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Chulalongkorn University

Chulalongkorn University (commonly abbreviated as Chula ) is the oldest university under the Thai modern educational system, founded in 1917 by King Vajiravudh (Rama VI) who named it after his father, King Chulalongkorn (Rama V).

Meeting University, Bangkok with Prof Kiat Ruxrungtham VP research and Innovation and…
【 Lunch Meeting with Thai students】. We had a lunch meeting on 12/19 (Tue) with Chulalongkorn University students...
Chulalongkorn University in affiliation with University of Northern Colorado and faculty of Music, Silpakorn...
The Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok visited ICAIOS and PPISB Unsyiah for potential colla…
It was an honour to have Upendra Rao join Dr Ing, Chulalongkorn University, and present to all those who attended t…
Congratulations to winners ASEAN Data Science Explorers from schools!
We’re thrilled to be at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok today in support of the International Conference Commem…
My last day at Chulalongkorn University | One day in Bangkok via
A typical day at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand via
Speaking now as a panelist at the SEASIA 2017 Conference roundtable discussion on ‘Beyond Extremism in Southeast As…
Soft music, strong vocals - … tonight at Chulalongkorn University’s Music Hall with the much-loved Gabriele … b...
Fooling around with Dr.Ning & Dr.Nga of chulalongkorn university, Bangkok. After hosting…
Pleased to meet with scholars Leah Emmanuel and Cissy Shen who have just arrived in Bangkok to comm…
The THAIS should correctly separat a meaning of "Translator" and "Guide". Those who has an ability of knowing othe…
I’ll be giving a (my first ever academic) talk on the ethics of reproduction, “Happy to be born? How and why should…
I wish I'll have opportunity to become a student in a Chulalongkorn University. Just a hope so... 😖
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Hartlepool lose Plate semi-final in agonizing fashion, 21-19 to Chulalongkorn University of Thailand at Bangkok Int…
Congrats to students from University for winning of Young Financial Star Competition 2017…
Waking with Dr.Ning of Chulalongkorn university, after our Board of Commissioners Meeting. The…
Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, hosts the 2017 SEASIA Conference on 16, 17 Dec. Find out more
A quick recap of our workshop with earlier this week: Thanks to all our participants and guests!
Chulalongkorn University deputy rector resigns over alleged mismanagement of saving fund
Coming up today at Chulalongkorn University. Meet with Thai and international students for a time of fun and be...
your eyes're where i'm lost in 💞 @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Abt an abortion, ask VILANEE SUCHEVABORIPOL from Chulalongkorn University who hs ITS FATHER WORKS FOR THAI TOYOTA.…
I'm 4th years Veterinary student at Chulalongkorn University.
How can you keep him for too long, Chulalongkorn University?
6pm 2017-8-21 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
i was only seventeen back then. . time flies. @ Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University
Amb. Rogers enjoyed speaking to the MA Governance class at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. Thank you Prof. Patin…
Happy to receive the best scientific paper and presentation award on the conference conducted at Chulalongkorn Universit…
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Chulalongkorn University, together with the National Health Commission...
Let's join hands for in on Sunday, 18th June 2017 (6.30am) at Chulalongkorn University. Register:…
All participants of in on Sunday, 18th June @ Chulalongkorn University (6.30am) will get a...
That song we used to listen to together. @ CommDe Chulalongkorn University
in on Sunday, 18th June 2017 @ 6.30am, Chulalongkorn University. Register Now:…
His full name is Sarin Ronnakiat. He is studying at Chulalongkorn University,Faculty of architecture. He was born in 1995
Chulalongkorn University (CU) academics will brainstorm in a seminar on Wednesday Thai society’s keen interest in...
- long term friends - @ Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
2 Weeks to Go for the in Scheduled on Sunday 18th June, Chulalongkorn University Grounds. Registe…
[Blog] In which I talk about work and rant about Chulalongkorn university (Huh?)
Delicious food by Giftedcatering — feeling loved at Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Interim Director of Sasin pays respects to the statues of King Rama V and King Rama VI ...
10,000 people are expected to join the largest in Bangkok on 18th June @ Chulalongkorn University. Registe…
A great moment @ A Memorandum of Understanding btwn Chulalongkorn University & SEI…
3rd International Day of Yoga will be celebrated in Bangkok on 18 June, 2017 at Chulalongkorn University...
As if the sky says congrats to all allies. @ Chulalongkorn University
Come to see me once in a while .. (@ Chulalongkorn University in Pathum Wan, Bangkok)
Do you still also work with Chulalongkorn University? I loved my Masters placement year there and learnt…
15 founding members of the AUA with Chulalongkorn University President as the first AUA President
When you finally achieved 😇 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
The US-NAS and the College of Public Health Sciences, Chulalongkorn University Meeting on “One-Health Research...
Sports street in Chulalongkorn University . by via
The Thai Red Cross Society, in collaboration with medical workers and staff from the Chulalongkorn University’s...
The Faculty of Communication Arts is one of the 18 Faculties in Chulalongkorn University, located on Phayathai Road in the heart of Bangkok.
Amari and Chulalongkorn University raise awareness on e-waste disposal
Chulalongkorn University looks so nice i
Just posted a photo @ Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University
Lunch buffet by Giftedcatering — feeling hungry at Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Having lunch wh my beloved from university who take care of me since I…
Hi I am Nighat. We recently visited your department in Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand
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Walk into the Light: Chulalongkorn University opens 'Beautiful Death' class
Nope, Chulalongkorn is near to my hotel tho I can walk there any time. It's another university that I like 😛
I'm at Live & Learn by TOSHIBA, ENG3 Building, Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Celebrate the 100th anniversary of Chulalongkorn University in International Thai Cultur Camp 18 - 23 January 2017
I'll let them know! I'm sure they would love to have you in Chulalongkorn University with the other ASLE-ASEAN ecocritics. 😀
Sasin first time (@ Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University -
"How did you get into Chulalongkorn University at the age of 16?" 👏👏👏
Let the freshy night begin! (@ Chulalongkorn University Stadium in Pathum Wan, Bangkok)
I liked a video from Rabbi Abraham Cooper's Speech at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok
Thailand won Microsoft Imagine Cup World Game Champion. Bravo to PH21 team from Chulalongkorn University!
a freshman from Faculty of Communication Arts, Chulalongkorn University, to all supporters 💗🇹🇭
Three nurses of the hood 🏥🚑 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
unfortunate no But another Uni which has quite a history : Chulalongkorn University
The 2nd International Day of Yoga on Sunday, 26th June, 2016 at the Chulalongkorn University grounds at 0630...
Chulalongkorn University has taken the 45th place in a list of 350 top universities in Asia compiled by...
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Chulalongkorn ranked among top 50 Asian universities. CHULALONGKORN University has taken the ... Thailand News
Become a better me🎈 @ Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
University life has obviously changed me.. @ Chulalongkorn University
Chulalongkorn ranked in top 50 of best Asian universities: Chulalongkorn University has been ranked 45th in t...
halfway point passed! love you mom and dad 😁😁 @ Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
2nd International Day of Yoga on 26th June 2016 at Chulalongkorn University in
yellow. relationship with new friends @ Chulalongkorn University
Now this is what I call a great uni food court - still at Chulalongkorn University.
The front drive at Bangkok’s Chulalongkorn University makes for a grand entrance.
Self-plot, Job plot. 🕣 current time. ➡ on the way to Chulalongkorn University. .
- mwits x mdcu - @ Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Next change is certain, enjoy today. @ Central Library of Chulalongkorn University
writes about how is working with Sasin Graduate School of Chulalongkorn University |
Chulalongkorn University: Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. Thank you for the many precious memories you have given me. 🇹🇭…
The mega success of the 1st International Day of Yoga 2015. More than 7,000 souls had joined the event to benefit...
Found this little creature at the uni. @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
You are my comfort zone above the sky. I wanna fly up and over. @ Chulalongkorn University
"Saya sayang Malaysia" ❤️ Last words from Chulalongkorn University students before they headed back home ☺️
last day of undergrad class 😢 @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
The good spirits is being in home :-) — feeling loved at Faculty of Education Chulalongkorn University
Congratulations to sunnychot for the successful Senior Recital at Chulalongkorn University. Wish…
Light up my day @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Waiting for Ibu to meet LSPR Lecturers at Chulalongkorn University...
Students from Chulalongkorn University are the first to arrive here today 🎉
Even the lads from Chulalongkorn University are here 😉😎✨
Living on the edge of peace. Open wide being free. 👻 @ Chulalongkorn University
Don't make me wait just because you know I will. @ Chulalongkorn University
I liked a video AFKA short beatbox freestyle at Chulalongkorn University Bangkok Thailand 2015
3rd Thai-Indian Fun Fair Scheduled on Saturday, 13th Feb 2016 at Front Ground of Chulalongkorn University in...
The mindful way to Asean journalism: They gathered at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok this month to ...
DGE Nabil shares his expertise with students at the Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University, which just...
The librarians at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Arts were very helpful.
Just posted a photo @ Department of Imaging and Printing Technology Chulalongkorn University
Beauty attracts the eye but personality captures the heart 💜 @ Chulalongkorn University
She acts like summer and walks like rain 🎧 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
AYLTLC 2016 is proud to be supported by Chulalongkorn University (Thailand).
ANOVA: Complete random variable lecture by a sophomore from the Department of
We should look at reality, not dream~ @ Chulalongkorn University
Let it go, let it go. Turn my back and slam the door @ Chulalongkorn University
We will together. @ Faculty of nurse, Chulalongkorn University
'Chulalongkorn University' from the top view. So proud to study here both of Bachelor and Master Degree
In 2008, I was a Rotary Peace Fellow in Chulalongkorn University, visiting the campus yesterday,…
Just posted a photo @ Faculty of Law, Chulalongkorn University
Can great presentations change the world?I believe so, & I will speak at Chulalongkorn University to explain why
'every ending is the start of a beginning' @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
- make the best -. cr @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
I selected -. ig : boboath @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Love spending my time with you na ja ♡ @ Chulalongkorn University
Currently having Cha Yen snowflake in a cafe at Chulalongkorn University and replying some…
Just posted a photo @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
What is your favorite year of your life? — 2015 if my graduation ceremony was ourdoor like Chulalongkorn University…
About scholarship in Chulalongkorn University. What program is available ? . May Mr/Mrs help me or give information to me. Thanks
Architectural Therapy in partnership with RamaThipbodi Hospital and Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
Together is my favorite place to be.❤️ @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
BKK born and raise, wonderland bound. 🎈 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
ice cream parabola wo~ @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Sometimes you gotta care less to see if they will care more @ Chulalongkorn University
Sometimes we gotta look back and we'll clearly see things in another way. @ Chulalongkorn University
❝see out❞ -- WEIN @ Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University
heard anything about this? Seeing a column of smoke. Seen from Chulalongkorn University
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Education before safety. Unannounced canceled class. That's life? @ Chulalongkorn University
Chulalongkorn University will forever be part of my life. . Back in my Home University
[Official Announcement]. Tomorrow all classes at Chulalongkorn University will be operated as usual.
8:49PM Chulalongkorn University shuts down all university gates. more info.
Chulalongkorn University always claim itself as the best university in Thailand, but it still forces the students to wear uniform...
Baby and Crazy. Lastnight for final. General Psychology @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
WOOHOOO classes are over... only a week away until I'll be at CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY IN THAILAND YAAAS
Find out more about tomorrow's event on project website:
punch first, ask later. @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Press your body against me and never leave me alone🌛 @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
12.05.2015 unofficially graduated!!. Thanks for my 4-year-memory at Chulalongkorn University, thanks…
Pratima Kavi (Pratu). I am going to major in Pyschology at Chulalongkorn University (JIPP) program. My future goal...
You have a nice campus, Chulalongkorn 👍 @ Chulalongkorn University
Please come and join me today at 2 p.m. for my fifth lecture series, this time on Central Asia, at Chulalongkorn University.
Sight seeing around Chula, a view from pedestrian bridge.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Follow weoritu for something new and exciting!! . @ Chulalongkorn University
1st day of University Life @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
04:35 PM: A tree has collapsed on Phayathai road in front of Chulalongkorn University blocking traffic. (1/2)
Our second Global Talent exchange realization- Congrats to Miss Jutarat from Chulalongkorn University to be able...
Some count 1234, I count 5678 only dancer will know it. 👯👯 @ Chulalongkorn University
Linguistics at Chulalongkorn ranked in the 101-150 in QS World University Rankings by Subject 2015!!!
Rise and shine to find what need to be DONE @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
Working with medical faculty at Chulalongkorn University, BBDO Proximity Thailand produced a black ink made fr...
worm's eye view💕 @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Next dark tourism destination : Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, along with experts from the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn University...
when our eyes meet, my heart pounds ♡ @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Ku as a baby meerkat during the exam ka @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Just posted a photo @ Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University
It's late at night and I can't sleep @ Department of Geology Faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University
Update your maps at Navteq
there will be... what will be @ Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University
🚸The Unspeakable Yellow Sign . How long do i have to wait. @ Chulalongkorn University
And my friend's gonna sing for you ~ @ Mahit Bd. Chulalongkorn University
Oasis Spa Thailand supports the Faculty of Veterinary Science from Chulalongkorn University on the project...
Love all of you. @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
there are places I remember.. @ Faculty of Economics, Chulalongkorn University
Asian Engineering Student Network Camp 2015 to be held at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand from...
I think chulalongkorn university coz it's so hard to get in there. You have to be a very clever to study on that, what bout ya?
Indian Embassy Bangkok and Indian Council for Cultural Relations in collaboration with Chulalongkorn University's...
Corruption in Thailand, rankings from survey by Chulalongkorn University
Land Dept tops list of state agencies requesting most bribes, according to survey by Chulalongkorn University on 6,048 households Jan.-Feb.
Attending "Physic for Musician" private class 😊😊😊 @ Department of Physics , Chulalongkorn University
Indian Studies of Chulalongkorn University (ISC) (in collaboration with Embassy of India, Bangkok , Indian...
Chulalongkorn University, Rama IV Road, Buddhists, oooh what an awkward situation
Just posted a photo @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
All purpose parts banner
I'm all about the cake, no other. @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Today's clear blue sky is so fantastic. @ Chulalongkorn University
I'm still alive but I'm barely breathing.😧😱😳 @ Chulalongkorn University
workshop on typography with Chulalongkorn University's 2nd year graphic design students.
Crown Princess of Thailand has MA in Sanskrit & Pali from Chulalongkorn & Silpakorn University (both in Thailand)
This Is The Income Inequality Video CEOs Don’t Want Americans To See “If Michael Norton’s research is to be believed, Americans don’t have the faintest clue how severe economic inequality has become—and if they only knew, they’d be appalled. Consider the Harvard Business School professor’s new study examining public opinion about executive compensation, co-authored with the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok’s Sorapop Kiatpongsan. In the 1960s, the typical corporate chieftain in the U.S. earned 20 times as much as the average employee. Today, depending on whose estimate you choose, he makes anywhere from 272 to 354 times as much. According to the AFL-CIO, the average CEO takes home more than $12 million, while the average worker makes about $34,000. In their study, Norton and Kiatpongsan asked about 55,000 people around the globe, including 1,581 participants in the U.S., how much money they thought corporate CEOs made compared with unskilled factory workers."* The Young Turks host Cenk U ...
I would love to be a uni professor someday :)
Alone? Nope not at all. @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
have a good friday @ Residence of Chulalongkorn University
I have been leading a reading group on normativity for philosophy graduate students at Chulalongkorn University.
When you have friends from Univ. of Indonesia, NUS, Chulalongkorn, Mahidol, & Tokyo University? OMG. You feel stupid.
I'm now a teacher in mathematics because I graduated from faculty of science chulalongkorn university in Thailand
October girls are the best! ♡ @ Faculty of Dentistry, Chulalongkorn University
First mid-term in Thailand, time to smash it 👍👌💪
Advisor of NIA behind authentic Thai food robotic taster got PhD withdrawn for plagiarism.>
" Lion in the winter " | costume design | middle-ages | @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
We're been unhappy by 😭 @ Center of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University
Such a perfect day @ Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University
Check out chulalongkorn university. Can I study there?
Congrats to Team RSM for winning the Undergraduate Case Competition at Chulalongkorn University (Thailand)
THAILAND LOOKING TO INCREASE RECRUITMENT OF INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS BY AROUND 30-50% IN THE NEXT FEW YEARS WHICH IS TOP THIRD DESTINATION AFTER SINGAPORE AND MALAYSIA WITH 173 UNIVERSITIES HAVING 17000 INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS WITH MAXIMUM FROM CHINA LOAS MYANMAR AND VIETNAM According to academics, Thailand is among the top three education destinations in Asean after Singapore and Malaysia. The upcoming AEC is expected to boost the number of international students at both undergraduate and graduate levels by around 30-50% in the next few years. “The number of international students is likely to jump by 30% within five years. However, Thai universities need to continue enhancing their quality in English programmes, teaching staff and learning facilities,” said Piniti Ratananukul, deputy secretary-general of the Office of the Higher Education Commission. The number of international students in Thailand in 2012 stood at 17,000, down from 20,155 in 2011 and 20,309 in 2010. There are 173 universities in Thai ...
Chulalongkorn University will be hosting convocation ceremony for academic year 2013 during 3rd – 4th July 2014 at CU Sports Complex. HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn, on behalf of His Majesty the King, will attend the ceremony to present graduate certificates in the morning and afternoon session…
That are my Chulalongkorn University, Prince of Songkla University, part of my life, Hooray!!!
Initially, I needed to go to the temple, but it was closed and locked. So, my plan changed to walking along English bay again. It was very long walk. Can you imagine! It is like walking from Mochit to Chulalongkorn University! So tired at the end.
People (including 4th year students who want to study aboard or continue on RF, Microwave Fields) would like to attend the event below. Please contact me to reserve the seats asap. The iEducation team is very pleased to announce another important educational event organized by iEMAT; i.e., special lectures by a well-known professor, Prof. Prabhakar H. Pathak from the Ohio State University, USA during June 16-20, 2014 at Faculty of Engineering, Chulalongkorn University. Currently, Prof. Pathak is the chair of international advisory committee of iEMAT. You are cordially invited to attend this event. Please kindly visit the following website for details: Note that the event is free of charge. From the website, the event program and the venue map can be downloaded, including abstracts of lecturing EM topics. During June 17-20, 2014, a short course on "Introduction to Graduate level Electromagnetic Radiation and Scattering Analysis," will be offered specifically for graduate students. Thus, EM lecturers, who w ...
sky of yesterday ☁️☁️. @ Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University
Work done as a master degree thesis at Physics Department of Chulalongkorn University
can't wait for june 20th 2014, welcome Chulalongkorn University :),, hihhhi
My Faculty of Sports Science Chulalongkorn University will celebrate its 12th founding anniversary on Oct. 29, 2010
Congrats to the architects! 🎉🎉🎉 @ Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University featured in NBC s Science of Love
Time to go home after super long day — at Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University
I'm fine, i can get the university already " Chulalongkorn university " it's leading university in Thailand. :)))
Thailand Coup 2014 - Message to the World ~ It's a must-see clip for the world's concerned citizens including the US Government to watch, listen and understand why Thailand coup 2014 is not only inevitable but a most rational solution to approach a realistic way of true democracy, so to speak. Moreover, the coup itself can help prevent the Thaksin regime from brutalizing Thailand any further while giving way for Thais to reform their own country before the next general election takes place in a year or two.. ` (Dr. Thiravet P. ~ Chulalongkorn University) ~ The US is intervening in THAILAND domestic affairs An election does not necessarily equate a true democracy nor offer a solution when corrupt politicians come back to power. Falsely using the term ~ DEMOCRACY ~ to lure people to vote will only hurt them more ! Let the Thai people reform their systems & their country in their own way. Nobody votes for the US government to dictate other countries actions. Of course, we want the election & we have trust th ...
Lecturer from Thailand's top Chulalongkorn University records conversation with anti-coup taxi driver & hands him into the junta
If you have a GPA above 3.5 & looking for a PhD in nano science. There's an opportunity in chulalongkorn university, Thailand.DM for details
Soldiers have surrounded a Thai pro-government “Red Shirts” protest in Bangkok, following the army's declaration of martial law. The army has also ordered all protesters to remain peaceful and stay at their respective sites. Professor Thitinan Pongsudhirak at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok says that if the army chooses to take sides, it could bring more turmoil the country.
CU_VET RESEARCH Summer 2014 (Seminar Series) by Faculty of Veterinary Science, Chulalongkorn University on every 3rd Monday of the month at Conference room, the 60th Anniversary Veterinary Science Buiding . For more information, please call 02-218-9676.
Info Session on student exchange program at KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY - Delegates from KTH ROYAL INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY will visit Chulalongkorn University campus on Tuesday April 1, 2014. During 13.00-14.00 KTH staff will give a brief info session about the exchange program at KTH. Any ISE student who is interested to join the exchange program at this Europe’s top technical universities, please be invited to join the info session at room 116/3 Bldg.3.
Join with us ! ...Natural and Environmental Conservative club... in "wanna be a conservationist 1st camp" Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn University start on 22rd March - 28th March 2014 scout camp, Chiangmai province :D
DS for interpreter and travel partner for my internship in Thailand: I am an exchange Master Student in Chulalongkorn University from Hong Kong, and studying Social Sciences of Global Studies in Germany. In this summer, I’ll obtain some funding and cooperate with an NGO to collect and document about different stories of sustainability projects (both ideology and actual practice), envi-protection movements from both indigenous people, middle class, etc. Now I warmly invite an enthusiastic person to travel with me to be my Thai-Eng interpreter. During this project, we will visit different eco-villages, sustainable Ashram, meet with indigenous wise peoples in the forests, collect stories of environmental justice movements, and alike. If you are: - Ready for unexpected adventure (living in wild forest, for example). - Native speaker of Thai, Fluent in English (especially vocabulary of justice, sustainable, radical ideology topics). - Strong compassion about social and environmental issues. - Open-minded, no ...
For clear understanding, here is the information about the credit transfer: 1. Maximum number of credits to be transferred during 4 academic years: 12 credits 2. Maximum number of credits to be transferred/summer: 6 credits (2 subjects, 1 month) 3. Students get the credits but not the grades (A,B,C,D,F) from the transfer, only S/U (satisfied or unsatisfied). Having S in your transcript doesn't prevent you from graduating or receiving honors. 4. In order to get S, students need to score at least C or equivalent. 5. Students need to pay an enrollment of summer courses to Chulalongkorn University apart from tuition fees of courses in Spain. (ask BALAC office for the exact amount) 5. After the summer course, students are required to enroll in at least one Spanish subject so that they won't forget Spanish during the semester.
Bangkok by night..!! Gunfire, bombs rock Pathumwan..!! Protesters staying overnight at the Pathumwan and Ratchaprasong rally sites heard gunshots and explosions for over two hours last night. The sound was first heard shortly before midnight in four areas — Ratchaprasong, Pratunam, Pathumwan and near Chulalongkorn University. The situation improved around 2 am Wednesday. ** The Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) is asking provincial governors to restrict the movements of crowds as tensions in the capital escalate ** Isoc spokesman Banpot Pulpian said the agency was concerned by political attacks involving grenades and war weapons and fears that more confrontations between rival groups could cause the situation to spiral beyond authorities' control. Army chief Prayuth Chan-ocha, in his capacity as deputy Isoc chief, had asked for cooperation from all provincial governors to carry out a surveillance programme aimed at monitoring any attempts to instigate hatred among different political groups, C ...
But shooting last night was in Siam Square, Chulalongkorn University, around Police Hospital. These are not protest sites.
if i still was a student at Chulalongkorn university,what should i have done?
Today, February 24, 2014, Dr. Niran Hiransuthikul of the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, and Dr. Kriangsak Vacharanukulkiat, Director of the Rural Doctors Association, are issuing this statement on behalf of the Medical Volunteers Network to express repugnance at the violence directed at innocent members of the public in Trat province and near the protest stage at Rajprasong intersection in Bangkok. For the past four months peaceful, unarmed demonstrators representing a large cross-section of Thai society have been the target of unprovoked and increasingly frequent attacks by unidentified assailants. Guns, rifles and explosive devices have been used against them. While initially these attacks were carried out at night and aimed primarily at security personnel on the fringes of the protest camps, more recently the assaults have occurred at any hour of the day or night and taken place in the center of the protest sites. As a result, the victims of these attacks have been innocent, unarmed pro ...
Fighting corruption from the bottom: The case of Thailand Charas Suwanmala, Professor & Dean, Faculty of Political Science, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok The intention of this paper is to make some observations on civic movements in Thailand that are combating corruption. These include organizations in the mass media; social, religious and community organizations; labour unions; occupational solidarity groups; community organizations, and networks of international organizations. Most have multi-purpose missions, and anti-corruption is one goal among others. Where corruption takes place Corruption is a common phenomenon in Thai society. It can be wherever state-related transactions take place. The following are typical areas of corruption in Thailand: 1. Public policy process: so-called “policy corruption?and “political rent-seeking? 2. Revenue administration: including corruption in taxation, fines, fees and charges, public loans, financing investment projects, asset management, etc. 3. Expenditur ...
Chatchawarn ATTHAKIJKOSOL graduated from Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Education, major in Music). He worked at ‘Music Campus for General Public, College of Music, Mahidol University’ as board of musical policy before going to study at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, France. With his music and interpretation, Chatchawarn has been considered from his Professors as a very outstanding flutist. He is currently a flute professor at SrinakarinWirot University (SWU). He also teaches at EQ Excellent Center and at his private studio. “Sonorité lumineuse, excellente technique, riche sensibilité...” (Spotlight sonority sound, excellent technique, rich of sensibility…) Philippe LESGOURGUES – Flute Professor at ENMP and at National Conservatoire of St Maur des Fossés. “Grandes qualités musicales, instrumentales...un vrai talent” (Grand quality of music and technique…a real talented) Devy ERLIH – Violin and Chamber Music Professor at ENMP, Honorary Professor of Paris National Conservat ...
SCHOLARSHIPS ON DEVELOPMENT STUDIES, YEAR 2014 The ‘Consortium of Development Studies in Southeast Asia’ (CDSSEA) is pleased to announce its offer of master’s scholarships for the 2014 academic year to successful applicants from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam and Thailand. The CDSSEA program, which is comprised of the three leading development studies programs in Thailand, namely the MA in International Development Studies (MAIDS) at Chulalongkorn University, the M.Sc. in Gender and Development Studies (MGDS) at the Asian Institute of Technology and the MA in Social Science (Development Studies) (MASS) at Chiang Mai University, has been established with the aim of building leadership skills related to development studies among young and mid-career researchers in Southeast Asia - to strengthen the level of knowledge in the region regarding the regionalization of development and regional connectivity, in line with the emergence of the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). Under CDSSEA, we offer scholarshi ...
Festival, watercolor at faculty of engineering, Chulalongkorn university
To All Students of IBI Darmajaya. Grab this chance to get scholarship from Chulalongkorn University, Thailand. Chulalongkorn University offers a one-semester exchange student scholarship to four students of the ASEAN Community. Scholarship includes : Tuition 86.000 Baht, Expenses 50.000 Baht. Application period : February 3rd - March 31st, 2014. For further information and application, please come to International Office.
I'll be at Chulalongkorn University for one semester's exchange from August to December/January! Planning now.. :)
Today is the final presentation day. Teams will be presenting their 24-hour research based case today at the Hilton Bonaventure. Good luck to all the participants! If you would like to watch the presentations, here are the times corresponding to all the universities participating: Presentation time: 8:20 AM Fontaine C – Chulalongkorn University Fontaine D – Salisbury University Fontaine E – Carleton University Fontaine F – McMaster University Fontaine G – University of Navarra Fontaine H – QUT Presentation time: 9:10 AM FONTAINE C – NUS FONTAINE D – CUHK FONTAINE E – University of Florida FONTAINE F – Dublin Institute of Technology FONTAINE G – University of South Carolina FONTAINE H – BI Norwegian Presentation time: 10:00 AM FONTAINE C – Concordia University FONTAINE D – HEC Montreal FONTAINE E – Aalto University FONTAINE F – Georgetown University FONTAINE G – University of Edinburgh FONTAINE H – Wilfrid Laurier University Presentation time: 10:50 AM FONTAINE C – Uni ...
"your safety - our safety seminar" on Centrifuge , CO2 Incubator and Biological safety cabinet at Chulalongkorn University
Proud to be a current senior law university student of Chulalongkorn. @ Chulalongkorn University
OMG . Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency is tomorrow ! I haven't prepare yet. Good Luck ... all ... :)
Thanks for being with me 🙆💕 yerf yerf ~ @ Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University
Photo: One fine day 🌸 (at Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University)
One fine day 🌸 @ Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University
Who can help me with travel planning: How long it takes from BTS skytrain Bangkok to Chulalongkorn University, as I have to catch a shuttle bus to Mahidol University before 7am for a surgery workshop that will start at 8.30am. thanks!
Such a busy month ... but at least this week ends up with very nice day at Chulalongkorn University. Everything is just ... peaceful
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CU Symphony Orchestra polo shirts are for sale. Proceeds go toward Chulalongkorn University Concert Choir's participation in a choral competition, Venezia in Musica 2014. :) Description: Black, embroidered on front, print on back, regular fit, unisex. Size: Chest 36" (Small), 38" (Medium). 40" (Large), 42" (X-Large), 44" (XX-Large), 46" XXX-Large (Men should order one size larger than your regular size as the sizes are based largely on women's sizes.) Price: 399 Baht each To buy: Mail orders 1. Send an email with your inquiry to cusymphony Please include you name, phone number, mailing address for our registered shipment, size, and the number of shirt(s) in the order. *Orders can not be exchanged and are not refundable, sorry* 2. We will confirm the order and inform you our bank account number for money transfer. 3. Please transfer your payment to the account and email a picture of transfer receipt. We will ship the shirts to you immediately.
SHYNZ PRODUCTIONS is proud to be invited as lecturer and instructor for The 12th International Thai Culture Camp, CU Asean Performing Arts 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand. A big thank you to Chulalongkorn University and Miss Paphutsorn Koong Wongratanapitak for your kind support and invitation. SHYNZ PRODUCTIONS is honored to be a part of the cultural camp and is grateful for the opportunity to share our passion and knowledge towards Middle Eastern arts.
Marta from LS joined the Asteriscolab team for a meeting with the MBA students of Sasin Graduate Institute of Chulalongkorn University. Very interesting!
To all our friends in Thailand: IÉSEG's Associate Dean - International, Stephen Murdoch, will be visiting Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok next week on Feb. 25 and will give a presentation to students. Stop by to say hi, and spread the word to friends interested in the Summer Academies!
Glad to know that my paper was selected for Social Science Journal of Chulalongkorn University
Time to back KhonKaen after completed an academic council conference at Chulalongkorn University and following the curriculums package of NEU at the Office of Higher Education Commission.
Mr. Peter Schikarski and Mr. Robin Fischer from HAEFELY presented Partial discharge testing on underground cable at chulalongkorn university
information about Ph.D. scholarship to study aboard from Chulalongkorn University.
Light and Space Contemporary nominated the following artists to participate in RADIATION: Art and *** Ideas from Bangkok and Manila, Un-Compared: Jason Tecson. Joseph Tecson. Julius Redillas. Jigger Cruz. Patrick Cruz. Dave Lock. Cos Zicarelli. Other artists in the show are Dennis Balk. Jon Cuyson. Tada Hengsapkul . Amornthep Jaidee . Robert Langenegger . Lui Medina . Jet Melencio . Piyarat Piyapongwiwat . Nigel Power . Michael Shaowanasai . Maitree Siriboon . Jakkai Siributr . Henry Tan . TRASHER BANGKOK . Trek Valdizno . .Special Guests: Richard Hawkins . Việt Lê . *** Tam. The show is curated by Brian Curtin and was held at the Art Center, Office of Academic Resources, Chulalongkorn University, On display from February 14 – April 5, 2014. RADIATION explores ideas, and possibilities, of *** as they can echo and translate across national boundaries, be it in derogatory or affirmative ways. Acknowledging overlapping histories, contextual antagonisms and potential futures bet .. ...
Today at Rc.Bangkok Pattankarn Speaker Carolina Sheinfeld from Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles Peace Fellow from Rotary Peace Center at Chulalongkorn University class 16th
If you are in Bangkok or willing to travel to Bangkok there is an international Symposium on teaching, learning and teacher education in Singapore, Finland and Thailand to be held in Chulalongkorn University, 8th-9th April, 2014. Professor Jyrki Lima and academics from Thailand will be organizing this symposium with speakers from Singapore, Finland, Thailand and the region. There is no registration fee. Please email jyrki.loimato register. Jyrki Loima is Visiting Prof., Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok,Thailand and Leading Principal, Adjunct Prof., Viikki Teacher Training School, University of Helsinki, Finland.
Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, Chulalongkorn University Chula Global Network, Asian Public Intellectual Fellowships Towards Ecological Recovery and Regional Alliance, Foundation for Ecological Recovery and International Rivers Present A Regional Public Forum "The Don Sahong Dam in Lao PDR: Perspectives from Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam" Wednesday, 19 February 2014 8.30-16.30 Room 105 at Maha Chulalongkorn Building Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok About the Forum The 260-MW Don Sahong Dam, if built, will be the second dam on the lower Mekong mainstream. Starting in September 2013 when Lao PDR notified its neighboring countries of Don Sahong Hydropower Project, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam have been voicing their concerns on the destructive impacts of the project on Mekong fish and large numbers of Mekong communities. Regardless, the project is likely to move forward with Mega First Corporation Berhad of Malaysia being the project developer in charge. This forum aims to reflect concerns and to ...
"Today there are 2.8 million girls in prostitution in Thailand. 800,000 are children." -Chulalongkorn University
Author: Thitinan Pongsudhirak, Chulalongkorn University Thailand went ahead with the polls on 2 February despite a boycott by the opposition...
Documentation of International Nursing Seminar "Nursing Preparation Toward Asean Economic Community 2015; perspectives and Challanges" organized by Indonesian student associaion in Thailand collaborate with Faculty of nursing Chulalongkorn University and supporting by Indonesia Embassy
Today is the first time in my life, I am an "economist and business developer", but I have discussed abut "Nursing act, the problems and opportunities in the FUTURE : toward AEC 2015" with the great team... Thank you, my team Mr. Vu Van Dan - Vietnam Mrs. Iva Mrs. Loriza Sativa Yan Mrs. Dian Octavia Mr. Delly Arfa Mr. Yoski Tan All Atjarn and several name in Chulalongkorn University that I cannt remember today. Thanks for sharing with me,
Meach Sovannara & Khmer Monks have meeting about discussion publice forum to make more idea & opinion what is going on we are working together for saving our Motherland through knowledge. All of the months who have been studying as like BS,BA, MD,and PHD at Chulalongkorn University in Thailand on Feb 15,2014.
Introduction: Since the popular uprising of 14 October 1973, which overthrew the military regime of Thanom Kittikachorn and Praphat Jarusathien, Thai society has undergone various changes. Civilian groups, such as the political parties, student, intellectual, media, non-governmental organizations, peasant and labor movements, have been allowed to participate in various aspects of Thai politics. Though democratic development was sporadically interrupted by attempts to restore military rule through several coups, the spirit of the 14 October revolution has continued to develop. The country has become more pluralistic with the growing influence of the business elite and of integration into the world economy. Two decades after the October 14 revolution, further civilian challenges to military interference in politics significantly contributed to the decline of the Thai military’s power. Thai society has become a more open society than it was before 1973. It may be said that nowadays political ideas such as ...
CU Will Resume Normal Operations on 20 January 2014. Chulalongkorn University will resume normal...
Kamnan trying his hand at a modified darts game at the Chulalongkorn University activities tent at Pathumwan.
After an intense competition, the CHULALONGKORN UNIVERSITY has been adjudged the winners of 2013-14 CFA Institute...
And here is the second presentation: IECHULA from Chulalongkorn University!
Dr. Ryuen Hiramatsu is lecturer at Chulalongkorn University; cosmetics psychologist; romantic psychologist.
Both sides trade accusations over blast in BKK, nr Chulalongkorn University
OMG There IS a Chulalongkorn University! Did you really know that name?
Blast wounds 28 anti-government protesters in Thai capital BANGKOK (Reuters) - An explosive device wounded 28 anti-government protesters in the Thai capital on Friday and other violence was reported after several days of relative calm when the movement appeared to be running out of steam. Police said the device was thrown at protesters marching with their leader, Suthep Thaugsuban, near Chulalongkorn University in the city center and the estimate of the number of injured came from the Erawan Medical Center, which monitors Bangkok hospitals.
.Charoenphol intersection, not far from Chulalongkorn University. ht
Bangkok Shutdown : Day 5 : SPECIAL REPORT PDRC spending more than Bt10 million a day (Updated: Friday, 17th January 2014) BANGKOK, THAILAND -- In order to be successful, a political rally does not just need a large number of demonstrators but also sufficient funds. Since the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) launched its "Bangkok shutdown" campaign on Monday, it has been spending more than Bt10 million daily to maintain its eight new rally sites - double the amount it was spending when the protest was confined to the Democracy Monument, PDRC spokesperson Akanat Promphan said. Now, in order to cover the rising costs of a rally that does not look like it will end soon, some protest leaders have even had to sell their properties. According to a PDRC source, protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban has already sold some of his land in the South. In fact, Suthep himself said he had sold a plot in Samui for Bt25 million when he kicked off the protest with the first rally at Samsen train station. Reports said ...
BANGKOK — Thailand’s political protests have been marked by vague demands for government reform. Economists also say the country’s future growth depends on passing significant political and institutional reforms, but neither the ruling party, nor the opposition are likely to implement them. Thailand has enjoyed a remarkable economic rise in recent decades largely from free-trade policies and foreign investment that used the country’s cheap labor to build products for export. In 1988, more than 40 percent of the population lived below the national poverty line. By 2010, that had fallen to less than 8 percent. This growth led to dramatic political changes in rural Thailand, as wealthier voters deepened their engagement in the country’s political process. The ruling Pheu Thai party has leveraged the trend for a string of victories at the polls. Their opponents, the Democrats, backed by voters in Bangkok and southern Thailand, continue to lose ground. "In the north and North East and other parts of ...
There is no need to be angry and grumpy when one attends a protest. Here are some activities at some rally sites: 1. Snake show at Ladphrao: 2. Concert at Chidlom (this site is called “Art Lane Fabulous”): 3. Dartboard at Pathumwan hosted by Chulalongkorn University: you can find these only in Thailand? ;-)
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Chulalongkorn University remains closed - The Nation - - and more on -
The Nation: Chulalongkorn University announced it will remain closed Thursday and Friday due to rallies.
Chula to remain closed Thursday, Friday: Chulalongkorn University announced Wednesday that it will remain clos...
Due to present circumstances, my lecture at Chulalongkorn University on "Germany and the Euro" scheduled for Monday 20 has to be postponed.
CU Gavel Club will not have a meeting this Saturday as Chulalongkorn University has scheduled a break for the...
Chulalongkorn University. I just wanna feel this moment.
Chulalongkorn University and Thammasart University join hands to support Muan Maha Prachachon.
4.35pm: Chulalongkorn University says the university will close on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Due to the political demonstration in the vicinity of Chulalongkorn University, the Deans’ Meeting has decided to...
Chulalongkorn University and Thammasart University join the rally.
According to an announcement by Chulalongkorn University, The Art Center will be closed from Jan 13-15.
Protesters from chulalongkorn university and thammasat university via “
Bangkok Shutdown: Chaiwut leads protesters to block Pathumwan Intersection (Updated: Monday, 13th January 2014) BANGKOK, THAILAND -- A lot of the anti-government People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) protesters started blocking the Pathumwan intersections early in the morning. Former deputy Democrat leader Chaiwut Bannawat led the Bangkok Shutdown rally at the intersection. Academics from Chulalongkorn University and Thammasart University also joined the rally there. Chaiwut said the PDRC leaders held a meeting after protester was shot near the Chang Wattana rally site. :::
The stage at Pathumwan is run by Chulalongkorn University. If anything happens, the government will be doom.
Chulalongkorn University announced to suspend classes on Jan 13-15 due to the Bangkok shutdown by the People's Democratic Reform.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Latest News: Chula to close Jan 13-15 Chulalongkorn University has a Updated 24hrs a day
Sasin will remain open on Monday January 13th and throughout next week. All classes will be held and all offices will be open as usual. However, access to Sasin will only be possible through the Chulalongkorn University gates on Chula Soi 9. Please see the map at:
Thammasat University and Chulalongkorn University have become the latest educational institutions to close down...
Chulalongkorn University announced the suspension of teaching and learning from Monday 13th to Wednesday 15th January 2014 may affect new students application procedure during that period. Sorry for any inconvenience Further information please contact : info
  STAMP  [BECTERO MUSIC]     Apiwat Ua-thavornsook, STAMP, a senior from the faculty of architecture at Chulalongkorn University who has all of his talents to create music for the faculty’s drama show
The meeting of Chulalongkorn University Gavel Club tomorrow is still on the schedule despite the class cancellation during 13th-15th January announced by Chulalongkorn University. However, we will not have the meeting on the later Saturday, 18th January 2014. Let's join our meeting and spend some times speaking English before the long break! :)
Communication Design [CommDe] is a new program offered by the department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Architecture, Chulalongkorn University. CommDe is an international program focused on the myriad fields of communication, from design to publishing passing through the new media communication, g...
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