Chuck Berry & Pam Dawber

Charles Edward Anderson Chuck Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Pam Dawber (born October 18, 1951) is an American actress best known for her lead television sitcom roles as Mindy McConnell in Mork & Mindy (1978 – 1982) and Samantha Russell in My Sister Sam (1986 – 1988). 5.0/5

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Birthdays today to make you feel old! 1. Chuck Berry - Rock and Roll Pioneer - 86 today 2. Dawn Wells - Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island - (Remember the question - Ginger or Mary Ann?) - She's 74 today 3. Pam Dawber - Mindy of "Mork and Mindy" - 62 4. Jean-Claude Van Dam - 52 5. Erin Moran - Remember her? Joanie from Happy Days - Ready for this? -- 52 also. (WOW!) I feel older already. Jeez!
I know that it is late in the day, but anyway, today is chock full or noteworthy birthdays. In no particular order, we have Jeanne-Claude Van Damme, Peter Boyle, Erin Moran (Shortcake), George C. Scott, Pam Dawber, Inger Stevens (The Farmer's Daughter), Dawn Wells, Mike Ditka, Chuck Berry, Lee Harvey Oswald, and the greatest mother from Plantation Drive, Clare Kenny. happy birthday Mom, you are in good company, except for Lee Harvey. And judging by the tabloids the last few weeks, I might add Erin Moran to the exception.
October 18th: RIP Eddie Yost (84). The first US labor organization was founded in 1648. The Battle of Pelham Bronx was in 1776. The US took possession of Alaska in 1867. The American flag was raised in Puerto Rico in 1898. Pierre Trudeau was born in 1919. Jesse Helms was born in 1921. Little Orphan Annie debuted in 1922. George C. Scott was born in 1926. The Nuremberg War Trials began in 1945. Connie Mack retired after 50 years as the "A"'s manager. Casey Stengel was retired by the Yankees in 1960. Three doctors won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1962 for their work on DNA. Cyclamates were banned in 1969. Bicentennial coins were authorized by Congress in 1973. Bess Truman (97) died in 1982. Atlantis 5 was launched in 1989. The first non-American baseball team, Toronto, won the World Series in 1992. Columbia was launched in 1993. EZ Pass was first used on the Verrazanno Bridge in 1995. Chuck Berry (86), Mike Ditka (73), Pam Dawber (61), Martina Navrotilova (56), Jean -Claude Van Demme (54), Wynstin Mars ...
Today is World Menopause Day, National Chocolate Cupcake Day & Get To Know Your Customers Day. Zac Efron is 24, Pam Dawber (Mork & Mindy) is 60, Ne Yo is 32, Erin Moran (joanie on Happy Days) is 51, Brisol Palin is 21, Jean Claude Van Damme is 51, Mike Ditka (former player & coach for chicago bears) is 72, Chuck Berry is 85, Dawn Wells (Mary Ann on gilligans island) is 73, Lee Harvey Oswald 1939-1963, shot by Jack Ruby. 1980 I Believe In You by Don Williams was 1952 Hank Williams Sr. marries Billie Jean Jones Eshliman in Minden, Louisianna, on way back to Shreveport they run out of gas. 1851 Herman Melvilles Moby *** is 1st published as "The Whale" by Richard Bentley of London.
Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes! Busy day today but i am looking forward to a nice dinner out with Susan to celebrate. Love you all, thanks again! In related news... on this date, Alaska was obtained from Russia for 2 cents/acre, and i also share a birthday with Pam Dawber, Chuck Berry and Chuck Swindall. So i have that going for me. (a little nod to Caddyshack :) Thanks again!
Today in History -- Thursday, Oct. 18 (Chuck Berry, Keith Jackson, Dawn Wells, Mike Ditka, Joe Morton, Pam Dawber. Erin Moran, Zac Efron) The Associated Press Today is Thursday, Oct. 18, the 292nd day of 2012. There are 74 days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On Oct. 18, 1962, James D. Watson, Francis Crick and Maurice Wilkins were honored with the Nobel Prize for Medicine and Physiology for determining the double-helix molecular structure of DNA. On this date: In 1685, King Louis XIV signed the Edict of Fontainebleau, revoking the Edict of Nantes that had established legal toleration of France's Protestant population, the Huguenots. In 1812, during the War of 1812, the British ship HMS Frolic was captured off the Virginia coast by the crew of the USS Wasp, which was in turn captured by the HMS Poictiers. In 1867, the United States took formal possession of Alaska from Russia. In 1892, the first long-distance telephone line between New York and Chicago was officially opened (it could only ...
Lotsa birthdays today so lets jump right in and send wishes out to Erin Moran, who played the cute little sister Joannie on "Happy Days," 51 today and is homeless. She was booted out of her double-wide a month ago by her mother-in-law. She makes Honey Boo Boo's family look like the Kardashians. Pam Dawber, who teamed up with Robin Williams years ago for the "Mork and Mindy" show, hits 61 today. Singer Joe Egan turns 63 today. He was the non-Gerry Rafferty half of the group, Stealer's Wheel who sang "Stuck in the Middle With You." Dawn Wells, better known as MaryAnn from "Gilligan's Island," turns 74 today. She spent three years stranded on "Gilligan's Island" and then the next 30 years stuck in TBS reruns. The voice of college football, Keith Jackson, turns 84 today. Whoa Nellie! The legendary Chuck Berry celebrates his 86th birthday today. Don't ask about his "Ding-A-Ling."
There is some indication, and I don't have the conclusions, but some of this anthrax may - and I emphasize may - have come from Iraq. John Mccain, 2001 October 18 Birthdays Zac Efron turns 25 Pam Dawber turns 61 Erin Moran turns 52 Peter Boyle (1935 - 2006) Dawn Wells turns 74 Bristol Palin turns 22 Ne Yo turns 33 Jean Claude Van Damme turns 52 Martina Navratilova turns 56 Mike Ditka turns 73 George C. Scott (1927 - 1999) Carly Schroeder turns 22 Chuck Lorre turns 60 Chuck Berry turns 86 Laura Nyro turns 65 Esperanza Spalding turns 28 Freida Pinto turns 28 Lindsey Vonn turns 28 Wynton Marsalis turns 51 Chris Russo turns 53 Melina Mercouri (1920 - 1994) Jesse Helms (1921 - 2008) Lotte Lenya (1898 - 1981) Pascual Jordan (1902 - 1980) Wesley Jonathan turns 34 October 18 In History 1991 - Azerbaijan, the largest country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia (between Western Europe and Asia), declares independence from USSR. 1925 - The Grand Ole Opry, birthplace and showcase for many great country artists through ...
Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry(born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers ofrock and rollmusic. With songs such as "Maybellene" (1955), "Roll Over Beethoven" (1956), "Rock and Roll Music" (1957) and "Johnny B. Goode" (1958), Chuck Berry ref...
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