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Chuck Lorre

Chuck Lorre (born Charles Michael Levine October 18, 1952) is an American writer, director, producer and composer who has created many American sitcoms, including Grace Under Fire, Cybill, Dharma & Greg, Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory.

Big Bang Theory Chuck Lorre Productions Charlie Sheen Bill Prady Michael Bay Michael Douglas Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Allison Janney

Someone call Chuck Lorre we have his new hit
Chuck Lorre takes stab at stoner comedy in our trailer reaction to Disjointed.
I cannot wait for this one, Chuck Lorre gave us and Two and a Half men, Legend!
Trump is slowly evolving into a synopsis of a Chuck Lorre sitcom.
Two and a half Loonies is not a Chuck Lorre show.
Donald's lies couldn't fit in a 1m41s video. Unless it was at the end of a Chuck Lorre show.
But if you're a DSi and Chuck Lorre
tRump has made a conscious decision on how he wants to interpret the world and will never…
Michael Douglas and Alan Arkin to star in Chuck Lorre Netflix comedy ‘The Kominsky Method’
Chuck Lorre Productions, No. 400. Appropriate for today's political climate.
Chuck Lorre and Michael Bay do not make good quality products. That is all.
Loved the episode. Fun Fact: The theme tune to the cartoon was written by none other than Kingpin Chu…
TV Land will be the cable home for Chuck Lorre's sitcom Mom, which will be paired with Two and a Half Men on local stations.
A piece in the mind of Chuck Lorre.
Chuck Lorre (2 & 1/2 Men, Big Bang Theory) has made a sitcom that makes weed dispensaries as normal as Central Perk.
,my idea for chuck Lorre for final scene.cast walk out of apartment. No one talks..lift working..all…
Update your maps at Navteq
Chuck Lorre stated in an interview that Penny's surname is Barrington, the reason is yet to be revealed
How Shonda Rhimes, Chuck Lorre and Netflix are kicking networks to the curb...
How bad can *** be? Unless they play nothing but Chuck Lorre sitcoms there
Michael Douglas is set to star in Chuck Lorre's new Netflix comedy 👉
Edibles is being Highlighted on Kathy Bates and Chuck Lorre's new Original Series DISJOINTED! Don'…
David Javerbaum and Chuck Lorre's new sit-com launching on Netflix August 25!
Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre: 'Charlie Sheen's still got an axe to grind' -
No one has had more success cynically estimating the American populous other than President Trump, except of course Chuck Lorre.
Allison Janney and Chuck Lorre launch fundraising campaign for Planned Parenthood
Wise words from the Prophet via Chuck Lorre
Re: *45 in the words of Dr. Sheldon Cooper to Penny in '08 Big Bang Theory (thx Chuck Lorre). With gr8 power comes gr8 responsibility
My initial reaction was, oh no, bad idea. But with Chuck Lorre creating it and a Big Bang show runner writing it,...
plants are living things too. Not to go all chuck lorre on you
LMFAO whet ??? i would rather watch 2 girls 1 cup for 10 hours straight than sit through anything from chuck lorre…
Guest speakers for will be actor Richard Schiff & TV producer/Walkoffamer Chuck Lorre! more info!
Coming up chats w/ and Chuck Lorre about an upcoming episode about finding your child's marijuana. 🙊
Does Chuck Lorre HAVE a valet? He must, because he has those mega-long vanity cards that show for 1 SECOND after the end credits.
By the way, Producer Tim aspires to be Chuck Lorre. No, scratch that... Producer Tim aspires to be Chuck Lorre's VALET.
I wish to be a combination of and Chuck Lorre.
Does the end of the Big Bang Theory also leave you with the feeling that there's one more joke coming after that Chuck Lorre title?
loool what do you expect from chuck Lorre?
The Big Bang Theory – unaired scene – its a spaceship on wheels/ghost on roller skates.flv Creators and Executive…
MOM star looked lovely at the Golden Heart Awards in LA honoring Chuck Lorre. With and…
Do the Jackal! gets a Hollywood Walk of Fame star on Oct. 17! Guest speakers & Chuck Lorre.
Huh? Allison Janney doesn't have a star on the Hollywood walk of fame yet? Chuck Lorre was slow on that $30,000 che…
"You are no match for this warlock." - Chalie Sheen, to Chuck Lorre and Les Moonves
Never watch someone read your script. Use this time to go to the bathroom and pass blood. - Chuck Lorre advice
Trump saying “Nobody respects women more than me!” just needed a louder laugh track and an “Executive Producer: Chuck Lorre” credit.
Chuck Lorre and I had been talking about doing one of his shows for a while. I said I'd like to
It all feels like it's being produced by Chuck Lorre ☹️
"TG is a very elegant actor". "He could express so much with no words, which it's really a gift". Chuck Lorre.
I've always thought chuck Lorre is a genius
Hey De Niro. Is your Pay for sex antics any better? Your tape is like Charlie Sheen going aft…
Chuck Lorre posted his dog's medical records on "Big Bang Theory" vanity card to "encourage transparency."
Netflix orders workplace comedy from Chuck Lorre about a weed dispensary
Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro and Eric Kaplan: "Ah! Memory impairment: the free prize at the bottom of every vod...
Star of & legendary Chuck Lorre visit White House to talk for a cause:
Honestly, I would watch either version of this, the CBS Chuck Lorre one or the Lifetime UNREALesque satire w/Ryan Hansen.
Two & a half men is awesome. Chuck Lorre's productions are just awesome
You're not very good at sucking up to Chuck Lorre. Which is good.
Oh joy. Family is watching The Big Bang Theory. Please god, someone go back in time and kill Chuck Lorre!
Chuck Lorre, your vanity card this week was hilarious but irrisponsible. Where will I find my inspiration for the next week?!
Chuck Lorre, despondent, realizes his essay-writing has come to a halt. In desperation, here comes the clip show.
And The Big Bang Theory continues to be the worst. Kudos to Chuck Lorre for making his millions, but that show. smh.
a lot of animated shows are amazing, as long as Chuck Lorre is not allowed to touch them
A Fun Fact:. Chuck Lorre, who is the creator of “Two and a Half Men,” is a big fan of the British punk band U.K.
News: ‘Big Bang Theory’ creator Chuck Lorre is developing a new TV show set in a pot shop.
Lol. Chuck Lorre messed up big time
Chuck Lorre should be tried at the Hague for television crimes against humanity.
Yes. I keep telling them that Chuck Lorre is a hack and the jokes are just bad references. and that wheaton is trash.
Can someone please tell Chuck Lorre that it's 2016 and the laugh track wen out of style 10 years ago.
Chuck Lorre makes the most popular unfunny comedies on television.
Chuck Lorre makes millions of dollars making fun of nerd culture and for some reason nerds eat it up. I don't get it
We need to stop Chuck Lorre there's still time
the tag-out on tonight's Big Bang Yheory was beautiful in its simplicity. Well Played Chuck Lorre
One of the best Chuck Lorre cards ever at the end of TBBT tonight
Chuck Lorre made up for NOT funny misogyny in Two & a Half Men IN SPADES w- the writing of the female characters in and Mom#
My Big Bang Theory episodes are not complete until I read Chuck lorre's vanity card 😡'd think Chuck Lorre could spring for some better pens. Oh and congrats on 200. Get G. Butler for ep. 300
“I really loved the guy. I loved working with him.”. - Chuck Lorre.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Is this how we start the paradigm shift?
Very few shows make the 200 episode landmark! Congrats Chuck Lorre Cast & Crew
Is Obama angling for a post-Presidency career as a TV writer? "From Barack Obama and Chuck Lorre 'Two and a Half Muslims'."
We're honoring Chuck Lorre, Executive Producer/Writer of The Big Bang Theory & more great programs!
“The Big Bang Theory,” Producer Chuck Lorre will be inducted during the 2016 Luncheon on April 18,...
And believe me, I know terrible. I watched Entourage and I unironically love Ballers. But anything by Chuck Lorre is beyond terrible.
M-C: Chuck Lorre headed to the NAB Hall of Fame
Legendary TV producer/writer Chuck Lorre inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame. via
.& Chuck Lorre to be inducted into Broadcasting Hall of Fame
I'm sorry, but CBS already has an option on a show called *** Turd" from Chuck Lorre. Good luck w/future endeavors.
Chuck Lorre Inducted into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame: The man behind hit sitcoms like “The Big Bang Theory,...
'Big Bang Theory' Creator Chuck Lorre to be Inducted into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame -
Look at anything else Chuck Lorre has made and you will see the same (i.e. Two and a Half Men, Mike & Molly)
that's practically a Chuck Lorre show
Your hero is Sheldon Cooper?! Your hero is a creation of Chuck Lorre. Your parents must be proud.
One of the Greek oligarch TV channels Sunday afternoon programming consists of three Friends episodes and 3 x 2 Chuck Lorre Productions.
'Big Bang Theory' creator Chuck Lorre is developing new TV show about pot
You think you're a noun. You're not. You're a verb. You're welcome. Chuck Lorre (Producer The Big Bang Theory, Two a…
can we discuss that Chuck Lorre created Dharma & Greg...and then Two & a Half Men. Um . ???
Chuck Lorre. Thank you for not writing a vanity card on the last episode of The Big Bang Theory. Thank you very much.
And maybe -on a bigger scale- , just Maybe, this man has `lost it` due to a rebuttal by Chuck Lorre, But can...
in an interview Chuck Lorre says that her last name is "Barrington"
Agreed. I think all Chuck Lorre shows are like that.
I half-thought that was a joke. It looks like a prop you'd see in a Chuck Lorre sitcom.
MOM is another comedy series that's DOPE!!! Chuck lorre is badass
"Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering..?". "I think so Brain, but if we keep indulging Chuck Lorre, how will he ever learn?"
I dare Chuck Lorre to write a whole episode of anything using only words from a star wars movie.
why aren't there Chuck Lorre vanity card box calendars so I have one every day? It's 2016 it's time.
Totally, I think our equivalents now are probably behind the camera rather than in front of it (like Chuck Lorre)
Chuck Lorre if your going to bring in a therapist would be more fun. Especially as a sex therapist!
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
1. Donald Trump. 2. Milo. 3. Juicebro. 4. Chuck Lorre. 5. Chuck Johnson. 6. I'll get back to you on that.
What if at the end of VLOG there would be "Adam Rose Productions" like Chuck Lorre does in TV shows?
he he he... Chuck Lorre the same guy who produces and writes The Big Bang Theory..this dude reminds of Larry...
chuck lorre (I think it was him) anyway said that next season will most probably be the last one
Chuck Lorre is brilliant and humble while the other one is just a humbug and a jerk. . Lol I can't stand that other writer fella.
I didn't get to thank Peter Roth, Chuck Lorre, Al Higgins & for 6 amazing yrs on
TIL that those writings at the end of Chuck Lorre Productions are called vanity cards and all available on his site.
At end of nearly every episode of his productions, Chuck Lorre includes an editorial, essay, or observation on life.
LMAOOO!! This has to be the best season of TBBT so far.. . Chuck Lorre is hilarious.
I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoy Chuck Lorre's vanity cards
Chuck Lorre Productions, The human mind is very adept at labeling. Left to its own devices, it will label...
Yo, Literally every show worth watching on television is created by Chuck Lorre.. Monopolizing the market
Even Chuck Lorre gets the importance of tech!
Just saw Chuck Lorre get into his car...
if that's the real chuck Lorre stay the *** away from my idea.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
I can't decide between Bruno Heller and Chuck Lorre
Chuck Lorre really disappointed with the show mom
If it does turn out that I think Chuck Lorre hit him with a low blow in the final episode of two and a half men.
Michael Showalter is quickly becoming the Chuck Lorre of indie comedy.
Najua it's becausecharacter development is slow on Chuck Lorre's shows. Same case with Two and a Half Men
To be fair, "Mom" is Chuck Lorre's most mature and thoughtful show currently.
Most of Chuck Lorre's sitcoms are similar... White, middle-class, suburban family who are dysfunctional AF.
"We are one blink away from being fully aware." - Pema Chodron "Blink already, dammit!" - Chuck Lorre
Only one way to find out... who knows Chuck Lorre? :)
Chuck Lorre was the man behind Two and a half men and The Big Bang Theory. Respect man
Chuck Lorre and *** Wolf are legendary producers still at the height of their game, continuing to build on...
They also asked Satan to appear on this panel but he said, "No way am I appearing with those two. They scare me."
Chuck Lorre Productions, I grew up devouring science fiction books. I was like a little Pac-Man, gobbling...
'Building a Kingdom... Then and Now: A Conversation with *** Wolf and Chuck Lorre'. Get your tickets now for our...
Chuck Lorre made the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme. Damnit, I'll at least give him that. And nothing else.
wouldn't want to keep the rightful creator of that good content from getting the Chuck Lorre produced pilot they deserve
Prolific producers Chuck Lorre, *** Wolf to Speak on Building Empires on Dec. 14
you had a grudge against chuck Lorre?
I would love to have Chuck Lorre's book of vanity cards but wow why does it cost 15k?
Chuck Lorre has to be the best comedy writer ever... Amazing comic timing... :)
"We can suffer in the darkness or play in the light. We can be angry, frightened and enslaved, or loving, joyous and free." -- Chuck Lorre
Thats how Chuck Lorre and co decided to change The Big Bang Theory from rib-cracking comedy to sappy romance
whats CREATIVITY and success without Chuck Lorre":))
Isn't he a tv producer or something "who's this Chuck Lorre guy?"
question for Chuck Lorre and dennis c brown. does the tmnt87 soundtrack still exist? fans would (cont)
I'd rather watch 24 hours of Chuck Lorre shows, eyes held open Clockwork Orange-style, than more of this with Trump. Tragically unfunny
Chuck Lorre, Bill Prady & co sure know how to get somborry's motor running..
10/18/1952: Chuck Lorre, Creator of the Big Bang Theory, Darhma and Greg, and Two and a Half Men, is born in Houston, TX
Chuck Lorre celebrates his 63rd birthday; top 5 shows by 'The Big Bang Theory ...
Legit, these bellends are an insult to the term "comedians" . Chuck Lorre, you should be ashamed of yourself
Website Builder 728x90
©Chuck Lorre Productions if you're a fan of & why wouldn't u be check out Mr L's vanity cards @ end of credits
You eat at the Helpless Melon with Chuck Lorre. You order sour broccoli pizza with maple syrup.
Chuck Lorre makes Disney TV programming for adults. "Yeah change the fart jokes to *** jokes, hold up leave the farts and just ADD ***
Y now it's time for the Solange show starring Chuck Lorre. Oh, Daft Punk.
Does anyone else pause the TV after The Big Bang Theory to read the Chuck Lorre Productions vanity cards? Just me? Oh okay...
Rejoice fans - 9.07 is not head-written by Chuck Lorre anymore. There is hope after all...
Sorghum for $600. A: Wide American country whose capital is Nerd. Q: Who is Chuck Lorre?
Chuck Lorre is the love child between Charles Manson and Serj Tankian
I think you and Chuck Lorre should consider on :) Kurt'd rock on it :)
Sheldon mentions and in the last The Big Bang Theory TY Chuck Lorre
it's Chuck Lorre dude,he's too dope.
Set de fotos: martin-of-crieffstonia: Jensen Ackles in Cybill by Chuck Lorre (1997) OMGOMGOMGOMG ARE YOU...
Chuck Lorre is a genius wen it comes to consistency and longevity
Chuck Lorre's vanity card on the latest ep was curious indeed. Though I believe in Cogito Ergo Sum, he might have a point that it's false.
Ooooh... why do they have to have a on This isn't a Chuck Lorre show!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
.The - where your knowledge of Chuck Lorre's The Big Bang Theory trivia dictates your survival
Foto: For me the one of the best quotes of Chuck Lorre
that's a chuck Lorre quote actually
It's a great thing exists. It keeps me sane when sadness hits me. Big thanks to Bill Prady and Chuck Lorre.
Go hang out with Chuck Lorre or something.
At my location, Chuck Lorre is married or something.
I love and admire Chuck Lorre's creativity. Let alone how at the end of every episode of…
that would require Chuck Lorre actually nothing anything about nerds
"Chuck Lorre's Coming Out to Lucy Lawless and the Outlaw In-Laws". Big Bang Writer's new comedy. Set in a bin in ***
Chuck Lorre is a genius, two and a half men was the best sitcom ever made
im just patiently waiting for multi-camera sitcoms to die along with Chuck Lorre
If i could channel this much of my time into my academics as i do with Chuck Lorre, obviously, i'll be a *** Laude student!
I don't know chuck lorre personally but I feel like I hate him
Chuck Lorre makes the best comedies
Beyond expectations. I got to shake hands with Chuck Lorre last night. Huge THANKS to
Update your maps at Navteq
Am I the only one that reads Chuck Lorre's vanity notes? ☺️☺️. Of if I miss it at the end, I look it up 🙊
Also the old tired and true "Ryan Murphy is Chuck Lorre for people think they are more interesting than they really are"
*NEWS! Chuck Lorre announced today that he was making his se... See Entire Quote -->
Kinda obsessed with these Chuck Lorre Prod. vanity cards from the end of The Big Bang Theory.
Bill Prady seems to be split. One half of him knows Jim and his characters, the other half has spent 9 years in Chuck Lorre land.
Got rid of DVR five years ago so haven't read a Chuck Lorre vanity post since. What have I been missing?
it would seem my Chuck Lorre voodoo doll isn’t working. AT. ALL.
Is there a show Greg Berlanti isn't working on? He's like the Chuck Lorre of good television.
I loved the kiss between Sheldon and Penny. I had a gut feeling it was a dream sequence but nicely played Chuck Lorre.
Fun fact the theme was written by Chuck Lorre
I wonder if Chuck Lorre actually thinks The Big Bang Theory, or any of his shows, are actually funny.
Great. Now we'll never know what Penny's last name is thanks Chuck Lorre
I bet Chuck Lorre had to fight for that line. "Everything my girlfriend used to do can be done with my right hand."
When chuck lorre fired Charlie Sheen it was the death of two & a half men.
Just a sample of Chuck Lorre vanity cards
whaat is he really stopping the vanity cards? damnit Chuck Lorre i like reading them at the end.
Is producer Chuck Lorre the same guy that hosted The Love Connection?
but wait I thought Chuck Lorre already did that... Well I guess CSI just ended so there's less garbage to go around...
This is ways overdue yes, but Chuck Lorre is a bad oke.
memories: when Chuck Lorre and Lee Aronson joined us to write crossover eps with TWO & A HALF MEN. Wild.
Just realised that Chuck Lorre, Dane Cook, Michael Bay and John Green are the four horsemen of the apocolypse.
Nina Tassler and Les Moonves should give Chuck Lorre a call and tell him to hire some women directors. They should be embarrassed.
"One of the things I learned from Chuck Lorre is to get out of the way of your characters," . -Bill Prady, producer
He who says A, must say B. . He who says and Uncle Charlie, must also say Chuck Lorre.
Wouldn't it be great if Chuck Lorre just bowed down and begged to come back to 2 and a half men? That'd be
If my life were a Chuck Lorre Sitcom, Tonight's episode would be called Adventures with Numb Buns
Bet they won't stop making action films. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds.
Man, CBS should give Justice Scalia a show to run. Chuck Lorre needs a breather now and then.
Chuck Lorre's show, is awesome! If you haven't yet watched it, watch it!
oh Chuck Lorre isn't the writer.Director, writer, different.. Hmm... Ya I see ur point. Nope we don't look out 4 writers
We abolish The Big Theory show and Chuck Lorre is sent to an island.
chuck lorre has to literally be the devil that's the only explanation for him creating this AND two and a half men
That what doesn't kill us makes us bitter. -Chuck Lorre
I need to start writing my own vanity cards. Like Chuck Lorre
I do agree. Chuck Lorre shouldn't pull another Two and half Men on us.
I do love Chuck Lorre's vanity cards
Josh Hutcherson shows Conan O'Brien the real way to do music ...:
Sheldon proposing would've been really cool though. Ugh Chuck Lorre!
I don't think Chuck Lorre is given enough respect
Chuck Lorre Net Worth: One of the best paid producers Chuck Lorre net worth has an estimate of 600 million dol...
Things I would rather watch than another Spiderman film: a Chuck Lorre show, Two Girls One Cup, Parliament TV when a Nat MP talks.
.There is no God if Chuck Lorre doesn't at least consider Clevon, Britney & Trish in 2.5 Women after last Sunday.
on anyone who asks me if I saw last night's Big Bang Theory. I work in I.T. That does not mean I find Chuck Lorre funny.
Chuck Lorre hosts Obama at a fundraiser at his LA home. 16 grand a ticket. Obama didnt want to pay but he's desperate to get his script read
Chuck lorre's decision to fire Charlie Sheen from was the worst decision ever, in the history of tv
Chuck Lorre "Two & A half man or The Big Bang Theory ?
community is cool. It's not as abrasive as the Chuck Lorre stable
Nobody in America listens to anything anyone ever says without a soundtrack behind it. Need proof? Think of all Chuck Lorre's butt cracks
Chuck Lorre - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia...This is business.
It's pretty bad when ABC is the more progressive of the bunch. CBS is just the Chuck Lorre channel now.
You think Chuck Lorre will ever write a vanity card about you?
Kiefer Sutherland among those agreeing with Obama about not sensationalizing guns: Whatever... …
Charlie Sheen had just quit two and a half men because Chuck Lorre is a ***
I was behind until I heard on with that he pardoned both Tyler Perry and Chuck Lorre while in California.
Any plans for Chuck Lorre going on the show - or do your wives keep him too busy?
.given your long running affections for Chuck Lorre, I thought you may enjoy this :)
Chuck Lorre has a brilliant mind. Comedy is never easy but he has a way to make it work. Impressed.
Charlie Sheen even on crack fought 'Chuck Lorre' and won on his own terms. You get me?
Obama at pvt DNC fndrser block off Sunset Blvd in Pacific Palisades hosted by TV series creator Chuck Lorre. About 30 pai…
O_o Ok, now I'm imagining a chuck lorre sitcom starring Haneke and Ratner. I need to watch this!!!
I just started to read the Chuck Lorre Productions at the end of each episode.
How did Chuck Lorre create something as awful as "Two and a Half Men" AND something as funny as "The Big Bang Theory"? M…
No. Started around when he was 35. Hey, When Obama went to Chuck Lorre's house do you think he said, "I love that 2 1/2 Men"
Chuck Lorre vanity cards. I love reading those.
I liked a video Dennis Brown and Chuck Lorre - TMNT Opening and Closing Themes (1994-1996) HQ
Obama was off to yet another Hollywood fundraiser yesterday. This time at Chuck Lorre's house, Maker of Mike and Molly, Big Bang, etc.
A black, *** nerdy character called 'Tetris' except he pronounces it like 'Patrice'. When can I start, Lorne Michaels and/or Chuck Lorre?
Chuck Lorre -- top active TV comedy producer and in top 10 of all-time, along with Norman Lear and Garry Marshall.
is in the third instalment, Dream Warriors. Mostly about how awful Chuck Lorre is.
Charlie Sheen wasn't happy about last month’s Two and a Half Men finale.
Charlie Sheen hits back at Chuck Lorre -
Charlie Sheen blasts the 'Two and a Half Men' finale and threatens its creator via
Charlie Sheen REFUSES to let his feud with Chuck Lorre die
Chuck Lorre decided to be a spitefull *** with Charlie. gave Pierce a touching send off that was totally in-character.
Hate the fact that Chuck Lorre wasted the series finale of two and a half men on cheap shots at Charlie Sheen.
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Two & A Half Men is back. even if only for tonight. Chuck Lorre and cast really nailed it tonight!
STUPIDEST EPISODE EVER! Ya'll's 15 minutes have been up. Chuck Lorre & Ashton Kutcher, ya'll are some jokes.
"Clearly, what blocks me from transcendence is judgment.". - Chuck Lorre Productions
Chuck Lorre vanity cards. Always worth the pause.
Kev *** you had a heartattack on mom - chuck Lorre you need to reconsider - we miss your character.
I love Chuck Lorre's work. He has funny stuff.
So when goes away then becomes the only thing I watch that's from Chuck Lorre?
So, we're all agreed that Chuck Lorre is the antichrist, yes?
"I am wired on some deep level to seek out something to be worried and obsess about." - Chuck Lorre. Yeah. That sounds familiar.
¿Can someone explain to Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady that TBBT cannot run forever? Give us some closure and move on!
I also want to know what happened to Chuck Lorre around about the turn of the millennium that made him hate women.
Can somebody please tell Mr. Bill Prady and Mr. Chuck Lorre, it would be awesome to add a ""Muslim"" character in the BBT?. Thanks
I have to say it in english. Chuck Lorre you SUCK!
Chuck Lorre just found an old draft of a Dharma and Greg script. Now, he has a new Big Bang Theory episode.
It's the best Chuck Lorre show so that makes it better than three other shows on the network immediately
Fix your life's issues with a cup tea while reading Chuck Lorre's vanity cards.
Still on the air! But I can't believe both. Who does Chuck Lorre have dirt on? There's no other reason for it being on this long
This fall to CBS! From executive producer Chuck Lorre comes a new, zany comedy! Your Thursday night just go...
New page from my Big Bang Theory spec. What CBS doesn't understand, and Chuck Lorre too, is that pain is science.
Hey, you know the hot teacher on episode DPO? That's now Chuck Lorre's wife. Also an Ex Playboy Bunny. Karen Lorre!
i could literally spend an entire day reading Chuck Lorre's vanity cards. Genius!
how does Chuck Lorre come up with all that?
Does Chuck Lorre know that nobody reads his vanity cards ??
Speaking of a new TV series, Chuck lorre has a new sitcom along with BBT :)
Chuck Lorre can make anything. Mike and Molly is crap but I still wanna watch.
Chuck Lorre You are amazing. Hope your creative energy stays with the show.
ALTERNATE MARKETING TAGLINE: . the whisper channel... where human civilization sliding into the abyss. is nothing to shout about. ~Chuck Lorre
With the most prolific TV producer of this generation Chuck Lorre! 100th episode is on…
Yep. Chuck Lorre did it. I couldn't believe it myself.
It's amazing to me Chuck Lorre managed to create a show actually worse than Two and a Half Men.
Does Luke Skywalker like moaning bird baths? Am I Chuck Lorre? Can you use a diarrhea to poop on kangaroos?
A Black History Month Note:. Finding a black leading role in any Chuck Lorre show is harder than finding foreskin in a synagogue.
The only reason you get angry is because you cannot tolerate fear.  - Chuck Lorre
Just discovering You're telling me that Chuck Lorre's *** kicking show received bad reviews and scores ?!!
*** . "The Slap" on - Worst Title ever!. Followed by Chuck Lorre's new sitcom "The Farts".
Interesting advice Chuck Lorre gives to writers applies to craft writers: to read
I dislike Chuck Lorre TV shows, but I make an exception for I think it's
This new Chuck Lorre show is so hilarious!
Chuck Lorre. he is someone who is worth noting his name down.
aye, just heard rumors abt Charlie Sheen in "serious" talks wth Chuck Lorre to return in the season finale, he ddnt die Rose lied
being serious, a lot of the jokes on that show are on the same lvl we criticize Chuck Lorre sitcoms for nowadays
Two and a Half Men the GOAT. I wish Chuck Lorre and Charlie Sheen didn't have that beef back in 2011.
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