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Chuck Zito

Charles Chuck Zito, Jr. (born March 1, 1953), is an Italian-American actor, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, former boxing trainer and former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels.

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Chuck Zito women Beating for fun a hit with hellsangels overseas
Was that Chuck Zito making out with a hellsangels at Frankie Valli!! "Oh what a night!" for baba at
Chuck Zito Ua pedophile ?How can u have spent so many Decades promoting & covering for Pedophile Hellsangels leaders
There isno Doubt NYC hellsangels Chuck Zito eats out at theY YMCA that is Chuck starts with a Male endsup eating baba
Chuck Zito start speaking of your 1st hand knowledge of the pedophiles Reg sexoffenders who lead USA hellsangels
hellsangels chuck Zito every man has the key to your Cloaca / its a 20$ Bill U *** ROTFLMAO
What did the *** Hellsangels say to the rich man ? baba Chuck Zito your pathetic not because your a *** But Ur a ***
Chuck Zito friend of hellsangels pedophiles … .
Instead of stonecold,pedophile friendly hellsangels Meth convicts like chuck zito for example. REAL rebels like lesnar don't tolerate that
instead of stonecold, chuck zito for example. REAL rebels like lesnar.
Chuck Zito' under the Tutelage of a pedophile convict New York Hellsangels leader learned how to be a hellsangels
Working with the legend James Caan in Miami on season 2 finally of Magic City. I played Chuck Zito's…
like of the USA documentary film Chuck Zito women beating
Chuck Zito a narcissist sociopath beating the spice or Jasmine out of a women till she almost death is OK By Chuck
Didn't you meet and take a picture with Chuck Zito ?
Saint Patrick's day massacre Hellsangels Chuck Zito beating a women ? thats what 81 does
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chuck Zito will fight a women Zito chickens out to God of USA hellsangels
Hellsangels scumbag Chuck Zito women beating is OK with him But Zito chickens out to a man
Chuck Zito friend of hellsangels pedophiles .
Chuck Zito you can *** to the hellsangels of Israel you spent your life supporting pedophiles in United states
Chuck Zito take break from writing 8 watch Video gethelp then speak against pedophiles in hellsangels
Chuck Zito people C through ur BS & View U as a *** *** meth convict who supported pedophile hellsangels to fit in
Chuck Zito live in Shame you should have turned in Ron Cheeseman and all the Pedophiles U knew hellsangels or not Ur going to *** on earth
Chuck Zito I should have beaten your *** as bad as I beat the pedophiles hellsangels U hung around with your just as guilty as them sacumbag
Chuck Zito a Pathological-Liar who wrote libeled me& worse chuck befriended pedophiles in hellsangels
Chuck Zito How many women & children been Raped & murdered by the hellsangels as you promote them knowing all along
Chuck Zito & hellsangels streetlevel scimbags beating killing women is cool with them
The God of the USA Hellsangels totaled owns chicken Cloaca Hellsangels Chuck Zito
Chuck Zito was mentored by pedophile convict hellsangels leader to be a hellsangels USA -ISIS women interrogation
Chuck Zito U narcissist psychopath you could be a sociopath with out your Mom & rich-men caring for U.Ube in St.
Women&child victims Chuck Zito never warned his hellsangels leaders & pals R pedophiles R over in heaven
Sociopath hellsangels cloaca Chuck Zito giving tips best ways to beat women
PedophilesFacts Chuck Zito convicted pedophile Leader RonCheeseman perfered sodomizing boys wasCalled the Beast from the east
fails to mention Chuck Zito was mentored By a convicted Pedophile Ron Cheeseman to be a hellsangels
GayGoomba Chicken Chuck Zito all talk No fight 12min in calls out the hellsangels coward Chuck Zito
Chuck Zito at the 2015 International Sports Hall of Fame Inductee Ceremony!: via
Chuck Zito was mentored by a pedophile *** hellsangels leader to be a hellsangels women interrogation
Barry Zito is working on his fastball Chuck Zito is working on beating women so chuck Zito can get all the men
Priceless: Sports reporter mentioning that Barry Zito is working on his fastball. News host interjects: "Does Zito have a fastball?"
Women was almost beaten to death watch sick freak Chuck Zito ***
How many yrs did that Racist Pedophile supporting hellsangels Chuck Zito do in prison for Meth ?Was he with pedophiles when they got busted
Chuck Zito you are still supporting hellsangels Pedophiles & women abuse are U still a meth head junkie *** ***
Can't trust a Methhead Like Chuck Zito his leader&best friend got busted with pictures of him sodomizing a young Boy
Chuck Zito was busted with Meth Typical Meth head *** *** Joined hellsangels because they had a chapter in the *** Village area of NYC
Chuck Zito in the background at the very beginning.
Hellsangels scumbag Chuck Zito mayB able2 beat some women some of the Time Now they r ready
62 years old scumbag Hellsangels Chuck Zito thinks women beating is cool. I bet he has to sucker punch them to win
Chuck Zito a Meth convict who walking the *** streets of NYC west Village always looking for rich men may become a women at 62
Chuck Zito before U walked the *** Streets of NYC Village for Hellsangels were U a Methhead freelance *** hooker ?
chuck Zito knew Pedophiles lead he was friends with a leader yet promotedthe gang to children
Chuck Zito is known as the underling Of convicted Pedophile east Coast Hellsangels leader Ron Cheeseman from
Chuck Zito is scared to death of the God of the USA hellsangels
Chuck Zito was busted as a meth head along with his convicted Pedophile pal hellsangels Ron cheeseman
Chuck Zito may be a sexual predator he was mentored by convicted pedophiles Ron cheeseman to be a hellsangels
Chuck Zito knew 1st hand hellsangels were lead by Pedophiles and he join & promoted the gang allowing more children to be victimized.scumbag
Men can be arrested having sex with hellsangels Italian Chicken Chuck Zito / Guinea Fowl
chuck Zito a Racist Meth convict with 0 fights against men he befriended pedophiles in hellsangels
Chuck Zito possible *** escort of UFC & Hollywood men still complaining on small podcasts of kurt sutter robbing him
Hellsangels chuck Zito loves talkingabout beating women Buthe won't agree to fight this man
If chuck Zito toldpublic heknew pedophiles lead hellsangels insteadof joining the gang many women&children across USA would not been victims
Women almost beaten to death watch as sick freak hellsangels Chuck Zito jerks off to da beat
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Chuck Zito how many children have Ubeaten or sexually attacked ?How manychildren got sexually attcked BY Hellsangels as you promotedthe gang
Benjy Apologized To Chuck Zito Now Benjy LoL as Chuck Zito is scared to fight God of USA hellsangels
Benjy Apologizes To Chuck Zito - Chuck Zito was mentored By a convicted pedophile hellsangels to be a hellsangels
Chuck Zito turned 62 today Chuck best known for his time under pedophile Convict NY hellsangels leader Ron Cheeseman
81 Chuck Zito rumored to have dated very famous men will turn 62 today &chuck still willnot fight men his age 1 0n 1
Now a days Chuck Zito &her Hellsangels flock dance the black Bottom trying to hook a rich man
Chuck Zito mentored by pedophiles pedophiles sex offenders women abuser lead Hellsangels in USA these scumbags are not like Sons of anarchy
Chuck Zito stays Loyal to pedophiles in hellsangels that introduce him to rich men he could have spoke up saved kids
Chuck Zito it don't take balls to have courage You dumb cloaca ,It takes Heart women prove that everyday U could have saved children Coward
For 10 points what does Chuck Zito hellsangels hate more then Black men ? watch video for Clues? women of any color
Chuck Zito best friend was older *** man Ron Cheeseman he is a coinvicted *** pedophile & got chuckZito in hellsangel
Chuck Zito a & he hates But not Dumb chuck won't fight God of USA hellsangels
I can't catch each individual pedophile so I go after the pedophile gangs like Chuck Zito hellsangels
I joined the conversation I can tell U have no clue who chuck Zito he may have had 2 amature fights Ifany
OK & then U talked about chuck Zito and I Know him & the pedophile that mentored Chuck into hellsangels
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Outofall Hellsangels pedophiles reg sexoffenders I destroyed or beat up Chuck Zito has no pain tolerance he cried & begged & I hardly hithim
Chuck Zito best freind *** hellsangels leader Ron Cheeseman was busted with a picture of him sodomizing a young Boy
why do you talk about hellsangels & chuck Zito if you have no clue who the pedophile leader of Zito was ?
you don't even Know Ron cheeseman the convicted pedophile that was Chuck Zito hellsangels leader ?
what ? I was speaking of chuck Zito & the pedophile ron cheeseman that chuck in the gang Whats wrong?
I know chuck Zito *** Im unsure if chuck Zito is a pedophile or scared to speak against them in the gang
I slapped Chuck Zito around many times over many decades chuck Zito is just a *** wimp Nothing against ***
Chuck Zito s best friend was a older man named Ron Cheeseman he isa coinvicted pedophile & got chuckZito in
I was born in NYC I have beat up hellsangels since I was a child Chuck Zito cried & beg me not to hurt him
Chauncey is dumb as *** He's lucky Chuck Zito didn't slap him.
Chuck Zito on U.S "Homefront" stays Loyal to the pedophiles in the hellsangels that introduced him to rich men
We have picked up for our call of duty roster. chuck them a follow!
Chuck Zito If U spoke up against pedophiles & sex offender in hellsangels way back then theywould have thrown U out & end Ur *** service
"Homefront" Chuck Zito trained by a pedophile to be a hellsangels & knew pedophiles & sex offenders were in the gang
Chuck Zito was good friends with convicted pedophile east coast USA hellsangels lesader Ron Cheeseman &chuck promoted the gang to children
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Ronald Cheeseman a convicted pedophile mentored Chuck Zito to be A hellsangels is cool to you ?
Chuck Zito knew Pedophiles were leading hellsangels & he never spoke out How many children could have been saved if he Did ?
U know Chuck Zito 's friend that mentored him was a convicted pedophile hellsangels leader &chuck promotes this gang on kids
Hellsangels Chuck Zito was friends with *** pedophiles in Hellsangels & he promoted gang to children anyway
Convicted pedophile East Coast Hellsangels leader Ron cheeseman mentored chuck Zito to become just like him
Chuck Zito brought Libel & frivolous lawsuit against & Me.Ur lucky Sutter can't make it I can fight. time htt…
Chuck Zito Black men with no integrity will stand By and support Hellsangels or KKK as long there is some thing 4them
Chuck Zito Uhave No clue how to behave asa man UHave No Values NO Morales NoClass at all your 100% streetlevel scum
Hellsangels chuck Zito loves talking about beating women … Buthe won't agree to fight a man
Chuck Zito mentored by racist pedophile cheeseman hellsangels But when it comes to Baba black or white chuck eats it
Chuck Zito knew pedophiles in hellsangels But He promoted the hellsangels allowing more children to become Victims
Chuck Zito is it fair to say The NYC Hellsangels close proximity to the *** Hub of the world Gave U an advantage Hooking young *** stars ?
"I say you won against Chuck Zito in 1998 I was there it was good!" -
Did you win in 1998 against Chuck Zito?
Did Jean-Claude Van Damme get knocked out by Chuck Zito in 1998?
I'm going toto calm these fools down, and I'm bringing my cat Chuck Zito to watch my back.m
do you agree that if wwe hired NCAA guys, ex prisoners,bikers etc it would bring believability back to the product, Ie chuck zito?
Chuck Zito was *** Angel chapter president NYC. He left for his acting career. I has the blessing of my club BTW
So Chuck Zito is a chick from Holland too???
"If there's a sequel will Chuck Zito be beating his other hand dreaming about beating another women …
. I wonder if Chuck Zito ever visited the *** bath houses in San Francisco before they were closed?
I think thought they said if in doubt eat the man out & soon after adored Chuck Zito
This is what Chuck Zito thinks of that Hollywood cheese.
This dude has a fake avatar. Talking about murdering me. I'm sure Chuck Zito is his hero
"If the challenge to fight was there, I always took it...".
The racist Cloaca, Chuck Zito pecking the camera..
Chuck Zito and Urijah Faber arriving to Reach Me Premiere at Chinese 6 Theatre via
wholelife is fake the DramaQueen evenfiled a frivolous Lawsuit against Kurt sutter
I added a video to a playlist Carlo (Frank Vincent) and Vinnie (Chuck Zito)
I don't approve of gang cowards Like …
One of your best shows with and Chuck Zito! 3 great guys!
Chuck Zito just keeps lining men up in front of him like a real coward
the only Bonding I am interested in doing with Chuck Zito will be my Fist and his denture grip .
chuck Zito had Gray hair for decades Stern I have no clue But as U can see hair is no my speciality I lost mine
Chuck Zito does not have 1 oz of pride she places everyone in front of her
what kind of chicken cloaca Coward is Chuck Zito that he places men in front of her
randy if you want to beat me or kill me for chuck Zito attack when U want
*** don't make excuse 4 chuck Zito U can attack me anytime I can't make time for every *** that wants to impress chuck
Randy anyman that wants to beat & kill me to profess his love 4 chuck Zito do it gangster
Randy I wrote this for all you men that want to date Chuck Zito
randy I don't have time for Chuck Zito & his pedophiles support gang shot me or shut up
- Chuck Zito all kissy face with as rich men cant be seen with Chuck till this is forgotten
if Chuck Zito met a rich man that would stay with him long time he would dump in 5 heart beats forever
Randy I know U love Chuck Zito but don't blame me for & Ur Problems He craves men your not enough 4 him
lead a racist gang that allows pedophiles & women abusers .Chuck show the real him
So every now and again I get in touch with my inner Chuck Zito and fantasize about would I'd do to certain ignorant people or one's that
LOL don't you chuck Zito and the rest of the pack of packers in the USA just want to Kill me LOL
didn;t chuck Zito tell you I am bullet proof ? you need a full metal jackets just to give me a paper cut
! don't threaten to kill the messenger its not my fault chuck Zito made an instruction video how to beat women
Corrie, is Chuck Zito still on Twit?? Can't find him>>> LOL sister
*** on Chuck Zito all month every month since he supports beating women …
take a dump on that chump Chuck Zito all month
that scumbag has No respect for women watch how he demonstates
BAN Racist Chuck Zito he agrees women should be Beaten Stop domestic violence
I believe Chuck Zito claimed to have written this song about his Cloaca & it was changed …
Y dou support Racist Chuck Zito gang leader who approves of Domestic Violence?
Glad to b back. Hope all my bros n sis r ok. Corrie, Tracy, you know' Zito.LL/H/R
Sons of Anarchy's Chuck Zito makes disturbing statement about War ...:
EXPO events, we play them ALL! DJ Klassick with actor, Chuck Zito at the UFC Fan Expo. Visit
Chuck Zito said he would mention your name during commercial break if you sucked him off, u in?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Chuck Zito was in the hall after Wrap Up
took some time to talk and 'The Martial Arts Kid' with and Don The Dragon Wilson
Chuck "Frankie Diamonds" Zito from Sons of Anarchy signing an Easy Rider/SOA tank in his Chopt-up…
Ran into my good friend Chuck Zito..last night at the Bellator MMA!. Love this guy!
We would very much like to get in contact with Pat Lynch, Mike Sciarra and Chuck Zito. If anyone knows how to contact them please email us.
Chuck Zito Just friends with Pam Anderson and more fun with King Mo, Mark Coleman and More: . . .
you got to love the chicken Cloaca chuck Zito being complemented by a produce Dealer .ROTFLMAO
Damage Control Warning Warning Danger Chuck Zito automatic system alert close all vents Chuck Zito View has been compromised
good men out there- Chuck Zito, Rick Salomon, and Jesus Half Animal Villa just to name a few- men that are both-
I liked a video from Chuck Zito's View-07/23/14 P1
what semi famous actor/ fighter etc will Lick chuck Zito assonline the longest tonight & win a chance at licking
hey Mikey, we kno u h8 chuck zito,but how do u feel about former pitcher Barry Zito?
I'm mature? I'm not the one stalking chuck zito for years even tho he completely ignores u! So who's the immature one.
I think this loves because Chuck Zito wrote Son's of anarchy & won the Golf open
maybe to Racist white pedophiles chuck zito is a legend But hes just a racist scumbag to the rest.
hey can you get the chuck Zito show last night
"Pamela Anderson is she rebounding with chuck zito" on Rediff iShare
The chick tank top is awesome. I can't see a dude buying a t-shirt with a giant cat face. Unless he is a Chuck Zito bad ***
maybe you can explain to children listening how Leading a racist gang like Chuck Zito did ma…
chuck Zito show *** Please use that spot for something people like!
Chuck Zito's View will start at 7:10 tonight. Howard 101 Sirius Satellite Radio. Sorry for the delay,
Single Pamela Anderson now trying to re-kindle her romance with ex-flame Chuck Zito. Read -
bouncers have to protect Anderson when ChuckZito us around Watch … …
of the USA *** angels if Chuck got in a car with a rich man he probably stayed in LOL
LOL a Bouncer has to watch her being walked out by you because your just a Cloaca with a big mouth LOL
Pamela Anderson -- Is She Rebounding With Chuck Zito?!: Pamela Anderson is totally hooking up with Chuck Zito now that she's single .
Pamela Anderson seeks comfort from Chuck Zito one-week after filing for divorce.
This is How people Know Racist chuck Zito is a coward Men would put down you welcome him a Boyfriend ,
was chuck Zito dressed in Drag as one of the Runaways?
looks like chuck zito stole your idea. I think you need to hurt his feelings
Calling the Racist out to fight instead his fake accounts reply Chuck the cloacac Zito
I think Matel needs to make a Chuck Zito action figure with a Kung Fu grip. You look like superman here bro. Have a great night.
I am Not into talking I am into setting a real fight with Zito not talking about it
much love. prayers with Chuck zito and and the good folks in the USA.
Hogan & Chuck Zito hangin and bangin. Nash, Hogan & Torrie at the gun range. Hogan and Nash a Flair promo
People around the world are watching Racist USA hellsangel scared to sign a fight Chuck Zito Cloaca
I figure its Racist Pedophile white men in Hollywood thats pushuing Chuck Zito U can see he has …
I am calling RACIST chuck Zito out to fight racist pedophile support has gone to far
Chuck Zito just agree to fight me you coward and set a place I am not getting arrested showing up at an event your Baba ing at
this Song must be about racist chuck Zito the racist filthy fowl *** freak chicken head cloaca
If Chuck Zito blocked me for asking that I can only assume the answer is yes, and he is a method actor and that's why he's mad.
Tough guy & actor Chuck Zito is with THE MARTIAL ARTS KID Producer James Wilson to discuss the film. Might be some news coming.
With JK Simmons on "Growing Up Fisher" and on "Surviving Jack," who gets Chuck Zito to play the wacky neighbour?
Back in the day! 1996 AVA's Club was under the Beverly Center. Ava Fabian ran it. Chuck Zito was there. Pat the door man. Rick James was there. Who else was here that night? Michael Buffer
Now go get a *** martial teachers to vogue for u all U want THE WORLD SEEs Chuck Zito Chicken in training not a FIGHTER ,
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chuck Zito Your not man enough to fight anyone alone your flock is not tough enough to intimate me. Swallow your pride ***
Chuck Zito *** angels everything about U screams *** & U calling out Baba to every man U meet says alot about U
Patch,Awesome love this guy,MLLHR&T to you from,,THE ROCK,you played the Best awesomeloved everypart of the movie-1 ,MLLHR&T to The Godfather,The American Legend,The Man,Sonny Barger and all who had part in makin this awesome movie,Chuck Zito too
UFC MMA Mixed MARTIAL ARTS Chuck Zito you call your men Ba Ba this is how anex usa *** angels sees men ?
I think chuck zito was or is a pres of HA in New York too. Funny what a tv show brings
The other nite got a chance to check out a friends latest movie ( he also went to Rush Henrietta for a while ) Chuck Zito was great in it. Would have like to see more of him. I bet there will be part ll to come. Check him out, you have seen alot of him in many movies & always working on some thing new. Chuck, all the best to you
On location for the next four days with Chuck Zito from Sons of Anarchy and the new James Franco movie Homefront.
Urijah has the heart of a fighter U Chuck Zito Rcoward gangbanger that hides in a flock as U pretend to b a fighter
George Fights Chuck Zito has always hid in a flock and chickened out of fighting Very contrasting personalities Not alike at all.
I'm in real tears over here! The old man ordered the chuck zito roast!
Which is your favorite Joseph Zito' movie?. Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai Rachenko in "Red Scorpion". Chuck Norris...
Chuck Zito and employee Jared Green loving new shifter and column in 38 Chev.Long term project moving along
Yeah. Chuck Zito used to be the president of the NY chapter. I saw him at UFC 159 in Newark last April
Meet Chuck Zito from Sons of Anarchy at The Bashful Bandit on Monday night!
So, there is a program on the Travel Channel called Bar Makeover, and The Bashful Bandit on E. Speedway is getting one this weekend. Celebrity security guard Chuck Zito will be there on Monday evening, when they will be filming the grand opening makeover of The Bashful Bandit with film crews and the Food Truck Roundup. Do you know where the Bashful Bandit is? Have you ever gone there?
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Natalie Coughlin, Danica Patrick, Tiki Barber and Chuck Zito on Chopped. This ought to be interesting.
chuck zito the italian american SON OF ANARCHY
The Paint Kings Inc. will be Starring in a new TV show on the Travel Channel. American Roadhouse hosted by Chuck Zito is renovating The Bashful Bandit this weekend and we'll be painting it. So maybe were not starring in it but we will be on National Television for about 12 seconds in 2014. The bar reopens for the unveiling Monday night.
Brian Keith Austin could whip this Junker any day plus kick Chuck Zito's *** bring it to the NW Sissy boy
Chuck Zito is sponsored by badass mofo.
Homefront (2013) Steven Boone November 27, 2013 Sylvester Stallone can write entertaining formula action scripts like a demon, but he often hands them over to hack directors who don't know how to extract the pulp and the juice from them. On that score, "Homefront" is better than average. Gary Fleder directs Stallone's adaptation of the Chuck Logan novel like he gives a *** Maybe too much of a *** This is one loud, lip-smacking movie. The opening action sequence is a roaring collision of Paul Greengrass hyper-realism and Road Runner physics involving enough ammo to silence the Lord's Resistance Army, plus an undercover narc Jason Statham on an acrobatic Harley, his shoulder-length mullet wig flapping on the breeze. When the smoke clears, Phil Broker (Statham) is retired, sick of the narc's double-life, and off to a tiny Louisiana town to start fresh with his tween daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic). We wait patiently for the local redneck meth-heads to start messing with him, as promised in the movie's t ...
The latest from Chuck Zito (Starring in the movie HomeFront. Was on 5th Season of Sons of Anarchy. Was on HBO's OZ. Listen to my radio shows on Howard Stern's 101. New York / Hollywood
Chuck Zito came to New Roc the other, he was watching his own movie Homefront which also stars Jason Statham and James Franco.
A must see movie starring Jason Statham & Chuck Zito
Tonight on Sirius Satellite Radio listen to Chuck Zito's View on Howard Stern's 101 There's a lot to talk about. What happens in Vegas.,, Does not stay in Vegas! We'll talk about it tonight Don't miss it!
at the very least Chuck Zito should be made to apologize to every women & chil Victimized by his gang
thats why Chuck Zito is scared to fight he needs his face to keep the rich hollywood men interested in his ***
USA *** angels still vote registered sex offenders into leadership shows U what kind of scumbag Chuck Zito really is
Chuck Zito has been punking out of fights his whole life . Chuck Zito has no right to give fight opinions
ICYMI: Buck-N-Gator bar gets overhaul for TV reality show to be hosted by Chuck Zito -
Listen to Chuck Zito tomorrow from 7-8pm on Howard Sirius Radio 101. Chuck is so freaking cool and very hot!!
ryan what your doing is called Kissing Chuck Zito s *** like an Obsessed fan or a sex offender hellsangel gangmember
Ryan I beat up sex offender *** angels and sex offender supporters like chuck zito so U call it what ever you like
I agree to fight now all you have to do is agree chuck. You Understand Zito just agree to fight me U chicken
Chuck Zito no one is going to Buy your *** *** being a cooler do the can can and keep the rich men you already have happy
How come Chuck Zito never told the USA *** angels to stop allowing registered sex offenders into leadership ?
Now Chuck Zito what U made acting your whole life most men make in one or 2 years what other work has your *** done ?
Chuck Zito Most Bikers think you sleep with every rich Hollywood man to get your 2 bit parts Is that true Chuck?
Chuck Zito you and your gang are very Loyal to all the registered sex offenders in your gang whats that say about you You Punk?
I told Chuck Zito to speak up against *** angelsallowing sex offenders decades ago I blame U chuck for all the Victims since
Chuck Zito always watching a fight abd to scared to be in a fight. A True chicken head USA *** angel flock hiding coward
Chuck Zito & his gang use the media to pretend to be tough as they harm women & children all across the USA
Chuck Zito is just a flock member from a gang that still supports registered sex offenders.& U's approve
Chuck Zito your so *** just be U *** stop pretending to be me. I beat up the bad guys U dance for the richmen
Now were talking you Know Chuck Zito is a chicken he won't fight so block the truth
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I smackChuck Zito AROUND IN REAL LIFE so whats your point? I beat USA *** angels up Chuck Zito chickens out always
I want to rip Chuck Zito apart on TV so all the victims of USAhells angels see Justice served
damon Men fight 4pride I am willing to fight Chuck Zito any where any time for free or charity
Chuck Zito hides behind the *** angels name but chickens out of fighting when he cannot hide
Show the world How Chuck Zito really is a coward when he cannot put someone in front of him
Its time you man up and admit Chuck Zito is a coward and get on with your Life like a man
Chuck Zito is Coward the fight money is for *** angel. women & child victims stop BSing
I will beat Chuck Zito like a USA *** angels beating a women or child No Mercy at all
Damon I feel like Plucking Chuck Zito Now get that Italian chicken spaghetti eater to sign up
Like I said Chuck Zito represents the USA *** angels as he hides inthe flock scared to fight
Last time you said Chuck Zito would kick my *** I told you I smacked him around his hole life
Its time Chuck Zito backed up his bs . Chuck zito never apologed to the women &child Victims
Stop making excuses for chuck Zito. last time you set a fight up and Chuck chickened out
*** I am fighting sex offender *** angels lets not let Chuck Zito off the hook
Thats right Ryan unlike Chuck Zito I have no police record I beat up USA *** angels sex offenders & their supporters
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I hope you looked at this guys TWO profiles on here. He is completely obsessed with Chuck Zito, who was in Oz and Sons of Anarchy.
I don't care if chuck Zito is *** or not His gang is famous for victimizing women &children
don't it seem Chuck Zito is being treated like the Bosses girlfriend watch famous men compliment him over bit parts LOL
Damon offered Chuck Zito a fight with me all money to charity Chuck chicken out .
Chuck Zito s gang still votes registered sex offenders as gang leaders . Chuck was a gang leader also
alot of bikers think the body guard was a cover for a *** dating service since Chuck Zito cannot fight
Most Bikers think Chuck Zito sleep with rich hollywood men &paid his dues so thats Y all the fuss lately
Chuck Zito was a leader in a gang that promotes and supports registered sex offenders. Is that what you look up to ?
Chuck Zito being interviewed in his Chopt-up 3/4 Sleeve Leather Jacket.
He still got knock out by Chuck Zito...
Chuck Zito and Dave Navarro on is pretty awesome!
BTW Chuck Zito was on "Oz" and on Sons of Anarchy, beautiful handwriting for a man, seriously.
Ichabod also has great hair, but I have to disagree, he may have good handwriting but not compared to Chara or Chuck Zito's his is great too
Now on it’s Chuck Zito’s View LIVE! Call 888-STERN-101 to talk life, cars, martial arts and more with the Italian Bad …
Chuck Zito's View is excellent tonight with Dean Winters from Oz & the All State ads
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Right now on Sterns Network Sirius 101 is Chuck Zito's Radio Show with guest Dea...
2 years of fun, laughter, and unconditional Love!! Love you Chuck Zito!
I've been held at gunpoint at least twice in my life - check that, three times - and have endured a dozen hurricanes and tropical storms, sat in on several autopsies, counted 15 dead bodies inside St. Rita's Nursing Home, covered violent crime late at night in Newark and the Bronx, sparred with several accomplished boxers, landed on a flooded airstrip in the Bahamas aboard a 50-year-old prop transport, and flown with a jet aerobatic team that was trying to make me sick. However, my 90-second interview with Hollywood tough-guy Chuck Zito was more frightening than any of those other experiences. I almost soiled myself I was so frightened. Zito starred in the prison series "Oz," ran a bodyguard business, and once beat up the "Muscles from Brussels" - martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme. He served time for manslaughter and was the head of the *** Angels Motorcycle Gang in NYC for a time. Anyway, Zito went from about zero to 60 in about half a second when I asked him his age during an interview at the mass .. ...
I'm watching Chuck Zito compete on Chopped.what is my life...
. It's not my Aunt Tilly up on the big screen with Jason, it's Danny T aka Chuck Zito, thank You very much!
Chuck Zito greet fans at the 2nd Annual Boot Ride & Rally wearing his Red & White Chopt-up 3/4 Sleeve Leather Jacket
I have lived to pretty much see everything now. Chuck Zito is on Chopped! Please someone ask me who he is!
Chuck Zito said, 'it's better to be respected than feared.'...
. About me: Captain Ron A native of the windy city, Chicago Illinois, I relocated to Las Vegas Nv in 1978. And in the 90s I met world's greatest daredevil Kaptain Robbie Knievel and my life began to shift gears full throttle! As a skilled Union carpenter, I was instrumental in constructing the ramps for two of Robbie's record breaking jumps. The building To building jump at the Jockey Club in Las Vegas, Nv and the Grand Canyon Death Jump. Robbie later introduced me to Pamela Anderson on the set of V.I.P. in Las Vegas. Between the hype of Robbie's jumps, in the shadows of the limelight, and the thrill of meeting a famous actress, I decided to trade in my hammer and nails and pick-up a camera to pursue a career in event photography. My portfolio consists of major events such as, Las Vegas Centennial Celebration featuring a star studded spectacular entertainment line-up, including Las Vegas First Marathon, Las Vegas 100th Anniversary air show and Aviation Parade over the Las Vegas strip. Also the debut of Ro ...
Chuck Zito, former head of the *** s Angels motorcycle gang, when someone once asked him how tough was the hazing needed to become a member of the *** s Angels, and he said, it wasn't tough at all, because the Angels don't engage in hazing of prospective members. And why not? Because hazing is an essentially humiliating, demeaning behavior, and the Angels wanted their new members to feel good about being members, not to feel like they'd had to be humiliated as a price to pay for membership. What does that say about the mentality of team sports when the *** s Angels have the sense and decency to treat their new members with more dignity than athletes do their newbies?
Great time with Chuck Zito and friends at HomeFront screening. The movie was phenomenal!
Dressed as Sons of Accounting...ran into Chuck Zito at cool is that!
Hanging with Chuck zito.. cool guy. He told us secrets from SOA.. i don't watch it but now i can spoil it for all. ;)
Ray Longo and Chuck Zito are the same person, right?
Thats real HA,Chuck zito is there and he would not let anybody thats not HA have those cuts (
For bikers. 1. Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, 'Wow! What a Ride! -Hunter S. Thompson 2. People are like Motorcycles: each is customized a bit differently. - Unknown 3. Don't ride so late into the night that you sleep through the sunrise. - Unknown 4. Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight. - Unknown 5. Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone. - Unknown 6. Never mistake horsepower for staying power. - Unknown 7. If you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride. - Unknown 8. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed. - Unknown 9. Two-lane blacktop isn't a highway, it's an attitude. - Unknown 10. A motorcycle can't sing on the streets of a city. - Unknown 11. Keep your bike in good repair: Motorcycle boots are NOT comfortable for walking. - Unknown 12 ...
The list of people who graced the stage of Oz: Half of the Law and Order SVU team past and present, Kathryn Erbe of Law and Order CI, Edie Falco, LLCoolJ, Ernie Hudson, Chuck Zito, to name a few.
Early pic of Chuck Zito and the bike that was on Sons of Anarchy from the early 80's.
Hi Howard, you need to put Chuck Zito on every Monday. !
My friend Chuck Zito said it best on his show tonight, that me, The Bandit keeps America rolling cause our government diffently can't do it. That's what myself and all my trucking friends do is keep this country rolling because without us America would come to a screeching halt. God Bless Us Highway Outlaws.
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