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Chuck Bass

Charles Bartholomew Chuck Bass is a fictional character in the Gossip Girl series of teen novels and the television series of the same name.

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I’ve always loved LOVED Chuck Bass but tbh never really had any feelings about Ed Westwick
Can I have my own Chuck Bass with Nate Archibald's face and Dan Humphrey's attitude😁
But i’m not talking about Ed Westwick, is Chuck Bass and Blair, didn’t get it
I watched all 6 seasons of Gossip Girl and NEVER knew Ed Westwick aka Chuck Bass was from mind is absolutely blown OMG😳
Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass, actually fell in love with Leighton Meester, who played Blair, in real life. Aw…
They don't even have money to start with, no Chuck Bass, no Serena, no Blair, no summer, no holidays, no hotel, no…
Girls get their hearts broken because they want guys like Chuck Bass. . . He sold Blair for a hotel. . He abused Blair. . He a…
Me waiting for my Chuck Bass to meet me at the Empire State Building
If your name isn't Mommie, Blair Waldorf, Serena van der Woodson, Dan Humphrey or Chuck Bass, I am not to be bother…
Don't kill me but I believe him. Not because he's "Chuck bass"(bc honestly I hated Chuck tbh) but because honestly…
When you're initially shocked to hear that is a rapist but then it makes sense bc so was Chuck Bass
Sometimes, it just gets too crowded in The Matrix.
What's behind these eyes has more power than what in front of them
*** Chuck Bass. I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you. HOW DARE YOU.
Good thing I never liked him eventho he’s the so called “Chuck Bass”
1.7 "Nathaniel, your position in my esteem has been replaced by your voicemail." –Chuck Bass
I pinky promise I would not fall in love again unless I find my own Chuck Bass!!
Wait so people really don’t believe the woman accusing chuck bass of taping her? Cause he’s cute? First off he’s not bu…
When I realise I can never watch Gossip Girl again and feel the same way about Chuck Bass again because of the Ed Westwic…
bro today i heard that Chuck Bass was accused of rape and *** near started crying like i’m hurt
Wow I just unfollowed my chuck bass fan page
Falling in love with chuck bass all over again
Anyone who ignores this because it ruins their image of Chuck Bass will be blocked
No no I will not stand it not Chuck Bass!!!
Also, I’m very annoyed at Ed Westwick because everybody knows I love me some Chuck Bass & Gossip Girl & I just feel…
Every woman that wanted a Chuck Bass in 2015 & shared gifs from Gossip Girl is losing it rn
Need Dorota in my life. “Miss Sirah, Chuck Bass crazy for you.”
Just started Gossip Girl and Chuck Bass *** ... he literally tried to rape Serena. He’s slimy lookin too why was he so hyped up
If chuck bass is actually a rapist I'll be so done
I hope these rumors about Chuck Bass are just Gossip Girl at it again. 😢😢😢
People who wants to believe Ed Westwick isn't a rapist bc it would ruin their vision of Chuck Bass...I'm like...SERIOUSLY?…
been in love with Ed aka Chuck Bass since I refuse to believe these rumours about him. Until any evide…
ATTENTION ALL BOYS: . Look up "Chuck Bass" for style tips for what you're going to wear in life
I loved everything about Gossip Girl except how they normalized sexual assault by making Chuck Bass, a rapist, their m…
On Gossip Girl Chuck Bass tried to rape Serena and Jenny on the first season and we were all so fast to forgive him bu…
If the rape allegations against Ed Westwick (aka Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl) are true.
Chuck Bass flew too close to the sun.
I could never choose between Nate Archibald and Chuck Bass, but I think Chuck had a slight edge.
My mother called Chuck Bass "Lance Bass" and I officially feel like I've failed as a daughter.
Looking for a Logan Huntzberger and a Chuck Bass ❤
Why is Dane DeHaan just Chuck Bass with no charisma, charm or good looks?
Okay so there's a TV show Freddie (Skins), Ron (Harry Potter) and Chuck Bass are on. Can my ovaries handle this?
Y'all can have your Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald and give me Seth Cohen.
these faces of Chuck Bass absolutely kill me
And last night I had a dream ft Han Solo & an Anakin Skywalker played by Chuck Bass. So basically idk whats going on in my subconscious 🤷‍♀️
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne is like when Chuck Bass tried to hookup w Jenny Humphrey
Scott Disick and Bella Thorne are like when Chuck Bass had the audacity to hook up with Jenny Humphrey
don't settle for a person less than Chuck Bass
Sometimes I wake up in a cold sweat thinking about that cringey storyline where Chuck Bass literally couldn't feel pain.
Update: home from NYC, did not find chuck bass sooo I'm still taking boyfriend applications
If the boy you're with doesn't look at you the way Chuck Bass looks at Blair Waldorf, go find a new one.
"The next time you forget you're Blair Waldorf, remember I'm Chuck Bass. And I love you." . Me:
"I'm Chuck Bass". This is one of my favorite scenes ever😂
Would trade Jake in for Chuck Bass tomorrow😩
Ok but why do people think Chuck Bass is so hot?¿
Sam said she's gonna take a GG Tour & look for Chuck Bass if she wins our trip to see in 🚖🏙️ Next chance to qualify at 7a
*watches Gossip Girl for the 8th time* . Chuck: I'm Chuck Bass. Me:
Chuck Bass (GG). - selo homão da porra. - You don't give up on the people you love. - te amo te odeio charles. - I'm…
Omg so Brooke Davis from One Tree Hill is dating Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl on this movie " chalet girl " on Netflix and I got so excited
I wish Nathan and Lucas Scott, Stephen and Damon Salvatore, Nate Archibald, and Chuck Bass all went to my school.
This ain't Gossip Girl. You are not Chuck Bass. I'm not Blair Waldorf. We are worse than them
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I just want a man that's a combo of Nathan Scott, Barry Allen and Chuck Bass is that too much to ask??
Tuesday and it was about Chuck Bass and Nate Archibald.
I want a Chuck Bass that looks like Nate Archibald
I dreamed I sat next to Nate Archibald on the bus and moaned about how Chuck Bass didn't love me.
if you grew up, moved to New York, and were like... but where are Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, and Dan Humphrey?
Can I have a Chuck Bass with a side of Nate Archibald?
I will take Lucas Scott, Chuck Bass, Seth Cohen and Jess Mariano. In that order😋
Im still trying to get over the fact that only had 6 seasons. I've been living without Chuck Bass in my life for far too long 😔
if i were a guy, i'd aspire to be Dan Scott or Chuck Bass
😂 I can just see it. He'd be like Chuck Bass wearing a Gordon Gecko suit & blowing all the deals.
if you wish Chuck Bass was your New Year's kiss
it’s been years since Gossip Girl ended but Chuck Bass still has my heart
I aspire to have a relationship like Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf
Chuck Bass voted Blair for prom queen 200 times and I can't even get a text back
If you ever meet Chuck Bass, tell him that Queen B is here and she's waiting for him.
one of my favorite things about him is that his name is in itself an adjective of describing him.. like, "I'm Chuck Bass" = power
1 Blair Waldorfs one heartthrob is Chuck Bass. 2 Chad Michael Murray got divorced within a year because he cheated…
ahhh dude Chuck Bass is the man. everything he does is amazing
wait that CHUCK BASS with rosie hw?
so many girls tell me that. . My favorite is Chuck Bass. He's my dream guy. A single bowtie of his would make my best suit cry
1.1 "If you’re looking for a way to thank me, I’ve got a couple of ideas" (Chuck Bass)
Im The love of her life, anyone else is just a waste of time ... -Chuck Bass
Just a live update that CHUCK BASS is less than a foot away from me in a club in NYC. I could cry.
Sad cuz I don't have a chuck bass in my life
will not settle until I get a chuck bass
3. Chuck Bass // Gossip Girl. •idk why y'all idolize this abusive piece of garbage. •sold Blair for a hotel?. •manipulat…
Chuck Bass is the dopest character ever
My framily is visiting our little Chuck Bass in Texas. Another missed trip. 😫
"Chuck Bass is a romantic, who would've known?". "You do, and that's all that matters" . ❤️😭❤️
Gossip Girl - Some how binge watched a whole lot of this trash but I think it was my problematic love for Chuck Bas…
So i started Gossip Girl a couple days ago and im on season 2 now and everyone needs to know im in love w Chuck Bass
"If two people were meant to be together, eventually they'll find their way back."-Chuck Bass
That's all I need to hear but guess what 🙂 i won't . Need a chuck bass
I'm still trying to turn my season one Chuck Bass into season finale Chuck Bass
Oh yeah, now it times for one final stand against Chuck Bass 😂😂😂
He asked me with a quote from Gossip Girl ,( my favorite show & man Chuck Bass ) I love him so much he's so cute💗
Also Chuck Bass is in this and has anger issues
I don't care how many times I watch it, I will never not cry when Chuck Bass tells Blair he loves her. 😍😭
I never watched Gilmore Girls but now I'm watching A Year in the Life with my sister & have to say I am very here for this blonde Chuck Bass
can we all have a moment of silence for Chuck Bass
go see Fantastic Beasts! Ezra Miller is rocking some serious Chuck Bass vibes. 😍😍
In a world full of Jenny Humphrey's be a Blair Waldorf. In a world filled with Dan Humphrey's get you a Chuck Bass.
The Driver: Where to Mr. Vidal?. You: The Airport ✈️. I'm watching Gossip Girl now. We're like Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass.
Started Gossip Girl from scratch (Sofa day innit 🙅🏾) and I had forgotten that Chuck Bass sexually assaulted two girls in…
Chuck Bass, Coach Eric Taylor, Lucas Scott, Derek Shepherd... You'll always have my heart.. And you too 😉😘😂
When you just finding out that Chuck Bass has a British accent in real life>>>>
I had a dream that Chuck Bass was playing baseball with Anthony. 😭
Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. We all wanted to be Blair for her money and for her man. Daddy
This is the queen of all scoops!!! Also remember how Chuck Bass had a pet monkey in the books?
Ed Westwick and Chuck Bass rather than Edwin Chadwick and Charles Booth.. *** you Gossip Girl
I don't know who's more attractive, Nate Archibald or Chuck Bass?? 😍
I'm not a Chuck Bass, or a Nathan Scott, I'm not even a Troy Bolton. But I'll cherish you, and I'll be down for you, just be down for me
"Are you high? He looks like Matthew McConaughey between movies" -Chuck Bass
Troy Bolton. Nathan Scott. Lucas Scott. Austin Ames. Chuck Bass. Noah Hamilton. Ask me again why girls standards are so high?
David Walliams looks like an old version of Chuck Bass 😂
Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass, Harvey Specter, Mike Ross are my knight in shining armani.
Happy Birthday to the one person who has the same love for Chuck Bass as I do😩🎉!! I hope your day is as perfect as you. ILY😊
Am I the only person in the world who doesn't find Chuck Bass physically attractive? Someone please reply..
Am I the only person that thinks short hair Harry looks a small bit like Chuck Bass?😇😍
every girls' reaction when Chuck says "I'm Chuck Bass"
1.4 "You eat what I provide, practice what I preach. Until I say so, the only girls you talk to are the ones I’ve paid for" –Chuck Bass
Me and Chuck Bass have the same eyebrows wow
To avoid disruption, turn attention to the scenes with Chuck Bass
I had a dream that I was dating Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl last night... Wow, I think I've become a true fan
Hi my name's Bela & I'm enabling that addiction. -she laughs lightly before pulling him close- I love you, Chuck Bass
"I'm Chuck Bass. And I told you I love you"
I keep having this dream where Keegan kinda looks and definitely acts like chuck bass and we live in a huge house and it's just awesome! 😍
Can I have a chuck bass or Nathan Scott please and thank you
My obsession with her surpasses chuck bass' obsession with her
Never settle for anyone other than a Chuck Bass❤️👑
people I'm highly concerned about: . Joey Tribbiani. Barney Stinson. Chuck Bass
Had a dream that I got high with Chuck Bass last night
Chuck bass with his real English accent is the sexiest thing ever oh my yes pls
Ed Westwick/Chuck Bass is too precious to this world
7. When an UES beauty Blair Waldorf laid down the gauntlet for her favorite Beast Chuck Bass 🔥😻. http…
when someone doesn't know how Chuck Bass is
"Mysterious financial transactions. Warring parents. Welcome to the Upper East Side" –Chuck Bass
I've been told Aaron Taylor Johnson and Chuck Bass, what y'all think?!?
Jace Herondale, Chuck Bass & Peter Pan in the same action movie..must be a dream!
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are basically the King and Queen of OTPs 💎👑❤
If Blair Waldorf can get Chuck Bass to tell her he loves her and Meredith have Derek to leave his wife, I can finish th…
I think binge watching favors characters that are there the whole series, evolve, get alot of obstacles (e.g, Julie Cooper, Chuck Bass, etc)
when someone asks you who Chuck Bass is
Where can I buy a Chuck Bass and a Nate Archibald?
Chuck Bass has a stare that could pierce the soul.
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf are my relationship goals😍❤️
Also you will instantly love Brian Kinney because he's Brian Kinney like he's like the *** version of Chuck Bass lol
Every girl deserves a Chuck Bass, an Oliver, Jack, Michel, Luffy, Berry Allen, Roy... And I mean j could go on forever lol
I haven't watched Gossip Girl in so long I'm actually starting to miss Chuck Bass
I've been avoiding googling who Chuck Bass is for a really long time and I think at this point it's too late
"Anthony Kwetkowski is actually a real life Chuck Bass and the smoothest talker at URI, he can sweet talk me anytime"
I think Austin & Alex should change Anthony's named to Chuck Bass.
Nathan Scott, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Logan Huntzberger, and Lucas Scott.(Oh you can't forget Jamie Scott)
There is no Chuck Bass chapter without Blair Waldorf.
Just a Blair Waldorf looking for her Chuck Bass in a Georgina Sparks world where all the guys are Carter Baisons.
All I need is a Chuck Bass in my life...
she's just the worst character ever. Worse than Lana Lang and Chuck Bass, Olicity is out of hand
Chuck Bass and Brooke Davis in the same movie... Gangs all here
"/The/Chuck Bass" Charles repeated to himself slowly, attempting to keep himself from laughing. Though he often referred+
Okay I'm only on episode 2 of Gossip Girl (Don't judge me) but why does everyone like Chuck Bass? He's more of a jerk than Alex Rodriguez.
Can we have a Gossip Girl themed party? I need to dress Billy like Chuck Bass.
"I'm Chuck Bass, the love of her life. Anyone else is just a waste of time"
I want a Chuck & Blair relationship. But without Blair Waldorf. And I don't really care about the relationship. I kinda just want Chuck Bass
Connors gone... Chuck Bass you now have my full attention for the next 5 nights.
I cannot reiterate enough that I need my own Chuck Bass
Gossip Girl taught me two things: 1. Always dress to kill 2. Dont settle for anyone less than Chuck Bass
Spending the day pining over Chuck Bass😔
chuck bass is the love of my life i love him so mUCH
"It's the boy that blames the girl, not the man" -Chuck Bass
Is Pamela Anderson’s son the real Chuck Bass? Brandon Lee is the spitting image of Gossip…
|| I need a Chuck Bass to rp with pronto.
Love Dr Shepherd more than I did Chuck Bass. I really have an issue with tv series
oh this is that show that made chuck bass famous? Lol I don't wanna watch this show 😂 I think my sis use to watch it 👎🏼 next? Lol
Is it too much to ask to wake up on the Upper East Side in a luxury penthouse surrounded by couture, Cartier and my own per…
The way Chuck Bass looks at Blair is everything 😍😍😍
this is my best friend Chuck Bass. 😍
Why I love Chuck and Blair . Sorry that I haven't. posted in a while. squar... (Vine by Mystic Bass)
We can't be the only ones who miss Chuck Bass.
I love chuck bass, Nate Archibald and Dan Humphrey 😻
I could watch chuck bass say I'm chuck bass all bloody day long
Chuck Bass🔥. (inspiration from the accounts tagged below) ⬇️ (Vine by Gossip Girl edits♡)
more guys need to be like Chuck Bass
Who needs a vampire in a volvo when there's Chuck Bass in a Limo
And whenever you forget that you're Blair Waldorf, remember that I'm Chuck Bass, and I love you.
My uncle's name is Chuck Bass and if that isn't the coolest thing ever than I don't know what is
Why we will always be in love with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl (
Harvey Spector is the new and improved Chuck Bass
I need a Nathan Scott or a Chuck Bass in my life😏😍
Dear Santa, my own Chuck Bass would be nice
Call me Blair Waldorf I just lost to Chuck Bass
Just be the Chuck Bass to my Blair Waldorf 🙆
all I want for Christmas is Chuck Bass under my tree
Chuck Bass didn't wait at the top of the Empire State Building long enough for Blair Waldorf
I need a man like Chuck Bass in my life
girl at H&M told my boyfriend he looks sort of like Chuck Bass, so obviously I have to watch Gossip Girl tonight
Chuck Bass update; going on a rampage tearing everyone a new one because Bart's dead.
Is it weird my dream guy is a cross between Gilbert Blythe, Chuck Bass, Tom Hiddleston, and Chris Pratt lol Randomness
Gonna overhaul my whole wardrobe with Phryne Fisher and Chuck Bass in mind.
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf will always be the greatest fictional couple ever
Chuck Bass. Blair Waldorf . and Adele. via Follow her IG for beautiful edits htt…
there is no Chuck Bass chapter without Blair Waldorf
I just want to cuddle up in my bed with hot chocolate and Chuck Bass.
"OMGSH is that Silvio Dante on your shirt?!?!"-me "No... it's Chuck Bass."-coworker
Ok but a Nate Archibald or a Chuck Bass and I wouldn't complain \(:/)/
I really need some Chuck Bass with a side of Nate Archibald
Sends text to the wrong person gets questioned on my sexuality. Man you caught me I'm secretly in love with Chuck Bass and myself.
Nathan Scott, Carl Grimes, and Chuck Bass...all that needs to be said
"It's not Constance, Blair. The only queens at NYU are the ones with tickets to see Liza at Carnegie Hall." -Chuck Bass.
I wanna live on the Upper East Side and be Blair Waldorf and have my own Chuck Bass
Next time someone ask's me a question I'm simply going to say I'm Chuck Bass.
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
I just need a Chuck Bass or a Derek Shepherd in my life and all would be good. Ya feel?
Officemates are ogling my blazer & telling me I look like Chuck Bass. Never been more flattered in my life.
Plot Twist: In real life Blair Waldorff marries Seth Cohen not Chuck Bass.
the only Prince Charming I need is Chuck Bass 😻😻
Everybody needs a little Chuck Bass in their life.
Watched Chalet Girl today, only bc Sophia & Ed were in it as a couple. Who would of thought Brooke Davis & Chuck Bass together.
Where is my Goku, Chuck Bass, and Dan Humphrey all in one?
"What is life without Chuck Bass" - Matt Smith aka number 1 Gossip Girl fan
Chuck Bass losing his heart whenever he saw Blair with someone else 😭😭😭 So glad ended up with each other
Driving for Uber, and Chuck Bass hops in my backseat. No big deal. 😍
Why do I wanna watch Chuck Bass murder people week after week? Who green-lit this?
Ok but guys, there was an extra episode of Gossip Girl with cast interviews & Chuck Bass' English accent. *throws up from excitement*
He's not exactly Chuck Bass but I mean... He's like really trying and because of his actions it's really close to be a copy of CB in actions
I'm on the third series of Gossip Girl and I just want to give Chuck Bass a great big cuddle
Chuck Bass is the original person to say 'shut up and dance with me'
we will just have to daydream about the real Chuck Bass bringing us pineapple
I added a video to a playlist The Sims 4 | Create a Sim: Chuck Bass (Collab with Isa Simmer)
this also fits Klaroline just replace Chuck Bass with Klaus Mikaelson
Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass are the realest relationship goals
I've grown to love me some Chuck Bass
All of you guys wish you had a Chuck Bass. Man I want a Lucas Scott!. Chad Michael Murray bro... So fine
need a guy like Ben Wyatt, Andy Dwyer, Nate Archibald, or Chuck Bass.
Me and the Monte Carlo casino are not friends! There was also no Chuck Bass to rescue me!
Night in the Casino de Monte Carlo, I've never felt more like Blair Waldorf! Now where's my Chuck Bass!!??
Absolutely. Pop culture icons! Blake Lively, fashion, Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf. That's what the show is known for now lolol
Chuck Bass, Damon Salvator and Dean Winchester are my side of death 😍😭
Wait am I the first person to think that Julian Castro resembles Chuck Bass? This simply cannot be possible.
I love how Charles uses himself as an excuse for everything. "because I'm Chuck Bass" 😂😍
Sarah thinks Serena Williams looks like a black female Chuck Bass ***
Everyone wants to find someone like Augustus Waters or Chuck Bass. I want to find someone like Joshua David Evans
Ahead of birthday tomorrow, throwsback to Chuck Bass's best looks: http…
As celebrates his birthday today, throwback to Chuck Bass's best looks htt…
I literally can't. My love/hate relationship with Chuck Bass is so conflicting. And Serena kinda pisses me off. She's so fickle.
where do I find myself a Chuck Bass?
Waiting on Lucas or Nathan Scott,Jim Halpert,Tim Riggins,Chuck Bass,Nate Archibald,McSteamy,McDreamy,or the Salvatore's…
is it weird to be in love with like 4 or 5 television characters at once aka Nate Archibald, Chuck Bass, Sebastian Kydd, & Jason DiLaurentis
Chuck Bass and Blair Waldorf spotted at the Central Park fountain. -Xoxo Gossip Girl
Ladies, you'll never find your Chuck Bass if you're not acting like Blair Waldorf.
Happy Birthday Celebrate with our 10 favourite Chuck Bass outfits
When you think you're obsessed with Chuck Bass then you meet Nathan Scott 😍
Pacey Witter & Chuck Bass are so very much alike. When it comes to the women they love ,they'll pretty much do everyrhing.❤️
"We're holding onto the pain because that's all we have left, but we don't have to, we have a choice" ~Chuck Bass
I don't know who embodies me more, Chuck Bass, or Frank Sinatra. 😆
Gossip Girl - Bart Bass, Chuck Bass, and Jack Bass. real life - LANCE BASS whatt
Woke up extremely late and should be in a lesson right now, but it's ok because I was having a very nice dream about Chuck Bass 😋
Chuck bass and Nate Archibald makes me pass exams
Never settle for Chuck Bass when you can have Nate Archibald
Morgan just ordered me a chuck bass shirt for my birthday and im super excited
Never settle for Dan Humphrey when you can have Chuck Bass
Every girl needs a Chuck Bass in her life😍
Chuck bass sounds sooo different in real life compared to on Gossip Girl👀
yes but has it really kept u going what about friends family seeing a new day? Chuck Bass Blair Senera Nate me no?
can we take a moment and appreciate the transformation of Chuck Bass?
I want to love like chuck bass be as determined as Dan Humphrey and be as humble and honorable as Nate Archibald 💯👏
"In the face of true love you don't just give up. Even if the object of your aff... (Vine by "I'm Chuck Bass") https:/…
no more Chuck Bass for a couple of weeks. 💔
That moment when you seriously fall in love with Chuck Bass ❤️
"People like me don't wrote books, were written about" - Chuck Bass
chuck bass wishes he thought of huaraches to the Bankton
All I wanna do in my life is surround myself w great people, live in New York, eat doba burritos everyday and become mrs Madyson Chuck bass
There's three types of girls in the world: those who want a Nate Archibald, those who want a Chuck Bass, and those who …
Chuck Bass is obviously the best character but Nate is clearly the most adorable and Dan is undeniably the worst.
The hotness level for cast is on par with & Gossip Girl Jace could join Chuck Bass and Klaus as a top fave
People are asking where their Chuck Bass or Nathan Scott is, but I want to know where my Marius Pontmercy or Billy Crocker is
this could be us but you're not Chuck Bass
"You should be surrounded by the people you love." -Chuck Bass
So the next time you forget your Blair Waldorf, remember im chuck bass and i love you
That frog was pretty fun. I gotta say, bass fishing is really fun! The anticipation when you chuck a mouse into the weeds 😮
No *** but chicks are insane if they would rather get smashed by that chuck bass Asian chubby lookin fella over Sam hunt dude is savage
Just came to the realization that I met the original chuck bass... Matt czuchry
the only reason i wanna watch Gossip Girls is because of Chuck Bass like, is there any other reason?
I want a Nate Archibald with a hint of chuck bass
Ed Westwick wouldn't be attractive if he hadn't of played Chuck Bass
Chuck bass is the main reason i watch Gossip Girl 👌
Chuck bass will always be my man candy monday 😍
Chuck bass flew all the way to France just to get Blair her favourite macaroons and you can't even reply to my text message
My heart throbs for bad boys like chuck bass 😍😍
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