Chuck Berry & Johnny Cash

Charles Edward Anderson Chuck Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. John R. Johnny Cash (February 26, 1932 – September 12, 2003), was an American singer-songwriter, actor, and author, who has been called one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. 5.0/5

Chuck Berry Johnny Cash Buddy Holly Elvis Presley Jerry Lee Lewis Little Richard Roy Orbison Bob Dylan Carl Perkins Bill Haley Chess Records June Carter Fats Domino Elton John Hank Williams Aretha Franklin Paul Whiteman Muddy Waters John Lennon Bo Diddley

Love 50's music, 70's, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Hendrix, Chuck Berry idk like I said I'm an old soul and today is one of those days
The Red Planet tonight at 9 at the The Official Owl Shop Cigar Lounge with a special sit-in by Kevin Saint James, who wrote this description of what we do. "At the Owl Shop, the Red Planet does a straight-up, no-nonsense acoustic jam that covers a variety of classic tunes from The Dead, Dylan, and The Band to Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and other roots-based, country-fied, Americana-type, standards. Their laid-back, sittin'-on-the front porch, let’s-have-fun attitude gives way to tightly worked out performances, rich with interwoven instrumental unity, guitar pyrotechnics, vocal harmony, group dynamics, and flat-out enthusiasm—all delivered with a genuine working-for-the people, non-showbiz kinda presence. It's hard not to have a good old time, hangin' out when they do their thing."
he was good - but Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry were even better
Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Bob Dylan, Elvis, and Chuck Berry. Those fellas and their music make my ears super happy.
June 7, 1993…In Cleveland, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Chuck Berry, Sam Phillips, Pete Townshend, and Billy Joel were among those present at the ceremony. The historical day finished with a benefit concert at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. The line-up for the event consisted of legendary artist such as Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Al Green, Jerry Lee Lewis, Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, the Pretenders, John Fogerty, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, George Clinton, the Kinks, John Mellencamp, Bruce Springsteen, Booker T. and the MGs, Eric Burdon and Martha Reeves.
How Recording Studios Work Legendary recording artist Elvis Presley recorded in Memphis' Sun Studios. Phantom City Studio Orlando Florida recording studios. In 1953, a skinny 18-year-old with slicked-back hair walked into Memphis Recording Service. He wanted to make a personal recording and was looking for owner Sam Phillips. Since Phillips wasn't in, the teen talked to secretary Marion Kiesker. When she asked what style of music he played, he responded, "I don't sound like nobody." Although few people ever heard that first $4 recording, Elvis Presley turned his personal style into worldwide fame with the help of Sam Phillips and that recording studio, which became the legendary Sun Studio. The studio was also home to Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jerry Lee Lewis and B.B. King [source: Rockabilly Hall of Fame]. Sun Studio may be what comes to mind when you think of recording studios, or the Beatles' Abbey Road in London -- or maybe even Chess Records in Chicago where artists such as Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, ...
I would look up to Buddy Holly, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Dion, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, and of course the early Beatles.
DID YOU KNOW that on this day on March 1 1968 : Johnny Cash gets married to June Carter . 1910 : An avalanche caused by very heavy snowfalls and freezing conditions buried two trains in Wellington, Washington killing 96 people. Trains were buried in after they were both thrust off their tracks. and fell into a canyon . Because of the nature of the accident and the disaster, bodies were not sought for and rescued until quite a few days after it happened. Blizzard conditions were what held rescuers back the most. Commerce. Montréal, Québec March 1, 1943 - World War II - Founding of the Canadian Women's Army Corps as part of the Canadian forces; CWACs have full military titles and can hold commissions. Ottawa, Ontario - March 1 - Road - Work begins on the Alaska Highway to secure military transport access to Alaska in the event of Japanese invasion in World War II. Dawson Creek, BC 1957: Chuck Berry, "School Days" 1958: Johnny Mathis, Johnny's Greatest Hits 1966: Elvis Presley, "Frankie And Johnny" b/w "Pl ...
WOW lotsa good stuff happened in music on March 1st! Check it all out :) 1810 - Composer Frederic Chopin was born. 1826 - Composer John Thomas was born. 1928 - Paul Whiteman and his orchestra recorded "Ol' Man River." 1941 - The first FM Radio station opened in Nashville, TN. 1956 - The Fats Domino album "Rock and Rollin' With Fats Domino" was released on the Imperial Label. 1957 - The Everly Brothers signed with Cadence Records and then recorded "Bye Bye Love." 1957 - Chuck Berry released "School Days" on Chess Records. It became his biggest hit to date. 1958 - Buddy Holly & the Crickets opened their only British tour in London. 1963 - Gerry & the Pacemakers released their first British single, "How Do You Do It." 1968 - Johnny Cash and June Carter were married. 1968 - Elton John's first single, "I've Been Loving You," was released in England. 1969 - Jim Morrison (Doors) was arrested and officially charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, indecent behavior, open profanity and public drunkenness in Miam ...
Today is the birthday of two of my heroes. Johnny Cash and Fats Domino. Antoine Domino was born in New Orleans.He still lives there. Antoine is known as "Fats". Fats Domino became a star in the 1950's ,along with Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, he was a a rock and roll pioneer! Fats, for me , epitomized rockin' blues New Orleans, I loved his rolling piano style and tried to copy it on my Fender Telecaster guitar. I still play "My Girl Josephine".. Fats was one of the first to be inducted in to the rock and Roll Hall of fame...I still say the rock and Roll Hall of fame is the only award show worth watching...back to Fats.. Fats Domino songs are classics. "I'm Walking", "Blueberry Hill" and "Blue Monday" are just a few...Fats can lay down a groove a mile wide...big enough for everyone to jump on! In the 1980's ,Fat's quit leaving The Big Easy...he said he could work all he wanted at home...he also said, he could not get good food anywhere else... Fats lived in the Ninth .. ...
Today's Rant: The Beatles, The question that no panel of Talking Heads are asking is why? Up to that point in pop Music History English acts had very little, if any success, in America. At the same time, American acts such as R&B legends as Robert Johnson, Howlin Wolf, and Muddy Waters were being worshipped by the likes of Lennon, McCartney, Jagger and Clapton. So why would these lads from Liverpool take the world by storm and particularly American teenagers like me? The short answer is "Rockabilly" music. Almost all early rockers were from the Southern United States, Buddy Holly and Roy Orbison were from Texas, so other than the acts out of Philly and the East Coast, the founders of early Rock n roll such as Elvis, Little Richard, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis were very much from the south, and most from the deep south. You can add Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash to that list. The "hillbilly" influence in early rock was very hard to listen to, if you were from Chicago or Detroit, it just sounded stupid an ...
Sun Records is the best! I have albums of SUN but recently I bought the Sun-sessions on cd of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and lots of others. If you share my enthousiasm for pure rock'n roll, send me a friend-request!
Two "American Originals" as Johnny Cash would have said. The great Muddy Waters, on the left and Chuck Berry on...
4 hours of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Chuck Berry and Bill Haley. I am absolutely an old man.
"Music of the 1950's reflected the beginnings of major social changes in the world and in the US, especially. Rock 'n' Roll, R&B, and traditional pop ruled the charts while radio and television connected the country in our musical tastes and exposed the nation to a greater variety of artists and styles. Some of the first major superstars of music emerged from this decade with people like Elvis Presley dominating the airwaves and the minds of young girls. Popular Genres: Traditional Pop, Rock 'n' Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Country, Jazz, Blues, Calypso, Vocal Jazz Popular Artists: Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Buddy Holly, Fats Domino, The Everly Brothers, Patti Page, Doris Day, Johnny Cash, Nat King Cole, Tony Bennett, Dean Martin, Pat Boone, Gene Autry, Patsy Cline, Same Cooke, Hank Williams, Teresa Brewer, Ritchie Valens, Harry Belafonte, Ray Charles"
Live Music TONIGHT at The Green Nature Cafe! Come hang out and enjoy smoothies, juices, and snacks while listening to some great tunes from about 7-9 tonight. Serendipity's influences include Bob Dylan, James Taylor, Heart, Emmylou Harris, Willie and Waylon and The Outlaw Boys, Los Lonely Boys, Chuck Berry, John Prine, Lucinda Williams, Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, and many others. What's not to love? :)
so glad i was brought up on Jimi Hendrix, Robert Johnson, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Johnny Cash's music as opposed to Britney Spears
ROCKY MTN. PBS PRESENTS AMERICAN MASTERS: Sister Rosetta Tharpe: THE GODMOTHER OF ROCK & ROLL . When: Friday, February 22nd Time: 9:00 p.m. Where: On your local RM PBS Channel (Channel 6 in Denver) . During the 1940s, 50s and 60s, Southern-born, Chicago-raised and New York-made Sister Rosetta Tharpe introduced the spiritual passion of her gospel music into the secular world of popular rock 'n roll, inspiring the male icons of the genre. This flamboyant African-American gospel superstar, with her spectacular virtuosity on the newly electrified guitar, was a natural-born performer and a rebel – one of the most important singer-musicians of the 20th century. She is acknowledged as a major influence not only on generations of black musicians – including Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Isaac Hayes and Etta James – but also on white stars such as Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash. . Presented in High Definition | Anamorphic Widescreen .
Working on John Prine, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Runrig, Chuck Berry, and some Tex-Mex Spanish tunes. Johnny B Goode as a reel for instance.
Coming up Thursdays at The Troubadour Night (The Club Morriston,Swansea)- Thurs Feb 7th- GLAS A welcome return to this dynamic Rock and Roll band from the Rhondda and Gwent valleys.GLAS feature 2 great guitar players,and play music not heard as often as it should be anymore.Johnny Cash,Eddie Cochran,Howlin’ Wolf,Chuck Berry etc etc etc.GREAT NIGHT GUARANTEED!!! Thurs Feb 14th- DSW BAND *NEW BAND* Featuring former BLUE TRAFFIC guitar player Dave Williams,we welcome DSW BAND on their debut Club performance.Dave is a well respected guitar player from Penygraig and we look forward to see what his new outfit is all about.ROCK AND BLUES PLAYED WITH GREAT SKILL AND FEELING!! Thurs Feb 21st- MARK PONTIN GROUP With special guest from Buttonsville YATIM HALIMI on bass guitar,Mark brings his exciting blues/rock trio to The Club,playing songs from his new album ‘DAYS OF DESTINY’ plus rock/blues covers by Hendrix,SRV,Cream etc etc.It will be ROCKING!!! Thurs Feb 28th- PLANET GRAFFITI The hotly anticipated return ...
Sky Arts 1 is such an amazing channel. They always spam it full of Johnny Cash programmes and today it's followed by Chuck Berry.
Listening to some good ole soulful Ray Charles, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Bo Diddley, Carl Perkins, Bill Haley, Fats Domino, Sam Cooke, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison, Jackie the heck happened to real music like this? Today's music has it all wrong!
    The early 1970s were a time of blurred boundaries for Country music. The traditional style was still well-represented in the recording marketplace, both here in the States and on the other sides of the oceans (among the biggest chart hitmakers in the UK during the period were Grand Ole Opry staples Faron Young and Tammy Wynette), but the introduction of elements from other forms were massive in their impact. Leroy Van *** and Johnny Cash were among those who imported Bob Dylan's poetic lyrics to the Country stage. Buck Owens and Jim Croce applied Chuck Berry's techniques to their acoustic guitars. Glen Campbell, after touring as a Beach Boy, brought surf-styled guitar and Jimmy Webb's storytelling into the form. Charley Pride, O.B. McClinton and Freddy Fender broke the ethnic barriers surrounding Country wide apart. And The Byrds, Michael Nesmith's First National Band and The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band all strattled the fence between full-blown rock 'n roll and hardcore Country with firm footing.    ...
Doing HW with Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Chuck Berry all day. No complaints.
So on the way into school I was listening to Johnny Cash and i got to thinking about the evolution of popular music. Back then it was Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Chuck its Justin Bieber, Niki Minaj and ridiculously named rappers with no talent.uh...what the *** happened?
Just finished up my lead vocal tracks for the band's album in 2013. We will call it "Alive Tonight" and will feature 2 originals and about a dozen vocal impressions from the big stars of the 50's and 60's like Chuck Berry, Johnny Rivers, Elvis, Johnny Cash, Conway, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison, Tommy James and others. Sounding great so far!
If you like any of the following, then come along to the MARINERS COMPASS, Gorleston, on Sunday afternoon 4pm till 7pm... The Shadows, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Status Quo, The Searchers, Mud, The Undertones, Matchbox, Elvis Presley, Abba, Hank Williams, Kenny Rogers, T-Rex, Smokie, Cliff Richard, Bill Haley and His Comets, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Dire Straits, Eddie Grant, Deep Purple, Johnny Cash, Frank Sinatra, George Formby, Blondie, Queen, Showaddywaddy, Ringo Starr, Freddie and The Dreamers, Chubby Checker, The Big Bopper, Suzi Quatro, Bruno. Mars, The Carpenters, The Monkees, Guy Mitchell, Etc etc etc the list just goes on and on. Come along and I'll sing your favourite song. I do NOT sing to backing tracks... I play electric guitar and also play a set off BASS PEDALS with my feet at the same time, so it's all played LIVE!
There should be a Mount Rushmore equivalent for Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.
After listening to a few vinyl records with my Lestie (Chuck Berry,The Beatles, Johnny Cash, and some Hank Williams plus a couple from the 80's I made steakfingers mashed potatoes and corn.Now gonna wash off the fried smell and go watch my sister's run at the Moonlight walf for Breast Cancer down at the park! Go Girl's!
Kicking the blues theme off with sad old Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and Janis Joplin in a few minutes… Stream live now at
This Day in Rock. 1955 – Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash kicked off an eleven date tour of the Southern US states in Abilene, Texas. 1963 – The Beatles are awarded their first gold disc for a million sales of “She Loves You.” 1965 – The Beatles release their single “Roll Over Beethoven,” a cover of the Chuck Berry classic. 1966 – No. 1 Chart Toppers Pop Hit: “Reach Out, I’ll Be There,” The Four Tops. 1967 - The Doors appeared at Danbury High School, Danbury, Connecticut. 1968 - during a Beatles recording session at Abbey Road six saxophonists recorded parts for ‘Savoy Truffle’ for the forthcoming White Album. 1969 – The No. 1 album in America today is Creedence Clearwater Revival’s Green River. 1990 - drummer Dave Grohl played his first gig with Nirvana when they appeared at the North Shore Surf Club in Olympia. 2005 - Rod Stewart received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame to honour a career spanning more than 40 years.
Why cant we have more musicians like Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis??
Step back in time to the ‘Sock Hop’ era with Come Back Buddy! Specializing in cover songs of rock ‘n’ roll sensations including Buddy Holly, Ricky Nelson, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and Roy Orbison. The band completes their tribute to the 50’s by also dressing the part; White Sport Coat...
The Holy Ghosts, formed in the winter of 2011 are a five-piece band from Edinburgh playing Rock n' Roll with a splash of Country and a dash of the Blues. Drawing influences from The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Band Neil Young, Johnny Cash, Creedence Clearwater Revival and Chuck Berry, they convey...
what i did today was put on nyan cat in media and research Johnny Cash, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry & Elvis in music
Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry. All morning. Now I can get down to that.
John Lennon, Marilyn Manson, Johnny Cash, Eminem, Ted Nugent, Angus Young, and Chuck Berry. I admire the *** out of these people because they say what they want to say when they want to say it when it needs to be said and they have the balls to say it without fear of what people will think. It taught me to believe and stand up for myself, and I have always prided myself on that. I am whatever you say I am, if I wasnt then why would I say I am? i guess that's just the way that I am
Rocking out to some oldies: Johnny Cash, Frankie Lymon, Platters, Coasters, Monotones, Stevie Wonder and my favorite, Chuck Berry.
Musings - - How high does Bonnie Raitt? Which piano did Tommy Tune? How many cakes did Robert Frost? How much weight can Mariah Carey? What idols did Paul Revere? In what movie did Ringo Starr? What kind of plane did Pontius Pilate? Whose check did Johnny Cash? How much treasure did Chuck Berry? How many doors can Alicia Keys open? How many Brittney Spears can be thrown.
I'm tired of people saying 'Kids today have no idea what this is' or that if you weren't born in the 80s or earlier, you don't know what life is. I was born in 1990 so I'm still fairly young. I have used cassette tapes, VHS, floppy disks, dial up, records, and have actually dialed on a phone. My favorite music ranges from the late 50s to the early 90s. Rush, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Kiss, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry, The Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, The Doors, Neil Young, Cream, CCR, and Rainbow, to name a few. And just because most kids born in '97 don't use these things, I'm sure they know tons of things about the modern world that you don't.
Not many musicians can be relevant with every piece of music they create. Chuck Berry, The Clash, Jimi Hendrix, Patti Smith, Johnny Cash and now Adam ”MCA” Yauch. R.I.P MCA.
Many attribute Bill Haley and The Comets with the birth of Rock and Roll. Though Bill Haley did help make it popular, he was preceded by others. In particular was Sister Rosetta Tharpe, an African American Gospel singer who was willing to cross the lines between Gospel and Jazz. Her recording of "Strange Things Happening Every Day" recorded in 1944, is considered by many to be the first Rock and Roll record. Performers like Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Isaac Hayes and Aretha Franklin have named her as major influences in their music. Johnny Cash once said that Rosetta Tharpe was his favorite singer when he was growing up. To quote Chuck Berry, "Hail, Hail Rock and Roll".
4AM Breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip. Lunch in Memphis surrounded by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee's gold records. Dinner & an award from the board - long day.
they should definitely bring back Chuck Berry & Johnny Cash ~
The AHS Class of '62 started its high school adventure in the Fall of 1956 which would eventually lead us to where we are today. These are the top hits of 1956 that got us "rockin' and a-rollin": 1. Hound Dog - Elvis Presley 2. Long Tall Sally - Little Richard 3. Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins / Elvis Presley 4. Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley 5. Be-Bop-A-Lula - Gene Vincent & the Bluecaps 6. Roll Over Beethoven - Chuck Berry 7. In The Still Of The Nite - Five Satins 8. Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino 9. Please, Please, Please - James Brown & the Famous Flames 10. I Walk The Line - Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two
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