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Chuck Zito

Charles Chuck Zito, Jr. (born March 1, 1953), is an Italian-American actor, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, former boxing trainer and former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels.

Cloaca Chuck Zito Mickey Ward Coney Island Beverly Hilton Hotel

8 random *** angels rape NY teenager - 0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito reads the news so impressed be…
The Biden Rule is everywhere today. Makes me wonder. When did Joe Biden become the ultimate authority on the...
God of USA *** angels & Sonny Barger decided 0 fights cloaca will be *** angels Masco…
pedophile Attitude Medical Nothing if 1 *** angels or 8 *** s angels rap…
0 fights Chicken Cloaca broke his ha…
0 fights meth convict chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito supports Israel to *** angels pedophiles anything he can use to g…
Chuck Zito sure has changed his look and become quite pro-Israel
Chuck Zito even hung out and came to the after party
Here I am with Trish and Chuck Zito who never left my side except once you will see why h…
Today LIVE at 4pm Chuck Zito and join on . . See you ther…
best Thunderstruck walk in was Arturo Gatti using it with Dale Jr & Chuck Zito coming to the ring with him
WHAT BECOMES A KLEPTOCRAT MOST?. Money. On January 11, prior to occupying the White House, Trump made a great...
Chuck Zito and Katie Hamill have starred in 3 movies together
Corny entrance. Hogan and the NWO did it better with Chuck Zito and the *** Angels in 98
0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito had his prostate removed God's punished for decades with *** angels pedophiles…
*** angels mascot 0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito had his prostate removed it was God's way of punishing him for decad…
Chuck Zito in the house he smells great looks great wooow!!!
NEVER FORGET - ONE GOAL ONLY. First you enact an enormous tax cut for the wealthiest by replacing the Affordable...
she could only afford TRASH like herself - the latest 1 B$ JA is Hippopotamus Chuck: 🤢
FOLLOW THE MONEY UPWARD. One day Tom Price, Secretary of HHS, says that no one will suffer financially from...
can we borrow chuck zito alex jones think he can kick Baldwin *** but zito would mop up jones please howard
anyone know where I can get in touch with Chuck Zito? Have a question about Beth Stern.
What if I put my foot so far up Chuck Zito's *** I could chew his food with my foot??
'"I was struck last night by a comment that I heard made by Speaker Ryan, where he called this repeal bill 'an...
Surprised Chuck Zito never got a role in Sopranos. He has the prototype wise guy look.
Prosecutors Only a coward would beat a women like War machine d…
U think the *** angels mascot 0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zit…
Paul Ryan to reporters today on one of the problems with the ACA: “The whole idea of Obamacare is … the people...
*** angels mascot chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito never been ina fight in his life he is a coward th…
Howard Stern TV - 0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito never been in a fight stop BS life Zito's lover…
I added a video to a playlist Howard Stern TV - Chuck Zito beats up Jean Claude Van Damme
Little Giant Ladders
JUST THE ESSENTIALS PLEASE. “I am going to take care of everybody. I don’t care if it costs me votes or not.
last Thursday we jerked off to MoreThanOrdinary pedophile podcast cloaca lover Ron sodomized 7yr old Boy…
Pedophilia behind the scenes Cloaca Chuck Zito loves his gang of pedophiles & rapist…
pedophile Cloaca Chuck Zito prostate was surgically removed Karma for dating convicted p…
pedophile Chuck Zito in prison practiced *** after lover Ron was convicted sodomi…
pedophile Chuck Zito after ur lover Ron was convicted sodomizing 7rd old U went to prison
pedophile Cloaca Chuck Zito was she to old for u ? U sick freak. How did U aspire to be…
pedophile Cloaca Chuck Zito is this the first *** angels pedophile rape story U maste…
pedophile Now that prostate less Cloaca Chuck Zito can't get hard anymore he sharing rap…
pedophile the life of *** angels mascot chicken cloaca 0 fights chuck Zito and the ped…
0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito has a way of attracting hollywood men & morons with who enjo…
Nice, Chuck Zito has a million awesome stories. Looking forward to listening to the podcast. :)
Terrific time today recording with Chuck Zito on the More than Ordinary podcast. Up next Thursday on itunes
Thought 0 fights Cloaca be jailed when his *** angels lover Ron was convicted sodomizing a 7yr old bo…
UFC unfiltered Cloaca Chuck Zito has 0 fights & may to be a pedophile like his convicted lover Ron sodomized 7yrol…
Mike Yevtuck known as God of USA *** s angels Cloaca Chuck Zito has 0 fights & thought 2be a pedophile like his lo…
Last month wearingsupport pedophiles Cloaca Chuck Zito shirt with good friend Producer, Actor of *** angels film…
that is Cloaca Chuck Zito & Ron Cheeseman who is the pedophile with Zero fights
God of USA *** angels has beat up *** angels across USA for decades that is Cloaca Chuck Zito
UFC Unfiltered When Ron cheese man was convicted sodomizing a 7 yr old boy was his lover Cloaca Chuck Zito involved
UFC Unfiltered: Meth convict 0 fights Cloaca Chuck Zito thinks he is the *** women hating opposite of Joe Benavide…
I have a Clean Record Cloaca Chuck Zito is the meth Convict who dated convicted pedophile…
sorry ladies coward Chuck Zito hasbeen libeling me because I exposed him report him
has a clean record Cloaca Chuck Zito has the pedophile pals I am reporting U
Last month wearing my Chuck Zito shirt with my good friend Producer, Actor, and Docanko President Gor.
I was stuntman over fifteen years in Ron Cheeseman's bed he was convicted sodomy of a 7yr old
*** angels Mascot Chicken Cloaca my Bro Ron Cheseman sodomized a 7yr old boy on film for US
I belonged to another club, and liked the camaraderie.
So it just goes to show you that it was always the *** Angels first.
JCVD got laid out by Chuck Zito back in the day
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Now as far as the organization selling drugs, no. Individuals selling ...
Put Mike Yevtuck calling Chuck Zito a cloaca to music .To bad got scared & hung up the phone.
My good buddy 81 Mascot chicken Chuck Zito. is a legend of Martial Arts & Boxing with 0 fights *** Italian pride B…
Now as far as pride the *** Chelsea *** angels mascot ex convict Chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito h…
I don't understand Cloaca Chuck Zito on he has 0 fights he is not an athlete
I don't understand how Chuck Zito is even on this episode of .he just said he doesn't know what kale is...
with 0 fights,limited acting 2old to *** hook.Chuck Zito was washing floors in a restaurant with a women
Cloaca Chuck Zito has 0 fights however Zito has a bad *** prostate gland was removed & left him limpdick
Just ran into chuck zito, at a restaurant here in orange. Didn't want to ask for a pic, even though he seemed pretty nice.
⚡️ "Chelsea Manning Wins gender reassignment surgery" over sore as competitor chuck Zito .
So if one, or two, or a handful of guys sells drugs for their own personal gain and profit who j
USA has many ex *** s angels attention seekers Pat Matters George Christie Cloaca Chuck Zito they are upset with German Frank
There's probably about 150 charters in the world. We're the biggest international club there i
See, I'm fortunate that I get around a lot because of my movie business.
I liked a video from Cloaca Chuck Zito in high heels making fun of how short Sonny Barger is bargers House
Sonny and another *** Angel who was at the meeting thought they were beyond a little patch
Let me tell you something: I have members in my charter who, after paying their rent and hous
( Kaepernick 49ers) YO Racist *** angels chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito why does Stallone keep your racist *** around
I was a stuntman for over fifteen years.
Cloaca 👊 Zito with Zero fights Street survival System 👍👌 is to Join a gang run his mouth never fight 1 on 1
Must see with o fights 👊 Cloaca Chuck Zito Street Survival System 👍👌 LOL what an ***
Zero life time fights Cloaca Chuck Zito will fight a women
When I was old enough to ride a motorcycle and got my license, I bought a '69 Sportster.
Like I said, when I was a kid, they inspired me.
If the challenge to fight was there, I always took it.
Cloaca Chuck Zito Zero fights plays well with pedophiles
*** s angels Coney Island chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito with Zero fights grabs UNANIMOUS WIN in his debut! 🙌
Rolling into Coney Island with Chuck Zito and friends to have some…
When Cloaca Chuck Zito was 16 he read of 8 *** angels raping a child in NYC & knew *** s angels was right for him
Always good times with Chicken Chuck Zito pretending to be my wife Dorthy from OZ
Always good times with Chuck Zito, Vinny Faraci and my wife Candee…
Hollywood prefers Cloaca Chuck Zito's *** s angels Child molester games over the Olyimpics
Chuck Zito is looking more and more like my Aunt Tina!!
I have a saying - 'You treat me good, I'll treat you better. You treat me bad, I
Cloaca Chuck Zito did U & UR dad read rape & child molesting in news papers like jobs & decide U should join the child molesting 81 UNION ?
Cloaca Chuck Zito did Ur father teach U to side with child molesting *** angels also U pervert .
God of USA *** s angels if funny scaring the chicken *** angels Cloaca Chuck Zito at
Child molesting rapist hellsangels Chuck Zito brags about joining
Mike Yevtuck God of USA *** s angels calls to set up a fight with Cloaca Chuck Zito punks out
Black Panthers don't beat up *** s angels or Cloaca Chuck Zito will photo shop your pictures like he does to Mike Yevtuck
Cloaca Chuck Zito won't fight Mike Yevtuck God of USA *** s angels all that *** angels does is Photoshop Yevtuck
Cloaca Chuck Zito has Zero fights with men because he is scared to get close it always turns to *** sex and he don;t want to get hit & cry
Not exactly hit them, but I've restrained a few people.
Im smacked around Cloaca Chuck Zito for sucker punching drunk and Cloaca Chicken was to scared to fight so I stopped
What ex *** angels chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito did his whole life when men like me challenged2 fight
I meant I have nothing to hide Ill take background check and lie detector & I want Cloaca Chuck Zito to do same . Clear it up
Cloaca Chuck Zito needs a lie detector background check why did he not speak against *** angels pedophiles
Mike yevtuck U libel me as a pedophile probably cause Chuck Zito *** lover was a convicted pedophile & he may be also
If Chuck Zito won't take a lue detector test it would because I would ask Him his knowledge of all the pedophile In *** angels
I I will a Public lie detector& Back Ground check If Chuck Zito does let him explain his pedophiles *** angels lover
*** angels I was there I saw chuck Zito do Meth & make out with many *** angels & other men he was busted Period
Cloaca Chuck Zito went 2 prison for Meth in 1985 with his Methhead *** angels convicted pedophile Lover Ron Cheeseman
Double denim aside this was less cheesey than expected:. INVASION USA. Joseph Zito. 1985. Chuck is a 1 man A-Team!
If you weren't *** for Chuck Zito you wouldn't obsess over him and talk about him constantly
I have never libeled you. Everyone knows you're an old bald loser who is *** for Chuck Zito
You have provided zero evidence that chuck zito is *** or that he takes meth. Neither are true. Ergo, libel
ban if Cloaca Chuck Zito never met *** angels he would be just another Meth head *** hooker on NYC stree
ban why didn't chuck Zito quit *** angels when he saw child molesters & rapist ? he met men from them
ban LIE tell me now that Cloaca Chuck Zito *** angels lover / leader is not a convicted pedophile
ban Now tell me *** angels is not a racist criminal org & chuck Zito is not a meth convict ? Its a Fact
show me 1 statement I ever made saying Cloaca Chuck Zito is a pedophile . Look at all the statements U made libeling me
You think Stallone is proud of Cloaca Chuck Zito Now
explain Y Cloaca Chuck Zito with all those famous men he dates never exposed the pedophiles In *** angels if he is not
when you Date famous men like Cloaca Chuck Zito does U can lie about everything But I have the facts from the past
Ask Cloaca Chuck Zito a of Vinny NY *** angels who killed a women & braged they honor his memory to this day
Ask Cloaca Chuck Zito about Ron Cheeseman his convicted pedophile lover ask him of Vinny who killed a women & braged
because Cloaca Chuck Zito dates rich famous men he can say he was bouncer & Body guard But he never had a fight EVER
Like I said I never said Chuck Zito was a pedophile Just that he hangs around them & always has thats a Fact
3Trump Sn0wyour saying I don't have the right to put down men like Chuck Zito who support pedophiles and are racist
you called me a Pedophile I will take have a public background and lie detector test ask Chuck Zito to do the same
I never said Chuck Zito is a pedophile I said I would bet he is Normal men don't date convicted pedophile
ban he has been doing this for years he could be chuck Zito look at the libel & photoshop pictures Gross
your libeling me chuck Zito never had a fight I know him
I know Chuck Zito he is Racist he does date men and he has convicted pedophile friends . Those are facts Not libel
Ban Mike Yevtuck, he constantly libels Chuck Zito as racist *** pedophile. Yevtuck is a senile old man
Chuck Zito was a bouncer & boxer, he has documented fights. You, on the other hand, admit to 0 fights
I see *** angels Racist Cloaca Chuck Zito is back to using fake twiiter account to libel Yevtuck
So from an angry lawman's mouth, the Outlaw Motorcyclists were born.
Mikeyyevtuck Like I said look at Chuck Zito past with child molester lover that lead east USA *** angels
I agree all child molesters should be killed why did Chuck Zito & NY *** angels still support Ron Cheeseman
Cloaca Dad taught chuck Zito how to run away from fighting Run Chuck Zito run
when in doubt, knock 'em out." thats why Chuck Zito thinks women & children should be beaten half to death
Chuck Zito blames his father for his child molester support Life
father taught chuck Zito women beaten & how to sucker punch like a coward ?Zito has 0 fights he can't fight at all
My father taught me how to fight when I was 5.
Chuck Zito 's a coward hangs who out with child molesters & rapist …
Chuck Zito;s a coward hangs out with child molesters
Coward Chuck Zito suckered Jean Claude he didnt beat him up
The coward Chuck Zito has 0 fights he sucker punched jean claude Zito is a coward & Meth convict not fighter
Islapped Chuck Zito around for hanging out with Child molesters in NY *** angels Zito never fought any man
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Events when I first heard the Real Street Justice call out a coward *** angels named Cloaca Chuck Zito
Ron Cheeseman was Chuck Zito's lover Ron was busted with film of him sodomizing a young Boy in New york state Binghamton area
*** s angels Chuck Zito child molester supporter had his prostate surgically excised now limp *** Chuck Zito got just punishment
Cloaca is sucha *** the only punch Cloaca Zito ever threw he broke his own knuckles Chuck Zito don't even know how to make a fist
I broke two knuckles in my right hand when I gave Jean-Claude Van Damme an ...
Chuck Zito everyone Knows your a coward
*** Chuck Zito Zero fights is a fight Virgin and with a limp *** from prostate removal with never have sex with women even once
MY good buddy and old pal *** s angels Cloaca Chuck Zito may be a fight VIRGIN BUTT his PROSTATE has been pounded More then a boxers face
My cousin jim tsakiris says he sneek in when i'am sleeping and smash me over my head ,because chuck zito is giving the go ahead!
l View Chuck Zito's life in disgust wonder why famous men date him
Most people never heard of even though dates very famous men. Every1 Heard of calling out Cloaca Chuck Zito
MY are Celebrity God of USA *** s angels picking on his USA *** angels flock calling out Cloaca Chuck Zito
Life of Meth convict Cloaca Chuck Zito befriends child molesters coaches women abusers how to beat women and sleeps with famous men
Cloaca Chuck Zito Celebrity *** *** with Zero fights l pretends he's a fighter lol.
Old pal old buddy of mine Chuck Zito was it *** s angels Child molesters or that influenced U the most U sick chicken Cloaca
apparently you haven't seen the Godfather part two.
Cloaca Chuck Zito speak out against all the child molesters U know in *** s angels
HOUSE RULES also stars the likes of tough guys, Chuck Zito, Vincent Pastore, & .
Mikeyyevtuck is going to tuneup pluckup & beat the feathers off chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito
is going catch that Italian chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito & pluck up Cloaca again
Chuck Zito awantb actor wanta be fighter wantabe a women ? is a *** groupie *** that chases famous men
Boston Chicken Chuck Zito hellsangels are pedophiles & terrorists
Like I said, "Irish" Mickey Ward and Chuck Zito were in the house. Great time.
Chuck Zito and Mickey Ward in the house!.
Chuck Zito is like a vampire he can never die.
Chuck Zito is here. Just saw him taking pictures with the guys from Boston Harley
Mikeyyevtuck is going to pluck up chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito .
Mikeyevtuck made hellsangels big mouth coward chuck Zito chicken out of fighting him made pathetic is a coward
Chuck Zito: There was no club but the *** Angels as far as...
Chuck Zito: Then we have a World Run, where representatives from all the...
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Chuck Zito: I've been fighting my whole life.
Chuck Zito: I was a stuntman for over fifteen years.
Chuck Zito: One day between takes on the 'Oz' set, I went into...
Chuck Zito: You get to know them, they get to know you and...
Chuck Zito: I'm in California a lot; I go overseas sometimes and I...
Here's what I did to Chuck Zito and his Cloaca!.
Awe. surprises his mom the way we all want to surprise our parents! [HERE]
Chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito showing The kids the best way to beat a women
“Sons of Anarchy” Stars Charlie Hunnam, Chuck Zito and Christopher Reed dine at Andiamo ... via
Chuck Zito fake account U spend all day everyday insulting Mike Yevtuck a man who has probably forgotten you even exist
Lord Snow Mike Yevtuck God of USA hellsangels scares the *** out of Chuck Zito thats why Chuck Zito won't fight
mike Yevtuck Aka Chuck Zito I have many reasons to believe your a pedophile Chuck Zito you still won't speak against pedophiles
another fake account because Chuck Zito don't have nerve to talk to Yevtuck Mike Yevtuck slapped ChuckZito around
Pedophile convict Ron Cheeseman & lover Chuck Zito out of prison Beware of hellsangels kids
Read still has the hellsangels Cloaca guy chuck Zito avoiding a fight against him. Zito is a coward
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Closest hellsangels Chuck Zito has ever been to a fight is as mouth piece for *** Boxers, UFC protecting their teeth
Chuck Zito Zero fight in or out of a ring a true American coward
Chuck Zito the small % of people that heard Chuck Zito name know UR a low life Cloaca pedophile supporting scumbag
Chuck Zito dated *** celebrities when did extra parts actor Chuck Zito become a celebrity ?
Chuck Zito has No fights street or ring Chuck Zito is big mouth coward
The life of Chuck Zito and his pedophile pals hellsangels gang
I know Chuck Zito he never been in a pro fight orreal fight ChuckZito hung with pedophiles & sexoffenders in agang
I hope God of USA hellsangels catches chicken chuck Zito & beats the feathers out of
Emilio Rivera not cool calling this coward Chuck Zito with Zero fights a badass
Badass showing the world what a racist coward pedophile friendly Cloaca Chuck Zito with Zero fights really is
You Know Chuck Zito had Zero fights hellsangels are racist & the gang allows pedophiles how is that bad ***
Catching up with My Good Friend Chuck Zito watching this BaadAss World Series..Great Food ,Good…
Scared Cloacac Chuck Zito still avoiding a fight with God of the USA hellsangels
Chuck Zito been loving hellsangels pedophiles 40yrs
Howard and Jimmy are like two chicks, so consumed with their wiight!! What would Chuck Zito say???
Chuck Zito on who is the best boxer ever, Rocky Marciano, more -
Chuck Zito still dating Frank S brother of A list action star
Chuck Zito and Joe Mantegna at the 2015 Last Chance For Animals Annual Gala at Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills
hellsangels Cloaca Chuck Zito's excised prostate is working as a Golf ball since his split with that *** Zito
hellsangels Cloaca Chuck Zito thought an egg was hatching inside MD removed his prostate now hes fine
Read this feature article. Talk about setting new goals & making them happen hellsangels Heroes Chuck Zito WMMA
For this former *** Angel, no mountain is too high pedophilia & Meth with in reach…
Chuck Zito's prostate removal may be stage 1 of his sex change WMMA
slapped around Cloaca so much Chuck Zito will finish his sex change & fight in
Chuck Zito & his *** angels pedophiles experience for kids
Cloaca Chuck Zito is that guy , The God of USA Hellsangels Mickey yevtuck enjoys picking on Zito is a real coward
the guy who has the pic says it is CHUCK ZITO!!
Manifestation? ;))) *** *** angels Cloaca Chuck Zito has so many men crawling out his *** he is Man infested
Chuck Zito? 0 fights spent his life supporting pedophiles & women abusers in Hellsangels making him Popular in
Most people never heard of Chuck Zito? Zito mentored by hellsangels convicted Pedophile Ron Cheeseman to be scum
Chuck Zito?? # MMA champ Chuck Zito has Zero fight he dates *** UFC fighters promoters famous male actors any man that will support his ***
Chuck Zito?? = a *** Hellsangels with Zero fights Zito Hides behind the gangs name pretending he is tough as he picks up famous men
Ron convicted pedophile was 1st hellsangels *** lover
Judo I never heard of Cloaca Chuck Zito till I read about god of USA hellsangels Mike Yevtuck picking on Zito LOL
Since limp *** Chuck Zito 's Prostate gland was removed he won't be able to use women to cover his *** affairs with famous men
Chuck Zito prostate filed emancipation injunction sighted abuse from men Zito allowed to poke him all night
Its not Politically Correct to call Chicken Cloaca Chuck Zito bad *** because his prostate was surgically excised Zito's a Limp ***
Thanks for the honest reply . Read up about Ron Cheeseman & Vinnie Chuck Zito heros a women killer & a pedophile Not cool
Chuck Zito has Zero fights Zito is a coward he won't fight men. he thinks beating women is ok .
Love it that Chuck Zito is focusing on in this Chopped episode on
Chuck Zito the coward that suckered Drunk Jean-Claude Van Damme had his prostate removed in 2014
abolish racial hate gangs like Hellsangels …
USA Media singled out White hellsangels only pedophile allowing MC & pushes them as YY??
USA hellsangels all about Racist sexoffenders not Motorcycle clubs
Who are the pedophiles in USA media passing hellsangels as a MC ?…
USA hellsangels are Not a motorcycle club they allow sexoffenders
hellsangels pedophiles promoted by USA media
seems U have to be a racist & pedophile to lead USA hellsangels …
hellsangels buy bikes 4children at Walmart
just messing with you, I realize you're not Chuck Zito. But you do kind of look like Mitch Hedberg's evil twin, which kicks ***
Black plane passenger Chuck Zito dates all kind of famous white men
hellsangels white terrorist allow sexoffenders No Black men …
What happenes when racist lowlife like Chuck Zito fly .
fans donated $ to will be used toward buying *** angels chuck Zito a new prostate his was overused & removed
fans now laughing at Chuck Zito who announced his prostatectomy. Good4 *** limp ***
*** hellsangels Chuck Zito cannot have sex but will be serving a Last male his prostate with Fava beans & kale
chuck Zito had a Prostatectomy & Up his estranged Prostate fearing men loved his prostate more then his ***
Seeing cook Salmon is comedy with in its self knowing he supports pedophiles
Way cool to see pedophile supporter & Known Racist Cloaca last week
Chuck Zito how many more women & children will be hellsangels victims before U start warning citizens UR pals R convicted pedophiles & Etc
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Best ever when hellsangels Chuck Zito had his
Karma *** limp *** Chuck Zito had his prostate removed 2014 brags of hellsangels pedophiles
Just gave Chuck Zito a hug bye and now I smell like him. smells good :)
My cousin jim tsakiris wants to roll me for my check,and his best friend chuck zito!
Outlaw Chronicles *** hellsangels Chuck Zito announced on he had his prostate removed leaving a limp ***
I think one of Chuck Zito *** lovers bought Chuck Zito used removed & Broken prostate to try to repair for a last ride
I saw some women & children harmed by Chuck Zito's Hellsangels gang last week Not so nice how they harm the innocent
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