Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee

Charles Edward Anderson Chuck Berry (born October 18, 1926) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter, and one of the pioneers of rock and roll music. Jerry Lee Lewis (born September 29, 1935) is an American rock and roll and country music singer-songwriter and pianist. 5.0/5

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This is a great scene starring DENNIS QUAID as Jerry Lee based on fact. Chuck Berry closed the show after Jerry...
Amazed how many first-wave rockers are still around. Chuck Berry, Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis: Alive, alive, alive alive.
Yet many of the oldest. And self-abusing boldest. Are still alive and fine:. Chuck Berry (88), Little Richard (82) Jerry Lee (79)
Today's show's all set to go. Technical news: it'll be on the i-player for 30 days from tonight. As of 6 this morning, all BBC radio programmes will stay on Listen Again for 30 days rather than the week that we've had up until now. It's a great thing, the BBC's iplayer, and I know so many of you use it for RNRH, so thank you. Tonight we'll start with Ronnie Hawkins and Chuck Berry, then go into Elvis, Johnny Burnette, Robin Luke, Ricky Nelson, Sleepy LaBeef, Cliff, The Shadows, Wynonie, Joe Brown and Carl Perkins. Locally we've more cuts from the new cd's from Jack Rabbit Slim & Rusti Steel & The Star Tones, Jackson Sloan & Big Black Cadillac, more from Jerry Lee's new album and we remember Clyde Mcphatter and Ruth Brown on their respective anniversaries. Have a nice afternoon and I'll see you "live" at 6. Bxx
this guy is amazing! Unless he died pretty recently Jerry Lee is still alive and chuck berry is dead, and the US...
Today in Rock September First Featured Artist Pearl Jam Pearl Jam Like the concert? Download it. Pearl Jam begin selling digital downloads of their North American concerts online. The "digital bootlegs" are on the band's official site just hours after each performance. Before rolling through Canada, the group plays The Gorge in George, WA, about 130 miles east of Seattle. 2005 1950's Jerry Lee Lewis enrolls at Southwestern Bible Institute in Waxahatchie, TX. He is expelled three months later. 1950 Jerry Lee arrives at Sun Records in Memphis. Unfortunately, Sun owner Sam Phillips is on vacation. So Lewis cuts some demos. He gets a callback two months later. 1956 Elvis Presley buys his mama a Pink Caddie. It’s the first of many Cadillacs Elvis gives away. 1956 The Biggest Show of Stars for 1957 features Buddy Holly & The Crickets, Chuck Berry and the Everly Brothers. 1957 1960's Boz Scaggs hooks up again with Steve Miller (they were college bandmates). The vocalist/guitarist replaces James Cooke and is .. ...
iPhone on a Rock n Roll tip tonight. Jerry Lee, Eddie Cochran, Chuck Berry & Elvis (x2) so far out of 14 tracks.
Today is the birthday of two of my heroes. Johnny Cash and Fats Domino. Antoine Domino was born in New Orleans.He still lives there. Antoine is known as "Fats". Fats Domino became a star in the 1950's ,along with Chuck Berry, Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Little Richard, he was a a rock and roll pioneer! Fats, for me , epitomized rockin' blues New Orleans, I loved his rolling piano style and tried to copy it on my Fender Telecaster guitar. I still play "My Girl Josephine".. Fats was one of the first to be inducted in to the rock and roll hall of fame...I still say the rock and roll hall of fame is the only award show worth watching...back to Fats.. Fats Domino songs are classics. "I'm Walking", "Blueberry Hill" and "Blue Monday" are just a few...Fats can lay down a groove a mile wide...big enough for everyone to jump on! In the 1980's ,Fat's quit leaving The Big Easy...he said he could work all he wanted at home...he also said, he could not get good food anywhere else... Fats lived in the Ninth .. ...
With Bill Haley / Jerry Lee / Gene Vincent / Eddie Cochran / Buddy Holly / Chuck Berry / Little Richard & a few Dozen others as Special Envoys to spread the Word of good Music across the World.
This movie has a scene that happens today - December 13. I hope you will enjoy this film and watch it tonight. Great Balls of Fire! In 1944 Louisiana Jerry Lee Lewis is unsuccessful in persuading his cousin Jimmy Swaggert to join him in listening to the music at African-American blues clubs. 12 years later he moves to Memphis to play in a band with his cousin J.W. Brown and he meets J.W.‘s 13-year-old daughter Myra. J.W. and Jerry Lee meet with Sam Phillips at Sun Records. Phillips likes his music and signs him to a contract. A trip back home leads to arguments with his cousin and now preacher Jimmy and more exposure to the blues. Jerry Lee records “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On”. which is a huge hit and he’s on TV in New York. He moves in with J.W. and starts dating Myra. He has another encounter with his cousin Jimmy. Jerry Lee continues his success by recording “Great Balls of Fire!” He sets his piano on fire at a concert in protest at being second-billed behind Chuck Berry. In a d ...
Today In Entertainment History - 1931: Abbey Road recording studios open in London's pricey St. John's Wood. 1955: Billboard begins its "Top 100" chart, with the first Number One listed as "Love Is A Many-Splendored Thing" by the Four Aces. The magazine wouldn't resolve all its pop charts into one until 1959. * Hill Valley, CA native Marty Mcfly travels back to this date from 1985 to make sure his parents get together; while in 1955, he plays "Johnny B. Goode" at a local sock hop, inspiring Chuck Berry's "new sound." (Not really). * Les Paul and Mary Ford hit with "Magic Melody". 1957: The rock and roll movie Jamboree premieres in Hollywood, featuring performances from Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Carl Perkins, Frankie Avalon, Connie Francis, Buddy Knox, and Slim Whitman. Perkins rejects a song called "Great Balls of Fire" that Jerry Lee has already recorded, and Lewis' version, released along with the film, becomes a hit. Perkins instead opts to sing a song called "Glad All Over" in the film, which goes ...
Little Richard ,Chuck Berry ,& Jerry Lee Lewis & their music do liven up our lives ! All right the 20th has its good points !
Heres my nominees for the rock n roll mt. Rushmore, ammendments/suggestion? Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Jerry Lee, & a choice of Elvi, I choose 68 Comeback Elvis. These are founders..the original was supposed to be founders, though Teddy Roosevelts on that spirit I suppose there could be like a Jimi or Janis. If anyone wants to put someone different up their, who would u boot?
Sitting here in the Woodside bar sipping my ice cold beer. thinking ahead to my rocking event and filling my head with good cheer. Some Little Richard, some Jerry Lee and lots of Chuck Berry as well. Ruote 66, Maybeline and then there's You Never Can Tell. Making a song list, tapping my toe playing the table like drums checking my numbers profit and loss not enough chairs for you bums. THE MESSAGE HERE IS GET THERE EARLY. SEATING IS LIMITED!
Dancing around the kitchen with my little girl to the music that my daddy played when I was little sure is a great cheer up. Thanks Aretha, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Bill Hailey, The Every Brothers, Buddy Holly, Bo Diddley, Jerry Lee, The Shirelles, and oh so, so, so many more.
As much as I love Elvis, calling him the King diminishes the contribution of Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee, Fats Domino, Little Richard,Buddy Holly
Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis star as themselves in this flick about the story of Alan Freed, the legendary DJ who fought for rock and roll. Jay Leno and o...
A great Chuck Berry tune from the past by Jerry Lee. Chuck Berry turned 86 a couple of days ago and played the Duck room at Blueberry Hill. Anybody the ol' days and Chuck Berry's farm out in Wentzville?
I am almost 68 years old and for me, rock music is Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis and Alvin Lee.
"[My mama] said, 'You and Elvis are pretty good, but you're no Chuck Berry." - Jerry Lee Lewis
Sounds interesting, before I discovered Dylan I was a pre-teen rock n roller! Saw Bill Haley, Jerry Lee and Chuck Berry :-)
4AM Breakfast on the Las Vegas Strip. Lunch in Memphis surrounded by Elvis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry & Jerry Lee's gold records. Dinner & an award from the board - long day.
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