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Chuck Hagel

Charles Timothy Chuck Hagel (born October 4, 1946) is a former United States Senator from Nebraska. A member of the Republican Party, he was first elected in 1996 and was reelected in 2002. In 2009, he was elected as Chairman of the Atlantic Council.

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I see got desperate enough to run a spy tale blaming Pakistan.Shame the evidence isn't as strong as Chuck Hagel 's statement on India
"India has over the years financed problems for Pakistan' in Afghanistan" Chuck Hagel. USA
Dear canibal mr. Putin fost fun if I will die till time X-7 March I will be US patriot on Chuck Hagel, Obama found…
Chuck Hagel's performance at hearings "the worst I have ever seen before a committee"
Americans terminated into spending every dime on military. Forgetting the future of their children.
Is this for Chuck Hagel? R's last mass cannibalization event?
Chuck Hagel's son's name is already taken.
Chuck Hagel's confirmation hearings "the worst I have ever witnessed"
guess this is why Trump's demanding $54B increase in military spending;
Chuck Hagel USA on India's role in creating trouble in Pakistan .
hagel says India is destabilizing Pakistan through Afghanistan.
Defense spending in the United States compared to others. Trump demanding increase of $54B. http…
Must-read interview with longtime exclusive Chuck Hagel on national security, NATO, and more:
Jeff Sessions said this in opposing GOP colleague Chuck Hagel as Obama SecDef:…
this relates to the cold war because of the insane amount we spent during the Cold war
Chuck Hagel was not beating about the bush wen in 2011. Indian Naval comdr was caught redhanded running covert war…
This is the same Ted Cruz who basically accused Chuck Hagel of treason over a few meetings.
We'll also be livestreaming video of Chuck Hagel's interview today.
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns: . A look at the political career and worldview of Chuck Hagel.
Only India can nurture train and arm terror and turn around to blame Pakistan.. listen to Chuck Hagel ..
By nominating Chuck Hagel to be his Defense Secretary, President Oba...
Pleasure of meeting former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel
Please consider Chuck Hagel and Jim Webb for Secretary of Defense.
Jon Huntsman and Chuck Hagel most obviously. (LaHood as Transportation Sec'y was much more minor; Gates was inherited.)
Ted Cruz accused Chuck Hagel of conspiring with North Korea and Iran. His silence on Trump/Putin hurts my ears.
Beijing gave up SChina Sea rights after signing UN treaty, Chuck Hagel says
"Chuck Hagel had stepped down as CEO of ES&S, the firm that would count his own senate votes. He won, of course. "
Chuck Hagel, voting machines and the meat puppet called Obama:
Hey Robert Gates is not the most recent Republican secretary of defense. That would be Chuck Hagel.
Exclusive interview w/Chuck Hagel discussing foreign relations, cyber security and the implications of gridlock
. financed problems for Pak in Afg, says US defence secretary nominee Chuck Hagel
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Former US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to Next US President: Talk to Putin
US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said in a 2011 speech 'India has over the years financed problems 4 PAKISTAN' in Afghan
Former US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel has given testimony, abt RAW’s involvement in Afghan to destabilize Pak.
Foreign policy is all about a universe of bad decisions, imperfect decision...
Chuck Hagel in 2007: "People say we're not fighting for oil. Of course we are."
Hard for to stoke outrage over it, having smeared Chuck Hagel as an agent of Iran and North Korea.
India finances trouble in Pakistan Chuck Hagel US secretary of defense Low, 360p !
...orchestrated the Coup D'état in Kiev Chuck Hagel ADMITTED to Arming AlQaeda in ...
Thx2a"Following own beat,voice in head, maybe inflncd by "Dreams" of his father.
Institutions are imperfect. Governments surely are. People are.
.cI would agree with Sec Chuck Hagel that military leadership has fostered a lot of dialogue
Former Sec Def Chuck Hagel reminds audience of importance for listening to what Chinese soldiers have to say
"I hate to use the term 'red lines' because it hasn't worked out so well for us in the past." Chuck Hagel, on China issues just now.
"I hate to use the term red lines because it hasn’t worked out well in certain areas" -- Chuck Hagel, still delivering WH burns
Chuck Hagel for President 2016!! great for R's,, D's, I's, soldiers! world leaders! states! Allies!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Well, let's go back to the original intent of Social Security. It is an…
Chuck Hagel would be a professional as VP for Trump.
Chuck Hagel would be an excellent vice resident to Trump, assuming Trump is elected.
Forget Merrick Garland, do you remember what the GOP did to Chuck Hagel, one of its own?
So now the speculation about VP will be interesting. Two names might deserve consideration: Tom Ridge/Chuck Hagel..
Chuck Hagel was interviewed in Spring of 2014 by USAToday speaking of Airdropping SAMs & TOWs into Syria as an ...
Kinda like Obama picking Chuck Hagel for SecDef. What a bold move that was.
president2016 check out Chuck Hagel, msnbc campaign 2016 interview. Chuck Hagel for President!!
Too often in Washington we tend to see foreign policy as an abstraction, wi...
How about Tom Ridge or Chuck Hagel for VP? Both with military and serious government experience.
COST-OF-WAR STORIES DISAPPEAR. AS PRESS STOKES COLD WAR. Here is one measure of the price we pay for a media...
Chuck Hagel had of heeded to my letters
Chuck Hagel-Jim Webb third party ticket. Vietnam vets join forces to fight off Trump, Clinton and the rest of the commies one last time.
Hagel says Congress responsible for defense cuts, not Obama
Former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to speak on U.S. security at next week:
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would certainly be compelling. Alternatively... Chuck Hagel? John Huntsman?
Just remember how you treated your fellow senators, and how you treated a decorated war hero, Chuck Hagel. Your indignation =o
Ted forgets we remember what he did to Chuck Hagel. Thank God he an Carly are gone.
in a different era Chuck Hagel would've challenged Ted Cruz to a duel
I'll never forget this. Was all ready to vote for Chuck Hagel in 08; then macaca happened. Made me a dem for life.
Oh you serve in other ways.that's what the repubs all say. Bob Dole Chuck Hagel excluded
Bogging down large armies in historically complex, dangerous areas ends in ...
Good. Remember what this gen X punk did to Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam war hero! Ted is a lying little *** at 5 ft 6 in
nah, but Chuck Hagel and Joe Lieberman are waiting by their phones.
The Navy SEAL killed is Charlie Keating IV, grandson of financier involved in savings and…
You all are freaks. You are a GD liar. Remember Chuck Hagel! You are a lying self centered *** Get out you punk!
Hey *** wipe, tell us what you did to Chuck Hagel! You are a GD *** wipe/ a liar.
Just remember what YOU did to Chuck Hagel. You *** *** wipe. You questioned his patriotism as a Vietnam war hero. Go directly to🔥
Ask Ted what he did to Chuck Hagel. You vile woman. As if Hillary would be afraid of you! Get those kids out of there.
Love you. You just stated what I was going to state. Recall what Ted said about Chuck Hagel! He is worse than Trump who is vile.
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Let us not forget what Ted did to Chuck Hagel. He like Trump is a vile ***
Just remember what Ted Cruz said about Chuck Hagel. Ted was a big man or so he thought. They are all horrible.
Remember what Ted Cruz to Chuck Hagel! He is a punk as is Trump.
David/ love u/ u should have run/ but Ted accused Chuck Hagel of vile things at the hearings. Ted tried to big a big boy/not
Hagel in Manila on last leg of Asia tour. US Defence Secretary, Chuck Hagel ...
During his tenure, Chuck Hagel enhanced defense cooperation in the Middle East.
We’re incredibly excited to announce that the former US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel is joining us next Monday for a public lecture.
MY GOD MY GOD !! . Chuck Hagel. Former Secretary of Defense. about those SURROUNDING OBAMAH !! . I don't think...
3 pass Obama Defense Secretaries Robert Gates, Leon Panetta & Chuck Hagel all say Obama was & is weak on Foreign Policy
When it comes to military interventions, said former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel in a talk at Georgetown, Americans are "pretty cavalier."
Chuck Hagel laments the dearth of veterans in key national security roles
Thanks ex-secretary Chuck Hagel for celebrating with us
Senator opposed Chuck Hagel's nomination as Secy of Defense in light of his hostility toward Israel being a US ally.
"The world today has more capacity to do more good for more people than we have ever known." -Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel
I wish Chuck Hagel would decide to run for President. This liberal would and could easily vote for Republican Hagel. He's a good man.
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If Hillary is very clever she will choose a Republican as running mate. Chuck Hagel?
. That's true of many 1st Timers. W/ BHO, it so late in the Game. .
With the world, in Chuck Hagel's own words, "exploding all over," waiting, hoping for substantive foreign policy questions.
Cruz deploying innuendo about Trump's secret NYT conversations reminds that he did something similar to Chuck Hagel .
Tell Cruz he's an *** for calling Chuck Hagel a traitor yet he served honorably in Vietnam ..throw that in his face
And ... another "welcome back" to UNO to super alum Sec. Chuck Hagel!
Former Secretary of Defense and Nebraska Senator Chuck Hagel is a true Maverick and a proud alum!
Proud to kick off the & Assurance/Deterrence Wrkshp with Adm. Cecil Haney & Sec. Chuck Hagel!
Three of our Cadets had the honor to meet former Secretary of Defense, the Honorable Chuck Hagel.
Interesting conversation and insights from Sec. Def. Chuck Hagel.
UNO alum and former Secretary of Defense (Chuck Hagel visited the this afternoon.
Here’s the May 26, 2014, Memorial Day Chuck Hagel video - .
The American Democratic Model however, can't be transported and applied to other nations randomly.
Since I'm from Nebraska, I'll add Chuck Hagel to that list, but stop there. We could do this ALL DAY.
Chuck Hagel stopped by the office. Oh, no - just
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel will announce on Saturday his decision to recall most of…
Former Sec Chuck Hagel: politics should be uplifting and inspired!
Don't know him. The last decent R's I can think of nationally were Tom Ridge, Chuck Hagel...not too many.
Tomorrow, Michael Goldfarb will accuse Chuck Hagel of playing Ted the anti-Semitic bear.
Chuck Hagel watches a special forces presentation in
I hate politics at times. Voted for you, favorite son. Reminds me of Chuck Hagel. We loved him first.Dont inflate yourself!
Chuck Hagel, warmonger, is on the board of Ploughshares. Wonder if it's a Soros funded operation ... Yup!
US foreign policy after Chuck Hagel's resignation -
WASHINGTON — Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said he believes the government
is the biggest embarrassment in He is no chuck Hagel or Bob Kerrry. He is a
The United States can't impose democracies. We can't impose our will. The R...
Trebek has to be fuming that no one knew Chuck Hagel
Ted Cruz's innuendo that Trump's tax returns *could* show ties to the mob is similar to the stunt he pulled on Chuck Hagel
Chuck Hagel is talking about the Uniform Code of Military Justice, not follow unlawful order not civil law
Ben Sasse sure likes attention. He is starting to remind me of Chuck Hagel in that way.
Better watch out! Chuck Hagel did it. Vet the machines. The Evidence - Computerized Election Fraud in America
Just like when he claimed Chuck Hagel got money from North Korea.
Cruz accused Chuck Hagel of taking money from the North Koreans & Trump of having mob ties. This filthy *** has no place in our politics
This analysis is a joke. Let me think, how about Robert Gates, Chuck Hagel, Ray Lahood, etc?
Artful Smear of Innuendo - he did the same thing to Chuck Hagel during his confirmation for SecDef
If Trump becomes President the Republican Party will look very different by the end of the next term. Chuck Hagel
Didn't Slick Teddy imply Chuck Hagel had terrorist ties (donations from foreign govt's) ? Kind of like "Mafia Trump" now?
was accused of being the new McCarthy when he slandered war hero Chuck Hagel during a 2013 congressional hearing.
Today we are consumed by the Countries we left behind (in the global growth since WWII). Chuck Hagel
No one died looking for Bowe Bergdahl all Debunked by Chuck Hagel, Kenneth Dahl & The Pentagon.
Why don't u tell your constituency about Chuck Hagel put Cole as safety net
Obama is a disgrace, a weak clown everyone laughs at.
Well, no American wants to in any way hurt our capabilities to national def...
Former DOD Secretary Chuck Hagel visits next week for free public discussion and Q&A.
Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel is the next person lined up in the Embry-Riddle President's Speaker Series.
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No one died Looking for Bowe either...nother RW fantasy lead by Contempt over him..Chuck Hagel & Kenneth Dahl both said that his unit was
In my view, the best running mates for would be: Chuck Hagel, or
- asked former Defense Secretary & Nebraska Sen. Chuck Hagel about crumbling runway at OffuttAFB.
Omaha Chamber Annual Meeting waiting for former U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel
Robert Gates & Chuck Hagel say the same thing but this was not included in operating system
"Leaders today don't listen enough. It's all about listening." - Secretary Chuck Hagel at
What is Chuck Hagel's advice to YPs? . "Find something you enjoy doing that has a purpose."
In tips on leadership, Chuck Hagel quotes Polonius in Shakespeare's Hamlet: "To thine own self be true."
At Annual Meeting hearing Chuck Hagel speak to the shifts he sees in business & leadership globally
Former Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel speaking on global leadership at the
Chuck Hagel on leadership in the 21st century.
Chuck Hagel: Every community has challenges. What matters is how you respond.
True and likes of Kerry and Chuck Hagel
Getting ready to celebrate with 900+ of our closest friends...and new friend, Secretary Chuck Hagel. .
Peace comes through dealing with people. Peace doesn't come at the end of a...
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I would like Chuck Hagel to be President Trump's Sec. of Defense.
In other news, Chuck Hagel is now on the board for an organization the Daily Beast / Cathy Young smeared as "Putin's new American fan club"
Former Chuck Hagel told me on today the Obama Admin used Congress as an "excuse" not to strike in …
National defense and foreign policy in my interview w/ former Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel 2-16 @ ERAU Free to the public w/ doors open
NPRs Kelly McEvers speaks with former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel about the debate on national security in the 2016 presidential race.
Networking at Davos with Richard Branson, Chuck Hagel and a German spy...
I would not trade America's position in the world - our ledger, our debts a...
Trump does not drink or do drugs. But Cruz is the saint who eviscerates people for their values. Like patriot Chuck Hagel.
Former US Defense Sec. Chuck Hagel will discuss foreign policy as part of the Speaker Series Feb. 16
Remember when Ted Cruz wanted Joe Lieberman to replace Chuck Hagel?
google what company Chuck Hagel fronted. Think much?
Oh and take your Neocons in America with you
Our alliances should be understood as a means to expand our influence, not ...
When water boarding and the debate of is it torture comes up...I miss Chuck Hagel
Israel, US gearing up for large-scale missile defense drill: US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel speaks to Isr...
Chuck Hagel to speak at Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting
Well he did tell lies about Chuck Hagel before he briefly became Obama's Defense Secretary
Former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, at the Atlantic Council [Syria at 45min45sec; confirms Syrian Reg...
1/13 Reflections of a Former Secretary of Defense, w/ Chuck Hagel. Register now:
Why former Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel's coming out against the White House matters
Chuck Hagel: White House Tried to 'Destroy' Me . Chuck sells out to Barry, gets screwed anyway!
Hagel blasts Obama and why it matters: Chuck Hagel didn't turn out to be as bad a Defense Secretary for Israel...
Chuck Hagel: Obama White House tried 'to destroy me'. via
Emerging (and, of course, damning) details on Chuck Hagel's perspective on his tenure as Defense Secretary.
Former Defense Secretary & war hero Chuck Hagel says the Obama administration stabbed him in the back.
WHAT?! Thin-skinned Chuck Hagel is bashing the man who fired him?. I am shocked ! SHOCKED I tell you!
Former Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, affirms is a national security problem. Read:
I liked Chuck Hagel. That he didn't work out as Sec. of Defense is beside the point. Cruz treated him like dirt.
Chuck Hagel failed to impress many as an effective Secretary of Defense. But is Ash Carter any more impressive? Doubtful.
Next Tuesday, 12/8 - Reflections of a Former Secretary of Defense, featuring the Hon. Chuck Hagel:
Chuck Hagel, who was secretary of defense in the Obama administration, said it is critical now to d…
2day 2014 Obama fires the miserable, the pathetic Chuck Hagel, Sec. of Defense (who was hired to replace Bob…
Chuck Hagel has been my favorite Defense Sec of this Administration, but strong words coming from Ashton Carter is definitely impressing me
.Did just fall off the turnip truck?. No memory of Chuck Hagel's tenure in front of Graham & McCain?
.presents the 2015-16 PMB Series, featuring Chuck Hagel, and Richard Fisher:
The Republican Senators, mostly chicken hawks, lining up against Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary are a disgrace.
Secretary of defense nominee Chuck Hagel suggested in a previously unreleased 2011 speech that India has “for...
Chuck Hagel, former US Secretary of Defense will be keynote speaker APAC Conference on October 10th at Atlantic Council in Washington.
Chuck Hagel, former secretary of defense, is the featured speaker at this fall's Korbel Dinner:
Was Robert mueller; Chuck Hagel; mike Horowitz; Eric Holder; were they using our identities illegally in federal investigations?
if I'm related to Robert mueller Chuck Hagel mike Horowitz Eric Holder why didn't anyone go to them & get help for me/my son
while there is an investigation into Robert mueller former FBI director, Chuck Hagel, Eric Holder, President Obama's staff/that here in md
See who is global terrorist nation.
Truth about world largest secular country.
Chuck Hagel promised voters of Nebr he would send home illegals. After raids on packing plants,he lost his senate seat. owners mad!
Chuck Hagel sworn in as U.S. Defense Secretary, Pentagon spokesman says.
India is sponsor of terrorism from Afghanistan to Pakistan - Chuck Hagel
.challenges Sen. over his scrutiny of Chuck Hagel.
Former SecDef Chuck Hagel on how lessons from the Vietnam War could be used in the fight against ISIS
. reports Senator Chuck Hagel likely to be nominated for Sec of Defense. Here’s our story from last week http:/…
Obama faces backlash on possible nomination of ex-Republican senator Chuck Hagel for Pentagon
My table companion at FPA dinner was defence secretary Chuck Hagel. According to him good leaders need only character courage and judgement
Former secretary of defense Chuck Hagel speaks at the Foreign Policy Association dinner.
Chuck Hagel came across as ineffectual as Secretary of Defense. Ashton Carter is coming across as arrogant. Neither style works.
US defence secretary Chuck Hagel: Publics may take climate change more seriously if they know the miltary does
Who is behind terrorists activities in Pakistan? . "India is funding terror attacks in Pakistan".US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel says
is funding terror attacks in Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
((ELB)) Chuck Hagel rejoins ASP board of governors: Former Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel Wednesday rejoined the board of the Ameri...
why did he support Chuck Hagel for sec of def? why did he say the GOP shouldn't emphasize voter ID?
Did you know UNO has the papers of U.S. Senator Chuck Hagel? Stop by the Archives to see Hagel items on display.
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Chuck Hagel went totally private citizen didn't he? I wonder if he's writing a book or if he had to sign a non-disclosure agreement?
My Grandpa, myself, and my close friend Former Senator and Secretary of State Chuck Hagel
.Because Ex Indian Army chief admitted that RAW was sponsoring terror in Balochistan. Chuck Hagel also confirmed it too.
the US spends so much on its military we could take on the whole world and win. y keep spending
Anybody heard Chuck Hagel stopped & from attacking after Marine barracks bombing in Lebanon? Will research this more.
"Carter, who assumed office on Feb. 17 after his predecessor, Chuck Hagel, resigned on Nov. 24, 2014. His...
When Kerry comes home again empty-handed, will the White House scapegoat him for their failures like they did to Chuck Hagel?
I think it was a weird story too.. And other people w/weird injuries: former Secretaries of Defense Chuck Hagel and Robert Gates
C. Hagel “I want to assure you of the United States’ commitment to ensuring Iran does not get a nuclear weapon.""
"the Department of Defense report from this past fall, about which Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, “Rising…"
6 April, 2014, "Chuck Hagel warns Russia and China over use of force".
(cont.) I didn't know who Chuck Hagel or Oscar Pistorius were... so there's that.
Please cite statistic that the figure is 70% Wash Post says its 20% & Y does all go towards destruction?
this Gem "According to my sister, in fourth grade Hagel did not complete Ann Frank reading assignment"
the proof is in the letters to Chuck Hagel That went straight to the Pentagon in 2012 and in computer databases of both
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Dr Fisher looked like Chuck Hagel in his younger days.
Also Chuck Hagel supporting a cut on his cheek from a Cabinet and resigned after that. Hmm
Chuck Hagel, Susan Rice defend decision to trade terror suspects for Bergdahl swap
The US Senate confirms 1 of its former Republican members as the new Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel confirmation det
Chuck Hagel is the Defense Secretary & he was President of Diebold voting machines. Who owns the software that is used? Soros declared Nazi
ordered by the former US Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, prior to his being forced out of office last month over his refusal to (5/7)
We are delighted to welcome Chuck Hagel, U.S. Secretary of Defense (2013-2015), as our newest exclusive
To David Brooks, anybody to the right of Chuck Hagel is a RWNJ. He's a Joe Scarborough Conservative.
'From a buying and selling relation we must move on to co-development and co-production': Defence Secretary Chuck Hagel on Indo-US ties
Chuck Hagel I think tried and Gen. Dempsey but it comes down to *** making the call and he always makes the wrong call.
"There would be no Wall without Jan Scruggs" - Chuck Hagel
BHO will deliver a gushing speech for the resigning Chuck Hagel in hopes of stopping yet another scathing book from an…
If approved, Carter would succeed Chuck Hagel, who resigned in November, under pressure from the White House according to some reports.
Chuck Hagel and Mike Rogers are simply dupes of their Jewish bosses.
Chuck Hagel said ISIS was unlike anything we've ever seen, he was right.. Then he was fired.
US defence chief Chuck Hagel forced out
Our very own SFC Wirth, SOG TUS, was pictured in an article about outgoing SecDef Hagel!
Just a little security check before heading into F.E. Warren AFB to hear from Sec. of Defense Chuck Hagel
President to speak at an event for outgoing Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel
lol why didn't you mentioned why Chuck Hagel resigned before his period and why he always opposed Mil AID to Pak
ISH-DC Residents Attended a Special Farewell Tribute to Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel. Read this to find more!
Chuck Hagel was, and still is, a pathetic excuse for a SecDef and a shill for the White House. Much like you Josh.
Christian Zionism and Islamophobia: Evangelicals don't like Chuck Hagel. Christian Zionists want to bomb Iran.
Chuck Hagel to step down as US defence secretary
Deputy secretary Ashton Carter takes oath as new secretary replacing Chuck Hagel who resigned after row over strategy
"John McCain and Lindsey Graham only have the purest of motives for blocking Chuck Hagel:
Richard Holbrooke to Chuck Hagel,has consistently marginalized Officials w big FP ideas http…
US ready to launch Syria strike, says Chuck Hagel
And we all know what happened to Chuck Hagel
"Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel recently stated that he was “deeply troubled” by the latest spate of ethical scandals across the military"
Both banned you correctly. is a reality. Chuck Hagel, Afghans Pakistanis confirm it w evidence
Ted Cruz plays clips of Chuck Hagel on al-Jazeera in 2009:
Came across this article. Ed Koch foretold this 2yrs ago.
College guys- it's Watch_Dads as secdef, but I'll also take any opportunity to make a joke about Chuck Hagel's socks
Chuck Hagel cowers before the Jewish lobby, lies on their behalf & still they toss him to the wolves.. 3:) in...
Chuck Hagel, you simple, smart, polite, &tough guy, hope next Carter will be like you,tks for help Obama, scarf face
Obama & one of the best, Chuck Hagel we going to miss you, tks for helping this beautiful country USA, scarf face
“US signals likely delay in troop pullout from Afghanistan Remind me again why Chuck Hagel was fired?
Ashton Carter is more hawkish than Chuck Hagel, which is more proof that there is no daylight between war loving Dems and Repubs.
What is the real reason Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel chose to resign? Read WJW's story.
, Obama Chuck Hagel told you the truth and you threw him out the door and didn't want to listen that is your mo
can we shoot Chuck Hagel out of a cannon at him or something?
Chuck Hagel: A good man who never quite ...
.Chuck Hagel was thanked for his outstanding service too
Take a look at a collaboration of photos depicting the 24th Chuck Hagel's term in office
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Last Spring Chuck Hagel was bragging about an "experiment" designed to air drop into to "moderates" .
The governors brought up concerns about Army Restructuring Aviation Initiative during December phone call with former SecDef Chuck Hagel.
Great piece by Omaha World Herald's Joe Morton on graceful exit.
Words which should be heeded, but will be quickly forgotten
Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel took issue with the Iraqi prime ministers assertion that the U
Nothing new has been going on since 2010 see all links at bottom of post:
US Senate votes to confirm Ashton Carter as new Defense Secretary, 93-5 -
Chuck Hagel announces that the Pentagon plans to downsize the military to the lowest levels in 74 years.
Those who dont want to believe DGISPR Bajwa may find Chuck Hagel or Ex Indian Army chief more credible? http:…
via Senate confirms Ash Carter to be the next Defense Secretary, replacing Chuck Hagel.
The Senate has easily confirmed Ash Carter to replace Chuck Hagel as secretary of defense. The vote was 93… via
Tricks proven in US election, mostly by Deibold and ESS, run by State of Defense, CEO of these companies, Chuck Hagel.
Ashton Carter will be sworn in as Defense Secretary Tuesday. Chuck Hagel will remain on the job through the long weekend via …
The Senate just confirmed Ash Carter as new SecDef. Expected to be sworn in next week (succeeding Chuck Hagel).
[Real Estate] US ground troops could be needed in Iraq - Defense Secretary: Chuck Hagel has said the US may ev...
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