Chuck Berry & Johnny B. Goode

Charles Edward Anderson Chuck Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Johnny B. Goode is a 1958 rock and roll song written and originally performed by Chuck Berry. The song was a major hit among both black and white audiences peaking at #2 on Billboard magazine's Hot R&B Sides chart and #8 on the Billboard Hot 100. 5.0/5

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RIP Chuck Berry. Originator of many killer rock guitar licks and great songwriter, the original Johnny B. Goode.
Grab some coffee while we spin another record on - Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry up next!
I added a video to a playlist Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode (1959)
Take in the sounds of jazz and oldies on - now it's Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.
Listening to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, on the album: The Definitive Collection
Green Day pay tribute to Chuck Berry with a live cover of Johnny B. Goode: (London, Ontario, Canada).
If we're talking favorite Chuck Berry performances, have to go with him playing Johnny B. Goode in '86 with Julian Lennon &…
RIP Chuck Berry. We will be singing "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Johnny B. Goode" forever.
Chuck Berry performs Johnny B. Goode with & Julian crushes the vocal -
NASA included Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' in a time capsule sent to space to represent life on Earth
Chuck Berry and John Lennon singing Johnny B. Goode. Rest with the angels.
Watching the classic Johnny B. Goode scene from Back to the Future tonight...RIP Chuck Berry!
Chuck Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' included in music headed to the stars on Golden Record. Learn more:
Chuck Berry died. This breaks my heart, but 90 years old ain't bad for rock and roll. Johnny B. Goode forever.
Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roll founder who defined its joy and rebellion in "Johnny B. Goode" and other classics, dies.
GreatRockLyrics: Video of the day. Chuck Berry is joined by John Lennon to perform Johnny B. Goode live from 1972.
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The unknown highschool musician who first performed Johnny B. Goode before it was stolen by Chuck Berry. Nov 5 1955. https:…
Music from the heart of shropshire now playing Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry
Rock and roll music when the sun go down ♫ Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry —
Chuck Berry ought to sue The Beach Boys for plagiarism, "fun fun fun" has an almost identical intro to Johnny B Goode
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry is over at
A lot of Chuck Berry songs start very similar to one another. Like Johnny B. Goode, and Roll Over Beethoven
Rocking out to Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" and all I think of is famous scene.Good times.
This is the most atrocious seizure of black culture since Marty Mcfly went back in time and stole Johnny B. Goode from Chuck Berry.
Chuck Berry is no stranger to the farm Neither is Johnny B. Goode otherwise known as Johnnie Johnson
All from God, all for God. – Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, from
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on The Greatest song ever written...
That's not Strawberry Quik & that's not Johnny B. Goode. It's kiwi pilot Chuck Berry of over...
Casually listening to Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode and realising that may have taken some inspiration from it to write Nina.
I just used Shazam to discover Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. هلا بال60s
Johnny B. Goode has only been performed as a cover song. Marty Mcfly covered Chuck Berry who covered Marty Mcfly.
Stream Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on Roll Over Beethoven for free on Grooveshark.
Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry just came on and sent me into full-blown 'Threads' PTSD-mode.
Great song: Johnny B. Goode. I don't own the music at all. All credit goes to Chuck Berry. From the Back to the Future Soundtrack. This is the song that Mart...
This day in 1958, Chuck Berry's rock 'n' roll classic 'Johnny B. Goode' single was released!
Today is National Clams on the Half Shell Day, YUCK! I don't know how people eat them, I can't get past them looking like someone hacked up in a shell! Eww!! Oranges and Lemons Day, two of Squashie's favorites! Coloring Crayola Day, ok, what's your favorite crayola color name? I love the mac n cheese! Bunsen Burner Day, I always let someone else light that thing, WPHS would have been up in flames if I did it, lol! & National "She's Funny That Way" Day! Your wife is funny, now u funny too! Quick, who sang it? On this day in 1889 the Eiffel Tower opened. One place I want to go! In 1943 "Oklahoma!" opened on Broadway. You know you all just sang out Oklahoma! lol! In 1949 Newfoundland became Canada's 10th province. blah, blah, blah. In 1958 Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was released. Go Johnny Go! In 1980 Jesse Owens died. four-time Olympic gold medalist, super impressive!! In 1993 Brandon Lee died in an accident while filming "The Crow". Bruce Lee's son:( In 1995 Selena was killed by Yolanda Saldivar ...
And for no reason other than it's awesome, here's Chuck Berry and Bruce Springsteen playing Johnny B. Goode together:
You may all blame this on Seven Bates. I understand if you don't play along...I really do. - Your Song - Elton John - Young Guns - Bon Jovi - The Trooper - Iron Maiden - Moonlight Sonata - Beethoven - Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue - Crazy Train - Ozzy - Numb - Lincoln Park - Rebel Yell - Billy Idol - Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry - Melt with you - Modern English - You're the Inspiration - Chicago - Enter Sandman - Metallica RULES: in your status update, list 12 songs that have stayed with you over the years in some way. Don't think too long over the list- just a few minutes. They don't have to be great records or critical darlings, just ones that mean something to you personally. Then tag 10 or more of your friends, including me so that I can see your list. Verina Caelistia, Estrith Rasmusdatter, Scott Wearing, Michaela Vecht, Tom Pope, Raynor Boleheued ThePantsless, Ryan Smith, Desmond Blackstone, Jeff Roper Jr., Jeff Slaughter, Katherine OfHornechurch, Portia Kincaid
Time for some serious RocknRoll tonight!! Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
if I wanna learn one song, playing guitar, my first choice would be."Johnny B. Goode" by Chuck Berry
reaching into its diverse bag of tricks for a rousing rendition of the Chuck Berry masterpiece "Johnny B. Goode"
Bankers. please "be good" and RV. Chuck Berry from STL, Johnny B. Goode, live. …
"Charles Edward Anderson "Chuck" Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. With songs such as "Maybellene" (1955), "Roll Over Beethoven" (1956), "Rock and Roll Music" (1957) and "Johnny B. Goode" (1958), Chuck Berry refined and developed rhythm and blues into the major elements that made rock and roll distinctive, with lyrics focusing on teen life and consumerism and utilizing guitar solos and showmanship that would be a major influence on subsequent rock music. Born into a middle-class family in St. Louis, Missouri, Berry had an interest in music from an early age and gave his first public performance at Sumner High School. While still a high school student he served a prison sentence for armed robbery from 1944 to 1947. On his release, Berry settled into married life and worked at an automobile assembly plant. By early 1953, influenced by the guitar riffs and showmanship techniques of blues player T-Bone Walker, he was ...
Today In Entertainment History - 1931: Abbey Road recording studios open in London's pricey St. John's Wood. 1955: Billboard begins its "Top 100" chart, with the first Number One listed as "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" by the Four Aces. The magazine wouldn't resolve all its pop charts into one until 1959. * Hill Valley, CA native Marty Mcfly travels back to this date from 1985 to make sure his parents get together; while in 1955, he plays "Johnny B. Goode" at a local sock hop, inspiring Chuck Berry's "new sound." (Not really). * Les Paul and Mary Ford hit with "Magic Melody". 1957: The rock and roll movie Jamboree premieres in Hollywood, featuring performances from Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Buddy Knox, and Slim Whitman. Perkins rejects a song called "Great Balls of Fire" that Jerry Lee has already recorded, and Lewis' version, released along with the film, becomes a hit. Perkins instead opts to sing a song called "Glad All Over" in the film, which goes ...
Been linked this performance of Johnny B. Goode. It's kind of unreal. Chuck Berry was the man. -
He could play the guitar just like ringing a bell, Go . Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live:
Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush live covering Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. This is possibly the best version of the song I have ever heard.
Dude at Live Band Karaoke last night did “Johnny B. Goode.” In the bridge, he pulled his cell and reenacted the call to Chuck Berry. Win.
Johnny B. Goode" is a 1958 rock and roll song written and originally performed by Chuck Berry... This song is based on Berry's life. It tells the tale of a b...
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry, one of the best Rock N' Roll songs.
Chuck Berry performing Johnny B. Goode with John Lennon is so great
Im just singing, "Go Shero, Go, Go. Shero Be Good. da na na na." to the tune of Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry. here we go
I'm getting better at playing the riffs in Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry!
Audio: A daily dose of music: Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode dance out humpday!
I just used to tag Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry.
If you're wondering, Johnny B Goode is my favorite Chuck Berry song.
Classic Intro to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry to study fingerings etc. have fun!
Track of the Day Chuck Berry Song: School Days (1957) American songwriter and rock and roll pioneer Chuck Berry is renowned for his distinctive guitar driven rhythm and blues sound. If you've seen the films Pulp Fiction, Back to the Future or Home Alone then you'll probably know one of his songs. or at least think you know one until you realise it's that other song that sounds similar. Today's choice demonstrates this. On first hearing it could be mistaken for Riding Along In My Automobile (another Chuck Berry classic) but it's not... I think. TT Recommends: Tracks 'Maybellene', 'Roll Over Beethoven', 'Rock and Roll Music' and 'Johnny B. Goode'.
Marty Mcfly plays Johnny B. Goode at the dance in 1955. Chuck Berry hears it and eventually records it. Marty then hears it as a kid, years later, and learns how to play it. Then travels back in time to play it at the dance. Then who actually wrote the song?
i wanted to do Chuck Berry omg then I would force everyone to listen to Johnny B. Goode
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live: I hope you will like this...
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I think I will play Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode for my college audition
Chuck Berry was forced to change lived a coloured boy to country boy in Johnny B Goode
I'm listening to Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry on Pandora
Beatles History for January 7 by 1944 - British novelty act Mike McGear was born. He was Paul Mccartney's brother. 1964 - The Beatles recorded a session for the BBC Saturday Club program. During the recording they made the only known Beatles recording of the Chuck Berry song "Johnny B. Goode." 1998 - The London "Times" reported that two brass busts had been stolen from the grounds of George Harrison's mansion in Osfordshire, England. 1999 - Paul Mccartney appeared at an opening for an exhibit of houseware designs in Atlanta, GA. The designs were by his stepdaughter Heather. 2004 - The family of George Harrison rejected an offer by a doctor to donate an autographed guitar to charity to end a lawsuit. The previous day Harrison's family filed a lawsuit that stated Harrison's oncologist had forced him to autograph a guitar for his teenage son two weeks before he died of cancer.
Obviously black people paved the way ..Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode (Live 1958): via
The music is loud in the Sandman residence this morning...(as it always is) speakers are gracing me with the incredible sounds of Chuck Berry...Johnny B. Goode~!
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry, perhaps the two minutes and forty seconds of the best rock n roll ever written.
Evening all, Audio Works video of the day 377. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode.
Ben Jones *** from the Dukes of Hazzard) and his band perform Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" at the Smoky Mountain Fan Fest - July 18, 2009
...who is old enough to remember this?."Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode live"
Super 8mm colour film recording of the Coloured Balls performing "Johnny B. Goode" at Sunbury '73. Excellent rendition of the old Chuck Berry standard!!!
Just heard that pieces of old Municipal Stadium in Cleveland are washing ashore from Lake Erie. When the tore the place down they dumped some stuff in there to create an artificial wreath to help sea growth. The stadium was called "The Mistake by the Lake." If any piece of the bandstand that was used in the legendary 1995 concert for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame where Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band and Chuck Berry teamed up to sing "Johnny B. Goode" I hope it winds up in the Hall. A legendary rock and roll moment!
Just left the Chuck Berry Tribute Show at the Palace Theater. What an epic evening of music honoring the most influential and covered guitar player ever! Just think Chuck Berry music is part of the time capsule in the satillite that is curently leaving our solar system. Imagine some Alien hitting the play button and hearing Johnny B Goode. He will bring his spaceship here and say Take me to your leader Chuck Berry! Hail Hail Rock n Roll!
Junkyard Preachers play the Chuck Berry classic in a garage!
*** On the album "Hendrix in the West", Jimi Hendrix does excellent covers of the Beatles "Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" but he does an awesome cover of Chuck Berry's classic, "Johnny B. Goode". Hendrix closes out the set by playing a great cover of Carl Perkins' "Blue Suede Shoes". Man, Jimi Hendrix is a rock God. Plain and simple.
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Back to the future version of Chuck Berry`s-Johnny B. Goode -
"Johnny B. Goode," written and performed by Chuck Berry. 2:38
It was 50s-60s night at in Toronto at Lou Dawg's. I was in my Marty Mcfly Halloween costume. Naturally, I had to sing this Chuck Berry classic!...
In honor of Chuck Berry's tribute show planned for this weekend in Ohio, where my favorite guitarist Joe Bonamassa (and others) will perform, let's hear some Johnny B. Goode.
Chuck Berry came on my Billy Talent Pandora radio station. I don't mind. Johnny B Goode!
Chuck Berry's Johnny B Goode performed on the ukulele by Matthew Cheverie age 9. 50's rock and roll Marty Mcfly
Todays Music Minute Oct 18 1956, 21-year-old Elvis Presley pulled into a Memphis gas station where he started to attract a small crowd of autograph seekers. After repeatedly asking Elvis to move on so he could resume normal business, station manager Ed Hopper slapped Presley on the head and found himself on the receiving end of a punch in the face from Elvis. Station employee Aubrey Brown tried to help his boss, but was no match for Presley. After police are called, Hopper and Brown were charged with assault and were fined $25 and $15 respectively. 1966, The Jimi Hendrix Experience played their first gig as a band supporting French pop star Johnny Hallyday at the Paris Olympia in France. 1926, Born on this day, Chuck Berry, singer, songwriter and guitarist, who wrote the 1963 UK No. 6 single 'Let It Rock' plus many other classic songs. He also had surprise hit in 1972 with the UK and US No.1 single 'My Ding A Ling'. A major influence on The Beatles and Rolling Stones, Berry's 'Johnny B. Goode' was one of ...
Deep down Louisiana close to New Orleans, Way back in the woods among the evergreens, There stood a log cabin made of earth and wood, Where lived a country boy named of Johnny B. Goode, Who never ever learned to read or write so well, But could play the guitar like ringing a bell.. Johnny B. Goode... Chuck Berry.. Rock n Rolls greatest lyricist...
Hey everybody, here's a new vid, a little different style this time! This cover of Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode" was done all at home, all sounds and instr...
flag Explore »Entertainment and Media (34,969) »Music (6,641) by jsaeger 2 Followers Top 25 Guitar Players of All Time 1) Eric Clapton (Cream, The Yardbirds) – Most guitar players would be satisfied with being great in two genres, but Clapton has mastered both rock and blues guitar for well over 40 years. After bursting on to the scene with the supergroups Cream and the Yardbirds, Clapton mellowed by indulging in the blues – including an album of Robert Johnson covers. Clapton has also recorded memorable collaborations with some of the true greats of rock ‘n roll, including The Beatles, Santana, B.B. King, and Steve Winwood. 2) B.B. King – A master craftsman, King’s fluid style helped usher in a new era of blues guitar. Even though he first charted a single in 1951, he still remains popular in 2009, thanks in part to nonstop touring with his “Lucille.” 3) Chuck Berry – Influenced virtually everyone on this list with classic songs such as Johnny B. Goode, Tulane, and Route 66. 4) Angus Yo ...
Forget about Will-i-am on Mars, Chuck Berry is singing out Johnny B. Goode through the cosmos on The Voyager Golden Record!
Flashback: John Lennon and Chuck Berry Jam on 'Johnny B. Goode' - In February of 1972, John...
Listening to “Johnny B. Goode (Single Version)” by Chuck Berry ♫ nothing compare to this song to face morning :))
Video of the day! John Lennon and Chuck Berry team up to do Johnny B Goode live! Courtesy of
Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode Live live 1958 PLEASE like this page
Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry // Pure Rock & Roll how it's supposed to be done. Excellent song from one of the best ever.
I heard you recovered Garden Party and it did sound great. Will you recover Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry?
Johnny B Goode - Chuck Berry (Songs Guitar Lesson ST-318) How to play: In thisguitar lesson you will learn this ...
This is a tribute parody song for Bob's Big Boy called "Grill It Real Good" based off of Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode. Instrumental by The Hit Crew taken of...
How about some Classic Rock n roll this morning. Chuck Berry's Johnny B. Goode...
I liked a video John Lennon and Chuck Berry - Johnny B Goode
Disturbed radio station, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry comes on.
I ate a fab bacon cheeseburger and listened to Chuck Berry on my lunch break. You can't listen to Johnny B Goode and stay mad.
“Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry >>” dude you have a great taste in music :)
Chuck Berry performing Johnny B. Goode on Tuesday 18th November 2008 at the Jazz Cafe in Camden, London, England.
Chuck Berry: " Whoa! wait! the piano is doing Roll Over Beethoven and we're doing Johnny B. Goode!" available on Etsy
Finally got round to doing this! This is a live performance of The Jimi Hendrix Experience playing 'Johnny B. Goode' [originally by Chuck Berry] at the Berke...
What If Joseph Stalin had Spotify? Well here is his top five. 1. Soviet Union National Anthem (This speaks for itself) 2. Der Kommisar-Falco/After The Fire (I feel he would enjoy this for the opposite reason all of us do. Cause when he comes to town, you do not turn around.) 3. My Way-Frank Sinatra (Russian Dictator or No Russian Dictator, everyone loves the chairman) 4. Born In The U.S.A.- Bruce Springsteen (Clearly he would appreciate the not so subtle jabs at the follies of Vietnam. Of course anything anti-american that dumb people see as patriotic would tickle his fancy) 5. Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry (Again odd choice, however, I feel that it would bring Stalin great joy that any such russian with amazing musical talent would be forced to ignore his dreams and mine coal all day. Nothing turns on a dictator quite like the scent of oppression and broken dreams.)
Chuck Berry (Guitar Recorded Versions): 17 of his greatest hits including: Back in the U.S.A. * Johnny B. Goode ...
The "most famous signature in rock 'n' roll" – the opening riff to Chuck Berry's 1958 hit "Johnny B. Goode" – was actually a jazz riff played 12 years earlier by Carl Hogan. Carl Hogan was an American guitarist, bassist and songwriter. He is known for playing the Lead Guitar riff on Louis Jordan's "Ain't That Just Like a Woman (They'll Do It Every Time)" which was later copied by Chuck Berry for his hit "Johnny B. Goode".
The best Chuck Berry's music Johnny B. Goode on Youtube - Get Johnny B. Goode on Itunes
The king of rock 'n' roll, Chuck Berry performs "Johnny B. Goode" at the Second Chance club in Ann Arbor, Michigan on January 12, 1981
And the pilot Noted Thor amongst many watching Chuck Berry play Johnny B. Goode ~ just above the thundering Clouds
Next up Johnny B. Goode, from Chuck Berry reminds me of Back to the Future
is all about Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry
librarydebster is now playing Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode
All of us on Daybreak talking about the most obscure song on our Ipod. Chuck Berry - Johnny B. Goode is mine until I find another. You?
Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode". Anything special getting you guys through the afternoon? Let me know!
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