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Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups is a lollipop company founded by the Spaniard Enric Bernat in 1958, and currently owned by the Dutch-Italian multinational corporation Perfetti Van Melle.

Salvador Dali Betty Boop

let's go back to chupa chups Mr tom and wandisco & be skint as . for the price don't buy it
I liked a video from Chupa Chups Peppa Pig Choco Toys Surprise Box Nickelodeon
Do Chupa Chups lollypops have medicinal properties? It feels like all chemists are obliged to sell them
We went to football , but NOO we came to Hochey.
Would look well nice with the Chupa Chups sponsor on it.
If you didn't already have a reason to come and visit us, we now have chupa chups! 🍭
Horrible that kit rather have chupa chups one
let's be honest, we used to have Chupa Chups on the front, anything is better than that!
Chupa chups have become my new obsession
I thought this chupa chups was an orange flavoured lollipop...
This watermelon flavored chupa chups is rajahmelon
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was thinking I could be the toilet attendant shotting chupa chups if I fail this year
Which world famous surrealist painter designed the Chupa Chups logo? Capsule Collection
Just found the stash of Chupa Chups that gave me and undoing all the vegetables I ate for breakfast.
I added a video to a playlist Learn Colours and to Count With Candy Chupa Chups! Fun Learning
(Chupa Chups Secret Phrase) it's really important to not talk with your mouthful.
Having a giant chupa chups in the morning.. What is life
Experiencing the greatest throwback having this Chupa Chups lollipop
Thanks to our friendly neighbours for the Chupa Chups πŸ­πŸ­πŸ‘
If you are what you eat, then after this weekend I am, happily, this place: And Chupa-Chups.
Promise to share with my little girl and sister If I win, we love Chupa Chups and Lipsmackers xx πŸ’‹πŸ­πŸ’‹
Soften your lips with our Chupa Chups Lip SMACKER's!
thought that balloon was a giant chupa chups, easy mistake I guess
& Follow to win Chupa Chups LiP SMACKER & a Giant Chupa Chups! We have 3 to giveaway!
I'm sure I had 2 chupa chups in my jacket but I can't find them 😭
2 people will be picked to one of each Chupa Chups! Follow us on Instagram to enter:
I was horrified to find that my bag had absolutely no sweets whatsoever. I just bought a massive bag full of Chupa Chups and Maoams. Phew~
I'd rather have a box of chupa chups lollipops than chocolates lol
Why teens when sweet on Chupa Chups
I'm too young to lose my teeth! If I'm honest I must have had about 20 chupa chups last week which is too extreme...
If anyone with massage skills wants to come by work and untangle this back knot I can pay in Chupa Chups lollies.
Why didn't I know that Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo?
I'm drawing a mental picture of my chupa chups feeding much-needed juice to my brain.
I've spent a lot of time today worrying that I can't remember each spice girl's favourite chupa chups lollipop. Only baby and posh. Help.
I wish we had Red Nose Day here (in Atlanta). Happy days! 1997, the green room Chupa Chups Lollipops
she puckered up her lips and started licking the round ball. It became so sticky. Chupa-chups is the bomb.
reddit: Xposed not working on chupa chups lollipop? via /r/LGG3
Roses are red,. Violets are blue. Chupa Chups are sweet. And I'll share one with you!.
Today I learned that the Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali.
- Get your gloss on with DELICIOUS flavours from Coca Cola to Chupa Chups!
Hi guys just an enquiry, are you able to order in just the Cherry Flavoured Chupa Chups at all ??
Also made a stop at Grandpa Joes Candy for some sour straws, and Chupa Chups.
Happy birthday ✨🎁🎈 Hope you got your chupa chups stand🍭
Have ya'll seen the new Chupa Chups Jellies? Cause.LOL.
My Firebox order arrived with a complimentary Chupa Chups, which reminded me of this Daily Mash article
Hamilton Collection
15 old-school Singaporeans grew up w/ / On my end, I miss the white rabbit candy, haw flakes & chupa chups!
My son is now upset! all his favorites seem to be halal! Chupa Chups! Mars Bars! MMs! he isnt happy!
I'm up for a thousand chupa chups sure
I need a bag of skittles,a chupa chups lolly and some other sweets for art but really I just wanna eat them after
"Are you getting emotional over my dali fact?" Literally made my day, I'm gna live off chupa chups now
Come in this Tuesday: Bring the kids for our bathroom moral chupa chups irish dancing extravaganza!
Discovering that you wrote 'Soul Glo' was like when I found out Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo!
If will find another brand to be their new sponsor, so I suggest Chupa Chups.
HQ of Chupa Chups, perhaps the most popular candy brand in the world, is in Barcelona, Spain. And Chupa means to suck in Spanish.
What's the secret to taking off a Chupa Chups wrapper in a reasonable amount of time?
I think evil forces are tryna use chupa chups to gain access into my life.
I don't mind at all to treat you all of those Chupa Chups in this store, young lady. but at least buy some healthy +
My day has basically involved putting data into my library software, watching bad TV, and eating Chupa Chups. I am 100% okay with this.
I don't care how old you are. chupa chups are the best.
I would love nothing more than a bucket of Chupa Chups 😍😍😍
Love how called chupa chups chumpa chupsπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
The best part of semi was definitely the Chupa Chups
Speaking of gum. I bought this huge chupa chups with 3 flavors in it. It had cola, lemon and chewing gum in it. It was so cool istg
Buzzin up the (arc)hives: Chupa Chups Give a Dam game app review
Oh how i miss these people! πŸ™ŒThank you, Chupa Chups, Mumble and Caution for visiting me 😘😘😘 More…
Fried chicken is left on the counter all night then eaten, but a Chupa Chups lollipop is put in the fridge unopened
Today's ad is for Sugar Free Chupa Chups lollipops:
Should ask at the place where you bought last year those chupa chups flowers at Orla's bday. Looks so similar! Lol
Photo: Betty Boop selling out to Chupa Chups nicely.
Betty Boop selling out to Chupa Chups nicely.
Has anyone mastered the art of opening Chupa Chups without using their teeth?
I've just randomly been craving Chupa Chups
I just wished for: 'Chupa Chups Wheel (including 200 Lollipops)'... Reply w/ to add this via
β€œ"The chupa chups painting is astounding" wey go me! πŸ’
If you think a chupa chups pizza has one big jelly base you've got another think coming
Update your maps at Navteq
Just finished my first Chupa Chups XL, and I gotta say, that was a pretty stressful 30 minutes. Oh well. The gum was pretty worth.
I believe in education not schooling.chk out my new single from Ghana.. Chupa chups by black kat on google
Say hi to my one week supply of Chupa Chups.
where is that big lollipop where can I find one of those chupa chups xD
Opening a Chupa Chups lolly is still the hardest struggle in my life. 🍭
Daring Chuck enjoys a Chupa Chups while bungee jumping. We got a gutsy guy over here!. Can you top this stunt?...
The next time you open up a Chupa Chups lollipop, it could well be an emerald, sapphire or ruby stone worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.Chupa Chups, the w...
never leave home without the chupa chups Sid, ever the professional.
Today I show you the world's fastest way to open a Chupa Chup. Struggling to open Chupa Chups? You won't anymore! You'll be able to open one in less than a s...
Strawberry & cream Chupa Chups is still my fave lollipop after 20 years πŸ™ˆπŸ­
You think you know the way the world works, then you find out Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo.
woot!!! I LOVE belvita choco and Chupa chups!!! My favorite brand of lollipops! Yummy!!
Lollipops at 8 in the morning. Chupa chups = life ❀️
Mika gusto na mu chupa chups ug not lollipop but the "real" thing. Bad girl ka!!!
I saw a Apple candy in Universal Studio. But I can't ever eat. . caramel melting with one apple like Chupa-Chups candy.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
ONE EXCEPTION IS cherry chupa chups, which have been discontinued. They were my favourite
since 1958! The evolution of the Chupa Chups logo! Which is your favourite?
She actually is almost always demonstrated with a Chupa Chups lollipop in the girl mouth.
Candy canes, gummie bears, gummie worms, chupa chups, liquorice.that type of candy πŸ˜”
Just found eight mini chupa-chups lollies whilst tidying the top of my wardrobe πŸ­πŸ’•
Made in Korea product – Official Chupa Chups product license, all rights reserved. . What you get in…
But dang...his kissing sounds awkward. Why does he sound like he's constipated while sucking on a chupa chups Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
I have a rugby tournament saturday :(but whenever I do get to see u again ur getting a big bag of animal *** and chupa chups!
I want to go get more Lucozade and mini chupa chups but of I even breathe too loud at night my mum will wake up. Fs Tracy.
Still remember those chupa chups!! Only Spice Girls merch in my hometown. My mom wouldn't let me get one.
Hey kids riding on your scooters, wanna know what's better than naps and Chupa Chups? NOTHING. Wanna know what's second best? FEMINISM.
Did you know that Chupa Chups' logo was originally designed by Salvador Dali?
Think I might just have to buy a wholesale sized box of Chupa Chups and toilet roll at Costco and become a toilet attenda…
Amongst all the despair, there is always Phinny and his beloved 'Chupa Chups' to brighten ones day :)
So funny took me ages to unwrap a chupa chups lollipop xx drew trying to train barney to bite a dog cookie which he succeeded xx little things amuse me
Alrighty... so I failed to find chupa chups, and really was hopeing to use this complete chassis so, I took an old VW speedo gear and used the tip for body mounting ;) now I dont hafta kill any more slots lol. I figured it woulda been easy to slam a AW 4 gear under here, but who wants easy right? I dig the old chassis myself!
Chewing gum, box of matches, lighter, Chupa Chups :)
eerrr... are you sure it's the right food for a winning Tiger?. I think there's a lack of ice cream and chupa chups ;P
Derek - inspired, and just like The Office and Extras, genius PS. Karl looks like a chupa-chups lolli-pop - head like a sprout
Super kilig w/ the chupa chups that my friend's friend (who is also now my friend) gave me when we went out earlier.
All I want is a chupa chups bouquet πŸ’
I thonk I'm gonna have to bring a Chupa Chups tree to Cohesion tonight. Just thinking :)
I'm enjoying a Chupa Chups. that is all.
Got a stash of Chupa Chups so happy
ha what a bloody mess but 'the proof of the pudding is in the eating' much more satisfying than Chupa Chups
Our house is full of candies like mentos,chupa chups,and notebooks of chupa chups and fruitella
"What is that, same game?" Takes a chupa chups from his pocket "want some?" Opens it and *** it
I could never, and will never be able to unwrap a chupa chups lollipop in less than an hour
Here, have this Chupa Chups. Now get an actual purpose in life instead of trying to be the imaginary centre of the universe,okay 7bibti ? ;)
but i can tell about like 8 adverts in the MM music video. even chupa chups lollipops! ha lmao
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Random fact for you tweeps: Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups logo.
I have no idea. ; ) gave it to me when he worked at Chupa Chups candy in Atlanta. I have a Spice Girls one, too.
Nest Tuesday the 4th of February is gonna be a very big event !! ERAXMUSSS CHUPA CHUPS PARTY !! ;) We gonna host...
Chupa Chups is a classic banging it on the train home reminiscing πŸ’―
I saw a BIG CHUPA CHUPS in a supermarket and I remember Sehun and Chanyeol having the same Chupa Chups :)
Maybe a Jar needs a man to open it.. but a chupa chups needs a superhero to unwrap it
Those proteins are producing venom and those chupa-chups somehow block it.
made and she's dying because of something with proteins. She need some chupa-chups she's always eating to survive but only
If anyone's got any chupa chups to sell get at
Kayleigh delivering me two chupa chups
Kotori's favorite candy is a lollipop which is calledΒ Chupa Chups.
everyday i drink milo and i buy two chupa chups. strawberry flavour and watermelon flavour. and. i make it to Milolipop! but i change it.
Today's my sister's birthday and I just gave her one chupa chups. Im such a good sister.
The only good thing about enrolment was the free chupa chups
Eaten 6 chupa chups today and dont know whether to be proud or embarrassed
Things Pharrell could be keeping under his hat at Grammys: 1 - A birdcage 2 - A beaver 3 - A bucket of Chupa Chups 4 - Macklemore's Grammy 5 - Chuck Which one do you think it is?
Check out our sweet new Chupa Chups gifts! Great idea for Valenines pressies! Which is your favourite flavour? xoxo
fairly certain you at least need an Advanced Higher in opening Chupa Chups wrappers before you can figure out how to do it in under 30 mins
U, I = 0 . Onlu chupa chups accompany me tonight
Casually laying down on my bed eating chupa chups
For Christmas I just want a massive stash of chupa chups🍭
Now I understand why you always look for Chupa Chups.
Strawberries and Cream is the best Chupa Chups flavour ever.
lol someone told me to mind how much I'm losing for said reason. Lookin like a oversized chupa chups cyah run
my best friend actually sent me a bunch of freddos and chupa chups a few weeks ago. Silly me did not ration them wisely!
Chupa Chups & Frank Ocean are getting me through these assignments
Whats your favorite Chupa chups flavor?
Trying to open a chupa chups lolly is so hard
Chupa chups are legitimately my childhood
Mmm Chupa Chups :) I like the cola ones & do they still do the choc vanilla ones? Yumsk!
Wow free chupa chups ily restaurant
When I’m bored, I like to go to the local shop just before school kicks out, stick my finger in my *** then play with the chupa chups.
oops, they're called chupa chups. I WANT A GIANT CHUPA CHUPS.
May chupa chups, may frooty pops, may lips, may sorry din, may I love you at may thank you.
I don't think it was Chupa Chups, which was also very nommy by the way.
Stare , grab , then lick it... CHUPA CHUPS is the best lollipop ever !!! :)
Men are like flies and 'hot babes' are like unwrapped Chupa Chups. Peace.
Chupa Chups are the illest lollipops
Do you know who this is with the lollipop-shaped head? Hope he's got some Chupa Chups in his...
The BBC is marginally more accurate than Wikipedia:
oh? you've got what you need, Kotoricchi? -she stares at the Chupa Chups that kotori just bought.- good~
don't mention it~ hehe~. -she look around, searching for the Chupa Chups as well-
"Huah-- Arigatou, Ayano-nee!" She takes the money from and starts looking for Chupa Chups cheerfully.
No chupa chups. and I have searched high and low.
Then! *claps* Now Kotori-chan show me which one is the chupa chups so I could buy it for you~
Salvador Dali designed the Chupa Chups lollipops logo. My fav in both categories.
The only thing that was mine were the chupa chups but I kept the cola flavored one because I wanted to give it to Suho ehh
I have a chupa chups whistle lolly and it's scaring the cats
Some Chupa Chups on my boxer. So, lick it.
Gunna start a real life hunger games on Rother valley, its a fiver for entry and winner gets 4 boxes of chupa chups and a greggs steak bake
[Kotori's favorite candy is called 'Chupa Chups'.
Patrice Evra's international career was in jeopardy once again when the France defender was summoned by French federation president Noel Le Graet and coach Didier Deschamps to explain himself after describing his critics as "bums". In an interview aired on Sunday, Evra called several TV commentators and pundits, including former France internationals Bixente Lizarazu and Luis Fernandez, "bums". He also said they were trying to "tarnish" his image. "My public image is good. It's not these bums who will tarnish my image. I'm not arrogant. It's the truth, those people will never have my honours, they have never won anything. People who see me in the streets are very kind with me. It's only a few commentators." "I have been told that Luis Fernandez (was speaking ill of me)... In 2008, I gave him a tour of Old Trafford and he was like he was at Euro Disney. When he got the PSG keys, apart from sucking Chupa Chups (lollipops) and dancing Macarena by the pitch, I don't know what he's achieved." "Lizarazu, I don' ...
Just learned something, Salvador Dali designed the "Chupa Chups" logo? Well there you go!
Picked out the whole packet of chupa chups lollies looking for a cola and only found one LifE
so Willie explained to me how the boys took his gift. he said he walked into the office with everyone having chupa chups in their mouth >
Anytime, anywhere and any situation chupa chups is never getting old! Nyiehehehe
Last round of getting chupa chups going all out lol
I want marshmallows. Might get a pack and a few sugar free chupa chups'
Don't get jealous but I have a load of McCains Lightly Spiced Potato Wedges in the oven and Chupa Chups for dessert. *you go bright green*
Chupa chups cola flavour is the best lollipop ever
Breast Cancer Awareness
And I've always thought Chupa Chups was an American brand??? (answer: it's from Spain) My whole life has been... so dumb...
Omg random trivia of the day: did you know the Chupa Chups logo was designed by Salvador Dali?!
Dad: "You're 22. Why are you still buying Chupa Chups?". Me: "Because I like them". . I will forever be a Chupa Chup.
Cherry chupa chups lollies are amazing !!
The chupa chups app is most possibly the worst app I've ever seen
Chupa Chups lollies are such multi talented sweets.
You guys have lobang for sweets like mentos, chupa chups, chocolates etc?
My room smells like strawberries and cream chupa chups.
The recipient of the love heart throb&chupa chups lolly trees loved them both, mummy loved them 2! Another order 2 get out on Thurs! Yeay! x
I love u ! Please write back - it's my dream ... .. my strawberry chupa-chups waiting hihi . I know that I'm crazy
fuming at the fact I spent Β£12 on chupa chups from the spray men in the toilets last night! All strawberry and cream as well
I have a question, how long reaches your stock of Chupa Chups?
strawberry and cream Chupa Chups are just fab!
Chupa Chups are the best lollipops. They take me back to my childhood.
We upgraded from chupa chups to drum sticks. 🍭
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Chupa Chups lollipops are impossible to open
I smell like a lollipop... Chupa Chups perfume... x)
"Dont you dare to break even one chupa chups!" He said with piercing voice
Chupa Chups is a different perspective now...
Idk wow lief is hard, I want chupa chups
I see this big Chupa Chups on the duty free!!
that licky licky sucky sucky woman in the shelleys toilets needs to take a day off!!! No one wants your Β£20 chupa chups
Oh and I bought 10 chupa chups off the spray man in the toilets
I got a new app that let's you make Chupa Chups Nom Nom, who likes the Chupa Chup I made!? 😜
The Chupa Chups logo. was designed in 1958,. by artist Salvador Dali.
"I swear i know most of the kidulthood quotes from mixtape ." Chupa Chups Mixtape lool
no. But let me know if you need any chupa chups.
Choc cabdury, ferroro and chupa chups make me thinking of him.
Chupa chups mixtape is probably my favourite UK tape ever made the stories were to epic
Found some new flavour in chupa chups
Having chupa chups while waiting for ze cuppcake to be ready!
Ahhh dad brought me home strawberry chupa chups
Chupa Chups will do just fine thanks!
Parebrotol, chupa chups. Its good for your mouth.
Hurrah. Skylanders Sidekicks finally in the UK thanks to Chupa Chups lollypops.
As if chupa chups mix tape was in 2008.. Time has flown by
Il rather watch Hotel Transylvania my innards is just a giant chupa chups
Why didn't I buy millions of chupa chups and entered the Win a sound check experience competition to see One Direction WHY
Naah them Skinny dudes with very large heads be looking like "Chupa Chups" lollipop 😩😩😩😩
Enjoy enjoy your long weekend! Here is a to round off the week: did you know that Salvador DalΓ­ designed the Chupa Chups logo?
I've just been given a sharp challenge by Chupa Chups! Are you sweet or sharp? Click to find out now
Chupa Chups we taught the world to suck *)
Just bought 15 bags of Chupa chups lollipops! AH
Love my bouquet of chupa chups lolliesπŸ’“
Keeping sugar levels up with the help of jonathanadler and Chupa Chups.
Me and inga have decided to celebrate results with chupa chups πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
Soo many chupa chups, and this isn't even all of them
Attention! Zungenmaler Cherry Chupa Chups contains problematic ingredient Karmin and should be avoided!
chupa chups best Popsicle in the world :) .
Did I really just download a chupa chups maker appπŸ˜„
when we had chupa chups now itz OK pop
Nintendo has the best offer for indies- free devkits, free free QA and FREE CHUPA CHUPS!11
"Chupa Chups sugar free ants won't eat it do u think I will
Ask her in here... and dont forget to give her Chupa Chups!
Kotori's favorite candy is a lolipop which is called chupa chups
I have an addiction to chupa chups. Like.
Salvador Dali came up with the Chupa Chups lollipop logo. Chupar is 'suck' in Spanish. Thanks,
Watermelon Chupa Chups are the dogs *** of lollipops
I just ate like 7 chupa chups today in France! 😊
I'll pay Β£1 up front, and half his wages in Chupa Chups. Favoured position: on hands and knees.
OMG i feel like crying, why is my cherry flavour chupa chups tasting like strawberry :'(
β€œBucket full of chupa chups at hotel” lucky betch
Bucket full of chupa chups at hotel
I didn't 😘 I got u Chupa Chups and Push Pop but if u want more u can steel from them 😁
cute Sehun with his big chupa chups xD
just been models for Chupa Chups and I got to dress up like Katy . this day is a good time
the only thing that comforts me right now is that I have Chupa Chups in my desk drawer.
This chupa chups machine is sho cute :3
Coincidence lang talaga! Salavador Dali made the 1960s Chupa Chups logo, and it was the brand I used for DT!
Can't tell you that. Chupa chups kept me ehh.young? :l
Can you imagine twelvies in the Lolly video sucking on chupa chups attempting to twerk πŸ˜‚
This world need a person like you Lore Chupa-Chups
so we have 2 and a half chupa chups now. Progresss
i bought a packet of 8 chupa chups from foodland for $1.50 for the 1D comp no one said anything about a puzzle
All looking awesome! Especially like the Chupa Chups lollies stand in the background. Keeping that refilled? :)
Little Giant Ladders
Can someone tell me where I can find some chupa chups lollipops?!
Tokyo banana, green tea Chupa Chups and green tea Kitkat from Japan! Thank you Sabeth!! (with Elizabeth) [pic] β€”
I favorited a video Monster High Surprise Bag Unwrapping Chupa Chups with Surprise -
Dali designed the Chupa Chups original logo.
You mean they've been making a coconut & pineapple Chupa Chups all this time and NOBODY TOLD ME?
Need a hyper violent HD-remake of Zool with loads of sex and the chupa chups are replaced with heroin.
She is almost always shown with a Chupa Chups lollipop in her mouth.
Chupa chups can still bring joy to my inner 5 year-old.
OWEM! If it wasn't because of Yves Saint-Laurent there wouldn't be Chupa Chups!
Eating a XXL Chupa Chups. It's supposed to have gum in the middle but I don't think I'll reach it till Christmas.
Chupa chups is one of the cutest names I've ever been given!
Oh, come on, Chupa Chups, if you're going to have a sucker called 2Pops, you'd better have one called BigE.
Stop blaming cattle mutilations on chupacabras, people. Chupacabras are GOAT suckers, not COW suckers. And Chupa Chups are just suckers.
Chupa Chups are the best lollipops ever πŸ˜‹πŸ­ –  10% Off
fantastic. You can pick up another if you can and I'll just throw all sorts of money at you. Because Chupa chups.
there isn't even that lol I'm living off chupa chups til I get home to real food lol
If you think opening a normal chupa chups lollypop try opening this freaking thing!
ati coco what ? For that it's now chupa chups mbili..
CHUPA chups! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ with the milk thing inside please πŸ‘…
Just reading the contents of the goodie bag and children enjoyed the free Chupa Chups
She look at while smiling and eating her chupa chups "since you're not getting scared by me --
-.- next level of chupa chups going on. Yeah boy.
Ok but give me a chupa chups candy first
There are so many more fun flavoured chupa chups in other countries πŸπŸ‰
Chupa Chups is basically Spanish for Sucky Suck how rude
-- "Hey!" She called "can i ask for a help here?" She smiled while holding her chupa chups
She eats her chupa chups "thanks, Ratatoskr has found another spirit here"
She look at while eating her chupa chups "your welcome" (geez, boring guy)
She smiled to while holding her chupa chups "ah, it's you Reine, done"
All purpose parts banner
On my second bag of chupa chups... Hi cavities. 😁
you're cute as always. *chuckles* anyway, it's not good to eat chupa chups all the time, Kotocchi..
Please explain why is it so hard to open a chupa chups lollipop?
I was so tired it was AGES before I finally shouted back: 'I don't want any Chupa Chups!' Then I heard my mum making lots of noise!
Vinnie decided it was a great idea to wake me up first this morning. He stole Chupa Chups from Emma & shouted 'I've got Chupa Chups!' at 6am
Chupa chups huh... Etto.. Actually my real name is Ayano Keiko , but you can call me silica for short..
I spent $20 on chupa chups ahhh oh the regrets! x
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