . Thank u for the support ♥ willa
The wind, the wind. It drives me mad, plus i didn't have a cap in the car so chased my hat across the paddock all day. When your hair gets in the way a productive work its time it went. As usual I will be the hair dresser I only know one cut and that's short, so watch this space, hair today gone tomorrow!
How many ppl on here know Jason Schum? (Cincinnati Ohio Area)
Some downpours have already begun to arrive.
Happy 4th to all my friends just watched the fireworks show at midnight in Cincinnati Ohio
Property management stories from Cincinnati Ohio: I remember an applicant for a 5 bedroom house in Cincinnati. She was taking classes for a job as a health aid (maybe to earn @ 9.00 an hour after she graduated) while she also took care of 5 special needs children and her mother, who had no income at all. This applicant was quiet, intelligent and never asked for help for anything. She passed the usual tenant screening. I was delighted to see her approved. The house was not ready on time. She also handled that well. She moved the 5 special needs children and all of their medical equipment into the house alone. She had no help. She was a study in quietly handling adversity. I have no doubt she graduated classes. I once told her what a remarkable person she was. I hope she remembers that. - I once had an elderly tenant who was raising her grandchild alone in a drug infested, high crime area. She had no one to help her and was trying to protect her young grandchild from the dangerous environment she was living ...
Up-to-Minute Voice/Data Installers and Technicians in Cincinnati, Ohio - 45246 at... Find this Job&More:
If you haven't already done so, please vote in this poll, and share with your friends!
Ohio woman rescued after car falls into massive sinkhole
Hi! Just an fyi.. I love Airborne. I have lived here in Cincinnati, Ohio my whole life! So hello Mitchell Goosen :-) :-)
Can't be more than a mile or so from Cincinnati Ohio Cincinnati Ohio
Made the big screen with and signing the Cincinnati, Ohio song at the game!
Ummm Cincinnati, Ohio has it's own song. Good job Midwest. Way to be awesome!
Going to one of my favorite places in the whole wide world Cincinnati Ohio
To be honest I'm super jealous of right now and I have lived in Cincinnati, Ohio my entire life!
Oh ya know. Just Spiderman, Elmo, and the hulk walking down the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio
People of Cincinnati,Ohio get ready for this chic!
My grandfather hitch hiked from Corpus Christie, TX to Cincinnati, Ohio when he was in his twenties and said "that was nothing"
Toby Keith's I love this bar and grill Cincinnati, Ohio. The Tin Roof in Cincinnati, Ohio or Indianapolis Indiana
Gerald Feliciano will be tattooing at The Gambling Rose Tattoo Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio July 12-14.
Are you gonna be in Cincinnati Ohio?
That's what's up!😁 Ill be coming from Cincinnati, Ohio.
Majestic seen from MLK last evening.
Photo: Campus of Tangeman Center on a in
Technical Support Analyst in cincinnati ohio 1 year of experience needed
Could you please try to do an acoustic show in Cincinnati? Ohio loves the lads! xx
Fresh Healthy Vending would like to thank the Aveda Fredric's Institute Cincinnati, Ohio!
We are playing in Cincinnati Ohio tonight at Mainstay Rock Bar off of 5th street & plum! Come see us :)
At encounters Sci-fi city in Northgate mall in Cincinnati, Ohio. featured in NBC s Science of Love
I wish would come to Cincinnati Ohio ! I love her. ❤
Vintage Cincinnati Bengals Signature SnapBack $15 HMU if you want it.
The fact that I'm spending the fourth in Cincinnati, Ohio at like the second largest baseball tournament in the country.>>>>
rockin it in Cincinnati Ohio and has his shirt off oh yay!!
BREAKING: In remembrance & respect of a student from Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio who died of a brain tumor,…
|| Harry with a fan in Cincinnati, Ohio - Jun 18, 2013
So vacation has become a casino hunting adventure. First stop the brand new horseshoe casino in Cincinnati Ohio.
AMVETS Department of Ohio and its subsidiaries held its annual state convention in Cincinnati Ohio recently and some of the activities included awards for veterans service and community work . AMVETS Post 44 Commander Jan C. Brown of Boardman was chosen All State Commander for her work at AMVETS Post 44 after they opened their new post home in Struthers. AMVETS Post 44 was awarded the Ohio State Community Service Award for its work in not only supporting our area veterans but for our work with many community organizations at the banquet held at the Millennium & Copthorne Hotel in downtown Cincinnati . Connie Schaffer of Columbiana, a nurse at the Youngstown VA Clinic was chosen Nurse of the Year by our Sad Sacks for her work with our area veterans and her hard work putting a Women's Veterans Program together to support our women veterans. Paul Speigle of Salem was elected Commander of the Sons of AMVETS for the year 2013-2014 he is a member of Sons of AMVETS Post 45 in Salem. John P. Brown III Past N ...
Never sorry for having bigger goals than Cincinnati Ohio.
UK School of Art and Visual Studies alum solo show opening this weekend in Cincy! Hannah Lane Russell presents Mountain Top Replacement June 28 - August 30 Come to River Imaging on June 28th for the opening of "Mountain Top Replacement," an aesthetic experience of mixed media and dimensional works. Located at 1940 River Road in Cincinnati Ohio, this exhibit will be open to visitors throughout the coming months by appointment, or at the opening and closing shows. This pop folk collection of art was created by Hannah Lane Russell, who combines traditional practices with modern themes. The open house will begin at 6 p.m., and will close at 9 p.m. We hope to seeing you there. 25% of all proceeds earned through sales of art in this exhibit will go to benefit the Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy organization - a leader in the cure for Muscular Dystrophy.
December 13th, 2007 in Cincinnati Ohio on the Best Of Both Worlds tour!
Ready or not here we come Cincinnati Ohio
Great day everyone. its time to run and enjoy so catch me if ya can..July 12. Dayton Ohio " the men of soul tour, Jeffery Osborne, peabo Bryson, Freddie Jackson, Howard Hewitt.. July 24th , Dayton Ohio - Steely Dan, July 25th - Ohio state Fair - Eric benet,K' Jon, and noel Gourdin.. July 26, Cincinnati Ohio macy's music fest -Jill Scott, Charlie Wilson, TGT, tyreese, ginuwine,and BOOTSY COLLINS.. JULY27, Ohio state fair- will downing and lalah Hathaway... come run with me.
Mt. Bradley and I are in Cincinnati Ohio training with my instructor Dan Insoanto. I received my instructors certificates to teach Filipino Martial Arts and JKD for Guro Inosanto. I was accepted into the instructors program in April of this year. I didn't announce this except to my staff of instructors and my good training partner Brian Rideout. I would like to thank Guro Inosanto , Paula Inosanto, Rising Phoenix Martial Arts,Jason Hawkins and especially my staff and students for allowing me for the past 11 years to follow and learn from the greatest and most humble instructor I have trained with in the last 22 Thank You all so much and I will continue to learn and share until i the end of my time!
So I will be in Cincinnati Ohio next week for the Cincy Wine and Sign! If you are coming, I will have 10 copies of each book to sign and sell, so if you want one I only have a small amount so please make sure to come see me. Also, I am giving away one skip the line pass so if you want that, comment below, the first person will get that and a special prize from me! I'm excited to see everyone!
David Wilcox in Cincinnati Ohio a great concert.
So I'm finally home after a very long day. My family drove two hours to the zoo in Cincinnati Ohio. It was a fun experience and there was so many babies there! It was all so adorable! I just wish my day didn't start at 6am. How's everyone's day been? ~Lauren
Collin leaves tomorrow for the Wisconsin All-Stars team. They are heading to Oklahoma City OK, Omaha Nebraska, Chicago ILL, South Bend Indiana, Lombard Ill, St. Louis MO and the last one is Cincinnati Ohio. Have fun doing what you love! BASEBALL:)
keep moving hospital to hospital and yet I'm still not better,off to Cincinnati Ohio next week 🙏 😣
JUNE 10 - 1793 – The Jardin des Plantes museum opens in Paris. A year later, it becomes the first public zoo. 1854 – The first class of the United States Naval Academy students graduate. 1898 – Spanish-American War: U.S. Marines land on the island of Cuba. 1935 – Dr. Robert Smith takes his last drink, and Alcoholics Anonymous is founded in Akron, Ohio, United States, by him and Bill Wilson. 1944 – In baseball, 15-year old Joe Nuxhall of the Cincinnati Reds becomes the youngest player ever in a major-league game. 1967 – The Six-Day War ends: Israel and Syria agree to a cease-fire.
Know someone looking for a great, affordable dump truck?
A TEA Party sponsored "Impeach Obama" demonstration on a major Southern California freeway overpass caused traffic to backup at least ten miles, as the organizer apologized for "any small inconveni...
Conference Overview In August 2013, the National Fraternal Order of Police will conduct its 61st National Conference and Exposition in Cincinnati, OH. Hosted by Queen City Lodge this event represents ninety-eight years of professional law enforcement experience for the largest and oldest law en...
Up early going to Cincinnati Ohio to see my boyfriend!
Measure would let Ohio gather casino patron photos
Lets try to get a few of us linked with other preppers in your area. Where are you located.
Go to an Ohio casino, get your picture saved in a state database.
Sending the most exciting things for in the state and in between
I had a rather pleasant surprise on Sunday. I was able to reconnect with one of the funniest people I've ever known. Pat Richardson & I crossed paths in the mid-90s at a radio station in Tulsa Oklahoma & after I moved to Cincinnati Ohio, we dropped out of touch with one another. I'm surprised he's not on the air somewhere because he really ought to be. I can't think of anybody whose political beliefs I disagree with more, but he's always great fun to chat with. I'm so glad he's vertical & above ground & that we've managed to reestablish contact!
Dear Storytelling 101 Participants: As requested, please find copy of the story "A Boat and a Rainbow" shared by Ms. Lorna Eguia last Saturday (June 8). A Boat and a Rainbow Genesis 6: 14 -8 SAY: As I read the story, you repeat the words in color and do the motions. God told Noah to build a boat. A big, big boat. (Open arms wide.) Soon it will rain. Splish, splash! Splish, splash! (Wiggle your fingers and lower your hands to make rain.) Noah’s family will be safe. Safe in a boat. (Hug yourself.) The animals came to the boat. Two by two. (Pretend to hammer.) God shut the boat’s door. Bam! Bam! (Pretend to hammer.) It rained and rained. Forty days and forty nights. (Rapidly clap hands on legs.) Water covered everything. All the earth. (Spread hands wide.) But everyone on the boat was safe. Safe and dry. (Rub yourself.) The water stayed a long time. A long, long time. (Nod your head.) Soon God made the water go down. (Down, down. Squat down.) The boat landed on a mountain. A tall, tall mountain. (Stand o ...
Had blessed day around Cincinnati, at the native indians gathering and down along Ohio river and Ripley
Taxes, schools, abortion: Legislators face big choices: ï Wednesday: The Ohio House is expected to v...
Reason 3265 that Cincinnati is better than Ohio state: Gee bails while Ono is still holding it down like a G
Victim of Syrian civil war, 9, will receive a prosthetic right arm in Cincinnati.
Continuing our very first successful tour of Kuchh Baatein Gaate Gaate in USA ... our future journey looks like this. 15th. June :San Francisco 16th. June :Los Angels 21st.June :Cincinnati 22nd.June :Columbus Ohio 23rd.June :New Jersey 29th.June : Atlanta 30th. June : Chicago stay tuned for more updates our heart felt thanks to dada Shekhar Sen , Ketki Ji and Jeetu Patel for promoting my show in USA. as well many thanks to our national promoter Parag Vaishnav of Music Mantra LLC. and my singers Usha Timothy Ji , Anil Bajpai Sunil Sunil R Menon ,Nileema Gokhaley and my finest musicians Shekhar Sarfare Pradeep Advankar Vasu Chauhan Sandip More KiranGaikwad.
Bill would require Ohio casinos to save images of customers
I'm a brilliant human being. I only realized a few hours ago that my call time on tuesday morning was 8 AM. not the 11 AM I thought it was. No worries. Just booked a hotel for tomorrow night just outside Cincinnati, and I'll be leaving this afternoon. Sometimes I'm convinced I'm a complete loon. Oh well. That just means that I'm that much closer to starting my 2013 DMA EKU JOURNEY.
Aquí en restaurante the pub VIP at Rookwood Mews cincinnati, Ohio.
Sitting here crying my eyes out .danm now what I tryed talking to em he ain't wanna listen when I'm really tryna open up n tell yu I need yu at this moment yu leave me standing by myself Myself N Navoj it was him too
ford truck tires and wheels 285/75/16 (Cincinnati) - $250: factory wheels from my 01 f250 they are steel chrom...
at least u didn't say LA lol. cincinnati/cleveland.. its all in Ohio so ur good! ;)
Today, I will present to you a very unique record producer and composer, Arzell Papazell Nelson, who have made a huge impression on me, and still continues to amaze me by all what he has done and what he is still doing. Every time I read or talk about him...
I love my first true son, Brandon Tyler Barwick Bratset so much! It it so hard for Scott and I to go to another state for better medical care for a sister and brother. so hard! He was my first real love and having a hard time adjusting! I reassured him things on life happen for a reason.and we are believers!
wow if anyone else on here lives in Ohio (especially Cincinnati) I feel so bad for u
This is gonna be a long *** summer...I need a vacation..I don't want to deal with stupid *** people!!!
Order Miche Bag Online!
Cincinnati Ohio come out and see me perform @ The Mad Frog Saturday June 22nd Tickets and Info at
  Rather than being a missing link between man and the apes, Bigfoot may possibly be an alien entity. This intriguing possibility is derived from evidence in several solid UFO cases.The earliest clues date back to 1888, when a cattleman described an encounter with friendly Indians in Humboldt County, California. They led him to a cave where he saw a hefty humanoid creature covered in long, shiny black hair, with no neck, sitting cross-legged.One Indian told him three of these "Crazy Bears" had been cast out of a small moon that dropped from the sky and landed.The "moon" then ascended back into the air. So it's highly likely the "Crazy Bears" were really Bigfoots, and the "moon," a spacecraft.Now fast-forward almost 100 years to 1973... and Mrs. Reafa Heitfield. She and her 13-year-old son were sleeping in a trailer in Cincinnati, Ohio on the morning of October 21. Reafa arose at 2:30 a.m. to quench her thirst, and noticed strange lights in the adjoining parking lot. Looking out the window, her attention ...
Cardinals beat the Cincinnati Reds 11-4 in 10 innings.
I would guess a safe answer would be that a majority of them are in Cincinnati, Ohio.
Worst bullpen in baseball. Good job, Cincinnati, you are awful. A 7 run 10th inning?! Really?!
The best thing that comes out of Ohio is I 70. Grand slam seven runs.
"ESPN's shots of Cincinnati and GABP have been beautiful."Fox Sports Ohio could learn a thing or two about production value
So, I asked a hot guy to help me pump my gas tonight and what do you know? He lives in Portland, is single and is taking me out to check out Cincinnati tomorrow. Woo woo woo. Ohio is looking up!
I don't use yahoo messenger much anymore, but it is strangely comforting to log in and see "Bunny" and "Captain Awesome" available to chat with lol
Suppose to had went to Ohio this weekend but my daughter got sick and ended up doing the grandma thing.HOW I LOVE MY GRANDSON.
More on the selection of Madeira star and Gatorade Ohio Player of the Year Andrew Benintendi.
Ohio State Football camp with Carson this week!
Cincinnati Ohio. The dog doesn't like riding in the big old truck. Daddy likes it only a little more than Buddy. I'm about halfway home kiddos!
Interested in Walking in the Parade this year? Join me in walking with Equality Ohio. Simply click the link below to sign up for any of the 3 c's Columbus, Cincinnati or Cleveland. Hey Girl Hey!!!
Some Issues like my Company or my Foundation are not up for question . From Louisville Kentucky to Cincinnati Ohio, to a Storage bin out Euclid, The same result came out. 10.12 by dmyles. like it Love,it get down with me or do not, it's still going down and NOW what?
domain names
Just north of Cincinnati, Ohio every year :)
The "Cincinnati, Ohio" song doesn't get me pumped. In fact, I want to watch "Matlock" and call it a night.
In other news I hate the Cincinnati reds or whatever that team is from Ohio that has a *** of a second baseman
06.08.2013— Today me and three friends went up to Cincinnati to see Ke$ha at the new Horseshoe Casino. Ke$ha put on an amazing show and we all enjoyed it. You can see bits of most of the songs once you get to the concert. There was glitter everywhere!…
A ring that appeared to be quarterback Terrelle Pryor's from Ohio State's 2008 Big Ten championship team sold on eBay for $18,000 on Saturday night, according to
Cincinnati ohio Saturday boy . gone for 10 days
Up-to-Minute Dental Receptionist- Front Desk - Administrative Assistant at Ohio... Find this Job&More:
Liking Ohio so far, downtown Cincinnati was gorgeous, ready to see what God has in store for the week.
Well im walking back to cincinnati right now i am 114 miles from there in celina ohio but it is a strieght shot south from here going down 127 so i doubt i can get lost. Camping out for the night in front of a barn that says kerns fireplace and spa lol well goodnight all
Go to Kings Island (Amusement park in Cincinnati Ohio) on June 17 your day off before the Columbus concert I'll meet you there ;)
I may not live in Ohio, but I love the Cincinnati Reds! ⚾❤
---MONTE---Schnauzer/Yorkie Mix Recycled Doggies Cincinnati, Ohio ~VW~ Monte has been waiting a very long time for his forever family to find him. He was a stray that no one ever came looking for. Then he joined our rescue, but he doesn't seem to catch the eye of anyone. He is a tough cookie to get to know - he's a bit standoffish at first. But under that tough exterior is a sweet older gentleman who will keep you company without being too much work. Monte is housetrained, fine with cats, fine with other dogs as long as they don't bug him. He's a very nice boy. He is a little scared of storms and hopes he can find a family that will make him feel safe and secure even when scary storms come through. Monte deserves to know true, forever love. Is that you? Doggies, Cincinnati, OH Email--recycleddoggies
Guy in a St. Louis shirt and Michigan hat...
Letters Lived, A Performance of Parts and Pieces; Saturday, April 27: A showcase as a space for those who participated in the book, Attention: People With Body Parts, to present their previously written letters and to explore their developing relationship with that body part as it fits into the whole. Each of the 43 writers had autonomy in their "coming out" process, with authority to decide how their bodies and stories enter the public space. A Workshop in Movement and Words; Sunday, April 28: A workshop and open mic where individuals used visual art and words to explore, share, and perform their own letters to create a space where we can talk about the spaces we share and the spaces between us. Special thanks to Sela Miller for photographing the weekend, see video footage of the evening, follow this link :
Looking for Toby Keith & Kip Moore concert tickets at Riverbend June 14th. If anyone has any please let me know!
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Huge day of camps in SW Ohio tomorrow. Camp in Cincinnati at 8:15 am and in Dayton at 3:15 pm. Can't wait to see all the talent.
Never been so happy to be in Cincinnati
Turn up with Triple X Triple X Entertainment 513 @ the u bar tonight. ..2241 Crownpoint Dr. . Cincinnati Ohio. ..
We are in Ohio, but not going through Cincinnati. We are on us24 trying a different route.
Has made it back to Georgia from Cincinnati Ohio
WLWT, virtual channel 5, is a television station located in Cincinnati, Ohio, the February 9, 1948 on channel 4.
Great American Ball Park is baseball stadium located in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is the home field of the Cincinnati Reds
Tegan and Sara on Friday...chyes I'm going to be there!
Southern Ohio smells like cows and looks like Kansas. SUck! Cincinnati looked cool tho
thinking about going to Origins next weekend. has anyone gone before? is it worth it? can I cosplay?
OK, we all have to go out and buy Cheerios to support them for having the guts to show a multi-racial family. To people who found the commercial "disgusting"-- you can scream all you want but you have lost the war. In another generation this is not going to turn a head. Shame on you that is does now.
Some very old dude [about 70 years old] on old Dodge cuts me off and flips me the bird on 75 south to Cincinnati. The new low in Ohio.
We want to know: What is your favorite Izzy’s location?
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