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Christopher Walken

Christopher Walken (born March 31, 1943) is an American stage and screen actor.

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the commercials with JT and Christopher Walken 😂👍🏻
i just thought of you. I saw the commercial for bai with justin timberlake and christopher walken
I really enjoyed that movie. Idris Elba is a properly terrifying Shere Khan. Christopher Walken as King Louis? Properly creepy.
Do you ever wish Christopher Walken was your dad because the stern life talks would be so epic? Just me? Ok.
I love the Christopher Walken and Justin Timberlake bai commercial. I rewind it every time I comes on. lol
I don't want to sound full of myself but I think I do a pretty good Christopher Walken impression
Why do you want Christopher Walken involved so badly
Let's start writing. Can we get Christopher Walken in this?
Have you guys ever noticed how amazing the selection of Christopher Walken gifs on this…
Christopher Walken's acted in a lot of crap too
This guy could be Christopher Walken's younger doppleganger.
Downward Dog is cute but I'ma need the Christopher Walken sounding dog to stop saying "like" every .2 seconds
The new Bai commercial with JT and Christopher Walken...
*Christopher Walken voice*. When life give you...raisins. You eat them. Because what else would you do? Disrespect life with your, smugness?
Personally, that song just reminds me of Christopher Walken shouting about cowbell. So you c…
Sadly there can be only one Christopher Walken. . I wish I could be Walken for a day.
I can't stop laughing at Christopher Walken's face because for some reason it's hilarious to me tired
Christopher Walken, Roger Moore and a motorcycle in 1985.
Dumb & Dumber, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken. Directed by Ivan Reitman, music by Paramore. Budget: $150m
Richard E. Grant is a poor man's Christopher Walken
Not in Mousehunt, though Christopher Walken stops by to eat mouse poop cause... Academy Awards only buy so much coke?
I was doing a Christopher Walken + Kramer hybrid impersonation the entire weekend and everything thought I was "just drunk"
Just need Christopher Walken to be in a Superhero film and we have the full set of famous Chris' in comic book films
James Garner, and James Coburn were cool, but Christopher Walken is scary…
Bill Murray as Baloo? Christopher Walken as King Louie? That movie is all win. Try again without the dark cloud. (Ryder)
Think and Christopher Walken deserve an ECHO for Be an ECHO judge and let us know:…
At 17 I thought that reading Christopher Walken's monologue from Biloxi Blues as R Lee Ermey was a revolutionary concept for an audition.
The 51st (Apr 9, 1979), is the earliest w/ all 4 acting winners alive today:. Jon Voight. Jane Fonda. Christopher Walken. Maggie Smith
Find a photo of a very young Christopher Walken. It actually is Scarlett Johansson.
Underrated part: Eli Wallach & Christopher Walken as partnered cops! They needed more screen time.
Christopher Walken as Philip of France (later played by Timothy Dalton on film) in THE LION IN WINTER on Broadway.
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Holy crap Christopher Walken looked like Luke Kennard when he was super young :O
GOSH WHO COULD FORGET 😩😪 I love Ted flannigan in this.. and Christopher Walken was brilliant as the kangaroo
an oldie but tends to achieve the desired outcome. What's the opposite of Christopher Walken?. . Christopher Reeves!
What is the opposite of Christopher Reeves?... Christopher Walken.
Christopher Walken, Charles Dance, and Christoph Waltz sashay into a bar...
Sir Ben Kingsley as bagheera was a good casting choice while Christopher Walken as King Louie is still to be determined
and i are doing Emperor Palpatine and Darth Vader as Christopher Walken and Partrick Warburton respectively
And by Michael Caine I meant Christopher Walken (the "more cowbell" guy). I don't know why I get them mixed up.
Someone needs to cast Michael Shannon and Christopher Walken as father and son.
or Christopher Walken or Bill Murray or Michael Jordan or Kris Bryant but probably Justin Timberlake
For some reason lately when I read the name Christoph Waltz, my brain autocorrects to Christopher Walken which never makes sense in context
Or, now just think about this..."Paul is Walken." Brian O'Conner is now played by Christopher Walken.
02-18 Super Bowl ads will feature Key & Peele, Christopher Walken ? and
Super Bowl ads will feature Key & Peele, Amy Schumer, Christopher Walken ? and
two "interrogation" scenes -one between Christopher Walken & Dennis Hopper, the other James Gandolfini & Patricia Arquette- are so perfect.
My favorite Christopher Walken scene is with Dennis Hopper in "True Romance".
Anything with Christopher Walken is good. This is not an opinion. It is a fact.
Is it just me or does Christopher Walken and William Defoe resemble? 😄😄
To *** with Michael Flatley, Christopher Walken is Lord of the Dance!
also 1970's era Christopher Walken and Robert DeNiro are the reason why i questioned my sexuality at a young age bc LOOK 💘
Christopher Walken gets down to Schooly-D in King of New York
headass, you look like the love child of Christopher Walken and Richard Simmons
people feat. in this vid: Eric, Jeff, Xmas, Pharrell, Dale Earnhardt, Christopher Walken, Martha Reeves, Brave, Walter from Big Lebowski...
A live action Mario Party movie with Bowser played by Christopher Walken
I'm convinced after watching the Jungle Book again Christopher Walken should come out with a holiday album
Win! We've got 3 copies of Jennifer Garner and Christopher Walken's cat comedy on Blu-ray to give away
This photograph of a very young Christopher Walken will explain why Tennessee Williams called him a "bisque angel."
When I think of Batman Returns, I always remember Danny Divito & Michelle Pfeiffer, but I always forget Christopher Walken until I see him!
Your casual dismissal of Michelle Pfeiffer and Christopher Walken's career-defining performances is absurd. Suggest re-watching
Michelle Pfeiffer is somehow out-camping Christopher Walken. That deserves a medal.
I love Trump. Sometimes when he's talking he sounds like a cross between Christopher Walken & Bud Costello. With a touch of Je…
Al Michaels called University of Hawaii football & basketball games '69-'70 & had a role in an ep. of Hawaii 5-0 with Christopher Walken
but John Travolta and Christopher Walken will be forever my Edna and Wilbur Turnblad ❤️
Everyone should really be ashamed of insulting a legend like Christopher Walken like this... Shame!
do you like Christopher Walken or Edgar Allen Poe's The Raven? Then you're gonna listed to The Raven read by Walken.
He is sick, sick, sick. Reminds me of '80s movie with Martin Sheen & Christopher Walken 'THE Dead Zone' Terrifying
Question of the week: which celebrity would be on your fantasy We've had Will Smith, Dawn French & Christopher Walken so far!
Portrait of Christopher Walken taken in 2009 with H3D-31 at hotel...
Hawaii and Christopher Walken - Christoper Walken complained about his knee. He was old and he limped...
Catching up on this wk.Billy's (immitation of Christopher Walken was hilarious. You're so fun to watch as Billy Abbott
Christopher Walken doesn't need to grip Trump's hand to see the future: a reality show with Charlie Sheen standing in for his Dad.
Nosferatu was played by Max Schreck, Christopher Walken's character in Batman Returns... Coincidence? I think not.…
Cruzin’ on an Ole Harley-Homeboy w Mickey Rourke, Debra Feuer & Christopher Walken
Clint Eastwood, Jack Nicholaus, Christopher Walken, Bill Murray. All born on the same day. 4/1/1947. http:/…
I meant Christopher Walken my stupid phone autocorrected to walker and it's 2016 and still won't let you e…
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Sam L Jackson has more acting credits on IMDb than Christopher Walken. That is surprising
Just FYI: A lot of great people have come from Queens- Estée Lauder, Christopher Walken, RunDMC, me.
This pic had me confused for a minute...I was like how did Leslie Jones get a pic with a young Christopher Walken??
Christopher Walken and Roger Moore having a break on the set of A View to a Kill, 1985, directed by John Glen.
Dying to see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool do this Christopher Walken dance.
what do Eddie Murphy, Christopher Walken and the Governator have in common? They're all getting theirs on Grace's…
Christopher Walken, John Lithgow, Christopher Lloyd and Jeff Goldblum were all considered for a role in this film
I actually really like Christopher Walken. I find him a really interesting actor. He's such
could maybe an episode about the Robert Wagner/Natalie Wood/Christopher Walken threeway murder orgy on a boat?
I want Jim Ross commentary, Morgan Freeman narrating and Christopher Walken playing me
How have I never seen Seven Psychopaths before?. Colin Farrell, Sam Rockwell, Woody Harrelson, Christopher Walken. That…
You might be cool, but probably not Christopher Walken dancing to Fatboy Slim's Weapon of Choice cool...
The "Christopher Walken as the party guest no wants to talk to" joke from the same episode is pretty golden, though.
People with the name Christopher are problematic, Christopher Brown, Christopher Walken, Christopher Columbus.
Every time I see Samuel L Jackson, I always imagine Christopher Walken in same role.
domain names
It's like Christopher Walken and Woody Allen had a son. Oddly enjoyable to watch.
When your mom doesn't think your Owen Wilson/Christopher Walken impression joke is funny
SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS. Surprisingly gory self-examination of writing and filmmaking with one of Christopher Walken's very best performances.
Do u think the first time he heard "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'", Christopher Walken was like "hey thanks."
It has Owen Wilson,Vince Vaughan&Christopher Walken in it It's pretty Awesome. Anyway luv Goodnight hope you feel better 2morrow
if Yakov Smirnoff and Christopher Walken had a love child.
Brian Williams is getting Christopher Walken to shake Donald Trump's hand . Dead Zone starring Donald Trump as Greg…
Ha! Okay, lessee... William Dafoe is uncomparable in Grand Budapest Hotel, and I love Christopher Walken any time! 😄
Best birthday present I've ever had = sisters fiancée reading the lyrics to "Welcome To The Black Parade" as Christopher Walken
Nine Lives with Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken is such an Oscar bait movie smh
The only thing cooler than a Bond film is one which has Christopher Walken in it
Aubrey Plaza... Adam Devine.. Christopher Walken.. RDJ... I don't kno if this is making any sense
The voices in my head sound like Christopher Walken, James Earl Jones, Al Pacino and Morgan Freeman . So I totally don'…
Tho the song, along with the presence of Grace Jones and Christopher Walken, is one of the few redeeming features of the film itself
Uncle Pete apparently could have been Joe Pesci, Jack Nicholson, or Christopher Walken. But *** Alan Alda was perfect.
read in Christopher Walken voice / casting suggestion for film adaptation.
Turks and Caicos is re-airing on the - this scene w/ Bill Nighy & Christopher Walken was a pinch me moment.
and I want to see Christopher Walken as Doctor Dillamond !!!
YAY for dance! Show him Christopher Walken being a bad *** & then dancing to Fat Boy Slim. Nobody messes with him!
Christopher Walken: Twit twoo Nancy Sinatra: Is that you doing the owl impressions, Chris?. CW: Yep, these hoots are made…
yes thanks I like crazy Christopher Walken
I never know what to say to nice things like this other than thanks, so here's Christopher Walken.
(Read in the voice of Christopher Walken.) Thursday we are playing in a park. Of course. It's a park. 😎
everyone just gonna ignore the Christopher walken quote?
Now I'm dying to see Spider-Gwen swinging to weapon of choice like Christopher Walken did in Fat Boy Slim video
Christopher Walken is an institution in the acting industry..
ehhh tough. Like a lot of them...but 80s has Christopher Walken, Danny Glover, and Michael J Fox.
over the cowbell or Christopher Walken?
Okay, in "The Jungle Book" Mowgli finds a cowbell right before meeting Christopher Walken's King Louie. I am still in awe over this.
We need to have Christopher Walken shake Trump's Hand. is Greg Stillson from Dead Zone .
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Who on Planet Earth would want Christopher Walken as Vision?
Hillary clinton and Christopher walken have an uncanny resemblance to one another
Carrots are the Christopher Walken of vegetables.
Both my parents had heavy accents, and so did everybody they knew. It'...
What if Christopher Walken has been doing a Christopher Walken impersonation all this this time 🤔
You have an amazing mixture of John Lithgow and Christopher Walken to your look right there.
All I'm going to say is that I worked with Christopher Walken the othe...
Bill Murray lives in my vicinity so it is always cool to see him in a movie. I like Christopher Walken too.
Christopher Walken as Vision "There's a Civil War on, and the solution is MORE COWBELL!"
One of the younger employees just explained Christopher Walken as "a character from an old Hallmark movie."
. "Look at me, I'm Christopher Walken, I'm hiding this pocket watch up your favourite *** in 2017!
Thought I heard a mouse in my house... I hope Christopher Walken arrives...
At its best, life is completely unpredictable.
Good just don't watch the Jungle Book Christopher Walken is King Louie and it is pretty scary.
Interviewer: Where do you see yourself in five years. Christopher Walken: (grabs own hand) (goes in trance) Night Manager, Kinkos
The most disappointing part about this film not happening is the fact that we'll never see Christopher Walken as Brainiac
James Franco is completely the wrong choice for Tommy Wiseau. That role should've gone to Christopher Walken.
I did karaoke and my Christopher Walken impression last night... So it was a good one.
Christopher Walken actually put a watch in his *** for Polp Fictim, not knowing that was only going to be mentioned in d…
I highly recommend any movie with Christopher Walken.
Had to listen to the ad a few times on DMXS! That Christopher Walken impression was pure gold!
One thing that's happened to me is I've been around a long time and I'...
handgun sideways, butt of pistol away from the body, which apparently came from Christopher Walken
"I have dual citizenship, the United States and Florida"-Christopher Walken census skit
last night I dreamed a dream that I drove Christopher Walken home
. A bad Christopher Walken impersonation is a nut kick to me.
Christopher Walken worked as a lion tamer for the circus at 15
What happened between Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken that fateful night off the coast of...
I could do with Christopher Walken when dealing with
That's some nice Christopher Walken grammar you've got there!!
When I was a kid, my parents gave me piano lessons and guitar lessons ...
One of my favorite things is that King Louie, in Disney’s Jungle Book; fabricated for Louis Prima, was kept and played by Christopher Walken
Olu Jacobs and Christopher Walken share screen time in "The Dogs Of War". Zangaro's airport taxes -- rather steep.
Christopher Walken's hits DVD today. Listen to the talk with director Robert Edwards:
I actually love Christopher Walken. Busey? But it would be more fun than Hill or Trump
Might do my presentation as Christopher Walken tomorrow. What say you
What if it's Christopher Walken coming back from the concession stand with a bag of grape Big League Chew and a ring pop
I love Christopher Walken as King Louie in the new especially his rendition of 'I Wanna Be Like You'.
if you liked grease live should watch Peter Pan live, had Christopher Walken in!✨same people made it
Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro, Chuck Aspegren, John Savage and John Cazale on the set of The Deer Hunter.
At least Roger Moore went out with a great cast, can't beat Christopher Walken and Grace Jones for villains.
Watching Roger Moore's final Bond hurrah, A View To A Kill. The most horse-centric spy movie of all, and Christopher Walken at his blondest.
Everytime I listen to Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim I magically transform into Christopher Walken
I need Christopher Walken, as his Dead Zone character Johnny Smith, to shake Trump's hand and then TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!
just saw a trailer for a movie in which Christopher Walken turns Kevin Spacey into a cat. I will never have to see another film again
Is Kevin Spacey really in a movie about a man who is turned into a cat by Christopher Walken? Is this real life?
How did they get Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken and Jennifer Garner in this Nine Lives movie?!
I grew up watching Marlon Brando, Christopher Walken, Robert De Niro, ...
Christopher Walken and John Travolta make such a cool couple XD
Pleasantly surprised when Bill Murray and Christopher Walken turned up in The Jungle Book. Amazing film
For some reason I was just thinking how cool it would be if I found Christopher Walken in my closet.
Hmm. Now do I want to watch It Follows for the film score? Or The Dead Zone for Christopher Walken?
If someone were to ask me to describe a cool guy I'd just show them the Fatboy Slim video with Christopher Walken in and walk away.
A concept created by Christopher Walken in "Biloxi Blues".
or the Todd Solondz film with Christopher Walken 😆
Perfect! But if you need variety, pretend it's either Christopher Walken or Michael Wincott.
reading Dr. Seuss books like Christopher Walken is a game changer.
I wish David Attenborough, Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, and Michael Caine could have a conversation and record it.
Friendly reminder that both Michael Shannon and Christopher Walken were in Kangaroo Jack
I have no desire to learn Spanish or French, but if could teach me to speak Christopher Walken that would be really cool.
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Donald Trump is now leader of the Republican party, and I'm having nuclear holocaust visions like Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone.
Now if we could just get a Grace Jones and Christopher Walken reunion in the form of new lawyers at Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill.
Christopher Walken was a lion tamer in a traveling circus when he was 15 years old.
Christopher Walken's King Louis was channelling some serious Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now in the new movie
I bet you never thought you'd get to see Christopher Walken play a psycho performance artist. Well, you can. htt…
Why do I look like Claudia Schiffer in the bathroom mirror but in the car I look like Christopher Walken?
The Jungle Book was actually really good. Christopher Walken voices an enormous orangutan, which is instant filmographic gold in my book.
Christopher Walken and Robert De Niro on the set of ‘The Deer Hunter’, 1978.
Saw Jungle Book. Two thumbs up to Christopher Walken, Ben Kingsley and Scarlett Johanssen
I'd probably throw my social security number at the screen for a Christopher Walken ghost.
Christopher Walken doing Marlon Brando doing Colonel Kurtz as King Louie is best part of Jungle Book
Christopher Walken did a good job as King Louie who really looked like he was king of the apes, Louis Prima/Phil Harris song was better.
Christopher Walken as King Louie was arguably the best. Portrayed as a mix of Colonel Kurtz from Apocalypse Now and a mob boss.
My favourite bit was Christopher Walken as Marlon Brando as Don Corleoni/Colonel Kurtz as King Louis.
Christopher Walken as King Louie . scary. Like the Colonel Kurtz character in Apocalypse Now.
Actor Jack Riley, actor Christopher Walken and comedian Ralph Harris during an interview with host J
Christopher Walken as Trump, Helen Mirren as Hillary, Billy Crystal as Bernie, Jeff Goldblum as Ted, Paul Giamatti as John
Facts America has backwards:. Gilbert Gottfried was once a cast member of SNL, but Christopher Walken was not.
And yet, no one asks George Clooney, James Woods, Christopher Walken, John Hamm to justify not having kids.
I can do a good Al Pacino, a decent Wood Allen and a passable Christopher Walken & Michael Caine. And Jerry mouse.
But the English version will still be so good since Christopher Walken is absolutely perfect for King Louie, and Lupita and scar jo so yaass
I don't know what this means but Christopher Walken shook Ted Cruz's hand and immediately went and bought a rifle.
Movie review: 'One More Time' with Christopher Walken and Amber Heard is surprisingly effective
Christopher Walken is King Louie. I'll give that inexplicable Jungle Book movie that that is something.
There are cameos too for Christopher Walken & Fletcher's old Press Gang Co-star Paul Reynolds
There are few film performances as sublime as Christopher Walken in The Dead Zone
We're gonna need more cow bell to celebrate Christopher Walken's birthday! :)
Happy 73rd birthday to the biggest badass ever. A master of all that is awkward yet so *** cool. Christopher Walken
He's cool. It's his birthday, so let's celebrate Christopher Walken's dancing. 1.37 mins is the best bit
You might be cool, but you will never be as cool as Christopher Walken
Happy birthday Christopher Walken. Imagine being as cool as him
Happy birthday Christopher Walken,73 today and just as terrifying and cool as ever. If Walken entered would you?Probably.
Can I have more cow bell in honor of Christopher Walken's birthday today?. .
Happy Birthday to Christopher Walken (Mar 31, 1943), pictured as Max Shreck in Tim Burton's 'Batman Returns' (1992).
The Ghost of Vic will be played by Christopher Walken and Freq's girlfriend will be played by Cool Dog. And that's how the play will go.
Christopher Walken voices an animated internet router that victimises ethics in gaming journalism
Christopher Walken in Deer Hunter; maybe Jason Robards in Once Upon a Time in the West.
I forgot how great Christopher Walken is in Annie Hall. What a phenomenal lunatic. Best part of the movie.
the cast of this movie omg John Travolta, Christopher Walken, Zac Efron, Amanda Bynes, James Marsden ??
I will vote in the state wide elections and consider a write in leaning to Christopher Walken right now
Christopher Walken as King Louie in the new Jungle Book. Fantastic.
Exclusive: Christopher Walken, Amber Heard are a family in tune in 'One More Time' poster
Christopher Walken and Anthony Michael Hall know what to do.
Ross does excellent impressions of Matthew McConaughey, John C. Reilly, Antonio Banderas, Christopher Walken,...
Forgot young Christopher Walken was in Annie Hall. I subsequently fell of my chair...
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Who would you want to narrate your life?. A) Mike Rowe. B) James Earl Jones. C) Morgan Freeman. D) Christopher Walken
How cool would it be to get to hang out with Christopher Walken?
This is one of my favorite pictures from debate, and I just now noticed that Christopher Walken is on the monitor behind Ryan.
Christopher Walken lorem ipsum makes my day tolerable (just).
This is brilliant! The impressions of Christopher Walken and Ed Wynn are my faves!
A year before this movie its stars; Christopher Walken, Amanda Plummer and Eric Stoltz all appeared in Pulp Fiction
Cooking cream of wheat in the microwave is like playing Russian roulette. I have become Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter.
[Christopher Walken voice]. The itsy bitsy spider. Climbed up the waterspout. Down came the rain. And washed the spider out…
Christopher Walken is King Louie and Scar Jo as Kaa the snake tho...that's interesting
Scott Baio, George Takei and Christopher Walken channeling Shari Lewis more than made up for it.
He wasn't selling anything and that's the point. Christopher Walken can invade our lives and minds anytime he wants.
Christopher Walken advocates membership in the
Christopher Walken could probably read Mein Kampf and I'd still laugh my guts out.
Top 3 voices of all time:. Christopher Walken. David Hayter. Morgan Freeman
I bet the people who believe that Christopher Walken thinks Kias are cool, also believe he thinks Adam Sandler is funny
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Christopher Walken is one of two people I expect to find when I go into my walk-in closet; the other is Anderson Cooper.
Damnit, Kia! How did you manage to make a commercial with Christopher Walken suck that badly?
This priest guy kind of looks like Christopher Walken and Willem Dafoe had a baby.
This week on my video blog: Christopher Walken in a closet, Scott Baio in space, hot dogs, angry bears and Drake
For real guys. Christopher Walken in The Deer Hunter looks like Michael Jackson in Thriller when he wears the weird contacts.
Im about as done as Christopher Walken
a very good, but often overlooked Nathan Lane movie is Mouse Hunt. Great Christopher Walken scene too.
Christopher Walken menaces you with socks in new Super Bowl commercial.
No, didn't care for The Wiz either, but am completely biased to love anything either Christopher Walken or Christian Borle do
The kid at 11:39 and 12:10, with Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, is Christopher Walken.
Raul Julia played Othello 12 years apart - once with Richard Dreyfuss as Iago, once with Christopher Walken as Iago. WEIRD
Henry II was first played on Broadway in Lion in Winter by Robert Preston. Eleanor was Rosemary Harris. And Phillip was Christopher Walken?
Just say no to violence. Also, Christopher Walken is eternally badass! Zeljko Ivanek and Christopher
Grinning out loud. Cheryl Hines, Jennifer Garner, AND Christopher Walken with as a *cat*? Oh, yes.
Ideal actors to be punched by:. 1. Christopher Walken, 1979. 2. Matthew Lillard, 1996. 3. David Patrick Kelly, 1982
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A new favorite: The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe - Read by Christopher Walken by olyfantastique on
Like Jon Voigt and Christopher Walken in Zoolander, it's impossible to argue that Kurt Russell shouldn't have been the lead in They Live.
Quentin Tarantino wanted the role of Concotti to be played by Robert Forster. This role went to Christopher Walken.
For my fellow JAMES BOND FANATICS-did you know DAVID BOWIE was asked to play the villain Zorin in View to a Kill before Christopher Walken?!
Fave Bowie cover:. Christopher Walken plays David Bowie in a James Bond after Bowie left project.
GC looks like Diana Dors-Anthony like Christopher Walken-that's their 'celebrity' Jeremy was he in Avatar? Oh &why the 'T' for Scot
yea, there's so many actors that are lit af... I love Brian Cranston too 😩 and Christopher Walken
- take a boat ride with Robert Wagner and Christopher Walken. .
Christopher Walken visits 'Innocent Flesh' at Actors Temple Theatre on March 8, 2012 in New York Cit
The first day of shooting I walk up to Christopher Walken, and I said, Should I ...
another great movie. Christopher Walken. Wesley Snipes. David Caruso. Laurence (back then Larry) Fishburne.
Victoria Jackson as Linda Parker, Christopher Walken as Liaison during the 'The Dumper' skit on Janu
I look forward to when I can program Siri to talk like Emo Philips, Christopher Walken, Judy Tenuta, Gilbert Gottfried, my Grandpa Bert etc.
They did not age well at all...1Clint Eastwood, Jack Nickolson, Christopher Walken & Bill Murry
Ross Marquand doing Christopher Walken talking about me dressed as Tony Stark/Iron Man @ Walker Stalker NJ
Though if I had my ideal cast list for The Room: Nicolas Cage/Christopher Walken- Johnny; Anna Farris/Kristen Bell- Lisa; Owen Wilson- Mark
I liked a video bryan callen Christopher Walken impersonation
Duran Duran, Christopher Walken, Grace Jones, Roger can you go wrong?
like Christopher Walken in seven psychopaths
My phone just started playing what appears to be Christopher Walken reciting Edgar Allen Poe?? Curse or blessing u decide I'm chillin
Ok so wait Rob Schneider actually voices like most of the characters in this movie I guess and the Christopher Walken fish is actually+
Lee Majors is looking a bit like Christopher Walken (scroll to 1st picture on the left). Farrah/Ryan was destruction. ht…
Sorry only Matt Ryan or Christopher Walken (would be a hoot)
"Uh...I'll take the Zaun superimposed on Christopher Walken's face as Captain Hook please.". *exchanges cash quickly*
Watching 'Welcome to the Jungle' with Dwayne Johnson, Seann William Scott and Christopher Walken... Hilarious action fodder!
Jeb Bush should watch Stephen King's The Dead Zone movie with Christopher Walken then he'd know what to do with Baby Hitler
Hey I have an alternate proposal for who Christopher Walken should play in the Dean Lombardi biopic.
I want to see Jason Segal, Christina Ricci, Kristen Bell, Christopher Walken on the show.
🎙PODCAST🎙. explains his love for Coach Q, Jeff Carter and Christopher Walken in this minipod!.
That is a pretty talented dude. I love hearing him do Christopher Walken
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