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Christopher Plummer

Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer, CC (born December 13, 1929) is a Canadian theatre, film and television actor.

Julie Andrews Martin Landau Atom Egoyan King Lear Captain Von Trapp Amanda Plummer Eleanor Parker Kevin Spacey Lady Gaga Shakespeare Uncovered Annie Leibovitz James Mason Michael Fassbender James Dean Al Pacino Steve McQueen

BREAKING: Kevin Spacey to be replaced by Christopher Plummer in 'All the Money in the World'
let's go ahead and have Christopher Plummer replace Kevin Spacey in everything
Just for the record: I watch watch the crap out of a movie where Charles Dance, Christopher Plummer, Jessica Lange,…
Christopher Plummer tearing up Kevin Spacey's contract to star in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD right before he takes over…
I loved Christopher Plummer as John Doe in Se7en
BREAKING: Christopher Plummer to replace Kevin Spacey as John Paul Getty in ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD
Remember starring Christopher Plummer and the late Martin Landau. . Brilliant. Brilliant film.
The Sound of Music was released 52 years ago today with Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Eleanor Parker.…
90s animation David The Gnome was produced by the Weinsteins& featured the vocal talents of Christopher Plummer&Tom Bosley.
One of his last roles was Nazi hunter in Remember w/ Christopher Plummer. He's fantas…
My dad once spilled wine on Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer reflects on Stratford Festival roots, hopes for return
Screening this Saturday 5pm, Sunday 5:30pm and Monday 7:30 PM, The Exception with the great Christopher Plummer...
Christopher Plummer and Atom Egoyan on the set of Remember (2015).
Man I have been sleepin on Captain Von Trapp. Aka Christopher Plummer. CAUSE ***
Remember is an excellent and thought-provoking film starring two legends, Christopher Plummer and Martin…
Little Giant Ladders
If anyone missed it Christopher Plummer playing a much older Tolstoy in is a reall…
loved it Christopher Plummer is exceptional in ‘The Exception’ via
Day 16: Edelweiss by Christopher Plummer. "Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow, bloom and grow forever." ❄️💙
1938... just saying...which would have made Christopher Plummer about 70
I was wrong! Christopher Plummer is actually Canadian! Ha ha.
The Exception (B+) strong narrative bolstered by exceptional visuals and great performances from Lily James and Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer was 82 when he won his first Oscar. Best crack on, then
Christopher Plummer's performance as Arthur Wellesley (Duke of Wellington) in Waterloo is the best thing ever
Christopher Plummer in Star Trek VI and John Tesh in one episode of TNG, pretty much every klingon in TOS for sure
Landau has a prominent supporting role next to Christopher Plummer as lead. Directed by Atom Egoyan.
He was in Atom Agoyan's film with Christopher Plummer 'Remember'.My son was on crew, said…
Christopher Plummer's second best sci-fi role after Starcrash.
Christopher Plummer as General Chang is setting Julie Andrews on fire.
Anybody see 'Remember' with Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau? It was really good.
Just watched him opposite Christopher Plummer in "Remember." RIP
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IMDB's mobile banner image for Martin Landau is a pic of Christopher Plummer
Christopher Plummer had the title role. It was Landau's fortune to work alongside Hollywood's most storied names.
If only it were so. Wish him well beyond this world. His work just the other year in R…
I just recently reviewed a brilliant recent Landau performance:
One of his final roles was in 2016's Remember, which also starred Christopher Plummer. Powerful performanc s.
Wow an acting legend he was great. The Movie "Remember" with him & Christopher Plummer was exce…
2015's 'Remember' with Christopher Plummer might be the best work from both actors.
Watch one of his last performances in "Remember" with Christopher Plummer. Definitely worth watching.
Just watched "Remembering" last night with the great Mr. Landau and the great Christopher Plummer. Both we…
Martin Landau was the oldest living Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner. That title now falls to Christopher Plummer, who is 87
Dammit, him, too? Also, Remember ruled. . Someone keep an eye on Christopher Plummer.
Please campaign during awards season for Christopher Plummer in The Exception. It's a show stealing performance in an excellent film.
Small side note: I just learned that Christopher Plummer was 34 when he filmed The Sound of Music.
Btw you need to watch Remembrance with Christopher Plummer
"Working with Julie Andrews is like getting hit over the head with a valentine.". ~ Christopher Plummer
Just watched 'Remember' and Christopher Plummer is still a brilliant actor. He is absolutely riveting from beginning to end. 👏👏
Agreed but man is Christopher Plummer adorable or what
The magnificent Christopher Plummer doing the monologue about Booth from Long Day's Journey Into Night
Just learned that Christopher Plummer was dubbed in the Sound of Music. Thank you Bill Lee! .
Caroline Munro. David Hasselhoff. Christopher Plummer. Barry soundtrack. How come I've never seen this movie before?
Sadly the chief elder of Chris Island has gone on to glory.😢 He's been replaced by Christopher Plummer.
Being honored by The legendary Christopher Plummer in conversation with Chief NY film critic David Edelstei…
Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music tops my Chris list, don't @ me.
Applauding for a long-ago production of Othello on Broadway with James Earl Jones and Christopher Plummer bc, of course yes. Life changing.
More than 100 Canadian actors have played Sherlock Holmes. The best known include Raymond Massey and Christopher Plummer.
The great Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp from The Sound of Music.
The wonderfully talented Ben Daniels in The Exception with Christopher Plummer and Jai Courtney! :)
Can anyone else see the likeness of Christopher Plummer as a young man & the utterly gorgeous Michael Fassbender?!
Now watching Waterloo - the film with Rod Steiger and Christopher Plummer. Sunday 18 June 1815.
Maggie Q. Karl Urban. Stephen Moyer. Christopher Plummer. Lots of talent in this flick.
Eleanor Parker and Richard Haydn are greeted by Christopher Plummer in a scene from The Sound of Music, 1965…
Julie Andrews, Christopher Plummer, Roddy McDowall attend the premiere of Sound of Music in LA, California.…
At the age of 82, Christopher Plummer became the oldest person to win an Academy Award for Best Actor.
New artwork for sale! - "Christopher Plummer, Vintage Hollywood Actor" -
"Well, I'd be scared to ask Christopher Plummer for a hug!" Is one of the weirder things I've ever said in a Dream.
Hector and the Search for Happiness is a great film!. Simon Pegg, Toni Collette, Jean Reno, and my octogenarian crush, Christopher Plummer.❤
Maria inquires:"What's wrong with the children, sir?," she is cautioned that the problems were with the previous nannies…
was mean abt this Christopher Plummer HAMLET but the choice to take the textual cues to make (hot!) Claudius a rock…
We would. Wouldn't we Christopher Plummer that is. Not Julie Andrews...
Want to see Christopher Plummer use a Glock 17? Nazis? Revenge killing? Then watch "Remember".…
watching the misconceived version of HAMLET starring Christopher Plummer filmed on location at Elsinore and he is serving spitting queen
Its a pretty great film from a couple years back, Christopher Plummer plays a Jew who goes on a mission to kill...
Christopher Plummer & Julie Andrews checking out postcards while doing publicity for The Sound of Music.
young Christopher Plummer for me. Captain Von Trapp was an early ❤️
.I'm watching the / Trump news conference. It's like having Christopher Plummer on stage with Boss Hogg.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Christopher Plummer in Undiscovered Country seemed to find the balance.
Something Good Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer. Hands down one of the most romantic songs.
watch her be the next Christopher Plummer and not win for decades more 🙃
Remember, a movie starring Christopher Plummer. Riveting film about an elderly man who sets out to find and kill...
I can't find Trudeau or H2O on youtube, but I found The Arrow w/ Dan Akroyd, Michael Ironside, & Christopher Plummer
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair in honor of the 50th anniversary of The So…
The New York Shakespeare Festival's 1978 production of Drinks Before Dinner, with Christopher Plummer, botd in 1929…
My company must hire actors. I swear two of my co-workers sound exactly like Christopher Plummer and William Devane.
Gnome fans! David the Gnome starring Tom Bosley and narrarated by Christopher Plummer is streaming on Amazon Prime.
Jennifer Esposito, Jeri Ryan, Christopher Plummer, Lochlyn Monroe and so many more
A sweet moment from last night > Christopher Plummer listens to Gordon Pinsent's speech as he's presented with…
Stephen Leacock Gertrude the Governess & Other Works read by Christopher Plummer
And we end the day with another winner: Christopher Plummer, who in 2012 won The Academy Award for Best...
Review: Malcolm McDowell and Christopher Plummer go up diddly up up and down diddly down down in 'Aces High' (1976)
Remember(2015)a doozy of a revenge film with one *** of a final shot . & great performances from Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau (3.5).
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Watching Remember w Christopher Plummer, first time I've seen Martin Landau in a long time
Eleanor Parker and Christopher Plummer on the set of The Sound of Music
In the Sound Of Music, Mary Poppins gives up the Catholic church for Christopher Plummer's ***
Maggie Smith and Christopher Plummer in LILY IN LOVE (1984)*. *Can they please do another film together??
I am watching the 1978 heist film starring Elliott Gould, Susannah York and Christopher Plummer
Thorley Walters chalked up three Holmes: Christopher Lee, Christopher Plummer, & Douglas Wilmer (in 'Smarter Brother').
In Spite of Myself HC,2008 in Spite of Myself by Christopher Plummer. Alfred a Knopf Inc,2008
Both Christopher Plummer & Peter Cushing were considered for the lead role in this biblical epic
So has a new movie with Christopher Plummer, this should be great.
so was telling me that Christopher Plummer only took the role in Star Trek 6 cause he thought it was funny 😂
Watching the Benedict of the 60's Christopher Plummer in Tripple cross. Such an amazing (and sexy) actor. Great film! Reboot maybe?
Ian McKellen might have been upstaged by Christopher Plummer of Sound of Music fame.
I couldn't believe when I first got a fan letter from Al Pacino, it wa...
"Remember" starring Christopher Plummer is playing at the Chatham Library tomorrow at 2pm! Admission is a donation
it is a much better version of the "Gladiator" story - better acting, more breadth - has Christopher Plummer as Commodus.
Between Christopher Plummer and *** Van *** my 8-year-old self was really jealous of Julie Andrews.
Christopher Plummer, son of John and Isabella. Tell him how I cared enough to say your parents names to you and this...
what was the film you were filming with Christopher Plummer ?
Just finished a film with Christopher Plummer. He plays my pot connection...farout..N America's best Shakespearian actor sells pot to Easy R
I have wanted These Old Shades to be made starring Christopher Plummer. I have all of Heyer's historical novels.
"Christopher Plummer intensely disliked working on the film. He's been known to refer to it as "The Sound of Mucus""
"UP" - 2009 Original Advance Movie Poster now in my Ebay store. Click here to see or buy:
If you're looking for a film, check out with Christopher Plummer. Amazing cast, great acting, great story - wow!
Christopher Plummer once told me that he never orders a wine without f...
w/Christopher Plummer, Peter Fonda & Christopher Lloyd filming up at https:/…
Christopher Plummer is brilliant in this gripping drama about a Nazi hunter with dementia.
Christopher Plummer would have rocked some Gandalf.
Was anybody else's world crushed when you learned it's not really Christopher Plummer's singing voice on The Sound of Music?
Nouveau What a mind blowing movie. Thought it was slow at first, stunning performance by Christopher Plummer. Rate 5
Pileated On the today in See more at
+ will always win for me. Also, Shakespeare in Klingon and Christopher Plummer chewing reels of film
What an honour to meet and carve something for Christopher Plummer such a cool guy
Remember (2015) Trailer, Christopher Plummer,Martin Landau - One of the most incredible films I've seen in some time
Couldn't sleep decided to find it man. Really, good!Solid B! Good to see Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau still bringing it.
Have you seen starring Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau? Very intriguing movie about Holocaust prisoners!
Mainly because it's got Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau not that Egoyan has made anything worth watching in years
Today I found out Harrison Ford was in a WWII movie with Christopher Plummer in 1979.
*checks IMDB* Christopher Plummer, Tom Courtenay, Stella Gonet, yes, yes, yes.good so far...
Is that Christopher Plummer and why is he dressed Adam Warlock?
Every space movie needs the white hot shame of Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer halts the flow of time! (plus there's an ace John Barry score)
This should be good: Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer to supply voice work for an animated Lovecraft film
Ron Perlman and Christopher Plummer voicing H.P. Lovecraft animation - Kick *** news! {D}
Martin Landau on his acting life with James Dean, Steve McQueen and now Christopher Plummer
Martin Landau on acting with James Dean, Steve McQueen and Christopher Plummer https:/…
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Our best in young & old Jacob Tremblay of Room beats Christopher Plummer for best actors
Watching "Beginners" (2010). How can anyone not fall in love with Ewan McGregor, Mélanie Laurent, *and* Christopher Plummer???
Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp. One of my very first crushes, proceeded only by Prince Eri
can not really beat Dame Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer. They were amazing
I dont understand why they keep bringing up "all of his snubs" as if hes Christopher Plummer or Hal Holbrook. DUDE HAS TIME
Hearing some incredible things about the starring Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau. .
Christopher Plummer's performance in the Atom Egoyan film Remember is nothing short of spectacular.
DEADPOOL: How to send Hollywood all the wrong signals?. (Also: Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau in REMEMBER)
Exclusive Clip of Christopher Plummer & Martin Landau in REMEMBER: Now is that something you might be interested in?.
- Starcrash, with David Hasselhoff, Caroline Munro, and Christopher Plummer. You'd thank me later, but you'll …
This VO on Trump’s anti-Cruz ad sounds an awful lot like Captain Von Trapp (aka, Christopher Plummer)
Farah Fawcett ties the knot with Christopher Plummer, but their marriage goes down the drain.
Hollywood legends come together for an unmissable telling of a classic play Julie Andrews + Christopher Plummer star in On Golden Pond @ 2pm
Plus younger, pre *** me would have banged Rex Harrison like a a tin can in an alley. See also: Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer plays a brilliant Sherlock Holmes in Murder by Decree!!!
Christopher Plummer stars in Remember on 1/25. Don't miss this masterful thriller by Atom Egoyan.
Why does Christopher Plummer always get slated4 the way he sings edelweiss always gets me teary
"Where the Heart Is" With Dabney Coleman, Christopher Plummer, Uma Thurman, et al, had this as a central element.
Watch winners Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau in Remember today!.
this Captain Von Trapp is much more attainable than Christopher Plummer.
Maybe it's because I avoid the main quest in Skyrim, but I did not know Christopher Plummer and Max von Sydow did voices for it.
I had no idea that Amanda Plummer is the daughter of Christopher Plummer. Cool.
Christopher Plummer is a man out for vengeance in Atom Egoyan's Now Playing! Tix: https:/…
REMEMBER opens Friday Directed by Atom Egoyan, starring Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau!
I watched a movie last night. The Beginners. Starring Evan McGregor and Christopher Plummer. It was nice.
Christopher Plummer stars in Atom Egoyan's REMEMBER. At the Twin starting Friday!
Christopher Plummer stars in Atom Egoyan's REMEMBER. See it at the Twin starting Friday! https…
Oscar Peterson & Christopher Plummer backstage at Festival Theatre in Stratford after the Quartet performed there...
saw Remember & almost had Breaking Bad flashbacks! Christopher Plummer should never make Dean Norris angry!
Now on Mbc MAX one of my favorite movies ... The lake house , Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock, Christopher Plummer.
The daughter of actor Christopher Plummer ('The Sound of Music', ' The Return of the Pink Panther ' etc), Amanda appeared in 'Pulp Fiction'
Christopher Plummer ripping Gina Gershon apart is one of my favorite scenes in a movie ever.
There is no good reason to hide Christopher Plummer's gorgeous face behind that mustache & those eyebrows. None.
- if you read Christopher Plummer's memoirs, you'll be inspired. She worked to keep her family and did childcare. ☺
Christopher Plummer as Captain Von Trapp will forever be one of my favourite castings 😍
On this day in 2001 the laureates were announced to the public. Christopher Plummer and Evelyn Hart were among our laureates that year.
See Academy Award winner Christopher Plummer in REMEMBER at on 9/28 + 29
Christopher Plummer is the last of his kind (and he's not even American).
Alright you win LinkedIn, I'll give you one story.
The Prophecy had three thespians from Pulp Fiction - Eric Stoltz, Christopher Walken and Amanda Plummer. It should've been released in 1994.
How is this an unpopular opinion? Christopher Plummer doing Shakespeare in Klingon!
That time I got to meet Christopher Plummer
Triple Cross (1966) Christopher Plummer's efforts as double agent in WW2 leads to triple cross pun in title 2.5*
"I feel sorry for the people who want to retire, because it means that they're doing something they don't love.". - Christopher Plummer
At one point, the whole audience burst into edelweiss bc the kindly star king was played by Christopher Plummer. Magical.
I'm also wondering if Christopher Plummer's character was based in part on Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (Flow).
A weird amount of my favorite movies contain either Stellan Skarsgard or Christopher Plummer. I guess I like grizzly northern types.
Excited for with Christopher Plummer tonight at
Christopher Plummer,Julie Andrews in 'The Sound of Music' . "do re mi fa" .
Christopher Plummer in the Sound Of Music is bloody gorgeous. Great thighs.
Friedrich and Kurt still handsome after 45 years, same with Mr Christopher Plummer
star Christopher Plummer looks stylish as ever on the cover of magazine.
Christopher Plummer stopped by the Variety Studio for his latest film, "Remember." …
Legendary actor Christopher Plummer opens up about 'Remember':
Canadian director Atom Egoyan tells how Christopher Plummer did his own stunts for
"The the passion of the scientist and the precision of the artist". And Christopher Plummer is God!
Tom Cruise, Colin Farrel, and I think it was Christopher Plummer, were what made that movie entertaining and captivating.
Add to that the fact that Wm Shatner and Christopher Plummer worked together at the Stratford Shakesp Fest
wait to see Christopher Plummer, Martin Landau and my son on the crew, must be grt.. Director Adom Agoyan a fav!
I will definitely be watching Rod Steiger & Christopher Plummer at some point today.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Watch: Christopher Plummer and Martin Landau and praise Atom Egoyan at
Max Von Sydow and Christopher Plummer. Who was the one that was quite mean to Tom Cruise in Minority Report?
Christopher Plummer (Canadian) voices a top-hat wearing French pigeon named Henri, who befriends Fievel at Castle Island.
Don't have that complex! You gave the world Alex Trebek. And Christopher Plummer. You are a generous people. 😉
Al Pacino, Annette Bening, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Garner (doing a NJ mom so well), and Bobby Cannavale! Great time.
I can't believe Christopher Plummer was in this movie. Pretty sure he was also the villain of every Leslie Nielsen movie ever.
Yeah, so OTT. And that title card "Christopher Plummer as Field Marshall Rommel" did not live up to its promise
Also had James Woods, Morgan Freeman, and Christopher Plummer. Plus intrigue involving spiriting Russian Jews out of the USSR.
- 7/10, Al Pacino well cast as an aging rocker, with outstanding performances from Christopher Plummer and Bobby Cannavale
Wow.God father Al Pacino , Christopher Plummer, such a treasure in the film's world, I am glad can't wait to...
*correction: Bill Lee's voice because Christopher Plummer couldn't sing and Bill did his voiceover
Watching Beginners again while working from home because Melanie Laurent and Christopher Plummer.
Writer revisits past films: This is the year for anniver - saries. These films I'm about to reveal to you are ...
One of my favorite things. The Sound of Music turns 50!
The take-away moment from is: "Never taunt a young Nazi, Christopher Plummer, as they will always blow the whistle on you."
Happy Birthday James McAvoy!! Actor in the Last Station with Christopher Plummer as Lev Tolstoy. Born: April 21, 1979
movie, Elsa & Fred, starring Christopher Plummer and Shirley MacLaine. 8:00 pm. Tickets $10, available at the door.
Andrews and Christopher Plummer reveal what it was like to work together and why they never dated.
-- I can't believe Amy asked J. Travolta if he and Christopher Plummer sang together. What a stupid question!!
Last night I saw the "Sound of Music" rerelease and it was totally what I needed to de-stress. Also, 1965 Christopher Plummer could get it.
yeahh!!! The sound of music turns 50 today!love it!Julie Andrews and christopher plummer you both are fab…
Sexual orientation: Christopher Plummer hiking over the Alps. 👌🏼
WATCH: Christopher Plummer stars in Atom Egoyan's compelling new thriller, REMEMBER. Coming Soon.
Watch 'King Lear with Christopher Plummer' on website & apps:
When Christopher Plummer first appeared on-screen, Carol whispered, "Hotness...".
watching Christopher Plummer as and James Mason as Also a very strange
Just got back from seeing the Sound of Music in the theater. Christopher Plummer. Sigh.
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer attend 50th anniversary screening of The Sound of Music - follow >>...
I keep thinking about Christopher Plummer saying he wanted to have an affair with her but there wasn't time and I'm cackling
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer look back at The Sound of Music, 50 years later via
Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer admitted to having crushes on each other while on set.
James McAvoy and Christopher Plummer as Bulgakov and Tolstoy in the excellent film "The Last Station."
clearly there has--- Ralph macchio and pat Morita in Karate kid. Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in sound of music. More?
Mary Pickford, Norma Shearer, Ruby Keeler, Yvonne De Carlo and Christopher Plummer make me so proud to be Canadian❤
Thanks to Christopher Plummer for his kind remarks – and for NOT playing Gandalf!
Christopher Plummer wins Best Supporting actor Oscar for his role as Hal in Beginners (2010).
Christopher Plummer made a great opposite James Mason who was a good Watson.
Christopher Plummer and Jason Robards getting a police horse drunk at a bar is one of the best stories I've ever heard.
Amanda Plumber is also the daughter of actor Christopher Plummer the shakesperian bad Klingon in ST6
My goodness, it's Honey Bunny's birthday. Yep the offspring of Tammy Grimes & Christopher Plummer turned 58 today. Have a happy one, Amanda
Not sure if reminds me of a young Christopher Plummer or if Christopher Plummer reminds me of an old Paul Wesley.
Julie Andrews is bae. Christopher Plummer is bae. The Sound of Music is bae.
Listening to One of my favourite things. Love Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer.
Christopher Plummer says Lady Gaga's 'Sound of Music' tribute at Oscars was ... - Zee News
Christopher Plummer thought Lady Gaga was 'wonderful' at the
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Just breathed the same air, in the same room, as John Travolta and Christopher Plummer so.
I really like how Christopher Plummer sang Edelweiss.
"It would surprise no one, perhaps, to learn that Julie Andrews travels with her own teakettle."
I'm looking at Christopher Plummer in a sweatshirt and a beanie and I am very uncomfortable
John Travolta Prepares for an Impossible Heist in 'The Forger' Trailer: " All you are is a liar and a fake. " ...
And 50 yrs later, *** if they weren’t right here. Safe. And still a family. | The Sound of Music |
Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer pose for Annie Leibovitz and reflect on The Sound of Music http:…
Watch the trailer for 'The Forger' featuring John Travolta and Christopher Plummer.
"She sang it so well in the style of the piece. She has a lovely voice" - Christopher Plummer on Lady Gaga
How is it possible that Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer look this epic?. Photo by Annie Leibovitz for http…
Christopher Plummer on Lady Gaga: 'She was just wonderful'
And while I'm at it, Michael Fassbender looks just like a young Christopher Plummer. It's uncanny.
An interview with Julie Andrews & Christopher Plummer, reflecting on the 50 years since Sound of Music was released:
Christopher Plummer: "[Mickey Rooney] managed to marry about 18 times. They were all tall. God bless him" -
Foto: room42: loveless422: Sean Connery, Christopher Plummer, and Michael Caine in The Man Who Would be...
I'm watching THE SOUND OF MUSIC and young Christopher Plummer is giving me serious Michael Fassbender vibes
I always forget Christopher Plummer used to be young and wasn't just born an old man like a Tolkien wizard
tonight's (well, technically last night's) movie was Elsa & Fred with Shirley MacLaine and Christopher Plummer.
It took me an embarrassing amount of time to realize that Amanda Plummer was Christopher Plummer's kid.
Julie Andrews, Eleanor Parker and Christopher Plummer are so attractive i want to cry
I am so attracted to both Eleanor Parker and Christopher Plummer that their scenes in TSOM are very sexually confusing for me
Young Christopher Plummer is da real deal
oh man this reminds me that I had a crush on Julie Andrews AND Christopher Plummer in The Sound of Music when I was like 8
Saw Christopher Plummer as King Lear in NYC when I was in high school. Can't wait to see him on . rocked the Dream!
Oh wow. For some reason it didn't even register to me that Amanda Plummer might be related to Christopher Plummer. Father-daughter though.
Christopher Plummer shares his wisdom with co-stars and Toni Collette on the set of
omg hawkeye! so did I! Also Tom Selleck, Billy Zane and Christopher Plummer. I never watched Fraser
Lovers of Shakespeare and of great acting will want to watch "Shakespeare Uncovered" and the PBS showing of...
Quick Poll:. Would you insist on wearing curtains with "I have confidence" playing loudly while having sex with Christopher Plummer?
Christopher Plummer ("The Sound of Music") will have his hand and footprint ceremony on March 27th @ 10:00 AM.
Electronic Device Insurance
Definitely. I can easily imagine him in Christopher Plummer's part in Undiscovered Country.
well for a start off Christopher Plummer can't sing :)
LOVED Christopher Plummer's exploration of King Lear on Watch his amazing perf as John Barrymore
King Lear with Christopher Plummer: Plummer explores how the work might have been staged during Shakespeare's ...
Its worth every minute...great movie..I love christopher plummer and Julie Andrews
I erred big time in noting (w/o naming) "clueless Americans" in Shakespeare Uncovered. DID NOT MEAN Morgan Freeman or Christopher Plummer!
"When I first emerged from my mother's womb, I was already rehearsing my speech." Christopher Plummer, for BEGINNERS
I added a video to a playlist Hector and the Search For Happiness Interview - Christopher Plummer
"There's a scene where Christopher Plummer says 'Oh *** my corn niblets are burning!'-.on Shadow Dancing
Christopher Plummer on the different versions of King Lear: See our in cinemas soon:
with Glenda Jackson & Christopher Plummer, Pittsburgh 1988. Changed my life.
Christopher Plummer in this movie tho
Christopher Plummer meets his match in Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine in Reel Alternatives’ next...
Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, David Warner, Eric Bana, Christopher Lloyd... Will let you know when it's done.
Murder by Decree w/ Christopher Plummer as Holmes & James Mason as Watson opend in 1979. Watch the trailer:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Christopher Plummer. He has a certain something...
I somehow dropped the ball on knowing Christopher Plummer is in Shakespeare Uncovered. How could I?
"Shakespeare Uncovered" looks at "King Lear" w/ Christopher Plummer. 2:30pm on Preview:
King Lear: Shakespeare's masterpiece of those who fall...Christopher Plummer & King Lear at 10/9c http:…
"How sharper than a serpent's tooth it is to have a thankless child!" King Lear (htt…
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