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Cilla Black

Cilla Black OBE (born Priscilla Maria Veronica White, 27 May 1943) is an English singer, actress, entertainer and media personality, who has been consistently popular as a light entertainment figure since 1963. She is most famous for her singles Anyone Who Had A Heart , You're My World , and Alfie .

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Cilla Black ‘would have loved’ Paul O’Grady taking over tv's Blind Date, her son says.
Paul O'Grady to step into late friend Cilla Black's shoes to host new series of
I wish there was a black owned nail supply store like the Chinese one I be going to up north
on vibes-live You'll Never Walk Alone by Cilla Black & Barry Manilow
Cilla Black 'would have been very happy' with Paul O'Grady hosting Blind Date
Channel 5's Blind Date revival has a host
Cilla Black ‘would be thrilled’ Paul O’Grady is presenting Blind Date when it is relaunched this summer
Oh, I forgot to say. One of you is going to receive a surprise package in the post today. I'm like a modern-day Cilla Black.
60k black ppl are missing. Giving people HIV is legal. Trump is president. Nazis are alive. Organs are being stolen. Y didn'…
The late Dusty Springfield and Cilla Black, the princesses of British 1960's pop, singing "Heart and Soul"
The media when a black man shoplifts bread to feed his daughter vs when a white man murders family and dissolves them in a…
she wasn't the damsel in distress & it might have given her some power back. OMG Tim! 😍 I saw that actor in the Cilla Black
1964, for the 1st time in British recording history all Top Ten singles in UK were by British acts. Cilla Bl…
Paul O'Grady is the new host of the Blind Date reboot!.
Cilla Black's son says his mum would be thrilled Paul O'Grady is taking over Blind Date
Cilla Black's son says she would be thrilled at Paul O'Grady's Blind Date role.
EXCLUSIVE: This is who will replace Cilla Black as host on the new Blind Date
Paul O’Grady replaces close pal Cilla Black as host of Blind Date
Wasn't sure about the new Blind Date out of respect for Cilla Black but I think Paul O'Grady is the perfect choice!!
Paul O'Grady CONFIRMED as friend Cilla Black's replacement in Channel 5 reboot.
Paul O'Grady to replace "sister" Cilla Black as host of Channel 5's new
New Blind Date slammed by Cilla Black's mate Biggins: 'I won't be watching'
Christopher Biggins is furious that his late friend Cilla Black's best-known show is being revived without her.
Cilla Black's mate Christopher Biggins vows never to watch new Blind Date in angry rant
Cilla Black's close pal Christopher Biggins SLAMS the return of Blind Date
Isn't it amazing. Cilla Black died 1 yr ago & she had a bronze statue in her hometown, yet The late Princess of Wales took 20 yrs
About time too!! The ought to get the person who did the one of Cilla Black, that is a fantastic statue!!
This has been far to long in the waiting. It should of been done sooner.Cilla black got a statue after 2 years.
I hope it's better looking than the Cilla Black one...
The John Lennon statue has a new rival in the popularity stakes.
Early footage of John Lennon and Cilla Black, both on keyboards playing at the Cavern Club with session musicians.
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Marr is on record as saying that he 'didn't join a band to sing Cilla Black songs'
Really interesting hearing Ian Fleming and Cilla Black from the 60's. . A vast goldmine of shows in the archives. .
Aye but Susan Boyle and Cilla Black told us to vote No!
original album series of Frace Gall! I have the packcage of Cilla Black's albums, love them
Fans of singer and TV presenter Cilla Black will love Cilla and the Shades of the '60s Tickets here…
Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, Beatles, Diddy Men - are you watching, are you watching? - yower boys took a *** of a beating. Up the Wolves
Still got the last names of our slave owners... Think about it we don't even know where we're from as a black person in…
Ken Dodd, Ken Dodd, Cilla Black, the Beatles, the Diddy men - were you watching, were you watching? Your boys took a *** of a beating
I strongly believe Cilla Black was not a good singer and I find it odd that is like an opinion you never hear aired.
Oh I woke up this morning with sunshine through my window . Cilla Black - Something Tells Me .
watching May and Trump reminded me of Cilla Black.
Could I ask that celebrity's stop dying. I'm still not over cilla black. . It's a shame though, John was a talented guy :(.
I had to do the book because there was an unauthorised biography which ...
looks like those ears are gonna be rubbed by Cilla Black.
yeah me too,watch all her dramas when they are on,she was superb as Cilla Black
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I accidentally headbutted the Cilla Black statue, so yeah, I feel like I've had the full Liverpool night out.
January 27th 1973. T.Rex make guest appearance on The Cilla Black Show. . Two songs were performed and a duet with C…
We'll see the Statue of Liberty altered to look like Cilla Black next
Fitting tribute to the one and only Cilla Black outside
On page 190 of 295 of The Iron Trial, by Holly Black
ALL the Elect have thrones. Jo Cox has a throne, Victoria Wood has a throne, Cilla Black has a throne, Ronnie C has a throne and so on
Dear M&S - why have you put the David Attenborough book next to the Victoria Wood, Ronnie Corbett, Cilla Black and David Bowie ones??
Paul O'Grady still 'saddened' by Cilla Black's death: 'My heart isn’t quite what it was' https:/…
...I'm pretty sure Beatles are black 🕷🕷🕷🕷
SURPRISE SURPRISE!. No it's not Cilla Black! I'm just surprised at the lack of donations coming in for Basket...
Dean you are to blame for my ways😕 and Shannon when did you turn into Cilla Black
surprise surprise. No this isn't a cilla black reference. The 70 is late again.
You know you're DJ's going to be A.M.A.Z.I.N.G when Cilla Black labels them, 'The best DJ I've ever heard!'…
Can't help but wonder if his mom was a big Blind Date fan wth Cilla Black. If you don't get it you're too young.
Why not give Sir Cliff a TV special on ITV,like Cilla Black had,I would watch it.
I've got lots of great friends in show business, and that's all they ...
Anyway to implement a black man in negativity
I feel I should get commission. I also feel a bit like Cilla Black.
Dress your dog as Cilla Black for less than £6.
I feel like Cilla Black. Apart from the warm friendship with Paul O'Grady, of course.
it's up there with the Cilla Black Surprise Surprise video!
Maybe not quite the mannequin challenge ..but still a banger > Black Beatles -Rae Sremmurd 🎻😎
if only Cilla Black was alive to take the British public through those 'Blind Date Brexit' options...
I'm quite subdued, believe it or not. I switch it on for the camera.
A misogynist black man, a homophobic woman, and a racist *** man. Das dat intersectional bigotry
Like all my best work, it went to the grave with Cilla Black.
This is why I believe Cilla Black was undoubtedly murdered. She knew stuff she may not have even been aware of.
The Beatles, Cilla, Spike Milligan and me: My dad owned the Cavern Club -
Yeah, like David Bowie and Cliff Richard, and Sandi Shaw and Cilla Black..
You are stepping into dangerous ground, my tweep pal!. *** hath no fury like a woman scorned, as Cilla Black said..…
Hamilton Collection
Cilla Black & Carol Decker are opening a tool shop together. It's going to be called Cilla & Carol's tool shop.
I humbly apologise for reality Television.
Cilla Black - Shy Of Love bobby wrote this isn't he clever and talented via
CEO hadn't seen me in like 2mo. & got REALLY excited abt my natural color growing out & whined "BUT WHY" when I said it'd be black soon
I feel like cilla black.. Bringing people together. Surprise surprise.
audience so annoying. Childish clapping after every comment like Cilla Black on Blind Date!
Wasn't 1A the seat that airline favourite Cilla Black always insisted on?
It's true what they say: 'You don't appreciate what you've got until i...
The difference with me is that I did inhale.
The best advice he gave me was to carry on. It would have been difficu...
My Dad hates you Cliff - really hates u, always has since the 60's. Hates Cilla Black as well but likes Haddock - go figure!
Man on train accidentally blasted Cilla Black out when his earphones came out of his phone. He's laughing but mortified
Banquet manager jobs Lady gaga denies she will play cilla black in dionne warwick biopic _ film _ the guardian ...
I wouldn't mind being a talent show judge if it didn't run for too lon...
I never knew was a Cilla Black fan.
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If I'm in a rotten mood, I stay in and watch television.
Kady the type of girl that would put a knife straight in your cilla black! Swerve da bunny boiler 🐰💥
Is it me or does Zara from sound like cilla black wen she cries
Did Peter Crouch rob Cilla Black's teeth from her lifeless corpse?
think they were donated from Cilla Black.
Cilla Black's sons 'put star's beloved eight-bedroom Buckinghamshire home on the market for £4.5million'
Dionne Warwick insists Lady Gaga WILL star as her nemesis Cilla Black in her ... -
A lorra lorra Lowry: Three works by L.S. Lowry from collection of the late Cilla Black bring £698,000
There's nothing going into my mouth that's not wrapped.
I helped make the Sixties swing, and I'm very proud of that.
I was reading about an age pill that has been developed which they cla...
Cilla Black’s English mansion listed for $8.3m - The Buckinghamshire home of Cilla Black has been put on ...
Today's Media Briefing is out. In the news – Muhammad Ali, Cilla Black, Andy Murray, Sir Tom Jones, Kate Moss…
For a moment there I thought Cilla Black had done a Leslie Nielsen and died a second time.
A moving tribute by to the stars we've lost, including Victoria Wood, Cilla Black, Terry Wogan and Ronnie Corbett.
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I'll take anything by Big Black, Black Sabbath, Black Flag, Black Uhuru, Cilla Black or Black thanks.
I didn't watch it but I heard about it. Remembering the great lady of Blind Date - Cilla Black
2016 is determined to take some of the best. Cilla Black, Prince, Chyna, Victoria Wood & Denise Robertson.. What a cruel world!
It's a real shame Cilla Black and Carol Decker never opened a tool shop together, it could have been called "Cilla and Carol's tool shop".
As almost all the people related to The Beatles has died :Neil Aspinall, Derek Taylor, Cilla Black, George Martin ,etc .
American singer Frank Sinatra, Jr. lived for 26364 days. Exactly as long as english singer Cilla Black and american actor Robert Alda. RIP
Listening to Cilla Black and Matt Monroe on prior to footy after last 24 hours is quite surreal.
thanks for 6 points and FA Cup win, good luck with the job hunting and sorry about Cilla Black!
the Beatles, George Best, Cilla Black, Matt Busby n Bobby Charlton n so many more folk knew my grandad n I didn't like how is that fair ??
Greame Souness, Jimmy Tarbuck and Cilla Black's ghost are lined up
Included in our tracks by Arthur Brown, Bill Wyman, Cilla Black, The Jesus and Mary Chain :
Paul & John with Cilla Black on a TV Special, Granada Studios, Manchester on 2nd November 1965 - The
Good morning - and what an exciting month February is: Sean Alexander, Princess Showtime, Mini Mixx, Cilla Black tribute, and now Lydia Lucy
MEanwhile, I somehow ended up waking up to Radio 2 this morning (I don't listen to Radio 2) and have had Cilla Black in my head. ALL DAY.
When I have time someone remind me to make a Cilla Black cilliated epithelial cells please
Are you brave enough to go on a Blind Date? are going all Cilla Black, in a bid to find you love.
Ken Dodd, Paul O'Grady, Paul McCartney, Jimmy Tarbuck and Cilla Black, your boys took one help of a beating...again!! :)
I can't tell whether that's David Hasslehoff or Cilla Black on the board
Ronnie Corbett and Cilla Black react to Rolf Harris verdict - video. .
Why can't Christopher Biggins get over the death of his good friend Cilla Black?. Because he's a big fat poof!
RIP Cilla Black, Paul Walker, Cecil the Lion & Kauto Star. They're all on a Blind Date in heaven.
Cilla Black, Leonard Nimoy, Christopher Lee: Paying tribute to the stars we lost in 2015 via
Cilla Black spent her final hours drinking champagne and laughing at Jeremy Kyle
I saw the tributes outside the Cavern club after Cilla Black died. I walked past them on my way home from work. Very touching.
They did it for Kenneth Williams, Frankie Howerd, Hattie Jacques. ITV did it for Cilla Black...
right we're on board!! Hope we've got the gang of it... Cilla Black, Pink Floyd, Love, The Seeds, Petula Clark
that laugh sounds like Cilla Black has come back from the dead!
So sad to hear about Cilla Black... feel like she played a big part in my childhood, such a great entertainer
I feel like I'm watching Blind Date rip. Cilla Black
Cecil. Paul Walker. Cilla Black. Which one do you revive? — the lion
Little Giant Ladders
Can't help but think of Cilla Black in that photie.
Cilla Black I can't stop laughing at the pictures 😂😂😂😂
Viewers' fury as ITV broadcasts Cilla Black 'joke' about late star falling and banging head
Our client Bob Carolgees to talk about his pal Cilla Black on Monday 12th itv1
I liked a video Doctor who Jon Pertwee with Cilla Black
BBC News - Sheridan Smith role as Cilla Black up for International Emmy
Cilla Black funeral: Jimmy Tarbuck to mention star's late husband Bobby and daughter Ellen in emotional reading -...
Foto: thewritingberry: John, Paul and Cilla Black on the TV special The Music of Lennon and McCartney. (x)
Bruce Forsyth pays touching tribute to Cilla Black: 'She had a ...
Cilla Black, Jimmy Tarbuck, Paul O’Grady…your boys took one helluva beating.
Sheridan Smith hails Cilla Black as ‘an amazing lady’ as she collects TV Choice best actress award
Cliff Richard sings 'Oh Faithful One' in tribute to Cilla Black
Priscilla Maria Veronica White OBE (27 May 1943 – 1 August 2015), known by her stage name Cilla Black, was an...
Cilla Black, Danny Baker, Lenny Henry, who is next for the TV biopic series?. Bob Carolgees?. I'd watch that one.
Video and transcript of Paul O'Brien's Cilla Black eulogy. Big hit on Lovely.
The Mail has devoted something like 100 pages to Cilla Black since her untimely death. Easily qualifies for a red top …
ª Cilla Black to be buried in Liverpool on
Laura is like cilla black a bit surprise surprise lol
Cilla Black's son reveals a suspected plot to burgle the entertainer's home has been foiled as a coroner rules she died accidentally.
Cilla Black gets her first number one album, a day after her funeral is held in Liverpool.
Cilla Black isn't dead either it turns out, playing centre half for Arsenal.
Escape the Fate are one of the worst bands ever. Hope Ronnie Radke gets Cilla Black'd immediately.
singing goodbye kiss as a tribute to Cilla Black was a classy touch
Tonight's playlist on . Included a double bill in tribute to the great Cilla Black ♫
Liverpool fans must be singing Cilla Black songs, as this game isn't a "surprise surprise"
Cilla Black to make TV appearance following death
Fans of the TV star Cilla Black have gathered along the route her funeral procession will take to pay their respects.
ª Paul O′Grady pays emotional radio tribute to Cilla Black on
Kasabian took man of the match at V Festival easily,Goodbye Kiss for Cilla Black was class and fully in my element,it dont get much better 😍
Liverpool with '96' stitched into the back of their shirts, what next, Cilla Black written on them?
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I loved Cilla Black , but showing Liverpool this much respect ... Come on
Sir Tom Jones was among one of the many famous faces attending Cilla Black’s funeral on Thursday.
nice Cilla Black tribute from Donn Loren at piano
In memory of the amazing Cilla Black
Shows i dont watch tv enough! Only found out Cilla Black died at the start of the month! Pure tv legend, gr8 witty personality. RIP
Liverpool: Cilla Black gate-crashed my wedding, says Shadow Culture Minister on visit to Liverpool
Are Liverpool wearing black because Cilla died?
Cilla Black funeral gatecrashed by \'fans\' who took pictures of grave and put them on
and Cilla Black was still getting finger pie off Christopher Biggins
Christopher Biggins reveals he made plans with Cilla Black before her death:
Christopher Biggins reveals he and Cilla Black were meant to film a TV series before she died:
'That will stay with me' – Christopher Biggins recalls his last conversation with Cilla Black:
Christopher Biggins says Cilla Black's burial was not as private as it was supposed to be with 2000 people turning up
Christopher Biggins reveals he spoke to Cilla Black just a week before she passed away:
Christopher Biggins reveals he and Cilla Black had planned a TV show before she died:
'She would have been chuffed' – Christopher Biggins pays sweet tribute to Cilla Black:
Christopher Biggins recalls the last thing Cilla Black said to him: 'Love you more, Biggins': Actor reveals he and the late Singer a...
'Love you more, Biggins' – Christopher Biggins recalls the last words Cilla Black said to him:
Cilla Black's family blast 'ghoulish' fans for snapping her burial - Irish Examiner
Sir Cliff Richard gave an emotional performance at Cilla Black's funeral this week
I can imagine the young loudly playing Cilla Black and Petula Clark. Hope he stays strong.
How gutted must Bullet for My Valentine have been to have led the Album Chart all week, and then to lose to Cilla Black and James Bay's hat.
Text: Bishop Tom Williams at funeral of Cilla Black - Independent Catholic News
Cilla Black funeral: Stars and thousands of fans mark final return to Liverpool by Paul O'Grady
Operation Yewtree could have had a field day at Cilla Black's funeral yesterday.
Cilla Black was 'icon with a common touch', Tom Jones tells
Cilla Black singing "September in the rain" live at The Ed Sullivan show, 1965 via
BREAKING - Sir Cliff Richard has been arrested at the funeral of Cilla Black after police spotted him throwing his hard dri…
Cilla Black's Radio Times covers from the archive
Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey, is the love child of Cilla Black and Barry White.
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BREAKING: Andriy Yarmolenko has arrived at John Lennon Airport & will attend the funeral of Cilla Black
Cliff Richard to sing at Cilla Black's funeral. The family didn't even have to ask. But he failed to take the hint.
Breaking News: World famous singer Cilla Black will get a full ceremonial Catholic funeral and Auxiliary Bishop...
MCQUEEN cancels previews, Cilla Black musical aiming for the West End and more Odds & Ends!
Cilla Black was a frilly blessing in muted teals. A turquoise Baked Alaska of a wibbly woman.
Concert in Uxbridge will raise money for The Stroke Association in memory of Cilla Black:
Cilla Black attempts to duet with comic genius pianist Dudley Moore
Husband is watching Cilla Black on TV, duetting with Bruce Forsyth. Men may turn into their Dads. He's getting too much like MY Dad.
Cilla Black and Dudley Moore corpsing whilst singing If I Fell is my jam.
So lovely to see the clip of Cilla Black with Dudley Moore on BBC 4's 'Cilla at the BBC'.
Dudley Moore and Cilla Black pissing themselves laughing during a sentimental Beatles cover. This is why I adore black and white TV.
Cilla Black's family has confirmed that the funeral will be held next Thursday at St Mary's Church, Woolton, where she and husband Bobby
Fans call for Cilla Black's funeral to be televised. Do you agree?
Plot to break into Cilla Black's home during funeral revealed.
You KNOW that dog is getting a 5 second slot between George Cole & Cilla Black in the 'stars we have lost' bit at the BAFTAS
Cilla Black is 1 death which many are sad over, despite thousands have died by the Welfare Reforms. Word "Hypocrites" come to mind.
Mark - you mentioned Cilla Black but not the passing of the great George Cole aka Arthur Daley
Very very true Jimmy Tarbuck and Cilla Black are not part of Liverpool they left the city as soon as they got money!
Sir John Madejski on Cilla Black: 'She was my soulmate - I've got a great love for her'
Liz Kershaw branded 'sick' for comparing Cilla Black tributes to posts about Jimmy Savile
Shocking comment: compares tributes to Cilla Black to posts about Jimmy Savile:
BBC DJ Liz Kershaw blasted for comparing tributes to Cilla Black to Jimmy Savile
Cilla Black to be honoured with Christmas special on ITV: The channel want to reflect her "TV royalty" status with a huge festive ex...
Cilla Black to be honoured with an ITV Christmas special after channel bosses brand her 'royalty'
Cilla Black to be honoured with a Christmas special on
Very special tribute from Cliff Richard to his close friend Cilla Black.
Cliff Richard had Cilla Black assassinated because she was going to grass him to Yewtree
Cilla Black defends Cliff Richard: 'I am positive that the allegations are without foundation'
“Cilla Black defends Cliff Richard So who speaks up for survivors if allegations true?…
We're on We're not Frank Skinner.There are 20 characters incl Cilla Black,a pregnant clown & misplaced vampires.
Cilla Black died of natural causes, i.e. not murdered in an NHS hospital by the Liverpool Care Pathway
Cilla Black's Very Best Of album has made a HUGE leap overnight on the Official Albums Chart...
Cilla Black spoke about dying before illness could rob her of enjoying life:
Cilla Black, the professional scouser who publicly backed a Tory government that ripped the heart out of the city.
My 70s & 80s & "lunchtrack" back today only re Cilla Black: show: Johnnie Walker 71-76 & Gloria Hunniford 82-95
Such a haunting, well written song by Burt Bacharach and performed so beautifully by Cilla Black -
The late Cilla Black in the studio with Burt Bacharach recording 'Alfie'...beautiful. RIP Cilla.. As heard on...
Cilla Black was one of the greatest interpreters of Burt Bacharach's songs, and she has left us too soon. RIP, Cilla
Finding out Cilla Black died yesterday has really brightened up my Monday morning.
'She'll be remembered for her unique sense of humour' Gloria Hunniford on Cilla Black via
THE SUNDAY DAILY Tributes pour in for UK singer, TV star Cilla Black: THE world of showbiz was in mourn...
Jim Hall talks about touring NZ in 1971 with Cilla Black on 101FM
Cilla Black with Burt Bacharach singing "This Guy's in Love with You" pl... via
Burt Bacharach, George Martin and Cilla Black in a brilliant little 6 minute segment about recording Alfie. Classic.
R.I.P. Cilla Black. Best remembered for her cameo appearance in Benidorm, by me at least anyway.
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Quiz q: who connects Cilla Black and Tommy Smith?
Sad to hear about Cilla Black. It feels odd, like when Eric Morecambe died. Our cultural icons leave such a gap.
It's good to VJ if not sometimes. Interviewed Gloria Hunniford, friend of Cilla Black (RIP) on tonight.
For anyone who can't remember Cilla Black, here's our graham with a quick reminder. 1943-2015
Rather gutted about Cilla Black, after being introduced by Lilly savage on a documentary as her biggest fan. Shame she was a good one RIP!
Cant believe Cilla Black has died, Brian Epstein would have been devastated on this day
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY - loved this when they first did this!! Funny!!
Sad to hear that Cilla Black has died.
Gloria Hunniford tells she is 'shocked and saddened' after the death of her friend Cilla Black …
TV Presenter Gloria Hunniford talks to about her friend Cilla Black who has sady died aged 72
Cilla Black has left us, aged 72. A life well lived. May she rest in peace.
Lovin and Tom Robinson's show dedicated to Cilla Black. rip queen.
Blind Date and Surprise Surprise star Cilla Black dies in Spain - Gloucester Citizen
TV host and friend Gloria Hunniford says Cilla Black who's died had the ''common touch'', but was ''always a star''
There are some stars that simply shouldn't go out. Eric Morecambe, Freddie Mercury and Cilla Black are amongst them.
Sad news about Cilla Black. She was a born entertainer & a true star. There is a very big hole left in the entertainment industry now RIP ❤️
Tributes from Lionel Blair and Gloria Hunniford on today on the sad news that Cilla Black has sadly died.
Cilla Black,. Your friends Cliff Richard and Derek Laud are alleged child abusers. Life is full, full of surprises... ht…
Really sad news about Cilla Black. My fave memory was her, lily savage and Babs Windsor singing "You gotta get a gimmick" from gypsey.
Singer and TV star Cilla Black, who enjoyed a 50-year showbusiness career, has died aged 72, police in Spain say
Cilla Black was a horrible Thatcherite who in private thought her fanbase were scum. Pals with Derek Laud?
Cilla Black, Pattie Boyd and George Harrison at the premiere of Alfie, Plaza Cinema, 24 March 1966
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY - Remember this from The Royal Variety Show.
Lilly Savage - Barbara Windsor - Cilla Black - GYPSY . I know this is naughty but I loved Cilla in this 😌❤️
Dani's Castle fans may not know this lady but she was a true legend on TV very talented and will be dearly missed RIP Cilla Black x
Cilla Black, an iconic figure who only hit the headlines with good news unlike do called celebrities of today RIP
RIP Cilla Black! . Here she is having a wale of a time with Eric and Ernie...
Rest in peace Cilla Black. A great entertainer and a great ambassador for the city of Liverpool...
Cilla Black dead: Latest tributes and reaction as legendary star passes away aged 72
Ronda Rousey is a animal,. Cilla Black has just been found dead. . Ronda Rousey killed Cilla Black, ya heard it here first.
Knowing me Alan Partridge, knowing you Cilla Black, aha.
RIP Cilla Black, you is wiv the angles now
You know its probably time to call it a night when Andy, the bouncer at blue fly turns into a 19 year old Cilla Black right before your eyes
Who Starred as Superman in the 1970s and 1980s Film Series. A.Christopher Reeve. B. John Belushi. C.Cilla Black. D.none of these. Ans [ A ]
You had it easy. No Max Bygraves, Cilla Black & Des O'Connor for you. Shirley Bassey barely kept me going
He once allegedly had an affair with Cilla Black
LOOK this couple who met on Blind Date have been together for 22 years and Cilla Black was at their wedding:
Blind Date couple who wed with Cilla Black as guest of honour are STILL together
Is it just me, or does Chris Evans look like Michael Caine and Cilla Black's dirty secret?
getting no coverage in the mainstream media? It couldn't be more of a surprise if Cilla Black rocked up riding a unicorn.
Where's Cilla black when you need her ;)
"Really looking forward to welcoming Cilla Black to Battersea tomorrow."
. What a legend he is. Rumoured to have knobbed Cilla Black too.
Having a midlife crisis at the age of 21 cos I cant get a fella and I've resorted to tinder. I'll be ringing arl Cilla Black next
Best butts, Karen Gillan, Eve Myles, Billie Piper, (and Cilla Black back in the 1960s.)
My match making skills have worked maybe I am the new Cilla Black 😀😀
then could u being black. Coz i love black
I could taste blood from laughing at the Cilla Black one!
Reading are just particularly bad. Most original effort in 15 years has been about John Madejski shagging Cilla Black
"I've never seen so much blood" - Dog bites 3 fingers off Tory on campaign trail NEVER LIKED CILLA BLACK ANYWAY!
Where is Cilla Black when you need her ... Surprise Surprise
I'm giggling so much at 'Cilla Black Bean Sauce'- have posted up about your show! x
Should we book the flights? We're feeling all Cilla Black over here.
didnt know Cilla Black sang the Rainbow song.. RED & YELLOW & PINK & GREEN etc was is a rhyme before that?
Cilla Black. Sing a rainbow. Good opener from
The unexpected meets you...wait. You don't know that show bc you're American no doubt. Cilla Black 😄
Why is my hubby who is doing diy belting out a Cilla Black song. He doesn't know either, v strange.
Cilla Black: Do you like me hair do?". Other random person: I didn't know you spoke an Asian language."
Why Cilla Black is rooting for Cilla to win a lorra lorra lot of awards...
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