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Chuck Todd

Charles David “Chuck” Todd (born April 8, 1972 in Miami, Fla.) is an American journalist, Chief White House Correspondent and political director for NBC News, and contributing editor to Meet the Press.

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Bernie Sanders dismissed Chuck Todd snark & schools him on Medicare for all (VIDEO)
Chuck Todd today equated Bernie Sanders with Steve Bannon. The insurance lobby is in full attack mode!
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Todd of NBC & Mitch Landrieu on removing Monuments from the
Nomiki is wrong. Sanders voted yea on the bill before it had the assault weapons ban.
I think they both wonderfully bright just like Joy or Ali velshur. Chuck Todd and Chris at 8 I'm h…
Anyone have Chuck Todd's number? We want to suggest some questions.
are u filling in for chuck todd today on MTP Daily
Really enjoyed hearing and speak at Very thought provoking!
Mo USSen will join NBC's Chuck Todd on Sunday's Meet the Press.
Analysis: Chuck Todd tried to interview 70 Republicans about Trump and Charlottesville. They all declined.
.the so-called political referee, can't call a foul on Antifa violence
Guy in my class who wears a 'Reagan/Bush '84' shirt, camo cargo shorts, a snapback, camo crocs and looks and sounds like Chuck Todd
Chuck Todd "so dishonest in his ratings" (12/25/2015)
Does anyone actually take Chuck Todd seriously? he's certainly not a journalist but a Liberal De…
So Chuck Todd, Johnny Manziel, and Ryan Lochte sit down at a bar.who's the biggest
Chuck Todd always disrespectful to PresTrump. Find one time Chuck didn't grovel to obama and clinton.
Better yet, ask Chuck Todd to show you my medical papers. He's been sheepishly quiet.
After first promoting Antifa, silent since their Berkeley riot and bipartisan condemnation
I definitely care what Chuck Todd thinks
Opinion piece from the Probably a bunch of garba…
A packed out crowd last night to see Chuck Todd, Katrice Hardy, and Bob Inglis for the…
Chuck Todd "sleepy absolute joke of a reporter" (10/08/2012)
Yep. Normalizing violence is no game. . Gainor to NBC's Chuck Todd on Antifa Violence: 'You Own it'
NBC's Chuck Todd refuses to wear flag pin -
Chuck Todd can I put him in there, I will pay any amount that's required to let me turn that handle with him in there ht…
Thank you for watching chuck todd, your daily visits are much appreciated
Greenville News reporter is live at Furman with Chuck Todd.
NBC's Chuck Todd: Day without illegals is 'stupid' -
Chuck Todd: August proves to be a cruel month for Trump:
Ugh: Watch Chuck Todd offer no challenge at all as Antifa backer justifies group's violent methods
After promoting Antifa as a reasonable force, so QUIET since their Berkeley riot and Pelosi disavowal.
Hardly anyone showed up for work today, Andrea Mitchell, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, Nicolle Wallace, Rachel Maddow. What gives?
Chuck Todd "sleepy of the dumbest voices in politics" (08/09/2013)
Chuck Todd and the panel getting real. What is the power of being local on the national dialogue?
Dr. Danielle Vinson moderates the panel, Chuck Todd, Katrice Hardy, & Bob Inglis as they discuss Alternative Facts…
How do we know Trump's press conference went well? Take a look at CNN's response: Chuck Todd is literally shaking & Tap…
I will never forget when Chuck Todd complained about Hillary "going negative" when she warned of Trump's association with…
James you need to make Chuck Todd see this & listen to it
Chuck Todd, McMaster,Google all have something in common, they like to purge the Higgins & Jame…
I'll never get over Chuck Todd saying that “Hillary Clinton was at times, even, you could argue, overprepared.”
. Chuck Todd is becoming the new Brian Williams!. Delusional & liar pants
Chuck Todd thinks Abel Maldonado comes from San Diego and Ashley Swearingen has never seen a cow in h…
Trump has a REPUBLICAN base, it's not a Reagan Democrat thing... Chuck Todd, people like that? Wonks? Got it all screwed up
Chuck Todd or Brian Stelter, not though he took advantage of my nephew De'quan's butt.
"STUPID IS as STUPID does", and Chuck Todd is the poster boy.
Kind of like Barry did when forcing them to take *** kids? Oh wait...STFU Chuck Todd
Which is why we turned off Greta, will never watch Hugh Hewitt & are lukewarm on Hillary haters like Andrea Mitchell & Chuck Todd
Shouldn't be too hard. Chuck Todd already has his mouth open for first bj. Andrea Mitchell's next. Loved Trump a…
Chuck Todd: Yes, Trump's attacks on his Justice Department are a huge problem:
Maybe her Chris Wallace and Shepherd Smith and Chuck Todd can start there own show ratings will stil…
Thank You. I've been saying that. Velshi on 3 times, Katy Tur some days 2-3 times. Chuck Todd on 6days. Why not Joy
Let's not forget the 24 hour coverage of him last summer.little late. Chuck Todd, Andrea…
It *** having to change channels when Shep Smith the Chuck Todd of Fox comes on. He hates Trump. Rice did l…
. I'm watching you at Chuck Todd's can you please bring this up.
Chuck Todd is a PR consultant for the DNC and he worked for far-left Tom Harkin. NBC is a (D) freak show. ZERO cr…
Former CIA Director John Brennan tells Chuck Todd that the White House leaks of classified information are "appalling."
Do you really think Chuck Todd believes any of the crap that flows out of his mouth ponder that!!
I guess the civility Chuck Todd was asking for doesn't extend to the Senate Minority Leader?
Chuck Todd's wife was an aide to Sen. Tom Harkin.
. Chuck Todd is not an employee of MSNBC so much as a MINION. Not unlike Andrea Mitchell. It is NO ACCIDEN…
I'll tell them that a woman ran against this monstrous man and what Chuck Todd did was criticize that woman for being "o…
Always was afraid to say this. Chuck Todd. Lindsey Graham. Paul Ry…
Chuck Todd: White House is running a war on truth
Chuck Todd of NBC says Republican voters are ignorant, unlike those brilliant Marxists on his side.
Chuck Todd is a moron. Google his analysis of the 2nd pres debate. NBC, nonstop bs channel w Todd, Kelly and Williams.
Chuck Todd calls out "toxic stew" in wake VA shooting via FU u have more blame than me u bernie bros
Jason Miller looks like Chuck Todd's evil twin.
When it comes to guns, Chuck Todd refers to the Gospel According to David Broder.
So is Chuck Todd calling out NBC and Megyn Kelly for interviewing the hate mongering Alex Jones?Put your m…
Chuck Todd preaches to audience about civility while his network promotes two most hate-filled morons, Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones
Yes I'm sure the D.C. shooting is the fault of Chuck Todd, Kathy Griffin, and Julius Cae…
If Megyn Kelly were Chuck Todd or Geo Steph or any male anchor she'd be lauded for landing this interview w…
Does that mean I can sue Chuck Todd, Gayle King, Joy Behar ect..?
Kelly was welcomed with open arms by Lester Holt, Matt Lauer, Chuck Todd at press event last month. _NBC wants this_.
Comey-Trump timeline: Chuck Todd explains everything you need to know in less than two minutes https:…
The press does not recognize what is at stake. Chuck Todd is a ghost who lives in another dimension.
domain names
Chuck Todd was schooled this morning by EPA Director Scott Pruitt. Todd should ask questions & not at…
Absolutely true. I watched Chuck Todd on MTPD who downplayed misogyny. Irritated me. Mike Steele had good comments.
Just in.Unnamed Sources. MSNBC'S Chuck Todd and Fox News Juan Williams having in affair.Going on 2 years.
Chuck Todd and the MSM are STILL pushing the fake news Russian narrative...
This fantasy of both parties are the same b* either it's Joe Scarborough or Chuck Todd they are…
Chuck Todd maybe you need to be concern with when the next Media person going to be body slam by a Republican. Get off Democrats ***
The person to fire at MSNBC is Chuck Todd.
But folks, he works for Andy Lack, Chuck Todd, and Noah Oppenheim. Understandably afraid of condem…
Chuck Todd would do well to have Brian Williams show him the techniques that won him the Olympic gold medal in Grec…
NBC Sunday ratings reach all time high as General Flynn gives Chuck Todd the Stone Cold stunner.
Me too.. I can stomach Chuck Todd & Brian Williams but she just doesn't work.
I'm not missing Chuck Todd, wishing him to hit much harder, to be more thorough calling the order of investigation,…
Between Anderson Cooper, Bill Maher, Chuck Todd, and Rachel Maddow its impossible to tell the difference between...
Next time Chuck Todd has Graham on he should stop asking stupid Qu.s Graham is ripe w/ obstruction.
Chris Jansing takes over for Chuck Todd who has a previous commitment interviewing Laura Bush.
NBC's Chuck Todd demands uniting with African Union to stop Trump -
Mr Speaker I hope you watched Foxnews Sunday Chris Wallace is worse than Chuck Todd wolf bli…
should start White House Sunday news w Pres Donald J Trump !! It's past time so we don't have to listen to Chuck Todd
Chuck Todd, and is a joke! They shouldn't be allowed into the White House again! They don't want to report r…
He is worse than Chuck Todd wolf blitzer Anderson Cooper George stepehnopolus
Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie, Chuck Todd on Today continuously circle jerking about Comey. Pathetic.
Chuck Todd has earned my derision for this same reason. Don't become
Chuck Todd to Trump spokesman: 'Why are you creating a reality that does not exist?'
Trust no one with 2 first names (Chuck Todd, Paul Ryan). OTOH, people with 2 last names, like former NFL player Lincoln Kennedy, are golden.
Don't like the daytime news. Love Steve Kornaki, Chuck Todd. CAN'T STAND Greta. LOVE Mattews,…
John, Chuck Todd, Joe S, et al, might as well all be on FOX. Softballs
NBC's Chuck Todd says Trump is plotting an intentional oil spill at DAPL -
Chuck Todd gets Roger Stone to admit he's been a source for National Enquirer stories in the past.
Chuck Todd looks like a Junior High Girls' Volleyball Coach who is a little too invested in his team.
Chuck Todd, the Carrot Top of NBC news personalities. With apologies to Carrot Top.
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Anita Dunn is my new fav~ Clinton surrogate gave Chuck Todd a tongue-lashing over coverage
Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith walk into a bar... Bartender: What'll ya have?. Chuck and Shep: A Shirley Temple...two straw…
Remember when Chuck Todd said Hillary Clinton was "overprepared"?
Chuck Todd is wrong when says the Dems changed the rules first. There is no precedence for not giving a hearing to a supreme ct nominee.
Pat Leahy whines with Chuck Todd as they cannot accept to this date that the scu…
ICYMI: NBC’s Chuck Todd mercilessly grills Chuck Schumer over his blatant hypocrisy to block Neil Gorsuch
‘That’s an absurd question’: Mitch McConnell melts down as Chuck Todd grills him for blocking Merrick Garland
Schipp: "We've found nothing to implicate Trump on Russia.". Chuck Todd: "Trump is a lame duck because of Russia scandal."…
Chuck Todd may as well be Osama Bin Ladin when it comes to his love of America.
But Ms. Suhler, Chuck Todd and Jehmu Greene maintain it is a "fact" that Russia "meddled" in the election. Right.
Chuck Todd is the epitome of a real news person. Akin to Dan Rather or Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings. He will never be a Tucker or Hannity
Chuck todd is a *** stick *** retard trump is doing a bang up job but media keeps pushing bullsh…
"The buck stops with Chuck Todd" is a less than inspiring Presidential philosophy.
Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd keeps pushing Russian narrative which was proven Fake by FBI & Clapper. Why not talk about Obama surv…
Chuck Todd: "Tonight I'm obsessed with reminding people that politics is the art of the possible, not the art of the idea… featured in NBC s Science of Love
Give Chuck Todd a chance, I am guessing he might cover how your White House laundered evidence through…
Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and NBC Fake News will never talk about Obama's illegal spying or all the Clinton-Russia ties!
The name calling "president's" latest is Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd. I think name calling will be his legacy as a so called p…
People who live in crass houses should not throw slurs.
I'm no fan of Chuck Todd's but you probably shouldn't make fun of someone else's appearance. Your mouth looks like…
Trump tells "Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd" and NBC to stop covering Russia story
Chuck Todd is part of the bias media that's hurting America. Journos must report facts and leave out there own opinion
Five times *45 insulted Chuck Todd's eyes. The acts like a child. Something happened in his life to stunt his mat…
Trump childishly attacks chuck todd for 'sleepy eyes' , making millions wonder, why we got a
While her husband is attacking ' Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd I wonder if Melania is still focusing on the cyber bullying campaign…
Our POTUS thinks "Sleepy Eyes" is a good nickname for Chuck Todd. Which nickname would've been better?.
Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd?There he goes again folks, the usual weekly distraction from the fact that he COLLUDED with Putin to…
"Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd". Which reminds me, when is going to start her anti-bullying campaign?
Why are you such an *** to other people? Think about your words. His name is Chuck Todd-Inappropriate name calling
When will Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd and start talking about the Obama SURVEILLANCE SCANDAL and stop with the Fak…
Sleepy eyes Chuck Todd says Trump is on the Brink of 'Lame Duck' Presidency 😂😂😂
Might consider if media will say you lied about Sleepy 👀's on Chuck Todd? They'll say he just has heavy forehead.
I thought we voted for a candidate who promised to make America great again; how is mocking another fellow...
WATCH: Chuck Todd explains why the "Bridgegate" scandal still haunts New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's political caree…
"Paul Ryan, the self-described policy wonk..." . Chuck Todd is raking these guys over the glass shards with clips of their own words
Democrat National Committee spokesman Chuck Todd questions but accepts Russia stories with no pr…
We applaud Chuck Todd for showing up prepared to an interview. Television journalists, take note.
. Thank you Comey, Cillizza, Lauer, Chuck Todd and Anderson, to name but a few.
Chuck Todd, Meet the Press. Immediately after Dallas, we have a country. It’s a comparison. “How Donald Trump. Journal recently.
Can't wait for Sunday's Meet the Press! Chuck Todd's 'bout it!
Nothing you will see on meet the press with f Chuck Todd!!
Chuck Todd: "The White House did not offer a senior administration official but instead the deputy press secretary. We de…
If . Where was Chuck Todd, Jim Acosta, Jake Tapper outcry for what Obama's Admin did to James Rosen…
Sometimes I wonder how Chuck Todd just doesn't put his head on his desk and start screaming.
Hill-arious! Chuck Todd tries to spin way out of bias backlash, steps on another rake instead
Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith are not the Ward and June Cleaver of journalism. They are Eddy Haskell and Lumpy Rutherford.
. Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith have suddenly had their lips seperated from Obama's *** and can't be…
.Ah you mean the same Chuck Todd who was caught getting his questions and lines directly from DNC in th…
Chuck todd you $ucking windbag. You're a piece of shi! I would love to take a dump on your car
Errand boy Chuck Todd told by DWS to stop covering Hillary critically, he cleared his schedule to apologize. Gross.
Stop the whiny crybaby act Chuck Todd ler. You keep poking the bear & we have a right to fight back against
Democratic emails PROVE Chuck Todd was in collusion with Hillary's campaign. You should be arrested.
Aw. Little Chuck Todd is very very upset. Targets of the Democrat-controlled Media are not supposed to fight…
Chuck Todd should have resigned when WikiLeaks exposed his collusion for and with the Hitlary Clinton Campaign.
Maybe it's just me, but this kid looks like the spawn of Chuck Todd & Debbie Wasserman Shultz.
Criminal Chuck Todd, political influence trading with Democrats, is subject to a number of criminal charges.
Chuck Todd: Trump's anti-media stance not playing well in D.C.
him & Chuck Todd both despicable over paid political operatives! They are certainly not reporters o…
"Shepard Smith" "Chuck Todd" and press corp need a safe space while spinning lies about President Trump and us deplorables.
Who delegitimized the MSM and is unAmerican? I believe that would be you, Chuck Todd 👇
Hey Chucky: clutch your pearls & find a fainting couch but before any of that by all means WHINE LIKE A LIL BABY.
Chuck Todd's filthy lack of ethics was exposed in his admission of colluding with DNC on phony political interviews.
I don't think Chuck Todd would last more than 2 minutes w/ SH
Chuck Todd's too dumb or corrupt to appreciate that a Democrat-partisan, political-influence traded press, IS NOT FREE PRESS.
The same Chuck Todd that was caught in the wiki leaks colluding with the DNC & Clinton Camp is now crying?
Chuck Todd the 1990's called. They want their goatee back.🐐. WE ONLY LISTEN TO TRUMP.
In light of today's media meltdown, I'd say this piece from 2015 holds up pretty well.
Chuck Todd is the definition of imbecile
Many MSM reporters, like Chuck Todd, strive be celebrities rather than ethical respectable professionals. FAKE NEWS.
If Chuck Todd digs his stupid hole any deeper he should be able to smell chicken fried rice in a couple more feet. https…
Very legit counter to Chuck Todd's complaints about Trump delegitimizing the press. You guys accuse him of treason and…
This is what Chuck Todd and Shepard Smith are defending.
Chuck Todd: Trump's treatment of the press is un-American
Chuck Todd to Trump: "Make it clear that not only are you not anti-Semitic, but that you reject people who are, even if t…
Shep Smith,Chuck Todd & Jake Tapper are cluless hate filled hateful mental midgets.They don't report they engage in twisted…
Chuck Todd sat and let John Lewis say Trump was not a legitimately elected president unchallenged. Grab a violin .
Chuck Todd just spare us the Drama 🙄You were exposed to be a hack in the wiki leaks emails. Sorry You are not "press"
Chuck Todd is a pig. I'm on record.
Shameless Chuck Todd should rename his show to "Insecure jealous half a man little twerp beats his own meet to Donald…
Wikileaks proved to the world 👉U.S. Press send their stories to the DNC 4 approval before publishing. Chuck Todd FINALLY gave m…
Chuck Todd pretending he's something more than the Joy Baher laughing stock of NBCNews' fake news... Funny little guy.…
Chuck Todd is to honesty as Elizabeth Warren is to sexy, as Madonna is to celibacy,as Rachel Maddow is to femininity, as NY Times is to news
I disagree. She was making a distinct point about Chuck Todd generalizing about who is protesting and calling their representatives
Chuck Todd just rolled the tape on Pence saying Obama shouldn't criticize his critics. Pence turned positively eggshel…
Chuck Todd using your premise of a Trump & Putin "relationship "Begin & Sadat/ Camp David would of never happened!
He's a "Westerner, libertarian" says NBC's Chuck Todd this mrng on Hugh Hewitt show. Says he'll…
Chuck Todd now saying on Hugh Hewitt show that Gorsuch nomination will sail through, "great first impression on television"
Donald Trump is rubbing off on Reince Priebus, watch him destroy Chuck Todd on Meet The Press.
Chuck Todd tells me that. Melanda Trump was once a heart surgeon at Bellevue Hospital in NYC!
Chuck Todd suffers from this disease...because he's Jewish
Agree. Las time I tried watching I almost threw my glass at Chuck Todd.
i'm glad Chuck Todd straightened her out. All liars should be called out immediately
Chuck Todd: "Alternative facts aren't facts, they're falsehoods" -Yes! Let that be the north star for media.
"Alternative facts are not facts. They are falsehoods," Chuck Todd tells Pres. Trump's counselor Kellyanne Conway this mo…
Conway to Chuck Todd: 'We're Going to Have to Rethink Our Relationship Here' - Breitbart
watching Meet the Press this morning I couldn't have been prouder of Chuck Todd keeping feet to the 🔥
Kellyanne Conway ripped apart Chuck Todd on Meet the Press. is lucky to have her. 👍👍🇺🇸
Chuck Todd is nothing more than a left wing puppet ! Biased as *** !
my fave part was when she deflected and Chuck Todd was like great, why didn't Spicer talk about that?! 😂
Chuck Todd is a snit who is always looking at the glass as half full.
Did Kellyanne Conway tell Chuck Todd not to be "overly dramatic" after he called Spicer out for lying? That's textbook ps…
For Homer Allen. This makes sense to him. But not the rest of us!. "When Meet the Press host Chuck Todd described...
Chuck Todd is ripping KellyAnn a new one!!
Chuck Todd went2 Killian HS. Sekou was Point Guard, Prom King, and Homecoming King. I went to ICS w/ Chris Cuomo somewhere over the rainbow.
Chuck Todd is an *** He still doesn't get that his job is to report the news not make it. Total loser.
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Ashamed in Titletown that Chuck Todd is a Packer fan.
F Chuck Todd and Pervert Manning Traitor and Obama Traitor and all the other LOSER Demorats
Time to get some paper bags over to stat. Brian Williams & Chuck Todd are hyperventilating over
The only way Chuck Todd has kept his job this long is because of his willingness to try to destroy the reputation o…
Santelli hammers Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell for gross bias
Sen. Graham tells Chuck Todd that anyone who takes less than a hard-line stance against Russia is unpatriotic.
boycott Chuck Todd and don't let him in the White House.
please watch Meet The Press with Chuck Todd sunday morning. Thanks James
bigot is a good fit since is a corporate conservative network w/ bigots like Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd & Willie Geist
Agreed. I fear it he will play it off as a Chuck Todd-style experiment, ie: "I did it to show how the hoi polloi react to...
Chuck Todd: Trump watches replays of interviews with sound off.
Chuck Todd is a 'NOBODY CLOWN' who doesn't deserve media exposure. His head is in his a$$ and he spews diarrhea not…
Russia didn't make NBC's Chuck Todd invite Podesta for dinner, or a top DOJ official dine with Podesta during Clinton'…
did I not tell you Tim Russert and *** Cheney gave us the Iraq war and NBC, Chuck Todd and Jame…
You'd think the movie "Red Dawn" really happened and Chuck Todd and Podesta are handling the Swayze and C. Thomas Howell resistance roles.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Can appreciate 2 hour block of Ari Melber and let Chuck Todd go sale used cars and Chris Matthews just mumble to himself in a mirror
NBC's Chuck Todd upset after it is revealed that NBC 'reporter' behind Putin claims is "CIA mop up man" Ken Dilanian https:/…
Austin Goebbels is losing his hair for lying like Chuck Todd and Matt Lauer.
Chuck Todd grilling a nervous Reince Priebus reminded me of "you moved the cemetery, but you left the bodies, didn't you…
Reince Priebus vainly attempts to educate Chuck Todd that even CIA stops short and says facts are inconclusive.
WATCH: Chuck Todd hammers Reince Priebus over refusal to admit Russians might have influenced election.
What in the entire history of Chuck Todd has convinced you he is capable of "journalism"?
If we can't trust the incorporable Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd to be unbiased, then who can we trust?
Remarkable, considering Chuck Todd isn't 1% the man that Elijah Cummings is.
MSNBC hosts like Chuck Todd get to be MORE pompous & condescending-especially to black Congressman Elijah Cummings now-my 5 min of MSNBC
People like Chuck Todd are scared of Trump. Yet they try to appear "smart" and "brave" in fron…
Chuck Todd was just incredibly condescending to Elijah Cummings
A Chuck Todd spin. Chuck needed some lessons from Tim Russert. Chuck is a wimp.
Chuck Todd is atrociously left wing main stream media. Tim Russert's legacy diminishes more each week
Remember when had Tim Russert as host and the show was watchable, informative even?. Too bad they have Chuck Todd warming that seat.
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At this point, w/Chuck Todd needs to be renamed. His weekly idiocy is a disgrace to Tim Russert's memory &…
Could someone share this with Chuck Todd.
Chuck Todd is the *** who defended Palin's use of rifle cross hairs to Gabby Giffords' face.
Chuck Todd is a waste of journalistic oxygen. Tim Russert must be spinning in his grave - not to mention Ed Murrow
what did you expect Chuck Todd? Far worse choice than 'Alfred E Newman' Dukakis. Remember the tank photo?
Chuck Todd making case it will all come down to Wayne County, Michigan. It’s a pretty persuasive case.
Chuck Todd... better wingspan allows for quicker switch from county to county.
Really thought you were talking about Chuck Todd political correspondent because he is the love of my life today
Looking forward to talking to Chuck Todd from Meet the Press on tues!
the liberal *** in the media will not report this. Anderson Cooper & Chuck Todd u can't hide much longer we r coming 4 u
Until Isis and Saudi funding of Clinton's becomes mainstream -that's a clue Abc, Anderson Cooper, Chuck Todd..
(2:30 mark) Chuck Todd defends Palin for targeting Gabby b/4 she was shot.
Chuck Todd can't read a map no more than Brian Williams could! What's Williams doing these days?.
yes sounds like out to get Hillary. Chuck Todd not deserving of his job. FBI officials got it 2gether
"The Supreme Court is an elites issue." Chuck Todd, Mark Halperin, or Joe Scarborough in December.
(cont.) being associated with the likes of Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, Mark Halperin and their ilk.
I truly hope you're right, but we haven't had the talking heads of Chuck Todd and Mark Halperin weigh in yet
Brilliant! Want to avoid the haters (Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Mark Haloerin)? I'll be watching The Ladies of Th…
what? I can't trust Rachael Maddow!? By the way You're missing Chuck Todd, Chris Cuomo & literally thousands more.
Chuck Todd is not just a tool. He's an entire toolbox.
Chuck Todd furiously emailing Debbie Wasserman Schultz about what to do and what to think and what to say.…
Chuck Todd should keep his day job. Trump was funnier.
Chuck Todd just interrupted Savannah Guthrie while she discussed Trump's "nasty woman" remark.
Chuck Todd just proved why Americans feel media is in the bag for HRC during interview of Mike Pence
MSNBC needs new hairdresser for male reporters. Peter Alexander, Chuck Todd with close crop hair &bangs??
Chuck Todd: Republicans "may be staring at a total collapse of the party by election day."
Chuck Todd's perceptive political insight outweighed only by his boldness in using Moe Howard's barber
How is Chuck Todd still on the air after being uncovered as Hillary's water boy?
Compare Ari Melber to Chuck Todd (panderer): "this is different because now we heard what he says in private." Good for Melber.
I've never liked Chuck Todd as much as I do now during his remarks about Donald Trump's Access Hollywood comments.
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Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, Stephanpoulos.. They know. They just hope The People don't and twist it.
Glenn Beck on Chuck Todd calling Trump supporters Nazi's. Pls try to address on ur show. What is with him???
Kristen Welker is quickly joining Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell. Crossing the line between journalistic integrity & favoritism. 👎
Chuck Todd had Glenn Beck on today because I guess Alex Jones was busy or something
On NBC's Hillary activist network Chuck Todd's show--Glenn Beck sounding like he's in slow motion--what is he talking about?
Of course the most asinine statement of this election would be from Chuck Todd. How does one appear over-prepared? https:/…
"Trump was a bigoted liar in the debate--but Howard Dean made a joke, so this is a race to the bottom." Chuck Todd, this upcoming Sunday
well poor Chuck Todd is frustrated he's married and wants to date his favorite Buzzfeed guest John Stanton.
Chuck Todd is determined to make everyone miss David Gregory
Chuck Todd wondering why the race is so close after months of MSNBC hammering HRC while giving Trump endless air time
has lost all integrity with Chuck Todd, Andrea Mitchell, Chris Matthews, Brian Williams. Turn them off.…
Chuck Todd is the Chris Cilliza of cable news. And vice versa but with print.
Joe Scarborough, Chuck Todd and Chris Matthews have no business being in Journalism! They are Trumpers!
First MTP with the kids in the new house. Chuck Todd my man you need to up your game for this year.
Joe, Mika, Brian, Andrea and Chuck Todd are afraid of Trump! It's a big story, but crickets!
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I didn't catch that. I blame Chuck Todd and Mark Halperin. Like, for EVERYTHING.
I don't know who is worse, Chuck Todd or Mark Halperin. Both are sorry *** journalist. Neither is worth two dead roaches
Ana,after Chuck Todd told Norman Ornstein that it's not his job to call GOP lies on Obama on national TV, this is where we're at.
Chuck Todd questions the wisdom of having Roger Ailes on the Trump campaign
I've liked Chuck Todd a long time. No more. All seem to be bought by Trump.
Chuck Todd must be the most hated media news caster ! Andrea Mitchell is bad to I can't stand her. Both are bad news
I stopped watching Chuck Todd & Andrea Mitchell a long time ago. He will never be a Tim Russert
Can we hire Soledad Obrien at and get rid of Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell ?
# I always thought that Chuck Todd as well as Andrea Mitchell are Trump supporters.
Chuck Todd is the epitome of a MSM hired surrogate. He and Andrea Mitchell make two
Chuck Todd has been in the tank for Bernie for a long time plus he seems to harbor personal animus toward HRC
Chuck Todd is a GOP megaphone. He has been biased against the Dems as long as he has been on TV
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