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Christy Hemme

Christina Lee Christy Hemme (born October 28, 1980) is an American professional wrestling valet, retired professional wrestler, and former model and singer currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling performing as ring announcer and interviewer.

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Christy Hemme defeats Becky Lynch via nudes leak in a Match on the WWE network for $9.99 in Paige's house
I'm giving away something for you on christy hemme-2008 tna insert cardGet it here -
Trish Stratus vs. Christy Hemme and those Maria/Gail matches are underrated.
Joy Giovanni and Christy Hemme only appeared in one game too
Corpus Christy Hemme sounds like a really weird drink in my head.
// Literally, the only accurate thing you've said is "Christy Hemme is a goddess"
// Actually just like your primitive personality behind your fake to miss…
Christy Hemme deserved to be Women's Champion back then.
•Victoria taking her jealousy one step further with Christy Hemme•. -One of the best female heels in WWE. Period.
or like if you'd take a spanking or would spank Christy Hemme!
Lilian Garcia, Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Christy Hemme met up with Stephanie McMahon and WWE stars at Monday Nig…
Nikki Bella defeats Christy Hemme via the Pop-Up Powerbomb in a LumberJack Match on Extreme Rules
David Otunga defeats Christy Hemme via a Push in a TLC Match on NXT
Vader defeats Christy Hemme via a *** Drenching Finale in a Bra and Panties Match at Backlash
this was my very first auto of one of my favorites Christy Hemme. What was your first one?
Triple H how come Christy Hemme is not in the WWE HOF
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Eugene w/. Christy Hemme .vs. Kurt Angle for Kurt's Gold Medal at 2005 is certainly a match I forgot ever happ…
Christy Hemme,Katie Lea/Winter,Tiffany/Taryn Terrell.Proves that these women can perform if they been given a chance.
Wow, I love I just won this for free, (4) Benchwarmer Christy Hemme Mia St. John Cards
I was looking for a gif of Christy hemme's ffg & a gif of Aries putting his *** in her face popped up 💀💀
When tna was actually watchable I used to stan Christy Hemme so much
I added a video to a playlist Christy Hemme DVD Extras Preview (Special Edition DVD Out Now in
he does ring announcing too. I wonder what happened to Christy Hemme. She usually does the ring announcing
That would be music to my ears why not have Christy Hemme return too along with Joy Giovanni
I still remember when Bully Ray lashed out Christy Hemme and said "And your cover of Playboy sucked"
I remember searching Christy Hemme's Playboy shoot photos and saving the pics to hidden folders on my family's desktop lmao
remember wanking to her and Christy Hemme making out. Good times
11 years ago at retained her against a determined Christy Hemme.
Remember you winning a triple threat match against Victoria and Jazz at Wrestlemania XIX and against Christy Hemme at WM 21
Christy Hemme & Akebono debuted at 21 in 2005 & that is the lowest amount of WM debuts ever!
Christy hemme was so cute when she used to wrestle she always seemed so happy
Christy Hemme vs. Trish Stratus at WM21 immediately comes to mind. Poor Christy wasn’t ready. Lita had to yell spots at her
Did WWE drop the ball on Christy Hemme?
Is Christy Hemme still your fave lol
sharing attires with Christy Hemme, another tna cost-cutting decision I see
Sexy and hot Christy Hemme in sexy see through lingerie
That action figure does not do your beauty justice,I put you rate there with Stacy Keibler and Christy Hemme
Every time someone says Samoa Joe I just hear christy hemme announcing his name in tna
Christy hemme was only a diva to promote her hoeness
I liked a video Kurt Angle & Christy Hemme in When Harry met Sally
that's a great view that Christy Hemme has got of Stacey
Christy Hemme learned from a God. Lita. Reby sucked off Matt Hardy, beat him til he bruised, married him, now they're parents.
Taking part in an impromptu “lingerie fashion show” alongside Candice Michelle, Christy Hemme, Maria and Stacy...
I liked a video from Christy Hemme Owns The Dance Floor
Christy Hemme being bent in two by Melina in their old days
The jackknife pin doesn't usually have this type of bridge but Christy Hemme's version here is quite impressive.
I liked a video William Regal Tajiri and Christy Hemme vs Maven Simon Dean and Molly Holly
lookin 4 Christy hemme from los angeles wats her cell phone number
wat is Christy hemme's cell phone number.
Shelly Martinez trying to snap Christy Hemme in two like a twig.
Christy looks amazing in the new shoot! Wanna she the rest? Click the link! (htt…
WWE Trish Stratus and Christy Hemme Segment / Return after her injury Lita
also Christy hemme's name spelt wrong as Christie
Christy Hemme It so much hotter and sexier
I'm giving Eva the benefit of the doubt. I mean, Christy Hemme was brought on for her looks,
I added a video to a playlist christy hemme mv creepshow.wmv
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Wow! I just won this for free, 2012 Benchwarmer Christy Hemme Vault Autograph WWE WITH GIN
Wonder what Christy Hemme spent her diva search money on
I liked a video from Samuel Shaw Apologizes to Christy Hemme (July 3, 2014)
I liked a video from Torrie Wilson spanks Christy Hemme - Fulfill Your Fantasy Match
Torrie Wilson and Sable sold more Playboy covers than Ashley Massaro, Christy Hemme and Maria Kanellis combined. http:…
Christy Hemme calls out the Knockouts, four way number one contenders match , Madison Rayne, Brooke , Angelina...
Talk about the WWE Diva Search along with Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro, Layla and Eve Torres next week
Today in History 4/2/05: Trish Stratus retains her Women's Title by defeating Christy Hemme at 21
Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Candince Michelle, Christy Hemme, Dawn Marie, Jackie Garcia, Joy Giovanni, can also get it :)
Top 5 divas who never won the women's title in . 5. Christy Hemme. 4. Torrie Wilson. 3. Marie. 2. Stacy Keibler. 1.
Christy Hemme "Its been a while since I have returned, 10 Years to be exact! Good to dawn on the black and white once again"
What if I want to? Goal; Get Christy Hemme's color hair tho'.
“Go behind the scenes of IMPACT with
Go behind the scenes of IMPACT with
I don't think I've ever seen a human bend into the shape Christy Hemme just did.
It makes me miss Christy Hemme and Maria. At least they knew a bit more on how to wrestle
I stan Christy Hemme as an in-ring wrestler. Good on mic, and flexibile af.
I remember the ICONIC AF Christy Hemme/Melina/Michelle days of Smackdown.
Christy Hemme gets spanked on the Howard Stern Show (video): Easily one the Top 2 or 3 of Divas of al...
I had a hemi powered charger like the dukes of hazard it's a car thing christy hemme calls her self hemmi powered
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“Exactly. Trish Stratus spray painted *** on Christy Hemme's back.
Which TNA Knockout has the best hair? — Christy Hemme, Gail Kim & Brooke Tessmacher
Which former Divas do you wish were still with WWE? — Mickie James, Vickie Guerrero, Joy Giovanni, Christy Hemme...
Sam Shaw --. Has he raped and killed Christy Hemme yet?.
ok guys, im selling a few bits of stuff as im trying to raise £400 for comic con next month. i know im insane. please make sensible offers on the following items. all figures are MOC. The Belt is an Adult replica signed by former champions Kurt Angle and John Bradshaw Layfield. The Tna uk 2012 poster comes complete with frame and is signed by Bully Ray, Crimson, Gunner, Earl Hebner, Tara, Kazarian, AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, Madison Rayne, James Storm, Christopher Daniels, Velvet Sky, Bobby Roode, Mickie James and more! Please help me get to my goal. would really appreciate it.
Like the Earl Hebner storyline and the fixation of Samuel Shaw/Christy Hemme storyline, er, yes!
I think I'll draw Candice Michelle, Christy Hemme, Michelle McCool and Maria later.
The Fantasy:I want to be Macho Man to your Elizabeth. The Reality: Samual Shaw to your Christy Hemme.
We are here to see the joined marriages of beautiful couples and the ceremony will be led by myself and my beautiful eva.Today we will see the couple of Samoa Joe and Little Emma,Garrett Bischoff and Little Taylor,Daniel Bryan and Little Winter and Ken Anderson and Christy Hemme,i wish all of you good luck
Wait a sec, Christy Hemme is part of TNA's creative team?! What?!?!!!
yeah, you look a little bit like Christy Hemme too.
Gail Kim Says She Felt Like WWE Wanted Her Life, Talks More: Here are a few highlights from Gail Kim’s recent appearance on Jim Ross’ podcast: Women joining pro wrestling but don’t actually want to wrestle: “Well, Christy Hemme transitioned. She’s still in this business in a different form but she’s always had passion and always been respectful.” Differences between WWE and TNA: “I feel like WWE, they want you to give your life to them. They want you to eat, sleep, drink everything wrestling and that’s fine for someone early in their lifetime. I was always nurtured in TNA with my talent and they saw my talent and gave me that spotlight and that platform where as with WWE I felt like they wanted everyone to feel scared for their jobs.” Wrestlemania 25 Diva Battle Royal: “We didn’treally have time to go through 25 girls in the match! I wasn’t supposed to get eliminated when I did. Victoria was standing on the apron and we had this thing planned. I hit her and eliminated myself earl ...
The thing that bothers me about in is Christy Hemme she can't wrestle so no payoff
As previously reported, Knux will be debuting his new “The Menagerie” faction in TNA in the near future. Rebel, who as we noted was suggested to TNA by Christy Hemme, will be portrayed by Tanea Brooks, a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader who has worked with Hemme in the past.
A few news and notes here: When Tough Enough returns on WWE Network they will use developmental talent we don't see all the time on NXT. (That's smart, it wouldn't really be Tough Enough if Corey Graves, Sami Zayn, and other top NXT folks are all in it.) Knux's group that will debut soon in TNA is called "The Menagerie" and the only person known in the group is the newest TNA Knockout Rebel, who is supposed to be Knux's sister/girlfriend on TV. She is a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader with her real name being Tanea Brooks. Christy Hemme apparently vouched for her. The former Kenneth Cameron (the first guy to tag with Konnor in The Ascension on NXT. He was released from WWE for being arrested for assaulting a police officer and a second intoxication related offense.) debuted on TNA in last night's episode as Bram. Who is going to help Magnus turn himself around. Low Ki will be returning to TNA soon as a wrestler and an agent The Brothers of Destruction DVD/Blu-Ray will only be 1 disc and only focus on th ...
. Isn't it funny that a week after Christy Hemme is on creative then her best friend makes the main roster! ***
We noted before that the woman playing the Rebel character in TNA's recent vignettes with Knux was suggested to TNA by Christy Hemme as the two knew each other from before Hemme got into the wrestling business. We now know the woman is former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Tanea Brooks. Tanea also does modeling & dancing work. She knows Hemme from being on the Purrfect Angelz dance group. She has also appeared in several country music videos including Trace Adkins’ *** Tonk Badonkadonk” video. Tanea recently relocated to Louisville, Kentucky to train at Ohio Valley Wrestling. Below is a photo:
For the past month or so people have been trying to figure out the identity of the woman who will be managing TNA’s newest faction The Menagerie. Knux’s valet and on-screen girl friend is none other then former Dallas Cowboy cheerleader Tanea Brooks. Tanea is a model and dancer, who worked alongside Christy Hemme in the dance group Purrfect Angelz. Tanea will be going under the name Rebel in TNA going foward. She has relocated to Louisville, KY for wrestling training in OVW. Her bio for her cheerleader alumna page reads: Tanea Brooks is from Owasso, Okla. She is a country girl born and raised. Tanea’s passion has always been entertaining people whether it was from the time she was a little girl entertaining family in her living room or to the present day where you might have seen her work in modeling, acting, dancing, etc. Through hard work, dedication and talent Tanea has acquired many great accomplishments. Tanea is the lead badonkadonk girl in Trace Adkins’ *** Tonk Badonkadonk” video. ...
Former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader Tanea Brooks will be known as TNA Knockout Rebel, who was suggested to by Christy Hemme.
Knux will be bringing a new carny stable to TNA Impact Wrestling & they'll debut on next week's episode of Impact Wrestling. The name of the group is The Menagerie. Here's what we know about the group members, besides Knux: -Rebel apparently plays the role of his sister & is the woman we've seen in recent vignettes. The woman's someone Christy Hemme suggested to the company. They reportedly worked together & knew each other before Hemme's wrestling career. - The masked muscle man is being played by former TNA Global Champion Rob Terry (TNA Nation). - Crazy Steve is Canadian indie wrestler "Crazy" Steve Scott. As noted, he participated in a TNA GutCheck competition back in 2012. Crazy Steve has an obsession with balloons. - There's a woman in the group that does tricks with fire. It could be Rebel or a non-wrestler just being used for the visuals, descriptions aren't clear. There are also 2 men on stilts, but they could also be non-wrestlers. - In 1 of their matches taped last week, their carny music playe ...
Okay next week TNA get's a new stable called Menagerie. This stable will include The Freak (Rob Terry in a mask),Mike Knox (Knux), Crazy Steve (Steve Scott from TNA Gut Check 2012) & Rebel ( Tanea Brook). Tanea is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. She is also a long time friend of Christy Hemme. This stable will be a carnival act somewhat like the Oddities in WWE back in the day. So expect weird things in the ring like circus animals,fire & crazy lighting.
Christy Hemme shows your body in bikini and ***
Am I the only one who's bothered that Christy hemme is on the TNA creative team ?
The past few months most have assumed the girl, Rebel, in Knux's group is an indy wrestler named Justine Silver, apparently not. According to TNAInsider, its actually Tanea Brooks, she used to be a cheerleader for the Dallas Cowboys . Rumor is she is good friends with Christy Hemme and Christy got her the job (if true, Christy has a lot more power than I realized), she is also apparently training with OVW to become an in ring performer and not just be a valet -Jeff
It's been a whole hour and I still haven't seen Christy Hemme :(
This is the same company that suspended Austin Aries for"harassing" christy hemme. YALL REALLY think dixie going thru a table ?
Is it just me or am I hearing Christy Hemme's theme song?
The girl is a Christy Hemme friend since before wrestling and she was suggested by Christy obviously.
awh Kelly Kelly was different gravy! Always had a soft spot for christy hemme she should have been given longer!
Our Knockout of the Month for May is TNA Knockout, Christy Hemme! (
Christy Hemme looking HOT here in that outfit, still dunno why she's anywhere near Shaw/Anderson but still...
Samuel Shaw has some choice words for Christy Hemme (February 27, 2014)
Christy Hemme vs Brooke.Final match is a Taz on a pole match.Winner assumes 19.827374 % control of the company
Christy Hemme is looking mighty fine ;)
Christy Hemme just kneed Samuel Shaw in the nuts. That was oh so satisfying.
You know, Shaw, if you concentrated on winning the match first and creeping on Christy Hemme second, you’d be doing better.
Would love to know if Christy Hemme sits in on them, adding, "But what colour boots should he wear?"
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Oh dont forget the geniuses of John Gaburick and Christy Hemme.
Christy Hemme gets paid the most out of all the KOs and she's laughing in the face off all the Knockouts cause she controls them
Christy Hemme in a bikini? Not complaining. I love the network!
-Velvet Sky and Angelina Love when you can have such a class-lady like Christy Hemme?...
Christy Hemme was involved in Commitment Match betwen Mr. Anderson and Samuel Shaw,you can see it below:
I suggest Sam Shaw get an all-girls choir to dress like Christy Hemme and sing "Glory Glory Hallelujah"
We get a video looking at the Ken Anderson vs. Samuel Shaw feud with Christy Hemme. Committed Match: Samuel Shaw vs Ken Anderson We go to the ring and Samuel Shaw comes out. There is no ring announcing from Christy Hemme for this one. Ken Anderson is out next and he hits the ring without doing his own introduction from the ramp. The bell rings and Shaw plays cat & mouse. Hemme is actually at ringside but didn't announce. Shaw grabs her and shoves her into Anderson. Shaw tries for a sucker punch but Anderson drops him. Anderson with right hands and a shot into the apron. Anderson brings it in the ring and keeps control. Anderson with a big press and a clothesline over the top rope. Anderson follows but Shaw pulls him face first into the apron. Shaw has words with the referee. Shaw charges and misses, ending up on the floor. Anderson follows and works him over on the floor. Anderson tries to block Shaw's choke on the floor. Shaw gets it applied and Anderson starts to go out. Anderson gets choked out on the ...
Why say Christy Hemme is absent during the entrances for Shaw v Anderson then show her on camera 20 seconds later lmao.
Awesome event this weekend with ginamariez i got to meet christy hemme and Gail Kim from wrestling,…
I don't always agree with you (Austin Aries/Christy Hemme), but when you're right, you're completely right (Clippers Botcott)
Mike Tenay explains why Christy Hemme is not ringside for Anderson vs. Shaw. Cut. We see Christy sitting ringside. Yup.
TNA Sacrifice: Christy Hemme just hit Samuel Shaw with a knee to his groin :/
if you see your favorite TNA KO. Angelina Love . Velvet Sky . Gail Kim . Madison Rayne . Brittany . ODB. Christy Hemme
(Maniac Mike) TNA Impact Wrestling Recap 40th Edition I'd like to give my condolences to "The Ultimate Warrior" Jim Hellwig June 16, 1959 to April 9, 2014 Impact Wrestling is on. Dixie Carter returns to TV. The Gauntlet match is on tonight. MVP says it's on now. But, what's up with Samoa Joe? 10-man Gauntlet for a TNA World title shot. James Storm vs. Gunner vs. Bobby Roode vs. Bully Ray vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Abyss TNA World Heavyweight Champion Magnus walks out. vs. Sanada vs. Eric Young vs. Willow Rock Star Spud helps to eliminate Willow. Sanada is eliminated by Abyss. Bobby Roode threw out Bobby Lashley. Bully threw out Roode. Then Bully gets eliminated. Gunner gets eliminated by Storm. EC3 is eliminated by EY. Young eliminates Storm. EY eliminates Abyss. winner: Eric Young Christy Hemme interviews the number one contender, Eric Young! Now he has a request and asks for MVP. EY wants the title match tonight. MVP approves and makes stipulations. No Abyss. If Maguus i ...
Impact Wrestling may be in a constant state of flux but Christy Hemme is the one consistently great part of the show.
TNA Lockdown Results: The 2014 TNA Lockdown pay-per-view kicks off with footage of Magnus arriving earlier in the day. Mike Tenay welcomes us and he's joined by Taz. We see footage of Samoa Joe also arriving earlier today. We go to the Lockdown opening video. - We're live from the University of Miami as Tenay welcomes us. We go to Christy Hemme in the steel cage. Kazarian, Daniels and Chris Sabin vs. The Great Muta, Sanada and Yasu We go to the ring and out first comes Kazarian and Daniels. They're sort of dressed up as old school Muta. Out next comes their partner Chris Sabin. Out next comes X Division Champion Sanada and we see stills from Sanada's win over Austin Aries in Japan. Yasu is out next followed by wrestling legend The Great Muta to a nice pop. Sabin starts out with Sanada and they trade holds. More blocks and counters. Sanada with an abdominal stretch into a bunch of cradles around the ring. 2 count by Sanada. Sanada with a big arm drag into an armbar. Sabin turns it around in the corner but ...
Never leave home without a Christy Hemme photo! Hopefully she'll autograph it for you after you beat Ken Anderson
Shaw vs Ken Anderson is announced for Lockdown. Shaw is interviewed in the back and says Christy Hemme slapping...
Then, Christy Hemme is shown talking to a backstage worker. She leaves, and Samuel Shaw locks the worker in a headlock from behind. He tosses him headfirst into a steel door as things go to commercial. Back from commercial and Bobby Roode is talking backstage with James Storm about his career and how sometimes it feels like the business slaps you in the face. He's never felt like there were very many people he could trust, and eventually he was alone because he kept pushing himself away. It's getting to be too much. Storm asks what he is saying. Roode says they have a *** of a history, and the bad stuff was on him. He says that Beer Money was special; you can't create stuff like that all the time. He knows that looking back at the end of the day, Storm was the only man he could ever trust. Storm tells him not to do what he thinks he is going to do. He tells Roode to slap the business back in the face. That's how the business goes. It's dog eat dog, and they knew it coming in. They're the only people resp ...
Samuel Shaw is with Christy Hemme! I love how this has been drawing out for months! It seems miss Hemme has a love interest, and I can't blame the young man. Bully Ray IS WITH A CASKET!! The smoke is either coming out of the casket or from the ramp. Either way it gives it a nice touch. Bully gives us the same promo as always..yawn - AE
WINSTON UPDATE: After winning my first televised match, an unnamed wrestler (later to be revaled as Beardy McGee, a stock character invented for this asinine story), in a ratty sweatshirt and a yellow and blue luchador mask bashed my head off of a ring post like fifty times. Kevin Nash decided I needed a tag team partner, so I got some schlub named Eric Young who's tights say "don't fire me." He named our team the salty biscuits and I am pretty sure this is a not too clever reference to the smash hit teen game wherein dudes jack off onto a biscuit and then you gotta eat it and fred durst starts a band based off it and it's just awful. We got interviewed by backstage reporter Christy Hemme and EY got all up in her bidness wantin' to mack on her, but he's weird and scrawny and was wearing her perfume. I beat up the Dudley Boyz and Styles and Tomko and then the Mexicans who put me in the hospital to begin with attacked us. I am going to fight them in a match for their tag team belts now. Winston just learned ...
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I don't know why but I had a complete deja vu moment of Randy Orton with Stacy Keibler from this repackaging of Samuel Saw as he is obviously teasing a pairing with Christy Hemme.
I added a video to a playlist April Hunter vs Christy Hemme with ref Amy Dumas
Christy Hemmes EP, Madison Rayne/TNA Update, D... - -- Tommy Dreamer spoke with the Poughkeepsie Journal about the TNA PPV taping in the city on December 30th. The show reportedly has the best advance sales of any TNA event in that city. They also spoke with Bully Ray, which you can read here. -- Madison Rayne will host TNA's second screen experience during the commercial breaks for iMPACT! tonight. -- Christy Hemme has released a new EP via
This Day In Wrestling History- December 16th Trivia 2004 – Daniel Puder wins the 4th series of WWE Tough Enough 2008 – Darren Aronofsky’s The Wrestler had its official Hollywood premiere. 2009- Christy Hemme officially retires from in-ring competition. Events In 1987 – The WWF held their second annual “Slammy Awards” in Atlantic City, New Jersey, at Caesar’s Palace. This was the infamous program where Vince McMahon sang “Stand Back”, footage that still haunts many fans to this day. Here are the winners: Best Performance by an Animal: George Steele Woman of the Year: Miss Elizabeth Best Ring Apparel: Harley Race (This was followed by Race brawling with Hacksaw Duggan, who was presenting the award. For the rest of the show, Race and Duggan brawled all over the building and backstage, while Gorilla Monsoon, following them with a camera crew, provided commentary.) Hulk Hogan Real American Award: Billy Graham Jesse “The Body” Award: Rick Rude Greatest Hit: Jim Duggan Manager of the Year: ...
TNA hosts 8-year-old cancer patient at TV tapings ORLANDO -- In the ring, TNA President Dixie Carter is now portraying a condescending, egomaniacal, pompous persona that has really captivated audiences, but away from it, she is a person who still has a heart of gold. At the recent TNA Impact Wrestling tapings, little Donovan Hill and his family attended as guests of Carter. Donovan, 8, who lives in Dallas, has cancer, a brain tumor. For a couple of days, a fun time he and his family shared, courtesy of Carter and company, at Soundstage 19 of Universal Studios Orlando. Donovan and his brothers, DeAndre and Darius, wore face paint, thanks to Jeff Hardy. They and their family met the Charismatic Enigma pre-show, and he painted them Hardy style. During the show, Hardy gave Donovan his sleeves and even acknowledged him at ringside. Hardy wasn’t the only one who got acquainted with Donovan before shows. AJ Styles, Al Snow, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle, Christy Hemme, Samoa Joe, The BroMans, Joseph Park, Brooke Tessm ...
HWF Overdrive comes on the air and pyro shoots off on the stage and tron as the cameras pan around the jam packed arena before going to the ring where Christy Hemme is standing with a mic.   Christy Hemme: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels and The Game, Triple H. D-Generation X!   The fans go nuts as DX's music hits and the ever popular duo walk out onto the stage and throw their glowsticks into the crowd as they walk down the ramp. DX now reach the bottom of the ramp and slide into the ring as they do their typical entrance stuff as their music cuts and Triple H gets handed a mic from Michaels.   Triple H: Are you ready?   The fans give a small pop for this.   Triple H: That's it? That's all we get? SEATTLE, I SAID ARE YOU READY!?   The Seattle crowd now pops big as Triple H is standing on the top turnbuckle but jumps down after firing them up.   Triple H: Then...for the thousands in attendance and the millions watching at home.lets...   Triple H gets cut of ...
– has released its 2014 TNA Knockouts Calendar, which features Brooke, Christy Hemme, Gail Kim, Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky on the cover. Mickie James, who has since parted ways with …
Funny I think Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Kavval, and half of the DIVAs got fiered the EXACT same way...especially Christy Hemme.
Kelly Kelly, Maryse, Brooke Tessmacher and Christy Hemme if possible all on the same :) Sorry for late reply between
I want to buy Velvet Sky, Christy Hemme and Brooke Tessmacher. I call dibs.
I added a video to a playlist Joy Giovanni VS Christy Hemme
You have until this SUNDAY to participate in our birthday project for Christy! Click here to participate :)
yea I understand but my boyfriend and I were sooo excited. We were gonna meet Jeff and Christy Hemme 😕
Christy Hemme being remixed there when introducing the Wannabe EmC2.
Dixie: "GENTLEMEN would you unveil my piece de resistance please?" *cuts to Christy Hemme unveiling the car...
If there's any woman in TNA that is worse on the mic, it's Christy Hemme. Anyone else hear her intro for EC3? Took 3 times to start!
Did Christy Hemme just say ''the following'' 2 times in a row??
Someone hit the christy hemme record player, she's skipping
I'm seriously unhappy that I haven't seen my Christy Hemme tonight. Velvet was hot as us...
I think Christy Hemme majorly needs to be replaced, enough botching already, already, already. LOL!!!
Can Christy Hemme please be replaced with a competent ring announcer? There was really no excuse for taking three tries there.
EC3 shouldve put his nuts in Christy Hemme's face for botching the entrance
Not one of your best announcing moments Christy Hemme
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I think Christy Hemme needs to recharge her batteries. She's malfunctioning. D:
How come I can hear Christy Hemme but not see her? Why are they hiding her from me? Lol!
For Christy Hemme's sake, she should be glad Austin Aries wasn't there.
My guess is Christy Hemme doesn't know what to say about this new kid, Ethan Carter III.
Christy Hemme looks as good as ever even though shes stuttering seeing EC3. Must be cause hes a complete Poser
Did Christy Hemme's mic fail on here. The Debut of EC III is happening now
Was Christy Hemme doing a remix there?
Taz thinks Christy Hemme is the Knockout. He does realize she doesn't wrestle, right?
Christy Hemme should start wrestling again. Her move set was very unique!
Taz just called Christy Hemme their "Number one Knockout". Which is like Jerry Lawler calling Lilian Garcia WWE's number one diva. smh.
I know she sucked *** in the ring, But I kind of wish Christy Hemme was still an active wrestler. That guillotine leg drop finisher.
Coldest diva to me was Lita. Candace Michelle, and Christy Hemme up there too. Trish was straight.
With this new creative campaign from TNA, hopefully we'll see some workout stuff eventually from Brooke, Gail Kim, Christy Hemme, etc. :)
No, I don't own a console, the last game I had was SVR 2006 with Christy Hemme & Joy Giovanni LOL!
The red-headed smokin' hot Knockout Christy Hemme in the latest edition of Flex magazine. - Silly Point Inc.
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Christy Hemme botched Austin Aries' entrance at too. She really doesn't have the best of luck introducing him.
I feel like after Christy Hemme won the $$ she split from the company lols.
Your fansite, are doing a Birthday Project for the site in honour of your upcoming 33rd:
Christy Hemme's smile is so sweet. :D
You have till this Sunday to participate in our Birthday Project for Christy!!! Participate here
"Will you let Christy Hemme Talk?" "I'll let Christy do anything she wants!" Me too Taz, me too
I heard that after BFG, the Knockouts division is going to get more focused and Christy Hemme (
Christy Hemme is way too excited for the amount of attention she gets.
Why can't Christy Hemme dress like this while ring announcing?
Nice to see Christy Hemme sluming it with a blue hippie dress off the clearance rack.
One really awesome thing about James Storm is the way in which Christy Hemme introduces him during his entrances.
looking forward to meeting you, Christy Hemme, and The Cowboy James Storm today. See you in a few hours.
"I don't like sting, I don't like Joe, I don't like magnus, I dont even like myself. I like Christy hemme though" made my day!
Hi I did your portrait for my wrestlersmania project. It's not a Scott Blair's but I hope you like it
Photo: Day 171: Christy Hemme. I really need to practice my women. 
Photo: Christy Hemme was one of my favorites! 👄
Christy Hemme was one of my favorites! 👄
Christy Hemme is overseeing TNA talent relations when it comes to the Knockouts. They want to revamp the division.
What do you think of the rumor that Christy Hemme is ... — Not sure what to think yet. Wondering what qualifies ...
Impact Wrestling Podcast- Pioneers of Wrestling on the Internet: Jeremy Borash and Christy Hemme were joined b...
Oh, so she's like Christy Hemme now.
So yeah I'm officially going to TNA on Thursday and meeting James Storm and Christy Hemme tomorrow.
And there's the part where Christy Hemme says the phrase *** guzzling gutter *** " Welp. This is the nadir of wrestling feminism fo sho.
I'm already learning that Christy Hemme is too good for WWE in the same way she is too good for TNA and their "film her whole body" intros.
Queen what are your thoughts on Christy Hemme? She is a fabulous camera director by the way x
Christy Hemme nudging Jericho after his lame put-on is a highlight of this first segment.
So Christy Hemme is in charge of the Knockouts Divisions. A good change. Hemme knows the girls better than anyone on TNA
put down to experience, I'll just wait for Christy Hemme lol! x
Christy Hemme making an appearance on as guest announcer for the Women's 4Way Ladder Match, came out to the TNA Impact music :)
Christy Hemme (gets a bigger backstage role with the Knockout Division
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I think Christy Hemme is going to be given a major role behind the scenes for the Knockouts.
Man, that is so cool! How was Christy Hemme? I'm meeting her in 2 weeks. I want to ask if she will do a victory pose on me
I can only think of ODB, Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Brooke Tessmacer, and Christy Hemme.
Thoughts on Christy Hemme? — Super nice and I like how she's involved with the knockouts doing the website and a...
Yup. Trish could carry segments & matches with lesser experienced divas like a pro too (eg: Christy Hemme).
Redheads can be so perfect bruh. Christy Hemme still fire.
I actually really respect christy hemme because she WANTED to wrestle, she paid for wrestling school while with wwe
Ready for Christy Hemme to botch and call them eggo
For once it looks like Christy Hemme announces the main event. EGO makes their way to the ring soon followed by...
its Christy hemme and no Lita isn't in tna
Time to adore the lovely Christy Hemme tonight!
Watching Trish and Christy Hemme's WM match. Ugh, I wish Lita had been 100 % so it coulda been her instead. :(
Christy Hemme was at OVW last night too. I think she was scouting for new Knockouts.
“Former WWE Diva and Current Ring announcer Christy Hemme has a way better bathtub though!
Win an autographed 8x10 of Christy Hemme. Contest ends Saturday, October 5. Sign up now.
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Wish Lita, Trish Stratus, Mickie James, Christy Hemme, Torrie Wilson and Stacy Kiebler were all still in wwe 😔
is still hotter than Christy Hemme.
Impact Preview, Christy Hemme in Flex Magazine: -- Delivered by Feed43 service
Impact Wrestling Preview, Christy Hemme in Flex Magazine: - Embedded below is the preview for this Thursday’s ...
Christy Hemme does photo spread for Flex Magazine
(curious) I've read somewhere a while back that you used to date former WWE Diva, Christy Hemme (True or false?
Bully Ray bullying Christy Hemme and JB > Ryback bullying some guys backstage. .
has added Knockout Christy Hemme to their Alumni section.
What's with all the videos on the wwe app of christy hemme?
Okay add Mickie, Christy Hemme and I will watch.
and we thought the Austin Aries crotch thing with Christy Hemme was bad! A different language is just heinous!
I can't believe WWE put Christy Hemme and Alundra Blayze into WWE alumni. Where's Chyna? :(
Check out these shots of Trish from Christy Hemme's new profile!
WNZ: Must See Pics of Mickie James, Gail Kim & Christy Hemme as Schoolgirls -
Christy Hemme never argues, she just explains why she is right.   10% Off
Christy Hemme hates it when she does push-ups and loses count after 1,000.
I really like that you are that happy like Christy Hemme in her pic. It was on the main page. Of course, not now. When I saw the pic
Now that Brooke is gone, they should give the KO VP spot to Christy Hemme or bring back Karen Jarrett!!!
Christy Hemme performs a sound check for tonight's Join us at 9/8c on
nice to see Christy Hemme on Alumni section. Too bad her WWE run didn't last, she was a different kind of Diva.
Christy Hemme is the perfect choice for VP of the Knockout's.
Ash, do you know that WWE put Christy Hemme in their Alumni page, but not you?
Any chance of a Christy Hemme look alike at this job too?
Eva Marie in Maxim, Christy Hemme added to Alumni: WWE looks at Eva Marie in MAXIM M...
Eva Marie in Maxim, Christy Hemme added to WWE Alumni section...
Stunning spitfire: The best of Christy Hemme via
Relive the exciting career of the 2004 Diva Search Winner, Christy Hemme (
Christy Hemme is the best ring announced I've ever seen...or heard.
: Sizzling Hot Diva's of the Day : . "Christy Hemme, Gail Kim Looking STUNNING in a School Girl...
I mean there's Christy Hemme, Maryse, Maria Kanellis, Winter, and Jillian Hall in FWE.
Hi, just wanted to introduce myself and say thank you to the TNA Wrestling Movement for giving me the opportunity to join their staff to give the Impact Report. I'll just use my wrestling name, Maniac Mike. Anyway, happy to be helping out the TNA product. I watched the One Night Only Hardcore Justice PPV and decided to give the results. Mike Tenay and Jeremy Borasc were the commentators. ( Keep in mind, with Taz renewing his TNA contract, he will continue to have the seat next to Tenay.) From the opening moments I got the feeling of current TNA and old school TNA combining. "Adrenaline Rush" even played during the opening hard core highlight video. Christy Hemme was of course doing ring introductions. Slash & Sin vs. LAX in a street fight to kick things off. Cool to see Homicide back in a TNA ring. Homicide, being a multiple-time Tag Team Champion in TNA, is certainly ready for some singles gold. Television title maybe? The tag team wrestling I witnessed in this match is what the tag team division needs t ...
People always say who should be fired or kept by WWE and/or TNA. So I decided to do a list. Depending on how this does I may do both promotions but for now I'm gonna start with TNA and see where it goes. Keep: AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bobby Roode, Bully Ray, Chris Sabin, Christy Hemme, Daniels, Eric Young, Gail Kim, Gunner, Hernandez, Hulk Hogan (like it or not, he's a draw), James Storm, Jeff Hardy, Kazarian, Kenny King, Kurt Angle, Magnus, Mickie James, Miss Tessmacher, Mr Anderson, Rampage Jackson, Robbie E, Samoa Joe, Sting, Suicide/TJ Perkins, Tara, Taryn Terrell, Velvet Sky, and Zema Ion Expendable: (Quick note, none of these wrestlers hurt TNA, but they dont help either) Brooke Hogan, Chavo Guerrero, DOC, Garrett Bischoff, Jay Bradley, Jessie Godderz, King Mo, Knux, ODB, Rob Terry, Rockstar Spud, Sam Shaw, Taz, and Wes Brisco. Other: Abyss (Good but too directionless. Find a direction for him he is Keep, if not Expendable), Devon (Keep but as a road agent), and Mike Tenay (Good when Motivated, othe ...
Taryns is actually sung by Christy Hemme
Christy Hemme doesn't just stumble over her words, she falls over them head first down the stairs.
Oh its Christy hemme oh talking about her I need to put a teabag in my cup
They were bloody terrible. I remember when Christy Hemme was a part of them. LOL.
Who's bright idea was it to replace Jeremy Borash with Christy Hemme as the announcer in TNA? Or the guy before JB? Like a squashed cat.
Knockout of the month choice Velvet Sky, Christy Hemme, Taryn Terrell,Mickie James, Gail Kim or Tara?
Who should be TNA Knockout of the day: Brooke Tessmacher, Velvet Sky, Traci Brooks, Christy Hemme or Tara?
why should Aries be getting a push after what he did with Christy Hemme?
No, but I can see why he would want to, to Christy Hemme!
We need more slow camera pan ups of Christy Hemme on
They'll listen to you and give him a shot, no matter if Christy Hemme doesn't know who he is
Christy Hemme looks like a million bucks on Impact tonight Like to get that kind of a dress for future photo shoots!!! DAM!
Christy Hemme looks like she stole her dress from a VR Trooper
Update your maps at Navteq
Christy Hemme with her fake tattoes
Christy Hemme is one of my favorite things about Impact Wrestling. I still miss her FFC legdrop though.
I guess Christy Hemme's been watching Botchamania. Definitely put emphasis on the "de" in RoDE.
Christy Hemme's outfit seems like something a flight attendant would wear in a late 1960's vision of space travel. On Pan Am, of course.
Is it just me or does Christy Hemme look like she should be starting a street race somewhere?
Yeah too distracted by christy hemme's boob to pay attention to what Velvet Sky is saying
Christy Hemme is not good at this post match interview thing. Her face throughout was just -_-
That Christy Hemme side boob shot was distracting
Christy Hemme interviews Velvet Sky, a emotional Velvet says she is heartbroken as the crowd chants " You Tapped Out"
Christy Hemme has never looked worse.
Meanwhile on the TNA app Velvet Sky pulls an Austin Aries on Christy Hemme
I love Christy Hemme as an announcer!
Christy Hemme sporting her Impact colors tonight
Put your *** in Christy Hemme's face and get the X division title.
and should let go of Tazz, Mike Tenay and move Christy Hemme off of interviews and HIRE
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But my love will always be for Christy Hemme though. She was my first red head crush lol
Here are some hot new photos of TNA Knockout Christy Hemme.
Trudging Stratus vs Christy Hemme both girls sucked in that match
yes you are correct,, I was wrong I apologise, Christy Hemme is heard giving away the winner of the match in the video
I liked a video from Why Matt Striker Should REPLACE Christy Hemme in TNA
you met Sting and christy hemme what was that like
I want a Maria and Christy Hemme wallpaper, if you make wallpapers, please. :P
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