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Chun Li

is a video game character produced by Capcom. First introduced in Street Fighter II, she has since appeared as a player character in nearly all subsequent games in the series.

Street Fighter Ultra Street Fighter 4 Street Fighter 2 Moon Bloodgood Chris Klein Liu Kang Jackie Chan August Alsina Constance Wu

The most picked as main character in SF5:S1 SRK top100 was... CHUN LI!. Runners up: Cammy and Necalli.
Maybe last season, go look at Urien this season and Chun Li.
Yeah son but chun li had the crazy thighs
Shouldn't Chun Li from Street Fighter be like a feminist icon. Modestly dressed, kicks dude's *** Not like that thot Cammy
Was i the only one that liked Cammy more than Chun-Li🤔
I still can't believe Cheng Xiao is irl Chun Li
Never forget Chris Klein's seminal work on Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li --
I'm super drunk and I'm the master at 3D Street Fighter as Chun Li. Literally fight. E.
Happy birthday to Moon Bloodgood. Now playing Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li.
The Live action city hunter movie is bad but the sf2 scene with Jackie Chan as chun-li makes up for it .
Tash looks like chun li on Street Fighter . LOOL Love it!
nah Chun Li is the best but Ryu is def better than necalli
For some reason chun li's vtrigger never depletes faster even when she does specials
I'm saying Ryu struggles. Way more than Chun Li ever did.
mostly because I sold off my Chun Li TE-S because I couldn't bring myself to desecrate its beautiful stock state and I only have 2 sticks
For example, letting Chun Li up is like NEVER in your favor. But letting Chun Li ex spinning bird kick you is worse.
All purpose parts banner
Start your week off with this fantastic Chun-Li battle costume cosplay by ilona-lab!
Natascha Encinosa, a fitness model from Miami has made the Internet go wild.
/ *** everybody use Chun Li, Samus, Cammy and Mei. Its spreading like fungus.
Also here's a little video of me working on Chun Li's vest ✨
Chun Li's Tornado Kick in Super Turbo was essentially a preview of SFIII. The jump in animation quality was astounding!
That was a Chun Li axe kick from Shevchenko right there. Bad ***
📷 guts-and-uppercuts: A rare shot of Jackie Chan (as Chun Li) and Gary Daniels (as Ken) on the set of...
If I see this Chun Li at Comic Con, I'm pullin' a Mark Sanchez. We only have 1 life.
Great Wall of China, Pinkfloyd album, Chun Li, all top tiers walls. Coincidence ? I think not.
For the amount that I've run around this week, I won't be surprised if I get thunder thighs and become Chun Li.
Chun-Li continues her reign as Sim breaks the top 3: Two months into tiers
Tie for me between Chun Li and Tusk KI2.
The best char in the game has the best normal anti air in the game and gets a 50/50 off it. Capcom made sure chun li was AAAUUULLLsss
Right let's see if I can still complete the original arcade game on 1 credit with Chun Li!
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The fact that viscant used chun li proves that he ***
Will the real Chun Li please stand up?
I think your curvaceousness is an attractive feature. IMO your Chun Li cosplay looked good because you had the legs for it.
Your Chun-Li is ON POINT. Those others have no idea what they're talking about. Rock on!
Chun-Li with non mashable lightning legs is to cheap. Until they make it mashing again we have her banned here at our sch…
You know what, those people just need something to complain about, you are truly the perfect Chun-Li to these eyes.
× The miscellaneous bing! That accompanies the opening of an application, Chun-Li was paying Guile little mind as she slowly started to >>
× Pursing her lips, from across the room, Chun-Li motions her hand to slowly unlock her phone. Still genuinely deep in thought.×
Any chance Chun Li edition of TE2 will be available again?
Your Chun Li cosplay is my Waifu! Don't let people get to you! Sometimes criticism isn't necessary and cosplay is one example.
Ok but like, im gonna be sitting by my *** door until this chun li figure comes in if it actually does. And if it really does im gonna cry
Playing charge characters? Get that *** banned. Teching throws on reaction? Get that *** banned. Callin Chun-Li technical? Get that *** banned
Your Chun-li is as amazing and awesome and graceful as Jackie Chan's :)
You had a good body for Chun-li cosplays. Don't take yourself problem.
In my opinion your Chun Li cosplay looks great.
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"No one will stop me from destroying Shadaloo!". Chun-Li .
If someone has Chun Li muscles: Too masculine. If someone has big legs but no muscles: Needs squats. If someone has tiny legs: Needs more legs
you'd make a very sexy Chun Li from Street Fighter.
I may agree that my body is too curvy for lots of cosplays I do (but your body type doesn't really matter to cosplay!). But for Chun Li? XD
dont listen to haters. In my (among many others) opinion you have made best Chun Li because u look so much like her.
*** too fat yall tripping...fine more art and beauty for us! She bad as fuk. Would love to have a Chun li Date ^_^
You have the Legs of Chun Li unlike other cosplayers i've seen, so i disagree with those complainers!
Two main complaints I get about my Chun Li new cosplay:. 1- Needs more squats. 2- Too fat for Chun Li. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. But I'm happy anyways.
Ken... Ryu... Vega... Balrog... Chun Li... Dhalsim... M. Bison. OMG THAT WAS FUNNY!!! and brought back so many...
Here's the first shot of my Chun Li Battle Costume! ^_^ Hope you like it!. 📷 .
If you guys are wondering, Street Fighter 5 is crazy fun to play. Chun Li is my main for the first time in a decade.
Timeout bruh!!! How I miss August Alsina paying homage to the great Chun Li!?!? 😂😂😂
What happen to my *** August Alsina dawg... He looks like Chun Li from Street Fighter now..
"I'm the strongest woman in the world, no man can compare!". Christmas Chun Li from Street Fighter. P:RedTail Design https…
Chun Li themed bow I got through a cosplay Secret Santa, I love it!
Also these guys are Ryu and Chun-Li from SF and they've been teased extensively since the early nineties without anything happening
Really hope Guile is released as DLC for He's one of my favs, next to Chun Li :)
Chun Li better have won󾆖🏽. Heather would've totally don't it better on many levels, but eh. 󾌪
Be the quickest player in this Chun Li hoody (Other characters available)
well, Li Chun rightfully only arrived at 6.45pm yesterday, so doing it today is still acceptable. 😏
Azulette and Nadyasonika as Chun li and Cammy - From Awesome Azulette Pics
After "Li Chun" (Coming of Spring) yesterday at the auspicious hour of 17:48, my last 24hours had been fantastic!...
I added a video to a playlist Street Fighter EX Plus @ OST Spinning Bird (Theme of Chun-Li)
Too many good games coming out. And something's a bit off about Chun-li's turkey legs :/ better prep my wallet :'(.
📷 fgfchris1985: Fighters come in all shapes and sizes… Check out this baby Chun Li knocking out all of...
People no longer see me as me, just chun li
Long queues on Li Chun for those banking on better luck
I didn't expect to fall in love with chun-li but I did
Queues to deposit cash on auspicious day of Li Chun, Singapor... via
Check out Bengus' artwork for Street Fighter 5's story mode
Ok... Mystery solved. I was wondering why there was a long queue at every cash deposit.. I just wanna deposit...
I'm gonna come back tomorrow and Chun-li will be missing from my door. I can feel it (paranoia is real, even if it is my own stupid art)
Chun Li > Anna William. Sonya Blade as the goat.
My cousin Gilbert (bday boy) said Iris should be Chun Li for Halloween 😂😂😂
DBS surprises staff by crediting salaries early to mark Li Chun
'Daigo rushes Chun-Li down, but plays it safe against R. Mika?' Street Fighter 5's in-game stats show you how…
This spring, it's back to some SERIOUS martial arts training again. 1st episode of SFR features Zangief vs Chun Li! https:…
Yaya Han as Chun Li. Costume made and modeled by Yaya Han
Great times were had with at Here's Phil after meeting Chun-Li.
Sakura x Karin, Cammy x Chun-li and Juri x Cammy are my fav pairings in SF
Chun-Li, Mai and Dark Magician Girl, and some of my favorites, Bayonetta, Satsuki.
I want to buy a Chun Li action figure
I love Chun Li...but I wish Juri was there ;-;
I see your Mia, Chun-Li, Dark Magician Girl and Bayonetta I love all those cosplays so it's really hard to pick a favorite 😍 ❤
I've always liked Cammy more than Chun Li
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Juri was visibly shaken by what she told Chun-Li. Very few were even /allowed/ to know this in her inner circle, and here she--
Are you saying you wouldn't go for Chun-Li? Cuz those thighs are delicious!
the way chun li says kung fu is off the charts I don't know why
Then again I could also try to be Chun Li her outfit was cute af
Probably idk. lol I was just, someone sent me a picture of chun-li and forever ago there was this series of 5 second reviews
ha same. Keep catering to your true demographic, Capcom. ;P But always admired Chun-li & Rose too
OK, so Ladybeard's legs are actually better than mine. The Chun-Li cosplay was awesome
Maybe I don't have to worry after all. There aren't even any good Sheik textures here! I got one of Chun-Li and one recolor but that's it.
lol no! Cammy chun li rose c viper ibuki makoto elena are some of the best females ever! The new sf girl Laura...
Lol, Chun-Li still has DOA mode toggled on in the Gief build
Chun-Li is usually handled pretty well, thankfully!
Chun Li's got all sortsa problems but also Chun Li is awesome
I liked a video from Street Fighter Alpha - How to fight Akuma - Chun-Li Vs. Akuma
uh ok did nobody notice Chun Li and Cammy?
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I wanna play some matches with Chun Li tonight in the SFV Beta...but I also don't want to lose.
good pokes like Chun Li but seems a bit more interesting than her. I'll definitely give her a shot
also i know that was you that made the Chun-Li post. Prepare to be btfo lol
Thats a thought. I never really liked Street Fighter. When i did play it, i always liked playing as Chun Li and i mained her
why won't this one blow up like Chun Li
Yeah the world test starts tonight though! And holy *** Chun Li is amazing again, I really will love learning her once more!
Laura Bailey didn't sound bad, sounded like an older Chun-Li. Kyle Hebert though… sounded more or less the same.
The only way it would work is if Vida Guerra was Chun Li.
Different people. They focused on Chun Li. It was terrible.
Hey, Here's some videos when you get to stream SF5 again:. Ryu - Chun-Li -
There probably aren't many prouder moments than when Chun-Li plays your video game.
Then I told her "no, there are a few that don't dress like that. Chun-Li..." *long pause* "May, Baiken, Millia" *long pause*
Thanks for putting R.Mika in SFV , I'm buying 3 copies and the Chun LI arcade stick on launch. Pics day 1:)
Chun Li says come hang out. Pick up some new friends. Maybe listen to records with us. Kick off the…
I liked a video from Ultra Street Fighter 4 Chun-Li VS Yang(MkeBx02)
Yes. I was just reading a comic where Ken, Ryu and Chun-Li team up with Sonic and Megaman to stop Sigma. Archie Comics does go…
Photography Digest by Alan Chun is out! Stories via
Chun-li is now available for adoption! This female Domestic Short Hair is 2mths old. Learn more at
I tried main'ing Chun Li, but she got weirdly lame around Street Fighter 3 :(
me and tabatha were watching the vega/chun li fight from the Street Fighter movie a few days back and we were GETTING SO INTO…
That Chun-Li/Vega fight scene was strangely hot & disturbing at the same time. Loved that movie.
Oh god the character voices here are in English and they're terribe, chun li especoally
Chun Li: Chun Li working on her tan.Open for pin-up commissions (SFW or NSFW): ...
Check out my Chun-Li combo video for SFV! Go to my page and go to my YouTube page. Please share and…
I need to draw Chun-Li for a commission and I hope I can get her legs looking thicc enough...
my legs are actually fairly meaty, I have Chun-Li thighs tbh
during my time in the beta I actually only fought one Nash. Also only 1 bison. The rest were Ryu or Chun li
The hair in Street Fighter V bothers me more than Chun Li's stupid balloon ***
Captain's Log: Remember that time Kristen Kreuk was cast as Chun-Li..? HILARIOUS!
I added a video to a playlist USFIV V-AIZEN (M.Bison) vs clarinetwitch (Chun-Li) casual match
Street Fighter V combo guide videos for Chun-Li and Ryu. More soon. .
Street Fighter V pre-purchased and ready for the beta. Only heard awesome things about the bae Chun-Li
((Redheaded Ginger femboy with a big booty and Chun-Li thighs, fanservice much?
. ((Redd is a ginger teenaged femboy with a gray tank top and cut-off denim shorts. He got dem Chun-Li Thunder thighs tho…
Charlie, A Twinkie, Chun Li boots, Jason David Frank and that Video of you drunk singing 😭
Will was kicking game like Chun Li, Bruce and Jet in this song. Swish.
If Murray was from Street Fighter he'd just about make it as Chun Li.
>Wu already screeching about Chun Li's boob jiggle. on cue
Yeah, I really don't see anything wrong with Chun Li's boobs in that picture. What's Wu's issue? That's what big ones look like hiked up.
There goes Wu, realizing she didn't pay enough to be as well-endowed as Chun Li & those of us like her. >_>
Constance Wu dressed up as Chun Li on the season finale of is perf.
Is Constance Wu dressed like Chun Li? I'm in love.
Constance Wu in a Chun Li outfit... I don't think I can handle this...
but anyways I miss you and Henry Vallarta did my album for Jill Scott Tyler Perry and the Late Whitney Houston for Chun Li film
Just realized that the girl who played Chun Li in the Street Fighter movie is in Agents of Shield
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..I guess your good after all Chun-li, listen, really if you ever need the help, I won't mind giving you a hand
Being the younger of two brothers, I've definitely become accustomed to being player But I always picked Chun Li and not Ken :p.
Don't cry Ryu. I know Ken embarrassed you in front of Chun Li, but you don't have to cry about it. 😂
Would you be able to choke someone with ya legs — Probably. I got dem Chun Li legs. Thighs for days!
Annoyed that Street Fighter never got an actual good movie. The one with Van Damme was ok but the "sequel" about Chun-Li...
One of my favorite Street Fighter cosplayer's cosplaying as that sexy Alpha Chun-Li ☺️😍
yall better go listen to that Chun Li
I liked a video from Marvel VS Capcom Chun-Li,Morrigan Playthrough HD
Just got off work about to go home and fade up my life style. Kick it like chun-Li wit a ratchet
The fact that Tray calls me 'Su-Yung' calls my sister 'Chun-Li' and calls ViVi 'Sakura'. Too presh. 😂😂
My skills include: Really good with Chun-li and Lili on SFxT. Nothing much. yeah. 7
Li Chun is married. Thats awesome. congratulations to her!
Remember Chun Li from Street Fighter? THIS is what she looks like now! Feel old yet?
Streetfighter Chun li and Cammy cosplay sex
The nail ladies tread lightly... It's nothing to fade you with half of my full set done, Chun-Li
//SF4 worked only for the guys, it made the girls look sooo beefy lol, chun-li especially XD
Well that's enough football for today,time to go watch "Crossbones"
go kick some cars and become chun li again. Idk you rn
//Mai could match chun-li, I like em both so I never really picked a fav to win, but they are even in my book
I hope they'll show Chun Li, Dan, Gen, Sakura, Dhalsim, Bison, Zangief, Adon idk the whole characters on the next movie
//I hate it too. I hate the mean comments about Mai and stuff. Just because Chun-Li is the strongest women in the world-
Drake wanna be a basketball wife so bad
lol you can never be ready for Arrow too vigilant and has too much experience we know our surrounding
lol I knew you where going to be the first one to like that photo of Chun Li
I'm climbing! I'm lurking in the shadows like the Arrow we shall strike soon enough
I apologise to my wife, family and friends and my manager, team-mates and Arsenal fans.
lol by Sunday I'll be holding that Champions League spot,just need De Gea to flop
Lol almost bought Austin,he must score.
BTW if you like Street Fighter watch City Hunter w/Jackie Chan. He cosplays as Chun Li.
eish I'm not sure I'm waiting for the game to end so I check,watch the space my player just scored.
SANNCHEZ!!! eish you could have had two goals by now,come on more...more...MORE!!
Eyes lookin like chi ching chong, bass kickin like Chow Yun Fat. Make Money do a Chun Li flip.
I forgot Michael Clark Duncan was Balrog in "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" He really is great.
I do feel like this battle may have been an olive branch to fans of DC comics or Batman specifically-- but I also believe the result is legit. It's more the fixture than the outcome that's pro-DC. You could just as well say the Mai vs. Chun Li fight was compensation for the fact that the bustier woman loses in every female death battle other than that one. It's a token. Also: can I get a vote for Dr. Manhattan vs. Dr. Who? Both are guardians of humanity detached from the human condition by altered perceptions of time and morality, who cannot be permanently killed by any known means. Dr. Manhattan has the power advantage, but despite his enhanced awareness of time, is still bound by it, whereas Dr. Who can actually move around and perhaps attack Dr. Manhattan's very origins. Of course, that's if the TARDIS isn't vaporized first.
Brown just Chun Li'ed that punter with no worries at all lol 😂😂
Okay, so before Ultra Street Fighter 4, my mains were Gen, Gouken and Chun Li. 'cause old men and thighs are awesome.
Have completed the entire "But for me, it was Tuesday" scene as photoshop actions. Including Chun Li's line. Now for the rest of the movie.
Chun-Li: I am the strongest woman in this or any world!
Stuck between a mermaid or chun li.
It's a good thing we only have one remote or I'll serve something serious in Street Fighter
Somehow Chris Klein's Charlie Nash is even better in context than in Youtube clips. Basically the only highlight of LEGEND OF CHUN-LI.
from braggadino with repostapp. ---. 3 hours of Street Fighter and I was reminded why Chun-Li…
Oh, all I've seen from him recently is Chun Li. And I heard he was gonna switch to her full time for Ultra
Photoset: beben-eleben: Chun-Li putting the smack down on white people
Ya'll ever use those condoms that come in the Japanese box with Ryu smashing Chun-Li?
"I like ur rhythm. But I dance to the beat of my own drum" - Chun Li 😂😂😂
Chun-Li could never get justice for a Street Fighter movie. Her frame is too perfect. No action actress could pull it off.
Need to start jogging again, and cut down on my junk food , kweeek maroda , kwaske kwathanda ukubanzima☹
My pants are tight yaz ☹ and this is bothering me .. Cz they sure as *** didn't shrink overnight ☹
Lol ukhete ukuyi chita kalok "lol, you don't understand, I needed this plate ☹ , but ndzofane ndizenze k…
Im pretty sure this girl just said her name was Chun Li.
No matter what I do, can't seem to get my hair to look like Akuma's. Occasionally I can Ryu, it's just so Chun-Li.
Chun Li's spinning bird kick by Arctic Monkeys
my all-time fave SF characters are Ken, Guile, Yang, Chun-Li and Dudley. BTW Evil Ryu is maybe in USFIV.
Legend of Chun Li. so much pretty in one movie
Huh. The game has been out for years and I never knew Chun-Li was in it. Do you select her like Akuma in SF2?
Master Randy Li, a 2nd generation disciple of Ip Man Ving Tsun/Wing Chun, is set to host a workshop and seminar...
Your online opponent is Mexican if: 1) They use Ryu 2) They use a team you've never seen 3) They use the secret character Chun-li
heard you kick walls down, Chun Li.
Lol no rules to follow in my own home but my own Lol but hey I'm about to take a test I'll hit you soon
oh goodness I remember those days Lol. But I like my adult life better
I remember when u were a teen. Now u can drink lol
Lol I kno. I've grown up about since then thou
Lol least it will give us a chance to catch up Lol
Lol I have to have them come. I always have am awesome time when I'm with them
Lol yup demario, his friend Kris, an my bf bryon
I'm going to drag my body guards to lol
Chun Li's catchin 1 asswhoopin after another tonight...
If anyone still wants the Chun Li shirt and missed out - if we get 15 reservations then we can reopen it -
Guile when he first meets Chun-li: Move your cute little butt before I run it over SF Anime
i think they could have found a better Chun Li. this chick don't really fit the part
***NEW Chun Li Cosplay real life gameplay fight Show performance in Germany 2010 for Street Fighter X Tekken. Yoshinori Ono and Seth Killian was there.
I dont practice and its bene months since i dree but heres my 30 mins chun li Street Fighter doodle. No eraser used except for highlights
this happen her: OMG you (points at me) ,,uhmm youre probably cosplaying CHUN LI ?? me: (nosebleed) uhh hindi Meilin LI po . her: yeah Li??? chun LI ?? me: nope meiLin Li from card captor sakura :) her: ahh yeah wathever *then take picture* 2 times ako napag kamalang Chun li aba naman xDD ^oyasuminasaii
Worst 3 movies ever made. 1. Dragon ball 2. Avatar last air bender 3. Street Fighter the legend of Chun li Like my status if you agree
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I've almost missed it, but May the 4th be with you! Star Wars Day! Yeah! I've come to the conclusion that I'm going to have to retire my "Heroes Shelf". So, Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and our two favorite droids are going to have to join Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Cammy, Chun Li, Scooby-Doo and Scrappy, Kim Possible, and the rest in storage for the time being.
I've had a crush on Chun Li ever since I played as her in Street Fighter 2 on my Sega Genesis.
Congratulations to for winning our Chun Li inspired Street Fighter T-shirt! DM Me your address!
U-Uh.. well, I've seen you before. You're Chun-Li.~
Watch the REAL LIFE Zip Chun Li dropping those KICKS on stage!
I've been "beta testing" that ever since I saw Chun Li in Street Fighter 2.
Chumlee? More like Chun Li," Rick murmured, eyeing his coworker's meaty hams.
our 1st round 3 show is on 1/24. Chun li costume contest for the guys. E. Honda costume contest for the ladies
Ultra Street Fighter 4 Chun-Li and Vega high quality statues by Tsume to be ...
This dude is insane ! See what he did with ken ..countered Chun-li's Lighting Kick .wow!
Zombor must be the reanimated bones of Chun Li. Dem beefy fumurs~ :O
was the first person to call me Chun Li
Vega, Chun Li figurines ready for pre-order from Tsume-Art: Ultra Street Fighter 4 will stoke the flames of r...
TBH I thought Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li will be dope, but it's not all that tho :/
my favorite tekken characters: Dragonov and King; Favorite Street Fighter characters: Vega, Balrog, Chun Li, and Zangief
Buy chattime oy o pong back home ke free 30% Chun Li Ngov ^^ ok hea na ???
2013 Year in Review: I started this page on Nov 20th of 2012, but technically things wouldn't get into full swing until 2013. I never imagined really that I would ever start a page but the 5000 friend cap and the need to separate work from my hobby fueled the page and so come Jan 2013 I had a page. I didn't have expectations on what the page would become. I set it up for Community, to share creativity and my love of being a geek. As a result, the year of 2013 has been nothing short of epic. As a result of the page I have met so many new people and made many new friends. I think that's the very best part of having the page really is the opportunity to meet people. I had the pleasure of going to my normal conventions which included WonderCon, San Diego Comic-Con International, Dragon Con, FanimeCon as well as had the pleasure of being a guest at Big Wow! ComicFest and Comikaze Expo When it comes to costumes I wore I think 12 costumes over the year, but I tend to be a less is more kind of person and don't ma ...
Merry Xmas to all the SFxTK Fans from around the world ,(chun li cosplay by keidashu)
Photoset: noise-wave: troubledhead: watching Street Fighter Ming Na Wen is the best Chun Li
These chopsticks look like Bruce Lee and Chun Li :))
I had a Pulp Fiction- Vincent Vega/Mia Wallace at Jack Rabbit Slims moment last night. We were waiting for Creepy Creeps to go on and my friend says "I really like that Sailor Moon costume" I look over in the direction she's pointing and I say "That isn't sailor moon, that's Chun Li" And I turn the other way and instantly see a Sailor moon walking into the crowd and say "That's Sailor Moon" It was kind of cool.
hi hats moving like Chun Li's legs. snare fills that sound like Liu Kang's bicycle kick looks
Chun Li, Ryu and Charice Pempengco in our Body Combat class today. Haya!!!
Photo: comicbookwomen: Alvin Lee kicks off Chun Li action.
robin shou as Liu Kang and as Gen in the Chun Li movie.
Yeah... after this episode, I'm gonna watch the Legend of Chun Li... just Moon Bloodgood lol xD
Whats a guy supposed to do if a girl is going Chun Li on him?
Rodney finished 5th with Chun Li at South East Majors 2012
Umm Ricky used Chun-Li vs Vangief at in top 8 because Rufus is a bad match vs Zangief
Chun Li is half Chinese and half European I believe. Ryu is Japanese. Ken is also Japanese, (
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that is so cute, I should have known. I think I'm gonna cosplay as chun li
How about Vivi? Hes the best Chun-Li player pretty sure hes gotten Top 8.
Next year I will make Top 8 with Chun-Li
Oh man, it'll break your heart, but Justin was the one who lost that match, he was Chun Li. Daigo was the Ken.
Street Fighter, Chun-Li was my first crush, followed by Cammy then Sakura and then Ibuki.
Drawing Chun Li. AGAIN. I don't know why I love drawing her so much...?
Just seen a lady that looked like Chun Li, i almost froze
Brolylegs best chun Li player lol don't even use hands
We look forward to welcoming Zhao Chun Li to Henry Viscardi School tomorrow.
Preparing for tomorrow's visit by Zhao Chun Li to discuss initiatives in China for children with physical disabilities and their parents.
In case of TLDR, 4way is good for chargers, 8way is great for 360 move style characters: chun li vs zangief
The changes to Chun Li should be in your favor
I'm really excited for the Chun li buffs. I can still use juri to her full potential but I struggle with some match ups.
Yeah I used Juri at one point but no where near her full potential. By the way, Chun Li got hella buffs.
Lexy is not only an incredible Chun-Li cosplayer, but a long time Street Fighter player as well!
Kick out old school Street Fighter Chun Li
ctfffu see I don’t know they names. No it probably is chun li.
I have PAK Chun-Li and Cammy and they look okay if you don't bend their knees whatsoever
Hey, Miss Chun Li, I'd like to see your booty
wouldn't be the first man to dress as Chun-Li. Here's Jackie Chan doing the same thing...
Could Chun-Li get the dark hadou if she sleeps with Ryu?
Dat Chun Li back+HP is too godlike. I can go to sleep and still win the match
I pull yo bxtch she tryna kick it fast as Chun Li .
I have thighs like Chun li. It's ridiculous.
"Chun Li and her signature lightning move!...oh wait...
awww. Lana Lang no good as Chun Li either? So Road Trip remains her best film role?
I'll be cosplaying as Chun Li (Street Fighter Alpha Version) with NYC Assassin & Scarlet Stepford at this event next Tuesday. Gotta stay comfortable and be able to do some real kicks! ;) Hope to see a few of you guys at this event! :)
Shirley Vs. The Squirrels and Chun LI to be performed at The Factory's 2013 season. Details below _ Join us for The Factory’s 2013 season! We’ll be up on Fridays and Saturdays from June 21 to July 27, and we want to see you there! Enter through the main doors to the Loewe on 68th street between Lexington and Park avenues, and come prepared for original plays, new music, dance, comedy, and more! The schedule is as follows: Fiday 6/21 @ 8 pm Hosted by stand-up James Smith The new play In the Moment by Charlie Biscotto Excerpts from a one-woman show by Audra Hans Tremain The improvised one-act play GUS Saturday 6/22 @ 7:30 pm Special guest host Chun Li by Camilla Maxwell A spoken word piece by Janesha Huertas Shirley vs. The Squirrels by Camilla Maxwell Excerpts from the new musical Bending All the Rules. The new play The Return by Bryon Azoulay Stand-up from Mark Hassenfratz A reading from our work-in-development series, surprise. by Devin James Heater and Jonathan Harper Schlieman. Doors open a half ** ...
What's your top 3 women in gaming? Why? Mine are: 1. Lara Croft (I grew up playing all the tomb raider and well she's pretty badass) 2. Cortana (Halo was the first fps that I ever got into and Cortana, I always looked up to her.) 3. This is a tie between Chun Li and Aerith (Chun li because she is a strong independant woman and she birthed my love for fighting games and Aerith because Final Fantasy 7 was my first rpg, I still have my original black label copy and she was so strong with literally the weight of the world on her shoulders and she could still smile)
Random thoughts:before bed- I just now realized that Alucard is Dracula backwards... After about maybe 9 years of watching and liking, it just dawned on me. Whoops. Also, I don't like any of that Ya Ya Han girls cosplay except for her Jessica Rabbit. I think she should stick to characters like that. The fact that when she did Chun Li, I had to read the description to figure out what she even was, does not say cosplay to me. If you want to do a fem version of a character or make it different, fine. But don't go for basically lingerie in roughly the same colors and call it cosplay. I don't like Jessica Nigri either. I respect her hard work she puts into a few of her costumes, but overall, I haven't been impressed with anything yet. People drool over her, but every time I look at her cosplays, I can't help but think things like, "There's no way an assassin would show that much cleavage.. their legs don't need to be exposed like that.." Making a sexy cosplay is their decision, but I think it should also have ...
Ok for my Arch Rivals Race should I go as Chun Li (hero) or as Bellatrix Lestrange (villain)?
Reaching out to friends for ideas on videogame characters to include in my next sleeve. Theme is game characters from my childhood. So far I've got: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Link, Samus, Earthworm Jim, Ryu, Chun Li, Mega Man, Guybrush Threepwood, Chrono, Marle, DonkeyKong, BattleToads, Kirby, Lemmings, Ness Who am I missing?
Na, you're the funny American guy who breaks bricks over his head that Chun Li kills in the middle.
Oh man, Chris Klein was in a totally different movie than everyone else in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li
I know you would make an awesome Chun Li, a bad *** Jill Valentine, and if we want to get creative...Your Everyday Work Look.
Nipsey Hu$$le's verse on Chun Li is too catchy
chun li is my new everyone can call me chun, chun li, or li. I'd prefer if you do so
According to this my parents are Strider Hiryu, and Chun LI
I refuse to be with someone I have to argue with everyday.
swear i be like chun li got a cornbread booty lmao I'm trying to get me one
S/o to my all nite bodyguard marcus thou. Kept the weird ppl i didnt want near me away lol
I'd probably wear my blue Chun - Li shirt at the athletics carnival ;)
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