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Chuck Zito

Charles Chuck Zito, Jr. (born March 1, 1953), is an Italian-American actor, amateur boxer, martial artist, celebrity bodyguard, stuntman, former boxing trainer and former president of the New York chapter of the Hells Angels.

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Chuck Zito said he would mention your name during commercial break if you sucked him off, u in?
Chuck Zito was in the hall after Wrap Up
took some time to talk and 'The Martial Arts Kid' with and Don The Dragon Wilson
Chuck "Frankie Diamonds" Zito from Sons of Anarchy signing an Easy Rider/SOA tank in his Chopt-up…
Ran into my good friend Chuck Zito..last night at the Bellator MMA!. Love this guy!
We would very much like to get in contact with Pat Lynch, Mike Sciarra and Chuck Zito. If anyone knows how to contact them please email us.
Chuck Zito Just friends with Pam Anderson and more fun with King Mo, Mark Coleman and More: . . .
you got to love the chicken Cloaca chuck Zito being complemented by a produce Dealer .ROTFLMAO
Damage Control Warning Warning Danger Chuck Zito automatic system alert close all vents Chuck Zito View has been compromised
good men out there- Chuck Zito, Rick Salomon, and Jesus Half Animal Villa just to name a few- men that are both-
I liked a video from Chuck Zito's View-07/23/14 P1
what semi famous actor/ fighter etc will Lick chuck Zito assonline the longest tonight & win a chance at licking
hey Mikey, we kno u h8 chuck zito,but how do u feel about former pitcher Barry Zito?
I'm mature? I'm not the one stalking chuck zito for years even tho he completely ignores u! So who's the immature one.
I think this loves because Chuck Zito wrote Son's of anarchy & won the Golf open
maybe to Racist white pedophiles chuck zito is a legend But hes just a racist scumbag to the rest.
hey can you get the chuck Zito show last night
"Pamela Anderson is she rebounding with chuck zito" on Rediff iShare
The chick tank top is awesome. I can't see a dude buying a t-shirt with a giant cat face. Unless he is a Chuck Zito bad ***
maybe you can explain to children listening how Leading a racist gang like Chuck Zito did ma…
chuck Zito show *** Please use that spot for something people like!
Chuck Zito's View will start at 7:10 tonight. Howard 101 Sirius Satellite Radio. Sorry for the delay,
Single Pamela Anderson now trying to re-kindle her romance with ex-flame Chuck Zito. Read -
bouncers have to protect Anderson when ChuckZito us around Watch … …
of the USA *** angels if Chuck got in a car with a rich man he probably stayed in LOL
LOL a Bouncer has to watch her being walked out by you because your just a Cloaca with a big mouth LOL
Los Angeles, July 13 Former "Baywatch" star Pamela Anderson, who has filed for divorce from Rick Solomon, is repo...
Pamela Anderson -- Is She Rebounding With Chuck Zito?!: Pamela Anderson is totally hooking up with Chuck Zito now that she's single .
Pamela Anderson seeks comfort from Chuck Zito one-week after filing for divorce.
This is How people Know Racist chuck Zito is a coward Men would put down you welcome him a Boyfriend ,
was chuck Zito dressed in Drag as one of the Runaways?
looks like chuck zito stole your idea. I think you need to hurt his feelings
Calling the Racist out to fight instead his fake accounts reply Chuck the cloacac Zito
I think Matel needs to make a Chuck Zito action figure with a Kung Fu grip. You look like superman here bro. Have a great night.
I am Not into talking I am into setting a real fight with Zito not talking about it
much love. prayers with Chuck zito and and the good folks in the USA.
Hogan & Chuck Zito hangin and bangin. Nash, Hogan & Torrie at the gun range. Hogan and Nash a Flair promo
People around the world are watching Racist USA hellsangel scared to sign a fight Chuck Zito Cloaca
I figure its Racist Pedophile white men in Hollywood thats pushuing Chuck Zito U can see he has …
I am calling RACIST chuck Zito out to fight racist pedophile support has gone to far
Chuck Zito just agree to fight me you coward and set a place I am not getting arrested showing up at an event your Baba ing at
this Song must be about racist chuck Zito the racist filthy fowl *** freak chicken head cloaca
If Chuck Zito blocked me for asking that I can only assume the answer is yes, and he is a method actor and that's why he's mad.
Tough guy & actor Chuck Zito is with THE MARTIAL ARTS KID Producer James Wilson to discuss the film. Might be some news coming.
With JK Simmons on "Growing Up Fisher" and on "Surviving Jack," who gets Chuck Zito to play the wacky neighbour?
Back in the day! 1996 AVA's Club was under the Beverly Center. Ava Fabian ran it. Chuck Zito was there. Pat the door man. Rick James was there. Who else was here that night? Michael Buffer
No I will Not do Naked Jui Jitsu with you Chuck Zito ! I WILL DO ANY THING TO FIGHT BUT I WON"T DO that. NO I won't do that !
No Chuck Zito U *** I will not do naked Jiu-Jitsu with U. I' ll do anything 2 fight BUT I won't do that stand & fight like man
Now go get a *** martial teachers to vogue for u all U want THE WORLD SEEs Chuck Zito Chicken in training not a FIGHTER ,
Chuck Zito Your not man enough to fight anyone alone your flock is not tough enough to intimate me. Swallow your pride ***
Chuck Zito *** angels everything about U screams *** & U calling out Baba to every man U meet says alot about U
Patch,Awesome love this guy,MLLHR&T to you from,,THE ROCK,you played the Best awesomeloved everypart of the movie-1 ,MLLHR&T to The Godfather,The American Legend,The Man,Sonny Barger and all who had part in makin this awesome movie,Chuck Zito too
UFC MMA Mixed MARTIAL ARTS Chuck Zito you call your men Ba Ba this is how anex usa *** angels sees men ?
I think chuck zito was or is a pres of HA in New York too. Funny what a tv show brings
The other nite got a chance to check out a friends latest movie ( he also went to Rush Henrietta for a while ) Chuck Zito was great in it. Would have like to see more of him. I bet there will be part ll to come. Check him out, you have seen alot of him in many movies & always working on some thing new. Chuck, all the best to you
On location for the next four days with Chuck Zito from Sons of Anarchy and the new James Franco movie Homefront.
Urijah has the heart of a fighter U Chuck Zito Rcoward gangbanger that hides in a flock as U pretend to b a fighter
George Fights Chuck Zito has always hid in a flock and chickened out of fighting Very contrasting personalities Not alike at all.
I'm in real tears over here! The old man ordered the chuck zito roast!
Which is your favorite Joseph Zito' movie?. Dolph Lundgren as Nikolai Rachenko in "Red Scorpion". Chuck Norris...
Chuck Zito and employee Jared Green loving new shifter and column in 38 Chev.Long term project moving along
Yeah. Chuck Zito used to be the president of the NY chapter. I saw him at UFC 159 in Newark last April
Meet Chuck Zito from Sons of Anarchy at The Bashful Bandit on Monday night!
So, there is a program on the Travel Channel called Bar Makeover, and The Bashful Bandit on E. Speedway is getting one this weekend. Celebrity security guard Chuck Zito will be there on Monday evening, when they will be filming the grand opening makeover of The Bashful Bandit with film crews and the Food Truck Roundup. Do you know where the Bashful Bandit is? Have you ever gone there?
Natalie Coughlin, Danica Patrick, Tiki Barber and Chuck Zito on Chopped. This ought to be interesting.
chuck zito the italian american SON OF ANARCHY
The Paint Kings Inc. will be Starring in a new TV show on the Travel Channel. American Roadhouse hosted by Chuck Zito is renovating The Bashful Bandit this weekend and we'll be painting it. So maybe were not starring in it but we will be on National Television for about 12 seconds in 2014. The bar reopens for the unveiling Monday night.
Brian Keith Austin could whip this Junker any day plus kick Chuck Zito's *** bring it to the NW Sissy boy
Chuck Zito is sponsored by badass mofo.
Homefront (2013) Steven Boone November 27, 2013 Sylvester Stallone can write entertaining formula action scripts like a demon, but he often hands them over to hack directors who don't know how to extract the pulp and the juice from them. On that score, "Homefront" is better than average. Gary Fleder directs Stallone's adaptation of the Chuck Logan novel like he gives a *** Maybe too much of a *** This is one loud, lip-smacking movie. The opening action sequence is a roaring collision of Paul Greengrass hyper-realism and Road Runner physics involving enough ammo to silence the Lord's Resistance Army, plus an undercover narc Jason Statham on an acrobatic Harley, his shoulder-length mullet wig flapping on the breeze. When the smoke clears, Phil Broker (Statham) is retired, sick of the narc's double-life, and off to a tiny Louisiana town to start fresh with his tween daughter Maddy (Izabela Vidovic). We wait patiently for the local redneck meth-heads to start messing with him, as promised in the movie's t ...
The latest from Chuck Zito (Starring in the movie HomeFront. Was on 5th Season of Sons of Anarchy. Was on HBO's OZ. Listen to my radio shows on Howard Stern's 101. New York / Hollywood
Chuck Zito came to New Roc the other, he was watching his own movie Homefront which also stars Jason Statham and James Franco.
A must see movie starring Jason Statham & Chuck Zito
Tonight on Sirius Satellite Radio listen to Chuck Zito's View on Howard Stern's 101 There's a lot to talk about. What happens in Vegas.,, Does not stay in Vegas! We'll talk about it tonight Don't miss it!
at the very least Chuck Zito should be made to apologize to every women & chil Victimized by his gang
thats why Chuck Zito is scared to fight he needs his face to keep the rich hollywood men interested in his ***
USA *** angels still vote registered sex offenders into leadership shows U what kind of scumbag Chuck Zito really is
Chuck Zito has been punking out of fights his whole life . Chuck Zito has no right to give fight opinions
ICYMI: Buck-N-Gator bar gets overhaul for TV reality show to be hosted by Chuck Zito -
Listen to Chuck Zito tomorrow from 7-8pm on Howard Sirius Radio 101. Chuck is so freaking cool and very hot!!
ryan what your doing is called Kissing Chuck Zito s *** like an Obsessed fan or a sex offender hellsangel gangmember
Ryan I beat up sex offender *** angels and sex offender supporters like chuck zito so U call it what ever you like
I agree to fight now all you have to do is agree chuck. You Understand Zito just agree to fight me U chicken
Chuck Zito no one is going to Buy your *** *** being a cooler do the can can and keep the rich men you already have happy
How come Chuck Zito never told the USA *** angels to stop allowing registered sex offenders into leadership ?
Now Chuck Zito what U made acting your whole life most men make in one or 2 years what other work has your *** done ?
Chuck Zito Most Bikers think you sleep with every rich Hollywood man to get your 2 bit parts Is that true Chuck?
Chuck Zito you and your gang are very Loyal to all the registered sex offenders in your gang whats that say about you You Punk?
I told Chuck Zito to speak up against *** angelsallowing sex offenders decades ago I blame U chuck for all the Victims since
Chuck Zito always watching a fight abd to scared to be in a fight. A True chicken head USA *** angel flock hiding coward
Chuck Zito & his gang use the media to pretend to be tough as they harm women & children all across the USA
Chuck Zito is just a flock member from a gang that still supports registered sex offenders.& U's approve
Chuck Zito go play naked wrestler with your fab *** famous pals because you cannot stand & fight like a man.
Chuck Zito your so *** just be U *** stop pretending to be me. I beat up the bad guys U dance for the richmen
Now were talking you Know Chuck Zito is a chicken he won't fight so block the truth
I smackChuck Zito AROUND IN REAL LIFE so whats your point? I beat USA *** angels up Chuck Zito chickens out always
I want to rip Chuck Zito apart on TV so all the victims of USAhells angels see Justice served
damon Men fight 4pride I am willing to fight Chuck Zito any where any time for free or charity
Chuck Zito hides behind the *** angels name but chickens out of fighting when he cannot hide
Show the world How Chuck Zito really is a coward when he cannot put someone in front of him
Its time you man up and admit Chuck Zito is a coward and get on with your Life like a man
Chuck Zito is Coward the fight money is for *** angel. women & child victims stop BSing
I will beat Chuck Zito like a USA *** angels beating a women or child No Mercy at all
Damon I feel like Plucking Chuck Zito Now get that Italian chicken spaghetti eater to sign up
Like I said Chuck Zito represents the USA *** angels as he hides inthe flock scared to fight
Last time you said Chuck Zito would kick my *** I told you I smacked him around his hole life
Its time Chuck Zito backed up his bs . Chuck zito never apologed to the women &child Victims
Stop making excuses for chuck Zito. last time you set a fight up and Chuck chickened out
*** I am fighting sex offender *** angels lets not let Chuck Zito off the hook
Thats right Ryan unlike Chuck Zito I have no police record I beat up USA *** angels sex offenders & their supporters
I hope you looked at this guys TWO profiles on here. He is completely obsessed with Chuck Zito, who was in Oz and Sons of Anarchy.
I don't care if chuck Zito is *** or not His gang is famous for victimizing women &children
don't it seem Chuck Zito is being treated like the Bosses girlfriend watch famous men compliment him over bit parts LOL
Damon offered Chuck Zito a fight with me all money to charity Chuck chicken out .
Chuck Zito s gang still votes registered sex offenders as gang leaders . Chuck was a gang leader also
alot of bikers think the body guard was a cover for a *** dating service since Chuck Zito cannot fight
Most Bikers think Chuck Zito sleep with rich hollywood men &paid his dues so thats Y all the fuss lately
Chuck Zito was a leader in a gang that promotes and supports registered sex offenders. Is that what you look up to ?
Chuck Zito being interviewed in his Chopt-up 3/4 Sleeve Leather Jacket.
He still got knock out by Chuck Zito...
Chuck Zito and Dave Navarro on is pretty awesome!
BTW Chuck Zito was on "Oz" and on Sons of Anarchy, beautiful handwriting for a man, seriously.
Ichabod also has great hair, but I have to disagree, he may have good handwriting but not compared to Chara or Chuck Zito's his is great too
Now on it’s Chuck Zito’s View LIVE! Call 888-STERN-101 to talk life, cars, martial arts and more with the Italian Bad …
Chuck Zito's View is excellent tonight with Dean Winters from Oz & the All State ads
Right now on Sterns Network Sirius 101 is Chuck Zito's Radio Show with guest Dea...
2 years of fun, laughter, and unconditional Love!! Love you Chuck Zito!
I've been held at gunpoint at least twice in my life - check that, three times - and have endured a dozen hurricanes and tropical storms, sat in on several autopsies, counted 15 dead bodies inside St. Rita's Nursing Home, covered violent crime late at night in Newark and the Bronx, sparred with several accomplished boxers, landed on a flooded airstrip in the Bahamas aboard a 50-year-old prop transport, and flown with a jet aerobatic team that was trying to make me sick. However, my 90-second interview with Hollywood tough-guy Chuck Zito was more frightening than any of those other experiences. I almost soiled myself I was so frightened. Zito starred in the prison series "Oz," ran a bodyguard business, and once beat up the "Muscles from Brussels" - martial artist Jean Claude Van Damme. He served time for manslaughter and was the head of the *** Angels Motorcycle Gang in NYC for a time. Anyway, Zito went from about zero to 60 in about half a second when I asked him his age during an interview at the mass .. ...
I'm watching Chuck Zito compete on Chopped.what is my life...
. It's not my Aunt Tilly up on the big screen with Jason, it's Danny T aka Chuck Zito, thank You very much!
Chuck Zito greet fans at the 2nd Annual Boot Ride & Rally wearing his Red & White Chopt-up 3/4 Sleeve Leather Jacket
I have lived to pretty much see everything now. Chuck Zito is on Chopped! Please someone ask me who he is!
Chuck Zito said, 'it's better to be respected than feared.'...
. About me: Captain Ron A native of the windy city, Chicago Illinois, I relocated to Las Vegas Nv in 1978. And in the 90s I met world's greatest daredevil Kaptain Robbie Knievel and my life began to shift gears full throttle! As a skilled Union carpenter, I was instrumental in constructing the ramps for two of Robbie's record breaking jumps. The building To building jump at the Jockey Club in Las Vegas, Nv and the Grand Canyon Death Jump. Robbie later introduced me to Pamela Anderson on the set of V.I.P. in Las Vegas. Between the hype of Robbie's jumps, in the shadows of the limelight, and the thrill of meeting a famous actress, I decided to trade in my hammer and nails and pick-up a camera to pursue a career in event photography. My portfolio consists of major events such as, Las Vegas Centennial Celebration featuring a star studded spectacular entertainment line-up, including Las Vegas First Marathon, Las Vegas 100th Anniversary air show and Aviation Parade over the Las Vegas strip. Also the debut of Ro ...
Chuck Zito, former head of the *** s Angels motorcycle gang, when someone once asked him how tough was the hazing needed to become a member of the *** s Angels, and he said, it wasn't tough at all, because the Angels don't engage in hazing of prospective members. And why not? Because hazing is an essentially humiliating, demeaning behavior, and the Angels wanted their new members to feel good about being members, not to feel like they'd had to be humiliated as a price to pay for membership. What does that say about the mentality of team sports when the *** s Angels have the sense and decency to treat their new members with more dignity than athletes do their newbies?
Great time with Chuck Zito and friends at HomeFront screening. The movie was phenomenal!
Dressed as Sons of Accounting...ran into Chuck Zito at cool is that!
Hanging with Chuck zito.. cool guy. He told us secrets from SOA.. i don't watch it but now i can spoil it for all. ;)
Ray Longo and Chuck Zito are the same person, right?
Thats real HA,Chuck zito is there and he would not let anybody thats not HA have those cuts (
For bikers. 1. Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, 'Wow! What a Ride! -Hunter S. Thompson 2. People are like Motorcycles: each is customized a bit differently. - Unknown 3. Don't ride so late into the night that you sleep through the sunrise. - Unknown 4. Sometimes it takes a whole tankful of fuel before you can think straight. - Unknown 5. Riding faster than everyone else only guarantees you'll ride alone. - Unknown 6. Never mistake horsepower for staying power. - Unknown 7. If you don't ride in the rain, you don't ride. - Unknown 8. A bike on the road is worth two in the shed. - Unknown 9. Two-lane blacktop isn't a highway, it's an attitude. - Unknown 10. A motorcycle can't sing on the streets of a city. - Unknown 11. Keep your bike in good repair: Motorcycle boots are NOT comfortable for walking. - Unknown 12 ...
The list of people who graced the stage of Oz: Half of the Law and Order SVU team past and present, Kathryn Erbe of Law and Order CI, Edie Falco, LLCoolJ, Ernie Hudson, Chuck Zito, to name a few.
Early pic of Chuck Zito and the bike that was on Sons of Anarchy from the early 80's.
Hi Howard, you need to put Chuck Zito on every Monday. !
My friend Chuck Zito said it best on his show tonight, that me, The Bandit keeps America rolling cause our government diffently can't do it. That's what myself and all my trucking friends do is keep this country rolling because without us America would come to a screeching halt. God Bless Us Highway Outlaws.
Now on it's the world according to on Chuck Zito's View! Call 888-STERN-101
Coming up on Chuck Zito is back w/ an all new LIVE show at 7p EST followed by the at 10p. Call 888-STERN-101
Today on Chuck Zito returns at 7p EST with an all new LIVE show. Also, Leiberman Live @ 5p & @ 10p Call 888-STERN-101
Great car show and fantastic weather yesterday... 70 degrees October 20th... Yeah baby ... Chillin with Chuck Zito... Actor and former *** Angels leader... Chuck and I worked together on the movie Taking of Pelham 123... Several years back .. He's a really nice guy
WOW thanks to Chuck Zito 4 recommending this GREAT DOCU RIP GATTI
I had a dream last night that Chuck Zito got his arm chopped off and the they used me, all of me as a replacement and sowed me on where his arm used to be. Weird!
The Muscle of Brussels aka Knocked out Cold by Chuck Zito? Apparently JCVS: The Movie was acclaimed. Kid should know
I'm watching this Chopped athletes episode for Chuck Zito, but Tiki Barber is also hot & playing for the Fresh Air Fund which i love
Omg~ Chuck Zito..we was talking about how drinking helps us feel better! I feel like im dying over here! It will be a long time before I ever drink again!
I spent most of the drive telling my kids about Mike Tyson and Chuck Zito. No consensus on who would win in a fight.
Its for throwback, Thursday this is one of my daughter's favorite picture's she has in her room of me. Late 1980's, maybe early 1990's Big hair was in. This was for I believe Iron horse, magazine or Harley Davidson, can't remember with Chuck Zito if anyone knows who he is.
hope your on air tomorrow Chuck Zito
Hanging out at the Comic Com with Johnny from Brighton Collision and his 1995 Batmobile, Chuck Zito, Joey Caldwell and Kevin. Yes. We said hello to Hulk Hogan and the other WWE Wrestlers
I will be on 98 rock tomorrow morning talking shogun fights and about filming an episode of a tv show with Chuck Zito.
I want a father/son buddy comedy starring Chuck Zito and Abe Vigoda.
Damon Feldman Chuck Zito proves that Chicken head USA *** angels flock leaders take flight rather the fight
Chuck Zito the Big headed Cartoon looking fagot
A legend chuck zito with some wanna be's
Frankie Diamonds, aka Chuck Zito with Mark, Myra & Theo. Sons of Anarchy Premier
I'll make Chuck Zito cry like women or child USA *** angels victim he is a flock coward not a fighter he is a faker
Chuck Zito really cool guy, that's all I can say about that for the moment...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Don't make broad statements about the broad give some examples of chick Chuck Zito being strait up
Clown I just lol at Chuck ZIto's cartoon *** looks I don't care if he is .
Clown Idon't care if Chuck Zito is *** its sexoffender supporthis gang does
Yet it seems TV men suspected of being *** by everyone surround Chuck Zito
Mike Yevtuck Just made chuck Zito chicken out of fighting again Clown
This is the World's Sexiest Voice? Sounds like Chuck Zito talking softly so as not to wake up people in the house.
, I got a sexier voice n is that chuck zito
strait up did U ever ask Chuck Zito Y USA *** angels as a flock are still supporting registered sex offenders in prison ?
Chuck Zito speak up about the USA *** angels still holding Registered sex offender fund raisers it has to end .
I never beat Chuck Zito bad I slapped him around he chickens out like he just did now.
Xpac man don't run your mouth if you don't want to fight me. If you not dating Chuck Zito let him fight for himself
I want to make Chuck Zito feel the pain of the women & child USA *** angel victims
Mike Yevtuck is ready to fight come on chicken head chuck Zito agree to fight me
why won't Chuck Zito speak up against his gangs sex offender supporting ?
Chuck Zito can't hide behind the USA *** angels name with me they hide from me
didn't you hear me agree I will fight Chuck Zito do you understyand that??
Lets just get Chuck Zito to agree to fight me . its stand up feet fist elbows knees
lets stop the BS Chuck Zito has never been in a street fight in his HOLE life
Chuck Zito won't speak against registered sex offender USA *** angels Y should he speak at all?
I just do what I always do and Chuck Zito is just chickening out making excuses like he always did
Then ask Chuck Zito why he won't speak up about USA *** angels registered sex offenders ?
Chuck Zito Is that the first time you were in Howards Sterns seat with out being on his lap ? do U wear his cloths
Geraldo don't need the opinion of a coward like Chuck Zito who hid in a flock of freaks his HOLE life
Chuck Zito is a coward and punk . USA *** angels Vote registered sex offenders as leaders in USA
What was Dice gonna do burn him with UNlit cigarette? The diff is Tom doesnt claim 2 be Chuck Zito like Dice does
Chuck Zito is in my car right now and is very upset...
Chuck Zito has knocked him out in the past lol
Always nice seeing a good friend If you dont know this man Chuck Zito, look him up.…
A friend and I once walked into a pizzeria which had just opened in my neighborhood. The walls were over-cluttered with various bric-a-brac, for example a bass guitar autographed by Chuck Zito. We approached the counter where there stood a tall fat middle aged man dressed like a teenager from the early nineties, and with his white hair gelled up into spikes. I asked if he could recommend anything in particular, and he said: "The plain slice... Insane! The pepperoni... INSANE! The pineapple ham... Insane... The white pizza... ALSO insane! The thin crust... INSANE! The Sicilian... uh... Insane? The fresh mozzarella and basil... Insane!" So we just left.
From Chuck Zito: "This event supports the wonderful work the talented Emily C. A. Snyder (who just directed my play "Girls Gone Wilde," a semi finalist at the Manhattan Repertory Fall One Act Festival. I'm going. Join me. It's going to be a great evening! (seriously - she is amazing.)" Chuck is a wonderful playwright and dear friend. And because of him, the gala will have chocolate. :)
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I hope to be half as cool as Chuck Zito, when I grow up.
In the 2weeks we have been in L.A. now I have seen twice X-Zibit (one time when I had my crash), Frances Bean Cobain when shopping at Sephora, Chuck Zito at the Rainbow (I sat next to him, he was super sweet), Cristopher Masterson( Francis from Malcom in the middle) at Berlin curry-Wurst sitting down next to me and today (he let us get out from our parking spot) Ron Pearlman! 3 more weeks to go!
So if one, or two, or a handful of guys sells drugs for their own personal gain and profit who just so happens to be a member of the *** Angels Motorcycle Club, we want that same consideration. - Chuck Zito(Celebrity) Posted using Quotes of Authors:
spent an amazing day with friends at the San Gennaro Festival on the Jimmy Kimmel "LIVE" Outdoor Main Stage with friends Raynald La Rochelle Tamas Birinyi Joe Osborn Simon Malak Steve Waddington Emilio Baglioni Yvette Lopez Karen Ostin Maria & Destiny Saxtay Chuck Zito & Vinny Cecere ... we ate so many meatballs, sausages, connoli, pasta, pizza, Italian ices, grapes, cheeses and espresso, thank God this Festival is only in Los Angeles once a year! lol
cover photo is me , Thomas, and chuck zito
cmon Zito. No...Not Chuck Zito. Barry Zito. Last start in his Giants' career. Pitch well, flummox the dogs, and in your last act of defiance, on the last pitch your throw, bean Puig! No...not Monica Puig. FB keeps flashing these pics of famous people with those same last names.
Chuck Zito with Joan Jett!! I remember she use to play the parties late 80's early 90's.
No Cup race today so getting my fix by watching DVRd ep of w/ Laughing at Chuck Zito's use of marshmallow.
Hanging with chuck zito and my new pal.Angelina.
Tiki Barber and Chuck Zito don't have any business being in the Chopped kitchen.
lol.. think Food Network made up the whole "Chuck Zito - MMA fighter" thing because they didn't want to label him a wiseguy ;-)
Hanging with my friend chuck zito...perfect shirt
Did Chuck Zito make it to the second round because the judges were too scared to cut him first?
Chopped with Danica, Natalie Coughlin, Tiki and CHUCK ZITO, yes please.
In what universe does Chuck Zito qualify as a sports star?
Okay now Chuck Zito is pouring lemon lime Gatorade on top of his candied peanut raw kale salad.
Man, even if you don't like Chopped, this week's is worth it to see Chuck Zito try to cook. "I just put some peanuts on top of the kale."
Chuck Zito on chopped is hilarious. He just drizzled Gatorade over salmon and kale. Priceless.
did you know Chuck Zito is on Chopped tonight! Wow SOA can get you everywhere! Gotta be Chuckies Chili !
Chuck Zito is on tonight's I thought Adebisi ran the kitchen.
I defended television as a medium earlier and I'm watching Chopped with Chuck Zito right now.
Natalie Coughlin and Chuck Zito are the other two. Chuck Zito has never cooked salmon before
The DVR is set on channel 42 ,10 o'clock Pacific time for the show chopped tonight's guest Chuck Chuck Zito,,,...
Surprised to see Chuck Zito is on the show Chopped on Food Network. Waiting for him to chop somebody, in half...
The funny thing is I bet Chuck Zito has a great protein powder cake recipe.
Chuck Zito, Outside: "Nah she wasn't hogging the microwave" Inside "I gotta check that footage..."
Chuck Zito's going to win because the judges are afraid to tell him he lost.
Food Network's will come down to and Natalie Coughlin. Chuck Zito has no chance
I'm behind on this episode, but Tiki & Chuck Zito obviously have NO desire to win their charity any money!
Chuck Zito just tossing that chocolate marshmallow on his entree is one of the most hilarious moments ever.
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The best thing about Tiki getting chopped was that Chuck Zito beat him. CHUCK ZITO.
Candy is too holy to mess with for Chuck Zito.
Watching Chopped on Food Network, and I see Chuck Zito cooking, AND he has made it past the first round! Wow.
Chuck Zito on Chopped? If i was judging, no matter how good or bad his food is, he getting my vote. Yes Mr. Zito, this raw potato is great.
The potatoes are gonna hurt Chuck Zito!
Is this the sort of role model to put on a celebrity Chopped episode for charity ?
“I lost the TV battle to my roommate watching some dumb tattoo show. 😑” Tell them Chuck Zito has tats.
I love how Chuck Zito was just nodding his head like "Smart move"
Totally thought Chuck Zito was going to get Chopped. I think the judges were scared.
ditto - I'd be super nervous to chop Chuck Zito - but he seems like a nice guy!
Chuck Zito on the cooking channel making Salmon and Kale with tomatoes, what the *** is going on.
“Chuck Zito has to be out Agreed. You tell him.
Frankie Diamonds, aka Chuck Zito & Happy, aka David LaBrava version of the Sons of Anarchy poster
Lets be serious for a minute. Buffer looks like a younger Chuck Zito..but Zito is way cooler. Plus I got Kampman winning. U?
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Zito's view
I liked a video from Chuck Zito Interview at Sonny Bargers House
Meeting Chuck Zito again after all these years was da best, great stories, the best guy..
Barry Zito might as well be Chuck Zito when he takes the mound.
Pssh. If anyone thinks Steven Seagal could take Chuck Zito, they should be in charge of pay-per-view programming.
No idea where Guam is but I can tell u Chuck Zito &Luis Guzman are only actors to appear in both Carlito's Way & Carlito's Way:Rise to Power
I added a video to a playlist Tribute to Chuck Zito & Friends
Chuck zito's street survival school. ...I'll just repeat that ...chuck zito's street survival school
Getting new Tiger & Dragon Tattoo on outer forearm. Logo for Chuck Zito' Street Survival School
I favorited a video from Tribute to Chuck Zito & Friends
Hi Chuck Zito!! I think u should recommend to to choose for his wildcard on
TRust me Ismack Chuck Zito around the way *** angels smack children around. are U scared of thepunk ?
women & children are still being victimized By Chuck Zito's gang and your not helping the problem Tom
Chuck Zito. Very cool guy. He knocked out Jean Claude Van Damme in his prime.
U think Chuck Zito is a coward that should speak up about *** angels supporting registered sex offenders
Met Chuck Zito today and he mentioned his work with you in NY. Any sponsored/approved gyms in Charlotte, NC? Txs.
There's probably about 150 charters in the world. We're the biggest international club there is. ~ Chuck Zito
Walking out of the Ballantyne and ran into the incomparable Chuck Zito. Great guy!
only if Scott ferrall and chuck zito can do the interviews backstage
Martial arts should be pure & practiced by Honorablemen for honarable reasons U should not parade around acoward like Chuck Zito
The correct and only response to JC Van Damme is Chuck Zito
Itsimportant to letgangmember cowards like Chuck Zito know Ucare
cool so please don't make cowards like Chuck Zito who helps promote registered sex offenders to be a hero he should speak out
I beat up *** angels registered sex offenders and the punk that support them . whats your purpose sucking up to chuck Zito ?
Ask Chuck Zito if i smacked him around many times like a *** angels beating his child victims. Ask the coward to fight me
Hey big mouth do you support cowards like chuck Zito who are scared to fight against *** angels sex offenders .
mad random Chuck Zito from Sons of Anarchy & oz lol
Chuck Zito should speak up against Registered sex offender *** angels being supported
If USA *** angels intimidate or harm your family Contact me I beat punks like Chuck Zito up
Well at the UFC presser I got a glove signed by Cain and a picture with Chuck Zito. All in all I'd say this has been a swell day.
Camera broken on phone. 😢 But I do see Chuck Zito and Crazy Bob Cook.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Chuck Zito is so intimidating, he made the camera shake in fear. Now the pic is blurry.
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Zito Shows Off His Sons of Anarchy Harley W101312
questions :U think Chuck Zito knowns every *** UFC fighter? U think *** A registered sex offenders support should be legal
do you approve of cowards like Chuck Zito who spend their life hiding in a flock pretdning they are tough?
chuck Zito the chicken cloaca wap used to hide behind his flock now he hides behind security at public events. Agree to fight me
Yo chicken cloaca Chuck Zito are you ready to agree to fight me or U still want to hide behind security like a coward? just agree
Chuck Zito U rat coward no1 is going to walk in a public place & get arrested beating your *** & security will stop it anyway
The link you DM'ed says Chuck zito... do you have Lieberman Live at 5?
How about another fight in Millville?? Haa who coming? LMS
I decided to stop drinking Chuck Zito inspired me
💃Luv you & Luv my new tshirt ❤ " Chuck Zito responsible for more blackouts than Con Edison " ✨
Looking forward to hanging with some old friends tonight with Thomas J Smith, Chuck Zoeller, Chuck Howard, and Mike Zito
Me malignaggi and chuck zito OG the people know who really won sat night!!! Brooklyn stand up
Chuck Zito... is there any biker show you're not in?
hey is Chuck Zito show still on 101? if so when dear?
Modern day *** Journal entry 1: Well.I go back to my earliest memories (I am Psycho analyzing myself...picture me laying down on a couch with me sitting on a chair next to the couch asking myself questions).yes...weird. OK, my earliest childhood friend...Sal Sal Marchese.growing up..two Italian kids running around Elmont and Franklin remember Sal? We had that bicycle gang."the DareDevils".we based this off.what.the film."Lords of Flatbush"! Guess what Sal.they were *** yup *** Hence, us acting in this fashion.made us *** Now.your this tough Harley Davidson guy.riding your "hog".please Dude.your still role playing our child never got off the not a Harley Guy.your a Harley *** Yes, they exist.look it up. Thank you for supporting me in my development of becoming who I am fellow *** I have more stories.but I will spare all but believe me...this guy is a ***
Coming soon to Headrush. New Chuck Zito shirt. Honor, Respect, Loyalty. Go to Front of shirt
When I get some vacation time I'm always excited to take in some concerts. I was able to make a couple shows last week when Mike Zito & the Wheel visited Canal House Wednesday and Peter Frampton brought his Guitar Circus tour to Columbus on Thursday.
Was Chuck Zito the best heavyweight fighter in the ring last night?
Chuck Zito in Locker Room with Tito watching him get ready for
why is pancama Chuck Zito always coming out with Fighters
With all the Celebs at work tonight. I get most excited for a reporter from The MLB Network
No One mentioned Paulie had the jinx (Chuck Zito) walk him out.Nobody has ever won a fight when Zito walks out with a fighter
Broner is a pile of hot garbage..I'd pay real money to see Chuck Zito smack him with a folding chair..
Ok Chuck Zito.$12 bucks headed your way if you fly across the ring and KO Broner!
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